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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  September 08 2019   2019







THESE days  you are left totally  gobsmacked when you take a look how psychopathic liberals, corporate scavengers  and dirty politicians plunders countries across the world. A wave of total madness and global destruction is in progress as the devil himself took possession of the minds of these loathsome creatures that calls themselves “democrats” and “  leftists.”

Evil is taken to the next level as these villainous demons migrate from one Western enclave to the next- bringing with them their faux “democracies” and  swarms of calamitous pillagers that shows no respect neither loyalty to the countries they ravage. They have become nothing less that mindless creatures – locusts that swarm from one healthy country to the next- devouring everything in their destructive wake they have neither cultivated, created- nor constructed. Like a malicious  tidal wave of parasites they invade and capture your governments- spreading their cancerous liberal corporate  plague throughout your state organs- and in no time they have succeeded in bleeding your once healthy economy empty of it’s natural resources with their earth moving equipment – and ransacked your treasury empty. What they leave behind is a total mess- a barren dissolute desert where now only 3rd-world criminals and scavengers roam across the wastelands – prowling like hungry predators for scarps to eat and squabbling around  the pitiful remains that once was the country you have  called home.



From their breeding hive in the European Union in  Europe  and their nest in the United Nations in New York  these capitalist marauders  decent upon the globe-  infest , pillage and loot wherever they  invade. Their legacy of apocalyptic wars, rebellions,  inhalations , murders and the raping of mother earth already casts a dark shadow of an epidemic torment to social structures across the world- from the rain forests of South America to the natural resources of Africa- the rich oil fields of the Middle East to the abundance of marine resources of the Atlantic- the tell-tale trial of their ravacious  plundering lies everywhere. And where-ever they invade and infests- they leave their political omens behind to act as ” guardians ” and make sure  their stolen riches keeps on flowing un-obstructed towards the waiting jaws of their bottomless banking pits.

Such is the sad tale of South Africa as well- a country that was together with Rhodesia- the food baskets and mineral-rich jewels of sub-Saharan Africa. We have been observing the decay of the country under the incompetent ANC kleptomaniacs for quite a while now. We have been watching the downwards spiral of the socio-economical infrastructures and how the very core of the South African economy were crumbling under the weight of excessive international plundering and African maladministration. The signs were there years ago and the cracks began to show as more and more state organs grind to a halt with the escalating wasting and careless looting of the state treasury. We have been sending out warnings that we are fast moving towards a total financial and economic implosion. We have been trying to alert the people that with every new so-called “democracy “ in Africa- a civil war became imminent within the first 25 years- but to no avail.


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A hidden fact very little people know about. That the reason why Britain has such immense power over your government and plunder South Africa at will!



The ANC war lords ,their controlled leftist media and white liberal infestations among us kept on mind-f*cking the masses about  “white racism, hate speech, white supremacists  –  and unrealistic  rainbow dreams. One after the other corrupt African “president” ascended the throne- the next creating more chaos than his predecessor. But still the liberal demonic creations kept on with their fake propaganda wars – keeping the attention of the illiterate masses focused rather on the “white supremacists” and “racism” rather than keeping tabs on the despots in control who was merrily busy destroying the last remnants of a once fully functioning system.  Now we have reached the stage of no return- that point we have been sending out warnings about. We as conservatives have been warning about a coming black-on-black civil war for about 8 years now.



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Pieter Willem Botha  was a former president of South Africa. In 1988, he told the World: “Black people can not rule themselves because they don’t have the brain and mental capacity to govern a society. He went further to say, how the black people hate themselves! He said: “Give them guns, they would kill themselves; Give them power, they will steal all the government money; Give them independence, they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings and wars!” Destroy white South Africa- and our influence in this subcontinent in Southern Africa- and this country will drift into faction strife, chaos and poverty. ” We have now reached that stage PW Botha was talking about- and what we were  warning you about. We also warned you that Britain is behind this evil destruction of South Africa.

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We warned that the ANC mafia as well as their lapdog EFF goons are  paid by British pounds to destroy South Africa and incite a civil war. But nobody listened. We were the “white supremacists” and “racists” trying to sow “division “ among “peaceful” rainbow chickens. The fake leftist media and black social mafia played the tune- and even the kangaroo courts based their racist rulings against white conservatives upon public (read media and black social mafia) opinions.  Like pre-1994 when conservatives warned that South Africa will eventually sink into a communist purgatory- white leftist liberal twats  such as Max Du Preez , Piet Croucamp, Casper De Vries , Sloet De Villiers, Adriaan BassonDaniel Friedman et al to name but a few and their disillusioned media  ilk have been mocking and discrediting white conservatives as “white supremacists” for a long time now. Now each and every word spoken by those in the  conservative community – those “white supremacists”, the “racists” – start falling into place to the horror of all those white liberal trash that have been not only very verbal against the white conservatives- but also siding with the black mass murderers in control against their own people. The proverbial chickens now have come home to roost. The black-on-black civil unrest is here!

As predicted long ago did the black-on-black civil war start

To hide the truth about the dreadful cruelty of the South African black population and the brooding black-on-black civil war that has been festering for a number of years now- the media quickly invented a new “smart term” to coin it- and call it “Xenophobia.” Where the f*ck they scraped that term from they will only know– but it was an attempt to hide the true reflection of the murderous nature of South African blacks and explosive situation brooding among local blacks and their African counterparts in black settlements. BUT the faux “democracy” and all it’s fake “glorification” had to be protected. There simply was not to be black racism- not even a word mentioned in the media about black-on-black racism. It was taboe. Only white”racism” exists according to the distorted media narrative and that was what the international world was to see.


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AS the incompetent looters on top loose more and more control over the economy and totally lost touch with the people-  more and more investors flee the country- and in the process jobs were shed at an alarming rate. To worsen the situation did the ANC-led communist unions also put heavy pressure on the industrial sector for more wages, more benefits, more increases, and more incompetent black people into managerial positions to fulfill their BEEE socialist dream. Powerful companies read the signs in the times and start closing doors fast and furious- seeking safer investment havens elsewhere. As jobs became scarcer and scarcer- so did the poverty and squatter communities escalate- and so did the criminal element and the destruction by rioting black masses on a daily basis also.

Posted by Herman Lombaard on Monday, September 2, 2019


But the “plan” for a civil war was in motion- and did the ANC boogeymen also opened the borders of South Africa to allow millions of unwanted and ill-affordable aliens to flood the country as well- albeit the rising tensions in the black settlements towards alien inhabitants among the locals around job opportunities. Already South Africa sported a notorious honor of having a 27% unemployment rate among it’s own local population- yet it opened it’s borders to invite more and more alien insurgents from Africa, Pakistan, India, China , Saudi Arabia  and G-d knows where-else to enter the country and further put strain onto the labor, social , welfare and financial markets. This was a recipe for a coming human catastrophe in the making.  Everything was driving towards a final black Armageddon. And still the faux regime and their fake media propaganda machines kept on sending out false information about “white supremacists” and “ land expropriations” in order to try to sooth the anger among their supporters and try to avoid a full-scale civil war among blacks.

Nigerië gee SA besighede 7 dae om die land te verlaat.

Posted by Boermedia on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Gcobani Ndzongana 3 hrs Stop attacking Zimbabweans and Malawians in your communities because they are employed by the racists who exploit their labor. Attack businesses, be brutal to the business until they listen. In Hermanus we are writing a history and we want to teach other communities that you can deal with white supremacy and racism withiout black on black violence.'

South Africans and their companies operating in Nigeria have been given seven days to pack up their bags and leave Nigeria by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) following an increase in Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. Danielson Bamidele Akpan made it clear at a press conference organised by the Chairman, National Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, in Abuja on Wednesday, that they want nothing to do with South Africans. Akpan said they have had enough of the xenophobic attacks on their fellow Nigerians and action needs to be taken on South Africans to show strength by the Nigerian government. He said that they had hoped that the government of South Africa and their citizens would end all forms of attacks on citizens of Nigeria and other African nations. “Behold, the killings have continued and has even assumed a more dangerous dimension. This worsening development calls for a swift reaction. Importantly, we want to call on Nigerians in South Africa to reconsider their stay in South Africa and return home.
“Having gone through the first phase without any remorse or practical action to end xenophobic attacks in South Africa, we wish to announce that Nigerian students have decided to take on South Africans same way they are doing to our people. We have seen the helplessness of the South African government in reining in their citizens and wish to condemn in unambiguous terms the continued pampering of those involved. Every nation has own internal crisis hence no citizen of other nation should be sacrificed for criminal activities of South Africans or any other. “Since the economic prosperity of Nigerians can no longer be tolerated and their lives secured in South Africa, there’s no need also to condone the continued flourishing of South African businesses and her citizens in Nigeria.

“We therefore wish to officially ask all South African-owned businesses in Nigeria to relocate in the next seven days. We specifically want Multichoice, MTN, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Shoprite and others to close their businesses in their own interest within seven days.
“In the same vein, we request that South African nationals in Nigeria should return to their home country as we can no longer watch them enjoy peaceful living in Nigeria while our citizens in their country continue to pay with dear lives for no reason other than being resourceful and flourishing in their businesses and career.
South Africans should henceforth leave Nigeria with all their businesses. Nigerians are not joking about it and we are giving seven days ultimatum for this action to be carried out. Diplomacy has failed”.

But the ANC plunderers’  game was up- and their deception exposed. For the past months Ramaphosa and his corrupt NEC Lethuli-House ilk have had secret meetings and decided to  secretly but hastily siphon  all their private assets abroad in preparation  to flee the country overnight if and when their own created civil unrest monster at last materializes. Cyril just had to stay put and feed the masses all kinds of poppycock they want to hear to stall for more time. We have heard this bullsh*t of “NDR,NHI, land expropriation,”- cities with Star Trek-like  fantasy trains, promises that South Africa will rise above it’s humongous debt of R 3.267.187 TRILLION,- How ESKOM “has  a plan” to “neutralize”  it’s staggering defecit of R 420 Billion, how investors must “believe” his  bogus government is working to ” ensure that South Africa is a safe home for all” –  how South Africa is poised to be among “top 50 best investment destinations “  in the world and that he want to secure R1.2 trilion worth of investment within the next five years. This is the same Ramaphosa that – a few weeks ago- announced that – and his  exact words were: “Our resources are now depleted.” How is this bugger going to whip up all this cockamamie dreams he keeps on telling the world when the coffers are empty – is still only his fantasy. What a lot of utter bullsh*t!! Fact is- South Africa is technically BANKRUPT- STOLEN bankrupt that is. 




In simple terms, this means the government has run out of money. In a normal country, such a statement by the head of state would have, at best, made national headlines. That it went unnoticed reveals a great deal about our journalists’ obsession with the fluff that constitutes the vacuity of our daily politics. If you want to understand what it means for a state to run out of money, look at South African Express. It has grounded its planes. Last week, it told MPs it is struggling to pay salaries. SA Express is not unique. Employees at Denel are not sure for how long their salaries will be paid. Eskom pays salaries from debt. It needs about R70bn for operations and debts. But its revenue is about R30bn. Those who work for government departments must not think that their salaries are safe either. After state-owned companies have been bankrupted, the rot is coming their way. When Zimbabwe collapsed, the financial mess eventually reached nurses and teachers. A collapsing banana republic protects its security forces from salary shortages because politicians know that if they are not paid, the police and the army can use their guns to extract rent from citizens. There was a time in the last days of Robert Mugabe’s regime when there were roadblocks across the country, where citizens were expected to pay bribes to the police for every nonsensical small thing. Even today, the police in Zimbabwe are still bribe collectors. And “racist” whites had nothing to do with it- it all was by the hand of corrupt black politicians!


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Now we all know that Ramaphosa is a pathological lair and con artist that will tell you anything you want to hear….at a price. And that price is that you will be sacrificed for his British masters, his own – and his cronies’ best interests only that is.He will lie about anything- even lie just for the practice of it. If he can blatantly lie about farm murders not taking place in South Africa and that no land invasions occur in the country- what credibility would  you really want to attribute to his future empty promises? AND corrupt these ANC commies are. Former KwaZulu-Natal legislature deputy speaker Meshack Radebe has revealed how he witnessed ANC leaders dishing out cash in exchange for votes at the party’s Nasrec elective conference in 2017.  “In the hotel where I was staying (in Johannesburg), the cash was given out at the foyer. Delegates would come in buses to collect cash.” “One of the leaders who was giving out money is now a minister. Delegates were each counting R5,000, R3,000, R4,000. Others were complaining that the money they had received was not enough,” said Radebe.

Now that South Africa has run out of money, what’s next? Ramaphosa says we must begin discussing the use of pension funds to finance “developmental needs”. That is all fancy talk. His call is simple: now that the ANC comrades have looted the state to its knees, he wants them to raid the pension of teachers, nurses, cleaners and other workers. If you are a police officer, prison warder or soldier. Ramaphosa says the money you have worked hard for and saved must be used to finance what he calls “developmental needs”. “Developmental needs” include rescuing the ailing Eskom. If workers allow that to happen, they will live to regret it in their old age. What we know is that the ANC and its government cannot run any budget without stealing. Everything they touch turns to dust. Truth be told, we are where we are now because ANC cadres in the government have been looting public money. Anyone who tells you a different story is a liar. In South Africa today, we can use it to understand how parasitic forces in the private sphere use the state to loot national resources in the name of “developmental needs”. Look at Medupi and Kusile to grasp the scale. The greatest problem facing South Africa today is not a lack of money. It is the looting of money by a symbiosis of private parasites and venal politicians who run our state.




Xenophobia in South Africa is a reflection of how weak the black man brain functions! They hate themselves, they are jealous of each other, they kill each other with reckless abandon, they can’t think beyond tribal considerations, blacks don’t know why Africa was even divided by the Europeans! Indians are not killing themselves, no matter where they come from; Chinese don’t kill each other, no matter what they do together; The Asians don’t kill each other…….but black Africans derive joy in hatred, war, stealing, looting, jealousy, ethnicity and killing of each other! That is the reason why  South African whites, Indian, Asian and Chinese community, are looking at black people as animals who can not live together in peace and harmony but to kill themselves! Anytime you hear Black South Africans talk about xenophobia, reflect your mind back to Pieter Willem Botha, who said: “Blacks can never be able to organize themselves without killing each other! ” 

South Africa on the verge of collapse and total black anarchy

Oorlog is naby. Die regering is pap. Die land is reeds op sy kniee. Dit is lankal nie meer optogte nie.

Posted by Dawie Grundlingh on Thursday, August 29, 2019

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A Sorry state of affairs

The ANC is now a minority party. Its legitimacy and hegemony rests only on the idea of the ANC. SA is in the grips of a low-grade civil war. There is the ANC, and the people. And they are at each other’s throat. It is not metaphorical, but real. Blood is being spilt. At its heart lies the legitimacy of the state, against which everyone, in one way or another, has taken up arms. Police stations are guarded by private security firms; ambulances are now accompanied by armed guards; hospitals are besieged by violence; schools are burnt or destroyed, along with clinics and libraries; in some towns, gangs — in the form of an organised mafia, or disorganized terror — have effectively usurped power; death threats and political assassinations are commonplace; and public infrastructure, both hard — trains, cables, buses, and soft — electricity, water, are vandalized and stolen. It is anathema to the spirit of renewal to say such things, however, it is not only true but an essential analytical framework to properly understand the contemporary SA condition: we are at war, and the sooner that is accepted, the better we will be able to respond.

Last week, Tito Mboweni tweeted: “This thing: destruction of public property and non-payment of services rendered MUST STOP for our country to Move Forward. It seems that we have become our own enemies! Schools, clinics, police stations, roads, public offices, etc, these belong to us all. We the People. We should treasure and protect not destroy! Ours!!” It isn’t going to stop. It is intensifying not dissipating and spreading; it is not contained. But it is disparate — a thousand epicenters across the country, each with their own battle lines.

Trucks are burnt in KwaZulu-Natal; down the Western Cape coastline, in elite enclaves such as Hermanus and Plettenberg Bay, towns are under violent siege; in the North West, a province has been brought to a standstill and the entire health system shut down; there are now both formal and informal “no-go zones”, where the state (drivers have been advised not to use the national road between Durban and Johannesburg at night) and politics effectively render certain areas sealed-off; and the army — weak, ineffectual and no more than a pretense — is constantly called upon to intervene, to halt gangsterism and drug-dealing. “ The war is unfolding faster than our ability to document it and such things are the casualties of it. But we do track death itself: 57 murders a day, a situation the police minister generously describes as bordering ‘on a warzone’ “


Posted by Lourens Visser on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Naija Don vess… life here in jakande. Nigeria’s attacking the foreigners

Posted by Hoe-kikiola Sheriff Rothchild Jnr on Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Posted by Lourens Visser on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Posted by Lourens Visser on Wednesday, September 4, 2019


At local government level, where administrations have, for the most part, imploded in terms of their formal duties — financial management and service delivery — informally, they can deliver only ostensible authority. Regularly, communities implode into violent disagreement over the most basic commodities. These local administrations do not govern so much as facilitate conflict. They are the front line for this civil war. Outside our urban centers, SA is a frontier state, where the gun holds sway and might is right. In the background, at provincial and national level, the state is waging a war of its own. It violates every tenet of good governance — denying or destroying the basic pillars of the social contract: police that fail; social grants that are mismanaged; inflation without employment; education that erodes the public mind; and a healthcare system that kills as much as it cures. On the ground, in a hundred municipalities, where resources are few and deprivation most intense, this discontent manifests first as protest, then as violence; finally, as a total disregard for the state.

Brutally depressing

Each one of these examples has behind it 100,000 words. One can list them here only in passing or risk, on a full examination, being sucked down a black hole of horror where you will lose yourself in gore and detail, the brutally depressing nature of which eradicates hope.

Here are some problems for which there are no numbers: metres of copper cable stolen; politicians assassinated by rivals; infrastructure backlogs on our road or railway infrastructure; corrupt tenders; the cost of damage to schools and clinics, trains and buses; death threats received; fake degrees; lost documentation; backlogs to equipment and IT in our universities and hospitals; and the number of doctors, nurses, engineers and artisans who have fled. We do not track these things because we cannot track them. The war is unfolding faster than our ability to document it and such things are the casualties of it.

But we do track death itself: 57 murders a day, a situation the police minister generously describes as bordering “on a warzone.” The great war that is SA democracy, has seen more killed and maimed than many more infamous historical atrocities. But it is the informal, civil war, that eludes measurement or recognition. It is attritional but no less devastating. ” Soon enough, someone will see the Emperor has no clothes and, when that happens, there will be nothing in the way to halt the tide that will break forth. “ We are shielded from a consolidated view or analysis of the trauma that defines SA life in the national press, by a ubiquitous obsession with national personalities and corruption. But the stories are all there, filler every day for page two or three. No attempt, ever, is made to bring them together and paint a consolidated picture. Each is treated in isolation, bound together by no overarching analysis.

Corruption is a problem in SA — a primary and powerful contributing factor to this perception that the state is illegitimate — but its outcomes are now far more complex and devolved than mere individual culpability. Fueled by graft and mismanagement, incompetence and the pursuit of power for its own sake, the consequences have taken on a life of their own, mutated far beyond discontent into an actual national disposition, whereby the law is but a suggestion and every public asset a bargaining chip to be held hostage or destroyed should the ransom not be paid. The bastions of law and order — the police and the army — are totally dysfunctional and inept. It is just the idea of justice that maintains a general peace. Soon enough, someone will see the Emperor has no clothes and, when that happens, there will be nothing in the way to halt the tide that will break forth.

The social contract relies on trust as much as it does tangible evidence of it. It is no more than an idea. It can be reinforced by good governance or destroyed by neglect and failure. When its foundations are eroded away, it is simply not strong enough to hold. And it is gone already in a number of core respects: people don’t trust the police, they certainty don’t trust politicians; they have little or no faith in many core public institutions and the idea of the “good citizen”, if ever it did exist, no longer does. Civic responsibility and duty have been replaced by self-interest, born of desperation and impatience. That is with regards to those more readily identifiable ties that bind — but between the lines, those less obvious but no less important fibers that constitute the social fabric are weak and under strain: the family, the community, and those informal networks that hold a society together. Each them is pulling apart, not together.

Broken promises

The very essence of so many wars, territory itself, is now on the table. Private property is no longer a right, but a negotiation, the result of which we do not know. Land is invaded daily, as people sense uncertainty. The people are pushed back by authorities who wait for a clear directive but, in an environment where basic human rights are now questioned, morality flows from sentiment more than precedent and desire more than principle. The words of politicians are interpreted from a shared assumption: that they are hollow. Politics is an exercise in broken promises and hypocrisy. We do not believe what is said, even when we pretend to. The gap between bullet trains and actual bullets is too small to make the necessary leap in imagination.

The small proxy state that did exist, in the form of private education, security and healthcare, is being systematically dismantled in the name of a “majoritarian impulse ” towards egalitarianism. Instead of learning from and extending best practice into the public sector, the private sector is being denigrated, alienated and forced to comply with a general mediocrity assumed to be the moral benchmark of progress. These are all legitimate targets in the war, perhaps the only ones both the ANC and the people are united behind destroying. No one can tell you the damage done to public infrastructure — the total costs of the destruction of property — but you can be sure the amount is beyond comprehension, and growing daily. It is self-defeating and yet now a first resort. And it has worked to a point. The ANC government has bent over backwards to reward destruction with replacement. Begging and pleading as it goes.

As we hand over such infrastructure, we appeal to our people to handle it with care. These are your trains. Look after them so that they can carry you for many years to come.” That was Jacob Zuma in 2017, unveiling a new set of train carriages. Last week, after residents on the East Rand torched a Katlehong primary school to the ground, Gauteng MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi would tweet a picture of the ruin, and say: “People of Katlehong, this is what is left of Katlehong Primary School because the community is protesting against lack of electricity. This is completely unacceptable. Forget it if you think we will fix it!”

This is a new and significant development, a new line in the sand. It isn’t going to be well received. The lesson the people wish to impart is not that non-delivery is unacceptable but that violence is. And there is always something else to burn. “ In the name of hope and good intentions, people will see green pastures when a landscape burnt black as charcoal lies in front of them. “ The ANC, the people’s party, which, for so long, has paraded through the streets on the back of this innate arrogance, now represents just 37% of all registered voters. The implications of this have yet to fully impact on “God’s chosen political party. ” Too much conceit and power will do that to any political organisation. But the truth is, the ANC is now a minority party. Its legitimacy and hegemony, much like the police or the army, rests only on the idea of the ANC. That is a fragile state of affairs for a country that has never known a national democratic change in power and which seems forever locked in a Stockholm syndrome that would have the electorate believe its tormentor is also its protector.

The rise of the EFF, a pseudo-military organisation, with a commander-in-chief and rhetoric infused with revolutionary violence, is a response to the unseen war. It understands how fragile the social fabric is, and it wishes it torn apart. It has brought violence to parliament itself, and it threatens to spread it far and wide. It is the unofficial army representing an unofficial war, and it is well aware of both, far more so than most.  There is a disjuncture in the public mind, between the state and the government. Civil wars are waged against the state. Unable to translate discontent into political consequence, the people have chosen to attack the administration itself, as a surrogate for the ANC. They will not punish the behavior of their tormentor, but they will torch his house. So that he learns — not to change his attitude but to make sure the torture chamber is accommodating enough.

They work hand in glove, the ANC and the people. As the ANC destroys Eskom from above, the people steal its infrastructure from below. In the middle, the state, the subject of both their attention. Soon enough, they will meet in the middle.Every day SA’s civil war plays itself out. Every day, the people attack and destroy the state. Every day, the state grows weaker. And, every day, its ability to maintain the pretense it is in control — the foundation of the social contract — is eaten away. Nothing blinds a country more than patriotism. In the name of hope and good intentions, people will see green pastures when a landscape burnt black as charcoal lies in front of them. When history looks back on this period, when the sums are done and the bodies counted, when the depth and breadth of the decay is properly measured, the picture painted will be devoid of color. But our language, as set down in a thousand columns and speeches, will burst forth with all the illumination of a rainbow. So much hope and optimism. On pain on death, often literally, will we describe the real world. There is no real world. Just the horror in the background we cannot see or focus on. But it’s getting closer. The background and foreground are beginning to merge. There is a civil war out there, and systematically and unrelentingly, it is coming closer and closer to your own doorstep. Best you accept it and try to understand it. Ignorance is bliss. It is also deadly. Gareth Van Onselen.


A country in deep trouble

SOUTH AFRICA is in deep trouble indeed- and the level of destruction is escalating by the day. The country finds itself in a Whirlpool of turmoil- with each passing day sinking deeper and deeper into the quicksand of perdition. It became a survival game in the land of purgatory  every day with every man now fighting for himself. South Africa is the only country in the world totally held captive by malicious violent union bosses. On a daily basis violent riots are in progress somewhere in the country. The blacks in South Africa became the most destructive population in Africa- and maybe the world . They cultivated their culture around violence and laziness. With more than 46% “useless eaters” on state grants they need not to work. Their services in their squatter camps they get for free- and this they have to pay for- they simply steal through illegal connections onto the grid. When the authorities attempt to cut their services for non payment- they turn violent, burn cars, torch buildings, riot in the streets- and concentrate their “anger” in xenophobic attacks.

While the country is burning,while crime escalates beyond human imagination,  while corruption became the norm of the day among government institutions , while the currency slides towards the Zimbabwe dollar, while peoples are murdered at a staggering rate in the streets and in their homes every day, while innocent people are hi-jacked and murdered on highways and byways, while the food producers are culled like lambs, while the destructive unions are playing havoc with the economy, while the state looters digs deep into the coffers, while the protective services such as the army and police became noting less than fluffy toys in the hands of their scrupulous puppet masters, while hundreds of supply trucks that brings food to the shelves of our shops  are burned and looted on the roads, while whole crops on farms and animal feed are destroyed, while the country gets down-rated on a continuous basis towards junk status, while most state departments grinds to a halt and whole provinces fall into administration curatorship.

While more and more babies are dying of hunger and malnutrition in impoverished squatter camps,while business upon business now are closing their doors as more and more investors flee the country in droves and the unemployment rate soars by the day, while anarchy is starting to become a daily occurrence, while the country is slipping into a debt abyss it barely will ever recover from, while thousands of unruly black mobs take to the streets, looting , burning, murdering and destroying everything in their wake, while the media wage a damming destructive psi-ops war against the populace, while the security of the vaults of the treasury  have been breached by the same “guardians” that were supposed to protect them- and while blacks now are taking up arms and start to wage a full scale war against each other- Ramaphosa and his mafia mobsters in the Lethuli-viper’s nest   became eerily quiet- silently disappear when all hell brakes loose- only to re-appear when the dust has settled. Ramaphosa now made sure he is  non persona grata– keeping a low profile while all the ANC fat cat criminals keeps their distance-not interfering. They do not want to take responsibility for a country they f*cked up- they do not want to be responsible for their own terrible consequences. They rather want to keep a low profile   as-if they want the country to turn into a fiery cauldron very soon to claim their 85 million Euros monthly from the United Nations in compensation for becoming a failed state.

The communist-British onslaught against the country


The communist ANC filth, their SACP  communist cohorts, the EFF looting  criminals , DA, AGANG, IFP ,COPE  useless political bench warmers and communist unions all are  incompetent fools that never should have been given power in the first place. Factually they never should have been allowed inside  South Africa’s borders in the first instance. Between this bunch of idiots they totally have f*cked up a once beautiful fully functioning first world country. Following their “laws” we don’t. We do not follow “laws” fabricated by mafioso slave hoodlums, political criminals, state looters , slum lords and loud mouth hell raisers that barely scraped through Gr.2. Ramaphosa is not our “president”– we did not elect him and will never choose a mobster and mass murderer as our so-called “president.” If we choose a leader- we choose one that cares for his people and one with integrity- not this bunch of half-wit greedy idiots  that now calls themselves a “democratic” elected “government.” They are the brain child and bank-rolled roosters of the loathsome Zionist Jew skunk works.

The Zionist Jew capitalist vultures from their epicenter in London – together with their  bank-rolled National Party scum bum brushes forced this bunch of useless shrewd Robbin Island criminals onto our country. They are not our “government.” We will defy all their “laws” and devious racist implementations they  to try to mind-f*ck us with. All South African liberal and leftist politicians are devious criminals- serpents- they have no honor, no dignity, no respect , no patriotism and no shame. The only “patriotism “ they express is for their own  selfish empowerment and pockets. They are nothing less than a bunch of silicon-valley racketeers looking after their own best interests at the cost of others. Hiding behind their security forces to protect them  and judiciary systems  to enforce fear and persecution onto others  they are nothing but detestable cowards. They again have proofed to us what low type of cowardly scum they are by hiding from public view while the country is burning again. South Africa HAVE no government- just a bunch of mafia looters that are fast busy plundering the country into a financial and economical mess it will not emerge from soon. As soon as the first signs of a civil war erupts these mobsters will quietly jump a plane and jet out of the country to save their own fat arses.  Only British pounds and a stinking South African media keeps this bunch of retarded bandits in power. The British and ANC communist big propaganda lie of “apartheid” now finally is exposed. The ANC for years exploited the lie of “apartheid”, “Verwoerd” and “Van Riebeeck” to support their own selfish greedy and malicious agenda to stay in power. Their so-called “democracy”they forced down the throats of the peoples is just another word for liberal chaos, white genocide– and corruption.


Mixing-and-matching for a one-world control

This bogus “democracy never was , never is- and never will be better than “apartheid.” This fact has been substantiated time and time again. You cannot force different peoples from different ethical groups, different cultures, skin color and religion into one potpourri and expect them  to suddenly start shitting little rainbows. That is the biggest misconception liberal trash want the world to believe. This fact again now is substantiated by the Xenophobic attacks and the brooding civil war between different tribes of black Africans. Africans from different tribes , different cultures and different regions cannot even live in harmony. Tsjaka Zulu and many other historical African rulers already proofed that fact. India and Pakistan proofed that fact. Ireland, Scotland and Britain themselves proofed that fact. Independence and separate development is the answer. But here comes the cancerous liberal Zionist  infestation and want to change the law of nature- by trying to destroy the lines among regional, cultural and race – forcing different classes and ethical groups into one disastrous conundrum ,- mix-and-match a Panda, a Polar bear, a Pizzly bear  and a Grizzly bear and hope  to genetically produce  a cuddly but controllable Kaola bear that replies “Yes master” every time they pull it’s string.  It will never work! Their so-called “democracy” and “ rainbow” dream only is a hoax created by the Zionist ghouls to mind-f*ck the less intelligent. They have flooded our countries with alien infiltrators, destroy our white enclaves, executed our lawful leaders, invaded our societies and destroyed our homes and our children, took away the parental guidance, enforce useless “human rights” bullsh*t onto us, brought about the worse kind of segregation with their “racist” and “hate speech” bullsh*t, destroyed our economy and alienated our nation with their “Affirmative Action” and “ BEEE” racial preferences . Their hidden agenda is the extermination of lines drawn between  different races, religions and cultures into one mega hybrid kaleidoscope of enslaved “cattle”– or “Goyim” where racial segregation is abolished and you have one big happy family of multicultural, interracial fornicated demi-god worshiping idiots that will jump to every whim and command from their Zionist master’s voice.

Britain’s malicious  liberal infestation of the world has destroyed our cultures, they have destroyed our history, our discipline, our sovereignty, our pride, our nationalism, our natural resources, our leadership, our homogeneous nations and our different races with different values. Britain’s influence , their dirty money, greedy bankers and liberal epidemic in our societies became a destructive curse. Should G-d one day decide to destroy that little blood-sucking island with all it’s corporate pestilences in one huge Tsunami– the whole world will rejoice at the fall of the scarlet whore of Babylon and all who became drunk from her golden grail filled with the blood of many innocent nations she destroyed while her “conquering” (plundering) ships were  “ruling the waves.”


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The Frog price was kissed by the Illuminati -trained…enriched, empowered-and  now he became the King.



South Africa became a killing field. Across the country there is chaos and mayhem. Yet Ramasquirrel and his conglomeration of fat cat loud mouth  ANC fools are no-where to be seen or heard. They merely sit on the sideline- watching as a realistic horror movie plays itself out across the country- they hold back their power, hold back their responsibilities- and make sure they do not get involved at all.Their British masters’ plan is in motion- their instructions from their masters was to keep their hands to endless night- and they will not interfere by trying to change the outcome. And not ONE ANC  communist mobster ever were prosecuted and sent to jail for the utter carnage they created with the country this past 25 years. The communist Cosa Nostra protects all of them. They still are concentrating and hunting the white “ supremacist” with their petty “hate speech” and “racist” games. Apartheid and Jan Van Riebeeck is still to blame. The angels of death and destruction in Britain and America are waiting…patiently….ready to pounce when the last cry of a dying country echoes across the Atlantic. 


Posted by Sass Kloppers on Monday, September 2, 2019


Police between a rock and a hard place.

Police are helpless. This is down town Joburg now.

Posted by Andre Snyman eblockwatch on Monday, September 2, 2019

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A common punishment for theft in ancient primitive cultures was to cut off the arm or fingers of the thief, but in South Africa, you just get called a protester when you loot.THIS IS WHAT BARBARIANS LOOKS LIKE:

Posted by SA Nuus en Meer on Monday, May 21, 2018


Police battle looters of Nigerian-owned businesses in #Johannesburg 🇿🇦🇳🇬

Posted by Chakams on Tuesday, September 3, 2019




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The brutality  of the South African blacks: CLICK to see video




”  They stabbed you 192 times, cut your head off with a spade and tossed your body away in the Shallcross sports ground as if you were a piece of garbage. They took your head in a packet, took a taxi to the Durban City Centre…. removed the skin and gave it to the sangoma. Yes….she was butchered because apparently the head of an indian woman has magical properties for strong muti… said the sangoma. My sister… are Gone but not forgotten!!!! Let us not forget the countless other woman who have suffered and continue to suffer the atrocities of a dangerous South Africa.”




She is speaking the truth

Posted by Ludwich De Klerk on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

AND AS ALWAYS does the illegal rats blame white people for their own murderous nature against other Africans- blame shifting never was in short supply with the political filth and slumlords now trying to rule South Africa: 

UNDER the so-called “rule” of these communist devils the most terrible things are happening- things you only can imagine being fabricated by Hollywood’s worst nightmare-ish thrillers. Just yesterday an innocent young child- Thandi Mamphane -only  11 years old- was brutally raped and murdered near her home in the Ga-Marishane village . And then there was the brutal rape and murder of the 19-year old  Uyinene Mrwetyana– who was killed by a thug on bail.

A security guard at Dragon City in Johannesburg has been killed in a failed armed robbery attempt. The incident happened on Friday afternoon at approximately 12:45. Police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot and killed a 62-year-old man in a hail of bullets  at a BP petrol station in KwaMashu on Friday afternoon. A woman kidnapped in Khayelitsha in the early hours of Friday morning has been found, but has since died of her extensive injuries. The incident happened on Sunday while she was at her place of accommodation. A couple who was touring with her, were also attacked by the same armed thugs during the ordeal.

*Peet Swanepoel was shot in cold blood with a shotgun and his daughter  Annalize was assaulted and strangled  Del Judor in Emalahleni (Witbank) by black thugs. They also threatened to put her grandson in a heated oven if she do not tell them where is the cash. *Fred en Sharon Cronje  was brutally attacked on their farm in Nelspruit by black thugs.* Trudie Gerbe (73) was brutally attacked, her thumb was cut off – her nose and eyes were mutilated and part of the skin of her face was ripped off before she was cold bloodily murdered by a black thug.* The 72 year old Miemie Frost’s body was found in the graveyard in Bethlehem in the Free State on Saturday morning 7 September after an hours long search. She lived alone on a farm outside the town. *An 83 year old woman was brutally murdered in her old-age flat in Sweitzer-Reynecke. *A white Female victim was surprised in her house and shot in the head. A Large amount of cash and a phone was stolen. Her husband was informed and took her to hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. No arrests were made. * Three Isreali tourists who visited Mpumalanga for sightseeing has reportedly been attacked by four black thugs. The attack took place on Monday evening leaving one of the victims dead. The Israeli nationals were said to be all women who have been in the country in less than a week, the thugs attacked the women robbing them of their belongings and later raped one of the women to death and fled the scene. * The half-naked body of a white teenager– Ane Jacobs- was found in a veldt behind a soccer club in Alberton this week. She was reported missing since Saturday 07 September 2019.

But if it's war sa want let's give them…..

Posted by Adu July Ebue on Wednesday, September 4, 2019


This is the legacy left behind   by the liberals and ANC  communist criminals in charge since 1994  so far:

What did your so-called “democratic elected” government leave South Africa with this past 25 years – and what did “democracy” bring you?

  • There were  184 farm attacks and 20 farm murders recorded in 2019.
  • Nearly 7000 farm attacks and 4500 farm murders occurred since “democracy”  started it’s  evil bloodthirsty reign in 1994.
  • Over 500 000 people have been brutally murdered in South Africa since “democracy” was enforced in  1994 at a rate of 56 murders per day- putting the country among the first worst crime countries in teh world.
  • There were 448 451 rapes recorded since 1994- making it the rape capitol of the world
  • One child goes missing every 5 hours in South Africa.
  • 85 000 Police Officers were found corrupt.
  • 340 Cases of gross corruption involving billions by the ANC themselves were reported – pushing South Africa as the most corrupt country in Africa.
  • South Africa now owns 3.89 Billion in foreign debt.
  • Around 7200 violent union-instigated riots took place since 1994
  • A total of around 4.8 million car hi-jackings took place since 1994 at a rate of 16 000 per month and 23 cars per day
  • A total of around 3.5 million robberies took place since 1994
  • 129 Immigrants were brutally murdered in xenophobic attacks and more than 200 000 displaced so far
  • More than 119 anti-white discriminatory laws have entered the law books.
  • More than 47% of the population resides in impoverished squatter camps.
  • More than 400 000 whites were forced  out of the labor market and into poverty  through anti-white discriminatory laws.
  • All four presidents since 1994 were criminals- Mandela was a terrorist, Mbeki a thief and drunkard, Zuma a rapist , thief and embezzler- and Ramaphosa a gun, diamond and drug smuggler, Marikana mass murderer, thief and racketeer who also was investigated for pedophilia. One- Zuma- only had a Gr.2 school education. And that was his best 5 years in school too – we presume.
  • 3/4 Of the South African “rulers” in parliament consists out of crooks and corrupt thieves that never were apprehended.
  • Most of the so-called “parliamentarians” and “directors” of SOE’s did not even pass matric- but get top positions and humongous salaries. For example former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng on Tuesday took to the witness stand at the commission of inquiry into state capture to defiantly defend himself against accusations that he had lied about having a matric qualification. “I have written matric … but …. I, I … didn’t pass that matric,” he admitted. He lied about his matric certificate as well. He was 23 when he failed matric.  Earlier, when asked what position he occupied at the SABC, he gave the curious answer that it was all of them. “Hey, I occupied all the positions, not just the board chairman,” he said.
  • Moody’s Investors Service  rated South Africa’s debt Baa3– the lowest level and just above junk status. Moody’s has been “too kind,” said Win Thin, head of currency strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., who predicts South Africa’s credit rating may fall three levels into junk.
  • All state-controlled  SOE’s- Denel, Post Office, South African Airwaays, Eskom and SABC bankrupt
  • Hospitals , Education , the Police Service and the Defense Force is cash strapped and near non-functional
  • Matric pass rate of only 37%. In an effort to give blacks a chance to correct this terrible truth- the ANC extended matric over a period of TWO years. The result was disastrous: Only EIGHT percent of black students passed matric.
  • Navy non functional- all submarines and Frigates in dry- docks- no technical know-how how to repair them.
  • South Africa’s Reserve Gold at a value of R 4 Trillion was stolen and siphoned by both the National Party and ANC conspirators to New York via Citibank– rendering South Africa immediate bankruptcy
  • The Federal Reserve Bank already foreclosed on December 25 2013- now only exists as a pseudo institution bullshitting the populace with fake imaginary money they pluck from thin air and  lend it out to create the impression that it still exists. Jews such as Anglo Gold and Rembrandt already fled the country in the wake of a brooding civil war.
  • Provinces is a financial disaster- only 23 municipalities from the sample of 100 have reported operating surpluses, with the remaining 77 reporting operating deficits
  • Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has revealed the grim state of public health facilities, which a vast majority of clinics and hospitals all operating below the required standard.
  • South Africa has the worst education system of all middle-income countries that participate in cross-national assessments of educational achievement. After five years of schooling, about 50% of South African pupils cannot do basic calculations, such as dividing 24 by three. This is hardly surprising when 60% of maths teachers, teaching from grades one to six, failed to pass tests for maths at the grade level themselves, according to the Southern and Eastern African Consortium for Monitoring Education Quality.
  • Squirrel Ramaphosa announced in parliament that ”  “Our resources are now depleted.” IOW South Africa is plundered into bankruptcy by his own bandit party.
  • The estimated overall HIV prevalence rate is approximately 13,1% among the South African population. The total number of people living with HIV is estimated at approximately 7,52 million .
  • South African prisoner population stands at 161 504. (Excluding most of the ANC comrades in parliament, provinces  and municipalities that also belong there.) 
  • SA’s official unemployment rate jumped to 29% in the second quarter of the year, the highest jobless rate since the start of 2008.
  • Over 17 million South Africans now rely on social welfare grants from the state.
  • South Africa lost R 700 billion due to corruption under the “democratic” ANC regime since 1994.
  • 83 000 Businesses closed their doors in South Africa since “democracy “ started in 1994
  • Minority rights were grossly violated and whites are brutally persecuted by law- their old anthem, flag, statues, history, language and the right to earn a decent living abolished. For 25 years both the ANC and EFF warmongers are continuously blaming, demonizing, accusing, alienating, slandering and dehumanizing whites .
  • Two race-based laws- “racism” and “hate speech” were manufactured and introduced specifically to persecute whites in an inquest-style witch hunt.
  • The current regime now plans to amend Section 25 of the constitution to start illegal property grabs of whites a-la-Mugabe -style.
  • Capitol punishment and punishment in schools for transgressions were abolished- leading to a total implosion of discipline and a spike in rebellious children and over populated correctional facilities.
  • Communist union activities escalated- taking total control of South Africa’s economy and now holding the country at ransom with daily violent riots and destruction of property  occurring. South Africa has been dubbed “the protest capital of the world”, – with one of the highest rates of public protests in the world. In February 2014 it was reported that there had been “nearly 3,000 protest actions in the last 90 days – more than 30 a day– involving more than a million people”. Due to constant salary demands and violent strikes by this union mobsters created a fall-off in diamond, iron ore and coal production – pulling the industry down by 10,8%. This is mining’s biggest decline since the first quarter of 2016. South Africa’s trade industry is now in recession, this being its second consecutive quarter of negative growth. Major manufacturing plants also are now pulling out of the country due to a very uncertain future under ANC “democratic” rule. 
  • South Africa’s food production and agricultural sector is declining at a rapid pace since 1994 due to a hostile ANC regime’s anti-white policies and land grab programs – and immigration consultants report a “massive spike” in inquiries from South African farmers  looking towards mostly Canada and Australia. Canada wants South African white farmers- and its “prairie provinces” – Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – are currently on a huge drive to attract white South African farmers. Australia also relaxed their visa applications for South African white farmers.
  • South Africa became the most corrupted country in Africa. Ghana has been rated as the second most corrupt country in Africa, followed by Nigeria, with South Africa perceived as the most corrupt nation on the continent.It also   remains among the world’s most corrupt countries. This is after the country ranked 73rd in the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index released by Transparency International. South Africa had a score of 43 and was placed 9th in Sub-Saharan Africa which is ranked as the the worst performing region in the world.
  • The SA Navy is close to implosion: The South African Navy has warned that if it does not get more funding the country’s submarines and frigates would soon be in a state of disrepair and threaten national security.
  • Near 80 % of the National Fiscus budget are spent on salaries. There are more than 400 generals in the army for example. The Department of Defence (DoD) have some 406 generals, admirals and civilian officials in equivalent ranks, although some may be specialists paid at that level without holding the actual rank. But staying with the 406 figure for argument’s sake, that translates into one general, admiral or equivalent official for every 184 members of the SANDF and DoD.

Image result for south africa most corrupted country in africa

Most corrupt countries in the world



The crime situation in South Africa is becoming uncontrollable..

Posted by Didi Basson on Sunday, May 6, 2018


AND this all happened under the much hailed “democracy” -that still  is falsely  propagated by the Main Stream Media as better than “apartheid?”


The “Apartheid” lie


Dr. Verwoerd has been unjustly condemned as the “architect ” of apartheid, when it was in fact the official policy of successive Dutch and British colonial administrations. Dr. Verwoerd gave apartheid a new name, a different meaning and dimension and implemented it in a far more humane manner for the benefit of everyone. Separation at social level, mutual co-operation in the economic sphere and scope for the indigenous Bantu peoples to obtain their freedom and independence at their own pace, unhindered by the depredations of the super capitalists and international bankers. These policies received widespread support throughout all population groups and were a reflection of an economy growing at 6% per annum and a Black unemployment rate of 5%. Among Black people Dr. Verwoerd was accorded the highest accolades with the titles of “Rapula,”- “Father of the rain” – or  “the rainmaker who brings the good things in life,” –  and “Sebeloke”- , the” protector of the people. ” Dr. Verwoerd would not tolerate any interference in the internal affairs of South Africa and it was his determination to destroy the subversive activities of the international money power, which contributed to his demise and the eventual downfall of South Africa. Verwoerd once personally took Anton Ruperd by the scruff of the neck and threw him out of his office over a dispute about the Oppenheimer/Rupert loan-sharking attempts in South Africa. Verwoerd told them they will impoverish the nation– which did happen as he warned it would. Verwoerd was an obstacle to the money powers- and thus had to be “removed.” Oppenheimer and his Carnegie – connections organized the assassination trough the CIA “lone nut” method- just as Lincoln and JFK also was assassinated . To-day the country is an abject colony of the international bankers and, not surprisingly, experiences the greatest disparity in income distribution in the world.

Verwoerd’s vision with regard to  black people: AND The British skunk press all these years made Verwoerd out to be a hater and prime oppressor of black people. 

THE truth is this new “democracy” is yet another Zionist conspiracy to invade and infiltrate  previously white enclaves-  and commit a white genocide across the globe- polluting white bloodlines with dark DNA through interracial marriages, destroying white cultures by enforcing alien cultures upon them, impoverish whites by alienating them from the labor market, oppress whites by usurping their government and pass “laws” that discriminates against whites, introduce far-left liberal ideologies to poison the minds of the next generation children, destroy parental and  school discipline by taking away punishment for crimes or disobedience and replace it with destructive “human rights” laws, destroy cultures by removing historical values and much more. The result is nothing but disastrous and ends up in TOTAL chaos- as we now see happening in South Africa. “Democracy” is a devilish system designed to end up in miserable failure- a destroyer of healthy countries and societies. It is a demonic agenda for world control– first to totally destroy an economy, it’s infrastructure and moral values. Then follows chaos and eventually a civil war. After that the destroyers introduce their own evil agenda in “ repairing” the country and introducing their own front-organizations to control the now impoverished and totally financially depleted country. Then the plundering of that country’s resources begins. This is where South Africa finds itself today- the last stage before a full-scale civil war. And still that pathological lair Ramasquirrel “assured “ investors that South Africa was still “attractive”  for investors, in spite of ongoing xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals and a country on the brink of a apocalyptic financial disaster.And then comes the Swedish deputy minister Didier Reynders and promised 30 million Euros to the ANC to force white farmers off their land.  How quaint indeed! 




Message doing the rounds between  blacks per WhatApp:


“Announcement to all All South Africans. President Cytill Ramaphosa, Minister Bheki Cele, Minister of Home Afairs Motsoaledi you have failed the country nizoyikhomba ibhenge yomile, Sizozibambela umthetho ngezandla akufe ofayo this is our Country our Ancestors died for that you are giving to Foreigners, As Amazulu Sithukuthele siganwe unwabu sizobulala kwasani , From the 09 September 2019 at 7am whole September .All Churches , Business , Schools that are run by Foreigners must be closed they will be fire and blood. All the Tax Ranks will be closed , Hospital, All Departments to march to Homes affairs National and office of the President of Southafrica to take an urgent action against the removing all the foreigners in the country We will sleep even in the Mountains to fix this Country . The strike will go to all Provinces all cities,Township and villages . Tax owners are taking charge now .If you are foreign you should have been by the border gate as now and Aiports will be busy for The whole September we are cleaning Southafrica now.

No foreigners from Nageria and Malawi,Tanzania, Congo, Ghana will be allowed in the aiports coming to Southafrica. All airports will be not operating whole September we are closing all gates and we will bunt down even the aiports in Southafrica. If the President is not taking action they will be blood all over the world. Every Business whole September must be closed down include all their Internet Cafe stations especially Hillbrow, Down town Witbank,Point Durban ,South Beach durban,Sunnyside Pretoria, Kemptonpark, Yeoville,Jhb CBD, Capetown all over ,Nelspruit and Polokwane, We are killing and destroying all their business ,Shops for clothing.We dont event want their Airlines to come to mzansi anymore. All places where they operate with Corruptions each street will be closed down .Their flats will be burnt down ,their cars they will be killed , Till all foreigners are back to their countries. Each houses that have foreigners especially in Witbank, Nelspruit, Durban and Capetown and PE,Durban .look what Omotos and Bushiri Did to our Country. South African didn’t not open Churches and Business in their foreign Countries . All the freeway will be a closed down for business operators. All buildings, busines , Malls that will be operating from nextweek will be burnt down , Convoy to Pretoria. We are doing what the President Cyril Ramaphosa said # Thuma mina.We want to bring back the dignity of Southafrica not the place of Corruption and Drugs dealers .”



There is  no more pride in a country where people of value are treated like vermin and the vermin are free to run around raping, killing and pillaging.South Africans  have no more faith in a country whose men rape old women – and babies – or in a country where barbarians murder people for their wallets and cell phones. There is  no more hope for a country where those responsible for maintaining law and order, and good governance, have no backbone and where those tasked with protecting the law-abiding are useless, and indeed often criminals themselves. Such a country is only worthy of contempt and that is all one can today feel for South Africa – contempt. Total and complete contempt for a country where police chiefs stand accused of corruption and murder – but they are protected by the state and their defense is paid for by the law abiding citizen – contempt for a government that blatantly steals from its citizens, contempt for business leaders who flaunt their wealth whilst their employees are starving and contempt for a system where the law-abiding citizenry must arm themselves because the police, and the justice system, are a joke. South Africa has become a filthy, maggot-infested cesspool of degraded, hopeless, poverty-stricken people and inept, useless and corrupt leaders with mindless violence on the level of genocide all of which should be sickening and disgusting to anybody with an iota of compassion – anybody with any standards and values. It’s literally a pig sty, a place undeserving of being called a democratic state because it has become an ugly country filled with low-life, hate, self-loathing and self-serving people. The ANC, thanks to their “policy” of appeasement to anybody and everybody – just to retain power and continue looting the treasury – coupled with their inability to govern, or manage the country, its people and its economy and with their utter lack of morals and values of any kind have managed to ruin a country where once lived law-abiding citizens who worked hard, played hard and in their spare time partook of some of the most glorious scenery in the world.
No photo description available.
Today South Africa is not a place where normal peoples talk about technological advancement- like trying to put the country on the map by designing new futuristic machines, scientific break-troughs, medical inventions , new transport, telecommunications or natural technology to make South Africa an industrial or technological power again. They do not discuss ways to protect their environment or how to build new infrastructures that would propel them into a 1st world country. No-one cares anymore how to enhance the suffering of the peoples- or how to progress past the Neanderthal level of consciousness that now posses about every living soul in the country. No-Instead people talk only about “war”, destruction, how the illegal regime loots the coffers, how the white man must be driven out of South Africa, how they are going to disown the population of property, steal their pension funds and how all government useless  SOE’s are falling apart- sucking the economy dry.   Today South Africa is  a place where seemingly every person – from street vendors to business leaders to the thieving cadres who “manage” the day to day affairs of the state – is littering, stealing, robbing and displaying total contempt for their fellow man, their country and their Christian values.
The peoples of South Africa has become mindless animals- all screaming death and murder- everyone carry guns- every one that is a wanna-be standing on podiums and scream blue murder against whites.  South Africa became the new Sodom and Gomorrah and South Africans  are undeserving of any sympathy or empathy because they, as a people, have let it become so. South Africans have become the most despised nation in the world- a nation nobody wants to associate themselves with anymore- even their past accomplices and supporters now are turning their backs on them.  They have become a nation of predatory animals- prowling the streets  for chaos and mayhem only. They have become rogue lazy scavengers that continuously complains and prey on the last remains of a once beautiful country. which they themselves destroyed. Greedy mafia slumlords now rule the once prosperous country and criminals of the worst kind control the streets of the cities. Marauding killers stray in groups across the vast rural landscape- murdering innocent farmers and plundering productive farmlands.   In the towns and cities loathsome wretches brake into private homes to ransack, plunder and kill innocent people. The South African society allowed the filth, the litter and the garbage that we see all around us take them into its blood-thirsty clutches and today they are drowning in it whilst they drive their fancy cars, live in our fortress-like homes and shop in our up-market malls. To cap the worst-NOW Henry Kissinger– together with George Soros– the biggest destroyers of modern societies-  is coming to South Africa..with ALL the other Bilderburgers,and the Club of Rome,- to Stellenbosch in November to seal the country’s  fate and plan,lay out and discuss,with the ANC/EFF  warlords etc,-  on how to finally rid the country of all white people,except those in their plan- and turn it into their mining/mineral source for eventual world domination by proxies.
LOOK where all the richest minerals in South Africa is situated- and put 2 and 2 together why all white farmers have to be pushed off their land. Ask Kissinger & Co why?
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The richest 10% of SA pay ± 87.0% of personal income tax, the next 10% pay 10.4%; And the rest, 80% of all income tax payers – pay barely 3%, according to a 2018 study. In South Africa you are blackmailed to pay taxes to support 80% non-paying leeches on state grants or face “retribution” from the communist scum in control. 
They have become as fake as their government and their fancy lifestyles. Tomorrow again they   will once more steal, defraud, maim, kill and pretend that they are “civilized” people living a good life in a decent country and blame all their flaws and failures  on whites, racism, hate speech and Jan Van Riebeeck again. That is their own created fake  “democracy” they cherish. They have dishonored their country, desecrated the respect the world once had for them- and destroyed the trust of the international community. They have become their own worst enemy. Such will they then all perish- by their own hatred and jealously against the  whites that could have supported them becoming a decent productive nation again- whites that were feeding them and teaching them.But their own deep rooted hatred got the better of them- poisoned their souls and blinded them to see what treacherous demons such as Malema are doing to their fertile minds. Their own arrogant misconceptions , inability to reason, gluttony and their own greed for misplaced bloody revenge made them the zombies they are today. For that the world at large now rejects them. 
Then we see the Squirrel’s real character exposed for the rat he is – listing to his  description of Mugabe as an “outstanding leader” in Africa. Now make your own assumptions about this usurper’s motives if he praises a mass murderer like Mugabe. According to the media that was  a slap in the face of millions of Zimbabwean residents who had to flee to SA because of Mugabe’s policies and human rights violations. Ramaphosa is now openly described as a characterless fool and a chameleon who will say so today and tomorrow will change his position again just in favor of his listeners.  The views that show that things are going even worse with South Africa than Zuma was in power are accepted from several places, and there is the suspicion that he will not serve as president for long. ( God help us.) 
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ANOTHER racist half-wit fool that should have been sacked years ago for her total disaster of the Education system and  idiotic blabbering…
Whites are only 7% of the world’s population, yet
• are the most industrious and innovative race the world has known.
• Whites have crossed seas,
• harnessed rivers,
• carved mountains,
• tamed deserts, and
• colonized the most barren icefields.

• Whites have formed nations,
• built civilizations, and administrated power.
• Whites created automation,
• discovered electricity,
• nuclear energy,
• X-rays and
• invented automobiles,
• airpolanes,
• jet engines,
• spacecraft,
• submarines,
• helicopters,
• radio,
• television,
• internet,
• computers,
• currency,
• telephones, and
• medicine.

Whites unlocked the secrets of
• DNA,
• relativity,
• launched communication satellites,
• invented microwave ovens,
• concrete,
• light bulbs,
• photography,
• telescopes and
• microscopes and
• countless other technological miracles.

Whites were the first to
• circumnavigate the planet firstly by ship, and
• Then by aeroplanes
• After which they orbited it by spacecraft,
• they walked on the moon and
• explored the solar system,
• climbed the highest mountain peak,
• reached both poles,
• exceeded the sound barrier,
• descend to the deepest points of the oceans……

Yet Blacks still can’t even feed themselves.
• No pre-contact sub-Saharan African society ever
• created a written language,
• or weaved cloth,
• forged any metals,
• invented the wheel,
• plowed a field for feeding their towns,
• devised a calendar,
• code of laws,
• any social organization,
• system of measurement,
• maths,
• built a multi-story structure,
• A sewer system,
• infrastructure of any kind.

They never
• drilled a well,
• irrigated a dry field,
• created any agriculture,
• built a road,
• No sea-worthy vessel.

They never
• domesticated animals,
• exploited underground natural resources,
• produced anything that could be considered a mechanical device.

• Blacks were still living in the Stone Age when Whites discovered them just 400 years ago.

• Blacks are the oldest race, so they should be the most advanced — but they never advanced at all.

• Blacks lived alone in Africa, a vast continent with temperate climates and abundant resources for 60,000 years; so they cannot blame
• racism,
• colonialism,
• culture,
• environment
• Slavery..etc etc

Blacks are the only race incapable of even providing nutrition for themselves.

Whites still have to
• provide food,
• medical,
• financial, and
• engineering aid to every Black nation.

• Blacks can’t survive without White charity.
• Blacks became an out-of-control invasive species after Whites domesticated them and then later gave them their independence.
• No Black society has ever independently developed and maintained its own technological way of life.

• Some groups succeed all of the time, everywhere.
• Some have never succeeded, anywhere.

• Sub-Saharan Africans have never made a contribution to the world. There are no White Third-World nations only
• Black 3rd world countries.

Put Whites on an island and you get England;
• put Asians on an island and you get Japan;
• put Blacks on an island and you get Haiti.

Terrible we know but nevertheless *True and Factual‼ When they all get murdered or leave South Africa they will return to what they were before the whites arrived – poverty stricken, backward subsistence hunter/gatherers within 50 years.

The hoax that is called “democracy” has become their curse- and one day soon South Africans again will dream of a wonderful utopia where peace and prosperity , discipline and law and order reigns again- a country where children again can go out at night and enjoy walking in the streets without the fear of being mugged, abducted or raped. A place where the aged, women and children are safe again in their homes and farmers are safe on their farms. They will dream again about a country that offers them security, jobs for all, free of British or international oppression and plundering, a country that cares for it’s peoples and a competent government that looks after it’s citizenry with pride- a country that again will become the mega industrial power house of Africa- a country that again will plant enough to feed all it’s citizens,  a country that have a trusted president and leaders that will manage state organs that again  function productively, a defense force that have the capability to defend the country and it’s citizens, a country free from communist rule, union chaos , destruction of property or  warmongering despots, a country free of corruption where the peoples again will benefit from the treasures,  a police force that defend and protect it’s peoples with dignity, a place where all races could embrace each other and work together to build a bright future for their children,   a country they again can feel proud of- and a system that is designed to cater for the needs of all it peoples without fake “racism” and “hate speech” malicious propaganda by Zionist destroyers, a place where all are equal without discrimination on the base of race or persecution from it’s rulers, a country where the streets are safe again from criminals and muggers, a place where criminals are treated with discontent for what they are- where they work to earn their keep instead of languishing in 5 star prisons as royalties, a country where the peoples rule the government and not visa-versa, a country where the national assets and riches are shared by all and not only a selected few,  a country where murder and rape  is punishable by death itself, a honest media that reports the truth and not act as a fake mouth piece for greedy political values,  fully 1st word functioning hospitals, schools, and sound economy- giving them the freedom of choices, liberty from inhuman taxes and a system that provides for all basic needs- a country that again will become the Jewel of Africa – the industrial hub of the continent – and the return to a a well oiled and functioning  system that looks after the well-being of all it’s citizens …………a system called   “Apartheid.” 

White Nation