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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent- Durban September 29 2019








LOOTING– The new “blue chip” culture that swept through  South Africa’s elite white collar crook establishment since the ANC  shagged the National Party in 1994. Looting became  the common LOTTO game of chance for the super rich and the political rustlers. And every-one is involved- from the president to the city councils to the Big Business to the banks- all co-operate in a mega network mafia syndicate to milk the poor tax payer and pensioner dry.

SINCE Jacob Zuma’s entrance into the political lime-light the term “looting” was taken to another level- a level reserved only for the “untouchables“- the Treasury busters,-  the creme-a-la-creme of the money swindlers and political laundering elites. Zuma was so bad he even would steal his own wallet just for practice –  and then deny it to himself that he stole it. When this extortionist beast was on the roll the figures of the opening bets hit 6-digits in no time. Whenever this “elite” shysters were at work they go like BIG time. We can vividly remember them- the Mbekis, Joemat Petersens, Zumas, Guptas, Ramaphosas, Kebbles, Watsons, Oppenheimers, Gigabas, Mojanes, Reddys, Holenis, Mokonyanes, Jordaans, Manuels, Gordans, Shivambus, Mokoenas, Magashules, Gamas, Madunas,  Mlambo-Ngcukas, Khanyiles, Malemas, Mantashes and a whole list of notorious pundits and fraudsters that took their chances at the “mother load” in the treasury vaults. And up to today not ONE of them ever was locked up for cleaning out the state vault. Add to that the banks, the ABSA, VBS, African Bank, Standard Bank , the State Owned Enterprises, Provincial kingpins, City Council hoodlums  and about every money slugging company  you can think of. South Africa became a “free-for-all” looting mecca for the racketeering  connoisseurs. And all the time either the tax payer or the poor pensioners were rustled out of millions upon millions by these notorious white collar mobsters. You can view a whole plundering list  HERE.


Such again is the case of yet another rip-off in the making. This time it’s another bank– Capitec– that that were involved in another scam- the swindling of  Transnet’s Pension Fund from a cool R 825 Million – and an extra  bonus of R 500 Million more by the Gupta ‘s  front organization Regiments Capital. And as expected…NO investigation into the matter. After all- It’s South Africa we’re talking about here- and no crook will investigate another crook- the crooks’ code of honor .

MADNESS and greed  reigns supreme as state capture looters Regiments Capital are set to laugh all the way to the bank yet again if they manage to sell BEE shares obtained from Capitec to settle only half of the money they stole from the Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund. Regiments directors then plan to walk away with a cool R500 million in their pockets without having to face criminal charges. In short they stole and they stole BIG. To make this massive looting go away they plan to sell Capitec BEE shares, obviously obtained without having to pay for it, and continue to live in luxury while old and dying Transnet (mainly white) pensioners have to live on between R1000 and R2000 a month. The Gupta enabled elite looters will be able to maintain their opulent and luxurious lifestyle whilst old people who worked a lifetime for Transnet can barely feed themselves.

This is how it came about: The Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund says in statements submitted to court that Regiments Capital stole R825 million from them, R349 million of this in just 4 days in fraudulent transactions . This happened during the state capture period when the Guptas ruled supreme in South Africa. In this period they had one of their lackeys, Stanley Shane, installed as the Transnet pension fund chairman who in turn appointed Regiments Capital to ” manage” the Transnet pension fund. Regiments was closely involved in looting associated with the Guptas, also with train tenders involving Transnet. Regiments know they are guilty as the devil but lucky for them they obtained a massive Lucky Packet years ago in the form of Capitec BEE shares now worth more than a R1 billion Rand.

As investigations into state capture continue they now want to use the Capitec Lucky Packet to settle the Transnet pension fund claims against them. But they want to keep some of the Lucky Packet obviously and so they agreed to pay back only about R500 million of the stolen Transnet pension fund loot which will enable them to keep R500 million more after they sell their Capitec shares. The only obstacle in the path of this proposed settlement is that Capitec opposes it in court on the grounds that they will be disadvantaged if they lose black shareholders empowered by them with 810 230 Capitec shares. Capitec says their BEE scorecard will be influenced if they lose their Gupta linked black shareholders now. Capitec says they can’t allow Regiments to give their Capitec shares to the Transnet pension fund because they are not black. (Read the blatant discrimination against whites here) 

The lawyer for Capitec also says in court papers that Regiments shareholders earlier made R1, 2 billion from the sale of Capitec shares and received R356 million in dividends. The Capitec lawyer also says that Regiments shareholders obtained these massive monetary benefits without having to bring any of their own money to the table and without having to take any risk. Peet Maritz , CEO of the Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund, says in court papers that Capitec is not honest and in fact want to earn double points on the BEE scorecard, because they will maintain their BEE status for the earlier Regiments transaction even if Regiments sell their Capitec shares. Maritz says Capitec wants to double their current BEE status by insisting that Regiments only sell their Capitec shares to a black company.

Maritz also said he finds it strange that Capitec would cling so desperately to Regiments Capital, which is deeply implicated in state capture looting. Last week Rapport also reported that Regiments directors are also the owners of a company called Cedar Park which obtained the valuable land on which the Sandton Gautrain station is built absolutely for free in the days when the ANC was still ruling Johannesburg. Johannesburg taxpayers also paid R250 million for a platform above the Gautrain station on which Cedar Park plans to do future developments like flats and business premises. Cedar Park also have not paid a cent for water and property taxes and for this reason the DA mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, has vowed to try and reverse the transaction in which Cedar Park has obtained the Gautrain land.

Bottom-Line is the ANC is the main cause for all the criminal activity in the country- and once you have obtained an ANC-alliance ticket- the road to the State El Dorado becomes paved with millions upon millions of tax payers money and pensioners hard earned dollars for you. It is then for this reason of utter greed that the ANC and Ramaphosa also are eyeing your Pension Funds and your Health Care   contributions to stuff their already bloated bank accounts even more- all while YOU will be the one suffering from the indigestion. Join @#ANCmustfall campaigns.