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Article compiled by White Nation financial correspondent Witbank  –November 28 2019







    Image result for bloody letter O" ur lives are ruined … my kids are strangers and NO it doesn’t get any better. You thought it good to shoot my husband when you came to steal what we worked very hard for. You thought it good to shoot and steal, and then out on bail and disappeared into oblivion. Our legal system does not exist!! You go on with your life, your wife and children … and we do it alone. No I can’t forgive or forget, it is the 5th birthday my children  have to do alone … and this about you … you are selfish barbarians and there is no other word to describe the likes of your kind. You have come and rudely stole my husband and the father of my children. My angels- mommy is very proud of you and know daddy also would have been. Remember- daddy also loved you very much- and where he is now he also misses you immensely” Lizelle Small– Wife of murdered white farmer.

THE dawn of every new day in South Africa brings sighs of relief for most white South African farmers again. They and their families have succeeded to stay alive through another fearful night of anticipation, another night of vigilant alertness, another night where safety and security checks were done methodically and response teams in the area were on high alert again- a night where they stood guard at the emergency response radios, a night patrols took place to ensure no alien intruders are around, a night they  kept an eye on the WhatsApp groups, do rounds checking the windows, doors while  listening to their dogs barking or to any sounds that may disturb the eerie silence of the night. As the sun rise across the rural landscape of South Africa to announce the birth of yet another morning the following day – most white farmers quietly murmur a little prayer of appreciation that they thankfully made it through the night and have yet another opportunity to  count their blessings and experience what most of the rest of us take for granted- a chance to be blessed and live another day. 

Living in the danger zone

  My sister and brother-in-law were attacked 4 times in ONE WEEK. Every time my sister shot them back. Probably one shot dead. Their lives were ALWAYS thrown over and will never be the same again. She does not sleep at night and watches cameras for people in the area. They are too scared to go anywhere. When will everything ever stop someday.”Rene Morgan

That is the horrible reality you face  if you are a white farmer in South Africa- one of the most dangerous occupations in the world today. Being a white South African farmer is one of the most terrible and perilous professions imaginable . Being a white farmer in South Africa comes with a very real life threatening tag indeed. But to politicians protected by a million dollar VIP budget and city dwellers at large hiding  behind their palisade strongholds and security systems at night this environment appears to be nothing more than just  a myth. To be a farmer in South Africa means one have to withstand terrible odds- odds that are beyond reason  which presents hostility from every corner of the spectrum. Being a farmer means that one continuously have to walk a tight-rope between the fine  borders of  no man’s land and purgatory :  leaning to the one side means you most probably stand a good chance of  going to get murdered- and leaning to the other side again means you probably already have been murdered.

Being a white farmer means one have to face a very uncooperative , hostile and incompetent  ponzi government that have neither the sympathy or resources to protect it’s food producers- one that flatly and blatantly denies in the face of the international world that there are such a thing as farm murders in South Africa – and one who advocates hatred against whites, promotes  land grabs – and de facto instigate the slaughtering of whites . Then there is the hostile international corporations that constantly wants to lay claim on your land. Then there is the immediate danger of vagrant black mobs who’s sole objective it is to invade farms on the instructions of political despots that brand white farmers as “colonials” and “land thieves“- instigating the extermination of the white man in Africa.  To square it off there is the  silent war that rages between white food suppliers and organized black terrorist groups that launch  military-style offenses to murder , maim and terrorize white farmers at night.To add to the already explosive situation  there is the corporate buffoons that underpay farmers for products delivered at a very high cost. Then lastly to cap all off is the very unsympathetic public and hostile media that cares less how many farmers are murdered, pushed off their land- or give up due to natural disasters. The farmer  became the scourge of the South African governments incapability, corruption, mismanagement and  imploding economy.  They are the first line of accused for any mismanagement by a regime that long ago lost touch with reality.

THE war against the innocent white farmer: Disarming operations by the state- The South African police are targeting and quick to arrest white farmers and confiscate their legal personal weapons and ammunition they must use to protect themselves – leaving them defenseless against farm attacks after bogus complains from the EFF terrorist group- – all while the police’s  own kind are the most dangerous element in the country.Even the Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) Africa  revealed that the South African Police Service (SAPS) is considered the most corrupt institution in the country. But these same corrupt criminals arrest innocent farmers on trumped-up charges of “illegal weapons!” 

No photo description available.Image may contain: 1 personNo photo description available.No photo description available.

Stealing and selling white farmlands to cover government debts

The white farmer in South Africa today became a political pawn and a stake to bargain with in the hands of political and corporate psychopaths. The current incompetent sham communist regime of South Africa totally destroyed a once prosperous economy- plundered  the country’s treasury vault and turning it’s inside into a financial void with all the money stolen and it’s shelves now stacked with debt bills amounting to more than R 3 Trillion. To compensate for this unchecked larceny of 25 years- the fraudulent rulers tuned to the white farmlands situated on the coal mineral rich belts in the mostly Northern regions of South Africa in  a desperate attempt to produce minerals as guarantee to bargain for more credit and more prospective loans to  loot from international loan sharks. Idle promises by the black communist narcissists  to obtain these loans were made secretly  behind closed doors with international money lenders which now must be honored in order to safe face in front of a majority black South African mob that increasingly are getting restless because of surging taxes, a rising unemployment rate, bad service delivery and escalating price indexes. The white farmer was targeted to carry the brunt of the ANC miscreants failed policies and inability to comply with their illogical and unpractical  “ struggle” promises they made to their black masses pre-1994.

Following the long-term communist agenda

In order to escalate the process of procuring valuable minerals in these regions the terrorist regime ventured into a silent genocide agenda against the white farmers that resides mainly in these areas. South Africa’s international borders were opened under questionable motives such as ” African Renaissance” hoaxes to allow starving thugs from neighboring countries to cross the borders unchecked at will.

South African Borders are not Secured. Here’s a clip showing over 50-100 illegal immigrants making their way to the Country through their illegal route into South Africa. There are even taxis working with these people to take them from one place to the other.

Posted by South Africa Daily on Saturday, November 30, 2019

The protection units such as the rural commando units quickly were disbanded to render the rural farming communities defenseless and vulnerable to attacks. Then the white farmers were disarmed under the false pretenses of a “gun free” South Africa campaign. Next was to fabricate bogus “laws” preventing any (white) farmers access to weapons to defend themselves. When the farmers were totally disarmed and defenseless at last- calls for the extermination of the white farmer (Kill the Boer-Kill the farmer) started reverberating from political podiums. And at the spear head of this murderous campaign was no other than the South African leftist media – and in particular the  NASPERS group that had one objective and that was to dehumanize and alienate the white farmer in a well-planned psy-ops war. Together with continuous false  claims  that  “Our people need land” from political psychopaths , unaffordable high taxes on white farmers , reluctance from the regime to assist white farmers in need  and the pre-planned depopulation agenda from pro-government organizations such as AGRISA to “relocate” white farmers to other countries- the cleansing campaign of South Africa’s food producers took on momentum.  From behind the scenes there was the ever present and pestilent British banking establishment that keep on pushing huge sums of “donations” to create ultra-leftist radical terrorist groups such as the EFF and BLF.

As we can clearly see the communist long-term agenda was already in place a long time ago to disown white farmers. With each new “president” the agenda progressed to the next phase and a more intense level of seriousness. The main objective from the beginning already was to “legally” steal the land of white farmers- but there had to be preliminary disarming exercises and false propaganda steps to be taken to “prepare” the country’s mob psychologically to support the evil agenda and the  “grand finalle” to blatantly change the law without being contested by too many objections.

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The systematic execution of disowning whites

NO- where in the modern Western world have you heard of such blatant theft without paying a single dime for it. But communism works that way- to flagrantly simply steal property disguised under the” pretense ” that it is done for the “masses.” That is why the preliminary false propaganda phase formed such a  crucial part of their land grab campaign- to get the support of the illiterate and ill-informed racist black masses behind their plan that whites really did “steal”  their land. That is why useful idiots the likes of Julius Malema played such a key role in constantly advocating that whites still have the most land and blacks have nothing. That is why “Verwoerd” and “Van Riebeeck” had to be pushed prominently into the limelight to represent “white thieves.” That is why so many bogus “racist” and “hate speech” laws had to be fabricated- all to mind-f*ck th black and rally support for their ultimate objective: To disown and alienate the white man.

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Nkandla before Van Riebeeck arrived

It all formed part of a very well planned psi-ops onslaught against the white farmer to ultimately change the constitution in favor of “legal ” land theft. The fact that white organizations and whites as a whole did not even resist this utter bullsh*t- and in some cases even participate in this huge hoax  leaves much to ponder about the level of Afrikaner intelligence and degree of  patriotism of the whites themselves. It boils down to the same example that whites now also can claim that more blacks own cars than whites- and because whites was the first race to invent and manufacture cars- blacks automatically thus have stolen cars that factually belong to the white race. Therefore whites demand a law that will give whites the right to “expropriate” all cars from blacks without compensation too- and that goes for electricity, hospitals, cell phones, computers, processed food, medicine and G-d knows what else. This is how bloody stupid and illogical this argument of land is. A blatant lie was propagated long enough to now become the “truth.”

Traitors in our midst

But you get white organizations such as AGRISA – who de facto is a treacherous cancer  in the farmer’s system- that totally SUPPORTS this madness. What is about to happen in South Africa is about to alter the whole system of freedom to own property and the free buyer/seller concept. What would they want to “expropriate” next? Without land whites will be nothing but modern nomads in their own country. The complacent white man must start waking up to this ponzi-scheme about to get rammed down their throats before it is too late- and as we know this devious ANC communists- will they push that evil law through during December month – announcing it in  a very small article barely noticeable  in the far back page of some insignificant newspaper when all the opposition parties are on holiday leave. Whites will only get the surprise in January when they suddenly realized they again have been caught asleep – and have been bamboozled into another predicament when the first “notifications” arrive from ANC city councils that they must vacate their own homes and re-apply for renting their own home  before certain deadlines as their  homes now all of a sudden belongs to the minister of the Department Public Works.

But what does history and a fact check say about this “you stole our land” farce?

Does a black man in South Africa have any right to claim the land belongs to him?

What has been propagated and falsely claimed by the demonic ANC and their EFF lapdogs is a total fabrication with a hidden political agenda. And as we know does the British hounds of hell sit behind this agenda. There is NO such thing as whites that “stole” the land or  any valid proof that any of the land belongs to any black man for that matter. If theft in this case is the issue- then the British is the biggest transgressors as they have stolen the land from both the Boer and the black man and up to today still plunder the mineral resources of the land. This is an unsubstantiated hoax that up to today are aimed to disown the Boer- the biggest enemy down South of the plundering Brit-  which did not produce a single shred of evidence from either the ANC miscreants or EFF pawns . Up to today not one single piece of paper or document was produced by any of this  directionless accusers that any black man owned land in South Africa.But they aim to fabricate a law out of this lie and want to steal the  property from it’s rightful owner using this fabricated ruse to trick the uninformed into believing it. 

In the 3000 years since the end of the Stone Age, the native people of Africa could not manage to create an infrastructure, could not mine or produce export, could, in fact not succeed in building anything higher than one story and could not write down anything as reference for future generations, because they could not manage to master the art of writingWhen the first Europeans arrived on April 6, 1652, it was 1,974 years after Ptolemy I built the magnificent library of Alexandria,  and in Southern Africa, the indigenous people still could do no more than a few rock paintings and a clay pot with patterns on it. Today, this development, this contribution of the descendants of Europe has become a threat to the Black South African. He cannot compare. He has no contribution that can remotely compare to what the white man created and therefore he has to fall back on what primal instinct tells him to do: Destroy that which is a threat to you! It is against this background that the white South African is demonized as a ‘slaver and murderer who stole land’. Let us put this in perspective:

In the first place: The Europeans who came with Van Riebeeck had no intention to stay at the Cape. We can clearly determine this from the repeated application for transfer to Batavia or Amsterdam made by almost every Company servant. The few men, who decided to make this their homeland, did so because they came to love the land. They wanted to develop and grow here. And in the written evidence, left us by the men who did not intend to stay and therefore had no reason to lie; it is written down over and over again that the Europeans settled on the uninhabited landThey exchanged land for cattle and money and traded with the nomadic indigenous people. The Company decided to import slaves. I emphasize “import “- because no indigenous person in this country was ever put into slavery.

The slaves who were brought in from Madagascar and Batavia and Ceylon and East Africa were the ancestors of an entirely new group of people: the Colored nation of South Africa who adopted the customs and culture of the European. Ever wondered why they did not adopt the custom of Africa? Because they were not exposed to it, that is why! Nobody at the Cape ever set eyes on a black person for 130 years before the first Trekboere met the Xhosa in the Valleys of the Amatola around 1770! These slaves also added to the bloodline of the European settlers, as did the French Huguenots of 1688 and the British Settlers of 1820. The White South African was a new nation, born in Africa. This nation called its language, Afrikaans, after Africa. This nation called itself after Africa, AfrikanersOn the first of December 1834, slavery was abolished in the Cape Colony. This is two years before the start of the Great Trek. The white man in South Africa knew nothing of the existence of the Zulu, the Tswana, the Sotho, the Venda…and he was at war with the Xhosa.  It is chronologically impossible that indigenous people could be held in slavery if the so-called slave masters did not even know of their existence before the abolition of slavery.

Let us look at the ‘great’ Shaka Zulu and the Zulu nation. Remember that the Europeans landed in South Africa in 1652. Shaka Senzaghakohona was born around 1787. He managed to unite, through force and murder and rampage a number of small tribes into the Zulu nation around 1819. Before that year, there were no Zulu people. A question of mathematics: The Zulu nation came into existence only 167 years after the arrival of Van Riebeeck. What logic can possibly argue that the Europeans took anything away from the Zulu-people? So when did the black man establish himself in South Africa and how? The answer lies in the Mfecane: Mfecane (Zulu: [m̩fɛˈkǀaːne],[note 1] crushing), also known by the Sesotho name Difaqane (scattering, forced dispersal or forced migration[1]) or Lifaqane, was a period of widespread chaos and warfare among indigenous ethnic communities in southern Africa during the period between 1815 and about 1840.

As King Shaka created the militaristic Zulu Kingdom in the territory between the Tugela River and Pongola River, his forces caused a wave of warfare and disruption to sweep to other peoples. This was the prelude of the Mfecane, which spread from there. The movement of peoples caused many tribes to try to dominate those in new territories, leading to widespread warfare; consolidation of other groups, such as the Matebele, the Mfengu and the Makololo; and the creation of states such as the modern Lesotho. Mfecane is used primarily to refer to the period when Mzilikazi, a king of the Matebele, dominated the Transvaal. During his reign, roughly from 1826 to 1836, he ordered widespread killings and devastation to remove all opposition.

He reorganized the territory to establish the new Ndebele order. The death toll has never been satisfactorily determined, but the whole region became nearly depopulated. Normal estimates for the death toll range from 1 million to 2 million. The black man established himself in this barren land now known as South Africa a full 174 years after the white man. How dare you then call me a settler when you are nothing more? If I don’t belong here then neither do youThe land was stolen from the black man? No. The land occupied by the Boer-people was land that nobody lived on, for the pure and simple reason that the original people of South Africa were massacred and wiped out in a racist genocide by the ancestors of the current black population of South Africa. It is the very same thing that is now happening to Europeans. The European has a full and legal and historical claim to his part of this country, including land. And the black man who disputes that is welcome to bring evidence of the contrary. Remember, popular liberal myth, propagandistic expressions and loud shouting and burning and looting to hide your own incapability is not evidence. It is barbarism.

The popular myth of “the end of colonialism” is a lie also. Colonialism in South Africa ended on 31 May 1961 when the country became a Republic. White minority rule was not colonialism, because the white South African belongs here, you cannot colonize your own country. The entire uproar about “white oppression ” and white guilt and white debt is based, exactly like the concept of the rainbow nation and its Africa-democracy, on one big lieIn Afrikaans, a language of Africa, we say: However swiftly the lie might travel, the truth will catch up one day. Black South Africa might as well realize that the time of the lie is running out. Stereotyping of the white man and apartheid as the cause of everything, cannot hold much longer. You cannot hide rotting meat under gift wrap for eternity. Sometime in the very near future you will have to own up and explain how you could hold a small minority of oppressed people responsible for the disaster that you have made of a country which has the potential of being a place of safety, a welcome and hospitable home, to all its children whether they be black, white, colored on Indian.

Land grabs – an ANC concocted  miserable failure: 

Cyril Ramaphosa continuously uses the phrase “ Our (black) people are hungry- they want “their” land. OK…now let us have a look-see what his “our people” do with “their land” once they eventually managed to procure such land for “our people” then:

In what represents one of the biggest land restitution failures in the country, more than 90% of the farms purchased by government for labor tenants in Mooi River have since collapsed. Out of the 57 farms bought by government as part of the land restitution program 10 years ago, only three are still operating. The farms, most of which are in the Middelrus farmstead in Mooi River, were handed over to farm labor tenants by the Rural Development and Land Reform Department, which bought the properties for millions of rands from the previous commercial farmers. When The Witness visited the farms last week, labor tenants who are beneficiaries of the department’s land restitution project in the area, lined up along the dirt roads, selling items ranging from firewood to wild mushrooms. Thami Ndlovu, a former farm worker, said department officials had promised the labor tenants “heaven on earth” when the programof acquiring the properties from commercial farmers began more than a decade ago. “They told us the land now belonged to us and all the profits from the farm produce will now accrue to us. “However, that did not happen and all the funding and other support programs they had promised us never materialized. As hunger began to set in, some of the beneficiaries leased their farms to white farmers again in order to get some income,” he said. Shall we now dare ask “Et Tu Cyril???”

Let’s use another fact as an example:

Only 26 of the 265 farms that government bought for more than R1.4-billion for budding Eastern Cape farmers are viable – with the rest in a state of dereliction.The ANC regime  bought fully operational and productive farms for beneficiaries who had applied as part of its proactive land acquisition strategy (Plas). While the ponzi regime  had hoped that the farms would change people’s lives, it had the opposite effect in many cases, with communities worse off after the regime’s  intervention. This is because the once thriving farms, some of which were commercial enterprises, are now in ruin with farm workers who were once employed, now jobless. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) confirmed that only 10% of the 265 farms that were bought were being successfully run.

The ponzi ANC regime has also threatened to terminate leases and institute civil action against beneficiaries found to be responsible for the dilapidation of farms. The farms would then be given to the next person on the list of applicants. But DRDLR director of strategic land acquisitions Ncedisa Gongxeka said the farms were not highly-successful when they bought them. “They were struggling, some on the verge of bankruptcy,” said Gongxeka. He said a service provider had been employed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the status of the Plas farms. “However, from the information available to us, about 136 farms should be working farms. “Out of that – 10% can be regarded as successful,” he said.The Saturday Dispatch reported on how some of the farms are now in a state of ruin.

Many of the farmers interviewed by the Saturday Dispatch blamed the department for not assisting them financially and throwing them in the deep end, saying they were not equipped with the necessary training to successfully run their newly acquired farms. The Dispatch has been reliably told that some of the farms were bought for up to R35-million each. But despite much of this money having gone up in dust, some farmers have managed to turn their land into profitable farms. Two farmers told of how their love for working the land and putting in the work had made them successful. Unlike the farmers who laid the blame squarely on government’s door for their failed farms, the two livestock and crop farmers said they were happy with the state’s support.

Riversdale farm in Tylden, 20km outside Komani, is leased to Thembinkosi Xamesi and has more than 200 cattle, 200 sheep and 180 goats. The farm, bought by the department in 2010 for R7-million, has produced beyond expectations. “I came to this farm when it was bought by the department in 2010. “I had 34 cattle and today I am happy to say I have close to 200 Bonsmara cattle, three prized bulls and a number of Nguni cattle,” said Xamesi. He said farming was not for everyone. “White commercial farmers are successful in their farms because they love farming and they know that it’s their only source of income. “You can’t run a farm while you are still staying in the suburbs. This is not a factory, it’s a 25-hour business where you have to protect your farm from thieves and invaders. “All in all, you have to be hands-on,” said Xamesi.

But Xamesi said his biggest challenge was huge electricity charges. “I had to cut my electricity supply and use generators to run this farm. I can’t afford to pay more than R30000 every month for electricity. “Many farmers have closed their farms because of this and if we can get solar panels or alternative energy we can be productive farmers,” he said. Xamesi, who is also a seasonal crop farmer, has five permanent employees and employs at least 50 people during harvesting season. Eastern Cape DRDLR chief director Zolile Pityi said yesterday that the department had spent R1475511751 on buying the farms. “Today we are doing a provincial- wide assessment of farms that we have embarked on. “Leases will be terminated and/or civil action taken where farmers are found to be in the wrong. “, re-allocation of the property to other applicants implemented once termination has been finalised,” said Pityi.

He said the development of the farms was subject to availability of funds. “Farmers are advised to source funding from the department of rural development and agrarian reform, which has a co-mandate to develop farmers,” he said. And while it has been proven in most cases that those given the farms failed to make them profitable, Pityi said: “We are on a drive to sign 30-year leases with the farmers.” Thabang Sefoloko, of Bazolele Trading in Matatiele, which was bought for R4.7-million, said the government should keep on supporting black farmers. “Through their help, I’ve employed 13 people who are looking after our egg-laying chickens and six who are looking after our cattle. We create jobs and food security,” said Sefoloko. But National African Farmers Association’s Pumza Vitshima, representing many of these emerging farmers, implored government to do more. “Farmers need to be careful when reading these documents as this will bind them. Government must also be hands-on on these farms,” said Vitshima.


Wys ons hoe belangrik die suid punt van Afrika is. Gee wizz. FBI. KGB. Hitler. Illumunati en en soek die plek se miniraale ens.

Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Sunday, December 1, 2019


I believe it does not take rocket science to figure out what disasters lay in waiting once the Squirrel and his EFF entourage of concubines stole all the productive farms from white professional farmers- and gave it on 30 year “leases” to incompetent squatter camp farmers- now does it? The ANC and their British masters now use a very cunning tactic to disown everybody from their property by making the so-called “state” the curator of all property. Thus all South Africans will be without property- and according to communist agendas– all properties will then belong to the state. To emphasize our concern about this- look at the following picture and judge for yourself how devious these communist trash really are and just WHO signed away a country that does not even belong to them!:

SO– as you clearly can see- the friggen BRITISH rubble now claims to be the “lawful” owners of the “corporation” named “South Africa” – and not only that- your “most trusted” little Squirrel president and his National Party lame-ducks conspired and signed some strange illegal document that conforms the “sale” to the British rubble. Comes to show Ramaphosa only is a showcase for his British communist masters. He is a total fake. Soon we will not only find hishungry” people  lined up along the dirt roads, selling items ranging from firewood to wild mushrooms- but the whole bloody populace will be joining them! But we suppose that is what a) The British bankster rubble are driving for to get white Afrikaners disowned- and b) The ANC ponzi regime wants to balance their debt sheet with the Chinese. 

Can white Afrikaners or white farmers expect any symphathy from abroad?


Lana Marks Trump South Africa

Sweet face glitter girl aunty Lana Marx– putting a damper on Afrikaner expectations for help.

White people in South Africa- especially Afrikaners and white farmers- can so long forget about any assistance to their pleas from abroad. Except a few feeble grunts from Australia,a resolution from the Netherlands , an invitation from Russia  and a misdirected E-Mail from the “Don”-  nothing more has happened so far to relieve the terrible ordeal of Afrikaners and white farm murders  alike. This shocking reality was again underlined when the “Don “ sent his newest ambassador to South Africa- that libbie auntie Lana Marks. When confronted with the issue about farm murders the far-leftist auntie very “diplomatically ” brushed all hopes for help off the table when she replied that – and we quote: ”  I speak three of the four most widely spoken South African languages, and I feel this will hold me in good stead. I’ve also served on various boards internationally. I’ve interfaced socially with media and with communications. All of these together, if confirmed, I would utilize to the best of my ability in that position. “Land is a historically fraught issue in which there are legitimate grievances by the majority. On the other hand, you have to consider security, economy, productivity, not only for South Africans but for American companies doing business there. It’s being dealt with in a transparent manner which the Administration approves of. My government has an active interest in the future of South Africa – including the outcome on land expropriation without compensation.” Marks said that the Trump administration is still ‘watching’ the situation of land expropriation without compensation and murders of white farmers. However, she added that the US was “very pleased that South Africa is dealing with things in a very transparent manner”.All murders, farm murders, are senseless, all violence is senseless. Farm murders are less than 1% of the overall murders taking place in South Africa. But they’re all unacceptable. It’s a horrible problem which president Ramaphosa and the South African government are doing their utmost to address at this time. To the best of my knowledge there have been no farms confiscated.We’re interested in a very good climate for greatly increasing business between our nations. And South Africa must continue to create this really good climate so we can greatly increase business immediately. Et Tu Me. Marx???


Marx proofed that she also sports  a medallion in “back paddling.” She said that President Donald Trump has been “misunderstood.” Does she so much sound like the ANC who always claims to be  “misunderstood ” as well?    She spoke to Radio702 about her goals and priorities. Trump has said some controversial things about South Africa, including that it was just waiting to explode and that it was “a total and dangerous mess.” Marks was asked what South Africans should make of this: “I think there’s a misunderstanding on President Trump. So, what he’s really saying, he’s talking about the negatives, which we need to address and what President Ramaphosa is addressing.Image result for shocked emoticon  ???? Marx  also spoke about concerns that Trump would cut humanitarian aid to Africa, reprioritising that money to the military. “I am confident in saying the opposite is what’s going to happen.”  Image result for shocked emoticon"She said Trump loved and supported South Africa and hoped to visit the country soon.Image result for i dont believe it emolji"

So what this ol’ auntie factually saying is that the “Don” and herself are totally “ on par” with all the farm murders taking place and are quite pleased that there are “only”  23 attacks and 4 murders on white farmers on average per month as it only represent (thanks G-d) 1% of the total murders committed per month in South Africa. The two also are quite happy that the Squirrel and his gangsters “are doing their utmost to address the issue at this time.” Where the f*ck did this auntie come from….planet “Neverland??“And it appears the two also are VERY pleased that the Squirrel.Inc soon will be stealing the property of all South Africans because she recons- the Yanks are   ” very pleased that South Africa is dealing with things in a very transparent manner.”  In a nutshell what this jet setter auntie is saying is that the “Don” and his clique are just interested in protecting American assets from being “expropriated” and she is here to ensure brisk businessand definitely not going to play  chaperone for some dead white farmers or property-less white Afrikaners! 

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“Profound legacy of Nelson Mandela??? Brutal history of Apartheid and it’s many “victims??? OMG……where the hell did Trump scrape THIS libbie snowflake from???

Nelson Mandela was a despicable communist, who allowed three-quarter of a million people to be slaughtered under his regime, but since his death, the violence against whites has become worse. In Johannesburg specifically, close to 60,000 white people have been reported murdered, since Mandela fell from power, along with an estimated half a million more who have vanished without a trace, and while many human rights groups are calling this a “white genocide”, the mainstream media seems not to notice.  The rapid rise of this tragic situation can be largely attributed to the passage of the Expropriation Bill of 2008, which empowered the ANC and “any organ of state at any level of government” to take ownership and possession of property “simply by giving notice to the expropriated owner”. However, the most incendiary bill was passed (241 to 83) just this March 1st 2018 by Parliament, which authorizes the seizure of land from white farmers without paying compensation, as they amended section 25 of their constitution, on the insistence of the radical leftist EFF, and used their majority to legalize state theft from the politically powerless white minority. In the wake of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s and the ANC’s tyrannical change to the constitution, the black majority has interpreted this move to mean “We have permission to kill white people”. And the violence has been further stoked by Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, who regularly leads crowds to chant “Kill the Boer, kill the white man”.

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Lauren Southern, an independent journalist has been in South Africa preparing a documentary on this unbelievable crisis of humanity, this white genocide. Upon her recent return Ms Southern offered the following condemnation: “It’s being covered up. The government has stopped collecting all data based on race … so they can’t even show these brutal murders are happening disproportionately to whites. They are covering up all these murders as burglaries gone wrong … That is what’s being reported by the government and by the media.”  The ANC controlled government has also enacted “laws” that ensure black people are given first choice for any job over a white person, which has made it almost impossible for most whites to live. Many have already been forced into private camps operated by charities, by a government policy that keeps them from working and takes everything from them. The government is systematically eliminating the white race from South Africa.Can government and ANC operated internment camps be far behind? Isn’t this the very same sort of operation the Nazi Einsatzgruppen socialists implemented in Germany to take property from the Jewish people and “cleanse” German society of Jewish people? As Leo Hohmann renown author, recently noted (March 13th), provisions exist in the Refugee Act of 1980 and precedents are found in the 1990 Lautenberg program, that give the president and Congress some great latitude, if they wish to assist the white Afrikaners. The current situation in South Africa is well within those parameters, and a mass exodus of white Afrikaners on an emergency basis can be handled in an expedited and rapid fashion, especially if the U.S. can get help from the U.K, New Zealand, and Australia, too.

The West convinced the White Minority Government of F.W DeKlerk to end Apartheid in 1994. It is the West that now turns a blind eye to the crimes committed, aided and abetted by a regime even more reprehensible than the Apartheid it replaced. Will the slaughter of the white Afrikaners go unnoticed, unreported and unavenged? Will the death inflicted on them be dismissed as retribution for past injustices under Apartheid or decried for the horrific racist genocide that it is? If the colors were reversed, the Leftist of the world, such as former UN Ambassador Samantha Power and Susan Rice, former Obama advisor, would be screaming “bloody murder” at the top of their lungs and protesting in the streets, and yet, they are not. They would rather fight for LGBT trendy causes, than be seen helping to save the lives of white Afrikaners. In their heart of hearts, they agree and are one with the ANC, and this genocide is seen only as a normal and “acceptable ” path towards the “restoration of dignity”, in the words of Cyril Ramaphosa.  Today’s white South Africans can rightfully claim South Africa to be their ancestral home, and if they wish, they would be right to stand and fight to retain their homes and their land.


Piling up the corpses.

So…let us have a look-see how many corpses piled up this month of November alone that the squirrel and his gang of robbers are ” doing their utmost to address at this time.”

But first- let us hear from a survivor-  Izolda Blignaut and  who was  one victim  of this farm attacks that Me. Marx is “pleased about” that only makes out that tiny little 1% of the gruesome murders:

” Today 3 years ago on 10 July 2015 my son Abram Blignaut and his wife Izolda Blignaut became victims off the the attacks on South Africans! It changed our lives as a family into a nightmare! My son was shot 3 times as he was trying to protect his 4 boys with his bare hands against the black thug  while his wife was running to get help with her hands tied behind her back and fighting the other thug. He  shot 4 times at her but by the grace of God he missed her! The bullet went through Braam’s spinal cord and he’s paralysed from below his chest and will never walk again!



His suffering in the new South Africa didn’t stop there, last year he fell ill after complications with a pressure sore on his hip! We took him from one hospital to another with no luck off getting any medical help for him! He nearly lost his life a second time due to that! We took him to Bloemfontein 500 km from his home where his right leg was removed from his hip! I started this group on Facebook in honor off my son and his wife and my 4 grandsons to show the world what is really going on here in South Africa and if you are lucky to survive that the torture didn’t end! Pain, spasms, expensive medication, chronic infections, suffering to make ends meat and to provide for their kids became a constant battle for them! Today I would like to tell my son that he’s my hero and to my daughter in law, thank you for 3 years off dedicating yourself to your husband! I love you all with all off my heart!” 


Farm attacks happen almost every day, and the horrific attacks on farmers are nothing more than a barbaric act. Black criminals will terrorize victims and use extreme cruelty to torture innocent people. There have been some farm attacks where farmers were shot, and although it is wrong, it is a milder form of terrorizing a victim. Nobody wants to be burnt with hot irons, sliced open with pangas and other homemade weapons, or thrown into a bath of boiling water, and being raped in front of your children are some of the violent methods farm attackers use against their victims. However, being shot is no lesser than the other barbaric methods used against farmers and sometimes the recovery never happens. Often when a farmer or his family die, it is murder and it is a serious offense but there are times when farmers are maimed for life following an attack. In 2015, Braam Blignaut was attacked on his farm in Mooinooi, North West province, and was shot three times by the black thugs. Today Braam is a paraplegic because of this horrific attack. The thugs  stole R250, two cell phones and a camera, a paltry sum of goods but ruined a family forever. Braam is a father of four boys and still has difficulty in recovering. The family remains traumatized by the unfortunate incident and Braam’s parents have set up a “GoFundMe” account to assist the family.




But irrespective of the horrendous methods these black barbarians use to torture their victims and the never-ending continuation of the attacks that led to over 4000 white farmers and their families already being brutally murdered – and leaving thousands more farm workers and their families destitute and jobless since 1994- we find Me. Marx’s narrative quite ironically misinformed  and apathetic to say the least. But then again “political correctness” never was designed to be a synonym for sympathy we suppose- especially when the dollar is added to  the equation. IF this poor uninformed “Sheila” or “Big Bad Don” was anything near concerned- she might have done a bit of research and found that the Gallup Global Law and Order Index released the results of its latest survey, which probes perceptions of crime and policing among 142 countries in the world. The 2019 Global Law and Order report updates leaders on the progress countries are making (or aren’t making) toward achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of “promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies”. Over 1,000 face-to-face and telephonic interviews were conducted in each country – with a total of 152,000 responses. This composite score takes into consideration people’s reported confidence in their local police, their feelings of personal safety, and the incidence of theft and assault or mugging in the past year. Sheila and Don might have noticed that South Africa dropped in the overall rankings with an index score of 56. This makes it the fifth-worst country in terms of law and order. Other countries in the top five include Botswana, Mexico, Namibia, Chad and Uganda. So much for the Squirrel and his murderous ilk ” “ doing their utmost to address the issue at this time..”

Right- let us now continue with the October/November 2019 month’s body bag count and victims that narrowly escaped that dreadful  count that forms that “one percent” Lana Marx is so “happy” about and the Squirrel Ramaphosa say does not happen in South Africa:

  1. Hans van Rooyen (83) murdered in his house in Nigel
  2. A man was shot dead and his pregnant girlfriend raped in Verulam Durban
  3. Another white man was brutally assaulted by black thugs in Ermelo
  4. Peter Dreyer was attacked by black thugs on his farm near Clockolan
  5. Gerrie Nel (68) and his dog Max was shot dead in their home in Centurion
  6. Two men were shot 17 times in their car in Alberton
  7. An 81 year old woman was brutally murdered and her throat slit in the eastern Cape.
  8. A man was shot, severely beaten and left paralyzed by black thugs  in Babsfontein  in another farm attack.
  9. Two teenage girls were brutally murdered in Benoni
  10. A two-year-old girl and a man have been shot and killed in a hail of gunfire in Cato Ridge, near Pietermaritzburg.
  11.  Schalk “Willie” van der Merwe, 67, and his elderly wife was attacked by a gang of black thugs on their farm in Leeufontein. A violent farm attack and murder took place on Sunday 24 November 2019,on a farm Leeufontein, in Wolmaransstad, North West province. Five black thugs, 3 men and two woman posed as sheep buyers and lured a couple from there home to the kraal to view sheep. Willie  was tied up and brutally murdered whilst his wife was dragged to the farm house where she was very severely assaulted and tortured.The black thugs  demanded firearms and cash and assaulted the woman leaving her in a very serious state. She has been admitted to hospital. There is no other information available at this stage. Willie subsequently died of stab wounds.
  12. A single female with two kids was shot in her home by a black thug in Polokwane (Pietersburg), Limpopo province.

13. A Thornhill farmer was shot in the leg when four masked thugs  fired several shots at his home in what appears to have been an attempted robbery.

14. A young mother’s lifeless body was found outside her home in Springbok.

15.  A young lady was peacefully asleep, when she was stabbed in her left eye by a colored thug in Cape Town- , and presumably died instantly. Lynette Volschenk (32) was beheaded and a hacksaw used to severe both her legs and arms, from her body.

16. Shannah Langberg (35) fought off three black thugs in her home in Howick West.

17. On Tuesday evening November 19, 2019 at around 7pm, Rina Kritzinger (64) walked into her bedroom, to discover that four armed black thugs had gained entry to their home in The Wilgers Pretoria.Hearing his wife scream, Gerhard Kritzinger (64) rushed to her aid, but was summarily shot in the chest by the attackers. Hearing the gunshot, Ansu de Villiers Cronje (74) came out of her room and was confronted by the thugs. They then threw boiling water on her legs to reveal the keys for the safe.

18. Police in Port Alfred arrested a 19-year-old black thug who allegedly sexually assaulted a white teenager while she was jogging along West Beach on Monday.

19.  Ponty Thuynsma (76) was confronted by 4 black thugs  on his smallholding in Tweedracht, east of Pretoria . The savages poured an entire can of petrol down his throat and threatened to set him on fire in an effort to get the keys to his safe. They then brutally tortured him with a hot iron for hours severely injuring the elderly man.

Ponty Thuynsma in Wilgers hospital after farm attack. Foto: Lisa Hnatowicz

20. Herman Scholtz was 59 when he was stabbed repeatedly in his house in Centurion on a Sunday morning around 02H00AM in March, 2019 by his black gardener Ashley Mazibuko.

21. A woman sustained serious burn injuries and a man was seriously assaulted  at a block of flats on Becquerel Road in Vanderbijlpark.

22.  Two black thugs  believed to have been responsible for the murder and robbery of a Jeffreys Bay man inside his home last week have been arrested. Johannes Marx, 79, was found bound to a chair in the bedroom of his home in Pride of India Crescent, Wavecrest, on November 12.

23. A  79-year-old woman was attacked by black thugs at her house in Faunasig, Bloemfontein, in the Free State at around 09:00 o’clock on Tuesday morning 19 November 2019. The victim was stabbed multiple times with most visible wounds on her face. Police spokesperson, Motantsi Makhele, told OFM News that it is alleged the suspects broke a window to gain access.

24. A 68 year old  white farmer was shot dead by black thugs and his wife tortured with boiling water poured over her in Boschkop near Pretoria.

25. A Durban engineer was shot in cold blood in the head by black thugs at a water plant while he was at work.

26. On Thursday 28 November 2019, a cattle farmer, Gerrit du Plessis (58) arrived home at 17:00 to find that the front door of the farm house had been broken, he was then confronted by two black thugs. Gerrit was violently attacked with rocks by one of the thugs. Fortunately his wife, who was still in the car was unharmed. The farmer suffered minor injuries during the assault. Both the thugs  then fled into the bush with some electronic equipment that was stolen. There is no other information available at this stage. The police are investigating but there have been no arrests.

27. Michelle Pietersen (58) was killed instantly  near Paarl in the Western Cape  when a black vagrant threw a boulder from a bridge across the road onto the Pietersen family’s car. The boulder hit the windscreen- struck Pietersen directly. She died on the scene.

28.  Jeffrey’s Bay police are searching for an armed black thug who attacked a 48-year-old white woman on her farm in Kabeljauws. Spokesperson, Captain Gerda Swart says it is alleged that the 48-year-old woman was busy performing administrative duties in the office next to her home on Friday evening when she heard noises outside the premises.

29. Another farm attack was foiled when the nephew of the targeted farmer let fly with bullets under the black terrorists.

30.  A farm attack took place on 28 November 2019, on the farm Bethel en Hartbeesbultat, at 20:10, in Scheepersnek near Vryheid, KZN province. At least two black thugs  surprised and over powered a 61 year old white farmer at his dinner table. He was hit with a hard object on his head but fought back. He temporarily disabled one thug and was on his way to defend himself against the next one when he was shot through his arm. The second thug  fled, and the first attacker crawled out the door. The man went to the safe to get his fire arm, and he phoned his closest neighbor.

31. Another farm attack took place on a farm in Jeffereysbay in the Eastern Cape when a 48 year old white woman was attacked by two black thugs. The woman fought back, got stabbed in her head- and shot one of the thugs. The rest fled the scene. The black thug that was shot was taken away to hospital under police custody.

One of the unfortunate black thugs was shot by the Jefferys Bay victim. As you can see- he will never pester another victim again.

32.  A horrific farm attack took place on 29 November 2019, in Ventersburg, Free State Province. Two black thugs attacked and assaulted a white male victim after which they raped his wife twice. The violent ordeal lasted about five to six hours. The attack started at 20:00 and continued through to about 02:00. The thugs wanted their month end salaries. The couple could only get help at 06:00 that morning from a neighbor. The police are investigating the attack. There is no other information available at this stage. And there have been no arrests.

33. Another 89 year old white woman was brutally attacked and struck  on the head  with a hammer  in her home in Hoopstad when a black thug descended through the roof of her house. He demanded R 200.00 from the old lady after which she said she has no money and offered him a cup of coffee. Whilst busy making the coffee he stalked her and struck her with a hammer.

34.  On her way home from work at 03:00 this morning a white woman  who works in the hospitality industry in Cape Town was attacked by four black thugs  who placed rocks on the N1 outbound in the vicinity of Century City. She slowed down when she saw the road was obstructed. They approached her car and threw a rock through the driver’s window injuring her. Thankfully she managed to reverse away from them and got away. The modus operandi was exactly the same as that of the incident at Paarl a week ago in which a woman lost her life.


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35. Gerhard Kritzinger (64) was shot dead on his smallholding East of Pretoria and his wife brutally tortured by black thugs.

36. A farmer, Anton Pitout (42) near Newcastle  was attacked by a mob on his farm in the mountain areas of the Drakensberg. He was very severely assaulted with knobkerries and other objects all over his body, head and face and was lucky to survive. This is the third attack he has endured in this year.

37. White victims were held up by armed black thugs in Zandfontein Brits area  who forced their way into the house. Dogs were poisoned and the vehicle’s tires slashed.

38. An Elderly woman, Rina Spangenberg (86)  from Warrenton was stabbed by a gun wielding black thug and was rushed to the local Hospital where she later died as a result of the injuries she sustained. The victim was robbed of her television set, five live chickens and meat from the freezer.

39. Joseph Baartman from East London , 47, os fighting for his life after he was  doused with petrol and torched in front of 130 horrified workers by 6 armed black thugs. He suffered 50% burns.

40. A Farm was attacked by four armed black thugs  near Alexandria. The occupants were tied up and weapons, phones and TVs were stolen. The black thugs  escaped in the victims’ Toyota Fortuner which was found abandoned later.

41. An 18-year old white girl was grabbed from behind and thrown on the bed in Pietermaritzburg. A scuffle ensued. The black thug  drew scissors and stabbed the victim on the hand. The teenager was tied up and a T-shirt was stuffed into her mouth. She managed to break free and phone her parents and locked herself in her bedrooom until help arrived.

42.  Tributes are being shared for respected educator Janine Hopkins and a friend, who died after being struck by a black taxi while riding tandem on a bicycle at the weekend. Emer-G-Med said the accident happened in Isando early on Saturday. Hopkins, described as “an absolute ray of sunshine” by people who knew her, was declared deceased on the scene.

Frans Duys

43.  Western Cape police are investigating a case of murder after a 16-year-old boy was stabbed and killed near Clifton Beach on Saturday night – two months after an 18-year-old UCT student was stabbed there. “According to information, last night at about 22:45, members of law enforcement saw the victim with a stab wound,” spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said in a statement on Sunday. The teen boy received medical attention but died on the scene due to his injuries.

44. the body of Eldie Gerber, 56, was found at his apartment with multiple head injuries in her home in Strand Western Cape. A 30-year-old colored  was arrested near the murder scene while still in possession of the victim’s property.

45. Four black thugs , two of whom were armed with firearms, left staff and learners severely traumatized in Dalview Gauteng. The incident was particularly bad for the blind children. One of the robbers wanted to bite a teacher’s fingers because she couldn’t get her rings off. The robbers went on with jewelry, two cell phones, a laptop, other items as well as two special calculators that use visually impaired children. No one was seriously injured.

46.A white  couple were attacked on their farm by an unknown number of black thugs. Male victim, Leon Bester sustained injuries to his arm. Vehicle and house keys stolen. SAPS was on scene, no arrests made.

47. A white farmer- Mr. MC Fletcher got his testicles shot to pieces when he and a black thug  wrestled for possession of a firearm and a shot went off suddenly.

48. A white farmer  Henry, – his wife Martie and their son, Tommie Brown were attacked on their farm in Nelspruit  by four machete  and ax e-wielding black thugs. Victims sustained serious injuries, but the son managed to fight off and fatally shoot one of the suspects. Victims taken to local hospitals.

49. A white farmer was attacked in Witrivier whilst inspecting his fence. The black thugs took his vehicle, which was later recovered by AfriForum Neighbourhood Watch members and SAPS. The thugs  fled, but explosives were found in the vehicle.

50. A white female resident Julian Lukas, 63, from Graaf Reinett was found dead, wrapped in a blanket, at her home in Santaville. A black thug  in possession of her belongings has been arrested.

51. A white victim- Westley Sweetnam, was murdered in his home in Fishoek  in a mindless act of violence. He was shot dead during a suspected robbery at his home.

52. A white couple from Stella in the North West were attacked by an unknown number of black thugss. Vehicle and firearms were stolen, but recovered during the follow up.

53. Stephan du Plessis (35) from Mabeskraal was shot in the face by black thugs as he was passing an armed robbery that was taking place at the post office. He then managed to drive himself to Rietfontein clinic in Mabalstad that was 20 kilometers away. When he arrived he passed out and was then rushed by air ambulance to a hospital in Centurion.

54. A Canadian tourist was allegedly assaulted and robbed at Dolphin’s Point by black thugs . Mediclinic George confirmed that the woman had been admitted and had undergone an operation before being discharged. The hospital did not want to divulge any more information.

55. Jurgens Oberholzer, 64, died under strange circumstances in Warmbaths after someone “pushed” him into the town’s main street. His family, meanwhile, has provided a reward for information about this incident.

58. Ten heavily armed black thugs  point firearms at the cashiers and supervisors in a shop in Carltonville , ordering them to open the tills and lie down. One supervisor hesitated and was shot in the leg with a 9mm pistol. Another security guard was pistol whipped twice on the head. The thugs robbed the supermarket and liquor store and got away with cash and valuables to the value of about R30,000.

( Much more attacks during Novermber 2019 can be seen HERE

 Women Killed During October And November. 25/11 – Ansie Steyn (46) – stabbed to death with a knife – Sundra. 25/11 – Elderly woman (71) – Throat cut off – Munster. 22/11 – Esbie Koster (50) – Shot dead – British. 21/11 – Issie Dippenaar (58) – Smother – Ermelo. 15/11 – Michelle Stephenson (44) – strangled – Vanderbijlpark. 11/11 – Cathy van Coppenhagen (68) – Shot dead – Sundra. 10/11 – Annatjie du Preez (89) – strangled – Heilbron. 30/10 – Annerie Grobler (55) – stabbed to death with garden fork -Ventersdorp. 26/10 – Moira Vermeulen (62) – stabbed to death with a knife – Napier. 19/10 – Maria Arangies – Shot – Potchefstroom. 14/10 – Karen Horn (76) – Killed – Eendracht. 13/10 – Ilze Schoombie – Killed – Bethal. 12/10 – Wilma van Tonder (42) – stabbed to death with a knife – Sandton. Most of these victims were elderly people. 

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The war is on right now against White South Africa, and the violence currently directed at whites by the black majority population and South Africa’s radical communist African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters parties is at near genocide level. Open displays of racial hatred by South Africa’s leaders have fed a black and bloody tide of pent up rage, that has revoked Mandela’s pledge, if it was ever upheld; and, today in South Africa, white people are being ground into dust and forced to flee or prepare for civil war.

I don't agree with Harry Knudsen, butbehy the double standards? When will Malema be arrested?

Posted by Teddy Boy on Friday, November 29, 2019

From 1 November to 15 November 2019, there have already been 19 farm attacks reported, whilst one farm attack was successfully averted during this period. Several farm attacks have been reported in the country in the past week, says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s head of community safety. On Friday night, Marlene Ferreira was shot on a farm outside Jeffreys Bay when two men attacked her in her farm office. She managed to shoot one of the men while the others fled. “On Saturday morning around 05:00, police in the Free State arrested two suspects who were suspected of robbery on a farm near Bultfontein, during which two elderly people were robbed. On Friday night at about 20:00 near Ventersburg, two men allegedly attacked a worker and his wife at a cattle station. “The worker was assaulted and allegedly raped his wife twice. The attack lasted until 2am on Saturday morning. The worker and his wife were only able to ask for help from the neighbors at 06:00. The attackers apparently wanted to take his month’s salary, but he has not yet received it. ”

On Thursday evening at 20:10 at least two men attacked a man (61) at his dinner table in his home outside Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal. “The victim was hit over the head with a hard object and assaulted. He fought back and temporarily put one attacker out of action. When he tried to defend himself against the second attacker, he was shot in the arm. “The man went to his safe to get his firearm, but the attackers were already gone. He contacted his closest neighbor. His wallet and vehicle keys are missing. He is still in hospital but in stable condition, although traumatized after the attack. ” No one has been arrested yet. On Monday evening at about 10pm in Bapsfontein, Gauteng, a 46-year-old man was shot on his porch. He is still in hospital.

During the month of October 2019, there were twenty eight farm attacks and three farm murders, whilst one farm attack was successfully averted in South Africa. During September 2019, there were forty six farm attacks and seven farm murders. It is shocking that the motion that the FF Plus proposed regarding the murder of a farmer, Mr Schalk van der Merwe, was rejected in the National Council of Provinces on 26 November 2019, while other motions that condemned murders were accepted, also by the FF Plus. The ANC and the EFF unanimously rejected the motion with interjections such as: “We want the land.” The slaughter of white South African farmers is ongoing and on the increase. And nothing is being done about it! The ANC government, who has been implicated in these atrocities and who denies there existence, along with the main stream media, who refuse to cover the crisis as it does not suit there ‘narrative’, is creating a monumental disaster.


BUT A farmer, Willem Daniel Ackermann, appeared in court at Groblersdal, after he was arrested by police and charged with murder for fatally shooting a black thug  who had broken into his car on his farm. The thug went to attack Ackermann with a knife after he was confronted. In self-defense, the farmer then fired five shots. The local farm watch head reported that the incident took place on the farm Eensome close to Roossenekal. It was reported that the knife of the attacker was also found on the scene. Ambulance crew declared the suspect deceased.

A Twisting and turning Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa has been twisting and turning through the lawful obstacles regarding this “land expropriation” facade for quite a while now. Firstly the draft law to steal land from whites was tabled on February 27  2018 by Julius Malema. (this was done specifically  to “exclude” the ANC from being accused of it) . Then on December 04 2018 the ANC exposed their presence in the matter and their National Assembly wants to settle the issue of amending section 25 of the constitution to allow for land grabs  without compensation by March 31 2019, before the mandate of the  parliament expires. Then Ramaphosa on June 26 2019  in a  debate on his State of the Nation Address (SONA) at a joint sitting of both houses of Parliament when he tackled the issue of land reform, which didn’t feature strongly in his SONA -reaffirmed his party’s communist agenda when he stated: ” We are determined that land should be distributed to those who work and those who need it,” – echoing the communist  Freedom Charter, which was adopted 64 years to the day. Then Ramaphosa on September 27 2018” reassured “ delegates at a business seminar, on the side of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, that “there will be no land grab in South Africa” Ramaphosa kept up this false narrative to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on 20 November 2019 during a state visit by the German President  to again “reassure “ foreign investors that chaotic land grabs will not form a part of proposed “land reforms.

Meanwhile things “back home” was taking another turn for the worst . Ramaphosa was lying again. A Land grab currently in proses at Farm Koringhuis near Roossenekal in Limpopo South Africa. In the photos can been seen how far the situation escalated. All the unwelcomed activity without permission taken place.They even put there own name Mokwana on the farm name board. At this stage there is no assistance from any where.The Police can not be trusted because of bad experiences in the past from them when we asked them for assistance.The same can be said of Afrifrom. Sad to seen that we on a way to loose our farm .The farm has been in the family for generations.

Image may contain: 1 person, tree, car, sky and outdoorImage may contain: sky, grass, outdoor and nature

The Harry Knoezen debacle

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, beard


Look- it is no big secret that one of the major obstacles in the white genocide against whites campaign is the continuous  witch hunt on whites on bogus allegations. It is a very old and sometimes irritating tactic by the ANC incompetents to divert the international (and local)  attention away when the commi bastard children  face a serious  crisis such as we have now with the implosion of almost all state departments and SOE’s with SAA and Eskom the latest contributions from the incompetent  cadre mismanagement establishment. Good examples of this ANC-orchestrated “false flag” operations with much bias media “fanfare”  is the Boeremag entrapment operation, the  Penny Sparrow, Cologny, Middelburg, Reits, Vicky Momberg and many similar incidents that had to act as conductors and to portray whites as the devil in the kindergarten.

SO now we again have yet another such an appetizing morsel of “racist” sushi served  up to us on a media platter this past week by the fanfaring leftist media with the Harry Knoezen spectacle.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and text






For the experienced eye and more intelligent  part of the population the words “False Flag” is written all over this little Mary Poppins operation. For weeks this “General” (The police entrapment rats like to create “generals” out of their informants as we already know) have been blasting fire and brimstone across the social media among conservative whites.The leftist troll media ostensibly are at it again with scrumptious anti-white reporting such as : ” The self-professed leader of the National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM) also known as the ‘Crusaders’ was arrested for alleged terrorism by the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation’s Crimes Against The State (CATS) team and National Crime Intelligence on Thursday, the Hawks said in a statement on Friday. The arrest came after a two-year extensive intelligence led investigation into the alleged terrorist plot apparently coordinated by the group to target national key points, shopping malls and informal settlements.”

Nou kyk, hier sê Harry Knoezen wat almal agteraf sê, dit blyk dat dit makliker is om sleg te se en weg te hardloop as om die waarheid te aanvaar. Die tyd het gekom dat dit moet gese word

Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Now what makes this nothing more than a laughable amateur  police/media  spectacle is all the loopholes in their very amateur-ish operation. “Alleged terrorist plot?” My G-d- ZumaMalema , Mnxitama and the bloody communist unions committed ten times more terrorist acts and Crimes against the State than this 60-Year old relic. But they still walk around free. One wonders how much they paid this vintage sell-out tin can to play the role of a terrorist? “The arrest came after a two-year extensive intelligence led investigation?” What utter bullsh*t! This embattled warhorse only appeared recently on Facebook firing on all guns. There was no “extensive intelligence investigation”– this bozo’s own buddies popped the cork on him(neatly planned we expect) South Africa’s Intelligence establishment in any case is so corrupt , incompetent and near implosion themselves we doubt they have the resources for “extensive investigations” of 60 year old relics that slipped through a crack in the Bermuda Tri-Angle. Uncovered a “possible”  explosives factory? Did the police also find a few Jik bottles with a few boxes of matches then? What a load of crap indeed.  But we know who is running these fake operations and who is running the media terrorist websites such as The Citizen, Media 24 , Jacaranda FM, Middelburg Observer, enca and G-d know which else leftist propaganda mouthpieces and fake town criers that are out there. Anybody with half a brain cell will tell you never to trust or invite a cut through “Afrikaner” into your group if you plan to start “terrorizing” the poor incompetent ANC delinquent ponzi regime.

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Uhm…yea…what can we say? 

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The standard  “Afrikaner“in any case is well known to be a natural pimp, back stabber, traitor  and sell out – which makes this spectacle so much more questionable. That many white conservatives still believes this obvious planted “agents” and get bamboozled into joining  hilariously stupid entrapment ponzi schemes such as this simply leaves one gobsmacked. If someone really want to “exterminate” the poor “previously disadvantaged” establishment or snooker the incompetent corrupt ANC farts there is much more potent, sophisticated , technological  and clandestine ways to do that e-masse without inviting a whole bunch of possible Afrikaner sell-outs to join your little private “Crusades.”  Bottom-line is this is a poor orchestrated set up for lesser intelligent “Goyim”  of our societies and must be treated with total disregard. But what is more worrying is the fact that this witch hunt again shows the involvement of the regime in planning and executing a slow and silent genocide against whites. It furthermore underlines the mockery some of these  treacherous Afrikaner miscreants and circus jokers such as Knoesen  create out of a serious human crisis  whites face in a country that became very hostile towards them- undoing all the hard work many other honest patriots and activists have been doing for many years to inform, educate and induct a very careless and ignorant  international community of the real horrors taking place in South Africa under the hoax blanket of “democracy.”  With this type of childish acts they only make farm murders and the dire situation of whites in general a laughing stock in the eyes of an already suspicious and hostile   liberal world- giving the communist oppressors a more credible face. Who-ever planned this little Mary Poppins charade  really is out of touch with the times- some Afrikaner  idiot still stuck to the ” Hensop- who goes there “  tactics of a long  forgotten era. It really is “Kitch” – very amateurish and boring- only done for a little media extravaganza show.

“Terror Suspect?????” O PLEASE Times Live….you are really scraping the racist barrel here you dim twits!!! 


The mere fact that the ANC government is not condemning the Silent Genocide (not just the farm attacks) being perpetrated against the White Minority shows it is complicit.
If you look at the amount of effort it is expending in skewing the scales of justice and to put pressure on the White Minority to commit illegal acts (like calling others the K word after being severely traumatised by racial violence and frustrated by the sullen incompetence of law enforcement like in Penny’s case) it becomes clear that the ANC government is actually the creator and driving force behind the Silent Genocide of the White Minority in South Africa.

Farm murders and attacks on whites is escalating to unacceptable levels- but hey- let us join Me. Marx ‘s liberal utopia , fantasize a bit and visit the “apartheid” museum in our thoughts, gaze in awe at the profound “legacy “ of Mandela in our dreams, think about the “brutal history”  of Apartheid and all it’s victims- because we know that farm murders are less than 1% of the overall murders taking place in South Africa and the South African government is doing it’s “utmost”  at this time .

At least white South Africans can be pleased that they live in a country that was bargained for in 1994 at CODESA by the honesty of the National Party and  De Klerk which includes beautiful promises such as:

Power-sharing , Checks and balances , No Westminster system where the winner has all power , Own schools own areas , A secure future for us and our children , Peaceful coexistence and Equal opportunities ,Orderly Reform and Reasonableness , Protecting Group Interest through own decision-making , Promoting common interests through collaboration , Strong and purposeful leadership , A unique and resilient South Africa , Economic, Political and Social stability , Maintaining orderly government and standards , Security, Freedom and Prosperity through Justice.  Furthermore and  FW promised that if substantial changes to the then constitution were needed, he would consult with white voters. Of course he didn’t.

But while we still await De Klerk’s beautiful promises to manifest themselves after 25 years and  while the body bags  of dead farmer victims that did not see that promises honored yet just keeps on piling up every week  in the “Democratic” South Africa and while Afrikaner traitors and sell-outs still are knifing each other on social sites and participate  in ponzi mick up entrapment exercises– well- at least Me. Marx ensured us the American overlords ( and the rest of the international world for that matter) are very pleased that South Africa is dealing with things in a very ” transparent “manner such as Ramaphosa flatly denying it. But we know Ramaphosa- as with Trump-  also was” misunderstood ” when he said there is no farm murders taking place and no land grabs in South Africa  .Also there are no other terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Black Panthers, APLA, EFF, etc operating  in South Africa- only white terrorist groups.



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For the BLF clever Johhnies: Prince William recently warned that the population growth in Africa is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many species of animals to extinction. “Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 – a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month,” Prince William explained during a recent event hosted by the Tusk Trust, a charity that is committed to protecting African wildlife. “There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure.”



We truly are living in a very confusing world of miscommunication today- now don’t we? 




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