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Article compiled by White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom  –November 16 2019








 YOU know- one thing that really p*sses one off is this naked racism and brutal attacks against innocent  whites by uncivilized blacks while the Main Stream Media suddenly have intervals  of sporadic  attacks bordering  hippocratical  laryngitis when a “whitey” gets “bashed” by a ‘darkie.” . However– when a WHITE dare touch a black on the contrary- or even dare say something wrong remotely in the direction of “racism” or “hate speech”( like the Etsebeth incident) – leftist media tramps such as Beeld, Sowetan, Al Jazeera, Citizen , New Nation, Cape Argus and Africa Check ( and O..let us not forget that devious “Human Rights Commission ” jokers with their Nelson Mandela Foundation afterburners ) are quickly to jet themselves  onto the racist wagon and scream their heads off for “justice” for the poor black “victim. “

BUT when the shoe fits the other foot- suddenly the “rules” (and interpretation) of the game in that detestable media corridors change like 180 degrees. Just yesterday FOUR blacks hi-jacked a car in Bramley and shot the white woman driver-   Isabelle Van Coller   dead…no media outcry for justice- and their homes were not burned in any political-orchestrated riot as when whites would have killed a black woman. The Boeremag members received lengthy jail terms for killing a single black woman- yet hundreds of black killers and farm murderers walk out scott free after doing a bit of “knuckle-slapping” jail time. . Although six black killers were arrested yesterday for the murder in Alexandra black  township- there is no media sensation, riots or political condemnation about it. When a white nurse –Lorette Lourens (60),- was illegally arrested for alleged theft- thrown in a cell and assaulted by black policemen- no media outcry. When an elderly white couple was hi-jacked by blacks and the old male bludgeoned to death in Vereeniging yesterday- no media outcry for justice.  When blacks grabbed a white baby out of a car in Middelburg in  an attempted abduction- no media outcry. When an elderly woman was shot three times by black thugs  in a farm attack in Muldersdrift near Pretoria- no media outcry for justice.When a white elderly man- 79 year old frail Johnny Marx was brutally murdered by suffocation with a plastic bag  in his small retirement home in Jefferysbay by black thugs. The thugs took Johnnie into the house, demanded his bank cards and forced him to provide them with the credentials to draw money. He was then tied up to a chair and suffocated with a plastic bag.- no outcry.  Then we also did not hear the media or those damn social mafia mob go “viral” about a white man- Buks Oosthuizen(47) who was brutally bludgeoned to death with a spade by four black thugs on his camping trip at the Vaal river. Apparently the beasts  first had a “party” after they tied him and his family –  then murdered him in cold blood -after which they stole a laptop and cell phones. Twenty Eight farm attacks were committed this past October by black thugs- and three white farmers were killed- yet this same sub-human leftist media correspondents made not a sound of condemnation.

Buks Oosthuizen(47)– bludgeoned to death with a spade for a laptop and two cellphones. The South African leftist media remains silent!


However– when children at a Makhanda school start  calling blacks “ Snoobabs” ( Reverse for Babboons) there suddenly is a resurrection of the dead and the whole leftist brain dead media mafia zombie  establishment immediately activated their “GO” teams onto the case –  and they demanded “immediate” justice for this “gross” human rights “racist” abuse. College head Colleen Vassiliou told newspapers the matter was receiving urgent attention and disciplinary steps would be taken against those involved. Then we have the case of the Winburg Combined school where a white principal was appointed. A white female teacher made a comment on a WhatsApp group that she is glad it was a white that was appointed as for if it was a black- she would have resigned. Suddenly all the Lesufis, social  ” Sufis “ , Union “Sufis” and all the leftist media  “Sufis” were screaming blue murder again about the cases. . Now we again have a case here which should by any standards call for another huge outcry from the same leftist media retards and communist  “Sufis” that see themselves as the “guardians of racist morality”  in South Africa….but in the contrary we again (as expected) hear the sounds of silence from this despicable commi and media hippocrates .


Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 1 person, indoorImage may contain: 1 person

The marks on the white woman’s body where black taxi thugs unprovoked beat her with sjamboks and  Lorette Lourens (60) -a nurse who was illegally arrested by the gangsters in the SAP, thrown in a cell- and beaten for no reason at all. The leftist media silence on cases such as these is simply deafening. 

A case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, has been opened at the Brits Police Station, after an innocent woman motorist was attacked by a group of black taxi operators on Friday, 8 November 2019 on Van Deventer Street, where one of the numerous roads that was barricaded during the taxi operator siege of Brits. According to the victim (34), the motorist in the car in front of her had to make a U-turn, and that was when she realized that she would not be able to turn into Van Deventer Street. As she waited her turn, her car door was opened and a group of black taxi drivers grabbed her car keys and she was forcefully pulled from her vehicle away from the road and into a clearance between the taxis.  Then- like a pack of Hyenas- they decended upon her and without provocation she was incessantly beaten with sjamboks.

As-If the trauma of been beaten by numerous taxi thugs with sjamboks– they also  cursed her, making racist remarks and told her in no uncertain language that she should ” f* off, “– then one forcefully pushed her to the ground and her car keys were thrown back at her. Totally shocked she stumbled back to her car and while trying to turn the immobilizer off, she was again struck in the face with a sjambok. The traumatized victim said that the attack was so fierce that she had thought that they were going to kill her. “What is really worrying is, that while this was happening to me, there wasn’t a traffic- or police officer or anyone of the public to assist me! I just want people to know that you are not safe anywhere, even if you are an innocent motorist. They contravened the Act (NRTA – National Road Traffic Act), violating road users’ movement and rights and their behavior should not be tolerated any longer!” Agree with me- was it white men that attacked a black woman with sjamboks the leftist media, social mafia- and liberal tabloids abroad would have a field day. The leftist  New York Times and London Daily Mail would experience record sales for the month. But now the victim is a white- and not even one f*cker cares or reports about it. 


No photo description available.No photo description available.

A white truck driver over 70 years- brutally assaulted by black thugs on the road. You will never hear the leftist media saying a word about it. Was it a black trucker being assaulted by WHITES…well…YOU know the answer….



In South Africa there is a war waged by the illegal regime, political parties AND the leftist media against whites. White South Africans’ worst enemy is not the racist regime so much as it is the bastard children of the media god. A good case of this total media bias against whites now is the Coligny case where two white farmers Pieter  Doornwaard and Phillip Schutte just was granted R 20 000.00 bail after being in jail for 13 months for an alleged killing of a thief Matlhomola Mosweu.  Their conviction was based on a single state witness Bonakele Phakisi. The judge found there is evidence for a bail application after their legal team headed by Counc.  Barry Roux SC pointed out that the single state witness’ evidence was not watertight . Three times during the trail he admitted he was lying- then changing his story again- and again. There is ample evidence that Pakisi was set up and lied to the court. No autopsy report was presented.  It was only in March 2019 that they were handed their sentences of 23 and 18 years in jail respectively.

Phakisi  admitted he lied, according to a report in the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport. The newspaper said it had access to a recording where Bonakele Pakisi says he lied when he testified against Pieter Doorewaard, 27, and Phillip Schutte, 34,  His killing plunged the North West town into turmoil, with racial tensions causing chaos. Shops were plundered and buildings set alight after Moshoeu was caught and allegedly killed by the two white men for stealing sunflowers. But  a preacher from a town in Mahikeng, Paul Morule, has told Rapport that Pakisi had admitted to him he had lied and that he could no longer stay silent about it. “I was not there when the incident happened. I did not see anything,” Pakisi  said in a recording made by Morule.



BUT it was not the case itself that drew negative attention per se- it was the uncalled for media fanfare that preceded the case that drew the most attention. The media hogs went totally ballistic and already found the two “guilty” before the trail even started. The two maintained their innocence that they were transporting the accused to a police station after he stole sunflowers. He was sitting at the back they say- and when the vehicle slowed down at a bend- he jumped and unfortunately landed at a wrong angle- breaking his neck. This evidence was blasted by the media- and much influenced by the mob rule, protesters outside the court organized by the ANC,DA and EFF and the media madness around it- the judge Ronnie Henndricks never allowed more time for a thorough investigation and a proper test if Pakisi actually was speaking the truth. Neither was the autopsy report studied. The whole case- like so many others- was a total media spectacle – as was the Penny Sparrow and Vicky Momberg cases too.

The reaction of this media beasts to bail being granted to the two is as expected typical leftist cheap propaganda trash sensation. The Sowetan carried the headlines as: ” Coligny ‘sunflower killers’ granted bail ahead of Supreme Court appeal.” The leftist IOL headlined it: ”  Coligny murderers granted R20k bail pending appeal” Liberal News 24 advertised it as “Coligny killers granted R20 000 bail each ahead of SCA appeal.”  To these scumbag media ghouls the chance that Phakisi being  a possible  lair makes no difference- they already labelled Doornwaard and Schutte as “killers” and “murderers”- based on ONE doubtful witness. But that is what’s happening in South Africa- the real war against whites  is waged from the media platforms-  not from the regime per se. The media is used to promote racism, create race division, spread malicious fake propaganda, create hatred between different races and to dehumanize whites in particular.  The media in South Africa has become the masters of deception– turning the victims of racism(whites) into the culprits- and the culprits of racism (blacks) into “victims. ” The media is the white enemy #1. But this vile actions from the leftist  media against the white peoples of South Africa only forms part of the global liberal onslaught by thugs the likes of George Soros et al against the white Aryan races. It is time to fight back and boycott all these leftist media outlets.





White Nation