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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent- Potchefstroom September 17 2019







THE  South African civil rights organisation AfriForum has released a damning report indicating that land expropriation without compensation is a government plot aimed at handing over the country’s natural resources to China.

The ruling African National Corruption (ANC), along with the Economic Freedom Fakers (EFF), is determined to amend section 25 of the Constitution, allowing for the expropriation of land without compensation as a means to fast-track land “reform. ” The ANC have previously described this as ‘land affirmative action’, aimed at “redressing ” the effects of oppressive property laws which “dispossessed “ the majority of South Africans under white-minority rule. The issue of land distribution is arguably the fiercest flash point created by this two communist delinquent movements  in South Africa – with many landowners fearing that the populist rhetoric will ultimately result in the destruction of private property laws. AfriForum has fought vehemently against the proposed motion of expropriation – embarking on international tours aimed at exposing the plight of the white farmer and gaining support in the face of minority dispossession and displacement. The rights group now says it has solid proof of collusion between the governments of South Africa and China which aims to add another dimension to the already convoluted land expropriation debate.

AfriForum and its expropriation list

While the ANC obviously want to exploit the Western law to push ahead their land grab agenda and amend the  Constitution-, it maintains that the Bill of Rights already allows for land expropriation without compensation. But then again we must ask ourselves just WHO created that “Bill of Rights” as well? On this basis, the fake government decided to forge ahead with its land reform plan by embarking on a trial phase. This trial phase focuses on 139 farms which are due to be expropriated without compensation. While the government has refused to release information relating to the targeted properties, AfriForum dropped a bombshell by releasing a list, which they say, lists farms on the government’s expropriation radar. Upon releasing the document, which was said to have originated from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, AfriForum stated:

We expect that many a land owner will be shocked to learn that their property has been identified for this purpose. This is exactly why it is so important that the list be shared and for people to contact us.”

The controversial list, released in August, caused widespread panic, first and foremost among landowners whose names appeared. AfriForum faced a backlash from a number of communist supporting stakeholders, including AgriSA (which is a ANC controlled amplifier) and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.(which is a paid regime created department)  ANCMinister Senzeni Zokwana, representing the department of Agriculture‚ Forestry and Fisheries, chimed in too, blasting AfriForum for fear-mongering, saying: “AfriForum is so intent in stigmatising the current parliamentary process around land expropriation without compensation‚ such that the peddling of lies such as these claims of an existing list of farms to be expropriated by government is made without shame. ” . This latest confusion by AfriForum – following their overseas drive to mobilize negative sentiments against South Africa – is an act of sabotage. It is an act against the national interest of the country.” Now this comes from the same ANC that has been lying, deceiving and looting the sate coffers for more than 25 years that dare make such a statement themselves. Since when was the ANC decepticons  ever concerned about “national interest”- one may ask? 

AfriForum’s list holds some truth

But it would now seem that there is lots of  truth to AfriForum’s hotly debated expropriation list.According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the fake regime  has moved ahead with its trial expropriation, targeting farms in Limpopo which were mentioned on the list. Kriel says: “Despite government denying until very recently the existence of such a list, the correctness of the list is confirmed because government has already started to expropriate Akkerland’s farms at significantly lower compensation than market value.”

THIS is the real agenda behind the sudden zest for “land expropriation” by the Squirrel and the Weasel. ….mineral deposits on white be exact- COAL  deposits. 


The case of Akkerland Boerdery

The farms Kriel refers to belongs to Akkerland Boerdery, which are situated east of Musina in Limpopo. It’s pointed out  that the two farms, Lukin and Salaita, are being expropriated by the fake government at 10% of the market value. It’s also alleged that Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, served Akkerland Boerdery with an eviction order on 29 March this year This court order gave the owners just seven days to vacate the property. Johan Steenkamp, co-owner of Akkerland Boerdery, says that this was a ploy used to circumvent legal defense, saying: “The Minister would have known that 30 March to 2 May was a long weekend. I believe she wanted to make it difficult for us to take timely legal steps. This agrees with the Minister’s public statement that she did not want farmers targeted for expropriation to know this beforehand to prevent them from preparing legal action.”Steenkamp managed to get the eviction  order repealed but is now involved in a lengthy court battle with the department: “We fight for property rights, because the fact that government wants to pay only 10% of the market value of Akkerland Boerdery’s farms in effect means that it is busy expropriating 90% of our property without compensation.”

Land expropriation: The ANC, China and natural resources

This is where the situation involving Akkerland Boerdery get very interesting. Akkerland, AfriForum, TAU SA, Solidarity and Agri Limpopo all say that the fake government is using land expropriation as a means to reach rich coal reserves hidden under Lukin and Salaita. Once the farms are expropriated, the land will be handed over to the Chinese for mining. An official statement released by AfriForum on 3 September, reads: “Government needs the coal reserves on the farms because the Chinese development includes among other the building of a coal-powered power station, a coal plant and various metallurgical plants.”

South Africa Energy Metallurgy Economic Zone

South African Energy and Metallurgical Special Economic Zone (EMSEZ) is a state-level energy and metallurgical special economic zone. It is a partnership program between South Africa and China, prepared for mining and energy production.

South African Energy and Metallurgical Special Economic Zone (EMSEZ) artist impression via

According to the official website, the EMSEZ is located in Limpopo and encompasses areas surrounding Musina: “The EMSEZ is located in the Musina-Makhado Limpopo River Bank area of Limpopo Province, South Africa. Facing with Zimbabwe and Mozambique across a river and connected with those two countries through bridge. The reserve of surrounding large open-cast coking coal mines is over 10 billion tons, and the chromium resources in South Africa account for over 83% of total global chromium resources, while Manganese resources account for more than 81%. The region is abundant with raw material mine resources necessary for stainless steel production, including iron ore, silicon ore, nickel ore, limestone, etc.”

Musina-Makhado map via

The website also contains maps and illustrations detailing the EMSEZ. AfriForum points to both farms, due for expropriation, falling within this zone, saying: “The organisations pointed out that Chinese government-controlled companies were planning development to the value of $10 billion in the Musina-Makhado special economic zone (SEZ), in which Akkerland falls. Exploration by the controversial Coal of Africa on Akkerland indicates that the farm’s coal is suitable for use in power stations and steel factories.”

Limpopo minerals heading to China

But it’s not just Limpopo’s coal which is said to be in China’s cross hairs; extensive infrastructure plans listed on the official website state: “One 12,000,000t/a coal washing plant, one 3,000MW thermal power plant, one 3,000,000t/a coking plant, one 3,000,000t/a iron making plant, one 3,000,000t/a stainless steel plant, one 1,000,000t/a FeMn plant, one 3,000,000t/a FeCr plant, 500,000t/a MnSi plant and one 3,000,000t/a limestone plant are to be built in the SEZ. Supporting government administrative service center (industrial and commerce management, customs and taxation service), living area service center (staff dormitory, apartment, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, school, etc.) as well as highway, railway and marine transportation integrated logistics center will be built in the SEZ as well.” Marius Croucamp, Solidarity’s Deputy Chief Secretary responsible for the metal and engineering industry, maintains that steel products produced by Chinese plants near Musina will have a negative impact on the already struggling local industry: “The steel market in South Africa and pressure on the international steel market cause the margins on which local steel companies operate to become so marginalized that any further competition in the market will force local companies to close down. This will result in thousands of South African workers losing their jobs. Local companies that will possibly be affected include Columbus Stainless in Middelburg and Samancor, South 32. Consequently, communities around these factory towns may collapse and leave thousands of people destitute. Solidarity is also unaware of any studies done to determine the impact of the Musina SES on the current South African steel industry.”


The sell-out of our resources  is starting to snowball….


Sasol – another white created giant captured by the black communists – is planning to sell its South African coal-mining business, according to people familiar with the matter. The company will begin a formal sales process in the coming weeks, said the people, who asked not to be identified as the information isn’t public yet. The mining business had a turnover of R20 billion ($1.4 billion) in the 2018 financial year, according to the company’s financial report, mostly from internal sales to Sasol’s other operations. The company is the world’s biggest manufacturer of fuel from coal, an energy-intensive process. Sasol’s coal mines produce about 40 million tons of coal a year, almost entirely for use in its own operations, according to its website. The company would plan to sign a coal-purchase agreement with whoever buys the asset, said one of the people. Sasol announced a long-term review process in November 2017 that would involve disposing of some assets at prices that ensure value for the company, it said in an emailed response to questions, while declining to comment directly on a possible mine sale. “We do not wish to comment at this stage on which assets have been earmarked for divestment since they form a part of a disciplined and confidential M&A process,” it said. “Sasol will update the market as and when appropriate regarding progress on the asset review process.” The mine sale plan comes as Sasol grapples with cost overruns and delays at its giant US chemicals project. Selling its coal mines may also help Sasol reduce its environmental liabilities at a time when more investors are focusing on how businesses affect climate change. Such are they now selling the country’s assets piece by piece- just as they also sold YSKOR, ARMSCOR, etc.



In conclusion

AfriForum sure does make a good case for dubious dealings hiding behind the smokescreen of land “expropriation without compensation. “ While the reach of these plans can only be speculated upon, the issue of South Africa’s debt to China is well documented. It’s not a far fetched idea that China is aiming to loot local resources through debt colonialism. In fact, they’ve done it before in other countries under the guise of” infrastructure development”  and generous loans. This again underlines the fact that Ramaphosa has no patriotism for this country- factually did his ancestors originated from Uganda. Ramaphosa is a well documented capitalist with no compassion for people’s welfare at all. To Ramaphosa the sound of the dollar in his pocket  is much more important than the sound of a starving baby in a squatter camp. How come the majority black people in South Africa that daily try to tell us they are intelligent as well- could not see through this con-artist’s tricks- tells us a lot about their blind naivety- or deeply rooted naked racism. Ramaphosa is nothing but a fake that bribed his way into the presidency and uses fear mongering to scare blacks to unite and support his treacherous agendas  with “wit gevaar”  (white menace) fables. As always does he and the fake party he represent demonize and exploit innocent whites again to  promote his own secret agendas to get rich quick like they have done so many times this past 25 years.

The South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, is spreading LIES!!! The Voortrekkers ("Boers") were not the aggressors at Bloodriver, they defended themselves. Those in power (ANC) have an interest in maintaining their power, by rewriting history they put conforms to their vision…

Posted by SA Nuus en Meer on Tuesday, December 18, 2018


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RAMAPHOSA is as corrupt as his predecessors- now we understand why innocent white farmers have to be bullied off their land- so Ramaphosa and his ilk can steal the coal again.

Ramaphosa and Malema cares less whether the Chinese take control of the country, whether there is a civil war and many innocent people die unnecessary, whether the country goes bankrupt or whether 99% of the people suffer starvation. To these greedy warmongers only their own selfish interests is at heart. Malema is an idiot and a bloody dangerous one at that. Himself he is entrapped in VBS looting, money scandals and also a paid puppet of the British empire. So Malema  is like a rogue prick running rampant in a convent- caring less who he impregnates with his foul seed- in his case his foul tongue. Why the media still cherish his idiotic ” revolution” oratories proofs either how low the media vultures really have stooped, or they also try to invoke a civil war for the scoop (and money) behind it- or they really are a bunch of very mentally retarded honkies that cannot reason beyond their three brain cells that giving space for this calamitous creature only do more collateral damage to the already tarnished image of this poor forgotten war zone called “the New South Africa.” Sometimes we recon it’s all three of the above mentioned.

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How ANY reasonable living being especially in a Western “civilized” society can grope the fact and just watch how  these devious thieves not only plundered the state coffers empty- but now also want to steal private property and plunder the pension funds– simply leaves one gobsmacked. But then again we sometimes wonder if the majority South Africans really is that “civilized” as we tend to think they are?  Ramaphosa , Malema and all their greedy misfit side-kicks simply HAVE to be stopped dead in their tracks- if anyone still cares for the well-being of the country. These are evil critters- who’s only aim is to destroy everything millions of people worked hard for and depend on . They only are a small clique of bandits that occupy and control the “upper atmosphere “ of governance by deception , lies and fear mongering. Once this country financially implodes like Venezuela, Sudan and Zimbabwe – and millions of people are left  starving will they- like their mentor Mugabe– quietly “disappear” from the political spotlight and escape to safer havens to enjoy the spoils they have accumulated through spilling  the blood of others. The people of this land will again be left poor and destitute- not getting one single dime from their own rich mineral vault. Only a small band of racketeers at the top will again scoop the cream of the cake while the rest in “middle earth” will have to content with the crumbs and indigestion falling from the table. They are typical like politicians are- heartless, selfish and careless greedy omens sent by their “masters” in higher places with one and only one agenda in mind: Starve the people and plunder the resources of the country! 

White farmers especially must please not believe all Ramaphosa’s bullsh*t about “redressing” wrongs of the past and ” expropriating” their land- it is pure hogwash and it is blatant communist thieveryPERIOD! Farmers  must resist- even fight like hell if need be– to prevent this criminal to steal their rightful property. Don’t let this criminals bamboozle you again with their fake propaganda. You see how devious these ANC rats are- they cleverly disbanded the old commando units to prevent farmers getting to military weaponry-  pumped out “laws” to disarm white farmers- keep the pressure on to keep them unarmed- and now move in to steal their land without white farmers having any means left to defend their lives and their property. All was planned well and the poor naive “ law abiding” whites were caught for arseholes by their own laws. The ANC criminals cleverly used the whites’ own legislative systems to f*ck them for a six! 

RAMASQUIRREL is a word-spinner. He tells the naive goats in his herd simply just what they want to hear. He is a racist- playing the “them and us” game- talking about the “Boers that will come back and oppress us again”– and segregating races by using the term “our people” a bit too much. Who his “our people” supposed to be  does leave more than a bit to ponder about. Is it the Vendas alone- his tribes people- or does he talk about the ANC alone that again will reap the benefits of a Chinese take over of the white farms– because if he want to throw the blanket across all blacks as “their people” then immediately more questions to his agenda springs up such as why did he allow “their people” to be slaughtered at Marikana, why did “their” people murdered their own people in cold blood at Shell House then?  Why does “their people” murder their “other” people in xenophobic attacks- why did his ANC murdered hundreds of “their” people in the 70’s in hostel wars, necklace murders and ANC camps such as Quatro then? Why are “their” people murdering  50 people a day in South Africa then? SURELY Ramaphosa cannot include all black races and tribes in South Africa as “their ” people then if his party keeps on “culling” other blacks then- not so?. 

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So just WHO is this “our people” the Squirrel keep on referring to as 3/4 of the population did not even vote for the ANC ?  OR is the Squirrel again mind-f*cking the naive goats by letting them believe he is “genuine” and really “care” about their well-being, will take all the white lands and give it all to the goat herders? AGAIN this Robbin Island criminals want to use the white legislative systems  to change the constitution and to f*ck the whites a second time round  for a six- back-to-back! Fact is this ANC  wretches are selling our country and our inheritance to the Chinese…piece by piece- for their own benefit and to line their own pockets. Worst of all they are cleverly using the “wit gevaar” to hide behind and promote their devious agendas and as always must the white Boers be the ones to be sacrificed for the decepticons to stuff their bank accounts...not the black squatter camps in those areas- but the white farms. This is where the naked racism of these bastards are exposed- but they are the ones continuously blaming whites for being “racist.”

What is disturbing though- is the fact that among about 60 million pitiful inhabitants that all suffer under the oppressive heel of this criminal ANC mafioso gangsters you will not find  ONE brave soul – black or white-  that have the balls to stand up and tell these MF’s enough is enough! They all are too cowardly and sh*t scared they might end up in jail on bogus charges like the Boeremag–  in a trunk of a car like Guy Kebble–  stone-cold dead even before they hit the ramp like Gavin Watson, murdered in cold blood in an alleged “wage dispute” like Eugene Terreblanche, have a sudden heart attack like Joe Modise– pick up a strand of cancer like Peter Mokaba – or maybe develop a sudden brain tumor like Leon Mellet maybe. Yea- we all know what “sudden” little “accidents” may befall anyone brave enough to expose this vile and corrupt gang of illegal swindlers that now play “government”now don’t we? 


Natasha Mazzone silences South African Parliament

An honest account of where we are as a country, and how we need to put political ideology aside, work together, and get this county moving forward!Shadow Minister of Public Enterprise, Natasha Mazzone silenced Parliament today during the debate on prescribed assets. "Having pension funds looted in a new structure of State Capture."

Posted by Democratic Alliance on Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Watch Geordin tells the ANC that stealing from people’s future pensions is theft

WATCH as our Shadow Minister of Finance, Geordin Hill-Lewis tells the ANC in no uncertain terms that prescribed assets is an apartheid government policy and is tantamount to pension theft!"This government is planning to steal the pensions of hard-working South Africans to pay for their mismanagement."

Posted by Democratic Alliance on Wednesday, September 11, 2019



The ANC con-artists  has been in power and swindled the country out of BILLIONS of rands from a naive impoverished population this past 25 years based on pure bullsh*t propaganda lies and deception.They have been killing opposition off since long ago. Their assassins in the National Intelligence have been quite busy “eliminating” little “obstacles” for a a while now.  Illegal they are- for during the last election all other parties opposed the outcome because the election was smut with corruption and vote rigging- yet this Mafia mobsters simply forced their way back into power again. They forcefully by deception usurped the throne. During the 1994 election already they forced their way to power past the government of “unity.”  Ramaphosa is an impostor for he bribed his way into power with R 2 million. Thus all of this ANC filth are illegal rulers  and their “laws” irrelevant and only a fake masquerade to hide their true clandestine plundering  agendas behind.

For this reason then also is their “land expropriation” agenda  a fake because they have no right to even sit in parliament as the “ruling party.” They faked their way into power again. Don’t let them bamboozle you into believing otherwise. But this is how this vile loathsome mafia mobsters are running South Africa today- with fear and deception. So again…just WHO is Ramaphosa talking about when he refer to “our people” if the continue to murder and assassinate people at will around them? The answer is that his “people” are the clique in Lethuli House– the small 1000 illusionists that play the game of thrones on top and pretend they are the “majority” party. The “Brotherhood” on top. THAT is his “people.” So they will blissfully go on selling the country, oppressing the people, persecute the white- and plunder the coffers. I hope serpents like De Klerk , Roelf Meyer, Pik Botha and the rest of the NP criminals in service of Satan will pay dearly in the afterlife for the terrible  destruction they have allowed to happen to  this land. The problem with this commi rats  is they are living too much in the “past”that the reason why they must NOT be allowed to  govern anymore in the future! It’s high time this con artist and his Malema parrot are exposed for what they are….dangerous and greedy political brain-washed clowns!



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