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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  September 19  2019







SOUTH AFRICA is living up to it’s notorious image- MURDERS MOST FOUL.  Everyday you read about the most horrendous and barbaric murders that are committed under an evil curse  of a careless regime that miserably failed to protect it’s citizens. And mostly it is the least protected and less expected that are targeted by this foul and murderous demons that roam the country now in their hundreds – targeting “soft” victims for their dastardly deeds. No-Where in South Africa are you safe anymore- and this despicable predators show no mercy to no-one- even unborn children.

SUCH then  was the case then also when a romantic birthday celebration at a popular Wild Coast nature reserve has ended this past week in the death of a young white KwaZulu-Natal woman, while her husband was stabbed several times. It is uncertain what the circumstances were that left Matthew Turner, 33, a widower and 31-year-old Kari Turner’s toddler Hayden, 23 months, without a mother. Kari is believed to have been pregnant. Police have not given a clear account of what happened at Hluleka Nature Reserve in Ngqeleni, but said an arrest was expected “very soon”.

Matthew was stabbed repeatedly as he lay beside his wife at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape province of the country. Two black thugs armed with knives sneaked into their self-contained lodge overlooking the beach. It is believed school teacher Karen, from Underberg, about three hours west of Durban, died almost instantly in a hail of knife blows while Matthew managed to fight back. Karen’s unborn child was killed in the frenzied attack. Her 23-month-old son Hayden survived and was uninjured. It is unclear what the motive was for the horrific murder. The vicious attack comes just days before Prince Harry is due to fly into South Africa with his wife Meghan and son Archie. They are taking their baby son on a tour to visit Harry’s “favourite place in the world” but where crime is spiralling out of control with over 21,000 murders and 45,000 rapes carried out last year.

 Karen Turner was three months' pregnant

Karen Turner was three months’ pregnant

Underberg couple Matthew and Karen Turner with their young son, Hayden.

Police spokesperson Captain Dineo Koena confirmed that there had been no forced entry to the family’s chalet at the reserve. She said a 31-year-old woman was found dead and her husband was found with injuries on his upper body at the nature reserve. She said the two were found at about 3am on Tuesday. All their valuables are still there. ” The woman was found dead and the husband was rushed to hospital in Mthatha in a stable condition. The baby is with their neighbor,” said Koena. “There are signs the woman was also stabbed.” Police have opened a murder and assault docket. Karen’s older brother Ian Crouch told News24 that he had spoken to his brother-in-law when he came out of life saving surgery after being airlifted to Pietermaritzburg Hospital. He told News24: “Matthew’s recollection was that he was woken up by being stabbed in the stomach by a guy on his side of the bed and there was another chap stabbing my sister.”  “He said he managed to sort of grab the guy and there was a tussle down the stairs. Mr Crouch drove to the scene which he described as a “blood bath” and said the balcony door was open and the windows on latches as it was a hot night and there was no forced entry. He confirmed it appeared nothing had been stolen and their mobiles were by their bed. ”  Nothing was taken. They didn’t demand anything. They didn’t ask for money. They literally came up, stabbed him and my sister. He (Matthew) thinks they left because he managed to get up and fight a bit. He thinks because of the resistance, they left. They didn’t have time to take anything because he had chased them out.”Timber merchant Mr Crouch also said his sister, who was a primary school teacher, was about three months pregnant and died a day after celebrating her 31st birthday. The couple had just bought a home together in Underberg on the farm that Matthew managed. “My sister and her husband recently moved into the main house on the farm. They had just done it up and were excited about it.”They married in July 2017 and Hayden was born four months later.

Koena said police expected to make an arrest as they had identified a suspect. “It is just a matter of time to arrest the suspect.” Turner, a manager of a well-known dairy farm in Underberg, was airlifted from Mthatha to a Pietermaritzburg hospital on Tuesday afternoon. “This has shocked workers here in Hluleka,” said a source. A family acquaintance of the couple, who spoke to the DispatchLIVE via WhatsApp and on condition of anonymity, identified them as Matthew and Kari Turner, parents of a baby Hayden, who will be two years old in October. “Matthew and Kari Turner went to Hluleku [sic] in the Transkei for her birthday [which was yesterday] with their little boy Hayden who will be 2 in October. Kari was pregnant,” the family friend told DispatchLIVE.The friends who were with them in another cottage heard Hayden screaming and screaming and could not understand why nobody was attending to him … they went over to see what was wrong and found Kari had already past [sic] away and Matthew was in a critical condition. Matthew is currently at Matata [sic] Hospital having surgery. Hayden was unharmed, thankfully. Please keep them in your prayers.”

Koena said according to the couple’s neighbor at the resort, loud voices were heard and when he went to check, he found the couple. “Their son was unharmed,” said Koena. A KwaZulu-Natal security specialist was on his way to the Eastern Cape on Tuesday afternoon to investigate the incident fully. Magma Security and Investigations director Shaheen Suleiman said he was in a helicopter en route to the scene. He had been hired by “someone close to the woman” and a group of farmers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Confirming the incident, Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency chief executive Vuyani Dayimani said the agency was working closely with the police. “The two guests were booked at the Hluleka Nature Reserve from Monday to Thursday [16 to 19 September]. “Police were called to the reserve after midnight following a stabbing incident on two visitors at the reserve. “The police have confirmed that one of the visitors has passed on and another is in hospital,” said Dayimani. “As an agency that manages the reserve, we are shocked by this unfortunate incident that took place at one of our flagship coastal reserves and are doing everything in our power to assist with the investigation as the safety and security of our guests remains a key priority.” Koena has urged people with information to come forward to the police.


 Karen Turner, 31, was hacked to death while sleeping beside her husband Matthew in a hotel in South Africa

 The couple's infant was unharmed

 Matthew was stabbed repeatedly but survived while pregnant Karen died at the scene

Matthew and Kari Turner in happier times

 The family was attacked Tuesday by two men who burst into their hotel room at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in the Eastern Cape province

Chalets at the Hluleka Nature Reserve in Ngqeleni– where a bloody murder took place



Crime in South Africa spinning out of control as the murders now become more violent and more brutal

The brutality with which this murders are committed goes beyond human comprehension- as we also recall the brutal murder of  Lynette Volschenk a few weeks ago in her private apartment . The 24 year old colored son of a Cape Town advocate appeared in the Bellville court , accused of the murder of the 32 year old Lynette Volschenk and chopping her body up into pieces and placing it in black refuse bags in an attempt to dispose of her body. Her head also was completely sawn off and separated from her body- put in a shopping bag and placed in bushes near the Seesig flat complex where she lived.

ADD to that another case- the case of  Pretoria businessman Jurie Steenberg . Steenberg’s wife Riekie was shot in her bed in the early hours one morning. Two black thugs also broke into their Kameeldrift home. The two thugs who attacked him and his wife Riekie in the early hours of a morning on their Kameelfontein plot did not show any reaction when Gauteng High Court this week as Judge Hennie de Vos meted out the harshest punishment to them. Dolfie Sambok, 47, labelled by the judge as a career criminal, received an additional 60 years imprisonment, while Karabo Semake, who worked for Steenberg, received an additional 50 years imprisonment. Riekie was shot dead in the bedroom of the couple’s home. Steenberg was shot and hit on the head as he walked out of the bedroom. He still has some shrapnel in his shoulder from the bullet wound. He lost two wives to murder only six years apart in robberies at the Kameelfontein smallholding. His first wife, Suna, was shot six years before at the same smallholding on the morning of April 16, 2010. She later died in hospital. Her killers have not yet been brought to book.

Because capital punishment was abolished there is no more deterrent that prevent this very mentally deranged predators from prowling and murdering innocent people in the most horrendous ways. “Human Rights” now protect this evil demons- and when caught- they languish in jails with 5-star treatment on the tax payer’s cost  thanks to the sick liberal cultures of ” human rights”  that were forced down our throats .These predators comes right into your home while you are asleep and brutally murder you in cold blood without a sign of remorse- but the “human rights” law protects them. They too have rights you know- unlike the innocent victims they have murdered! The “human rights” did not protect them. 


Criminals live in 5-Star conditions with all their “human rights” while patients are languishing on appalling conditions in hospitals. 


Nobody ever cares about the rights of the innocent victims. When a country descended to this level of 50 murders a day– you must know you have the wrong “government” in charge- and this is specifically the case of South Africa. There are many ticking  enigmas out there- and if they are not stopped in time – our society are in for a very disastrous and much more bloody tragedies. While the leftist pseudo news media try to hide the facts and the illegal regime tries to flatly deny all the horrors now happening in the country- it is people like Kari Turner, Lynette Volschenk, hundreds of innocent farmers and many innocent other people that on a daily basis are paying the highest sacrifice for a government that has no control over the country anymore but instead waste their time on petty little “racist” laws , bullshit speeches and promises- and are more interested in lining their own pockets. When will we see the day of @#theANCmustfall happening? When will we take a stance and stop pussyfooting around with this evil communist dispensation while our mothers and sisters are raped , children abducted, parents cold bloodily murdered and our babies dying in filthy squatter camps? While we try to act careless and try to sugar-coat every foul deed committed by these monsters to safe face in the eyes of the international community-  literally hundreds of people are murdered on our streets and in their homes for us to keep that smiling emolji displayed on the front pages of our tourist advertisement campaign banners for the sake of a fake “democracy.” . South Africa WAKE UP! Get rid of your fake and godless ANC/EFF  regime- get a true caring leadership in control that factually look after the best interests of it’s people- not a bunch of jailbirds and “revolutionary” hooligans that only cares less for you and more for their own pork bellies, Gucci suits and Sushi downed with expensive blue chip Whiskey . Get rid of that fake pastor or priestly pigeon  that advocated LGBT bullsh*t from the pulpit. Other than that many more innocent people are still going to die because of YOUR apathy and careless culture.


Heads must roll, Winde tells Ramaphosa

WATCH as the Western Cape Premier Alan Winde looks President Ramaphosa in the eyes, and tells him that "heads need to roll"!"If this is not going to be a talk-shop, then this is going to be action, and heads need to roll when we do not see a change in our country, Mr President!"

Posted by Democratic Alliance on Wednesday, September 18, 2019




The decay that starts at home

BUT these foul murders do not have their origins during the adult life of the villain. It starts right at home when he or she was still growing up- and the adolescent life of a child is formed based on what he or she experience at home. If you have dicipline at home you are setting the boundaries in which that child have to live within and have to adhere to. Crossing that boundaries meant certain repercussions for that child. Take that boundaries away- and that child have unlimited space to exercise his will any way he want to- many a time crossing into unknown and downright dangerous territory- like having brushes with the law and eventually landing in big trouble. This happens because the child never were reprimanded or disciplined as a child that even in nature there is some boundaries he or she are not allowed to cross without some kind of repercussions for his or her non-compliance with the rules. I.O.W there is some pain in order to gain. Punishment gains understanding and knowledge that society functions on a  certain set of rules that ensures the best interests of that specific order. Even the wild animals in nature  knows that . Their social order works perfect because G-d rules them.. It’s only the tamed  mostly urban human beasts that still battles to acknowledge that reality it seems. Their social structures are in chaos because in their absurd arrogance they try to rule G-d.

That is why parents form the most important part of a child’s upbringing and the starting point to discipline a child from early age. But now the overlords of our societies decides that they want to remove that parental guidance and discipline from our homes.  You have read just recently that the Concort (Judge Mogoeng Mogoeng) forbid corporal punishment in your own private homes now. Now the question is just how far DO you want this corrupt illegal system to invade your privacy that they now forbid you to even  spank your naughty little bugger at home? Who the hell gave this court the right to try to invade our homes and destroy the discipline administered by the parents which the loose-donkey “liberation” regime are too useless to enforce in the streets.? What this bunch of relics in the concourt just did- was sending out a message that the little rascals at home now can rebel against their parents, hit their parents, donner their mothers, grow up to be good communist hooligans that assault teachers in class, become good communist cadres that rob you, assault you in the streets- and ultimately murder you like Kari Turner and Lynette Volschenk because there were no discipline at home anymore, no discipline in the streets- and no effective punishment by the court as well. They already took corporal discipline out of our schools. And we heard not ONE single word of objection to this erratic rule by the concort now they also went a step further and took that same discipline out of our homes.

THIS is exactly what we are talking about- discipline was taken out of our schools- and this is the result…


A senseless society

South Africans- you really have become a very sick and directionless nation with no more values and morals anymore. You have become a herd of goats led by a pack of wolves! It is a shame today to even mention you are a South African when you travel  abroad. You have lost your roots. This country has become a dangerous laughing stock of the world where it’s a-OK to kill a baby in the womb but not a-ok to slap your rebellious child at home. They legalize Marijuana but outlaw parental discipline. What in the hell is wrong with this picture? The old farts at the top forbid you to discipline your child by giving him a clip on the ear- but at the same time they want to “discipline” that same child a few years later when he grew up a lawless hooligan that went out and murder some innocent victim.  Why are the jails so overcrowded? Go ask the likes of Mogoeng. Why are there so much murders? Go ask your faux regime. Why is it so that South Africa is the crime capitol of the world? Go ask your government– all arrows are pointing to a failed system that are fast busy deteriorating your societies. Where was Mogoeng and his panel of sidekicks when a teacher was brutally assaulted in Orlando West by three high-school girls, slapped , pushed around and kicked when she was on the ground? Was that teacher any of the concourt judges’ wife maybe? What would their reaction then be?

No photo description available.


Laws that directly contravene the Word of G-d

Mogoeng and his concourt rulers on top of the Mountain Olympus must realize their jurisdiction stops RIGHT in front of the gates of our residences- NOT in our private homes where we as parents rule. Our Christian religion dictates that when a child gets out of hand we as parents must discipline them : “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.”- Proverbs 22:15. The Word of G-d also tells us what happened to Eli when his two good-for-nothing sons- Hophni and Phinehas- committed acts arrogance against the Lord- and Eli himself did not punish them for that- but merely reprimanded them. The Lord’s first words to Eli also was then direct: “Why do you honor your sons more than me?” ( 1 Sam 2:29)  For their arrogance and sins against the Lord they were killed- and for Eli’s lack of parental discipline his whole family was condemned. Eli himself died due to his ignorance for his sons’ deeds. ( 1 Sam 2: 22) Is this not precisely what this judges try to force us to do- Honor our children more than our Creator? In 2 Sam 15:19 we also read about King David that also neglect to punish his eldest son Absalom- and when it was time that a new king was to be appointed he rebelled against his father when Solomon was chosen. Also we read what happened to this  negligent king and a rebellious child in 2 Sam 15:19. Every time the Peoples of G-d – the children of Israel went astray-  G-d punished them! 

In Daniel 3 we read how the King Nebucatnezar– Like Moegoeng and his panel of judges- also try to force Daniel to bow down and honor/worship his golden statue. We read how Daniel and his friends – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego- refused- and their answer was blunt : ”  Your Majesty may be sure that we will not worship your god, and we will not bow down to the gold statue that you have set up.(Dan 3:16)  It is here that  Mogoeng and his panel of “liberation advocates ” overstepped the line- and in such a case we as conservative Christians must do what Daniel and his friends did- revert to our Bible and the commands of the most High to adhere to…NOT a panel of “liberation” judges. We as Christians must obey the Lord and His commands  first and foremost- not an earthly creation and earthly laws.

Most of the sins, most of the atrocities against the Word of G-d – most of the reasons people stray from the teaching of the Holy Script are the result of poor governance from  our leaders. Governments are the major cause why most people are damned. Politicians are evil- evil creations in service of Satan. It is because of politicians and judges that strayed from the Word of G-d that our country fell into a Babylonian culture- worshiping idols and pagan gods. Look what is happening to South Africa- look at the evil around you. Because of the bad influence of liberalism the whole country is damned and destined for destruction.  Politicians , false priests and judges like this  lead people astray.  Their system is busy braking apart the very core of our societies- our childrens’ discipline. Because of this acts of rebellion against the Word of G-d not to punish our children they grow up to be violent, undisciplined criminals.  They become the killers of innocent people like  Lynette, Riekie  and Kari. You cannot blame them for that. The system failed them. The system never punished them from childhood if they overstep the line. Discipline were taken out of our school system, G-d’s Word were taken out- and the children were taught rather communist propaganda instead.

The consequinces of taking the discipline out of schools already are horrendous. For instance nine Durban University of Technology students, including SRC President Thamsanqa Memela, appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court earlier today on charges of attempted murder and public violence which incorporates assault, arson and malicious damage to property. This followed a protest by students on Wednesday morning over security issues on campus. But the protest soon turned violent, with the campus descending into chaos and students allegedly attacking a security guard, pouring petrol over him and attempting to set him alight. This was after security guard houses were set alight.  Appearing before Magistrate Vanitha Armu  were Memela, Solatho Dlamini, Thabiso Mathenjwa, Luzuko Stali, Thobani Khanyeza, Mluleki Mkhize, Thabo Mkhwelanga, Sinqobile Myeni and Jula Sinqobele.  The court was crowded with supporting students, some wearing EFF shirts and berets.  Now comes this same system that turns young children into dangerous and violent criminals and want to take away the discipline from our homes too! 

Image may contain: one or more people

This white teacher was attacked by a black hooligan student  in school- another sick result of corporal punishment and discipline taken out of the school system- children now are cultivated to become criminals and schools became breeding grounds for gangs. Another liberal spin-off to destroy our societies. 

Was there enough discipline in this G-dforsaken country in the first instance-  there would be less young criminals in detention , less rowdy hooligans and criminals in the streets destroying the country- and less innocent people like Kari Turner, Suna and Riekie Steenberg and Lynette Volschenk murdered. But the system is honored far above the well being of the people.  They call it “Liberalism.” Yet you as a Christian also became weak- you see these things happening- you hear the rebellious resistance against the Word of G-d. You see how these Babylonian politicians and judges are destroying the discipline instated by G-d in the Book of Leviticus and elsewhere- yet your voices are silent to this blatant arrogance from the pharaohs – and you condone and accept these things without uttering one single word of condemnation or resistance. By your silence you not only condone this ruling- but you are giving your consent to it. BUT just watch when they take all whites out of sports teams and introduce full quota systems how quickly the roar of indignation and condemnation from all corners are heard. BUT when they take G-d out of our schools – the foundation and tertiary education of our childrens’ future-  not a WORD is spoken.  Public schools need to stop promoting Christianity or any other religion, says the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL Commission). The commission slammed Laerskool Randhart in Alberton after it was accused of going against a 2017 high court order by not aligning its policy on religion with the constitution. Not a WORD from the Christians in protest! Such is the false government and church goats we have become.

Yea- blame the ANC, blame the Jews, the communists,  blame the liberals, blame De Klerk..the National Party- blame everyone and everything else bar ourselves for the predicament our country and race now finds itself in.  Everybody is innocent- that the reason why our jails are so full of “innocent” people- because they too are “innocent”- go ask them! That’s us “Christians”excellent blame shifters. Go look on the social sites how we “Christians” are swearing our brothers, threatening our brothers and sisters with violence, how we commit acts of treason against our brothers and sisters, how we report our brothers and sisters to the authorities for “hate speech”…but we are “Christians.” Who do we try to fool or fake? Your ignorant lame duck  ways as so-called “Christians” will also then lead you down the same road Eli and Solomon went- your country and your families also will be cursed. South Africa already have been chastised umpteen times  for the wickedness of it’s people- the country is bleeding and on the edge of total inhalation- but still the sinful government, it’s liberal lackeys , fake churches and directionless masses  will not turn back from their evil ways. Still wonders why this country is cursed? Still wonder why so many people such as Kari Turner are brutally murdered on a daily basis? It’s part of a very deep and much bigger problem in this country- and it started with the Christians that forgot and neglected their G-d in 1994 but rather preferred to sit in the Colosseums of the world- watching simple atrium games while Rome was burning behind them.

The failure of liberalism and destruction of our societies


Liberalism is a failed system- it failed our country.  Liberalism destroyed our country.Liberalism created millions of criminals in our streets. Liberalism delivers bad services to us. The failed system of liberalism brought crime, murder, rape and financial disaster to our country since 1994. Liberalism created corrupt politicians that looted our treasury empty.  Liberalism brough lawlessness and godless cultures to our country. Now that same failed system of liberalism is  used by the highest legislative organs to desecrate , violate and infringe collateral damage to our private homes. The liberal advocates now also want to enforce a failed system into our homes by infringing our rights as parents. Liberalism is the most evil and detestable system ever invented. It totally destroys our once healthy societies and opens the door for a very lawless and brutal new generation of communist hooligans

Liberalism….the destroyer of our societies…

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IT’s getting worse…

The CEO of StemExpress took the stand on Thursday in the preliminary hearing against the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. According to CMP, she admitted in court that when a fetal brain is harvested, the head may still be attached to the body and that StemExpress does indeed harvest and supply fully intact aborted children. Because using feticide such as Digoxin damages the “specimens,” these children had the potential of being aborted alive. “That is an especially gruesome admission, but it begs the question: how did they get these fully intact human children?” Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society, which is representing Daleiden at the hearing, told LifeSiteNews. “If you have a fetus with an intact head and an intact body, and intact extremities, that is something that would indicate that child was born alive, and then had their organs cut out of them, or that the child was the victim of an illegal partial-birth abortion. “Both of these are gruesome and violent acts.”

AND worse…


BUT that is not where it ends- even the fake liberal “church” supports the murder of unborn babies!  Earlier this summer, a group of clergy gathered at the Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility in North Austin, Texas, to “bless” its life-destroying work, according to the Texas Observer. About 20 Christian and Jewish leaders who gathered for the event sang, “Hallelujah. Do not fear. You are loved. Bless this room. Bless this womb,” in the waiting room of the abortion facility, the report described. Others insisted that religious people can support abortion. But THIS is the system liberalism brought you…straight from the pits of hell itself – and yet- yet YOUR silence as a so-called “Christian” against this horrendous pagan rituals and cultures are simply deafening!

Who knows- tomorrow it might be your wife, your husband- your mother or your child that is “sacrificed” by these liberal demons.   It is time you get out of your apathy chair and stand up to voice your rejection to erratic decisions such as these taken by the constitutional court. These judges had no right- no mandate from us as people to take a decision like that which directly affects our societies negatively. They take decisions that our children may not be disciplined at home but say nothing about the multiple horrendous cases of woman abuse. So now I still can donner my wife as long as I do not touch my child? What bullsh*t is that? Do I miss something here?  It shows that this decision was taken with the aim to create a next generation of lawless minions. It was not a decision taken on merit- but with a much darker agenda- they specifically were targeting children with this illogical decision to create a new generation lawless slaves for tomorrow. How can they send someone to jail one day to “discipline” him if that person never were taught discipline as a child?  Their judgement on the matter  is close to being unreasonable  and illogical. The people must rule the government- not the other way around- for then it becomes a dictatorship. If it was not for this vile system of liberalism and their devious “human rights” that engulfed and poisoned our society, if it was not for the absolute SILENCE from us as so-called “Christians” –  Suna and Riekie Steenberg,  Lynette Volschenk and Kari turner together with thousands of other innocent victims might still  have been alive today. As this article went live another white farmer- Shaun Brett Krull, 48, on Mitchell’s Bon Farm, in Kwelera  was ambushed at the feedlot on his farm by a number of black thugs and stabbed several times and it seemed they ran over his body with his bakkie, which they then drove off in.East London police spokesperson Captain Hazel Mqala said he was found lying in a pool of blood on the 400ha farm on Friday at 8am. He had been stabbed twice in the upper body, she said.  Koos and  Lizzy Kotze’s daughter was attacked with a machete by a black thug that worked for them on their   farm at 08h00 last night- her husband was attacked and both his arms broken, left thumb slashed off and was hacked over his head.

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White Nation