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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  August 27   2019








SOUTH AFRICA became – since 1994-  the most violent and lawless-the most detestable-  and the most notorious country in the world when the issue and levels of crime and murder most foul is discussed. Since the terrorist regime of the  ANC ineptocrats took over as “government” of the country- all control around the security of the country’s people was lost. The political looters “on top” miserably failed to honor their mandate to protect the people. South Africans now are living behind their own “ iron curtains”– their own personal jails with burglar bars and security cameras  at night out of fear  of being robbed and murdered in their own homes.

But even in a country notorious for it’s  iron curtains, it’s gruesome farm murders , it’s suburban murders , it’s gang murders and it’s township murders- there is one murder that even surpasses even the worst kind of beastly brutality imaginable- and that murder was the murder of a beautiful young white woman called Lynette Volschenk  that was committed a few days ago.

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The 24 year old colored son of a Cape Town advocate will appear in the Bellville court on Monday, accused of the murder of the 32 year old Lynette Volschenk and chopping her body up into pieces and placing it in black refuse bags in an attempt to dispose of her body. Her head also was completely sawn off and separated from her body- put in a shopping bag and placed in bushes near the Seesig flat complex where she lived on the 10 th floor. Then the body was systematically sawn into pieces with a hacksaw and knife. The villain has been identified as Kyle Ruiters, an ex pupil of one of Cape Town’s top schools namely Wynberg Boys’ High. He has played ice hockey for the Western Province team. His mother is Advocate Theresa Ruiters, a member of the Cape Town bar. She specializes in criminal law. The young murderer stayed with his mother in the same flat complex as Lynette did, the Seesig flats in Loevenstein, Bellville. Colleagues of Lynette who went to look for her after she did not pitch up for work found Ruiters in Lynette’s flat where he was busy painting the blood smeared walls.

Lynette Volschenk in happier times

Lynette was described as a real sweetheart by her colleagues. The Police was called and Ruiters was arrested on the scene. Ruiters stays with his mother in Seesig flats nr 911 according to neighbors. Lynette stayed on the 10th floor. Lynette was last seen alive on Wednesday. Neighbors did hear a woman scream on Wednesday night and after that somebody heard banging noises but nobody bothered to investigate further. When she did not pitch up for work on Thursday, 2 of her colleagues and her sister went looking for her. When they arrived at her flat they decided to break down the door. They found Ruiters in the flat busy painting the walls on which there was blood. Ruiters said he was asked by Lynette to clean the walls.

After a search Lynette’s colleagues and sister found pieces of Lynette’s body in black refuse bags. Police was called and Ruiters was arrested around 1030. The killer was reported to be “high ” on some form of drugs. The newspaper Rapport’s sources said the suspect chopped up Lynette’s body in pieces and carried it piece by piece to his own flat on the 9th floor. There are some rumors that Police found missing body parts in a black bag on Friday in an open area next to the flat complex. Parts of Lynette’s body were found in the killer’s flat and also found in Lynette’s own flat. It is furthered rumored that there is CCTV footage of the killer  following Lynette to her flat and closing the door behind him. Another murder took place in May of this year when the body of the 65 year old Anthony Marais was discovered in the building next to Seesig which is Tafelsig flats. There was a rope tied right around his body. That case still is unsolved.


KILLER Ruiters after he was arrested


Body parts and blood were also found in the refuse shaft next to the flat where Ruiters and his aunt stayed. Residents have said they heard a woman scream in Lynette’s flat on Wednesday evening and a constant banging noise after that.  They informed the caretaker and asked him to send security but nothing was done. Ruiters and his aunt have been staying in the flat for about 10 years and Lynette for about 5 years in her flat. When Ruiters was confronted by Lynette’s sister and 2 work colleagues in Lynette’s flat on Thursday morning he said he was paid to paint the walls and then wanted to leave. He was prevented from doing so. Residents have said Lynette’s whole flat was smeared with her blood. 

More details has emerged about the shocking murder.  It has emerged that the murderer Ruiters  has worked for the Christian book publishing group CUM books in Tygervalley Centre in Bellville. He worked there on contract for about 7 months until June of this year. It has also emerged that Ruiters decapitated Volschenk, placed her head in a plastic shopping bag and placed it in bushes about 400 meters away from Seesig flats. Lynette’s head was found in Bate street on Friday evening. It is strongly suspected Ruiters murdered Lynette on Wednesday and chopped up her body in pieces throughout the night in Lynette’s flat on the 9th floor of Seesig flats. He used an iron saw and knife. Ruiters stayed on the 10th floor, together with the woman who raised him, his aunt Advocate Theresa Ruiters. The case continues. 




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