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Article compiled by White Nation correspondent Cape Town – October 10 2019








MYSTERIE  and possible suspected foul play surrounds the mysterious and brutal murder of one of South Africa’s most specialist psychologists and trauma Councillors- Isaeli born Dr. Mirah Wilks. What adds more to the  suspicions- was that Dr. Wilks was  renowned for her research into hate crimes, trauma and violence. Linked to the brutal farm murders that mostly are downright hate crimes against the white farmers- the significance of investigating the brutal murder of this specialist is so much more important. 

Wilks was stabbed to death in her home in Sandown, Johannesburg on Sunday evening by alleged “home invaders ” who gained entry through the roof. Her husband who was at church discovered her body upon his return. All that was missing was 2 laptops and a cellphone. There are no suspects identified at this stage . Wilks was a well known trauma Councillor and well known in psychology circles. Wilks was also a former art teacher at the King David High School in Victory Park. Wilks was studying towards a doctors degree. She leaves her husband Frank, 2 children Tarryn and Brett and 2 grandchildren.

She gained her PhD in hate crimes from the University of South Africa and was working at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg when she was murdered. She also studied at the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr Wilks was the former chair of the Psychological Society of South Africa and worked for many years as a top psychologist in the country. According to the Daily Mail, the killers stabbed Dr Wilks at least 12 times in the chest and back and then cut her throat. South African police have now launched a major manhunt to find the gang. “A case of murder is being investigated and the post-mortem will determine the exact cause of death, but a sharp object was used,” police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini told the publication. “It was used in the fatal assault on the victim who was found by her husband when her returned home from church, and we are appealing for witnesses to come forward.”

In a statement, the Psychological Society of South Africa said Dr Wilks’ violent murder “has left us with a deep sense of loss”. “Mirah was known to a great many of her colleagues in the psychology fraternity, and the communities she served with distinction, as someone who in the Jewish culture is referred to as ‘a mensch’,” the statement said. “It is probably one of the greatest honours to be called a mensch — a good soul, a person with integrity and honour, kind and considerate, someone who always treats others with the utmost respect and dignity, someone who is admired and emulated. Indeed, Mirah was well respected and much loved and these memories of her will stay with us.” A funeral service for the grandmother was held on Monday. South African police and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have been contacted for comment.

 The killers stabbed her at least a dozen times and slit her throat — just to steal two laptops and a mobile phone. Renowned psychologist Dr Mirah Wilks, 69, was ambushed inside her Johannesburg home on Sunday after her retired husband Frank, 72, left to worship at the local synagogue, the Daily Mail reports. The gang waited for Mr Wilks to leave before entering the home by climbing onto the roof and removing tiles to get around security doors and windows. Dr Wilks was found lying dead on the floor by her husband of 45 years when he returned from evening worship. Dr Wilks was born in Israel and moved to Australia as a young girl, according to the publication. The couple had a daughter Tarryn and son Brett in Melbourne before moving to South Africa. The former art teacher-turned psychologist specialized in hate crime and violence in South Africa and had recently begun research into “resilience as a means of adaptation and survival”, with a focus on the country’s LGBT community.

Dr Wilks, pictured behind her husband Frank (left) and another relative, was referred to as a 'good soul' and someone with 'great integrity and honour'


Dr Wilks, pictured behind her husband Frank (left) and another relative, was referred to as a ‘good soul’ and someone with ‘great integrity and honour’

Professor Juan Nel who was a close friend of Dr Wilks, and her supervisor, said that the Psychological Society of South Africa was distraught after learning of her murder. He said: ‘Dr Wilks was the victim of a violent crime that took place in her home and Mirah’s untimely death has left us with a deep sense of loss that will affect all of us here.’Mirah was known to a great many of her colleagues in the psychology fraternity and was a good soul and a person in the profession who had great integrity and honour’ he said. Counselling psychologist Dr Ingrid Artus said: ‘We have a scarcity of psychologists in South Africa and the service they provide to society are vital and her loss will impact on patients. ‘The work that she was doing in SA was vital to helping a country such as ours. This will perpetuate the fear that many associate with crime. She will be greatly missed,’ she said. The Psychological Society of South Africa shared a poignant letter Dr Wilks had shared with her students, describing herself as a childhood polio survivor and Jewish refugee who had battled cancer.  ‘Everyone has a story,’ Dr Wilks wrote. ‘I have often wondered how I survived, rebounded and found new pathways to health. What was the source of my ability to regenerate? Where was my source of hope and positivity? Did my attitude on life and my personality have anything to do with my experiences of resilience in adversity?’  The society added: ‘And hopeful and positive, she was. Always.’

Wilks, pictured here with her husband Frank (left), was renowned for her academic research into hate crimes, trauma and violence and was highly respected in her field


Wilks, pictured here with her husband Frank (left), was renowned for her academic research into hate crimes, trauma and violence and was highly respected in her field 

THE doubts that it was a “normal” murder

Now what triggers the suspicion is the Modus Operandi used by the killers to murder this woman:

  1. Firstly they WAITED for her husband to leave. There were four of them. So this means they already had her alone targeted.
  2. Secondly they AMBUSHED her. This means they were waiting for her specifically.
  3. Thirdly they gained access through the roof- something NO normal burglar does- at least this is a first in South Africa- a country notorious for it’s crime and murders. In all the murders by burglars we saw passing our desks this past 10 years the villains gained access through braking either doors or windows- but NEVER go through all the trouble of scaling walls, opening up roof tiles/plates- open up or go through an inspection opening in the ceiling just to rob someone. This means they specifically entered through the roof as to leave no visible traces or finger marks for the police.This indicates a specialist job. And this reeks of a government conspiracy.
  4. Fourthly their brutal way of murdering her- stabbed at least 12 times and then to make sure she would not survive- slit her throat as a final measure.- This means they wanted her dead.This was done by non-white operatives- as NO white murderer would act in such a brutal and inhuman way to kill someone. Whites would not use knives either- posing as a city council worker or some sales agent then using  a .22 revolver or 9mm Parabellum with a silencer  would be quite adequate to do the job. That is how professional assassins would do the job-one man only,  quick , quiet and clean – but descending in a gang of four – using knives and make a total mess in such a savage way out of the scene is definitely not a white assassin’s style. It starkly reminds us of the Terreblanche murder- also they made a bloody mess of it. 
  5. The two laptops and cell phone only was a very amateur-ish way to make it “appear” like a normal burglary. If “they” planned to only rob the woman- why go through all the trouble accessing through the roof? How did they plan to carry all the loot through the ceiling, through the roof, down the walls and over the fence in any case if “they” were just normal burglars? ANY respectable  private investigator worth his salt will tell you immediately this was straight a planned hit- PERIOD!
  6. Lastly did not ONE single South African Main Stream Media outlet report this murder- just The Daily Mail and Times Live– both international outlets and then the Alternative Media. This comes forth as very peculiar as the South African Media normally are quick to respond to even an insignificant little “racist” allegation like the Etsebeth saga- but a brutal and horrendous murder of such  an international accredited  high profile person eerily seemed to “slip” them by!  WE are well aware that the whole South African media caboodle is in the pockets of the communist ANC and their corporate cronies.  This then  force us to ask questions as to why all of a sudden did the Etsebeth saga dominated the South African media so much this past week with all the BS coming from Buang Jones and his HRC – and the four Cape Flats twats Enver Wilsnach, Yorayda Papier, Mogamad Smith and Kay Lee Brook that allegedly seek R 1 million from Etsebeth ?  Was this whole media spectacle around the Etsebeth saga specifically  created to hide the horrible Wilks murder from the public (and international) eyes maybe-  and  the Etsebeth saga only acts as a diversion- a false flag to draw away the attention from this incident? It surely appears that way.

Dr Wilks had moved to Australia from Israel as a young girl and had a daughter Tarryn and son Brett in Melbourne, Victoria, with husband Frank (left) and the family later emigrated to South Africa


Dr Wilks had moved to Australia from Israel as a young girl and had a daughter Tarryn and son Brett in Melbourne, Victoria, with husband Frank (left) and the family later emigrated to South Africa 

The strange circumstances around her murder all points directly to a National Intelligence job- or “Black Ops” operation by the government specifically  to silence Wilks. This starkly reminds us of the Eugene Terreblanche murder, Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski , Chris Hani , Joe Modise, Peter Mokaba , the Mangaung metro municipality employee that  has been found dead in the boot of her car. Seipati Lechoano’s body was found in her office basement parking at the Bram Fischer building in Bloemfontein . There are numerous cases and incidents that opposition or threats to the ANC rule simply ‘expire” for no reason at all- true gangland-style. The ANC rule by fear– and assassinations-  commonly referred to as  government “Black Ops” operations –  is a long time control method to “step in line”  with the Mafia Mob  on top or else. The ANC per se has no qualms in “eliminating” opposition to their rule. They came from a history of using violence to achieve their objectives- and still have not abandoned that brutal tactics to install fear and “obedience.” Factually did Nelson Mandela never denounced violence as a means to achieve their objectives- and the ANC today still adhere to that. They are a brutal and savage mob that will leave no stone unturned if it threatens their mob rule. ..even a brutal murder such as this. They have been doing it since their “liberation” days- even against their own cadres in Quatro. Jacob Zuma is a well known “specialist” in this field. Ramaphosa himself has more than a few questions to answer about the Marikana massacre– another little piece of history the ANC really like to wipe under the carpet with their continuous “Sharpville” propaganda campaigns. Taken in consideration how many innocent people they have massacred- friend and foe – during the so-called ‘apartheid” era with bombs and necklace murders – this might be an eye-opener to those still naive “sheeple” about what type of regime really is in control- and what type of dark powers are behind them.


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Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorImage may contain: outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoorImage may contain: outdoor

The so-called “struggle” years  of the ANC- massacring thousands of people. For the ANC terrorists it was easy killing innocent  people then- and still is easy doing it now. This piece of violent history you never hear the ANC “apartheid” screamers, the EFF warlocks or the leftist media ramming down your throats as they do with Verwoerd, Van Riebeeck and the “injustices” of “apartheid.” 


Wilks was “agitating” someone- coming too close to revealing something someone did not want to be revealed- and she was deemed “expendable.” We suspect the Wilks murder and the horrible murders of South African farmers that now increasingly becomes an international focus point – especially with the Trump administration –   somewhere the two issues has a connection.  This murder has all the ingredients of such a government assassination written all over it. Wilks posed a threat to the current communist rulers and their handlers- and a lot of pointers show the way to an Intelligence slush funded hit- or possibly a George Soros involvement- paid by his Open Society Foundation funds- the same as the Clinton Foundation is suspected to  fund all the mysterious disappearances of scientists opposed to government corruption and Big Corp domination in the USA. Killing political or corporate opponents or whistle blowers is as old as the Roman politics itself- and South Africa with the British M15, CIA and Broederbond criminals at work since the early 50’s already-  it then is no coincidence that foul play are suspected in numerous unsolved deaths/suicides/murders  as well. In South Africa the assassination of Hendrik French Verwoerd most probably is the best known case where the Cabal organized such a hit. Eugene Terreblanche also is yet another case where the Cabal again used two “fallmen” as scapegoats for a political hit. But every “hit” can be recognized by certain factors that runs a scarlet thread through  the same type of modus operandi- but like the Terreblanche case and now the Wilkes incident both can be seen as executed by amateur African hit men….iow plain Tsotsis!






The Soros influence in South Africa are: 


Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA) Grantees
Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA) Grantees

Mail & Guardian Centre for Investigative Journalism – R1 102 500
Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU) ”Project Reclaim the City in CT“??? – R500 000
Media Monitoring Africa (MMA – R600 000
Equal Education – R1 000 000
Gay & Lesbian Network – R500 000
Gun Free South Africa – R400 000
Sonke Gender Justice – R 700 000 (12 Months)
Open Book Festival – R 50 000 (12 Months)
Oxpeckers Investigate Environmental Journalists – R 300 000 (18 Months)
Institute of Security Studies (ISS) – R 800 040 (12 Months)
GroundUp – R 800 000 (12 Months)
Gun Free SA (GFSA) – R 700 000 (12 Months)


Wilks was investigating hate crimes- and in a time the international world now are paying more attention to the South African farm murders- Wilks’ contribution would have substantiated the fact that farm murders are not normal murders- but specifically politically motivated hate crimes. Thus removing her evidence was substantially crucial. Her murder though bears all the trade marks of a pre-planned assassination. And as always in such cases will silence prevail and flat denial will be in the order of the day. Her murder will again only be described as a “normal crime.”We can suspect the murderers(Assassins) will never be apprehended or another “fall man/men” will be recruited just as in the Terrebllanche and Marike De Klerk cases. To find the real answer to the Wilks murder and who did it we believe one just have to contact Lethuli-House. You will most likely find the answer there. 

OTHER related incidents this past month was:


  • A white elderly  woman (50) has been brutally attacked and raped by four black terrorists on a farm in South Africa. The attack took place on a farm outside in Brits, North West province, on Wednesday 3 October 2019 at 12:00. The woman who was overpowered, stabbed in the back, severely assaulted and raped and has been admitted to a hospital in Rustenburg suffering extreme trauma.The woman who fought back but suffered severe injuries as a result. The home was ransacked and a number of items including her pick-up was robbed.  There is no other information available at this stage. Police are investigating. Four black terrorists were arrested. The black garden worker is suspected to be the master-mind behind the attack.
  • A Young white male- Edwin Miller– as resident in a Pretoria suburb Rietondale– was murdered inside his home on Tuesday Februaty 08 2019. His lifeless body was discovered by his mother when she returned from work. The back-door was broken where the black terrorists gained entry. A laptop, jewelry and cash were stolen from the property.
  • In Belville Cape Town an elderly white couple also was brutally attacked and robbed by black thugs in their home.They were attacked by savages with a hammer and a knife. The elderly male (77) was stabbed 22 times before they were robbed.  The condition of Johan Spammer (77) has deteriorated since Tuesday morning 8 October 2019 after he and his wife were attacked and savagely assaulted in their home in Bellville, Cape Town. He was hospitalized with approximately 20 stab wounds to his head, back and arms. The attacker also viciously beat him with a hammer and a pipe.The doctor said that Spammer suffered severe injuries to his bladder, his lung and was suffering with bad infection. His brain scan showed clear bruises and two of his wounds won’t stop bleeding. He is receiving blood and cannot breathe normally without the oxygen, one lung has fallen flat and they are struggling to treat it. He is a lean man and too weak for any surgery.
  • Also in Cape Town a white mother and daughter was brutally attacked in Valmary Park Durbanvile. Claire Whitwam (63) and her daughter  Brigette (34) took a stroll when they were brutally attacked by black savages with a crow bar. Fisrt the savages atattacked the border collies that accompanied the pair. Then the one savage attacked the pair- striking Claire over the head with the crowbar. Her daughter also was attacked and in the process to shield her face face from the blow three of her fingers was broken. Appearantly one of the savages told his companion to produce a knife as it would scare the pair of women. The savages demanded money and one then stabbed Brigette in the chest after which she started bleeding profusely. One savage even attempted to pull Claire’s wedding ring off her finger. Halt Security was contacted and responded quickly. After a chase one of the two villians was arrested near Brackenfell Boulevard. The other thug escaped.
  • In the Langebaan region in the Western Cape three black savages attacked Maureen Swift inside her home. She was repeatedly assaulted and robbed. Her husband Tommy said they were laying down on the sitting room sofa watching television while they waited for their son Tommy to return home from work. He said he heard the dog bark- and the next moment the savages was on them. They must have removed the bathroom window o get acess to the home. Maureen was assaulted and repeatedly kicked against the head. Tommy was stabbed with a screwdriver in the head and face. The couple was tied up after which the savages demanded cash. They then ransacked the house and fled with laptops and other valuables in the couple’s Chevrolet Cruze vehicle.
  • A farm attack took place on October 08 2019, at 17:30 in Groblersdal, Limpopo province. Christof Kruger (70+) a white elderly farmer was attacked on a farm on the Dewagendrift road. He was attacked when he returned to the farm from town and was assaulted, tied up and robbed by three black savages. Only at 19:15 did the elderly man manage to free himself and summon help on the radio. Alpha farm watch responded but the attackers had already fled the area. Mr Kruger suffered injuries and was attended to.
  • Two elderly white women have been found murdered at the St  Johns Stella Londt retirement home in Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth. Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu has  arrived at the scene and confirmed  that two women had been killed. It would appear that the incident happened overnight. Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu has just arrived at the scene and confirmed to AlgoaFM News moment’s ago that two women had been killed.  The victims were found in separate rooms with their hands and feet bound and their mouths gagged. Naidu identified them as the 91-year-old Agnes Elaine Burns from East London and the 87-year-old Rosemary Langton. She says there was no forced entry in the house. The exact cause of death is unclear at this stage and will be determined once a post mortem had been conducted. It is alleged that the robbers entered the premises through an unlocked gate and Trellie door on the upper level of the main building in the complex. Naidu says the suspects entered the first room where they confronted Burns before tying her up and ransacking her room. It is believed that they then moved to Langton’s room to do the same. It is not clear at this stage what was stolen from the victims. Some residents told Algoa FM News that this was not the first security-related issue on the premises as some recently had their homes and cars broken into.
  • Another farm murder has taken place, this time in Kameeldrift, north of Pretoria, Gauteng province. A white farmer was repairing his fence on his smallholding on 27 september 2019, at 14:00 in Rinkhalsweg, when he was shot dead by an unknown number of black savages . The farmer died on the scene.It was reported that at least two other farm attacks took place in the same area on that day and farm workers in both instances were assaulted and tied up. There is no other information available at this stage.
  • A farm attack took place on 27 September 2019, in Magaliesmoot, Gauteng province. The victim was attacked by three suspects and shot in his arm. He was assaulted and forced to give up his bank card and pin code. His Toyota pick-up  was also robbed during the attack.Police are investigating the attack. There is no other information available at this stage.
  • In this videoby ‘Loving Life’ we see how the Natal Spa in Vryheid, KZN was attacked. Guests had to be evacuated to safe zones after 100’s of weapon wielding black “protesters”  descended on this popular holiday resort on 21 December 2018. The venue was destroyed as widows, door, fridges etc. were smashed by machetes  and knobkirrie wielding attackers. The protesters demanded that staff abandon their duties or they would be killed. A SAPS spokesperson said that the group started gathering at 04:00. Welcome to the New South Africa! None of the guests were hurt during the attack and the Spa is expecting at least another 130 guests who had booked at the resort to still check in. The attack was incited by false rumors of racism towards the staff.
  • A farm murder took place on 9 October 2019, in Thembelihle, Northern Cape province. A farm foreman was shot dead by two black savages who broke into the farm house. During the farm attack they also took a hunting rifle from the safe.There is no other information available at this stage but both suspects have been arrested and the police are investigating the attack.
  • A case of murder is under investigation following the discovery of a white male in his fifties at his home in Kenton on Sea on the morning of 14 October 2019. According to information the victim lived alone and his relative tried contacting him and when he got no answer, he arrived at his house and made the shocking discovery. Both the front and back doors were open however no sign of forced entry. The man had been tied up. Forensic experts are at the scene. The motive for the murder is not known. Police investigations continue.
  • A farm attack took place on 9 October 2019, in Kameelfontein, Gauteng province. The owner was attacked by an unknown number of attackers. He was assaulted and tied up. the home was then ransacked and household items and a vehicle were stolen. The vehicle was later abandoned not far from the scene.There is no other information available at this stage. Police are investigating.

Faces and names of our people brutally killed in September 2019 alone



Gert Pretorius from Vryheid in KZN – Shot to death and his bakkie hijacked after he was lured to a distant location by a gang pretending to be a customer for his aluminium business.
Galoopy van Staden from Meyerton, Gauteng – Shot and killed by a hijacker, possibly also by someone pretending to be a customer as Galoopy was also a businessman.
Shaun Krull – A farmer shot and killed on his farm in the Eastern Cape.
Miemie Frost (72) – An elderly lady farming alone on her farm in Bethlehem, Free State. Her body was found dumped in the local graveyard.
Tiaan from the Western Cape – His surname is unknown but his body was found in a park with knife wounds.
Wynand Labuschagne (27) – Shot to death by house robbers in his flat in Brentwood Park, Kempton Park.
John Barnard (83) from Gouritsmond, Southern Cape – Found murdered in his home. He was a retired dominee ( church minister).

Peter Henson (80) – Found murdered in his home in Sedgefield in the Western Cape.
Karen Turner (31) – Stabbed together with her husband Matthew whilst the couple was sleeping in a guest lodge in the * Hluleka game reserve in the Eastern Cape. She was 3 months pregnant and her 23-month-old son Hayden was also with their parents in the room. Matthew barely survived the stabbing.
Florence Jennifer Dilworth (55) from Durban – Stabbed and brutally beaten after she unknowingly got into what she thought was a taxi. It was in fact a hijacked vehicle. She wanted to go to church. Her body was found on the side of the road.
Barbra Joubert – Found naked and severely beaten near the Daspoort tunnel in Pretoria. She died in hospital shortly after.
Ryno Eagar from Witbank – Stabbed to death with a knife.
Christiaan Peens from Klerksdorp – Run over by a taxi. His body was only found 3 months later close to the accident scene.
Gary Goslin (56) – He was found murdered in his home in Elandia, Klerksdorp. His house had good security with high walls and security cameras.

Jeanette van Wyk (83) from Schweizer Reneke – She died from a heart attack induced by severe fright after intruders entered her flat in the frail care of the local old age home.
Delores Ireland (77) – Found bound and strangled in her home on the Bluff in Durban.
Frik Roodt (66) – Shot dead during a house robbery in his home in Empangeni, KZN.
Rina Groenewald (69) – Her naked body was found in her granny flat in Henley-on-Klip in Gauteng on 2 September. She was strangled.
• Unknown farmer from Kameeldrift Pretoria – It was widely reported in the media that a farmer was shot and killed whilst fixing his fence on Friday 27 September. His name has not been released yet.

  • Agnes Elaine Burns from East London and the 87-year-old Rosemary Langton.Murdered in their old aged home inSt  Johns Stella Londt retirement home in Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth


For the period 1 January to end of May 2019 there were already 184 Farm attacks and 20 farm murders. A staggering statistic and the government says it’s not happening. During the month of June 2019, there were 34 farm attacks and 6 farm murders, whilst 3 farm attacks were averted. During July 2019 there were 39 farm attacks ,4 farm murders and 4 farm attacks were averted. During August 2019 there were 45 farm attacks ,4 farm murders  whilst 6 farm attacks were successfully averted, During September 2019 there were 46 farm attacks and 7 farm murders whilst one farm attack was averted. And the ANC terrorist Organization deliberately still denies the existence of these heinous crimes. The oldest victim was 96 years old, with an average of four attacks per incident, in one case there were 20 attackers. These are not ordinary crimes and if these atrocities occurred in western countries there would be a huge outcry and condemnation but not in South Africa. The ruling African National Corruption  government remains complicit while Minister of Police “Bam Bam Cele” is not only complicit but remain silent.

A farm attack victim’s mother wrote 




” Today 3 years ago on 10 July 2015 my son Abram Blignaut and his wife Izolda Blignaut became victims off the the attacks on South Africans! It changed our lives as a family into a nightmare! My son was shot 3 times as he was trying to protect his 4 boys with his bare hands against the attacker while his wife was running to get help with her hands tied behind her back and fighting the other attacker, he shot 4 times at her but by the grace of God he missed her! The bullet went through Braam’s spinal cord and he’s paralyzed from below his chest and will never walk again! His suffering in the new South Africa didn’t stop there, last year he fell ill after complications with a pressure sore on his hip! We took him from one hospital to another with no luck off getting any medical help for him! He nearly lost his life a second time due to that! We took him to Bloemfontein 500 km from his home where his right leg was removed from his hip! I started this group on Facebook in honor off my son and his wife and my 4 grandsons to show the world what is really going on here in South Africa and if you are lucky to survive that the torture didn’t end! Pain, spasms, expensive medication, chronic infections, suffering to make ends meat and to provide for their kids became a constant battle for them! Today i would like to tell my son that he’s my hero and to my daughter in law, thank you for 3 years off dedicating yourself to your husband! I love you all with all off my heart!”

In 2015, Braam Blignaut was attacked on his farm in Mooinooi, North West province, and was shot three times by the attackers. Today Braam is a paraplegic because of this horrific attack. The criminals stole R250, two cell phones and a camera, a paltry sum of goods but ruined a family forever.

According to statistics since 1 January to the end of September 2019, there have been 350 farm attacks and 41 farm murders in South Africa. The oldest victim was 96 years old, with an average of four attacks per incident, in one case there were 20 attackers. White farmers in South Africa are being murdered at a rate of more than one per week, as the country’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa vows to seize back land without compensation. News Corp Australia chief reporter Paul Toohey, who traveled to South Africa to investigate, has told Sky News farmers are struggling to defend themselves, and local police are not dedicating enough resources to investigate the crimes. More than 400 farmers were attacked in 2017.These are not ordinary crimes and if these atrocities occurred in western countries there would be a huge outcry and condemnation but not in South Africa.The ruling African National Congress government remains complicit while Minister of Police is not only complicit but remain silent.


Each and every day there are murders in South Africa, that is true. Liberals will say that there are murders in all communities and that is also true. But what they don’t say is that white people don’t go out on a daily basis and go and attack, kill, rape and maim other races in their homes. The black majority is doing that to the white minority. Not the other way around. A slow genocide is where one race group is slowly killing off another race group that is in the minority. This is happening and can also be described as a slow war. The hate speech against whites in South Africa, the discriminating laws against whites and the double standards against whites by State institutions, including the so called Courts, are more evidence of a slow genocide against the South African white minority




White Nation








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