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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent  Witbank  September 06 2019







ROBERT MUGABE– One of Africa’s last and ostensibly together with Idi Amin and Bokassa– one of  the worst black communist despots the dark continent could produce in  the modern era- has at last decided to join a long line of bloodthirsty villains in hell.(We hope)


Robber Mugabe has eventually and mercifully died aged 95. After widespread reports of his death the President of the African republic Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa confirmed the news on twitter. He wrote: “It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe’s founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe. “Cde Mugabe was an icon of liberation, a pan-Africanist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people. “His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest eternal peace.” (One silently wonders if Marijuana also is freely available in then presidential palace of Zimbabwe too?) ZimLive first reported the death of the criminal  who destroyed the country during two spells from 1980 to 2017. Like Trump also said-Africa is a graveyard for rich blacks- who travel abroad- and gets planetd back in Africa after they have expired their welcome on earth. Such was precisely the case with Mugabe as well- always flying abroad – and have filed his exit papers  in a Singapore hospital after battling ill health.



Robert Mugabe’s rise and fall

Robert Mugabe rose to power as illegal leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union, which fought a war against white minority rule in what was then called Rhodesia. The militants won the war in 1979, achieving universal suffrage and paving the way for Mugabe’s victory in the 1980 general election. The dictator gained a reputation for violence over the next two decades- after which he  quickly dispatched  his once compadre Josua Nkomo on his way to the ancestors-   made international headlines when he requisitioned white farmers’ land and gave it to black residents. This redistribution policy led to a mass exodus of the white population, throwing the country into an economic crisis. (Now how come does this sound so familiar- much like another tyrant that just ascended the throne a bit further down South one  wonders?)



Mugabe quickly organized for his partner Joshua Nkomo to be dispatched to his ancestors in order to rule “supreme.” His murdering spree had just begun. 


The tyrant was eventually ousted from power in 2017 after widespread protests and a military takeover. He is thought to have been receiving medical treatment in Singapore at the time of his demise. Dewa Mavhinga, Southern Africa director for Human Rights Watch, said Mugabe’s nephew told him about the former despot’s  death. Mr Mavhinga added that three ex-ministers who served in Mugabe’s cabinet then confirmed the news. The message confirming his death said: “Gushungo is no more. Rest in Peace Sekuru.” (We do NOT think things are going to be that “peaceful” down below as this poor misdirected ministers are hoping for.) 

Robert Mugabe was a despot, a mass murderer, a thief, a conman, dictator and a British puppet. Mugabe was one of the most barbaric, bloodthirsty and brute leaders Africa has ever produced. He ranks alongside Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Mobuto Sese Seko of DRC formerly Zaire, Kamuzu Banda of Malawi, Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethopia, Hissene Habre of Chad, Omar Al-bashir of Sudan, Siad Barre of Somalia, Macias Nguena of Guinea, Sekou Toure of Guinea, General Sani Abacha of Nigeria and Paul Biya of Cameron. Mugabe, like his mentioned odious peers, did not bless Africa. He ruined Africa. He destroyed the lives of many Africans in Zimbabwe. Africa appears to have this uncanny curse of producing nothing but bad-ass dictators.

For those not in the know, Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his brute disciple followers have a terrible human rights violations record that has bastardized and desecrated Africa’s ubuntu values, a quality that has essential values of compassion and humanity, with reckless abandon since Zimbabwe got independence in 1980. He and his gang of crime mafia Inc.  committed one of the most heinous or hideous crimes against humanity in Africa, a genocide against the people of Matebeleland found in the southern-western parts of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe code-named the above mentioned genocide “Gukurahundi“, a Shona word meaning an early storm that washes away the chuff in its way. He enlisted the services of North Koreans in 1981, when he made a state visit there with his side-kicks including Mujuru, to train and arm a specialist brigade specifically for the purpose of committing a genocide against the Matebele. He named this storm-trooper brigade, the” 5th Brigade “  of Zimbabwe and subsequently unleashed it to the unsuspecting Matebeles in 1983 to 1987, long after he already started killings and abductions of Matebele leaders and former Zipra and uMkhonto weSizwe war liberation fighters. 50 000 to 100 000 Matebeles died. Millions of the surviving victims of his senseless terror were displaced to neighboring countries including South Africa and some to overseas countries.


It must be noted that the Matebele genocide was meticulously planned and implemented to the letter by Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his accomplices. As part of that meticulous planning, Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his brute and thuggish disciples, crafted a document they called “The 1979 Shona Grand Plan”  before Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980. This well written and genocide blueprint document meticulously identified the Matebele and the Whites in Zimbabwe as “foreigners “ and “enemies of the state of Zimbabwe. “ They had to be gotten rid of violently so as to create a Shona ethnic monolithic super and one party state of Zimbabwe.Today we see and hear that same rhetoric in South Africa of “settlers” and ” colonials” from yet another bizarre product  from Africa’s  skunk factory and also another British-paid puppet- Julius Malema. 

It must be said without equivocation or any form of fretting that Mugabe’s” Grand Plan ” has become a political culture and a way of life for many in Zimbabwe particularly those in Mashonaland. It forms the basis of the way of thinking for Mugabe’s disciples and followers. Their world-view, which is often upside down, is informed by the 1979 “Grand Plan “ and its distasteful and harmful teachings against the Matebele and indeed the whites in Zimbabwe. It is no wonder why the current Deputy Minister of Information in Zimbabwe, Energy Mutodi, issued a warped and twisted hate speech statement against the Matebele a few days ago stating that the Matebele are foreigners in Zimbabwe. He arrogantly warned and reminded South Africa that it has its own refugees in Zimbabwe in the form of the Matebele and therefore it should stop xenophobic attacks on its people. The unfit Minister gave an implied view that failure for South Africa to deal with xenophobic attacks might trigger xenophobic attacks against the Matebele as they are viewed as “foreigners ” in Zimbabwe.


Robert Mugabe was one of the last conglomeration of very dangerous African slumlords from a by-gone era- relics  that still lives in the past and refuse to accept times have changed and their kind is not welcome in a modern Westernized society anymore.  The last remains of this genocidal sect of sub-Saharan  psychopaths still are alive and  busy running affairs  in South Africa into the ground as well- the same as what Mugabe , Amin, Bokassa , Kenyatta and the rest of the British-paid black destroyers in Africa  did with their respective countries.  To the globalist banking establishment it does not matter what is left above the ground- but what is hidden to plunder under the surface. 

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The said statement from this bumbling Minister, who is unfit (like many South African ministers as well) – to hold office in a normal and progressive state, emanates from the teachings of one Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his 1979 “Shona Grand Plan”  teachings that regard the Matebele as not owners of Matebeleland but “refugees”  in Zimbabwe and enemies of the state of Zimbabwe. This totally contorted narrative also can be seen in South Africa where white farmers again is seen as the enemies of the state. The kingpin and role model of such twisted teachings and statements is none other than Mugabe, a callous, hateful and genocidal figure in Africa who conquered and retained power for 37 years through hate speech. His rule was characterized by hate speech, brutality and shedding of blood wantonly. He elevated hate speech and rule by brutality to perfection, all centered on tribe and race to maintain his grip on power until the coup of 2017 when he turned on his most trusted lieutenants to annihilate them in an effort to prolong his rule. Leading up to the coup in 2017, Mugabe turned his party, Zanu PF, into a night of long knives and a long day of poisoned ice creams as he sought to cordon off threats against his rule. He was eventually overthrown and whenever he appeared in the public, he showed signs of having lost the zest to live. None of his comrades in Africa came to his rescue. He was a lonely and discarded figure whose power had crumbled like a deck of cards.
It is regrettable that Robert Gabriel Mugabe has died without facing the long arm of the law for his gross crimes against humanity and for his genocide against the Matebeleland Nation in particular. He deserved to be stand in the dock and answer for his crimes.

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The mark of a dictatorship – While Mugabe lived like a king in palaces , plundering his country’s coffers and jet-setting to visit  queens on lavish international trips  the majority his own people were suffering poverty back home. Does this not much remind us of the ANC in South Africa too? 
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Just in case some may forget. Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a man who was boastful about his brutal rule. He once boasted that he had “degrees in violence” and that he was a black “Hitler tenfold” of Africa. At some point he boasted about the fact he had died and resurrected many times than Jesus Christ himself. He certainly viewed himself as a deity, a god of some sort. Robert Gabriel Mugabe will be remembered as a callous man who brought misery to many especially in Matebeleland with his Genocide crusade against them. In South Africa we have the same tendency of the genocide against whites again. Africa’s despots live up to their name.  As Mugabe meets his maker in hell this week, it must be pointed out fairly and squarely that he has left a legacy and culture of mass rapes, mass beatings, mass starvation, mass abductions, mass violence, mass killings and mass displacement of his surviving victims from Zimbabwe to other countries. Today the displaced victims of his brutal rule face constant xenophobia attacks in South Africa and in other African countries. He has left a legacy of black imperialism within Zimbabwe, a legacy of oppression and subjugation of one black Nation by the other. His legacy continues unabated with the current government that is in place.

In 1980 Mugabe emerged as a “freedom fighter ” and in 2019 he has exited the world stage as a ruthless genocidal dictator who brought hell on earth to many in Africa. Gabriel became the angel of hope in 1980 and in 2019 exited the world stage as the angel of Death and Destruction. He is no hero. He is a zero. Mugabe’s legacy will continue to be recorded and read in the annals of African and world history as that of an African leader who committed genocide and brought total mayhem and destruction to a promising African country called Zimbabwe- the same the ANC will have an epitaph of bringing chaos and destruction to South Africa.  The effects of his brutal rule were felt beyond the borders of Zimbabwe and the consequences of his brutal rule remain with us today and for generations to come. His brutish and odious Gukurahundi inspired murderous rule further brought mass destruction to infrastructure and mass destruction to a vibrant economy bequeathed to him by Rhodesians. Is it not shameful that Rhodesians left him something viable and he destroyed it in a twinkle of an eye, making blacks a mockery of the world?

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Mugabe the terminator destroyed the food basket of a once lucrative agricultural haven that fed millions of people in Africa by chasing away the white farmer – the same the ANC now are busy doing in South Africa. 

Mugabe encouraged mass looting and corruption and chaotic policies that destroyed everything. Harare has become a sewage capital city of Zimbabwe today. The filth found in that town speaks volumes of the legacy of Mugabe in Zimbabwe. His chaotic rule further brought mass destruction to education institutions and mass destruction to healthcare institutions leading to mass deaths in the healthcare sector. For want of a better description, Mugabe committed education and healthcare genocide in Zimbabwe additional to the Matebele genocide he committed. He destroyed lives en masse while spending billions of money on trips travelling abroad for shopping, personal health treatment and for useless engagements that did not bring any tangible benefits to the ordinary person in the country. His voracious appetite for travelling the world knew no boundaries, earning him the nickname, “The Vasco da Gama” of Africa. He mortgaged Zimbabwean resources to big international powers to save his skin from the enemies he created for himself. He was eccentric and an extremely self-centered and selfish person who thought speaking fluent English brought food on the table of many people he impoverished in Zimbabwe.  His death robbed normal people of an opportunity to have him tried for the genocide he committed against the Matebele.

Robert Mugabe was — ah, what a delight it is to use the past tense — one of those demonic despots whose name and crimes ought to be commonly known. Yet somehow, he never quite caught the imagination of the Western press, even if he caught its attention. The average person walking down the street knows about the Kims in North Korea, Saddam Hussein, and Ayatollah Khamenei; but you had to be interested in foreign affairs to recognize the name Mugabe as a monster who deserved to be lined up alongside them in hell.Some might argue Mugabe’s relative obscurity reflects a Western press that is uncomfortable with acknowledging the fact that a leftist anti-Colonialist revolutionary leader can turn out to be a bloodthirsty and brutal despot; some might argue his relative obscurity reflects a Western press that simply isn’t all that interested in Africa. BUT whatever the case- the thug left behind a country in chaos, a country on the brink of starvation- and a country deep in financial distress.


That is the danger of having a “democratic” system in place where all power is given to one party and one man alone. We see the same destruction by a one party and one-man rule   in South Africa as well- and as with Zimbabwe- will the last remaining productive colonial traces also be wiped out in a short few years by Africa’s corrupt dictatorship model as well. Ramaphosa and his corrupt ilk are typical  examples of  Africa’s age-old monocratic ruling class now fast-tracking the Zimbabwe model of  enriching only a selected  minority while  impoverishing the majority. Black people never could rule any country effectively- PERIOD!  36 Black -only ruled countries in Africa and Tahiti is the sad examples of that fact.  On the flip-side could Britain never  keep her bloody  greedy capitalist claws  out of the affairs of mineral-rich Africa either. British pounds kept Mugabe in power all these years- the same as it keeps Mandela’s ANC in power now. Combine this two terrible  non-conformities and you have the perfect agenda  for a total economic disaster combined with terrible human suffering to follow.

WHAT a legacy for a slumlord to leave behind- a clear indication of the deep financial trouble Zimbabwe now faces.

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Whether the Queens’ Ramaphosas  and Malemas of South Africa will take notice of what is happening further up North  in the class of Africa is yet to be seen- because at the moment they seem to be quite reluctant and purposefully oblivious to learn lessons from the past if we  take in consideration what is happening right now in South Africa:  a classic replay what happened in all other failed African states . Leaving your country in the hands of a one party dictatorship  is a sure recipe for failure and a certain human catastrophe.  Killing your white farmers and discriminating against white businesses is a sure way of executing the death sentence of your black populace. To  “Kill the farmer” and ” Kill the Boer” is the start of a black genocide. The Zimbabweans , Sudanese, Aritryeans, Ethiopians , Congolese and Angolans but to name a few failed black African “independent” experiments is a solid testimony to  that. But then again there are still some nutcrackers that fail to see the reality.

Amerika begin stappe teen ANC regering

Posted by BKA Boere Krisis Aksie on Monday, August 5, 2019

Top fat cats of the ruling ANC own large farms which they are not prepared to expropriate by are ready to take land belonging to white people. Expropriation means the act of a government in taking a privately-owned property, ostensibly to be used for purposes designed for the benefit of the overall public. The concept of expropriation in its legal meaning has an implicit recognition of the legal title of the property to be expropriated. In simple terms, expropriation recognizes the legal ownership of those to be expropriated or their property is to be acquired by the government for the public benefit. Given, therefore, our jurisprudence, ‘expropriation’ and ‘without compensation’ cannot be in the same sentence because the concept recognises the legal title of those whose property is to be expropriated.

Some of them are allegedly hiding their farms, which is why ANC national chairperson and Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe and his wife, Nolwandle, fired one of their employees after she allowed an investigator attached to the state capture inquiry on to their Elliot, Eastern Cape, farm. The Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Tuesday heard that after they found out that their employee had allowed investigator Patrick Mlambo on to the property, they axed her. Mlambo told the commission, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, he had pleaded with them not to fire the unnamed woman. Mlambo said the former ANC secretary-general called him in February soon after he visited Mantashe’s farm and residence in Elliot and Cala, also in the Eastern Cape, to inspect security installations apparently installed by Bosasa to properties belonging to several high-profile leaders and members of the governing party.



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Only other British paid halfwit slumlords such as Julius Malema would obviously see things differently and make illogical statements such as : ” What makes President Mugabe a perfect human being is because as human beings we make mistakes. It doesn’t make you a less of hero because of the things you did during the course of conducting a revolution.”

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