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Article compiled by White Nation correspondent Johannesburg –November 06 2019








IT became clear that the communists in South Africa-and especially the Blood Reign at the top- now deviously are working on a plan to withdraw South Africa from the International Criminal Court (ICC). The only reason imaginable as why they are planning this- is because at some point in time the ANC is going to be ousted and hopefully replaced with a healthy and decent government by the people that actually will put the people’s well being first instead of their own greed.

Now SHOULD that happen that South Africa one day will be blessed again to rid itself from this ANC /communist curse ( and we predict their rule will at the most still last only two more years) – there maybe will be some reckoning to do for some ANC rats (and some EFF rats too)  for crimes  against humanity and a couple of ANC mass murderers might end up facing an International tribunal for their part in killing or depraving/oppressing/discriminating/instigating/assisting  against  human beings from necessary basic rights such as the slow  genocide against whites. This would not surprise us at all as the ANC is well documented for not taking responsibility for their evil deeds- and as with the “Truth and Reconciliation” farce where all the murderous ANC big shots quickly ducked and dived for “amnesty”- they again now are going to try to pull the same stunt again and set up their own “African Court” that- as with the TRC- will be loaded with “Brothers and Sisters” who again will acquit them or again give them “amnesty” – or worst case scenario for their poor victims or their families – not even summons them to appear before a court.

The down-side of this lunacy is that this same communists will again now  use this new “tool” the same as they abused their “hate speech” tool  to persecute , witch hunt and prosecute normal citizens at will- and especially white Afrikaners again who they will deem ” criminals ” for all kinds of self interpreted or bogus charges as they presently are doing with their bogus “Human Rights” commissions and courts. This all while the REAL criminals get away scott free and most probably lands up in some- or- the -other government position protected by  “amnesty ” again. In other words some dirty ANC/EFF communist  criminals will be found “innocent” again after a shower-or-two- all while some whites will again feel the brunt of the  monkey justice and languish in jail in a  “awaiting trail” limbo again for a decade or two . And as we know are South Africa’s courts NOT the most effective and respected in the world- which is recorded as bias in the verdicts against white Afrikaners , have a general  anti-white sentiment. It also isno state secret that most of thse so-called “judges” are heavily influenced by the media mob justice sytem as well as political interference. Too  much ” affiliated” cadre judiciary appointments and  gross nepotism also are involved. So one can expect nothing less from this new evil system the ANC delinquents now wants to replace the ICC with.

The ANC illegal regime has started plans to withdraw from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), putting in place an “alternative system ” for the prosecution of international crimes. The system for the prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes will come into effect once SA withdraws from the Rome Statute of the ICC. The regime  and a number of African countries believe the Rome Statute is in conflict with international law and with some of the provisions of the Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act as it does not allow for immunity from prosecution of certain people. The details of the new system are contained in the International Crimes Bill, which is before parliament’s justice and correctional services committee. Members of the committee will be briefed about the new system on Wednesday.

The bill provides for the investigation and prosecution of international crimes committed inside and outside SA to take place in SA. The bill provides for life imprisonment for those found guilty of an offence of genocide, a crime against humanity or a war crime. It criminalizes international crimes under domestic law and gives extraterritorial jurisdiction to SA courts (Can we hear a OMG here?-Ed) to adjudicate them. It also provides for the extradition or surrender of those accused of international crimes to foreign states or entities respectively and regulates the immunity of heads of state and diplomats from prosecution for such crimes as is provided for in customary international law. Crimes committed outside SA can only be prosecuted locally if the accused is an SA citizen; or is not a citizen but is ordinarily resident in SA; or the crime has been committed against an SA citizen or against a person who is ordinarily resident in SA or if the suspect is in SA.

A state of war, threat of war, internal political instability, national security or any state of emergency may not be invoked as a justification for the commission of an international crime. The bill provides for life imprisonment for those found guilty of an offence of genocide, a crime against humanity or a war crime. According to the bill, a new system is necessary to ensure SA “does not become a safe haven for people who commit international crimes” once it withdraws from the Rome Statute.

Conflict of interest

The bill acknowledges that international crimes must not go unpunished but also notes that SA plays an important role in resolving conflicts in Africa. It says SA is hindered in its relations with the heads of state of foreign countries — especially those where there are serious conflicts — by the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Act. This compels SA to arrest heads of state of foreign countries wanted by the court for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes and to surrender such people to the court “even under circumstances where SA is actively involved in promoting peace, stability and dialogue in those countries”. SA’s resolve to withdraw from the Rome Statute was confirmed by the saga surrounding its failure to arrest then Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir despite a warrant for his arrest having been issued by the ICC for alleged crimes against humanity.

Al-Bashir was deposed earlier in 2019 in a coup after a 30-year dictatorship in Sudan. He visited SA in June 2015 and the government allowed him to leave without arresting him. This led to a reprimand by the ICC. The DA told Business Day it will oppose the bill, which was mooted in 2017 when former mafia boss Jacob Zuma was in office and has since been transferred to the new parliament. DA justice spokesperson Glynnis Breytenbach said the bill is “a bad piece of legislation which typifies the legacy of the Zuma administration when the ANC acted on all its worst instincts”. She said the bill should be allowed to lapse.





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