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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent- Johannesburg  October 14  2019








ZIMBABWE– A country synonymous for 32 years of  black tyranny, a country well known for it’s Stalinist regime’s black hatred against whites… and country now filled to the brim with starving black people. 

There is a few tragic and very hard lessons black dictators in Africa and their millions of naive supporters  still have to learn about  Western politics (NOT economies):1)  Western politics and their politicians normally are devastating for your economy and your people . 2) Britain is the pinnacle of evil in the Western world that only cares for their own agenda- and NEVER will care for your people unless they can plunder your resources. Most of the Zionist plunderers have their bastions in London.  3) Never ever listen to a communist monkey – simply because he always  is on a choke chain of some or the other  more dangerous “pet trainer “  abroad. 4). Never ever chase that “white farmer “ – that “white colonial” from his farm or out of your country- you will and shall pay a very dear price for your insolence and naked anti-white hatred. 5) Never listen to  or allow a Zionist or liberal cretin to dictate your country’s policies. 6) NEVER lend your ears to a politician or the Main Stream Media – politicians as a whole are the personification of Satan on earth and the media their master’s voice. They are devious lairs, traitors, greedy and corrupt bogeymen- and the most useless and unproductive segment of our societies.7) BAN all worker unions from your country. They are tools in the hands of communist anarchists. 8. NEVER submit your country to a one-party rule, “democracy” or “Republic.” . That is insane and a perfect recipe for corruption, oppression , enslavement and disaster. 9. KEEP the Zionist caballists, Federal Reserves and banking cartels with their loan sharking schemes OUT of your country.  That is the beginning of your nation’s impoverishment , debt and enslavement to the “masters.” 


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Politicians are  human  parasites  that only can leech on the hard work of other people. This much the National Party and ANC in South Africa- and ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe has again showed us recently. In both incidents / countries malicious greedy politicians have destroyed two beautiful and productive jewels of Africa. And can you tell us where are those same politicians responsible for the suffering of the people and the destruction of your once flourishing countries now? They are GONE! Bokassa, Amin, Taylor, Biya, Abacha, Toure, Nguema, Barre, Mugabe, Lenin, Stalin, Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Franco, Tito, Lopez, Bush, Kissinger, De Klerk and so the list goes on and on of literally hundreds of political dictators, sell-outs, traitors  and despots that destroyed their own nations for the sound of money. They are gone now- some mercifully  in hell where they belong- and some still wandering among us in obscurity- hiding behind their stolen riches, high security fences and attorneys  until they too will eventually enter  the wide gates of hell itself. You will never hear from them again. Stray dogs have a habit of not returning to their own vomit.

Politicians are natural word spinners- pathological lairs that tells you precisely this you want to (and allowed to) know. They always will tell you they are fighting for “ the piepol”– and always they talk much about “liberation”– but the true facts are that these repugnant creations never will fight alongside the same people they sent to wars, never will join the thousands of people they sent on violent riots to face police rubber bullets or real ammunition, never will do active duty on the crime ridden streets with policemen- never will stay in the same haggard and squalid conditions of squatter camps they expect others to live in, – and never will send their own children into hot spots or dangerous situations they expect the children of other to venture into because of their political aspirations and pipe dreams. But they regularly refer to you as “their” people?  While they allegedly are fighting for the ” previously disadvantaged ” black people– they themselves are deep in the pockets of that so-called “white capital” masters. One such an example of such a  black hippocrate is none other than Julius Malema– a self-proclaimed hater of white people– yet this same cretin receives millions of pounds from the white British abroad and sends his son to a WHITE school! And so did Mugabechasing out all the white farmers and continuously spewing venom against the “white colonials” in Zimbabwe-  but meanwhile he received his pay-check every month from white Britain too! Now we have Ramaphosa that want to act against white farmers and take away their property – the man that want to boil whites slowly like frogs- but here we have Ramaphosa jerking off to WHITE Europe to go and beg for white investment! 


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All the black political white haters in Africa ran off to pay homage to their white British masters- even “Kill the Boer” Malema and his happy band of red weasels took instructions from their white British masters. But they hate white  “colonials?” Just WHO is fooling WHO? Money surely pays for loyalty and obedience – doesn’t it?



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MEETING with the devil himself: South African politicians are deep in the pockets of the worst kind of villains- here they gleefully “buddy-buddy” up with arch villains and Globalist Corrupt Multi-Billionaires such as George Soros , Robin Renwick and David Rockefeller. And you STILL  trust these devious politicians to carry YOUR best interests at heart? Think again! Politicians are untrustworthy  opportunistic serpents that only go where the money flow. 

Politicians are callous killers that send assassins to murder innocent people, they are grand scale thieves that steal from other people, they are warmongers that will murder and main the sons and daughters of others for their own self enrichment. Politicians create wars and conflicts so someone again will pocket billions of dollars down the supply line. Politicians are hippocrates that will fabricate hundreds of laws they force you to obey by- but themselves break each and every rule of that same laws they force you to adhere to. Politicians always will live in splendor while the people must suffer on poverty. They continuously are involved in scandals and looting. They will always sugar coat their villainous evil deeds in sugar marinated “smart” terms such as ” job creation, wealth, democracy, freedom, liberation, revolution, rainbow nation, security, work for all, prosperity” and many other propaganda slants to mind-f*ck the masses. But they never honor any of these fake promises they make. Instead they do just the opposite and the first victim to fall to their evil schemes is your freedom- then your money. They always want to “control” you- weather by taxing you to death, by religion- or by state enforced laws. They will destroy your country- then leave you in the lurk to suffer all by yourself while they enjoy the spoils of your country’s riches.

AND this is where Zimbabwe now finds itself- and South Africa to follow suit very soon- at the bottom of  a cauldron of despair, poverty , starvation and a country that now is a failed state full of beggars depending on the welfare and food hand-outs of the united Nations for it’s survival. That is what politicians did to the country. Now we have the same class despots in South Africa- the Ramaphosas, Zumas, Malemas, Mngxitamas , Lesufis, Magashules , Mabuzas, Mantashes , Ramos, Gordans and a whole bunch of evil cretins taking the country along the same path as they did with Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozabique, Uganda, Zambia, Namibia, DRC, Sudan, Venezuela and many other once flourishing nations. And behind these devil worshiping politicians there will always be the money spinners, the rich “money capital”– the Zionist bankers and corporate vultures. Next time you see their ugly smiling faces on election posters again- think twice before putting them back into power. You are a free person that need no politician to rule you- for they are the ones taking your freedom away. 

SO- where  is Zimbabwe now- what is going on there and what did another political dictatorship bring the people of Zimbabwe after 32 years of “socialist” rule?

“SOCIALISM”  and ” DEMOCRACIES ” only are  the preludes to full COMMUNISM – a system to oppress, discriminates against, control, persecute  and impoverish the people on the one hand- and enrich the “elite” few on the other This again was proven with hard facts by the sorry state Zimbabwe now finds itself in.

AS we could gather the latest news about the situation in Zimbabwe is to say the least disastrous. The whole economy collapsed. For instance Harare’s Hatfield – an elite suburb of Harare where only the “who-was-who” lived can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with Sandton in South Africa anymore. It looks worse than a God-forsaken neighborhood in Brakpan. Potholes in SA is nothing. Zimbabwe has real road holes. In every town long queues are waiting for hours at fuel stations. Every fuel station in Zimbabwe has an unbelievably long queue, some as long as 4km. As for electricity, Zimbabweans get it between midnight and 5am. With our own Eskom, we cannot afford to laugh at Zimbabweans. As for the Zimbabwe currency today nobody knows what Zimbabwe’s currency is: the US dollar? the rand? government bond? You get  swindled R1,021.54 via $72.00 in a simple chicken-meat transaction that deserves a complex PhD thesis in banana economics. The food situation is more than catastrophic. Zimbabwe under white rule use to be a powerful food basket of Africa.  Zimbabwe now imports maize to keep the people barely alive.  Here is a simple truth: The place called Zimbabwe is not a country; it is a sad story of a socialist “liberation movement”  under a political system gone mad. A big Zanu-PF billboard in Harare, bearing the smiling picture of President ED Mnangagwa, reads: “2019 the year of rebuilding the party through ideological training.” How ironic indeed. Another politician from the same destructive system trying again to lie his way back into the spot another lying politician just vacated. 


Zimbabwe on Wednesday quadrupled electricity tariffs amid crippling power shortages which have plunged parts of the country into darkness for up to 18 hours a day and forced businesses to operate at night. Zimbabwe’s economy is caught in a crisis with shortages of fuel, medicine, and currency as well as hyperinflation which has seen many families living on a single meal a day. Citing “the depreciation of the local currency,” the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) said the price of electricity would jump to around 162 Zimbabwe cents (R1.67) per kilowatt hour up from 38 Zimbabwe cents. It was the second tariff hike in two months. In August authorities imposed price increases of up to 400%. The ZERA said despite the August tariff hike the company was still unable to supply enough power, leading to long hours of outages commonly known as”load-shedding.” The latest increase should result in “a significantly improved electricity supply, reduced load-shedding hours and improved reliability of supply” as the Zimbabwe authorities will import electricity from neighboring countries, ZERA said.

The move came days after the government increased the price of fuel by more than 25% adding to the woes of the majority of Zimbabweans struggling with spiraling living costs. The worsening economic troubles have forced leading British banker, Standard Chartered Bank, to close six of its nine branches in the country.  Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took over from long-time despot Robert Mugabe, who died in September, has promised to “revive “ the economy, but Zimbabweans say conditions in the country have gotten worse. It sounds so much like South Africa: Ramaphosa also told the population the same lie and also the situation since the Zuma plundering spree just got worse. Mnangagwa also pledged to end the country’s international isolation, woo back investors and generate economic growth to fund the country’s shattered public services. Again it sounds so much like the ANC with Ramaphosa also trying his utmost to woo investors back into SA – promising the “sheeple” that his “fourth economic revolution” will see 50 billion rands being invested in 5 years. One wonders of Ramaphosa and Mnangagwa are not WhatsApping each other on a daily basis to tell the “piepol” the same line of bullsh*t? The economy has declined even further, with goods prices skyrocketing and annual inflation peaking at 176% in June, before government stopped publishing inflation statistics. The International Monetary Fund said Zimbabwe’s August inflation rate accelerated to 300% and some economists estimate that the real rate may be double that figure.


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ZIMBABWE– Once a flourishing country under white rule. Although possessing rich agricultural soil and an abundance of mineral resources- now  yet another failed state  because of “socialist” black rule and constant  British meddling into the affairs of yet another independent sovereign country. 

Isn’t it strange that ALL these previously prosperous  countries under previous white rule now under “liberation” rule are falling into pieces- becoming failed countries like the rest of Africa too? Take for instance Namibia:  Namibian’s too are now gatvol for loosing their country to Chinese invaders. The Former “liberation” president of  Swapo- Sam Njoma-  the founding father of all corrupt – leased the country to Chinese for more than 150 years. This lease agreement is to compensate China for Swapo loans from China during corruption, money laundering,history distortion,self enrichment,bankrupting Namibia and Namibia sellout hidden agenda struggle. Only white owned companies are holding the country economy from total collapse.Government finance money vaults are empty (sounds familiar to South Africans now doesn’t it?)-   GIPF money is finished,ODC money is finished and air Namibia is bankrupt, Trans Namib is bankrupt.Home affairs are ditching out Namibian citizenship to Chinese and bankrupt Zimbabweans. Instead of sending this foreigners back to their countries to rebuild their countries they are invited in to hep destroy the Namibian economy even further.The only people who were protecting Namibia and South Africa from foreign invasions was white regimes.Independence have open flood gates of hell.Developing Namibia has ceased developing.

Namibian is decorated with Chinese like a Christmas tree with corrupt political leaders like candles.All agreements which were made with Chinese without consulting Namibians must be scrapped.Chinese must be stop as their are illegal visitors from mining activities.  Swapo lawlessness and Buddhism works hand in hand. Heroes acre is a corrupt leaders self made heaven on earth. Current voting systems of Swapo must be scrap or else their will rigg the votes like the ANC and ZANU-PF did. Under Swapo corruption will continue, poverty,hunger,jobless,crime and total collapse of economy is immenent . Just 30 years since “independence and Swapo – like Zanu-Pf and the ANC- has buried Namibia. YET Landless People’s Movement (Same as South Africa’s BLF) leader Bernadus Swartbooi says his party will introduce a “radical land reform “ program to address the “inequalities “ created by the” apartheid “ South African administration, if elected to power.(  Does it sounds like the old familiar “liberation” theology again? When these bozos start jabbering about “land” and start with their never-ending blame-shifting to “those colonials” or “apartheid” you must know it’s the bank-rolled monkeys speaking again. )

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Bernardus Swartbooi– typical socialist little mobster red T-Shirt an’ all. This is the most evil type of destroyer any country can allow in their midst. Swartbooi-like the rest of the commi ilk on the British payroll such as Mugabe, Malema, Ramaphosa , Mngxitama et al – is just another glory-seeking greedy opportunist pumping one after the other empty promise to the “piepol”– and in most cases- these villainous dregs of society targets the rural uneducated mobs to support their evil agendas. They are nothing but evil henchmen turning communist pulpit pigeons for their British masters.Their punch line is the same, their propaganda is the same- and their end objective is the same…total control of your resources for their masters and impoverishment of the masses so the small “elite” can rule. 

Swartbooi said the current law prohibits the government from taking or expropriating land for the purposes of redistributing it to the landless, but the LMP government will amend such laws to make sure that “our people have the land to be able to feed themselves”. (Here we again see the same old socialist rhetoric about “land” that we saw in Kenya, Moz, Zimbabwe and South Africa- typical parrot refrains from paid monkeys of the British empire.) He made these remarks on Saturday when he opened the LPM’s inaugural people’s assembly in Windhoek. The LPM people’s assembly is equivalent to an electoral college, where political parties elect among their members a list of 96 members who will contest for the National Assembly seats at the 27 November national elections. Swartbooi said if they are successful at the upcoming elections, LPM will focus on issues that matter the most to the people such as urban land reform, agricultural land reform, housing provision and free tertiary education, among others. “We are a party that wants to get the land for our people, no matter what the law says. We go and change the laws. We want to get the basics right and get our people into agricultural production so that we can feed ourselves as a nation and export any surpluses that we produce here. “No longer is it normal that a country with regions such as the Zambezi, the Kavangos and Kunene, with vast water resources and fertile soil, must be hungry as we are. It is unacceptable, it can’t be and the resources are there to transform our society,” he said. Apart from expropriating land for agricultural purposes, Swartbooi said the LPM government will also allocate land to people living in informal settlements free of charge so that they can have access to assets to plan their lives.

He added that the LPM will also reduce the size of the government by appointing only 13 ministers. Under his “smaller, leaner and sharper government”, Swartbooi said the executives will be more accountable to parliament and to the people. “These are the proven basic needs of mankind. The ability and access to resources to produce your own food; the ability to own a decent place to sleep, raise your family and plan your life; access to assets that you can call your own so that you can leave it for your children. “We are, as LPM, forced to even go for further expropriation of land so that we can place the families in the condition and possibilities to go and feed themselves,” he said. Swartbooi said the radical and urgent transformation (Do we ehar Ramaphosa’s line of “radical” and “transformation” again here?) was necessary because the current administration was reluctant to just make a “little impact in the lives of all Namibians”. He said a little impact has been made in the provision of land, housing and education, “but that impact remains just too little”

Now there you have it- one communist delusionalist kicks the bucket- and immediately his legacy start running in yet another red-cladded idiot! The difference between sane people and a liberal or communist can be defined as such:

When a sane person does not like a specific  type of car- he simply do not purchase it. When  liberal or communist do not like a specific brand of car- he goes ape and demand that the manufacturer be banned from selling anymore cars in the country. When a sane person do not like a specific leader- he simply ignores him and do not support him. When a liberal or communist do not like a specific leader- he will organize violent rallies, strikes and demand that the leader be impeached. When a sane person see his neighbor drives a better car or stay  in a better house than he does- he will make plans to procure better money to be able to purchase that house or that car. When a liberal or communist see that his neighbor lives in a better house or drives a better automobile than he does- he immediately will spread false propaganda that the neighbor stole the car or was previously advantaged to get the house and demand that the neighbor share half of his possessions with him. When a sane person see another struggle- he will help him to get back on his feet and forget about it. When a liberal or communist see another person struggling he will first phone the news networks- invite them to come and get a scoop about the good Samaritan he is going to be- and in front of the cameras will first hug the struggling person- then give him a small fee . After that and with the media gone –  he will demand to be elected a Councillor in charge of welfare and then demand that the tax payer foot the bill for his lost fee. This is about how liberals and communists goes into life.

This is precisely why you do NOT allow a liberal in your government- they are reptilian creatures that destroys everything. Their GREED  also is  the main cause for the destruction of our world and the multiple conflicts across nations. They are the curse of G-d on human kind for turning their backs on G-d. 

Liberals never give nothing without demanding something. They are acting on behalf of the Devil for also in him there is no  truth or honesty to be found. They will see their actions create poverty, famine and hardship- but it will not bother them as long as they themselves  get the cream-de-la-creme from any situation- whether they are capable, competent or educated enough to handle that situation it does not bother them. Just as long as they finds themselves in the lime-light as “celebrities.” Most of these dregs are seriously suffering from inferior complexes- and once in a powerful position will leave no stone unturned to amass as much possessions and surround himself with Fort-Knox type of security measures- and start to oppress anyone remotely identified as a threat to his rule. He will impoverish a whole nation just to be able to procure the best mansions, dine on the best food, wear the most expensive garments  and drive the most luxurious automobiles so he can feel “safe” and “untouchable” in the zone he himself created. Liberalism is a classified  mental disease bordering to schizophrenia. These poor disillusioned creatures have absolutely no contact with reality. For this reason most liberals become  communists and then become  excellent politicians. But liberals, communists and politicians all share the same ideology: Their own. 

Mugabe- the socialist rhetoric and the destruction of Zimbabwe

And it was with this same mind-set that Robert Mugabe also destroyed Zimbabwe totally- leaving millions now in despair and on the brink of starvation.  IN 2016 it became a common sight in the capital of Zimbabwe to see fearful citizens queuing outside banks, waiting hopefully for cash. It was the most obvious manifestation of anxiety about Robert Mugabe’s latest economic scheme. In November 2018  the central bank started printing a new kind of money, in the form of the “bond note”. Ostensibly the note is worth the same as the American dollar, which Zimbabwe adopted in 2009 after a spectacular bout of inflation—but no one was fooled. The stage is set for yet another Mugabe-made economic disaster. Zimbabwe once enjoyed an abundance of natural resources, a booming agricultural sector and a wealth of human capital under the white rule of Ian Smith, but over the past 37 years Mugabe has managed to squander nearly all of it. Almost a quarter of Zimbabweans are currently in need of food assistance and 72% live in poverty. Within a generation, Mr Mugabe has turned an entire country upside down. How did he manage to wreck Zimbabwe?

 Mugabe was a Marxist guerrilla who came to power in 1980 after the country won its independence from Britain.  Mugabe made a promising start—calling for reconciliation with white Zimbabweans, and improving access to education and health care for all. But his early policies were overshadowed by what followed. To support the cost of various schemes,  Mugabe – because of his own deep rooted insecurity- started to overspent wildly—a practice he has continued throughout his administration. And as he clung to power over the decades his rule became autocratic, undemocratic and oppressive. This has all caused typical forms of suffering. But the way in which  Mugabe has brought Zimbabwe to its knees is through gross economic mismanagement. He was just another liberal communist politician that was totally incompetent for the position he found himself in.

A turning point in  Mugabe’s series of presidential blunders was the year 2000, when he launched “fast-track” land reform and encouraged a violent takeover of white-owned farms, then the backbone of the country’s farming sector. Most of the seized land was given to black farmers who lacked experience with modern agricultural practice; many were chosen on the basis of their connections to Mugabe and his party, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF). Till then the envy of the region and the primary source of export revenue for the country, Zimbabwe’s farms suddenly faltered—and sent shock waves rippling through the economy. The fiscal situation had been stretched already, with Mugabe having embroiled Zimbabwe in Congo’s civil war. His central bank began printing money faster, to pay off debts and compensate war veteran terrorists, seen as an important pillar of  Mugabe’s support, and to offset higher prices caused by the farms’ failure. The spiral quickly spun out of control. At one point in 2008 inflation hit the rate of 231,000,000%. The currency had to be denominated in notes as large as the $100trn Zimbabwe-dollar bill—worth about around 40 cents at the time of its demise. Hyperinflation concluded when the Zimbabwe dollar was scrapped altogether in favor of a multi-currency system in which the American dollar was predominant. For a brief period, Mugabe’s destructive economic impulses were tempered by a power-sharing arrangement with the opposition. But since resuming complete control in 2013, he’s returned to his former habits.

Image result for derelict farms in zimbabwe


THIS is what’s left of a once productive and flourishing farm in Zimbabwe- barren and derelict. This was what  one man’s “land expropriation ” madness did to Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector. 

Image result for derelict farms in zimbabwe

Related image


Derelict ruins on farms – the only testimony to a once flourishing economic hub created by white colonials in Zimbabwe. 

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NO white farmer around- no technology around- back to “old school” farming techniques for the Zimbabweans who  during the Mugabe rule barely cultivated enough to feed themselves. No wonder the country’s export dropped remarkably. 


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With the whites gone Zimbabweans lost the advantage of modern reticulation systems such as pumps, valves, pipes and taps. The road to personal suffering had begun. 

Wily and ruthless, the 93-year-old Mugabe outmaneuvered his opponents for decades but was undone by his own miscalculation in his final weeks in power. He blundered when he sidelined his right-hand man in order to position his wife, Grace, as his successor. He didn’t anticipate that the fired vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, would swiftly and skillfully depose him. But Mnangagwa had spent years learning from Mugabe how to seize and wield power. For years Mugabe inspired other leaders across the continent to emulate his tactics and extend their rule by manipulating the constitution and suppressing opposition through violence and intimidation. Mugabe’s often violent seizure of Zimbabwe’s white-owned farms was his signature action — and devastated the country’s agricultural production, transforming what had been known as Africa’s breadbasket into a land of barren fields and hungry people. Mugabe cloaked the land grabs in ringing rhetoric, shaking his fist and shouting that Africa’s land should be held by Africans. It didn’t matter that the farms, which had been pledged to poor blacks, instead went to his generals, Cabinet ministers, cronies and his wife — or that many of the fields lay fallow years later. Even now Mugabe is widely revered by many Africans as the continent’s most radical de-coloniser. His mismanagement of Zimbabwe’s economy was staggering. The country has been transformed from one that could offer good employment opportunities to its well-educated population to a place of so little hope that people left in droves. An estimated three million Zimbabweans are in neighboring South Africa, and it is routine to find a former schoolteacher working as a waitress at a Johannesburg restaurant. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans are in Britain. And the 13 million who stayed behind in Zimbabwe have coped with an unemployment rate estimated at higher than 80 percent.

Mugabe had a Marxist’s belief that even the economy would do what he wanted. “Countries don’t go bankrupt!” he once scoffed when asked if by sending army troops to Congo in 1998 he would ruin Zimbabwe’s economy. He was wrong. By 2008 Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation reached 500 billion percent, according to the International Monetary Fund. Fistfuls of 100-trillion Zimbabwe dollar banknotes were not enough to buy basic groceries. The inflation was brought under control only when Zimbabwe dropped its currency and started operating on the US dollar in 2009. Zimbabwe’s industrial sector is estimated to be operating at less than 30 percent of capacity. Tourism has dried up to a trickle. With significant deposits of diamonds, platinum, gold and chrome, Zimbabwe’s mining sector has continued to function, but Mugabe’s frequent threats of nationalization discouraged most foreign investment.

The Marange diamond fields, discovered in 2009, proved an unexpected windfall. The high-quality gemstones in easily exploited alluvial fields brought in billions of dollars. Mugabe used the army to take over the area and the mines were nationalized, cutting out British and Chinese companies that had been operating there. But very little of the funds from the diamonds went into state coffers to help the country’s dilapidated education and health services. Mugabe, his family and his closest allies amassed world-class fortunes. Once the land of liberation from white minority rule, Zimbabwe became one of fear as a result of Mugabe’s far-reaching domestic spy network, the Central Intelligence Organization. Hundreds of opposition supporters were killed or disappeared during election campaigns. Many more were tortured, such as Jestina Mukoko, who after her release from prison bravely advocated for the rights of those detained. It is hard to remember that Mugabe once enjoyed international praise for bringing Zimbabwe to independence. Throughout the 1970s he directed a deadly, effective guerrilla war against Rhodesia’s white minority rule regime. When he won the 1980 elections, he was relatively unknown. The country, and the world at large, was impressed by his impeccable, carefully enunciated Oxford English. He endorsed racial reconciliation to wide acclaim. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. But even in the glory years of Zimbabwe’s early independence, Mugabe appeared cold and calculating in public appearances and speeches.

On his  93rd birthday he organized a lavish  party for himself. He said he wants to stand for another five-year term as president in 2018. He has also said that “only God knows” if anything can stop him. While God has not intervened, behind the scenes the struggle to succeed him has begun in earnest.  Mugabe’s second wife Grace—his former secretary and mistress—and his vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, are seen as leading contenders. Absent a designated successor,  Mugabe’s departure created a vacuum which could actually add to his country’s woes. Under Mr Mugabe, economic chaos has a constant feature of life in Zimbabwe. But it will take more than the death of a tyrant to undo his legacy.  Today, Zimbabwe is a failed state with a non-functioning economy, a once-flourishing agricultural sector now moribund, and a population on the brink of starvation. According to a UN Development Programme index, life expectancy there today is one of the lowest in the world. So much for “socialist”  liberation. Although the first 20 years of Mugabe’s rule saw a slow, somewhat even-paced decline, the calamitous collapse has been achieved in little more than half a decade, an extraordinary feat of self-destruction when one considers that it took more than a century for Ian Smith’s white antecedents to carve a modern, functioning, European-style society out of raw African bushveld. But that has been the story of post-colonial Africa and, although this week’s obituaries will largely dismiss Smith as a colonial caricature, a novelty politician from another age, if you were to go to Harare today and ask ordinary black Zimbabweans who they would rather have as their leader – Smith or Mugabe – the answer would be almost unanimous .  And it would not be Mugabe. It is perfectly ironic that Mugabe’s deputy information minister, Bright Matonga, when told of Smith’s death , described him as a man “who brought untold suffering to millions of Zimbabweans”. Those words surely apply more to his own leader than to Ian Smith.

Ian Smith  spoke endlessly about how Rhodesians had been more British than the British, how Churchill – had he been alive – would almost certainly have emigrated from corrupt, liberal England to Rhodesia, and how this small community of decent, fair-minded whites had been betrayed by, well, just about everybody he could think of – the Tories, Labour, the National Party Afrikaners, the OAU, the UN. Not surprisingly, he called his ponderous autobiography The Great Betrayal. Mugabe’s rule may have been influential in Africa, but the quick way he fell now may be a warning to all who would follow his ways- and it appears Ramaphosa, Malema and the rest of the socialist delusional ineptocrats  in South Africa have as yet not paid any attention to what happened up North- as they now are making the same mistakes most African dictators- dictators such as Mugabe made- and what the terrible consequences are. Leaving a country’s welfare and future in a one party state under a one-man rule system proofed many a time downright dangerous- if not insane…irrespective what “smart term” the political wolves may coin ita “Republic” or a “Democracy.”  Africa’s miserable failures are  very excellent examples what happens if the people give all the power into the hands of  one party  only-  intimidated by one psychopath at the helm. Mugabe again confirmed that fact- and the ANC and Ramaphosa will soon  again confirm that fact. But the general populace have an eerie tendency not to pay attention to substantiated facts. 



THE question every citizen must ask him/herself is if we really do need this detestable creatures in our governments? The question is if we really need a “government” at all? The question is why do we vote for these bastard children of a lesser god to rule us and allow them to brain-wash us through their devious media propaganda campaigns? The question is why do we even allow them to proceed beyond the limitations of their expected mandates in taking control of OUR countries – and use it as their personal ATM machines? The question is just who gave these political hoodlums the right to sell our countries to foreign plunderers? The question is why do we not remove these scrupulous con artists from power the first instance they breach their agreement with regard to  our expectations? Mugabe should have been removed immediately after the massacre of the Matabeles. Mandela should have been removed immediately after the massacre of the Zulus at Shell house and Ramaphosa should have been removed right after the massacre of the Lonmin miners at Marikana. Yet the populace allowed them to continue unchallenged  to wield power- and the longer they overstayed their welcome- the more arrogant they became until they create a human catastrophe that could have been averted if the populace acted timeously. If the populace acted in time they could have prevented Zuma from plundering the state coffers and leaving South Africa bankrupt today. A decade of corruption under Jacob Zuma is likely to have cost South Africa more than R500bn.  Some people have even suggested that it could be a trillion rand. But for 10 years they simply ignored his theatricals. Today they pay the price for their ignorance. We have sympathy with the Zimbabweans today- but with hind sight we know they brought their own destruction upon themselves for allowing Mugabe and his thugs to stay in power and also they assisted in forcing the white farmers off their land. Not ONE Zimbabwean opposed the “land expropriation” madness- and today Zimbabwe pays a terrible price for that insolence.

Zimbabwe already is past the point of salvation- but South Africans still have time- although very little- to remove the one big obstacle and the one very dangerous omen in the making in their country that surely will take that country down the path of so many failed African dictatorships: Remove the ANC and EFF as soon as possible and detach from British influence in your country. They are  cancerous tumors that on the end- will also destroy South Africa the way their type destroyed the rest  of Africa. If the people of South Africa do not oppose this “land expropriation” madness from the ANC now threatening their own country too – they will- like the Zimbabweans- pay a terrible price for their insolence as well. The recipe of Zimbabwe is all too clear in South Africa..the farm murders, the plundering of the state coffers, the incompetence to rule by the ANC, the land invasions, the land “expropriation” agenda, the daily violent union riots, the high taxes, the failing economy, the disappearance of investors, the millions of jobless and hungry population ,the corruption, an incompetent presidency,  the empty state coffers, the plan to grab private  health care  contributions and pensions, ...it is all there. The solution is to get rid of ALL politicians-  and return to a confederate(clan) system – NOT a one-party state.




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VIOLENT riots instigated by mobster union bosses across South Africa every day: The anarchy of a civil war already looms for the country. The signs of a Zimbabwean model are now more evident for South Africa than ever under the despotic rule of the communist ANC.

Looting of state owned entities, theft, corruption at all levels of government, collapsing municipalities, failing infrastructure, crashing economy and crime that is out of control – That is South Africa! A once functional, well run and economically sound country is about on its knees. After 25 years of destruction the ANC government has the citizens of South Africa in a very much worse off state than ever before. It seems that the norm is, its okay as long as you get away with it! Is the a cultural thing or the doings of evil, uncivilised and ungodly people? The ANC president is currently also asking the ancestors for help! Murders of tourists have increased drastically, abduction, rape and murder of women and children has reached alarming rates, public violence resulting in injury, death and massive damage to property is out of control. Xenophobia has risen sharply and the looting of foreigners shops, burning foreigners trucks, destroying their homes and general violence towards foreigners is at an all time high causing many foreigners to flee. Enquiries for Immigration out of South Africa has increased by 70%. Middle and upper earners are dis-investing and sending their money offshore or investing in property in the UK and EU.

The new crime statistics paint a horrifying picture:

Murder increased
2018 – 20 308
2019 – 21 280

Rape increased
2018 – 39 945
2019 – 41 498

Overall sexual offences increased
2018 – 49 991
2019 – 52 314

Attempted murder increased
2018 – 18 215
2019 – 18 904

Robbery with aggravating circumstances increased
2018 – 138 233
2019 – 139 888

Robbery at residential premises increased
2018 – 22 255
2019 – 22 494

Assault with grievous bodily harm increased
2018 – 166 871
2019 – 170 717

South Africa Today – South Africa News

The similarities between Zimbabwe and South Africa  are simply  just too obvious to ignore. South Africa’s downfall into anarchy is imminent.  It’s just a matter of time now. 





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