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Article compiled by White Nation Editorial Cape Town –November 04 2019










OUTH AFRICA’s  rugby team has again won the world cup for a third time yesterday against all odds and expectations from academics, bookies  and supporters alike.   The whole country rejoiced in their Springbok jerseys on Saturday November 02 2019 with plenty of braaivleis, Richeleu brandy, Castle beer , Vusuvelas and car hooters.  Amidst the celebrations you ironically  also  found the white Afrikaners that joined the celebrations and rejoiced with the same kind of spirit and celebrating paraphernalia as well.

Everybody now in SA for once came together in a spirit of “nation building ” it seems- and all threw their support behind  the “Boks.” (Even the hatred Human Rights Commission  and Anti-white Mandela Foundation  ghouls that just recently wanted to recall , crucify and jail Eben Etsebeth for misplaced and mostly ungrounded “hate speech” accusations instigated by a few Western Cape gangsters) Everybody  is proud that their  team  gave the English a thrashing and won the much sought after William Web Ellis trophy. Celebrations and parties was in the order of the day all round Saturday night  and presented a perfect occasion and excuse to get sozzled without explaining to your wife again why you will be “late” back home while hanging out with the boys over a few pints.  I recon last night thousands of late comer husbands reverting  to use ONE excuse only! Now THAT’s unity for you- speaking as-if out of one mouth and giving precisely the same excuse across the country. So the “Boks” also prevented a few nasty home brawls with agitated  wives as well. 

YET -Yet nobody have confidence or supports the current corrupt government of the country anymore. Nobody supports the maladministration of corruption, deception, failure  of the country and the financial chaos it’s rulers created with the state coffers.  Further bitch and is the ANC is unhappy with the “Lilly white” majority of players and the “slow”  pace “transformation ” progress to an all-black team as with their soccer teams.  The Afrikaners on the other hand  again are unhappy about the amount of quota players that now start to dominate a once Afrikaner white man’s pride in numbers in the team. The  Afrikaners hate and complain about the ruling government, the discrimination of Affirmative Action, BEEE, the vindictive witch hunts on whites, the alienation of the Afrikaner , the ban of the new flag , discriminating welfare  laws and the ban of the old anthem to make way for new anthem.  The ponzi government then hates the Afrikaners and try to force them out of the country through discrimination and harsh taxes. The Afrikaners hates the regime in turn – and wish someone such as Donald Trump could force the illegal ponzi regime in turn  out of the country. So we have a race and human rights deadlock and two opposite sides strangely cheering for the same side for different reasons around this world cup celebrations.


In the old days I too was proud of my country, proud of my government (before I learned what the MF’s in the National Party actually  did) I was proud of my flag, my anthem, my skin color and my people- black and white as we were a UNIFIED NATION fighting against a very hostile world. On the SWA border I saw many non-whites also taking up the weapon as brothers with the whites to fight the communist onslaught against the free peoples of the world. I was ready to defend and die for my country- and so did many other people of different races too.In the armed forces those days 25% of the fighting men were black, Indian and Colored. The country promised a good future for our children with enough for all-  and we all as a nation stood together and were ready to die for it. While the fighting men were giving their ultimate sacrifice in the SWA border war- the folks back home supported them whole-fully- and in the logistical, welfare and Health departments many women and auxiliary personnel also stood as one to assist the brutal war up North. Everybody fought and united with respect and dignity under one flag and one anthem (bar the scaly Jews that is) .The nation was united- and proud of it. There were no such things as “apartheid”, “racism”– or division the later ANC communists and their British Jew conspirators came and sow discord among our people with.  It was a country with good Christian moral values to be proud of. I supported all our ambassadors and sports teams. It was MY country with values I respected , OUR pride and OUR people as a nation that was representing US in the international arena. That was until the greedy British bankers  and the Wall street Jews came and destroy that beautiful dream that once was Rhodesia and South Africa.

Waterkrisis dreig deur hele Vrystaat met feitlik alle dorpe wat moontlikheid van geen drinkwater in die gesig staar redes, munisipale skuld by waterrade, watersuiweringsaanlegte wat nie meer werk, rioolbesoedeling in spruite en riviere en wydverspreide droogte

Why would I support a regime and a country that could not even maintain the basic needs of it’s people or guarantee them a decent job?

Nowadays I am not proud of this  country they call the “New Democratic South Africa” anymore.The country and it’s evil African despot rulers turned it’s back on the one true G-d that for so long protected and blessed this country against all the onslaughts from a demonic world- exchanging His rule for a Babylonian conspiracy of heathen rule with the incorporation of all the Pagan rituals and abomination cultures only fit for sinful domains such as  Sodom and Gomorrah. I do not support the illegal regime and what they do to our people and call us “racists, settlers, white supremacists” and “colonials.”– desecrate the statues of our historical forefathers – and demonize our ancestors as thieves and  “architects of “apartheid.” I do not respect the new flag and all the 119 race baiting laws it represents – which saw the bulk of my people either land in impoverished squatter camps- or flee for safer havens abroad. I don’t even know the words of the new anthem as I don’t care about the “African god “ in any case. I do not support the raw discrimination against my people in the sports environment with all the so-called “equity” policies- and therefore do not support the national team that represents a country  filled to the brim with  racist politicians that forbid me through AA policies to earn a decent living – and a regime that impoverish , persecute and murder my people on a genocidal scale . We as white South Africans – the “ colonialists “– were keeping the globalist cabal at bay who wanted our resources they wanted us in debt slavery. Verwoerd had us debt free so they assassinated him, and now  they have placed African “liberation” puppets in our country and backed armed rebels such as the EFF and BLF with the deepest pockets on the planet.


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WHAT is very obvious about the world cup celebrations is how Ramaphosa made bloody sure he was not caught on camera hugging or congratulating any white boy by accident. This facade nearly resembles a black conscious promo show with the white boys constantly in the “background. “

So– I am not celebrating the world cup win as to me it represents nothing but a hollow victory.I despise everything this regime does to us as white people and reject anyone that represents their loathsome rule, their flag and their anthem. I despise a team that represents a government and a country that banned my old flag and my old respected anthem- deny my existence as a white- and a team that represents a country that discriminates against me as a white person on the base of my skin color , mock my holy G-d from podiums , assassinate my leaders, drag my people in front of  “Human Rights courts,”  dehumanize our Afrikaner activists as “ Neo Nazis, racists” and “White Supremacists,”  deny our people their own independence, slander our people on a daily basis in their leftist newspapers – murder our farmers – and continuously threaten us as whites  with civil wars, incarceration , oppression and “land expropriation” schemes..


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This is the direct result of the ANC and EFF’s “land expropriation” lies and false propaganda: Farm murders and land invasions. How come shall we support a country who’s illegal rulers wage a war against a certain group of people?

How do you express jubilation for a country governed by fat cat elites that could spend R 5 Billion a year on cell phones but refuse to give even ONE single penny to poor impoverished white Afrikaners? 

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Shall  rejoice a world cup in support of a government that bluntly refuse to protect it’s farming community and a president that openly lies in the face of the international world that farm attacks do not happen in South Africa? 

HOW do I honor a country’s flag if the government of that country does not even have respect for mine? 

How do you put trust in a country where the government robs the population blind and drive the economy into the ground? 

. Whites  on Facebook seem overjoyed about the “Boks” than won- the black Sowetan and other leftist newspapers also are overjoyed – but mainly because a black was the captain. We are no “united” country anymore. Since the communist ANC and their British Jews captured our land they only sow division and political deception in order to stay in power. South Africa became  a diverse country that now again try to use a world cup win as a barometer to seek a bit of “salvation ” for a country deeply troubled with diversity , financial catastrophes and brutal white hatred created by the current illegal rulers. So…why does the white oppressed Afrikaners then celebrate this win from a team representing a nation that despises  their skin color? If they support the “Boks”– then it means they also must therefore support all that the “Boks” represent…the country, government, flag , anthem, policies and laws- as the “Boks “is a national team that represents just that-South Africa. And “South Africa” is the country, the government , policies and the people- everything inclusive.The terrible way the English played and the ease with which the “Boks” won against a country that also bank-rolls it’s politicians nearly makes one wonder if the match was not fixed for certain political reasons or purposes? With this evil scheming politicians at work I would not put it pass them.


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If you do NOT support any of the “by-products” the “Boks” represent- then why feel jubilation about the win at all?  This win and celebrations was not for you- the honor , celebrations and joy goes to the “country.” If you support the “Boks” but  not the country with all it’s racist laws and quota systems- then you are nothing but a hippocrate. What we saw Saturday factually was a bogus team representing a very  sick  country with a ponzi regime representing all the false immoral values and hatred against conservative whites and Christianity.  And if you tell me I must rather then  “pack my bags and go somewhere else ” if I do not like the country or refuse to support the rugby team – I say to you in all due respect F*CK YOU– I was born and bred in this country, fought for it for months in a border war that now suddenly are seen as “racist” – and only brought uncalled for shame to my people for fighting for the liberty of all South Africans (or so we we were told) – and I was here LONG before this illegal communist aliens and filthy liberal political clowns  now in parliament took over my country and f*cked it up. So if there is someone that must leave- it must be THEM that must pack their bags and f*ck-off back to the communist holes they slithered from-  and give back my country they have stolen from us. I have much more rights to be here than “they” do.

So…Afrikaner… the most oppressed group in South Africa currently….according to your narrative- just WHO does this “Boks” now “represent”…you…the oppressed Afrikaners, the communist Regime…the black vindictive majority? Did the “majority” also rejoice for ALL the players…or just for the black players? Are the ANC goons also happy with the white players too- or would they prefer the team more ” representative” of the country’;s “demographics? And that goes for the white Afrikaner too? Do you support all the black players too- or do you reserve some judgement for the Affirmative Action quota appointments as well? That players could by no means represent ALL the peoples of South Africa- as all South Africans are sitting in different corners cheering this win for all different reasons– and I daresay Julius Malema and his gang of “revolutionary ” red spooks definitely did NOT cheer for the white players in that team. He most probably will be boasting about Makazole Mapimpi’s one try and “forget “ to mention Handré Pollard’s conversions that added 22 points. This win only appear to be an uneasy truce between all the different warring  factions and wide gap between the incompetent regime and the suffering  people that forms a diabolical and persistent conflict which on a daily basis tears the country and it’s people apart…..but NEVER will it “unite” the nation- at least not while political thugs the likes of the ANC and EFF are still around. It did not in 1994…and it will again fail to do so now. This world cup celebrations  only is a fake show-case of the ugly reality back “home.” .


SO- white Afrikaners- why precisely DO you feel the need to cheer Saturday’s  win? As I can recall the last time you sat there and cheered a world cup win – De Klerk and his cronies saw to it that you LOST your country. What are you willing to sacrifice NEXT for another world cup win? Maybe some of us better go do some soul searching where our priorities lies in future and for who or what we are cheering for – for that will determine the direction into which our race will be going forward and our chances of survival as a white homogeneous peoples in South Africa beyond the 21 st century. In South Africa especially whites have learned the hard way that “jubilation ” normally is a very short phenomena that only lasts until the price tag arrives. Just saying.




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