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Article compiled by White Nation correspondent Pretoria –November 01 2019







TODAY I want to talk to all those white “Afrikaners”– those white Judas horses…..those that make it their life’s objective to side with the enemy and report other white people to the authorities.Today I want to use the harshest terms with them- for that is what they deserve- nothing but contempt for what they did and still do. Someone ought to tell these vile white snitches and traitors precisely what they are. 

Today I want to invite those white traitors, the white pimps, provocateurs, “secret” agents and co-conspirators of the enemies that quietly sneak around in the darkness, faceless, nameless and “anonymous.”I want to invite that old forgotten white Afrikaner “anties’ with their weak bladders and smelly vags- sitting alone in their small flats, too old to be of any productive use for society anymore- alone , feeling rejected and forgotten – their whole world now revolving around their little cellphones and Facebook as no man will ever again admire their fat composure. I want to speak to the white middle-aged men, the rejects of society- the men that wasted their lives and opportunities on booze -now too useless to become a productive member of society anymore – just as the old forgotten “anties “ in Booysens, Moot , Brakpan, Danvile , Fietas and all the eerie places that acts as breeding grounds for backstabbers, traitors and government paid snitches . I want to speak to the “rich” and “important” white Broederbonder  men that deem themselves as “guardians” of morality on the social sites.Yea-  I want also to speak to that fat renown two faced police reservist  in Port Elizabeth who’s dirty tracks lays all over the internet and how he pimps white conservative Afrikaners to the bogus “Human Rights “ Court too.


I want to speak to those white policemen that gleefully participated in conspiracies – entrapping innocent patriots like the Boeremag members,- those white policemen like Capt. Vice that assisted in torturing white brothers and sisters under arrest and pitted ultimate macabre pleasure  out of “interrogating” them:


After approximately two hours, Captain Johan Vice (Johannes Cornelius Vice) – an Afrikaans-speaking white at the service of the imperial police) took me to a Venture vehicle belonging to the police that had dark-tinted windows. When I got into the vehicle, which was driven by a white woman, Capt Vice was seated directly behind me, and one Lotter, another policeman, on the right-hand side of the seat behind mine. My hands were still tightly bound, so that my hands were already feeling numb. The next thing I knew was Capt Vice throwing his shirt over my head and pulling it back sharply, with the obvious intention of strangling me. I struggled violently and managed to free my head from the shirt, totally dazed by what had just happened. I still was not prepared for the barbarism that would follow. He pulled the shirt over my eyes to blind me. Capt Vice is approximately 2 m (6’6”) tall. He is a large man with massive hands. With his gigantic hands, he grabbed me around my throat, pushing in my Adam’s apple to shut off my windpipe so that I simply could not breathe. I squirmed and struggled, but his hands were firmly anchored around my throat, like the paws of a lion around the throat of an impala. I struggled for breath so vehemently that I eventually landed on the middle seat of the Venture. 

I was now virtually lying on his lap, with my hands still bound behind my back. Using his fist, he repeatedly hit me on the side of my face asking where my brothers were. At that stage, they were still wanted by the police for the same case. This process continued for a long time. He also forcefully pushed his finger into my ear. At one stage, we stopped next to the road Vice threatened that if I would try to remove the shirt from my eyes, he would kill me. He said to me that he had made special arrangements for a so called “Kaffir” (black man) to rape me. “They have been craving nice white flesh for quite some time now,” he sneered. Somebody with alcohol on his breath then bent over me, as I was lying on the middle seat of the Venture, while the door was open. This person spoke in isiZulu and repeatedly tampered with my trousers and my belt. He also repeatedly slapped me in the face. I did not understand what he was saying. Sometimes he spoke near to me so that I could smell the odour of alcohol on his stinking breath. I later recognized the person from his voice as one of the policemen who much later interrogated me again. Again I was hit on the side of my face by Capt Vice, again and again. I was also repeatedly asked if I were a “virgin,” referring to the fact that I was going to be raped. This was continuously repeated to me.

hey then took me out of the car and made me lie on a plastic sheet next to the road. It sounded to me as if it were a deserted place. I was still blindfolded and could not see where I was. The plastic cables started cutting into the flesh of my arms and my hands were totally numb, Capt Vice came and sat on me and forced a rubbery piece of material over my mouth and nose. I could get no breath. I initially kicked and struggled, but quickly realized that it only caused me to waste more breath. This process continued while they shouted and swore at me. I lay on my numb hands and gasped for breath. Sometimes I just gave up and let go so that I could die, at other times I just saw stars before my eyes. My lungs felt as if they would burst, while my whole body was exhausted from being deprived of oxygen. They continued cursing me and threatening to kill me. “Didn’t you sh** in your pants yet?” and other similar remarks were shouted at me.”

(-Statement by Willem Pretorius– Boeremag member) 

I want to ask  those white prosecutors,white fake state witnesses, aunt Sally and her treacherous blue dressed proxi-comrades,  and judges that seek and handed out the harshest sentences to those people. I want to hear from those white NASPERS newspaper editors why they constantly demonize white people, why white traitors like them  join enemy ranks and political parties although they see and are well aware of the fact that white people are grossly oppressed by the same regime/political party they support? I want to hear from this white Afrikaner back-stabbers that continuously have much to say against our white activists and try to torpedo their efforts to unite the white people- why slandering them and utter false accusations against them?
Come- let’s talk now. Let us discuss why you are acting the way you do. I want to know from you what makes you “tick?” Really I do. I would like to know why your type always try to stab your own fellow whites in the back? What motivates you to report your fellow men to Facebook and other authorities? Who appointed you to play “god” and decide who must be banned /banished and who not? On what criteria- except your own distorted created morals and values- do you judge others? Do you maybe get paid by the enemy regime slush funds for it- or maybe receive a life policy from the enemy government to snitch on your fellow white people? Does it make you feel “enlightened” or “better” maybe when you decide to report someone or ban someone? Is it only YOUR opinion that is important? Why do you stab your own people in the back- what went wrong during your adolescent years that made you such a miserable creature? Were you abused, were you poor…were you mocked by others in school? Where did your life turn for the worst and you ended up with being anti-social and an inferior complex?

Come- be honest- let us talk about it. You know- your type is called “Judas Horses”- iow  fake white skinned reptiles that mimic or morph themselves to look , act and sound like normal white people while you infiltrate white societies to destroy them from inside. You call yourself all kinds of pathetic  “smart names” such as “liberal Afrikaners” or “liberal democrats“- even a ” South African democrat” to hide your true identity as a traitor. BUT this evil you have in you span millenniums back- right to where Judas Iscariot– your direct ancestor from which your classification was coined from- also faked his personality. And we all know what Judas did. What he did- and what you are doing today- are precisely the same. He had no guilt while he was betraying the Lord in the garden of Gethsemane- and you too have no guilt when you betray your own fellowmen.He did it for a ransom- and some of you do too- but there are some of you that even stoop so low and do it for no apparent reason at all – bar your own selfish agendas. You sneak around  on Facebook– prowling like an unsatisfied predator in search for someone to report for “hate speech” or “racism.” But you know what? Even the black man has more dignity among his own tribe than you have among yours. Treason is a “white man’s thing.” Not even an animal stoop this low. You are worse than animals. During the Boer war many innocent white Boer people were incarcerated and many shot in front of an execution squad because of disgusting creatures like you.Because of your kind thousands of Boer people were sent to concentration camps and more than 24 000 Boer women and children died in that camps because of your kind that were cavorting with the enemy.


In Pretoria Max prison and across many other prisons many white sons are doing lengthy jail terms because they were “pimped” by your type- by old ladies that peeped from closed curtains that phoned the police about her neighbor that did this or that. There are many white families devastated , children without parents- because white policemen with the same vile agendas as you conspired against their fathers and brothers and falsely accused them – Boer people that now are still sitting in jail. Read below- THIS is what you white Afrikaner liberals are good at- snitching, back stabbing , deception, treason  and all covert actions against your own people- and this is why the rest of human kind despises you.

” Die volgende is my kennis en agtergrond oor JC Smit se aktiwiteite as beriggewer en uiteindelik as provokateuragent van die SAPD onder individue en groepe van die regse sfeer terwyl ek en my opvolger hom hanteer het: JC Smit se werksaamhede en die begin van die “Boeremag”-sage 17. Gedurende 1996 was JC Smit baie betrokke by ene Kobus Von Marle, toe woonagtig in Doornpoort, Pretoria. Von Marle het vir JC Smit blootgestel aan mense soos die beriggewer Jannie Smuts van die Oos-Rand, wat saam met Johan Niemöller gewerk het. Oor JC Smit, Jannie Smuts, Niemöller en Adriaan (“At”) van Wyk die volgende:

(a) Ek is deur mede-lede van die Mdi ingelig dat Jannie Smuts al jare saam met Niemöller werk en met tye ook saam met laasgenoemde in die buiteland (byvoorbeeld Angola)
was waar daar onwettige handel met medisyneverkope, diamante en militêre toerusting gepleeg is. Ek het ook op dieselfde wyse verneem dat Jannie Smuts ‘n beriggewer vir Mdi is. Ek het later vanaf Direkteur Roos verneem dat Niemöller vir Militêre Intelligensie werk.

(b) Hier in die Suid-Afrika, veral aan die begin van die sogenaamde Boeremag-ondersoek, was Jannie Smuts volgens my inligting aktief betrokke by Niemöller se beplanning van
vergaderings, asook met ene Jan Viljoen. My inligting was dat, toe die opstokery van regses om kriminele dade te pleeg soos ek hierinlater uiteensit, ver gevorder was, het
Jannie Smuts en sy hanteerders ooreengekom dat hy en Niemöller uit die Boeremagondersoek geskryf word.” 

Nadat ek die SAPD verlaat het, is JC Smit onder die hantering van Kolonel Louis Pretorius geplaas. Pretorius wou Adriaan (At) Van Wyk, een van die latere beskuldigdes in die Boeremagsaak, as beriggewer werf, maar At wou dit volgens wat Pretorius my persoonlik vertel het, nie aanvaar nie. Pretorius het toe volgens sy meedeling aan my, opdrag gegee dat bewyse van kriminele oortredings of handelinge wat vir hom verleentheid kon veroorsaak, teen At Van Wyk gekry moes word of dat hy op een of ander manier met die Boeremag-ondersoek verbind moes word. Hulle kon niks konkreets regkry nie, en het toe volgens wat JC Smit my vertel het maar oor At van Wyk in verklarings gelieg net om hom valslik te inkrimineer (“frame”) . Op daardie stadium het direkteur Roos van Mdi die projek (om die geledere van die mense wat vergaderings bywoon of reël, te infiltreer en daaroor te rapporteer), oorgeneem en begin beheer. 

(Extraction from Capt. Deon Loots Avvi Davit– the entrapment of the Boeremag.) 

South Africa today is in deep trouble, economically, financially and socially and thousands of white farmers and their families were brutally murdered because of white Judas Horses like you that handed the country on a platter to the enemy for the same reason Judas did. More than 400 0000 white families are today languishing in poverty in squatter camps with small children without a hope for tomorrow because of people like you.Now thousands are about to loose their property and pensions too because of people like you. The highway to hell is paved with people such as you. BUT that will not bother you– because as always you will plead “innocence.” You always will act the “victim. ” 


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The murderous legacy of the white South African  liberal sell-outs….accomplices  in killing their own people. 

SO– white Afrikaner traitor, scumbag,  Facebook pimp…liberal reject, political sell out, waste of a perfect white skin…- come- tell us why you do it? Is it a mental defect…or maybe something terrible that cause you to have a brain malfunction? Is it maybe pure arrogance? How did you become a child of the lesser god? What pleasure do you derive if you report your own people as “racist” or a posting as “hate speech?” How do you define it? Why do you side with a government that has no sympathy for you or your own people? Why do you turn against your own people for a regime that has nothing but contempt for your race? Do you really think they care about you…will excuse you and pass you by when the coming civil war erupts around you? Do you really think your white skin per se will send out signals to the enemy to spare you? Did you know that even black people despise white people that commit treason against their own kind? They see you as a “Nyoga”– a snake that will readily bite you in the heel. AND that is precisely what you are- a serpent. They see you as a repulsive but useful idiot for the time being while they could exploit your treacherous nature. After that they too will exterminate you out of caution that you might also do the same to them as well.

White Afrikaner traitor- please speak to us. Resolve an age old mystery around why especially white Afrikaners become such loathsome traitors?

“Suid-Afrika word tans aangedryf deur ‘n veelheid vansubversiewe kragte of teenwigte hoofsaaklik agter die  skerms, om die land in ‘n holistiese eenheid met die sogenaamde Nuwe Wêreldorde te vorm. Die hoofakteurs hier is veral die internasionale geldmag, die Britse en Amerikaanse staatsadministrasies (in besonder hulle Departemente van Buitelandse Sake en hulle Intelligensiedienste), die Vrymesselaar, die Afrikanerbond (AB wat vroeër bekend was as die Afri kaner Broederbond hoewel nie van meet af nie), en die Anti-Apartheidsbewegings.  In die agendas van die vermelde akteurs het hulle almal ‘n gesiglose, karakterlose, klaslose, geslaglose en raslose werklikheid as ‘n universele strewe met hulle Sosiaal-Darwinistiese ideaal4 van een wêreldregering in gemeen, wat ook die lotgeval van Suid-Afrika was. Dis ‘n Neo-kolonie van die Verenigde State van Amerika (Pax Americana). As ons na die geskiedenis in die Suid-Afrikaanse konteks gaan kyk, sal ons leer dat hierdie kragte of teenwigte reeds voor die totstandkoming van die Boererepublieke besig was met hulle geheime agendas om die Afrikaner as nasie te vernietig. Verraad kom reeds so vroeg voor as die begin van ons geskiedenis van die Boererepublieke, deurdat verraad Uniale geskiedenis deursuur en dat die geskiedenis van verraad voltooi word deur die skep van die Nuwe Suid-Afrika en die deurvoer daarvan. Wie is werklik die helde en wie is werklik die verraaiers? ”  Wat seermaak is die feit dat :die Afrikaner Broederbond (AB) as*t ware ‘n in strument geword het van die Vrymesselaars (sowel as die
Amerikaanse Intelligensiediens, Central Intelligence Agency as die Council on ForeignRelations van die internasionale geldmag wat op hulle beurt weer die Vrymesselary misbruik het om eiebelange te dien); die Afrikaner Broederbond verantwoordelik is vir baie van hierdie gebeure, en *daar baie predikante (veral van die NG Kerk ) wat lede is van
die Afrikaner Broederbond wat ook betrokke is by hierdie besluite wat daardie gebeure laat plaasvind het. 

(Extraction out of ” Volksverraad Adv P.J. Pretorius )

Do you feel any regret when you do such a disprovable act- or does your inferior complex justify your heinous action? Tell us what motivate you to be the pathetic wretch you have become. Remember white Afrikaner traitor- soon you also will be visited by the Grim Reaper as most of you already dwell into the twilight years of your lives- and soon you too will lie on that death bed- gasping for your last breaths of life giving air as your life slowly ebbs away. No one escapes the Grim Reaper. “You can be a king or a street sweeper- but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper “ – was the last words spoken by mass murderer George Alton Harris on the day of his execution. And that will be your final act as well. And when you find yourself in that position soon- remember from there on the road will be a long lonely and dark road- one you alone will have to walk. And as the last moments of your life flashes past your spiritual eyes while you sink into a non-returnable coma in that hospital or hospice bed while your family gathers around you for the last good-byes – think then what you did to others, how many lives you have destroyed while you were alive and had the chance to sow love and happiness- but instead how much unhappiness YOU have caused throughout your miserable life.And you know what-after reading this article you again will go and do the same despicable deed again tomorrow- not that this article bothered you the least- but psychopaths rarely change their behavior.

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The white liberal mind doing what it was spawned for and does best- High treason by  selling out his own people out  for a few dollars more.

Image result for mandela de klerk nobel peace prize"

AND the reward for their treason- the same as what Judas got….a whole R 300 million of it!


And Afrikaner traitor...Judas Horse– despicable deceptionist- remember each and every incident where you were responsible for the misery you caused to others- you will have to give account for . There will be no coming back- NO “re-incarnation”– it will be the final chapter for you. When you then enters the gates of purgatory- that notorious antechamber where you will have to wait together with the rich man Jesus talked about to be transported to the judgement hall where you will have to face all your demons you created against your brethren- think about all your misdeeds- your treacherous acts and the suffering you have caused others. And it all started with a small pimp report on Facebook. Woman abuse and child abuse also normally start with that first little push. You can forever hide your identity from us- but NEVER from G-d. Every little act, thought and deed you do is being taken carefully note of….and it will determine whether your name- not your “alias” will appear in that Book Of Life on judgement day.


SO– white Afrikaner traitor- Judas Horse…you still have time to repent from your devious and evil ways. Soon also your time will be up. You will not be able to peep through blinds at your neighbor to report him anymore . Your cellphone will stay behind- so you will not be able to report “racist” and “hate speech” posts anymore. You will not be able to sell your brethren out to your National Intelligence handlers anymore. You read everyday how these savages are killing your people- how brutally they torture and murder your people- you read how they rape and kill old women and children- you read how they throw little children in boiling water- stuck broken bottles up the vaginas of old ladies- use electric drill and hot oil to torture farmers and their families. Yet, yet it makes no impact on your wretched black heart that somewhere this inhuman slaughter against the white people must stop.

We never heard ONE liberal voice objecting to the farm grabs (land expropriation) by the communists we never heard ONE liberal voice condemning the brutal farm murders, NO condemnation of pedophilia against our children,  we never heard ONE liberal voice contesting the crippling Affirmative Action legislation-not ONE liberal contributing to poor whites in squatter camps but on the contrary does white liberals not only engineer such vile deeds against their own race as Rob Davis and Jeremy Cronin did- they also give their approval that such deeds can commence. You rather support those who killed and maimed your brethren and innocent children  with car bombs, limpet mines and explosives like white liberals such as Carl Niehaus,  Charleze Theron, Piet Croucamp, Max Du Preez, Sloet De Villiers, Martiens Van Schalwyk, and Melanie Verwoerd does. Again– you do it for that 30 pieces of silver. When confronted with the facts you usually will deny it- you will declare you are not guilty or a part of it. You will paint your treacherous deeds with little rainbow colors to hide it.  You rather will squirm behind your so-called “ political correctness”and your insignificant little “joppie”  in the “- Rainbow Nation” and still rat on your own people. Why- simply  because you are a rat. A snake can shed his skin many a time- but in the end he  still  remains what he genetically was engineered for….a snake. 

You call it “political correctness”- we call it downright TREASON against your own race. Your enemy bosses you now serve so obediently also will be there waiting  in Purgatory- waiting for your  arrival. If you do not want to talk to us now- if you are either too ashamed or too arrogant- that is “OK”- because soon you will HAVE to talk to G-d…and then – sadly for you- your TRUE identity- not your name or high rank, not your stance in that rich area you stay in Groenkloof, Sandton, Houghton or Constantia or the 2nd class incubators for rats such as Moot , Brakpan, Danvile , Fietas – but your SOUL will be revealed. You will not be able to hide that anymore. No-one lives forever- although you live in that liberal pipe-dream illusion that life goes on forever. Think about it- your path in front of you are shorter than the path behind you already.  

Image result for codesa

The Devil’s own gathered for a family picture. This was the pinnacle of treason by mainly WHITE conspirators to share that 30 pieces of silver as well. Through these conspirators thousands of white farmers and families had since paid the highest price, thousands of white people were pushed out of the job market , thousands of whites  fled the country for safer havens abroad, – and South Africa now is financially and economically destroyed. And liberal rats such as Roelf Meyer was dancing for joy after he himself added the last signature in that treacherous document that finally capitulated power to the murderous communists. 

Image may contain: 4 people, crowd and outdoor

NOW you can understand why you liberal Afrikaners also are such godless creatures- California is the only liberal state in the USA. The Devil simply hates competition. 

Now you cannot say you feel “offended” by this article- as traitors have no feelings, no remorse , no shame and no guilty conscious- their unhappy dark souls only knows arrogance and revenge. So go on- cry in your pretzels about this article- it’s “OK”-we want the world to see who and what the Afrikaner “liberal” pimp is- nothing but a detestable creature that preys on the blood of his/her own people. You can try to vindicate your foul deeds by calling this site ” white supremacist “ site or “far right”- or whatever your mind controllers taught you- but the facts will follow you like an omen. The broken families, the suffering of many and the cold blooded murders on many of your kinsfolk will haunt you because it is due to filth like you that this once beautiful country now finds itself in the mess it does.


Image may contain: 2 people

The liberal destruction of our societies…

YOUR kind handed this jewel to the pigs to trample under their dirty corrupt hoofs for 30 pieces of silver- the same as what you are doing now.  The white man’s biggest downfall across the world is not his enemy- but despicable white creatures like you. You can name them- Merkel, De Klerk, Sturgeon, Solberg, Macron, Bush, Blair, May, Trudeau, Ardern, Rutte, Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Rupert, Groenewald, Botha, Zille, Watson, Windsor, Kissinger, Kennedy,  Soros, Rockefeller, Zuckerberg, Gates, Clinton and you. The list of notoriety goes on and on- all detestable liberal creatures that only have one objective in mind: To destroy healthy societies for selfish personal financial gain. You all will be judged for that. The road to hell is paved with your kind. You will not change your ways- you are destined like your father – the devil –  by natural selection  to enter  the gates of hell as well…so you just go ahead and do what traitors do- for that also will become your epitaph on your tombstone one day: What the devil has spawned has returned to his loins. 





White Nation