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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent  Pretoria August 22   2019







THIS WEEK the bogus “Equality court” ( a court that was initiated especially by the Luthenian Jews to persecute white conservative Christians) -ruled that the display of the old national flag of South Africa be stopped. Again the communist oppressors scored another of their self-created victories in discriminating against white Afrikaner nationalism again- accompanied by the usual media fanfare. They have successfully achieved their goals in discriminating against the Afrikaner history, language, self determination, statues, right to work to earn a living, national anthem and now their flag. And they exploit their own created legislation and judiciary system to achieve their devious agendas against the Afrikaner nation.

In his pro-communist judgement  Judge Phineas Mojapelo said the display of the old flag gratuitously ” demeans”  and “ dehumanises “ on the basis of race. He added that it” impairs “ dignity. The gratuitous display of the old apartheid flag allegedly constitutes “ hate speech,“-  the Equality Court, sitting in the Gauteng High court in Johannesburg, ruled on Wednesday. The Nelson Mandela Foundation and Human Rights Commission took the case to court, asking that the gratuitous display of the flag be stopped. Handing down judgment on Wednesday, Judge Phineas Mojapelo said the display of the old flag gratuitously demeans and dehumanizes on the basis of race. He added that it impairs dignity. He also stated that the flag portrays “unfair discrimination and harassment. (OMG!) 


Image result for Judge Phineas Mojapelo

Mojapelo: Playing nicely along the “democratic” lines to make sure only black lives matter and Afrikaner nationalism was dealt yet another blow. The old flag is ” degrading, dehumanizing” and “hate speech” for blacks- but “Kill the Boer” graffiti  , “Revolutionary “ memorabilia  and flags,  Clothing and banners to this effect is “ liberation symbols.” Since when can a flag speak…one might ask- but to black revolutionaries” and “liberators” like Mojapelo himself- any old interpretation can be seen fit depending how you want to apply it we reckon. Another proof that the Bench too also has become a mouth-piece and powerful punishment instrument in the hands of  the current vindictive communist clan bosses. 


He further said that Afriforum’s defence of freedom of speech is illogical and is therefore dismissed. Mojapelo said the order is not a banning order against the old flag. ‘Degrading, dehumanising’ In their application, the foundation argued that the display of the flag was a symbol of white supremacy, which was degrading and dehumanizing to black people. In a final submission before the court in April, the foundation’s legal representative, advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, said there were limits to freedom of speech, which should also apply to the display of the Afrikaner  flag.  Mojapelo said no good could come from gratuitously displaying the old flag and those who do so and not display the new democratic flag, choose oppression over liberating symbols.  He said those who display also aim to insult and express feelings of white supremacy. But lobby group Afriforum argued otherwise, saying although it condemned the use of the old flag, it should not be declared “hate speech. “The display of the flag became a matter of concern for the foundation after it was displayed during a “Black Monday” protest organised by Afriforum in October 2017. The lobby group was protesting against the scourge of farm murders in South Africa.

Tembeka Ngcukaitobi,– advising about ”  limits to freedom of speech” when white Afrikaner nationalism is at stake- but conveniently forgetting about all the derogative banners, T-Shirts and gravitti black “revolutionaries” are displaying on a daily basis. 

Now here we have another clear indication of just how bias the current justice system in South Africa  operates.How the hell could a FLAG constitute “hate speech??” The poor judge was really scraping the barrel for an excuse just to please  the fake “democracy” double standards. This he acknowledged when he said that “those who do so and not display the new democratic flag.” His blatant anti-white sentiment came out when he stated that  those who display also aim to insult and express feelings of white supremacy. What the hell does” white supremacy” got to do with the old flag?? By using that Jew-created slang this judge immediately exposed himself as a anti-white racist and exposed to the world which side he is  supporting. Terms such as “racist, white supremacist, hate speech, neo Nazi, etc are not homogeneous black dialect- so the judge choose to use alien Jew created slang to express his support for a certain cause. He already is telling us where he stands in the “them and us” game and who controls his promotion in the bar.


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It did not take the sick psychopaths controlling South Africa’s social sites long to start playing with Mojapelo’s new “hate speech ” tool as well. 


The courts now have become nothing more than organs to  prosecute Afrikaner nationalism and everything it stands for.  As far as we  are concerned is the so-called “Human rights court“,- their so-called “commission”  and the  “Equality court” bogus institutions especially created by the  British “establishment” to persecute only white Afrikaners. How the old national flag “ dehumanizes, demeans “ and “impairs” the dignity of blacks ( take note not the dignity of Indians or colourds) is still a mystery only ANC-affiliated puppets such as Mojapelo can explain. The display of the double standards by these courts and their pro-ANC affiliated judges leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Mojapello’s judgement reeks of “politically correct” anti-white Afrikaner sentiment- as well as   Sello Hatang and the  Nelson Mandela Foundation who finds itself marinated  in  blatant anti-white perspiration. As for Afriforum that again displayed it’s “democratic” turn-coat characteristic against Afrikaner nationalism by  condemning the use of the old flag – there is not much to say about either. It reminds us so much about the capitulation of their masters- the old National Party – at CODESA.



As for Tembeka Ngcukaitobi- we wonder when this clever johnny “advocate” will also share the same sentiment of ” limits of freedom of speech” with regard to  black racists the likes of Zuma, Malema, Mngxitama that openly call for a white genocide– and the rest of the anti-white warmongers such as AZAPO, Black Panthers, EFF and  PAC displaying THEIR flags openly, – the  millions of black racists slapping white baby dolls in public, Political parties singing” Kill the Boer” songs on public gatherings, black ” revolutionaries” displaying “ FUCK WHITES” slogans on walls, wearing derogatory T-Shirts dehumanizing whites and the thousands of hate speech posts you find especially on black social sites ? We never saw this same double-headed snakes charging any of the above mentioned to be banned as “hate speech” or found their actions to be “demeaning “or ” dehumanizing” on the basis of race? But you see- according to the communist and liberal narratives and their two-faced anti-white “human rights” establishment blacks never could be “racist”– therefore all these new bogus “laws” such as “hate speech” and ”  racism”  ” were especially fabricated on the law books and bogus organs such as the “Human Rights Courts” and “Equality” courts – tailor made to persecute only white Afrikaners and white Afrikaner nationalism the same as their racist and discriminatory Affirmative Action and BEEE statutory laws do. Mojapelo clearly stated that he also have no intention of prosecuting any of the militant leftist flags and symbols as he referred to them as ” liberating symbols.” So- only white Afrikaner symbols and flags are ” hate speech” that ”  dehumanizes, demeans “ and “impairs” the rights of others. (read blacks) How more of a a clear case of black judicial  hippocracy do you still need? 

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Needless to mention-  Mojapelo’s buddies in the leftist  EFF now  is calling for the removal of Die Stem from the national anthem following Mojapelo’s nothing but  erratic  judgment declaring the gratuitous display of the old apartheid flag as” hate speech. “ The little Red Riding Hood gangsters  welcomed the court ruling handed down on Wednesday by Mojapelo.   The Economic Freedom Funkies  said the ruling was a “milestone” and” victory”  and that the apartheid flag and the Die Stem were part of the same symbol of “white supremacy “ and as such, the anthem should be changed to exclude Die Stem. “It must be a common cause that the apartheid national anthem must follow after its flag. The apartheid flag and its anthem belong to the same species. They are the two sides of one coin. When white supremacists display the flag, they salute it by singing Die Stem because they belong in the same anti-black racism performance acts,” said the party in a statement.   “In light of this ruling, we call on [President Cyril] Ramaphosa to remove Die Stem from our national anthem. Forcing black people to sing Die Stem is like asking them each day to salute the apartheid flag.” Singing and chanting “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer” and ” Bulalani iBuru” apparently is not.

But then again this is the deep rooted hatred and vindictive discrimination by the so-called “rulers” of the “New Azania”– while they trample and destroy everything white- they still are quite happy to suck the white Afrikaner dry through taxes. So the Afrikaner are forced to pay taxes and in return he only get slapped in the face and everything is taken away from him- even his right to work for a living! But then again that was all part of their “Communist Manifesto”..make the white man pay….and make him PAY! To Mojapelo and the rest of his leftist anti-white cohorts- they can shove their so-called “judgements” up their back-sides with all their vindictive “democratic” double standards an’ all- we will now honor that old flag so much more- and will sing “Die Stem” loud and proud. We as white conservative peoples reject Mojapelo’s rule with utter resentment and disdain- ” Equality court” judge or not. “High profile” appointments makes him no less an anti-white activist than Malema or Mngxitama.



This is the educated people of South Africa

Posted by Leon Henning on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Now THIS is the type of people Mojapelo recons will be offended by the Old National flag. Do you agree with him?


The  oppressive communist  rule and witch hunts on white Boer/Afrikaners  through distorted and discriminatory legislation will only last for  two more years. After that- well...who knows who is going to start hunting who again? Instead of this incompetent and totally anti-white racist ANC  and their kangaroo courts spending all their efforts in trying to “wipe out the past” why don’t they rather spent more time and energy trying to reel in their destructive unions and extremist politicians that currently are driving South Africa into an abyssimal financial swamp? These destructive politicians and unions inflict FAR more collateral damage than what an old flag will ever be able to achieve. BUT the truth is that South Africa today are governed by a bunch of deceptive wolves drabbed in “democratic” garbs now ruling a herd of goats. Bashing whitey “ became a much sought after community recreational past-time and national culture. According to this ruling whites are not even allowed to display the old flag in their private homes! What an arrogant move by the ANC oppressors! 

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The Boer/Afrikaner will not let him be oppressed and discriminated against by the Luthaninan Jew , the British serpents or their  black communist lapdogs anymore. Liberal Jews and British corporate reptiles was behind everything  destroyed and  banned   that is/was dear to the white Afrikaner Christian. Their demonic exploitation of Africa’s black masses to do their dirty work is legio. Such did they also misuse the black Nguni’s in South Africa to systematically cull the white Boer/Afrikaner Christian too. Firstly to destroy where he comes from- then destroy where he is going to. All this devious new “laws” about “racism”, the new slang terms to demonize white conservative Christians such as “white supremacists, racists,  Far Right Wingers” and “neo Nazi’s”, – the appearance of bogus  lobby groups and unions such as the “ Human Rights” “commissions and courts, the “Equality courts “and G-d knows what else “Human Rights” fake movements made their appearance only since 1994 in South Africa – and all was deviously planned and instituted by the British and Luthanian Jew to start witch hunts on especially white conservative Christians.  It is nothing but another modern Roman Catholic/Spanish -style inquest against the white Boer/Afrikaner again. Today their humongous “democratic” farce became law and the so-called “Human Rights” concept a cornerstone onto which the communist ANC Ngunis stay in power- and the Jew and British plunder the country from it’s rich resources. They now have stooped so  low that they do not blame Verwoerd and Van Riebeeck anymore- but now extended their witch hunts and blames a useless piece of cloth such as a FLAG and an old National ANTHEM for their own incompetence to rule a country effectively –  and to try to exterminate the last symbols of a once flourishing nation.This judgement- although not unexpected- is yet another clear indication that the Jews and their communist cohorts abroad  will spare no punches in their zest to suppress any white unity , sovereignty or nationalism that stands in their way to the mineral vaults of the country.


Image may contain: textImage may contain: text



IRONICALLY the Afrikaner themselves became spineless “back-benchers.”  They have no will or back-bone to fight back anymore.The communist demons have been mind-f*cking them into believing they are the “minority” and they “stole the land.”  I’ve been watching the responses to the banning of the old national flag with interest- as as expected- I again saw that age-old capitulation tactics and comments we now are getting used to from the majority of Afrikaner social warriors. When “Die Stem” was removed as national anthem- we heard ” So what- it’s only an anthem. They have the country now in any case.” When whites were pushed out of the labor market into impoverished squatter camps through  discriminatory laws- we saw comments such as “ Siener Van Rensburg predicted it- so live with it. One day we will have our Republics back again” When Rhodes’ statue fell- we saw comments such as “ Good riddance- Rhodes was a British thief in any case …” Now that the old national flag is banned- I again read comments such as ” The “new” flag very strongly and powerfully associates the flags of South Africa’s “Colonisers” and “Boers” in its design and in fact it celebrates this history – in addition to celebrating the history of the Black peoples of South Africa.” So with every Afrikaner symbol that fell- yet another poor excuse was presented to justify the reason why the Afrikaner became too cowardly to stand up and fight for his rights. It’s not about the anthem, Rhodes or the flag- it’s about a war being waged against everything white conservative – and loosing ground against an alien invader through cowardice and disrespect for your own race.


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Even the  Americans have more spine , patriotism and pride than the Afrikaners! 

Slowly and systematically the communist Jews have been vandalizing and desecrating everything sentimental and dear to the white Afrikaner– and every time the Afrikaner– too scared to stand his ground and fight for his rights- have been moving the lines of his sovereignty backwards and backwards with lots of lame-duck excuses- capitulating his right to  self determination to the British-orchestrated attacks on his rightful existence in South Africa. Now the onslaught against his right to own property is the last line for the evil British communist to cross- and again we hear feeble threats of “war” coming from various corners again. But as we now already know the Afrikaner– he most probably will give up his right to own property too as he did with all the other rights he once possessed. We already note many white farmers now busy “negotiating” with the regime-controlled AGRI-SA about handing parts of their farms to blacks. For 25 years the Afrikaner has been doing NOTHING (bar watching their beloved rugby and fleeing the country in droves) -to protect or resist the onslaught against their nation, their heritage, their language- or their pride- so now what will the chances be of them fighting for their last right- the right to still own property? And without property you are a nomad…a NOTHINGan alien in your own country. And that is why the Mojapelos, the Malemas and the Mngxitamas are now arrogantly pushing forward their agenda in belittling, alienating  and disowning the Afrikaner of everything they deem sentimental- because the Afrikaner’s own cowardice give them the right and the power to do just that.The question is what will happen with the Afrikaner  once that last line has been crossed? 


IT leaves a bitter taste in the mouth to think that for 25 years many young boys and girls of all races fought a bitter war in South West Africa under the impression that they are fighting for the freedom of their country and the values it stood for. The reality now clearly dictates that the Bush War was a pseudo war to give the political Afrikaner traitors back home more time to cavort in British 5-Star hotels with the same communist enemy those boys and girls fought against. Much blood was spilled for that old South African flag-irrespective the fact that clever ‘academics” and “honorable judges” now want to white-wash that flag as the “last remnants” of British and Dutch “apartheid” colonialism. That flag united a whole nation- under that flag many went to war and died for it and what it represented – under that flag South Africa became a first-world economic power- under that flag a whole nation- white, black, colored and Indian resisted the Jew-orchestrated ” sanctions”  and wars – and built a country that withstood the worst type of onslaught from the liberal world to become the strongest power in Africa. Under that flag prosperity was given to the people- even to thousands of migrant African workers from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Angola streamed southward to earn a living under the colors of that “terrible” flag.  They did not feel “dehumanized, their dignity “impaired” or felt the flag discriminated against them as Mojapelo would want us to have it. They were all too glad to own so much money they even could send thousands of rands back home for their impoverished families.  People that felt “discriminated “ against- or felt “impaired” or “dehimanized” would NEVER return to a country to work under such conditions again. That would be quite stupid. Yet more and more African blacks flocked the borders to come and work in the gold and diamond mines on the Witwatersrand. So on what facts does Mojapelo base his allegations bar ANC and British Jew propaganda? Per capita blacks in South Africa earned more than any black in Africa and everyone had a job and an income to feed his/her  family- and more black social upliftment programs such as schools, clinics, Universities and hospitals  were launched than any other given place in Africa. Blacks even had their own SOVEREIGN homelands where they cold live under their own ancestral cultures and under their own people ruling them. Under that flag many a technological, scientific, military , medical and social world-class milestones was reached. Under that flag South Africa became a renown super power in Africa.


Image result for fuck whitesImage result for fuck whitesImage result for fuck whitesImage result for fuck whites

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Image result for kill whites whitesImage result for kill whites whitesImage result for slapping white baby dolls at court

THIS blatant anti-white culture of hatred are allowed to proceed unchallenged and on a daily basis  in South Africa without the Nelson Mandela Foundation nor the so-called “Human Rights” commission uttering a single word of protest or  charging any one of these black perpetrators for alleged “hate speech” or ” racism”- yet they are targeting a old white flag to pour their venomous hatred onto?  This again shows the double standards with which this black hippocrates, their judiciary  and their media ghouls apply. 



Shall we now ask how many of those achievements was reached under the “new” South African flag? Everything contrary to that achievements were done under the new flag- corruption, implosion of the economy, crime, state capturing, looting by top politicians, riots, disinvestment, junk status degrading, escalating prices, empty state coffers, whole provinces under liquidation, city councils falling apart, state organs becoming non-functional, escalating national debt, escalating poverty and job losses, implosion of state departments, exuberant high taxes, sub-standard education , imploding medical care , terrible hospitals and corrupt Revenue Service, a whole defense force in financial disarray, a police force that consist out of more  criminals and hoodlums than a  mafia network, non-functional organs such as ESKOM,SAA, Post Office, Transnet, SABC and many other state-run entities, billions lost to dirty politicians, bar brawls in parliament, food security in danger through heinous murders on food producing farmers, wars and excessive crimes in the streets of the cities, highest murder and rape figures , highest child abduction and AIDS figures in the world and so we can go on.

Uit die blou van onse hemel, uit die diepte van ons see!

Posted by Brandon Viljoen on Saturday, August 24, 2019

THIS is what Johannesburg has become under your beloved ANC rule in your beloved “democracy.” 




No photo description available.

TOP SCORING crime cities in the world. As you can see – guess which country scores top points on this list? And that is now happening under the NEW flag!

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ANOTHER milestone reached under the new flag. 

THAT never happened under that old flag. When was the last time the current flag’s rulers build any schools , clinics, hospitals for whites- or allow any minority group  to compete on the same level as blacks in the labor market? When was the last time the current flag’s rulers allowed whites , coloreds and Indians their own sovereign homeland? But still Mojapelo decided in a flurry of propaganda lies that a flag that brought prosperity and safety to a country is more “detestable” than a flag under which terrible crimes, state capturing, looting, discrimination  and corruption are committed. For Mojapelo’s information has more blacks being oppressed, being impoverished and being murdered under his “democratic” flag that any under that old ” demeaning”  and “ dehumanising” flag.

Lets make one thing clear, the art of war in a dictatorship is to, strip a minorities identity.
Take away their culture.
Take away their God.
Take away their anthems, language and right to self actualization.
Take away their symbols, flag, songs and history.
Take away their high standards of education, burn down their learning institutions.
Take away their dignity, by slowly killing them off and raping them, humiliating them publicly.
Make laws to deprive them of basic human rights.

Image result for violent riots south africaImage result for violent riots south africaRelated imageImage result for looting shops south africa

Image result for burning trucks south africa south africaRelated imageImage result for burning buildings south africaImage result for burning buildings south africa

They Leave the driver to die while they loot the truck. SHOCKING SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

Posted by This is South Africa on Monday, August 19, 2019

The truck driver was ambushed with his truck- and while the driver was busy dying the violent South African black vultures was busy looting his truck.

Clip taken today in Richardsbay SA – this Nigerian Uber driver and passenger was pulled out of his car and beaten to death in the street. Xenophobia breaking out again in South Africa – identity politics is the communist way...

This truck was transporting paper reels from Durban when its driver was shot dead and the vehicle set alight on the N2 near Paddock on Monday morning. Photo by Vee Ramsayi. The spike in freight truck attacks nationwide has now reached the South Coast. The driver was shot and killed and his truck torched on the N2 near Paddock in the early hours of Monday morning this week. Charles Ntini (37), a Zimbabwean, was found dead just metres from his burning truck which had been riddled with bullets.



SOUTH AFRICAN blacks are the most violent nation in Africa. They destroy the economy during their violent riots, loot shops, torch buildings and transport vehicles, murder other Africans in their “Xenophobic” attacks, destroy businesses belonging to foreigners, murder food producers and murder an average of 58 people of their own race every month. Many other African countries now banned South Africans from entering their countries, open businesses and/or send any transport through their countries. Foreigners already warned that they are now preparing to wage a full-scale war against this violent South African blacks. Yet Mojapelo decided that the display of an old national flag will “dehumanize, demeans, discriminates against “  and “harass “ this already undisciplined violent destroyers of the economy. How ironic indeed!!

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Now the communist Jews  uses the  Mandela Foundation as attacking platform from which they attack Afrikaner nationalism to get the old national flag banned. And behind the black man will be the Jew- and as ever hiding behind his multiple “ human rights” organizations and “commissions,”–  instigating, creating new “laws” and set up new “courts” – and funding his  African  pet to go do the “dirty work.” Even Ernst Roets now is attacked and dragged to court for “contemption of court ” by this same “foundation” for merely sending  a tweet of the old flag. Now the poor Nelson Mandela Foundation says it will file an urgent application in the High Court to declare that Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s deputy chief, is in contempt of court. The foundation’s comments come after Roets took to Twitter on Wednesday to post a picture of the old flag, asking: “Did I just commit hate speech?” This was just hours after the “gratuitous” display of the flag was declared “hate speech “ by  Phineas Mojapelo.    South African Human Rights Commission CEO Tseliso Thipanyane told News24 on Thursday that the commission would not hesitate to act on complaints lodged over Roets‘ tweets. “Now that the court has made a ruling on the matter, anybody who intentionally posts this flag in a manner which goes against the ruling, the commission will deal with those persons in a manner we deem fit,” Thipanyane said.

Image result for sello hatang nelson mandela foundation

SELLO HATANG and his racist ilk from the Nelson Mandela Foundation are busy agitating whites more and more. Soon they will ignite something they did not wish for. 


The Evil Elite has three legs. The Satanic Rothschilds pulling the strings, !sl@m as Satans impersonation of God through All@h, and George Soros representing the atheist on ground level executing their plans by funding their liberal agenda. Its open source knowledge that Soros sits behind the open borders agenda in Europe and the US. So when white hater Julius Malema called for open borders in South Africa this week, you know who is funding him (not that SA had borders since the Communist ANC took power – we have more illegal African immigrants than the total white population). Wherever Soros is involved, chaos follows. Be it open borders, free health care and free education, destruction of historical statues or banning of flags.


Image result for george soros devil
In the US Soros was behind the attempts to ban the Confederate Flag and removal of statues, also under the banner of claiming that it represents “hate speech. ” In Ukraine Soros was behind the removal of historical statues also under the same banner. Globally its also Soros who sits behind the agenda to label anybody who is not liberal inclined as “racist. “  Its ironic how they who hate Conservatives and Christians, accuse us of hatred. Because they despise history, they also don’t learn from history, otherwise they would have learned, if you try and conform people through force (banning, something), the total opposite happens. Just a pity it takes a long time to come around. The Nelson Mandela Founding celebrated their victory to get the flag banned, but added that they wouldn’t want to see people jailed (for two years the court said), but rather see community service as punishment. But within a day after the ruling, they called for prosecution (suspended jail sentence) of Ernst Roets from human rights Afriforum, because he tweeted the old flag, asking an Academic question about the court ruling.

In an TV interview, the black presenter came down on him in a ranting monologue, not giving him the opportunity to put his case. She went on to say that even whites commented on his tweet that he was racist. She purposefully ignored some black people’s comments like: “So Ernst Roets must be jailed for asking a question, but blacks can call for his people to be killed, and thats OK“. Its Soros who sits behind this… But in the long run it will backfire. It always does when you try and force something on people.




Image may contain: text

Image may contain: text

The typical hippocracy and anti-white sentiment of the Jews in South Africa are being displayed by this anti-white Jew Daniel Friedman– editor at the leftist “Citizen” newspaper. This also was the same Daniel Friedman that made some very uncalled for and unpleasant jokes about the farm murders in a song a while back in Woodstock as well. So no “holocaust” jokes- all while jokes about farm murders is “acceptable?” 


Image result for daniel friedman citizen editor

AND his boss twisting and turning to get Friedman out of the fry- denying the truth and replace it with blatant flat denial…playing Friedman as the victim again. 


The attack on white Afrikaner nationalism thus now intensifies through the clever exploitation of the judiciary systems– now shrewdly used to target the “strong men” of organizations that does not agree with their communist ideologies- just as they did with Terreblanche, Roodt, Hoffmeyer and Bridges. Drag them to court on bogus charges of “racism”, charges of “hate speech”intensify the attacks on their resistance, incarcerate them on trumped-up allegations, belittle them in front of their people and make sure the media coverage is complete. The war against the last “renown” Afrikaner organization is on-and once that was destroyed the total extermination plan against the white Afrikaner can proceed unhindered. Can you now see what is happening here? Can you see how cleverly the British Lithuanian Jew is exploiting the judiciary to wipe out every trace of Afrikaner existence in South Africa? Can you see how he is using the “poor disadvantaged” black African to be the front man to whip up some emotions and sympathy for his evil agenda? Can you now see the war is not against a statue, an anthem or even  a flag- but by attacking and destroying this that symbolizes the identity of a race destroys the race by itself? 

Attacking everything that symbolizes Afrikaner heritage- Panyaza Lesufi- anti-white ANC war monger and MEC for Education in Gauteng- also will remove the name of Hendrik Verwoerd from a high school and change it. 

The Jew want to control everything in South Africa- the banks, businesses, legislature and resources. he wants to control you like sheep, what you say, your movements, your political affiliation and your freedom. Even the smallest “transgression” he wants to hang on the “big bell” as a “warning” not to oppose his capitalist rule. Such an example was the case of a school in Somerset West where children made a Nazi salute. Immediately the Jew was jumping up and down about it. NOTHING white, Aryan or nationalist will be displayed in a country he rule supreme.  The Cape Council of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) has requested a meeting with Somerset West Private School to discuss a way forward after an image showing students making Nazi salutes appeared on the school’s website earlier this week.

Cape Board Executive Director Stuart Diamond emphasized that while Jews, as the “primary victims”  of “Nazi tyranny,”  were particularly “sensitive ” regarding displays of this nature, the incident was something that concerned all South Africans. “With the increasing racism (read white) and hatred being spread in South Africa, especially on social media, it is incumbent on our schools to inculcate in their students, future citizens of our country, respect for others and an avoidance of any symbols and gestures that could indicate an identification with racist ideologies,” Diamond said. SAJBD Cape chairman Rael Kaimowitz said that the intention of the students concerned was clearly to emulate the infamous ‘Heil Hitler’ salute universally associated with the regime of Nazi Germany, and that there could be “no excuse ” for this. “We do not accept that such behavior can be brushed aside by claims that it was ‘only a joke’ or no more than a display of ‘youthful high spirits’. Regardless of what the intention might be, those who make Nazi salutes are in practice publicly identifying with a hateful, ultra-racist ideology that resulted in the “greatest genocide ” of modern times” Kaimowitz said.

Now about the “greatest genocide of all times” we could argue a lot- for Stalin- a jew himself ( real name Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili) – killed 20 MILLION Russian Jews- a LOT more than the 6 million jews white Hitler allegedly killed. Now because Stalin was a Jew himself – this fact never will enter the “holocaust” propaganda machines. Then another despot- Mao Tse Tung from China- mass murdered between 20–45 million people between 1958 and 1962. Again this tops Kaimowitz’s fake claim of the “greatest genocide of all times” as another Jew lie.  Kaimowitz selectivly “forgot” how the allied forces- Rothschiled bank-rolled– mass murdered around 350,000 to 500,000 innocent German civilians in genocidal fire bomb attacks on civilian cities such as Dresden- then went on and mass murdered around 156 000 innocent civilians in Hirosjima and Nagasaki with their new devastating Atom Bomb toy- a device created by Robert  Oppenheimeranother Jew. So when Jews are behind mass murders like the Russian Bolshevics by Lenin’s ( also a Jewish descendant- real name Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) “firing squads” – it’s a-ok. Then we also have the thousands of Palestinians mass murdered by the Jews- and again- the figures never entered the annals of the “holocaust” history.  Also when the British invaded South Africa during the colonialist time, mass murdered about 24 000 white Boer women and children as well as black people in the concentration camps and “scorched earth” holocaust- it quietly were wiped under the carpet and not a word of compensation was mentioned up to today. Again because the Rothschild was funding the British invasion in South Africa because the greedy Jews was eyeing the new found diamond and gold deposits. Then we have another Rothschild display of horror when thousands upon thousands of innocent Indians were massacred during the British invasion of India and the Indian rebellion against the Jew orchestrated invasion. That also was quietly wiped under the carpet as history again was written by the “conquerors” alone. . SO– where does Kaimovitz get his facts from to declare that the Nazis were responsible for the “greatest genocide of modern times” then? But as always does this shrewd Zionists play the “victim” to cash in for more “reparation” damages. Was it Jewish children that made a Nazi salute in that Somerset West school- nothing would have been said- but because it is white children- here comes the “holocaust” label again.

Across the world for ages the Jews have been behind the mass destruction of our societies and the extermination of the white Christian bastions- just as their “European Union ” now also are behind the mass “migration” of non-whites into mainly white countries while they suck white European governments dry of “membership fees.” And as always does this destructive Zionist vultures  hide behind other “lesser intelligent” “Goyim”- or “animals” to do their dirty work for them. The same destructive pattern now also is in progress in South Africa. It started way back with the Jews capturing the ANC- and effectively using it as a vehicle to overthrow yet another healthy and prospering white government- replacing it with their lesser intelligent slaves. Since the early years of the Republic these villains  were busy kenniving behind the curtains- busy with their dark agendas to overthrow the white christian government in South Africa. They captured the ANC and start black unrest. Jews such as Nadine Gorrimer were forces behind the creation of Mandela. Jews such as Harry Oppenheimer was behind the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd and manipulation of their John Vorster puppet. Oppenheimer funded both the National Party and ANC in the Bush war in South West Africa whilst he plundered that country’s diamond fields keeping the two forces occupied against each other. He also plundered South Africa’s gold and diamond fields too. 

It also was the Jews that were behind the Terreblanche assassination. Their evil presence and footprints lay across South Africa’s history since the 1820’s already. But it was not until very recently in historyin 1955  that they actively  start their devilish work to overthrow the white South African government and side with the current ANC oppressive regime by giving safe houses to multiple ANC insurgents that weighed a terror campaign against innocent civilians in South Africa  and also represent these terrorists in court battles when they were caught- you can name them….Lionel Bernstein, Denis Goldberg,Arthur Goldrich,Bob Hepple,James Kantor,Harold Wolpe, Joel Joffe,Bram Fisher,Vernon   Berrangé, George Bizos,Arthur Chaskalson, Harold Hanson, Lazar Sidelsky, Nat Bregman, Yossel Mashel Slovo, Ruth First, Helen Suzman, Helen Otta Zille, Nadine Gorimer, Albie Sachs, Raymond Ackerman, Harry Oppenheimer, Jules and Selma Browde , Harry Schwartz,  Isie Maisels, Sidney Kentridge , Ben Turok,  Leon Levy , Wolfie Kodesh,  Cyril and Raie Jones,  Norma Kitson , Eric Samson, Meyer Kahn and Bertie Lubner among many.


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  Jewish anti-white propagandist Erris Langer Klapper once wrote: ” It should come as no surprise even to those unfamiliar with South African history, that Jews were inextricably committed to freeing the country from the clutches of white rule under the appalling apartheid regime. Their commitment was consistent with both Jewish values and collective conscientiousness, as well as the all too fresh wounds of Holocaust survivor immigrants to South Africa.”  Ironically while the ANC was bombing civilians in South Africa (and classified as a “terrorist organisation” by the US & UK governments), it had its headquarters in London. 

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Say no more...the onslaught against white South Africans was initiated , funded and orchestrated  from where again?


Image result for robin renwick julius malemaImage result for robin renwick julius malemaImage result for de klerk and george sorosRelated image

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SOUTH AFRICA is ruled by WHO again??

SO– as we clearly can deduct were the Jews very much involved in destroying a once proud and productive country.  Jews are well known for their “Cash victim” tactics- iow play the victim in return for cash. This strategy they played after the second world war in order to drum up financial support to create their own “Volkstaat” in the form of Israel- and also to demand ” reparation” compensation from both Germany and Britain for the alleged “Holocaust” victims. Today those alleged  “victims” receive  a good amount of 2 million Euros per month “pension”  from the respective white governments for “compensation.” These Jews taught the ANC too how to play the “innocent victims” and draw some good dividends from it. The Jews helped the ANC create their own “Holocaust” in the form of  “Apartheid”- and start demanding “compensation “ for the “previously disadvantaged ” and “oppressed” blacks. This clever conspiracy immediately invoked sentiment from abroad- and with the help of the Jewish-controlled deceptive media propaganda networks turned international public opinion against the white government in South Africa. – It worked quite excellent and the ANC got South Africa wrestled away from it’s white rulers- and today still the ANC are using that same “cash victim” tactics to oppress, discriminate against , impoverish , exterminate, disown and make whites feel “guilty” for their “apartheid” privileges- still stealing everything the white created and owns- while at the same time receive billions in foreign aid and drum up black support during election times.

A TYPICALcash victim“- Julius Malema– the man that fights for the “poor blacks” and tell the world how he and his cronies are “suffering” in the hands of “white money capitol”– here flying VERY comfortably “Business Class” in a South African flight. Whilst the working-class ” sheeple “struggle to pay their daily taxi fares, to eke out their subsistence-level existence, and will probably never be able to afford even an economy airline ticket in their lifetimes, the Gucci, Breitling, Champagne & Caviar EFFing Socialists travel in SAA business class, in luxurious lay-flat 1-2-1 seats right at the front of the Airbus A330-300, far away & completely isolated from the uncouth peasants & riff-raff, squashed like sardines in a tin in their narrow 2-4-2 seats, in cattle class at the back of the plane and taxis.


Again as we see- hiding behind the curtains while busy writing all kinds of anti-white legislation, set up multiple ” human rights” organizations and “commissions” – these crypto Jews   use the black African as the “face” to oppress, discriminate and persecute white Christians in South Africa .  And this is where we find ourselves again today- all the white ancestral footprints systematically being wiped out, history books re-written -and white nationalist symbols removed so not a trace of white rule will ever again be found in history books for the new generations. Here is where you will find the Malemas, Mngxitamas, Zumas, Ngcukaitobis , Kopdoek Aucamps, Max Du Preezes, the Sloet De Villierse, Melanie Verwoerds, Alec Irwins, Rob Davises and   Mojapelos all playing their part for their Zionist masters…..all under the fake cloak of  their fake ‘democracy”– another “smart term ” for a white genocide. BUT the Jews themselves underestimated the mind of the black African. While all these crypto Jews pretend to be siding with the “oppressed”– they themselves as masters of hippocracy- were deeply involved with slave trading as well. 



The role some Jews played in the Atlantic slave trade, both as traders and as slave owners, has long been acknowledged by historians. But allegations in recent decades that Jews played a disproportionate role in the enslavement of African Americans — and that this fact has been covered up — have made the topic a controversial one.   Jacob Rader Marcus, a historian and Reform rabbi, wrote in his four-volume history of Americans Jews that over 75 percent of Jewish families in Charleston, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Savannah, Georgia, owned slaves, and nearly 40 percent of Jewish households across the country did. The Jewish population in these cities was quite small, however, so the total number of slaves they owned represented just a small fraction of the total slave population; Eli Faber, a historian at New York City’s John Jay College reported that in 1790, Charleston’s Jews owned a total of 93 slaves, and that “perhaps six Jewish families” lived in Savannah in 1771. A number of wealthy Jews were also involved in the slave trade in the Americas, some as shipowners who imported slaves and others as agents who resold them. In the United States, Isaac Da Costa of Charleston, David Franks of Philadelphia and Aaron Lopez of Newport, Rhode Island, are among the early American Jews who were prominent in the importation and sale of African slaves. In addition, some Jews were involved in the trade in various European Caribbean colonies. Alexandre Lindo, a French-born Jew who became a wealthy merchant in Jamaica in the late 18th century, was a major seller of slaves on the island.


But like we stated- these kenniving Jews underestimated the African mind as well. Recently this same African National Congress these Jews captured in 1955 and so vehemently “protected” turned against their “masters“- and openly declared their support and alliance for the Palistinians against the Jew invasion of Palestine- as well as accusing Israel as another ‘apartheid” state. . Further-more did the ANC downgrade the Jewish embassy to only a “liaison office” as well. To rub some salt into the already tender Jewish wounds did one ANC supporting black socialist- Velapi Khumalo– let rip on Facebook that SA needed to be cleansed of whites, who needed to be treated as Hitler did to the Jews. He was responding to an earlier comment from Penny Sparrow who referred to blacks as monkeys. Well- this must have been  like a bucket of ice cold water in the faces  of these kenniving Jew conspirators. They never expected such treason which they invented themselves-  coming right back towards themselves. Immediately they turned their “victim” buttons on again- and start screaming blue murder against their own creation. Now the Jews start leaving South Africa again in droves because they fear another “holocaust” on it’s way- as well as the country they saw as their little “Israel out of Israel” turned out to be turning into a financial disaster and not the so-called “Rainbow Dream” they expected it to be.

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At its height, in the mid-1970s, South Africa’s Jewish community numbered more than 120,000. The figure often cited by Jewish establishment leaders in recent years, following several large waves of emigration in the final quarter of the last century, is about 70,000. According to preliminary findings shared privately with various community leaders in recent weeks, the size of the local Jewish population has shrunk by more than 25 percent since the last count was taken, to fewer than 50,000. Leading Jewish Prof. Emeritus Milton Shain wrote: “What is driving Jews out, or at least causing them to think about leaving, are deep concerns about their future — and especially the future of their children — given the state of the economy. In particular, they worry about shrinking opportunities in higher education and the workforce for the minority white population. Indeed, this was an overriding motif in dozens of interviews conducted with South African Jews from all walks of life in recent weeks. The unemployment rate is currently running at more than 27 percent, with the rate among youngsters — over 55 percent — among the highest in the world. “If youth unemployment remains this high, all population groups, including the Jews, will be caught in the crosshairs,” Recent months have seen a clear spike in immigration, says Liat Amar-Arran, the newly appointed director of the Israel Centre in Johannesburg and the Agency’s senior envoy in South Africa. “Over the past decade, on average, about 350 South African Jews moved to Israel each year,” she notes. “Since the first quarter of the year, we’ve seen a 20 percent increase.”


This brings us back to the flag issue: Whites in South Africa  are sick and tired of hearing how ” privileged ” we are, being outcasts in South Africa, persecuted through Racist Legislation, murder, rape, torture,and  witch hunted. They are branded, stereotyped & accused even a generation after apartheid. This flag is history, their  heritage. Ban the South African Communist Party & African National Congress flags, that have caused the real destruction, death and mayhem in South Africa and implemented double standards and  consistent unequal application of the law as now again being portrayed by judges such as Mojapelo. The current communist dispensation  want to deny history and forget about a time when things worked.  They don’t want comparisons with what Black nationalism has not achieved despite inheriting a highly functional infrastructure from the white government. If you have to attack a flag to fuel your own insecurities and misconceptions it is understandable that the Republic is floundering economically. Pettyness is ruling and the real problems is left and not addressed. The Mandela Foundation appear to be the “lawmaker” now and the rest of the judiciary simply confirms. The tail now is wagging the dog.   The old flag represents me as a member of the white minority, while the new flag symbolizes a political autocracy that is contemptible of my rights as a citizen.

No photo description available.

IT’s very convenient to make a lot of allegations- allegations such as “Apartheid oppressed and dehumanized” blacks. It’s easy and convenient to spread blatant lies that “whites stole our land.” It’s easy to spread blatant lies and misinformation that old symbols portray “suffering” and “demeans” blacks. BUT to proof any of this false allegations is not so easy. Mojapelo cannot name ONE instance where blacks were “dehumanized.Malema & Co cannot name ONE instance where whites “stole” their land. None of these black “revolutionaries “can bring one shred of evidence that whites in general “murdered thousands” of blacks. All in all can not ONE of these accusers bring any facts to the table where “apartheid” was HALF as bad to the country as their fake “democracy” is. The whole “apartheid” conspiracy found it’s roots deep within the corridors of their London-based conspirator’s offices and media houses. Factually was it the British themselves that introduced apartheid to the Cape Colony LONG before the Boers even started their “Great Trek.” It was the British that introduced the first pass laws, apartheid in schools, etc. The Afrikaners simply inherited that set of laws from the oppressive British in 1960- but the shrewd British Press – as devious and evil as they are- cunningly shifted the blame onto Verwoerd. But tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth. Keep on with the false “truth” and you can make it a law an ban something like an old flag.




If the old flag is implicitly hate speech by whites against blacks, then by the same argument, the new flag is explicitly hate speech by blacks against whites. Furthermore, the old flag represents functioning government, low crime, clean streets, and low unemployment of all races, whereas the new flag has flown over an era of non-functioning government at all levels, impotent security forces, civil disobedience, riots, failing municipal services, and rampant crime. Our view on this ruling: If you are a true white Afrikaans speaking patriot you will resist this blatant discrimination against your heritage- irrespective what you think this old flag stands for. Stop dreaming about Seer van Rensburg- he is dead, stop dreaming and wishing for Donald Trump on his white horse to come and save you-he has his own kettle of fish to fry with the liberal trash that tries to unseat him  abroad, stop dreaming about that “Vierkleur”– for if that flag really mattered that much to you – you long ago would have fought for it and most probably had your two Boer Republics /Volkstaat taken back again already. But seeing that you have not even achieved that goal yet -and still are been enslaved in the Republic of Azania under the common slave law- it appears that you still are back-paddling- thinking up a new set of excuses every day why NOT to get involved in fighting for your freedom and your rights, NOT mobilizing the “burghers” for a rebellion against this oppression of your people simply ’cause you are too  sh*t  scared you will land your furry arse  in jail, – and NOT interested either  in organizing rallies and resistance groups to rebel against discriminatory racist-driven rulings such as this.


Fred Brownell, the designer of the democratic South African flag. /Waldo Swiegers

THIS is why the Afrikaner has  everything dear to him taken away …..need we say more?

If you so much cared for your heritage and what the old flag represented- you long ago would have organized rallies – and like the blacks do- mobilized hundreds of noisy rowdy white supporters in buses and taxis to attend the Equality Court proceedings to support Afriforum– dancing and screaming in the streets in front of the court swaying  banners that read “F*ck Nelson Mandela Foundation”  and maybe burn a Firestone or two while  slapping a few little black  baby dolls dressed-up as judges that dangled from sticks to make a statement that you do not agree with the blatant discrimination against your heritage…… But you haven’t!  Instead you fell into your normal white complacency- sat at home at night- browse the social sites a bit- gave a witty comment here-an’-there- a like or two…and that was about  how much you “fought” for the rights of your people. Well done indeed!  Even Sammy the sea turtle couldn’t have done it better. The blacks can organize much faster and more efficient than you do- and that is why they get something they call IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! THAT is how it is done in South Africa…not by a lonesome burp coming from a fart behind his keyboard...for sure!

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The discrimination against white Afrikaners go beyond the courts- Big Business in South Africa are the biggest discriminators in this field. There is a roamer floating around in Old Mutual Pinelands(Head Office) that “top management”  ( CEO Mr. Moyo & Co) now plans to get rid of all white woman and that managers systematically must start “working out all white woman.” The blatant discrimination against white people now intensifies as the diabolical war against white Afrikaners reaches a new levels of open blatant racism and discrimination.  Start pulling your investments out of this racist company too- we suggest. If you are not good enough for them- so is your money too! This goes for Sun International as well for having a bashful at Steve Hoffmeyer again.


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South Africa under the current incompetent ANC  “amaghoefoes” became an international joke. The majority inhabitants of the country became the worst kind of parasitic destroyers. The “academics” in control became pathetic  clowns. Heard the latest stunning revelation from the circus “down under? Well- here it is:


Former Military Hospital doctor, Dr Jacques de Vos, has been charged by the (Affirmative Action) Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for advising that abortion is the killing of an unborn human being. Dr De Vos, who is a member of Doctors For Life International (DFL) will finally be able to respond to charges after waiting more than two years since being barred from practicing as a doctor. Dr De Vos was a medical intern at 2 Military Hospital when he was suspended from the gynaecology rotation and refused to be signed off. As a result, Dr De Vos has also been prevented from commencing his community service year, effectively barring him from practicing medicine in South Africa for the past two years. Despite numerous efforts by Dr De Vos and his legal team, Dr De Vos has not received any assistance from the SA Military Health Service or the HPCSA to continue with his career. Adv Keith Matthee SC, instructed by De Wet Wepener Attorneys, will represent Dr De Vos when he appears before a six-member panel disciplinary inquiry scheduled for 27 and 28 August 2019 in Cape Town. This case is likely to attract great interest in the medical community as healthcare practitioners such as Dr De Vos are often victimized and discriminated against for upholding the sanctity of life for unborn children and for advising women of the adverse effects of abortion on the mother of the unborn child. The hearings are open to the public. The venue is yet to be confirmed by the HPCSA.

  • and these oafs  in control want to convince us their 3 best years in primary school was not done in Gr. 1? 


Luister baie mooi my volk

Posted by Johan Swanepoel on Tuesday, October 31, 2017


There is the Boeremag members for example- languishing for God knows how long in jail already. Those guys wanted to make a statement- they wanted to defend their rights. What have you done so far to support them? Answer: NOTHING! You did not even send a single penny to them in support for their cause. You did not sent a single letter- not even organize a single rally for them. You left them to rot in jail. Well done Afrikaner…you simply live up to your age-old nature of careless negligence for your own people. If there are 1 million Afrikaners left in the country- and every one only donate R1  to these chaps- it means they would have R 1 million support to help them. But between 4 million whites only about 0.000000001% care for them. But whites can squander money on rugby tickets, LOTTO tickets, even pay car guards, nice-to-haves and booze…but nothing for their own people. So what else can we expect about “patriotism” for their people? What did you do to Sunette Bridges while she tried doing something for her people? You smeared her name black and some white bags of sh*t even took her to court for fighting for her people. THAT is what the cut-through Afrikaner is good at- being back stabbing traitors. And that is why they loose everything dear to them. ...even lost their country. Point is:  If you do not take a stance now- that last line of plundering your private assess such as your pensions, your property and your private investments  will be crossed very  soon and you will be left standing with nothing else left bar your bruised pride and many regrets- naked and stripped of everything you worked for and cherished- crying in your pretzels  why you did not act earlier. 

Jy moet die vid nie mis nie … laat die wat ore het hoor !!!!

Posted by Tersia Patrys Thomas on Sunday, June 30, 2019




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