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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation Editorial   September 24 2019







THIEVERY, money washing, corruption, fear mongering, “wit gevaar” , deception and lies was for 25 years the six main pillars of the African National Corruption Inc onto which they cemented their illegal stay. For 20  odd years this scrupulous political looters have been abusing their new found power to loot, rob and plunder the state coffers. So far as to date White Nation alone recorded 347 cases where this illegal bunch of  “Makweri-Kweris” have been involved in the worst covetous acts of blatant pillaging of the tax payer’s money- calculating millions upon millions of rands that simply “disappeared.” . 


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The Zondo commission already revealed some staggering evidence from whistle blowers how this bunch of inmates  from the Robbin Island Hotel have been looting the state coffers, banks, SOE’s, Trust Funds, involvement in Tender Fraud, scandals,  the LOTTO  and provincial resources. Then also Daily Maverick’s investigation arm-  Amabungane – investigated some of the deep levels of scandalous racketeering that has been going on even in the dark web. It reads like a script for a new  sequel of the movie “Goodfellas.” Only this time there is no script – and the actors are real live gangsters. The South African gangsters’ Pandora’s Box have all the reprehensible ingredients for  a juicy Hollywood  Box Office Breaker.


SINCE the hoodlums were released from the Robbin Island penitentiary they already had their moves planned well. They could not wait for the media icon Mandela to announce his retirement so the looting could start in all earnest- and when he did- Mbeki was quick out of the blocks disarming the whites and digging deep into the oil reserves. The mega plundering started with him and his side-kick Pneul Maduna and the oil reserves they squandered- to his expensive and continuous jet-setting out of the country. After that the Tsunami was opened up and every jack-rabbit ANC hoodlum dived into the trough to gorge themselves in the rainbow pot o’ gold.But Mbeki’s failure to notice his own demise was to be his downfall. Too much jet-setting out of the country, too much cavorting with white British whores in luxury London hotels ,- celebrated with liters of expensive Jack Daniels whiskey made him forgot that his position always was much sought after and constantly challenged. While he was cavorting across the globe on the tax payers’ tab- a dark shadow was busy engulfing his throne back home. It was a shadow of envy, a shadow of jealousy- and a shadow that eventually caught Mbeki napping. That shadow was the shadow of one of the most cunning, the most brutal- the most adventurous and most deadly of all adversaries – Jacob Zuma! While Mbeki was having a ball overseas Zuma was already planning and organizing behind the scenes Mbeki’s downfall and to usurp his throne. Between 16-20 December, Thabo Mbeki loses the ANC presidential election to Jacob Zuma at the ANC’s 52nd National Conference held in Polokwane. It was the end of the Xhosa-Nostra- the Impis came to town!  Zuma has done his slick preliminary canvassing between ANC hoodlums well. He at last became the Cappo Di Tutti…the Boss of Bosses. ONE thing no university , nor Govan or Ma Mafokeng ever taught Thabo was the golden rule of all flyers and a lesson in life that in the end cost him his pole position in the race to glory: When you are flying forward...always “watch your six!” 


But it was too late. The enemy had sneaked in behind him unnoticed- and gunned him down before he even realized what happened. The pilot behind the “Umshini” (machine gun ) was none other than his once trusted commi comrade- one Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma !  ZUMA had a vision- and he had a secret plan. It was Zuma – an ex-intelligence chief of Mkontho We Sizwe that mastered the creme-a-la-creme of skulduggery and refined the mafia operations as we know it today when he ascend to the throne by usurping Mbeki- and it was Zuma that created the perfect Mafia network of spies, clandestine organizations, entrapment of most communist cadres into his network, forming of his own personal “ring of steel”– and bluntly go where no-one has gone before- the State Treasury. As soon as he captured the throne he set his “plan” in motion with one and one objective only: To capture the state. He was the one assigning international hoodlums such as the Guptas to the “cause, “– and local powerful hoodlums such as the Shaiks , Kebbles , Ruperts and Watsons to fund his ventures.  He was the one organizing and executing dare-devil scandals such as the weapons scandal, oil scandal, nuclear scandal, Nkandla scandal- and eventually the state capture.  He was the one setting up a secret assassination squads to remove any “loose threads” like Modise and Mokaba that could jeopardize his agenda or stood in his way- he was the one that created his own private armies, and he was the one that ultimately controlled a vast octopus-like network rotten to the core with  tender fraud, money laundering operations through SOE’s, extortion, black mail, control of all functioning SOE”s, intimidation of politicians, judges and the media alike, – and made sure his family members and closest confidantes occupy the highest level of governance and legislature.

ZUMA became a living reincarnation of  Al Capone, Meyer Lansky and Carlo Gambino all in one. Behind his silly psychopathic smile, giggles in public and apparent  lack of tertiary education there lurked a deadly predator only waiting for the right “cue” to be released. And most of the ANC hoodlums knew that. Too many ” free thinkers” that opposed his rule simply suddenly “vanished” without a trace- never to be seen or heard of again. Zuma ruled his dynasty through entrapment, black mail – and fear. Zuma not only went out to capture the state- but he also made sure he captured the whole bloody ANC nest. It is no wonder then that he once told his junior loud mouth ANC Youth League president Julius Malema– son of Samuel Manyapye (71), and Flora Mahlodi Malema – who also happen to be alien infiltrators from Zambia during 1970-75- that he-Zuma – rule South Africa- and not Malema in a heated little communist ding-dong in Lethuli House because Malema jumped over Zuma’s head and paid a little “courtesy call” to “Uncle Bob “ next door without the “Don’s” fatherly approval. Zuma was quite on the mark with that little advice- as he man alone literally “ruled” the country and the poor still gobsmacked population at the time. He had his “Z-Men” in all the highest places, had informers on every level, – had the financial backing of all the wealthy liberal twats, had captured the media – and had a mafia network that really would have left the New York mob bosses of the 50’s  green with envy!


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Zuma was in total control of the country and it’s resources. He became a celebrity for friend and foe alike. He kept the villainous media correspondents busy with new stunts every day, making the readers’ numbers ticking, he was the focus of many cartoon artists, he was the scourge that kept South Africa’s useless parliament busy and awake, he was the one that were siphoning huge sums of money so fast the banks could not keep up with all the transactions- and he was the one that kept South Africa in the spotlight with all his unexpected and illogical decisions and theatricals. He – man alone- took a whole country to the cleaners. Scarcely did the poor unexpected rainbow goats recover from the one scandal or the next one would hit them again. The poor goats lived from one scandal to the next.Meanwhile the state coffers experienced the worst brutal abuse and rape in decades. The ANC ramaphokker rapists literally  stood ques to have a bash at the open vagina of the treasury chest.  . Zuma was a true Mafia boss and politician.

Zuma became as arrogant as a mob boss could be. No wonder he proclaimed that “they “ would rule until “Jesus comes.” He openly embezzled millions of rands, stole state money and invested it in all kinds of unsavory ventures such as drug deals in Colombia, stole state pension money to invest in clandestine ventures such as SANRAL, got involved in billion dollar deals such as the arms deal, got a finger in the mining business pie, stole millions to fund and restore his now famous Nkandla projects,  stole and sold South Africa’s oil reserves together with his aide de camp Tina Joemat Petersen, got involved in smuggling criminals out of jail such as Jackie Selebi and Shabir Shaik and trotted on scaly deals with Russia for nuclear energy plants. He wasted the country’s money like he owned it. He cared less for the country or it’s people. To him the country was his hunting grounds and the tax payer his personal walking ATM’s. The country financially  started to suffer terribly under his mob rule.

The people started to get angry- and the state prosecutor Thuli Madonsela was activated to try stop this one-man wrecking ball. Investigation after investigation followed at a humongous cost to the tax payer. Charge after charge were filed- a whole 780 of them against the “Don.” The ANC Mob Inc across South Africa quickly followed their corrupt leader’s footsteps and started to loot the country’s treasury on an unprecedented scale of tender fraud, bank looting, treasury fraud, SARS fraud, municipal fraud , SOE fraud and many other types and ways to impoverish the country’s resources- from parliament right down to the lowest state employee. Things were getting seriously out of control and the wheels literally came off with no guardian to check this unholy looting extravaganza of the ANC and it’s affiliates. Each and every guard that attempted to save the state vaults were either dismissed and replaced with a more “user friendly” cadre- or simply put on early retirement. The vaults’ doors were flung wide open to each and every foreign and local thief that had any close relationship with the Zuma gang.


Concerns were raised in parliament by op[position parties about the scandalous looting in progress. BUT Zuma simply laughed (literally) in the face of his prosecutors and accusers. He knew they are like dogs without teeth. He knew he became “untouchable. ” Parliament to him was merely a bunch of useless stray dogs who could only make lots of  noises but are unable to touch him.  He abused  the legal system to his advantage-paid off and bribed politician, investigator and judge alike, – ducking and diving through the loop holes like a wily fox whilst laughing and giggling in parliament at the amateur-ish way the other members of the house tried to pin him down with long and boring oratories. . He quickly earned himself the status as the  “Teflon Don”– as no charge seem to stick to the bugger. Millions upon millions of tax payers money were splurged by the “Z-Men”– and before long- stealing from the tax payer by scrupulous villains in top positions such as the “top six” of the ANC, ESKOM, SABC, SAA, TRANSNET, SARS,  POST OFFICE  and ANC-controlled municipal councils became a national culture under the guardianship of the Zuma dynasty. Nearly 800 BILLION rand went “astray” and unaccounted during the Zuma-rule’s “Little Nyani skeletons.” The treasury was running low on funds now- and the tax payer base was fast dwindling as investors start pulling out at an alarming rate and literally thousands of skilled artisans fled the country for safer and less aggravating and less discriminating Affirmative Action legislation. 

Red Alert lights start to flicker as credit houses such as Moodeys, Fitch and S&P start downgrading SA’s credit rating with the speed of white pheasant sh*t as crime also spiraled out of control! The looting now also descended down into the streets of cities and on highways. No-where was anybody safe without the fear of being robbed anymore. It became total chaos.  And still Zuma kept on giving that 200 million dollar giggles in parliament. He cared less about the country’s dire financial status- as long as the scale kept on tipping the Nkandla direction. But the Zuma dynasty was to come to an end soon  after the red-faced  African National Corruption (ANC), the country’s illegal  ruling mob – ordered him to step down from his throne due to multiple charges of corruption, money laundering, and fraud that proliferated his reign and could inflict collateral damage to their election campaign hopes. South Africa’s debt clock was spinning out of control at a staggering R 2 .8 Trillion rand. Things were not looking good en still the ANC cadres across the board are having a “free-for-all” looting campaign running with as yet not ONE ANC looter persecuted for theft, embezzlement, corruption, money laundering or maladministration. The ANC rats made sure not one single looter ends up in jail out of fear that the beans may be spilled and the rest of the high profile dirty laundry will end up splatted across each and every newspaper….and naturally in parliament.  So they did their utmost to protect their stealing cronies from prosecution with endless investigations, commissions and G-d knows what else to stall time. They knew the South African population have one very weak point….Amnesia. And they took full advantage of that. 

In the mean-while another dubious fiend from  the ANC incubator was preparing to spread his wings to the throne as well. He – as with Zuma- came from the dark ANC  labyrinth of “liberators”– and was a trained “ padawan” of the Jews- more specific Harry Oppenheimer’s apprentice. He was a trained capitalist and an open Afrikaner hater- his name…..Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa– from Ugandian decendancy. Ramaphosa – in true mob-style- also “worked ” his way into the throne room by deception and bribery. Ramaphosa had a history of crime and alleged crime which includes a botched  Koo-De-Etat, diamond smuggling,  gold smuggling, weapon smuggling, drug smuggling , secret deals, corruption, investigated for pedophilia and were dubbed “The Butcher of Marikana” referring to the Marikana massacre on August 10 2012 in which he played a pivitol role. Ramaphosa- after a bit of black mailing and the usual bribery to get him elected for the “top spot”– ascended the throne on 15 February 2018 to replace Zuma again. KARMA came back to bite Zuma in the arse.  Ramaphosa was one of the most unfit “rampokkers” by any logic reason that ever could be appointed as Mafia Boss of South Africa to say the least.

BUT the South African media donkeys needed a hero desperately after the miserable failure Zuma produced for the country- and immediately announced their new-found  African treasure with much fanfare and media pomp. Ramaphosa was hailed as the new “redeemer” and worshiped by the leftist media funkies as the ‘ Spirit of the Great black Heart” that will now – as with their demi-god Mandela– not only save the country from a certain looming economic catastrophe which the Zumanites created- but in fact will pull the country out of the swamp and led the people of South Africa into the new “Jerusalem.” Ramaphosa- the once rogue smuggler who  now became Caesar-  was patronized by the media with every step he took, hailed for every word he spoke- and glorified for every promise he made.

FROM the outside it looked like the South African media this time bet on a winner at last after two failed attempts with a terrorist and a racketeer.  The new Cesar made the rights sounds- and even promised a “plan” to rescue the plunging economy with R 5 trillion investment over 5 years and cities with Star Trek like trains. The man looked confident of himself and the promises left his mouth like a stream of running water.  Meanwhile the debt clock now raced past the R 3.2 Trillion mark. The media relaxed, the population relaxed..the markets relaxed- Cyril had everything under control. Or so they thought.

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The first signs that appeared that everything was not so “under control” was when Cyril started to become what he always has been- a con artist that tells you precisely what you want to hear. This happened when Cyril was asked directly if there had been any farm murders back in his country when he attended the UN . Cyril was caught off guard- and after a pause to deliberate- his blatant answer was “No!” He also denied there was any farm /land grab plans on the table. Poor Cyril- his timing was SO misplaced because at that precise moment the parliament in South Africa was having discussions how to curb farm murders- and 3 cases of land invasions was on record busy taking place. Needless to say when Cyril landed back in the country the whole Social media went “viral” about his blatant lies in the face of the world. The cracks began to show. Cyril became unsure of himself. He “disappeared” for a week or so to avoid being fried by the public about the farm murders. His old Marikana ghost was walking again. ..flat denial and the disappear for  a while. We have seen it before. Well-the media skunks fell silent for a moment- digesting what did just happenedthen decided to wipe this little “nonconformity ” off the table as a mere “slip of the tongue” because you know– after all it is the white supremacists, – the “land thieves” that are murdered and their farms invaded anyhow. No big fuzz- it happens all the time- so why should the Boss advertise it to the world anyhow?” – they reasoned.

And you thought your commute to work was bad…

And you thought your commute to work was bad…

Posted by South Africa Live on Friday, September 20, 2019

THIS is how Cyril’s “piepol” behave.

THEN came his “inauguration” speech in parliament and Ramaphosa and all his chosen  Ramaphokkers united for the introduction of a new dawn of communist invasion of South Africa!The Squirrel meanwhile had a few tins of Red Bullsh*t the past week to “vamp” his tarnished ego up a bit- and ascended  the podium with a new surge of confidence  It was then that the Squirrel decided to announce  a few “jaw-droppers” : “ We are going to amend the constitution to incorporate “land expropriation” – and we are going to steal your land legally  for our piepol!” came the first salvo. (He forgot to mention the white farmers’ “lackadaisical” approach to give their private property – rural and urban- away for free to the “piepol.” We really missed that part we did. ) The media fell silent again as they chew on his words. “ Land expropriation?  Ahh…the Boss want to kick all the white colonial thieves off our land. Good man!!” (They missed the part where “property” meant ALL property..not just farmland) Then the Squirrel drop the next clanger: ” We plan  to legally steal your pension funds to foot our useless non-functioning State Owned Enterprises.” The media skunks gawked at the Squirrel.”Our Pensions?? Really? But Boss???” The media fell silent.

Then the Squirrel dealt the naive media a decisive and  death blow to his credibility as their much sought after  “redeemer” when he literally kissed the dead Mugabe’s arse as he glorified the old genocidal maniac at his funeral  by saying ” President Mugabe was more than a representative of the struggle, he was more than a representative figure of resilience and triumph of the people of Zimbabwe. He was a towering figure in the struggle against colonialism, oppression and exploration,”  Needless to say– we recon 90% of the Zimbabweans today that lives in  poverty and on the brink of starvation are not going to support the Squirrels idiotic remark that Mugabe was such a ” Towering Figure” to them in this instance. Mugabe was a mass murdering dictator who shares the notorious roll of honor with the likes of Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, Bokassa and the rest of the unsavory bunch. – and the Squirrel was honoring his deeds! Well – you can figure where the Squirrel’s priorities lies. But then the Squirrel himself have a few  Marikana skeletons in his own cupboard as well- Birds of the same feather! But then as long as the term “apartheid”and a few whites still exists to blame the ANC mobsters  and their mangy hound dog EFF riff raff will always be the  exemplification of innocence – we suppose.


Shame…the poor leftist media fools were left totally gobsmacked!! If they agree with the Squirrel that Mugabe was such a hero- they would stir a hornets’ nest in Zimbabwe and have to endure a vicious back-lash from the Zim media. If they do not support the Squirrels idiotic remarks- they would acknowledge the fact that again had pinned their hopes on a dead horse as they so many times before had. So they revert to their age old tactics of utter silence on the matter….that “Amnesia” thing you know?  The Squirrel CLEARLY forgot the genocidal massacre of thousands of Matabeles under the ol’ robber’s dictatorial  reign.

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The Squirrel sure is awakening some very influential  and powerful foes for all the wrong reasons  – locally and abroad – with his illogical medieval out-dated  “socialist” non-sense of “land expropriation,”  NHI, Pension Fund grabs and who knows what else “socialist” bullsh*t he schemes up. He reminds the powers -to -be a lot like his commi side-kick Mugabe. We keep on smelling a BRITISH rat here we daresay. South Africa is NOT “his” land- nor “his” ATM machine either. If you want to take a national decision- especially where peoples money and health is involved- you hold a REFERENDUM– not come up with fast money-making schemes and bulldozer your personal greed onto the peoples.  Between him , that red-capped weasel , his communist union vagrants and the NEC gangsters they are on a collision course with very dangerous capitalist powers. Already Trump sent a dire warning to the Squirrel and his bunch of Ramaphokkers that the sanction machines are being oiled for their furry arses.

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But somehow the term “sanctions” still does not send a quiver through the spines of the “Phokkers” yet – after all- it’s a “white man’s thing”- and with more than 47% of the leeching population already scrounging in dustbins to survive from day to day- all while the “phokkers” are dining 5-Star with Johnny Walker every night- who the hell cares about less important little issues like “sanctions” anyways? If the going gets tough- the “Phokkers” also will get going- straight to Dubai and the Gupta-fairyland. But then the Zondo commission started to open a can of rotten worms- and many “Nyani skeletons ” start to tumble out. Some  very unsavory worms such as Watson , Gupta, VBS and BOSASA start to  become household names. Even the red-capped weasel got a swipe at the hearings. It appear the little rodent ALSO had a dirty paw in the pigeon coop!  AND Lo- one of the BOSASA worms has a “ Ramaphosa” name tag on it.


Things start to get nasty now. One after the other ANC big wig appear to have been staunch BOSASA beneficiaries. NOW the media skunks were gobsmacked. NO!!! It can’t be!!! Have they hailed a THIRD dud in a row?? The hailing slowly turned into a whaling. Then they got a bit of a reprieve. The “main peanut” – the kingpin of BOSASA- the one man that could pull the plug on the ANC’s dirty laundry- Gavin Watson– suddenly decided that now is the time to…shall we say ‘expire?” Watson “tragically” had an “unfortunate” car “accident”ONE day before he was to appear before a commission of inquiry about his little nyani tax secrets. That tax “secrets” would SURELY have pointed in many surprising directions- too “surprising ” for some dirty fat cats’ liking  we presume. How “convenient ” and timeously was his demise indeed! So the “Phokkers” sigh a sigh of relief that night and had a sip or two of ol’ Johhny’s” to cool the nerves a bit. It was a close call!! Meanwhile more leaks keep on appearing in the treasure chest- and tax money kept on dropping out of the the state coffers . Their looting read like a LOTTO extravaganza:

Weapons scandal: R30 billion, E-Toll scandal: R47 billion , Nkandla scandal R 215 Million, Tswane pre-paid meter scandal: R 830million, PRASA R 620 million , Fikile Mbalula R 175 Million, Bathabile Dlamini R254 000, Tina Joemat Pettersson  R800 million, Julius Malema’s Limpopo feeding fiasco: R 700 MillionNtau Letebele’s transport tender in Limpopo R 52 Million, Limpopo textbook scandalR565 million , Moses Kotane Municipality scandal R 1 million,  Msunduzi municipality R1 million for ANC rally, Safa president Danny Jordaan R10 Million scandal, Ministral residence maintenance  R45.85m, Intellegence dept R 1 Billion scandal, Trevor Manual and the  R200 million golden handshake for Coleman Andrews of SAA, Pravin Gordhan and his  award of a R10 million Contract in Treasury,SARS Refiloe Mokoena and the Gupta family in the  R420mVAT refund scandal, SARS  executive Luther Lebelo and the more than R750,000  scandal, .Malusi Gigaba and the R 800 Million IT scandal, North West MEC for social development Hoffman Galeng and the R 600 00.00 scandal, Ace Magashule and the R250 million Vrede dairy farm scandal, The South African Airways (SAA) will get R5bn, SA Express R1.2bn and the South African Post Office R2.9bn in new funding from the government (tax payer again), Roy Moodley and the PRASA R 300 Million scandal,  Jacob Zumja and Tina Joemat  Petersen illegally sold off 10 million barrels of crude oil left the country, at $28 a barrel. The R 51 Billion PRASA train scandal,  Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula  and the R 52 Billion SANDF scandal, The SABC R 4.9 Billion scandal ,R1-billion over the past five years paying for Cuban mechanics and technicians to repair and maintain part of the military’s fleet of ageing vehicles (NO white mechanics allowed- and this wasteful regime paid R900-million just on military  salaries for all the cadre generals in charge.) -and the list goes on and on and on…a whole 347 cases of brutal corruption and looting amounting to billions of rands by the ANC robbers  and still the end is not in sight.

Prominent ANC LPs such as Nathi Mthethwa, Lindiwe Sisulu, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, Beaty Dlulane, Mnyamezeli Booi, Lindiwe Sisulu, Ruth Bengu and Humphrey Mmemezi as well as EFF LPs such as Dali Mpofu and Julius Malema have all been implicated in irregular and corrupt practices and looting. AS time lapse more  and more dirty ANC rodents seem to gnaw their way into the chest and  the tax money- and it was not long when the Squirrel simply HAD to make the surprising announcement: “ Our resources are depleted!” WOW! It was the media vultures’ jaws that dropped this time. The media vultures could not believe their ears. Suddenly their “hero”  announced  a zero! It wasn’t “apartheid’s” fault, nor Verwoerd’s or Van Riebeecks! It was their own much hailed pitch black ANC communist rats that was responsible for  this mess. The media Urcs and Orcs nearly choked in their own poison. The media fell silent. Here and there you could hear a faint feeble fart as one or two liberal pony express bitches stutter their indignation and disbelief.  Did he just announce “Our resources are depleted?” Did he just meant to say our country is bankrupt? Then to top it all here comes Donald Trump and casually announce that the sanction machines are gearing up as well.


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But it not only is Trump and the “white man’s thing” that poses a unhealthy situation for the Squirrel and his “Phokkers”- there is a more closer danger to his throne- an age old nemesis he thought he had done with…one that simply just would not die and keeps on popping up everywhere….Jacob Zuma! Zuma never let go of his vindictive jealousy aginst Ramaphosa for stealing his chair. Zuma in fact was a very busy ex-Don behind the scenes- rallying the support and troops to unseat the Squirrel. Factional in-fighting started among the Ramaphokkers- one side championing the Squirrel- the other the Teflon Don. The Squirrel now finds himself literally between the rock and the furnace- with a country staring a financial and economical Armageddon in the face, a brewing civil war between the locals and the Amakweri-Kweri from neighboring countries which draws unnecessary attention from abroad- something the “illustrious” ANC- the “liberators” of Africa do not need now , an army and police force that could not even catch a cold during winter, state departments that grinds to a halt due to insufficient funding and budget cuts, a crime plague that threatens to spin totally out of control, a tensed and unhappy populace that are on the brink of turning the country into a melting cauldron, his co-conspirators in the communist unions that threaten to take up arms against his rule…and an empty treasury  chest.


TIK TOK. !!!!

Posted by Ben Linde on Friday, September 20, 2019

ANOTHER one of the Squirrels multiple problems: The Little Red Riding Bitch that keeps on instigating a civil war among the tribes. 


The clouds of  reckoning for the ANC looters starts to amass on the horizon. And the more clouds gather- the more confused poor Cyril and his “Ramaphokkers” are getting. D-Day for the communist loonies has arrived. And the Squirrel is frantically running in circles trying to find a quick solution to the multiple problems he and his ilk themselves created. All we hear is only empty futuristic railway promises and Star Trek  spoofs. Ramasquirrel’s bluff has been called and he is found wanted….PERIOD! The media vultures bet on a lame duck again– it appears. And as usual does he look to rip somebody else’s property away to plug his own hazardous mismanagement program.


Image may contain: text

Meet Rhamaphosa- King of the Ramaphokkers:



HOWEVER must we not look at these political villains as the persons they are- but rather on what level  of hippocracy they operate. Take for instance Ramaphosa himself. Ramaphosa got stinking rich because the Jew Harry Openheimer stuffed some heavy dough up his back-side with some lucrative shares in many Blue Chip companies. While Ramaphosa’s buddies were busy paying for their dastardly acts of terrorism in jail- this bugger was running free sucking up Jew arse  seriously .

So he let his own kind down as well. But today Ramaphosa walks around the big man- the made man- and pretend his fertile mind amassed all the wealth himself.

Whatever the case – this is the wealth Ramaphosa inherited and amassed so far: 

Ramaphosa’s net worth is over R6.4 billion ($550 million) as of 2018, with 31 properties and previously-held notable ownership in companies such as McDonald’s South Africa, chair of the board for MTN and member of the board for Lonmin. Cyril Ramaphosa was selected by the ANC to become a major beneficiary in empowerment deals. He was one of a few. These deals where aimed at creating wealth outside of the ANC formal structures. The reason was to firstly entrust selected individuals to gain access to not only substantial wealth but also to ensure that such beneficiaries would donate substantial moneys to the ANC . The ANC aimed to fund it self via selected and well positioned cardes placed within the private sector.   This was done firstly to create a funding loophole which could not be done within the ANC as the capitals raised were from within its own alliance. Secondly it ensured that the ANC would not need to rely on other companies to raise funds which could have become a risk if the private sector colluded against the ANC. Thirdly it would provide a mechanism for broad based ownership on the JSE and link private sector companies to the ANC For this reason Ramaphosa resigned in 1996 as Secretary General of the ANC .  At the time it was stated that he fell out of relations with Nelson Mandela for not being recognized as the successor of Thabo Mbeki. This was a smoke screen as you will see below

This is how it all went down

In 1996 Ramaphosa took position as Deputy Executive Chairman of New Africa Investments Limited (“Nail”) and resigned from the ANC.  NAIL invested R7 million to start up an investment banking company called Pleiade Investment Corporation.  Pleiade was in fact a vessel used to raise capital but “publicly it was a financial advisor” and “brokered” an investment deal between SBC communications and MTN. SBC communication simultaneously entered into a joint venture investing R25m into Pleiade Investment corporation which was renamed AMB Capital. In 1996 AMB capital acted as “advisory” to a R2.7 billion broad based empowerment deal in which the National Empowerment Corporation/Consortium (NEC) took a control in Johnnic Holdings Limited. Not only did AMB capital act as advisory but it also raised capital to the value of R2.1 billion for certain members of the National Empowerment Consortium to acquire a controlling stake in Johnnic Holdings Limited (Mutlichoice, Mnet, Hotels and Casinos).  

The members of NEC mostly came from the labor unions, its pension funds and is also where most of the capital were raised (Full funding details was never made public). The R2.1 billion was mostly raised out of Labour Unions pension funds. As part of this acquisition, AMB Capital “put forward” Ramaphosa for the position of Chairman to Johnnic holdings. Considering Ramaphosa’s history with labour unions it can been seen why he was needed within the deal structure. They were using Labour Union member pension funds in equity deals. Within 1996 (Same year Ramaphosa resigned from the ANC and AMB Capital was created) AMB Capital raised a further R1.3 billion for Ikageng Share scheme, AMB Southern African Investment fund and AMB Holdings (Parent company of AMB capital).

Various deals took place with various investment companies being created and by the end of 1997 the above broad based deals took a stake of 10% of the total listed JSE shares. When considering and acknowledge the Afrikaner took close to 20 years to achieve the same level of ownership on the JSE. Most of the broad-based deals was structured as preferential shares varying between 3 -8% discount to listed share price values. It also saw many of these companies secure lucrative deals with Government. Over the next decade all these broad-based deals saw Ramaphosa elected into various Executive and Non-Executive positions on the largest firms listed on the JSE. Thes roles Ramaphosa occupied helped favour these companies with government contracts and helped level their BEE status.

To mention a few positions:ChairmanAlexander Forbes South Africa, Black Economic Empowerment Commission, Johnnic Holdings Limited, KreditInform (Pty) Limited, Sasria SOC Limited, Vancut Diamond WorksDeputy ChairmanRebserve Holdings LimitedExecutive ChairmanMillennium Consolidated Investments (Pty) Limited, Shanduka GroupIndependent DirectorSABMILLER PLCIndependent Non-Executive DirectorCAPITAL PROPERTY FUNDNon-executive ChairmanPAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC, MTN GROUP LIMITED, THE BIDVEST GROUP LIMITEDNon Executive DirectorAlexander Forbes Limited, ASSORE LIMITED, LONMIN PLC, STANDARD BANK GROUP LTD, THE BIDVEST GROUP LIMITED,Vice ChairmanCommonwealth Business Council

Using poor people’s money to get rich quick:


Ramaphosa acquired substantial wealth forming part of so many executive roles within JSE listed companies. He no doubt gained substantial wealth form preferential share options. He was certainly advantage based on the circumstances of the time. Considering the turn of apartheid, questions will remain how fair and how beneficial these deals were. Questions would be asked how much money did the ANC raise for its election campaigns and many other questions will follow. What is not argued is the wealth of RSA billionaires such as Ramaphosa. It does leave a hollow feeling that this wealth has been obtained on the back of low income earners invested pension funds. Have those poor income earners pension funds gained wealth at the same rate as Ramaphosa? Now we see the same trend was taken by the ANC to cerate SANRAL for instance:

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The Ramaphokkers and their deliberate onslaught against the white people of South Africa: The “Wit Gevaar.”




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Last Friday Ferdie van Greunen and his family arrived at their home in Lynnwoodrif. An unknown vehicle was parked in the driveway. Ferdie got out of his car and approached the unknown vehicle. At this point it became clear that the two people in the vehicle were burglars. One of them ran straight towards the vehicle in which Ferdie’s family still was and attempted to drive away with it, thereby committing vehicle theft and abduction as well. In the process to protect his family, Ferdie shot the assailant. The second person then got into the unknown vehicle (which later transpired to be a stolen vehicle and full of items stolen from Ferdie’s house) and attempted to drive away, but succeeded only in driving straight into Ferdie’s car, with his traumatized family still inside and the body of the first attacker next to it.

He repeatedly rammed into Ferdie’s vehicle endangering the lives of mrs Van Greunen and her two children still trapped inside. When he couldn’t get away, he got out of his stolen vehicle and attacked Ferdie. As a result of the ensuing struggle, he was also shot. Ferdie van Greunen protected his family, his property and his own life. Which was his full right to do. However, on Monday morning, a large group of black protesters gathered outside the Van Greunen house screaming at Ferdie that he was a “murderer” and that they now know his address and “will come for your family.” As a result of this Ferdie van Greunen had to arrange protection at immense cost for his family. A vehicle with armed security guards are now permanently parked outside the house. Despite this, the threats against the family became so serious that Mrs Van Greunen and her children boarded a plane and left the country on Tuesday.

And this is the story of the ANC’s South Africa. The victims of a number of crimes, who defended themselves, are being branded as “murderers” and forced to leave everything behind. There can be little doubt that Mr Van Greunen will also be charged with one or the other thing. He has to, otherwise there will once again be an uproar accompanied by black protests, looting and burning because “the white murderer” gets away with what he has done. In the opinion of the black protesters the two black thugs  did nothing wrong. Their political leaders, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema tells them that Ferdie van Greunen, and people like him, “stole ” what they own from black people and that black people therefore has a “right ”  to just walk in and “expropriate it without compensation.” And if white people defend themselves, they are “murderers” and their families may be murdered.

Want to know the truth that has been hidden from the world for 25 years?




AS you clearly can see the Ramaphokkers continuously keeps on waging a discriminating war against the innocent white population of South Africa- psychologically and physically. It is their favorite past time to slander, spread false propaganda, whip up hatred against whites, threaten, dehumanize, alienate , oppress and blame whites for the total f*ck-up they made out of the country. The Squirrel for one is a hardened communist white hater. It is time this bunch of despots are kicked out of office- they have overstayed their welcome.



YEA…THAT’s  your ANC “liberators” tarnished history– yet the Squirrel stood in parliament – very innocent- barfing bullsh*t about how many blacks the white “apartheid” killed!

And you thought your commute to work was bad…

And you thought your commute to work was bad…

Posted by South Africa Live on Friday, September 20, 2019



DAVID BULLARD  in his review sums it up quite correctly: 


You can always tell when the ANC bigwigs are getting a bit worried that there may not be enough money left to steal before the 2024 election. They trot out the race card. Last week the President stated in parliament that those opposed to the ludicrously ill conceived NHI are “opposed to transformation”. Now, who on earth could possibly be opposed to transformation for such a worthy cause as supplying free health care for every citizen and every foreign migrant in the land? Presumably those pesky white land thieves and selfish white monopoly capitalists who don’t want to take their place in an orderly queue when cancer comes knocking at their door. Labeling opposition to NHI as being opposed to transformation is, of course, complete populist buffalo shit but, as we know full well, populist buffalo shit sells in a country where the majority of voters have been deliberately educated to be incapable of questioning or evaluating anything the government does on their behalf.

Informed opposition to NHI (as opposed to informed emotional opposition) makes it very clear that the country cannot afford it at the moment. It would certainly be a nice to have but, bearing in mind the vast holes in significant parts of our economy, it would be reckless to go ahead with NHI. On a domestic level, it would be like me rushing out to buy a 60 inch state of the art, high definition TV instead of spending money on a plumber when my toilet is blocked and overflowing. Informed emotional opposition to the NHI points out that the ANC don’t have a particularly good track record of running anything in the country these past 25 years and the healthcare they are currently responsible for leaves much to be desired. So why would we trust them with a national healthcare scheme?

Then there’s the small matter of widespread corruption and the huge potential for large amounts of cash to find its way into politician’s bank accounts. In which case, no doubt, a judicial enquiry would be set up, at a modest cost to the taxpayer of R130m, specifically to find that no healthcare money moved in unusual directions. Judging by the inquiry into the arms deal, that’s the way things seem to work here and since we don’t arrest or prosecute those who we already know to be thieves and fraudsters, it seems probable that the rape of medical aid funds would go unpunished. Finally, there’s the argument that, in a properly run society, people should be free to spend their after tax income in any legal manner they choose.

If that happens to be frittering it away on medical insurance every month, rather than buying a case of Lagavulin 16 year old and self medicating, then so be it. I used to regard my monthly medical aid contribution as a grudge purchase, but I no longer did so when I was superbly treated in Milpark hospital for gunshot wounds back in 2007. As the big 70 birthday looms, I am of the opinion that I will need more rather than less specialist medical care so I happily pay every month, whether I use it or not. The thought of having to go to a government run hospital if I am diagnosed with a serious illness in the future quite frankly scares the hell out of me. After ascribing opposition to the NHI to those opposed to transformation the President goes on to demonstrate that he has just talked complete nonsense by quoting a couple of statistics.

Apparently, R250bn is spent every year on private healthcare versus R220bn for the rest of the population. The beneficiaries of private health care (which costs the government nothing) make up 16% of the population. That’s 9 250 000 people, Mr President – a number that far exceeds the entire white population in this country. Bearing in mind that many white South Africans also cannot afford medical aid, one must assume that the 9.25m is made up of various race groups, but the demographics of the country would tend to suggest that black South Africans may even make up the majority of that statistic. Any black employee of a public company is almost certainly going to be on a medical aid scheme and I can’t believe independent black professionals like lawyers, doctors and accountants are prepared to take their chances with the state health system, particularly if they have children. So NHI is going to alienate a lot of economically productive voters, Mr President.

Something else missing from the Presidential logic is this. If those 9,25m who have opted to pay for their own medical care, in addition to paying taxes for the medical care of others, are forced to join the NHI scheme, what do you think will happen to waiting times for healthcare? Yes, I’ve read all the gobbledygook about how the government are going to hire more nurses and doctors and are going to contract those in the private healthcare sector into the NHI scheme. Has it perhaps occurred to you sir that they are in the private health sector because the idea of the government telling them how best to do their job doesn’t really appeal? Do you honestly think that healthcare specialists, used to being reimbursed by well managed and properly funded medical aids, want to swap that for remuneration by an already creaking public healthcare system?


And you thought your commute to work was bad…

And you thought your commute to work was bad…

Posted by South Africa Live on Friday, September 20, 2019

Personally I would be very surprised. At the time of writing it was revealed that the SA government owes more than R7bn in unpaid bills to private sector businesses. Hanging the label of “opposed to transformation” on anything is a tried and tested way for a dishonest and hopelessly inept government to create a narrative that all would have been well if it hadn’t been for dark, destructive forces. The narrative, willingly reported by what is left of the main stream media, is that “racist whites ” are to blame. Tell the people that the “white owned” private medical aids are withholding medicines from them and allowing their babies to die and you have then persuaded a large chunk of the population to hate those who are apparently the cause of all their misery. Fortunately the number of those who stand to lose out with the enforcement of NHI is both significant and racially diverse, so maybe this won’t be quite the pushover the ANC politburo are hoping for.

The state’s debt levels have overshot forecasts made in February’s budget and economists believe it could get worse without improvements in economic growth and greater commitment to spending cuts from the ANC  phokkers. The national government’s total gross loan debt increased significantly to 58.3% of annual GDP as at June 30, the Reserve Bank said in its quarterly bulletin on Wednesday. This was above the February budget’s projection of 56.2% for the full 2019/20 fiscal year. Meanwhile the debt clock is fast ticking towards the 4 Trillion mark, the treasury chest is as empty as the Squirrel’s  Star Trek promises…..and the plundering Ramaphokkers still are at large.