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Article compiled by White Nation Editorial Cape Town   –December 02 2019








Applying Equality To The Removal of Terrorists from Mainstream South Africa’

hy does the ANC not respond with appropriate ferocity to ANY threat to South Africa’s safety and security, and ultimately our sovereignty as a nation?Julius Malema, CIC of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a dangerous individual.

For a few years has been openly talking in public about using his movement to break the law and overthrow the state. He talks at length in his public speeches and interviews about forcibly seizing state resources, violating the law by seizing control of state and private property, and taking up arms as necessary to achieve this. His EFF movement carry guns and often wear militia uniforms. They have been seen discharging firearms in public gatherings to help encourage his groups revolutionary and fighting spirit. He talks frequently about his plans to use violence against the state, and against ‘evil capitalists’ and ‘those who take sides with the imperialists’, and spews vitriol against minorities. Malema has been documented saying that his movement will ‘slit the throat of whiteness’.

In the EFF manifesto, white, coloureds, indians, the KhoiSan and other ‘foreigners’ are labeled as ‘minority groups’ in the country, and in thinly veiled language, will receive less rights than blacks. The label ‘black’ is not defined in terms of genome origins or haplo-type makeup. In an interesting side-note, although Malema advocates for open borders, an overwhelming number of Xenophobic acts are committed by EFF supporters, indicating that his ‘open border’ idea is purely a red-herring to deviously solicit support from Pan Africanists. Malema has actively been using his radical ideas to recruit, organised, and build support for his terrorist-like group. Another threat to our state is Andile Mngxitama with the now defunct BLF. Like Malema he is a man also filled with hatred, and advocates for law-breaking and violence, and has made similar terrorist- threats towards minorities.


Image result for eff military uniforms"Image result for eff military uniforms"Image result for eff military uniforms"Image result for violent riots south africa"

The militant EFF of Julius Malema– openly sporting military uniforms and guns- challenging the ANC regime for a show-down – yet not a single arrest has been made on any EFF member

In stark contrast, Harry Knoesen, an individual who also recently started a movement to overthrow the state violently, and also began recruiting and organizing, has been arrested recently by the Hawks for “suspected terrorism. “ Some of you may remember the video Knoesen posted, rambling about how “we have to strike first” and saying the South African government hates whites. In the video he openly called for violence. Knoesen’s mtDNA haplogroup lineage has not been verified, but it is suspected that his ancestors were likely part of the second wave of migration out of Africa to Europe ~40 kya. Of course this labeling by color or by mtDNA origins is part the toxic racial-based rhetoric that these radical groups and also the ANC subscribe to. We are all South Africans, are we not?

This hate-filled rhetoric, and clear terroristic-threats from Knoesen mimic what we have come to expect as ‘normal language’ from Julius Malema’s more publicly shared threats, where he brazenly calls for taking up arms against the state. All this is occurring while he publicly recruits and organises his extremist followers. The EFF clearly are the motive force behind many of the protests, the violence and the destruction of property incurring these last few years in various locations in South Africa. This is not to mention the connection the toxic EFF rhetoric has with the terrible intensity of violence and crime against our black farmers in rural areas.

Black Land First

Image result for black land first military uniforms"

Andile Mnxitama and his militant BLF terrorists- openly advocating for the killing of whites- not investigated or arrested for Crimes Against The State. 

Andile Mnxitama  has called for the killing of white women and children in a row over the taxi industry. Andile Mngxitama, president of Black First Land First (BLF), was speaking at a rally  in Potchefstroom near Johannesburg when he made the violent comments. He tells the cheering crowd: ‘For each one person that is being killed by the taxi industry, we will kill five white people. ‘For every one black person we will kill five white people. ” Black Land First members led by Andile Mngxitama protest in July 2017; He said in Potchefsroom over the weekend that white women and children should be killed. BLF party members at a protest in July 2017; Mngxitama said that his revolutionist socialist party would be in power by 2019 despite the controversy. ‘You kill one of us we will five of you. We’ll kill their women, we’ll kill their children, we’ll kill anything we find in our way.’ Mngxitama then beckons the crowd: ‘For every one of them, we’ll kill how many?’ And they chant back: ‘Five,‘ Mngxitama repeats, ‘For every one of them?’ and they respond, ‘Five.’ This back-and-forth is repeated several times until Mngxitama continues his rant and even calls for the deaths of dogs and cats owned by white people. He says: ‘We’ll kill their children, we’ll kill their women, we’ll kill their dogs, we’ll kill their cats, we’ll kill anything.’

Andile Mngxitama was filmed speaking at the rally in Potchefstroom over the weekend

Image may contain: 1 person

We can’t touch on this topic without also mentioning the particularly violent torture witnessed in the murders of white farmers, and the uncanny similarities in these despicable acts of torture on the victims to the precise methods and details uncovered in the EFF’s appalling hate-filled vitriol & rhetoric. The general frequency of violence against all our farmers is of equal intensity, and further substantiates the success the EFF are having in spreading general fear, anarchy and divisiveness. All of this is an integral part of their efforts to undermine the safety and security of South Africa’s citizens, and pose a clear and present danger to our nation’s stability and sovereignty.Malema’s illicit ties to individuals known to deal in arms and other weapons, and Malema’s millions he siphoned off from VBS to sponsor his terrorist-like-movement, further substantiate his threat to our moral grounding as African people, and to our futures as valued citizens. South Africa is thankful for the arrest of Knoesen, but our citizens will feel much safer once Julius Malema and other terrorist-like elements are finally jailed as well.

The ANC’s own “terror suspects“- NASYREC and Miliraty Veterans terrorist groups

The ANC- masters of arresting those white “right wingers” for possessing “dangerous weapons” , arms caches and jail them for possible “Crimes Against The State” – out of fear of a right wing militant back-lash themselves are grossly guilty of running their own private militia armies. The ANC, decided they  have the need to run their own  private army under the jurisdiction of private militia , to give them military training and to teach them guerrilla tactics.  There is the ANC,s NARYSEC program where they teach young blacks military training and tactics. There is the ANC’s Mkontho We Sizwe Veterans that runs around in military gear and do military training- all funded by the tax payer via the ANC.

Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"

Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"

Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"Image result for anc youth league military uniforms"

And all this private military organizations ran by the ANC is being funded by the (white) tax payer. Can the ANC please explain to us when will we see headlines about one of these “terror suspects” also being arrested as well? 

The ANC’s own Youth League

A flyer circulating online from the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has been raising eyebrows, as it seems to suggest the organisation will be receiving military training. When called by  the contact given on the flyer, General Ntsuka, confirmed that this was an actual ANC Youth League event. Billed as the inter-zonal and greater Johannesburg ANCYL’s Spring Weekend Camp, the event took take  from August 30 until September 1 at Camp Zenith in Heidelberg. What has led to the event being questioned, however, is the list of activities on the flyer. It says those who attend will be able to enjoy a weekend of “flag raising and lowering”, an “obstacle course”, as well as “swimming, hiking, military training, gun handling, and guerrilla tactics”. For what the ANCYL would need this kind of training is unclear at this point. The ANCYL’s future is currently under threat following some of its members demanding its immediate disbandment at the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Pretoria last week.


One only trains people to use guerrilla tactics if conventional warfare tactics are no longer adequate. Is the ANC Youth League planning civil warfare? Against whom? For what purpose? If the youth of South Africa really wants to make a difference, they should join the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) or become volunteers for South African Police Service (SAPS), which is severely understaffed. The ANC led regime must explain why they arrest certain people from certain groups for “alleged” Crimes Against The State all while they themselves are guilty of the same misconducts. Then also you have the Black Centric Forum which is also “calling on black radicals to undergo training on gun use…”

The call to arm and train black radical youth is ominous.



The PAC- another terrorist group allowed to operate freely: 

However the ANC seems to be very reluctant to arrest Malema, Mnxitama, members of the Black Panthers and the pseudo terrorist group of Chris Sankara- the PAC. Interestingly are there more than just what they eye meets. This is what Chris Sankara- a militant terrorist wrote on his Facebook page:

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Chris Sankara– sibling of the ex-terrorist Thomas Sankara– and militant extremist black rebel leader of the PAC with military uniform, weapon and all – openly preparing for a show-down with the ANC ponzi regime- yet the Hawks has not even lift a finger to arrest him with the same ferocity that they did with Knoesen. 

Interestingly Sankara made the following statement on his Facebook page: ” One of the very influential EFF leadership and founding member phoned me today and said he wants to join the PAC- and is ready to form a PAC branch in his area. He asked that I bring him a lot of PAC membership forms as there is more people after his resignation from the EFF that want to join the PAC. ( Sankara obviously here are talking of Kenny Kunene that recently openly  blasted the EFF over the VBS debacle.)  Then Sankara wrote on his Facebook page the following: “He has now officially joined the PAC and most EFF members are following him to part of branch.’ 

Image may contain: 1 person

As we can see these black “revolutionaries “ do not hide their militant intentions- yet the ponzi ANC regime’s corrupt police force and bias media reporters rather will concentrate all their efforts on targeting and arresting only white “ fearful terrorists.” 

Then Sankara went further and spewed more vitrol against whites and whip up negative emotions and inciting civil war and stated the following: “The Whiteman Mismanage Europe With His Greed After He Could Not Feed Himselves And Children He Decided To Seek Refuge In Afrika. The Blackman Felt Pity For The Whiteman By Giving Him Refuge And Food, Then The Whiteman Never Got Setisfied By What The Blackman Gave Him, He Then Raped The Blackman Wife, Children And Grandchildren, He Then Massacred Everything The Blackman Had Including Stealing his Land And Everything That Comes From The Land It-selves. The Grave Mistake The Blackman Ever Committed Was To Feel Pity For The Whiteman.Whites Have Always Hated Afrikan/Black People For Simple Existing. You Would Be A FOOL To Confuse My People REACTION To Racism With Actual White Supremacy. No Afrikan/Blackman Who Left His Country To Colonized Another Man’s Country, Massacred His People, Rape Woman And Children, Destroy His Culture And Stole Everything From HIS Land. Then Expect Him To Just Forgive And Forget When His People Remain Landless And Marginalized.We Must Use Our Creative Genius To Harness The Revolutionary Mood And Militancy Of Our People. Any Pan Africanist Revolutionary Should Understand That Nobody Will Give Us Our Land Back For Free……! We Have To Go And Get It By Fight. That’s The Way Revolutionaries Do Things.  “

The Black Panther Party

Image may contain: 6 people, people standing and outdoor


The New Black Panther Party (NBPP), whose formal name is the New Black Panther Party for “Self-Defense” , is a U.S.-based black militant political organization founded in Dallas, Texas in 1989. The leader of the American Black Panthers shows up in South Africa and talks to obscure black terrorist groups on strategies about massacring whites. He has a lot to say and even suggested that white babies be thrown into boiling oil. That is, according to the holiest white elephant of a constitution the most vicious form of hate speech and racism conceivable. He is very welcome here!

We have investigated their motives since the start of March and beyond they have only one motive and that is South Africa – They want all the white people out of South Africa and have extreme militant motives in doing just that.   The history of the old Black Panther Party is repulsive that was founded in the early 1960s they were listed on the domestic terrorist intelligence watch forum as racist all round militants that enforced “Black Power” and murder that despised all whites. Now their target is South Africa. Their pro-black “revolutionary” motives can been seen HERE.   They have started a colossal white hatred supremacy of which all white and non-other-black peoples are frightened of their stance and their massive support gaining from the ANC youth to street youth and the average Joe black man. Yet The ANC allows them to operate  South Africa without any further investigation .  The leadership of this militant group even traveled to Zimbabwe to meet President Mugabe and  also Julius Malema – both dangerous politicians that are whipping up civil wars.  Both parties are in Africa now yet they claim not to have dealings or collaborate with one another? They want South Africa in their hands and they want all “Boers ”out of Africa- that means “white farmers” and/or the white man. Yet The ANC regime or their police do not even care about doing some “intensive investigation” into the operations of this militant group operating in South Africa like they declared they did with Knoezen’s Crusader group.


Al Qaeda Terrorist camps operating in South Africa


Since the start of 2018 a number of violent incidents that could hint at Islamist extremism have occurred in South Africa. Some analysts suspect many of these episodes are connected, and that if one joins all the dots, they outline a disturbing picture. Others believe it’s too early to detect a pattern. Yet some links are emerging more clearly. The incidents include the murder of Rodney and Rachel Saunders, a couple of South African/British botanists in northern KwaZulu-Natal in February; two murderous attacks on mosques in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape; the planting of several cellphone incendiary devices in KwaZulu-Natal; the arrests of the Thulsie twins in Johannesburg for allegedly plotting violence against Jewish and US interests; and the arrest of an Islamic State-linked extremist in the Netherlands. Most activity has been in KwaZulu-Natal where several cellphone incendiary devices or bombs were planted in shopping centres around Durban and at the Durban July horse race.

A similar device was found among holy scripts in the Shi’a Imam Hussain mosque in Verulam, north-west of Durban, a few days after three men stormed the mosque and attacked mosque officials and worshipers. They slit the throat of one, who died, and seriously injured two. On 23 October these incidents were formally connected when a Verulam magistrate denied bail to 11 men. They were charged with murder, attempted murder, extortion, kidnapping, arson and contraventions of the Explosives Act and terrorism act relating to both the Verulam mosque attack and the other bombings. The state alleged the men, mostly South African but some Tanzanian, were following guidelines in an Islamic State newsletter on how to threaten and extort money from non-believers when they attacked the mosque and planted the cellphone incendiary devices. The investigating officer said a manual on how to make bombs and carry out home assassinations, Islamic State propaganda and eight Islamic State flags were found at the home of the group’s ringleader in Durban.

Another international link surfaced when Dutch intelligence authorities in July arrested a man – identified as Mohammed Ghorshid – trying to buy bitcoins (the preferred currency of terrorist financing) with a credit card belonging to one of the murdered Saunders couple. Ghorshid was on the watchlist of Dutch intelligence because of his Islamic State links. The credit card connected Ghorshid with Sayefudeen Del Vecchio, 38, and his wife Fatima Patel, 27, who were arrested at their home in northern KwaZulu-Natal in February 2018. They were later charged in the same Verulam magistrate’s court with murdering the Saunders couple and dumping their bodies in the uThukela River. Police alleged that Del Vecchio and Patel had Islamic State links. Although some analysts believe it, no hard evidence links Patel to Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie, even though she was arrested in Johannesburg in 2016 at about the same time as them. The Thulsies remain in police custody. Patel was later released and moved to KwaZulu-Natal where she married Del Vecchio.

In June t 2018, a Somali national attacked worshipers in a mosque in Malmesbury in the Western Cape, also stabbing and slitting throats. One of the worshipers died and the Somali was shot dead while resisting police arrest. Long before the alleged Islamic State links of the 11 men emerged in the Verulam court, terrorism expert Peter Knoope warned that ‘the fingerprints of ISIS’ were on many of the incidents. Knoope is an associate fellow of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague, and a senior visiting fellow at the Clingendael Institute in the Netherlands. Knoope, then still in South Africa, suspected that someone was ‘trying to create tensions between the Sunni and the Shi’a’. Islamic State is fanatically Sunni and regards the Shi’a as apostates who must be destroyed. The attack on the Malmesbury mosque is more difficult to fit into this pattern as it is a Sunni mosque and the Somali attacker was also Sunni. However a prominent Muslim community leader has suggested that the mosque could have been targeted by extremists in the Western Cape because its leadership was regarded as too liberal.

Ebrahim Rasool, former Western Cape premier and former South African ambassador to the US, believes that possible links among the various incidents of violence shouldn’t be ruled out. Rasool founded and heads the World for All Foundation which propagates moderation and tolerance within all religions and communities. He has been alarmed by the rising intolerance and extremism in the once-tolerant Western Cape Muslim community in particular. Rasool says various kinds of extremism around the world go along a “conveyor belt” that could end in violence. This might start with religious absolutism, which rejects anyone whose hair is too short, based on the Qur’an. Or extremists might hold that the right to bear arms is sacrosanct, based on the Second Amendment to the US constitution. Rasool says such views might graduate to “inert extremism” such as one of the “preachers of hate” in the Muslim community saying women who want to go to mosque are prostitutes or lesbians. “There’s nothing moderate about that. It’s hate speech. But it’s not yet beating up on women or throwing them out of mosques.” But the danger is that when society tolerates inert extremism, some extremists might take the next step of acting out their extremism.

The advocacy group CAGE Africa is wary of over-interpretation of the various episodes. Its spokesperson Karen Jayes says “any attempt to link recent incidents is highly speculative, as the evidence needs to be brought forward immediately and tested in court – as opposed to being hidden from legal scrutiny while giving outside parties the opportunity to join dots that may be tenuous. We are not aware of any links”. Cheryl Frank, head of the Transnational Threats and International Crime program at the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria, notes that the international intelligence community is concerned about the potential for violent extremism to spread in South Africa. “However they understand the politics behind South Africa’s traditionally cautious engagement with counter-terrorism, especially in the context of the Western-led global war on terror. But the perception from the South African side is starting to change as more incidents come to light.”

Frank cites incidents going back to the arrest in South Africa of Khalfan Khamis Mohamed, one of the suspects in the 1998 al-Qaeda bombings of the US embassy in Nairobi, and the evidence that the so-called white widow, the British national Samantha Lewthwaite, an alleged member of al-Shabaab, had spent several years in hiding in South Africa. However Frank says it’s not quite clear if South Africa’s intelligence authorities are ignoring evidence of current Islamist extremism or are just hiding it to avoid causing alarm.  These conditions include high levels of inequality and a strong sense of exclusion by several minority communities including Muslims, but also white Afrikaners. Rasool characterises himself as ‘cautiously worried’. “We need to be concerned but we also need to analyse the situation properly. We should neither be complacent nor alarmist,” he says. Rasool understands that organisations like CAGE must be wary about anyone stirring up Islamophobia over these incidents. “ On the other hand there’s a need to be vigilant lest the inert extremism growing in the Muslim community becomes the precursor “of a form of extremism you don’t want … It’s better to err on the side of caution than to have full-blown extremism”. 

Security officials have been monitoring the training of al-Qaeda militants in South Africa for several years but have not taken any action despite incriminating evidence up to now.   A report by the Daily Maverick, based on a year-long investigation, shows that the police’s Crimes Against the State specialized unit which quickly can jump when a white “terror” organization comes to light– as well as the State Security Agency are aware of the military training camps. The camps are in three locations in South Africa: the former South African  police base at Vlakplaas, a secluded farm in the Klein Karoo and another location in the Eastern Cape. The police’s investigation into the camps was called Operation Kanu. British and US intelligence agencies have pressured the lame-duck South African government to act on any possible Muslim terrorist threats but so far little action has been taken. The Vlakplaas base is linked to the well-known Dockrat family and a mosque in Laudium outside Pretoria. The Dockrat family have repeatedly denied links to al-Qaeda. But we all know the stance of the ANC Regime on black terrorism, violence and unrest-it fits their own narrative in how they run  the country perfectly. . NO surprises there. Then we also have the ANC themselves that through corruption totally destroyed the country- leaving it crashing into junk status. The ANC alone is the biggest terrorist organization that did the most collateral damage to the country- MUCH more than this old has been Crusader “terror suspect” Knoesen ever could imagine of inflicting a Crime Against The State threat to the country. Political assassinations with this ANC terrorist group is common knowledge.

More than 90 politicians have been murdered in SA since the start of 2016, the New York Times has revealed in an in-depth article. The newspaper said the killings had this in common: “They were members of the ANC who had spoken out against corruption in the party that defined their lives.” Recently released official crime statistics show that 57 people are murdered every day in the country. The newspaper quoted Thabiso Zulu, an ANC whistle-blower in hiding, saying: “If you understand the Cosa Nostra, you don’t only kill the person, but you also send a strong message. We broke the rule of omertà.” ‘Omerta’ is the unwritten rule of the Italian mafia that you should never speak about wrongdoing you witness within the organisation. Among the victims of the killings was former ANC youth leader Sindiso Magaqa, who was shot dead in an ambush.  The paper said the death toll was climbing quickly. About 90 politicians have been killed since the start of 2016, more than twice the annual rate in the 16 years before that, according to researchers at the University of Cape Town and the Global Initiative Against Transnational Crime It quoted former ANC MP Makhosi Khoza saying: “These allegiances go all the way to the top of the party. That’s why the ANC is not interested in this, no matter how many murders there are.” Now THAT is Crime Against The State if you want to talk BIG TIME about ” terror suspects” as the ANC is the biggest terror organization and biggest threat of them all- not some feeble old windbag ,  a poor little white girl and  three other ” who-evers.”  Yet not ONE ANC criminal ever was arrested. Now you can add to this national  terror organization all their buddy  communist unions that on a daily basis destroy the country and the economy with multiple riots and strikes. Nearly 400 violent riots and mass strikes by these union mob bosses took place in 2019 alone- leaving the economy and business with damage of millions of rands- of which the latest SAA strike is a good example how they are busy destroying  the country in their turbulent wake of Crime Against The State. Even the friggen BANKS were involved in Crimes Against The State. Then we did not even mention Jacob Zuma and the Guptas or the BOSASA gangsters- that did far more damage to the state than any white “right wing” “terror group” or Boeremag ever did or will. How come this fake ANC terrorist organization still are allowed to rule- is yet another very strange irony. 

The Hawks – and the police- which quickly can arrest others for “Crimes Against The State ”  themselves were rotten with corruption– posing a threat to the state themselves. The former head of the Hawks in Mpumalanga, Major General Simon Mapyane, has been slapped with a R25 000 fine after he was found guilty on five charges of fraud and corruption. Then you have the “state” security themselves caught into corruption  when state security minister Bongani Bongo was caught on corruption charges.Then we have the former Hawks boss Johan Booysen revealing huge fraud in the police before the Zondo commission when he took  the commission back to an investigation related to KwaZulu- Natal businessman Tosh Mpende and the involvement of senior police officers within the supply chain management. Mpende’s company benefited from providing accommodation to providing television sets to the Saps and  how provincial commissioner Mmamonnye Ngobeni told Booysen to stop the investigation. The corruption is so bad among this “law enforcers” that  South Africa now is in the top 5 worst countries for law and order in the world. The SAPS even tops the charts with the The Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) Africa revealing  that the South African Police Service (SAPS) is considered the most corrupt institution in the country.

Image result for violent riots south africa"Image result for violent union riots south africa"

Image result for violent union riots south africa"Image result for violent union riots south africa"

But here we are– the ANC mob and their chicken Hawks arresting some old white “Terror Suspects” on trumped-up charges of alleged “Crimes Against The State” for making a few irresponsible threats against the mighty ANC- while all the above mentioned “terror suspects” and acts – as the leftist media likes to call these white people- are still running wild and free to do whatever they bloody like and sinking the “state”faster than the bloody Titanic. 

All while the ANC’s own POLICE are deeply involved in Crimes Against The State by doing some brisk crime business themselves?


No photo description available.


YOU must be f*cking JOKING…RIGHT!!!!??


  • and the poor misdirected hateful media playing along with the hate narratives against whites:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Terror Suspect????””Suspected Terrorist?????”


Image may contain: text

Now may we ask the hippocrates in the South African media– that will be Times Live, Network 24, Citizen , SAfmnews, et al why this little caper did not make your headlines and why this also was not classified as a “terrorist” act or “Crimes Against The State????

WHEN all the political bullsh*t and “correctness” are wiped off the table- the only viable fact that stays behind is that the ANC degenerates and their pro-Marxist media slugs are waging a silent war against the white Afrikaner people of South Africa- whether based on exuberant taxation, denial of basic human rights- witch hunts , subduction, suppression, discrimination, oppression, alienation, disarmament, Affirmative Action,  dehumanization or direct extermination through the usage of 3rd force activities. The ANC is arming all it’s own vigilante militia terrorist forces while it is disarming and subversively persecuting  the white Afrikaner under a barrage of deviously manufactured “racist” laws which is not applicable to any other race group in South Africa. It is then no wonder their own ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte  delivered a stinging rebuke of the governing elite, describing  the ANC as “tribalistic and racist” for marginalizing members and voters who are not black Africans. She could not have said it better. We just hope she still lives long enough after this to see if that comment bear any fruit if any at all. The ANC rat pack distinguished themselves over the years to develop quite thick skins to public opinion.

Image may contain: text

MOST of the ANC leadership suffers from the Jezebel spirit

The grotesque miscarriage of justice and double standards applied by the illegal communists Czars against the white Afrikaner is open for all to see- yet the international world at large deliberately  plays Possum to all this human rights violations committed by the ANC because BIG BUCKS speaks louder than human suffering. It is the fear of that white backlash and the rise of a possible new white government that forces the money powers and their black Czars to become the worst enemies of the state themselves- keeping everybody else subdued by dictatorial rule, fear and oppression. For this reason alone any white resistance or nationalism must be crushed as quickly as possible- irrespective the bogus charges or horrendous methods involved. . But it is not the glutenous black African Czar that poses the biggest danger to the white Afrikaner– but the ravenous money mongers such as the Ruperts, Rothschilds,Afrikaner Broederbonders,  Renwicks, Kirsch,  Oppenheimers and G-d knows who else that controls and bank-roll the murderous Marxist Czars and help to fund these illegal black vigilante militia groups  that creates the biggest obstacle to the freedom of the white Boer/Afrikaner. As long as this greedy political and corporate  money grubbers still are dictating South Africa’s political environment the white Afrikaner will continue to be the skunk of all the mishaps and incompetence – and will always be the target for heinous political scum to relentlessly hunt, persecute and prosecute at will on any given irrelevant charge.


On every white skin in South Africa there is a big red target painted. Every black jack rabbit and Joe in South Africa wear military uniforms and a beret these days- preparing to “defend” themselves against a white “attack”- that is “acceptable”– but dare a white wear any of these then surely there is going to be  hell to play. Such is the fear a white soldier imposes on the black terrorist.  History has taught the black terrorist some very expensive and dear lessons trying to twist cocks with a white soldier-  and they will make sure history does not repeat itself again.  When a black wears military garments- that is a sign of “liberation”– but when a white does the same- that is a sign of a “Koo-De-Etat” in progress.  According to the thieves in high places’ narratives there never again must be a white Afrikaner in control of the country’s resources or economy. For the Afrikaner to earn their freedom back again which they so cheaply gambled  away in 1994 in exchange for the luxury of watching sport while shrewd political swindlers sold out their land behind their backs will only be possible over the barrel of a gun this time- and definitely not sitting and piss testosterone and estrogen on a Facebook page – we are afraid. 












Is Islamist terrorism starting to emerge in South Africa?












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