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Article compiled by White Nation financial correspondent Potchefstroom   –November 20 2019








24 famous airlines that have gone out of business


Mpumalanga’s Eskom debt shockingly escalates from R990 million to R7 billion in just 3 years







Listen how Mandela bullshitted the people who idolized him as a semi God.

Posted by Stephen J Coetzee on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The political lies and promises….

THEN after this little bullsh*t speeches the “government of national unity” went and stole R 4 trillion worth of gold from the Reserve bank- and sell it to the New York Jews! AS for Mandela’s idle promises about corruption and gravy trains , Fat Cats that will end with  ANC leaders living a style of life similar like like the communities……well- you know the truth. 

his past week the South African media reports were dominated by the collapse of the SAA  and  the communist Union strike campaign by the  National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) and the SA Cabin Crew Association ( SACA) against the South African Airways. 

And now for the reality….

SAA, during its media briefing, noted that negotiations with trade unions have hit a brick wall after they submitted more demands. The media briefing comes four days after SAA workers downed tools, calling on the airline to meet their initial demand of an 8% salary increase that is attached to a three-year permanent employment guarantee. SAA has made it abundantly clear that, at this stage, the only counteroffer they can put to the table is a 5.9% salary hike from March 2020, if there are funds available for such an increase. This has not only been rejected by the unions but it is believed that they have submitted additional demands to SAA. Ramasia would not be baited into revealing the details of these additional demands but he confirmed that they are not part of the conflict. According to SAA Acting Ceo, Zuks Ramasia, some workers have decided against the protest and have since returned to their respective jobs within the airline. However, many of these workers have indicated that unions intimidating workers and threatening them against returning to work.

At more or less the same time  the embattled SAA was fighting a battle for survival against the communist unions'”shut down ” onslaught which cost them a further R 50 million per day as it was forced to cancel almost all its domestic, regional and international flights scheduled for Friday and Saturday- another little drama played itself off in yet another ugly duckling of the beleaguered ANC’s misrule- Eskom.  The ANC kingpins took a very controversial decision- whether out of desperation , a secret hidden agenda, or because of a word from  their stakeholders – or maybe on instructions from their financial masters abroad we shall never know I guess- to appoint a white CEO- Andre de Ruyter– as captain of this sinking ship in the hope that he will be able to salvage the sinking bathtub. AS quite expected did this not go down well with the warlords in the black commi union dynasty at all. Almost immediately after De Ruyter’s appointment was announced- the war lords of the communist realm start to beat their little red racist drums of hippocracy- and sounds such as “right-wing” privatization agendas echoed across the landscape.  

” This constitutes a setback when it comes to the transformation agenda in the country. This is an insult to blacks and Africans in this country, that – to date – in this country since the democratic breakthrough, we do not have competent black women and black African who can occupy such a position.This constitutes a setback when it comes to the transformation agenda in the country.We regard this as nothing less than a provocation.”-Irvin Jim- NUMSA


Union gangster bosses such as Zwelinzima Vavi ,  Jacob Molefe, Oscar Skommere,  Irvin Jim and a whole conglomeration of mainly black red-pajama wearing  hoodlums  from the commi netherworld converged  like a brood of serpents on the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg for a three day venom spitting spectacle to express their “displeasure” against their ANC pets for taking such an “unpatriotic” solution against the very core of African “liberation.”  Mac Chavalala urge members to foster “genuine relations with revolutionary leftist formations to fight the ANC-led right-wing agenda of privatisation”. Supporting this misdirected creators of chaos naturally was the EFF and the ANC National Youth Task Team. It  is during troubled times like this that South Africans are supposed to unite and rid themselves of the evil among them- but in South Africa times like these rather expose the vipers among the children of the lesser god it appears. And this communist unions has been the vipers in the rainbow “Eden ” for much too long one daresay.




Let us have a little economic calculation game here:

In South Africa there are three main trade unions: COSATU, with a membership of 1.8 million which  is followed by FEDUSA with 560,000 members and NACTU with almost 400,000 members including the powerful mine workers union. In total does these unions represent 3.1 million members – thus percentage wise thus representing around 25% of the formal work force. Now- each COSATU member is paying R 74 00 per month per member. Times that by 1.8 million member fees and Zingiswa Losi’s  Stassi brigade rakes in a cool R 133 Million  each month. That would give us a staggering R 1.6 Billion each year. FEDUSA roughly charges R70.00 per member fee. Multiply that by 560,000 and you get an amount of R39.2 million per month rolling into the union’s coffers. Multiply that by 12 and you get R470.2 million per year. NACTU also charges around R 74.00 per member. Times that by R 400 000 members and the total amount flowing into their treasure chest is R  2.96 million. Times that by 12 months and their annual profits are R 35.52 million. Now add the taxi associations. Loans to taxi operators jumped 14% to more than R10.1 billion The biggest taxi  Santaco finances some 650 minibus taxis every month, and it has 30,000 operators on its books. The biggest taxi union is Santaco– estimated that there are more than 200,000 minibus taxis in South Africa – generating more than R90 billion every year. The union said  its loan value stood at R9.4bn. It also recorded a 21 percent growth in headline earnings to R368million in 2018.

Now looking at this staggering profits these unions and associations rake in every year-  one would suspect they at least must also support their country and especially development among the poor black communities. If these unions and associations each contribute say only R 10.00 per month for every  member they have-the total figure pumped into black social development from union side  would look like this:

COSATU: 1.8 million members x R10.00 each per month = R 10.8 million per month. That equals R 129 million per year. FEDUSA 560 000 members x R10 each per moth: R 5.6 million per month. Times that by 12 and they could contribute R 67.2 million per year to black social development. NACTU: 400 000 members x R10.00 per member per month would generate R 4 Million per month and R 48 million per year to to social development. Santaco have 200 000 taxis operating x R 10.00 per operator per month = R 2 million per month and R 24 million per annum. (That is excluding the huge profits they make on loans) Now add all this figures together and we see that between only the biggest players in this monopoly they could contribute a staggering R 268 million each year towards black social development. Times that with 25 years of black rule and the amount comes to R 7.1 Billion.

Unfortunately there is not ONE shred of evidence of any of these unions or associations that contribute to the welfare of black people at all. This estimation only includes the 4 main players- the “tip of the iceberg “- as there are many more black unions like the  Congress of the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) ,South African Domestic Services and Allied Workers Union (SADSAWU) ,  Black Lawyers Association (BLA)  , the Media Workers Association of South Africa (MWASA), POPCRU, The Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) ,  South African National Defence Force Union (Sandu) and many more “Black only ” forums, Associations, bodies , “leagues ” and G-d knows what else “ Black only” groups there are not even mentioned here  “out there”  regulating the black masses while sucking them dry – but also does not contribute a single dime to the social development for  their own kind. The estimation we made here is VERY moderate indeed.  You can basically DOUBLE that yearly contributions of the “Big Four” to R 14.2 Billion this past 25 years  if  all these “unions” could donate to the upliftment programs of their own kind- thus lightening the tax burden of the small 13% tax payers that now have to foot the bill of the rest of the 87% leeches in South Africa. At the same time they could have made a hell of a difference in the social upliftment of many black impoverished people. How many schools, clinics and services in rural communities could they have helped  created with that kind of money this past 25 years? And that is if they donate a paltry sum of only R10.00 per member per month to the community chest. But they don’t! Remember- most of these unions and organizations are controlled by black people- NOT whites or Indians or Colords. BUT like the majority black political parties and black politicians that gorge themselves in fortune-  they also care a hoot about the rest their own kind- but only exploit other blacks as milking cows to suck the economy dry for their own selfish interests and benefits of the small “clique” in control. You see- while the money keeps on rolling in- it is a “black only” thing. As soon as the money tap dries up- immediately it becomes a ” government”( read tax payer)  thing. These union mobsters just want to rake and  receive- but never want to share or give.

SO- what does this fat cat union bosses offer their members in return then?  “To improve the material conditions of our members and of working people in general. To organize the unorganized. To ensure worker participation in the struggle for peace and democracy principles.” COSATU’s credo say. I.O.W  sweet blue  f*ck-all! What does FEDUSA offer their members? ” We support the aims of the Employment Equity bill, namely the elimination of unfair discrimination, the removal of all employment barriers and the implementation of equitable representation in the workplace.”- their credo states. I.O.W – as with COSATU- sweet blue  f*ck-all!  And NACTU- what do they offer? ” We believe that a union is formed to advance and defend the interest of workers and officials that are employees of the union. Again…. sweet blue  f*ck-all!  Sweet powerful and impressive words on paper indeed– but in reality nothing a state organ such as the CCMA or a common labor lawyer or practitioner cannot do for less. So…who is benefiting from this unions then? The answer…the “clique” at the top.

O the unions call out strikes and riots, make impressive speeches from podiums, send millions of gullible blacks into the streets to burn tyres, vandalize businesses, plunder shops and face police ribber bullets- that they are good at. But have you ever seen Mr. Ehrenreich, Losi, Irvin Jim et al in the front line when that police bullets stars finding their targets during such a strike action? I don’t think so. If their members get fired , retrenched or lose wages due to this strikes- will the unions compensate that members? I don’t think so either. Will this unions compensate  the families for the loss of union members that are killed during this riots or strikes like the Marikana incident? I don’t think so. They do not even attend the funerals. If companies close down due to riots and crippling strikes  or pull out of the country- leaving thousands of workers jobless- would this unions see to it that their members get other jobs? I don’t think so. Do these unions compensate businesses or individuals that carry huge losses due to these union riots after the dust settled down the end of the day? I don’t think so. Does the unions compensate the tax payer for all the damage their members inflict to government institutions and state property their members  burn and destroy during such riots? Nope- don’t think so either. Does this unions assist City Councils financially in rebuilding or repairing structures their members vandalized during union marches? I doubt it.  When was the last time you read about any trade union donating money or food to hungry black people- or orphanages- or help build them some houses- even help them built toilets ? I bet never! 

They can muster and mobilize literally millions of rioters across the country  in a jiffy to run amok in the streets, yelling, dancing and burning tyres- but they cannot even mobilize ten union members to go to an impoverished black settlement and help clean up the place – or help to repair general damages to the dwellings for the community.  Never will they combine forces and start building schools in black townships for the children- or even donate money to purchase schoolbooks to empower young black children- but they greedily eat the money of their working parents with nothing to show in return. Now the white trade union Solidarity is doing just that– ploughing their member fees back to the white community and build a university for their people to empower young children- and now Nzimande and his malicious gang of commi thugs are calling Solidarity “racist! But every month these balck union kleptocrats keep on raking in millions from those same struggling black people of that same rural settlements they refuse to help. They never even tried building a school for young black children- least a university! So who is the worst culprits then – the “racists” that look after their own by giving the member fees back in the form of community dividends – or the thieves  that  do not even have compassion for their own kind but rather steal  the food off the plates of their children through member fees and chase the parents into the streets on a mass ” shut down” riot for “wage disputes” to go and face police bullets?



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Mahikeng | Shops looted, some on fire

Mahikeng | Shops looted, some on fire

Posted by SABC News Online on Monday, November 18, 2019

Station Way, Mafikeng, currently.Destroy what you want more of.Makes perfect sense.

Posted by Jillian Alcott on Monday, November 18, 2019


After each one  of such  mass ” shut down” riots the union bosses usually are happy. They managed to close down yet another  “ white monopoly capital” business again . The media was there and they again had some strong warnings they sent to the “white monopoly capitalists.”  You don’t f*ck with unions. They are the “tough” guys on the block. Tonight they will celebrate with Sushi downed with a swag of  Blue Chip in some posh joint somewhere in a white man’s suburb. BUT  their members are not happy- 2000 of them now sits without a job and income because the “white money capital” business that was operating for 25 years and employed 2000 workers was shut down – their children now must receive  school classes under a tree because the “members” burned down the school during the riot today.  They cannot even report the criminals to  the police anymore because the police station and municipal buildings also was torched because of  the  “wage dispute”  with the “white monopoly capital” business. Food is out this week because rioters on their way to the “white monopoly capital” business smashed into the nearest Checkers outlet and raided the shelves- looted everything and left the shop in a carnage. 2000 Black families now are in despair.Tomorrow the members and their children will go hungry while the union bosses will be busy organizing  yet another “wage dispute” riot against yet another “white monopoly capital” business  again. That is their “success” story and the legacy these union mobsters leave behind each destructive venture they plan. Under their evil rule unemployment sky-rocket to an all-time high since 1994. Investors now flee South Africa in droves- and with them they take their money and businesses elsewhere safe from these union mobsters. SO– again we ask…..  who is the worst culprits then – the “racists” that look after their own kind by giving the member fees back in the form of community dividends – or the thieves  that  do not even have compassion for their own kind but make their members pay for their own demise? You be the judge. 

You see- the fastest way to make a quick buck and become “untouchable” (and stinking rich) –  is either to start a political party or a trade union- and take the poor naive sheeple down bamboozle lane. THAT much the Jew taught the African. Meanwhile these union mobster bosses are crippling the economy which on the end of the day through their stupid actions and continuous wage increase “demands” – get their own members retrenched and jobless as businesses close down, get liquidated or pull their assets out of the country. Furthermore does their members end up paying double for a loaf of bread this month than the month before as manufacturers and suppliers simply add this never-ending “increases “ to the commodity floor prices.

The bottom line is  these communist unions are nothing but despicable leeches-vultures that feast on the carcasses of the poor and the needy that promise their members everything but give them nothing in return for their membership fees. They are the one most evil destructive and unproductive force of the economy South Africa at this point of time  do not need and can do without. The Guptas was not the main culprits in the so-called “state capture.” These mobster bosses long ago captured not only the state- but also the ANC regime. They became so powerful that without their support the ANC will fail the next election. And the union mob knows that. That is why the tail is wagging the dog in South Africa. They are so powerful they can lock down a whole country. And they know that. They can destroy a country’s infrastructure in a record time by uniting their forces. And they know that. These unions became the country’s biggest curse – not Zuma or the Guptas. The unions are the real state capturers. Like the mob in America had the government in a head-lock through the unions of Jimmy Hoffa- such do these relentless and callous greedy  union bosses now have the ANC in a vice too. SA trade unions are a deadly menace to the country- and at the same time a joke; the reason for their existence in modern-day SA needs to be questioned. These unions are castrating the economy. These are the people who are creating havoc in our economy and causing huge job losses in different sectors because of their ridiculous “demands. ” This year alone there was around 450 violent union riots that destroyed the economy. Did these union bosses bring any solutions to the table? No they did not. All they did was to make the situation for other people worse than before – and also created a negative impact to the economy that created one downgrade after the other. Who will be the only losers on the end of their destructive road? Their own members – that is.

When there are challenges the unions never bring solutions, rather they worsen the problem through unfounded strikes. We are talking of people who are sitting with millions of rands they invest in the same institutions that they are accusing of being “white monopoly “ capital. Why are these unions not investing that money in establishing enterprises and factories in labor-intensive sectors such as textiles and agriculture? Why are they not investing in the property industry by extending affordable finance for their members to get houses? The answer is simple: GREED! In the case of SAA, who do they think is going to continue putting money into that hole without it being restructured? Are they prepared for the aircraft to close shop and all of those employees to lose their jobs? The union’s selfish interest is not in the workers but in sustaining membership fees. There must be a wholesale paradigm shift in how unions are run if we want to see prosperity in this country. The ultimate solution is to rid the country in total of these parasitic communist unions and their greedy mobster bosses. But they won’t- as many ANC  mobster bosses such as Mantashe, Nzimande and Ramaphosa among some themselves were part of these destructive parasitic parastatals.  AS for the country and the Andre de Ruyter affair-  well….these unions came forward as the real racist bigots  in their so-called “democratic” dispensation that will not tolerate even the ANC bringing a white face into a powerful position that may one-day see their demise engineered. One might lead to another..and another. One little white ant poses no thread and can be squashed easily if acted upon- but a whole army of white ants poses a substantial thread that might pose a problem to their powerful iron grip on the economy and yea...their bank accounts. 

The Andre De Ruyter pheunominah

Image result for andre de ruyter"


The ANC’s choice of Andre De Ruyter is yet another BIG question that should raise more than just an eye-brow. Is he being set up to fail so all the previous black failures could be excused and whites or “apartheid” could be blamed again like the ANC picked Coleman Andrews of the SAA as well? Let us look at a few worrisome points of De Ruyter: De Ruyter has an LLB and an MBA and has served in various senior positions in the corporate world including at Sasol. De Ruyter recently was with Nampak– and as we can see- Nampak is not doing so good either. Is De Ruyter busy jumping a sinking ship?:


He single-handedly withered the share price of Nampak by 84% (from R42 to R7.35) in less than two years when he became CEO in 2014. So much that in 2016, Nampak was forced to suspend dividends and has not resumed them ever since. Things became so bad at Nampak during his tenure as CEO that they had to sell the company’s poorly performing glass business, to help return some cash to the company’s struggling shareholders. Somehow, the ANC unsurprisingly found it wise to appoint an exceptional Failure, to redeem a colossally Failing company. They chose Failure over the very Successful, Krugersdorp-born Andy Calitz (a qualified electrical engineer who got his degree from Stellenbosch university), who had started his career at Eskom before joining Shell in 1996. After 31 years in the energy sector, he is now CEO of LNG Canada, a successful liquefied natural gas joint venture between Shell, PetroChina, Mitsubishi of Japan and the Korean Gas Corporation. Right now, he is constructing a natural gas plant in Kitimat, that will create roughly 7,500 jobs, and provide an estimated $22 billion in tax and royalty revenue to the province over 40 years. I mean, why would you NOT select this man if you are that serious about resuscitating Eskom?

You can only chose a Loser like Andre de Ruyter because you want him to do the same thing 13 other Eskom CEO’s have been doing: Fail Eskom and South Africans; enable Looters to Loot; and ultimately, chain Eskom with a R415 billion in debt that will need R23 billion (from taxpayers) a year to settle. After all, he was appointed by Tito “Tender Cheeks” Mboweni (when he was chair of the board at Nampak that appointed him as CEO in 2014) to dilapidate Nampak. Another crucial factor is that Mboweni announced that whoever gets appointed needs to be an engineer and if that is the case then the Tito obviously or deliberately did not read De Ruyter’s  CV because there is no engineering degree or qualifications.Further does he have no Eskom nor energy experience as well.  Eskom’s board is incompetent. We don’t know how an incompetent board can draw up the criteria for a new CEO.  De Ruyter has most probably been appointed to execute on the mandate of the ANC regime-  and that is the breakup Eskom and not to fix Eskom.

Thus now he has been appointed by the ANC to put the last rusted nail in Eskom’s pitiful coffin, so that finally, a White man can finally take blame for Failing on behalf of the ANC. Yet again, how can anyone mandated by the ANC not Fail? There is NO way on G-ds earth De Ruyter ever could salvage Eskom- regardess what he tries- and maybe the ANC knows that bloody well- so they deviously are setting De Ruyter up specifically to fail in order for some black-to-white blame shifting afterwards How can South Africans even begin to benefit? That’s like expecting Socialism to yield Prosperity!.One just wonders with what devious scheme or blame  the ANC  wants to surprise the poor whites now again? I mean- how come does the unions make such a fanfare about De Ruyter- but maybe unbeknownst to them was yet another “whitey”- Prof Elmarie van der Schyff of the Faculty of Law-   been appointed as a judge in the Gauteng Division of the High Court after Cyril Ramaphosa signed off on her appointment this week. Now here we also have a high profile appointment where according to the union narrative- a black should have been appointed – yet the union bosses appear to be quite “oblivious” to that. Again we must ask what is the ANC playing at with De Ruyter’s appointment? Is De Ruyter being brought into the game as a substitute in the last remaining  5 minutes of the game during injury time just to share the blame again? Are they busy to slowly “boil”that white frog again? Only time will tell. 



Posted by Economic Freedom Fighters on Monday, February 5, 2018



But for now as long as these unions hold the economy captive the down-  gradings will continue and “apartheid” will again  be blamed for it. We – well- we will quietly sit on the side-line and wait for the demons to start devouring each other. It is bound to happen very soon. 

Listen closely….. ALL AFRICAN POLITICIANS…..

Posted by Chris Swanson on Thursday, November 14, 2019



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