YEA Bru…such is the cursed land of the red delinquents- cannot survive one single day without hunting that “white racists”- now can they? Now the poor Media 24 jackasses and corrupt police are on the hunt again  for poor Vicky Momberg – that white “racist” who called a black traffic officer a “k(whatever) ” name after she was car-jacked. The leftist Media jackasses hounded her then until she was dragged before a bogus court and sent to jail. Now  the media jackasses are on it again- witch-hunting her as they did previously.

 And it made  HEADLINES in all their foul fake tabloids! To hell with the umpteen criminals hijacking cars, to hell with the dirty politicians that robbed the state coffers empty, to hell with all the women that are raped daily, to hell with all the farmers that are murdered on a daily basis, to hell with all the children that are abducted, to hell with the extreme gang violence in the Cape Flats, to hell with 52 murders a day- OUR police and the piss Lilly leftist media jackasses  are on a mission again to find that elusive “white racist.”  A WHITE “racist” is hiding somewhere- and now the primary objective of the country’s detestable media hounds and police cadavers is to hunt the white “racist “ down.  To the leftist media jackasses searching for a “white racist” is like a pirate searching for a lost treasure chest. Racism in all it’s  horrible forms and race division in South Africa is primarily kept alive, maintained and driven by the fake South African media networks. 

AS you can see below- the leftist trash media jackasses truly have an obsession with hunting down white “racists“- irrespective all the gruesome murders blacks commit on a daily basis against white farmers and against each other.In each case a white was involved for so-called “racism”– this media trash was spear-heading the attacks on those whites . REAL pathetic we tell you…



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SEVEN leftist government controlled media  bum brushes had this on their front pages. AND wherever a white is involved in some kind of “atrocity” against a black- you will find these leftist liberal media vultures hounding that white. And it always is the same skunks from the same wretched leftist media outlets in the forefront. Meanwhile  Cape Town non-practicing lawyer Maluleka Nkopo faces charges of racism and hate speech after he whipped up a storm on social media on Wednesday with his Facebook entry that a white woman should be raped in front of her husband and killed afterwards. But NONE of these media vultures are hunting him down. 

NO media frenzy about this guy as well.

This was after Nkopo wrote on Facebook earlier in the day: “How do you kiss a white ass? If you rape an elderly white woman in front of her husband and then kill them both. ”

So Vicki Momberg has become our number one criminal because she ducked and didn’t appear in court due to her case of crimen injuria of her 2016 racial slur. Now she has an arrest warrant hanging over her head, after her non-appearance at the Randburg magistrate’s court, and the police say they “are desperate to locate her”. According to the police, detectives are working around the clock and crime intelligence is on full alert and involved to establish her whereabouts. If this were not so pathetic it would have been laughable. We have 58 killings a day, not mentioning rapes and hijackings, and criminals are running loose left right and center, while the Zondo commission has established who the other criminals are that looted billions out of this country and no action has been taken, but we have the whole police force on alert and going after this poor woman. Now all the foreign visitors who are attending the investment conference can see where our priorities lie and they’re going to put billions in this country.

” The single most important issue that has kept a corrupt and thieving government in power for so long is racism. It’s their trump card. And both the ANC and EFF feed on it. It comes with the blame games. THEY did this and that to you hence everything is like this. They hate you and if you allow THEM to govern again they’ll bring back apartheid. And the more illiterate their supporters are the better. Because they won’t be able to read, research or reason for themselves. They’re completely dependent on their masters for every piece of information. And they get it. From SABC and their public speeches aimed at keeping their sheeple supporters worshiping them and believing every word they say. There are no questions asked because only thinking people question things. With the lowest standard of education afforded to them even matriculants coming out of that system are illiterate.

They can barely read or write, let alone comprehending complex issues, which me and you regard as common. Their future is dumbed down long before they realize what’s happening around them. And they’ll have no chance to raise up their heads unless something miraculous happens one day. And we’re all praying for that day. But we’re talking about the majority of our population. They are encouraged to concentrate on their hair and nails, to go shopping with other people’s hard earned monies, to honor and worship sex and money, not education and morals. They get brainwashed to abuse women and children, to get addicted to drugs so they don’t think and reason. They are zombies and they cannot even recognize that. So what are the prospects of having a free and prosperous country with that scenario?

But we’re helping the ANC and EFF to gain momentum everyday through our stubborn racist utterances. We post racial content or comments on social media. We hate each other openly in restaurants and malls. We don’t accept people of different races as neighbors living with us. We’re quick to utter the word K..R, BOER, COOLIE, HOTNOT whenever we feel offended or upset, without even thinking of the consequences. We keep referring to US and THEM, and YOU PEOPLE so often. So who’s dividing us if not us? The ANC , FF+and EFF are always gaining from our own racism. Those people we keep criticizing and insulting run back to them. And they keep saying to them “We told you they hate you”.
And so the ANC and EFF keep their support. And we all lose.

What will it take for us to sacrifice our pride for unity?  Only then will we find common ground. And remove our common enemy from the Union Buildings and our coffers.
And freedom will prevail in this country.”


  • Miriam Jess


Do you live outside of South Africa? In your country how many people do you know have been convicted for “racism?” or at worst case scenario “crimen injuria” for using a banned word that “insults a persons dignity”? South African Police have launched a “man-hunt” Police are on the lookout for “racist” former estate agent Vicki Momberg after they failed to locate her at both addresses listed under her name. The media report from Jacaranda News reads as follows:  A warrant of arrest was issued in August after Momberg failed to report to the Randburg Magistrates Court. Since then her whereabouts have been unknown to authorities. Gauteng police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters has urged Momberg to turn herself in. “Police are yet to locate and arrest Miss Momberg as per a warrant of arrest that was issued a couple of months back. Police have since, on numerous occasions, visited two addresses one in Bedfordview and the other in Krugersdorp, with the last visit as recent as this past week and Miss Momberg was not at either of these addresses.”

Momberg was convicted of “crimen injuria” in 2017 after she was caught on video using the k-word 48 times following a smash-and-grab incident the previous year. Double Standards: BUT it is quite acceptable for hostile leader of Economic Freedom Fighters to sing and chant a political song titled “Kill the Boer” taken literally by killers and robbers of white farmers in rural South Africa. Just last week a Belgian –Koenraad Collier (53) and another  female victim who was a 75-year-old from the Netherlands- was murdered. Her name has not yet been released and will not until her next-of-kin have been notified.  The two died during an armed robbery at Martloth Park next to the Kruger National Game Reserve. The two victims, identified as a 53-year-old Belgian man and a 74-year-old woman of Dutch nationality, were in a home owned by the Belgian national along with two other women. Apparently two Mozambican blacks were responsible and subsequently fled across the Mozambican border. But up to today NO APB or man hunt was launched by the police or media to find them. Apparently the police are too busy hunting down a white “racist”  Momberg – with absolutely NO  extra manpower to spare to find the Mozambican killers.


HEY VICKYyou want a hiding place? WE have MORE than enough people that are willing to  hide you from this black racist honkeys and their filthy media trash  dear. Just give us a call!  It’s time we take a hand in proceedings to stop this filthy racist regime , their fat corrupt police and their street dog media jackasses from witch hunting our people. Let us hope she already got out safely from this forsaken black communist racist hell hole. 

UPDATE November 06 2019:

Vicki Momberg handed herself over to the police and will spend the night behind bars. Now all South Africans can again walk the streets safely without the danger of being scolded in the worst kind of racist slander. The prime evil of racism at last has been captured. Police minister Bheki Cele said the police force, Crime Intelligence Unit and National Intelligence Agency in general now can relax again- and as many police and Intelligence members will ostensibly apply for some humanitarian special leave after one of the most intensive and stressful man hunts launched in the history of the South African human rights abuse cases- the public are requested to assist the police by exercising patience as most police stations will be understaffed for the next two weeks. ” We want to thank our friends from foreign Intelligence agencies such as the CIA,FBI, MOSSAD, Scotland Yard , Interpol and British Intelligence for their assistance in apprehending a very dangerous racist criminal as well. It shows that South Africa and the international world can work together against global crime. “said Cele.
A police spokes person also said that free trauma counselling will be available for police members and their families who experience traumatic side effects and show signs of post traumatic stress disorder due to the immense psychological challenges they had to face sometimes beyond human endurance during the grueling man hunt operation. The police want to to thank each and every member that went beyond the call of duty in pursuing a woman that not only defied the ends of justice- but also threatened the very core of National Security as a whole- said the spokes person. . The two officers that eventually arrested Momberg at the Randburg Police Station apparently also will receive the Honorus Crux award and The Order of Mendi decoration for Bravery with special bonus leave for risking their lives to apprehend Momberg.
News editors of most of the leftist Media 24 newspapers and other outlets also indicated that they will grant special leave based on humanitarian grounds to all their correspondents that experience mental suffering who went beyond this expected from normal duties to assist the police in hunting down one of South Africa’s most notorious racists. This again is clear evidence that the police and the media can work together in a unified force to bring justice against racism to prevail. “Now that one of the biggest threats against our delicate democracy has been eliminated – the police can concentrate on their normal daily duties again such as murders, crime, rapes, child abduction, state coffer plundering, car Hi Jackings , assaults, robberies and other unimportant issues they always attend to” – said a police spokes person. Finance Minister Tito Mboweni also said in parliament yesterday that a special budget will be set aside to accommodate for all the overtime worked by these dedicated officers who did not rest until justice was served. The EFF seconded the motion. 

Momberg appeared in the Randburg magistrate’s court on Wednesday. She appeared calm, wearing a black blazer and with her hair tied in a bun. Her legal representative, advocate Anesh Sukdeo, told the court he was concerned that his client had been brought to court on a warrant of arrest but he had been asking for a copy of the warrant from the investigation officer since Wednesday morning. “We are standing before court without ammunition. The accused’s rights have been violated. When the accused demands a copy [of the warrant], you need to give the accused a copy,” said Sukdeo. “The media has also tarnished her reputation,” he added. Sukdeo brought an application on Wednesday for Momberg to be released from custody. When Momberg tried to appeal her conviction at the high court in Johannesburg earlier this year — having fired a sixth legal team and been forced to represent herself — her application was dismissed and she was given a few days to file a fresh application with the Supreme Court of Appeal. Alongside this application, she was meant to file an application for special leave to extend her bail.

However, because she failed to do this, she was ordered to hand herself in – what she did. A warrant of arrest was issued on August 1, when she failed to report at the Randburg magistrate’s court after unsuccessfully trying to appeal her crimen injuria conviction. She was considered “on the run” until handing herself over to police on Wednesday. Sukdeo argued that the court said she had 30 days to file the application but did not mention that this excluded public holidays and weekends. He also argued that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) had no right to obtain the warrant of arrest and that this infringed on her dignity, adding that dignity and the right to life go hand in hand. “I ask that the court should consider the accused’s violation of her rights,” he said.




White Nation


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