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Article compiled by White Nation financial correspondent Cape Town  –December 10  2019








( The Eskom debacle was specifically engineered to fall in the same time we as the public have to voice our opinion in the Land Expropriation bill. The bill was specifically tabled in December when most of the opposition parties are on leave and the public themselves preparing for the festive season to pay any attention to parliamentary proceedings. Eskom’s woes were engineered to divert your attention away from this bill- which on the long run- carry much more significance for the ANC than the Eskom “troubles.” Once the time window expired for public opinion- suddenly you will find that Eskom “remarkably” recovered from this disaster and there will be no more “load shedding” needed. By then it will be too late for you and me to stop this kenniving ANC from pushing it through to disown you from your property next year. )



SOUTH AFRICA dithers on the brink of a total financial collapse – orchestrated between the British and Chinese glutenous money mongers, a greedy Ramaphosa and his ANC socialist fanatics – and a whole battalion of incompetent black SOE CEO’s and their useless management cadre deployments. 



The Eskom monster


The country again was rocked to it’s financial core when the criminals in charge of the useless Eskom vacuum cleaner again started playing their now very annoying vindictive games of “load shedding” without any warning on Wednesday – leaving the whole f*ckin country for  up to 6 hours THRICE a day without power because the greedy  ANC rubble at the top  could not manage to get a 45% hike in tariffs from NERSA for a further substantial increase in tariffs to recover their shortfall in sales projections.



So the lousy bastards decided to “punish” the country again with black-outs until their “demands” are met. With the lamest excuse that the black outs will continue due to “wet coal”– then they changed their tune again and blamed the reason for the devastating “black-outs” on a “technical problem” at the Medupi power station! These lousy ANC-controlled degenerates really must think everybody is as stupid as their top management to  believe “wet coal”  and a “technical problem ” at the Medupi ( a struggling incomplete) station  is the reason behind this latest  onslaught against the economy.

The Medupi power station is down and out because the electrical supply panel to the conveyor belt that supplies coal to the plant burnt out on Monday, sources familiar with the matter have said. .And it gets worse: of the 46,000MW that Eskom is supposed to be able to generate at full capacity, 20,000MW is offline at the moment, against 5,000MW of planned outages, due to maintenance. ONE power station has “technical problems” and the WHOLE country is forced into stage six of hell.


Firstly- coal cannot get wet inside…it’s OIL  and at that furnace heat any dampness on the outside will disappear like mist in seconds when it hits the fire stupids- and secondly- IF Medupi have a “ technical” problem- there is still Arnot Power Station, Camden, Duhva,Grootvlei, Hendrina, Kelvin, Kendal, Komati, Kriel, Kusile, Lethabo, Majuba, Pretoria West, Rooiwal and Tutuka power stations – 16 of them– that is running at full capacity! Why must Cape Town be hit by your self-created bullsh*t – Koeberg Nuclear Power Station is right next to the city? Koeberg is rated at 1,860 MW, its average annual production is 13,668 GWh and it has two large turbine generators (2 × 970 MW). Each reactor delivers 970 MW (gross) and is capable of delivering 930 MW (net) to the grid- and sole provider of power in the Western Cape . Now you retards please explain to us how does your cockamamie excuse at Medupi- 1 688,6 km away- effect the Koeberg Power Supply to Cape Town and why  Cape Town must have power black outs???? Secondly how does ” wet coal” and “technical problems” of a COAL power station such as Medupi effect a NUCLEAR power station which supplies the whole Western Cape with electricity such as Koeberg? Please explain Bumbleheads? AND you are selling power to SEVEN African countries with NOload shedding” as well!  Why do you not hand THEM a barrage of “load shedding” like you dish out to the South Africans too? The answer…GREED! Now the ANC regime  has indicated use of private pension funds to bailout Eskom – which is failing due to corruption.



No photo description available.

Then there is ANOTHER more sinister  reason for the load shedding- one Eskom will NOT tell you.: A reliable informant told White Nation that Eskom ordered oil from a private company in Durban to “spike” the coal to start up and burn longer. Eskom ordered the oil to the value of R 500 million rands from the private supplier. BUT when the supplier demanded payment- Eskom board simply refused to pay them. The supplier gave them ONE DAY to pay up- or further supplies of this oil will stop. When the deadline arrived last week- supplies of this “ignition” oil stopped- and immediately afterwards load shedding started because Eskom has no more oil to initiate the burning process. There is a total chaos reigning at Kusile and at Kriel with Kusile totally inoperative with many coal mines under water. It may take weeks and much more “black outs” to try sorting out the chaos the ANC and their cronies have created with that plant. This whole disaster of Eskom must be place squarely at the feet of the ANC kleptocrats. They are nothing but a bloody CURSE to the country and it’s people.


Three foreign state-owned power utilities owe Eskom R632m in outstanding payments. This was revealed in a parliamentary reply by public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan in response to a question posed by the DA. The party said while Gordhan may be of the view that R632m would have a “minimal impact ” on Eskom’s cash flow, in reality every cent counted when the power utility had debt of about R420bn. Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa Holdings) owes Eskom R322m, Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) owes R221m and Zambian state-owned power company Zesco owes R89m.Half a billion rands is an astonishing amount of money and could, in the long term, go a long way in stabilising the financial woes at Eskom,” said DA chief whip Natasha Mazzone. But in spite of this Eskom is seeking to raise the cost of electricity by 80% – This is aimed at recouping some of the major losses incurred by the SOE over the last financial year – However, one energy expert says that such an increase will simply be unbearable for citizens.

Time to start asking Eskom some questions….

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Why do the ANC Lethuli-House rats not charge YOU for Crime Against The State too like they did with an old white man and his poor entourage ? The answer-They all are in  CAHOOTS with this Eskom destruction agenda so the “Boss” and his Motsepe /Radebe families  could buy out Eskom after you “debundled” it – and run the power monopoly in SA through their African Rainbow Energy and Power (AREP) company  while an old  white man on the other hand means f*ck-all to you.

“This is what the ” man in the street was up against ” Eskom & EIUG ganged up against the public to push up public tariffs as acknowledged by disclosure of former Head of EIUG (Energy Intensive User Group – the powerful lobby of large energy users who mostly get discounted electricity tariffs). If I get support from 500 000 Consumers, I am in for the fight – otherwise, I am wasting my time & effort as a lone wolf against a Goliath and withdraw from campaigns against Corruption & Inefficiency that I have been fighting for past 11 years.

I am gobsmacked by a certain Former Eskom & EUIG executive’s article in the press, that he nows realises that fighting for higher Eskom tariffs was incorrect- and that he now stands ready to fix Eskom? – more so since I was publicly criticized for my stance that Eskom tariffs needed to be halved to stamp out corruption & inefficiency? Bottom line is Government now wants to steal your & my pension funds to prop up the ongoing corruption at Eskom. I am happy to lead a petition against this and opening a full forensic on Eskom if I get enough support.

Ted Blom

PLEASE explain Eskom bumbleheads?

Energy Minister Matthew Nkhuwa says power imports from ESCOM of South Africa will start before the end of the week. Mr. Nkhuwa says the 3- hundred Mega Watts is anticipated to reduce about two hours of load shedding. The Minister has also dispelled social media reports that ZESCO Management was planning to shut down the turbines to stop power generating. Mr. Nkhuwa says if there was any need to do so the public would have been informed. And Mr. Nkhuwa clarified that the cost of the imported power will not be passed to consumers. He however explained that government is working towards moving to cost reflective tariffs.But Eskom whines there is not enough electricity for South Africa and dish out “blackouts” like Christmas presents. What happened to the 20,000MW that is supposed to be ” offline ” at the moment, against 5,000MW of planned outages, due to maintenance? 


No photo description available.


 See…we are not all THAT naive to believe your bullsh*t!  So PLEASE Eskom idiots- bag that poor excuses for your and the ANC’s Top Brass’ DELIBERATE Crime Against the Nation.  You all are nothing but corrupt white collar criminals holding a whole country and an economy at ransom through selfish greed with your petty theatricals that cost this country BILLIONS in lost revenue and damages. And not ONE of these criminal CEO’s ever was brought to trail for their destruction of our economy because they are “protected” by the ANC Cosa Nostra!  Meanwhile while you sit there with your millions with uninterrupted power running to YOUR houses- millions upon millions of South Africans and businesses must suffer one-after-the-other rolling (ANC created) black-outs for hours on end each day- loosing millions in lost revenue, rotten food, disappearing customers, traffic jams, burglaries during black-outs, disinvestment, etc- not even to speak about the many patients that die in hospitals and babies dying in squatter camps  while listening to your concocted bullsh*t about “wet coal” and “technical problems.”    Such is the callous criminals you lot are. When all your bullsh*t excuses are wiped off the table the reason for this sabotage is that you WANT the country to suffer financially and economically. And by the way- we simply ADORE your arrogance: ” It will take up to two years to see the full benefits of Eskom’s recovery plan – until then, you can expect load-shedding, Eskom says. plan to f*ck up the country for two more years and we all must be quite happy with it…right so? You deliberately CREATED this terrorist act yourselves just like you created the previous “loadshedding”  too! (  Different  reports  revealed Eskom employees engineered load-shedding to sign emergency contracts to benefit coal suppliers to the tune of R14.5 trillion) How much is at stake this time?  Mike Levington is a senior management figure from the clean energy sector. Unsurprisingly, he feels the time has come for South Africa to focus solely on renewable energy generation and dump Eskom altogether. Taking to his Twitter account, the industry stalwart punted the possibility of legal action against the utility.

Mike Levington@navitassa

I suspect that we are starting to genuinely enter class action suit territory here.

This wouldn’t be the first call for the public to file a lawsuit against Eskom. De Beers Attorney’s suggested there was grounds for a case earlier this year, as businesses have been forced to minimise operations thanks to load shedding. This cuts-off their potential earnings by a considerable amount and also affects materials and equipment.

No photo description available.


7.2 million tons of coal destined for China from Richards Bay Harbor refers: 36 Chinese ships are waiting for coal to be loaded in Richards bay Harbor. Where is the shortage now EskomEach ship takes about 36 hours to be loaded. 200 000 tons of coal per ship average. It is Grade A anthricite. The informant also says that Eskom have huge stockpiles of coal. They lie because they want that 15% increase in electricity tariffs.


The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) said on Tuesday that current operating wind farms could add 500 Megawatts (MW) immediately to the national grid. It is not allowed to do so currently due to the regulatory Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) (Government meddling) on all operating wind farms, which governs how much energy is permitted to be exported by wind farm power generators. Currently wind farms can only export the pre-agreed maximum capacity into the grid and are forced to curtail any additional capacity.(Government and Eskom monopoly) If the restrictions were lifted, government could buy that additional energy at a tariff it was prepared to pay. In any case, this is surplus energy that can be bought at marginal cost, as low as R0.40c per kilowatt-hour (KWh). “The operational wind energy plants have excess capacity of about 500MW available immediately. These can also be short term contracts that can be signed in this interim capacity constraint period and it doesn’t have to be viewed as long term commitments,” said Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of SAWEA.

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Political Response:

” Nothing signals crisis and chaos more than the current situation of load-shedding.” This is according to IFP national spokesman Mkhuleko Hlengwa, who was speaking in the wake of Eskom’s decision to implement stage 6 load-shedding for the first time. Political reactions started flooding in on Monday evening after Eskom announced stage 6 rotational blackouts from 6pm. It did not announce if and when it would be downgraded again. The utility claimed the escalation to stage 6 is “no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled” – but politicians clearly disagree.

Hlengwa told TimesLIVE:

We are in dire straits. Clearly, Eskom has collapsed. The economy and South Africans are casualties of a poorly run entity. We have every reason to be concerned.” The UDM’s Nqabayomzi Kwankwa said the move to stage 6 showed that the ANC and Eskom had “reached unparalleled levels of incompetence and maladministration“. “The implementation of stage 6 makes a mockery of all attempts – the investment conference included – to grow the SA economy. Without a doubt, the SA economy is now heading for recession and the ANC government is to blame for it,” said Kwankwa. He was also critical of the timing of load-shedding. “This also comes across as an attempt by this government to blackmail into agreeing to its planned unbundling and privatisation of Eskom,” he said. This is a developing story and will be updated as more parties comment on the situation.

EVEN hard bitten little white leftist liberals such as Me. Melanie Verwoerd was “shocked” by this turn of events her ponzi- corrupt government was pulling with the Eskom debacle:

” I’m writing this during load shedding, so this is going to be a short column – my candle (and laptop battery) is running low… Eskom, I think I am speaking for the whole country when I say: “WTF?”

You guys are breaking our hearts like an unfaithful partner. When Pravin Gordhan took all the journalists on that super-secret-no-sandals-trip to a power station a year ago, he promised that we would have ‘nothing more than stage 2’ in the future. Then Jabu Mabuza promised us in November that there would be ‘no load shedding through the festive period’. So we packed up the rechargeable lamps, didn’t buy diesel for the generators and didn’t fill the gas bottles. And just like that: “Poof!” Zero electricity on Thursday night. Not nice, guys, not nice.
As one of the memes said: “The E in ‘South Africa’ stands for electricity.” So, I have a few questions about this crisis:
1) Where is Andre De Ruyter? Surely with this crisis he should be in Eskom RIGHT now and not only on January 15?
What can he possibly be doing that is more important than this crisis we are facing at the moment?
Honestly Mr. De Ruyter, you are supposed to be the saving grace, so please get in there and start working some magic. (That’s, of course, if you are still interested in the job after all of this.)
2) Talking about being in the wrong place, why did it take the President so long to respond to the crisis?
I know he is overseas (he told us so on Twitter), but not a word about the Eskom crisis until late last night.
Instead, he congratulated Ms. Universe (which, by the way, was the only bit of sunshine in our otherwise dark and depressing day, so congrats Zozibini).
He also told us about his trip to Egypt (where I’m sure they have electricity) to participate in some forum for Sustainable Peace and Development.
Only then did he finally talk about how long it is going to take to fix Eskom.
As someone remarked after the Egypt tweet: “Oh dude, no! This does not look good. The optics are shocking.”
3) And while I’m on the politicians – are they also experiencing load shedding?
Can someone please go hang outside the ministerial homes to check if they also go dark with the rest of us? I (and I’m sure the nation) would be super annoyed if not.
Senzo Mchunu was very vague when asked in a press conference if he has ever experienced load shedding – which I would guess means “No”.
We have not seen even one tweet from Fikile Mbalula or Tito Mboweni trying to cook dinner on gas by candle light, which should fill us all with suspicion.
Or maybe they wanted to braai, but the coals were wet?
4) Which brings me to this wet coal business. How many more times do we have to hear this story before something is done?
Seriously, we have heard this wet-coal-business for years now. I think my favourite tweet last night was from @bamba_zo which read: “I don’t mean to attack Eskom, but how many times must your coal get wet before you build a fucking afdakkie for it?” Well said! Of course, I know it is not that easy. I also understand that it has been raining a LOT up north. (In fact if it wasn’t so sad, it would be rather funny to note that the emissions from these coal power plants are contributing to climate change which causes these extreme weather events which causes the wet coal which results in the coal power stations to grind to a halt). However, surely some contingency must have been worked on by now?
5) Which makes me wonder if this is actually the story, or is there more to it? Is or was this sabotage?
Whatever it is, Eskom must take the nation into its confidence. They must learn from the City of Cape Town’s water crisis. People will pull together when faced with a possible catastrophe, but if they find out that you were lying to them or not telling them the full truth they will not easily forgive you. So now that the “Kers” is put back into “Kersfees” what shall we do? It doesn’t help much to complain. It is what it is. Let’s try and look at the bright side: One, luckily it is summer and there is more heat and light, and two… okay, I can’t find another upside to this.
However, we should all try and use less electricity where we can. We did it with water in Cape Town, so we can do it with electricity as a nation. And while we wait for someone to fan the coal dry, let’s keep our sense of humour and keep those memes flowing.”
Image result for melanie verwoerd
Well…we don’t blame little Melanie, ol’ Max, Piet Kopdoek, Sloet De Wolhaarstories, Carl Niehaus and the whole fraternity poor misdirected other white  libtards  for being taken by “surprise.”  Liberals have this uncanny culture of living in Cuckoo-land far, far away from reality. 

Cyril Ramaphosa has apologized to South Africa for the scourge of load shedding which climaxed at Stage 6 on Monday night. Ramaphosa, who is currently on an official visit to Egypt, faced fierce criticism for the country’s powerless state of affairs, with politicians demanding that the faux president abandon his state visit and return home to address the crisis head-on. It’s been a week since Eskom reinitiated rotational load shedding schedules – cutting power from the grid to mitigate a nationwide blackout – following a dire operational downturn, emanating from poor maintenance programs, debilitating financial losses and mismanagement.The ongoing load shedding is devastating for the country. It is causing our economy great harm and disrupting the lives of citizens. Our immediate priority is to get as much generating capacity back on line within the shortest possible time. Eskom’s emergency response command center and technical teams are working “around the clock”  to fix multiple breakdowns.The energy challenges in this country will not be resolved overnight. We have set out on a bold path of “restructuring and rebuilding.”  Despite the setbacks of the past week, we are making progress and will steadily begin to see the fruits of these efforts.” Ramasquirrel bumbled on- but not a word about the corruption, maladministration or reprisals for those responsible for the disaster came from his lips. 

BUT then Cyril started lying again: Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday said one of the factors that led to the recent rolling power cuts was “sabotage. ” The Squirrel was addressing reporters at Eskom’s headquarters at Megawatt Park in Sandton following an emergency meeting with ministers and the Eskom board and management. He explained that an act of sabotage led to the loss of 2,000 megawatts from the grid, while adding that these acts should be “investigated.”  He said that “someone inside Eskom” had sabotaged the system, resulting in the boilers tripping.


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He also announced that all leave by Eskom employees and executives had been cancelled until January to ensure that the system was restored to stability.The Squirrel  called on the country’s intelligence services to investigate the claims of sabotage at Eskom. “Investigations are under way and I’ve urged management to speed up those investigations so that those who are found to have been participated in this act of sabotage are held to account,” he said. SO…now we have “wet coal”, a “technical” problem, no oil deliveredAND sabotage!  Jeez….that Medupi surely is a place of drama! You would think they practice for a Hollywood sequel! Well- if you want our piece of advice: Maybe they should use the generator that supply Zimbabwe with power because Zimbabwe says it is still receiving an uninterrupted power supply from Eskom despite increased load shedding in South Africa. It was “sabotage” indeed….by Eskoms MANAGMENT and the unwillingness if Gwede Mantashe to allow alternative energy on the grid. They call it “subversion.” No deed to “investigate”- just pull out those warrants of arrest. 

Gwede Mantashe the problem

Eskom’s descent into Stage 6 load shedding has brought an urgent focus on the short-term reasons for the lack of power supply. It is becoming increasingly obvious that SA has the ability to create and generate much more electricity than it is at the moment. What is holding us back is a refusal to implement the measures that would make a difference in the short, medium and long terms. It is because of political inaction, not physical constraints, that South Africa does not have enough power. And it appears the main figure in this, Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe, does not believe the matter is urgent. The longer-term reasons for the crisis at Eskom are well known: a lack of investment in new capacity, not enough power stations to facilitate the humongous influx of illegal aliens from Africa because of the ANC’s “open border” policies, and major problems at Kusile and Medupi. The short-term reasons for Stage 6 load shedding this week are also in the public domain. They involve the flooding of power stations after heavy rains, the breakdown of a conveyor belt at Medupi and the old issue of problems with coal it is said. But the most astonishing piece of information is that electricity is being produced right now in South Africa that is not being used. Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of the Wind Energy Association, has said that, “We have wind farms producing electricity that is not being fully used during Stage 6 load shedding”.

There appears to be a similar situation with solar plants. Solar plants have signed agreements with Eskom which will determine the amount of electricity the power utility will buy from them. But, because of the fact the sun does not shine at night, the plants have often been designed with more panels than would be required to get to that level. This is so that they will get to that maximum amount more quickly, so as to get more revenue. To limit this an inverter is used. To add more power to the grid, the dial on the inverter can be moved. And yet, this power is not being sold to Eskom. Or perhaps more accurately, Eskom is not buying itThere is more to come on this. Energy expert Chris Yelland estimates that there could be thousands of small-scale power generation facilities (mainly solar power) in shopping centres, parking lots and homes within just 12 months. The main factor holding them back is the paperwork to get them up and running.

The second, more medium-term option, Yelland says, is utility-scale production, involving independent power producers (IPPs). These would include solar and wind power projects. But the current round of the IPP programme (Round 5) has been stalled and needs to be restarted. This, says Yelland, requires Mantashe to act. He also makes the point that in order to build these projects, it will take longer to go through the process (which involves a Ministerial Determination, public hearings by the energy regulator NERSA, a tendering process and then “financial closure”) than to actually build the projects. In this crazy world, the paperwork takes longer than building the generation capacity. Time for all of us to become angry. Very angry. Consider this. Ntuli says that to build a wind farm (in essence a giant windmill) from start to finish, once the paperwork is completed, will take between 18 and 24 months.

However, more power can immediately be bought from existing wind farms through a change to the regulation. Currently, there is a maximum export rule. This caps the amount of power that a wind farm can export to the grid. Ntuli says this change would take about a month to push through. It would require the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy to change the regulations and remove the cap. And the wind farms would be able to sell all they produce to Eskom. Ntuli says the cost of this could be as low as 40c per kilowatt-hour. Ntuli also says Mantashe will consider promulgating “Section 34 determinations”. These would allow municipalities to buy power directly from IPPs without having to go through Eskom. It’s understood that at least 17 such requests are sitting on Mantashe’s desk at the moment. The City of Cape Town is going to court to get a determination on whether it can be prevented from buying this power directly from the IPPs.

What is missing from the statement is a sense that anything will be done now. When there are things that can be done now. Mantashe could immediately approve those 17 requests. He could start the process to have wind farms selling all the power they produce to the grid. That would see their contribution rising, and the pressure on Eskom’s decaying facilities falling. It is hard to oversell the crisis that is unfolding. On Tuesday, mines had to scramble to get people out from underground as quickly as they could. Implats spokesperson Johan Theron was quoted by Business Day as saying, “No mine in SA is able to operate or have production at this level power.” Mining companies are now debating whether they should send their workers home early for the Christmas break. And yet there is no public interview or comment or press conference by Mantashe. Instead, there is the promise of perhaps” considering “ some action in the future. Maybe.

This is not the first time Mantashe has shown no urgency in face of clear and present danger. Earlier this year he told Parliament he would not treat renewable energy projects any differently from other technologiesThe point, of course, is that renewable energy projects can be online and producing electricity much more quickly than any coal project. Imagine the number of wind farms that could be generating power in just two years. Or the number of IPPs that could produce power and sell it directly to municipalities. Or the solar panels that would go up on shopping centers and parking lots. Energy expert (and member of Eskom’s sustainability task team) Professor Anton Eberhard has been making this exact point over the last few days. He says Mantashe has the power to free up a series of power production projects currently held up by NERSA. A number of mining industries in South Africa want to generate their own power but many can’t because of hold-ups in NERSA licences and Ministry permissions. Crazy. If we’re serious about economic growth, we need regulatory reform in the power sector. The lights are going off.If this is correct, the power to end load shedding forever is available to us. It is simply not being used – because the people in charge are not taking the necessary steps to do it. And Mantashe must be chief among them. 

But Mantashe quickly passed th bucket to Pravin Gordhan:  Gwede Mantashe says South Africans should not blame him for Eskom’s woes, pointing out that the power utility is actually part of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan’s area of responsibility.” To accuse me of Stage 6, when Eskom is in another ministry, that in itself is just opportunist[ic]. I am not the minister responsible for Eskom.” ‘I must be allowed to do my work within my responsibility, complement the work that is done in [the] public enterprise [portfolio].” “I have a responsibility and duty to respect Gordhan in the space that has been allocated to him and not be a disrupter of that space. I will resist anybody who pushes me to be a disrupter of that space.” “Though Eskom is a source of energy, it is allocated in public enterprise and there is a minister responsible [in that portfolio],” he said. Yea..we know…..COGNITIVE DISSONANCE plays a HUGE role in Gwede’s make-up.


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“Uselesskom ” now busy crippling the mining sector

SA’s mining companies shut their underground mining operations and processing plants on Monday night because of unprecedented power cuts by monopoly electricity supplier Eskom. Eskom has moved to stage six load-shedding cutting 6,000MW  from its capacity as it grappled with a technical fault at its new Medupi power station, a plant that has run over costs and timelines. Wet coal and technical problems at other coal-burning plants have also contributed to the crisis. It is the first time Eskom, the state-owed utility that has R450bn of debt, has removed so much power from the grid. Impala Platinum, the world’s third-largest platinum miner, and Harmony Gold both said they had stopped their night shifts because of the power shortages. “It’s very serious. We are not able to produce. What we lose today we can never catch up. If you lose a production shift it’s gone for good,” said Implats spokesperson Johan Theron. “No mine in SA is able to operate or have production at this level power,” he said, noting that mines had to pay salaries despite losing production.  Mining is an important segment of SA’s economy, contributing R351bn or 7.3% to the country’s gross domestic product in 2018. It directly contributed R30bn to the government through taxes and royalties, and it employs 450,000 people.

If the load-shedding schedule remained above level four, which entailed 4,000MW cut from the grid, then Implats would prevent 25,000 people from going underground on Tuesday, he said. If the power shortage lasted for another seven to 10 days ahead of the Christmas and year-end break of 10 days then the consequences for underground mines were severe, meaning a protracted start-up period to retrain and re-induct thousands of employees while making underground working areas safe, Theron said. “We don’t know how long we will be at this power level and how long we won’t have production,” he said. Harmony, one of the largest South African gold miners, kept up to 5,000 people on the surface rather than send them underground at its nine mines in SA. “Harmony has reduced power consumption at our operations to levels required only for the maintenance of emergency services,” said spokesperson Marian van der Walt. London-listed Petra Diamonds said in a statement Eskom had asked it to reduce power from Monday evening. Petra quickly moved to shut its Cullinan, Finsch and Koffiefontein mines.


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We rather will reserve our comments on this idiotic statement…..

No photo description available.

Production, hoisting and processing have stopped with immediate effect and the company is now removing all people from underground, except those required for essential services, with only pumping to prevent flooding and ventilation for safety being allowed,” it said. The Minerals Council SA noted some of its members had also hoisted night shift workers to the surface. “I can confirm there are a number of other mining companies considering the same thing because they can’t take the risk of employees stranded underground due to power cuts,” said council spokesperson Charmane Russell. The last time SA’s mining industry was hit this hard by power cuts was in 2008 when Eskom said it could not guarantee supply. For underground operations, where tens of thousands of people work far below surface, the risk is too great to continue mining. That power shortage, coupled with electricity tariffs rising more than 523% since 2006  and a further 30%  increase planned over the next three years, led to the closure of many marginal gold shafts, crippling SA’s mining employment and gold production.

“The current excuses by Eskom are of their own making. Eskom is buying fine coal and it gets wet becomes like baby powder and it struggles to move. The crooks are still in charge and they have been in charge since 2007. I don’t  believe that there is anyone at Eskom who has the expertise and the corruption at the utility is growing in heaps and bounds. “

— Ted Blom, Energy expert

One excuse after another for load shedding – after all, it is a pleasure to have extra expenses, when fridges and other commodities  break  due to power failures  it is the consumer who comes to be punished financially. All of us who have power have paid for it. But those who did not pay  like Soweto, are written offwhy are they better than others? Or is it about illegal immigrants living here or George Soros who should be kept happy? So those who pay for power are milked again to provide power to these millions in other places and also those who steal. The lie about wet coal makes no sense. Is not all coal watered before it is used? And we have rain and coal delivered for years – it’s a pack  of lies.

THANK YOU BLADE! For a moment there I thought ol’ Jan Van Riebeeck or “apartheid” will have to lie down again for another screw. However- admitting this fact makes one almost think you are getting “soft” around the edges for a hard bitten communist. 


Eskom paid R24.4-million to its three senior executives last year, and rewarded its top brass with R62.8-million in performance bonuses since load-shedding first shut down South Africa’s gold mines in January 2008. As businesses across the country stumble because of the effects of the electricity crisis, costs associated with power plants Medupi and Kusile continue to mount, and taxpayers are shaken by the reality that they may have to bail out the struggling power utility, Eskom’s board awarded its corrupt decision-makers with generous salaries and millions of rands in performance incentives. Last year exiting chief executive Brian Dames took away R15.4-million. This included a termination payment of just over R5-million and three years’ worth of back pay for award performance shares and deferred bonus shares. The payments had been put on hold, pending the outcome of an independent investigation into the remuneration policy of state-owned enterprises. In 2013 Dames took home R8.46-million. Chief financial officer Paul O’Flaherty earned R5.89-million during the 2014 financial year. His package included back payments and a R3.27-million termination fee. The year before he took home R5.97-million. Eskom’s current financial director, Tsholofelo Molefe, earned R3.17-million in the same year. Although the executive directors received the greatest share of the compensation, the salaries of Eskom’s group executives – the next tier in seniority – ranged from R3.3-million to R4.8-million in 2014. The group of seven earned R28.6-million in 2014; in 2013, eight group executives earned a total of R36.6-million. Eskom’s total payment to its senior band of employees (directors and group executives) in 2014 was R60.15-million; in 2013 it was R57.5-million.But Eskom is in dire straights and needs more money! 

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ANC ineptitude by the Numbers

R 3.24 trillion. R 3 240 000 000 000 That is the sovereign debt of South Africa. Or USD 218 600 000 000. USD 218,6 billion. 
Interest payments per year on sovereign debt are approximately R 180 billion. R 180 000 000 000 must be paid by SA taxpayers every year.
Total SAA bailouts: R 57 000 000 000. R 57 billion. Accumulated SAA losses: R 28 billion. R 28 000 000 000.
Eskom debt R 480 billion. R 480 000 000 000.
Irregular spend by ANC government departments 2018: R 50 billion according to auditor general. R 50 000 000 000.
Irregular spend by ANC government departments in 2019, since Ramaphosa took over: R 61 billion. R 61 000 000 000
Province leading the irregular spend and waste: KZN.
Bailouts planned for Eskom: R 59 billion. R 59 000 000 000.
Cost of 1999 Arms Deal: USD 4.8 Billion. R 30 billion (R 30 000 000 000) at 1999 exchange rate.
Projected cost of NHI per year R 259 billion says ANC Health Department. R 450 billion says Institute for Race Relations. R 450 000 000 000 per year.
State department with the worst accounting record: ANC Department of Health. Yes, that is the department that will administer NHI. ANC Department of Health has never seen a clean audit. After a year or two of NHI the above numbers will look puny by comparison.
Cost of state capture: Pundit guesses vary from R 1.5 trillion to R 2
trillion. R 2 000 000 000 000. It is probably much higher.
The true cost of loss of opportunity to the country due to state capture is incalculable…!!
Breakdown of  more than 400 cases of corruption by ANC white collar criminals  that runs into BILLIONS can be viewed HERE.
And down the drain it goes  and not ONE ANC looter ever was criminally charged or jailed. 

BUT when the normal man in the street without connected ANC ties tries to steal- immediately the law comes down on you like a ton of bricks:

  1. The taxman is getting his money back from a Cape Town businessman‚ his son and their bookkeeper who stole R615‚000. Thomas Fortuin‚ Tom-Ross Fortuin and Ivor Carolissen were convicted on Thursday of 382 counts including fraud‚ forgery‚ uttering and failing to submit income tax returns. The men entered into a plea bargain with the state in the Cape Town District Court and pleaded guilty. Thomas Fortuin‚ 65‚ of Franschhoek‚ and his 35-year-old son‚ from Bellville‚ were each sentenced to 18 months’ house arrest and four hours of community service a week. Both also received four-year prison sentences suspended for five years on the condition that they do not reoffend. Tom-Ross was also ordered to pay Sars the R615‚000 they stole. Carolissen was given a direct prison sentence of three years‚ with another three years suspended. He handed his tie and belt to the Fortuins and his legal representatives advised him: “Look after yourself.”

2) The former accountant at the Raya Hotel Group, Mymona Creighton, a mother of three minor children, was jailed for eight years  on multiple fraud charges involving R9 687 677.

3) The Port Elizabeth Commercial Court sentenced David Wilmot to 15 years’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to fraud, money laundering and breach of the financial advisory and intermediary act.

4) You can even  now spend up to 5 years in jail for lying on your CV..but when you loot the state coffers out of billions with an ANC connection cardyou can still walk free.

The head of one of South Africa’s largest business chambers, the Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut, says the government’s fixation with ideology and politics is steering the country to disaster – and nowhere is this more apparent than in the collapse of Eskom. Christo van der Rheede was part of a delegation of business leaders who were briefed on the energy crisis by Eskom this week. At the meeting, Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona told them his parastatal needed an immediate R20-billion bailout to keep the lights on. But Matona couldn’t tell them why Eskom was not collecting the billions owed to it by municipalities. This failure to pay Eskom has contributed significantly to the electricity provider’s cash crisis. “We were told it is a government issue and their hands are tied,” says Van der Rheede. These municipalities are in effect sabotaging the country, he says, but the government will not do anything about it for political reasons. “This is simply not good enough. Someone must be called to task. Ministers must put pressure on cabinet and cabinet must put pressure on the head of this country to clamp down on people who are completely disregarding the laws of this country.”

Businessman Christo van der Rheede says anyone claiming the Eskom situation is not critical is either stupid, or doesn't care a damn

Businessman Christo van der Rheede says anyone claiming the Eskom situation is not critical is either stupid, or doesn’t care a damn

Putting Politics Ahead of SA

Another example of the government putting ideology and politics ahead of South Africa’s interests, he says, is its refusal to use readily available private sector expertise to fix the power crisis. “Why the state is so fearful of the private sector boggles my mind. “I am very perturbed by this idea that ideology or politics will solve our problems. We sit with a business challenge and we need a business solution driven by expertise from the business environment. The government is contributing to the looming crisis by trying to downplay the situation, “- Van der Rheede says. “This is no use at all. The CEO clearly stated that we sit with a national emergency. Not my words, his words.” But then the government contradicted Matona’s statements. Van der Rheede also questions the government’s seriousness in ending the crisis, considering that it put someone with Matona’s limited experience in charge. Although he praised Matona for being “frank” about the problems facing Eskom, Van der Rheede was clearly not filled with confidence about Matona’s ability to lead Eskom to safety.

When [senior executive] Dr Steve Lennon, who is a top-class guy, spoke at a previous meeting, I immediately sat up because here’s a guy who knows the ins and outs of Eskom. He’s an engineer, he’s got a strong business background,” he says. Lennon announced his resignation after the appointment of Matona, a former director-general in the Department of Public Enterprises, and will be leaving Eskom in March. “Why they bring in somebody from outside with very, very little experience, especially at a time like this, is mind-boggling,” says Van der Rheede. He thinks it would be naive not to relate the present crisis to the “massive, massive brain drain from Eskom over a period of time”. The really bad news is that it is about to get even worse. Van der Rheede says he can’t believe that, at this stage, Eskom is offering pension packages to its staff. “Of course it is experienced people who are taking those packages. So we sit with a massive, massive crisis. At a time like this you need to rally your best troops. You don’t tell them to leave the organisation.” A former school principal on the Cape Flats who became a developmental economist, Van der Rheede, 50, describes as “nonsense” the claim by Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown that Eskom needs to remain out of private hands in order to implement the government’s developmental agenda.

” We regret and sincerely apologise that stage 4 loadshedding will move to Stage 6 loadshedding as from 18:00 today, as a result of a shortage of capacity. This follows a technical problem at Medupi Power Station impacting additional generation supply. The heavy rains has caused coal handling and operational problems at several power stations. We regret and sincerely apologise that stage 4 loadshedding will move to Stage 6 loadshedding as from 18:00 today, as a result of a shortage of capacity. This follows a technical problem at Medupi Power Station impacting additional generation supply. We remind and assure customers that loadshedding at Stage 6 is no cause for alarm as the system is being effectively controlled. Stage 6, requires 6000MW to be rotationally loadshed. Eskom’s emergency response command centre and technical teams will be working through the night to restore units as soon as possible. Eskom is working closely large industry to assist with further load curtailment. Loadshedding is a responsible act and highly controlled process, implemented to protect the country from a national blackout. After 2015, Eskom and the municipalities identified the need to extend the loadshedding stages up to stage 8 and the national code (NRS048-9 Ed 2) was subsequently updated. Even beyond these schedules, the System Operator will reduce demand in a manner that is controlled. Stage 6 loadshedding schedules are available on the Eskom website. 

Eskom will keep you updated.”

ROLLING BLACK-OUTS FOUR TIMES A DAY! Millions upon millions of dollars lost in production due to idiots trying to run a 1st world economy. Who will reimburse businesses for this catastrophic lost?  In which other industrialized country do you get this type of sabotage by the ruling farts against the economy bar in South Africa? Can you now understand why nobody wants to invest in this God forsaken country anymore? 

-And speaking of idiots:

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“I’m confident that the National Health Insurance is going to be so successful that ANC politicians like Zuma, Mabuza & Bongo won’t have to fly to Russia/Cuba for treatment for “poisoning”. Also, that Eskom will make a profit soon and Ace Magashule will become an honest politician”.-Max Du Preez.


The REAL reason for this act of sabotage against the public lies in the following explanation and NOT in any lame-duck excuse of “wet coal” or “technical problems at Medupi” or whatever bullsh*t they try to sell the public. : “ Nersa initially allowed Eskom to recover R86 billion in costs from electricity tariffs, but Eskom maintains it was entitled to recover R99.6 billion, which it says was prudently incurred.”  This intimidation tactics has now been going on for almost 5 years. Why the whole management of Eskom is not dragged before a court of law  and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for Crimes Against The State as they quickly can drag alleged white “terrorists” before the courts for the same charges- is still a mystery. These black SOE MF’s are the REAL terrorists in South Africa- sabotaging the economy and holding a whole population at ransom whenever their “demands” are not met. Eskom is just looking for an opportunity to increase their rates or to shift the blame for their incompetence  to supply  power – or is it actually about unbundling ? Eskom – who will still provide power to these non-payers if Eskom unbundles- not so? This is nothing but an opportunity to use finances in 4-10 places, but it will not be provided to generate  electricity. Salary increases and bonuses must be withdrawn, why earn something that is not worked for?

” Least we forget, the last load shedding episode, the coal was sold n sent to China via Maputo, cheaper dan the price Eskom is paying. This ANC gov is anti its own people, I’m sure Donald Trump can do a better job dan this ANC gov.”- Fathima Mogalia

-AND South Africans ends up with the load shedding!

After 11 years of construction, and R200 billion later, not a single generator unit at the new 4800 MW Kusile power station was running today. Unit 3 is expected back today after tripping yesterday, and Unit 1 is off for repairs. The other 4 units are still under construction. Total capacity is 6 X 800 MW units. This massive new power station has taken 11 years to build and it’s still not finished. The initial cost of R90 billion has skyrocketed to more than R200bn and after 11 years still not a single unit is working this morning. South African pay an average of R 2.29 per kw/h electricity- which is exuberant.  According to the 2019 budget, Eskom, whose overall debt sits at more than R400-billion, is responsible for 55.7 % of all the state-guaranteed debt.   A new report from debt experts CRO Advisors finds that there is no obvious way to fix Eskom. The power utility is so corrupt and so operationally dysfunctional that it cannot be saved in its current form or in terms of a proposal to break it up, the UAE-based team reports. What’s really needed is a forensic audit to assess the scale and depth of past and present looting.  International ratings agencies have singled out repairing Eskom, which has sucked in billions in government bail-out funds, as essential for improving the country’s investment prospects. CRO Advisors has concluded that Eskom has devolved into an operationally dysfunctional, financially insolvent, unreliable and corrupt entity. Eskom’s ~500BN on balance sheet debt, ~128bn off balance sheet debt, and 1,072bn in unavoidable cost over next 5 years, represents a staggering 76% of South Africa’s total current debt. “If De-Industrialization was the Nail in South Africa’s Coffin, the looting of Eskom was the Hammer that Drove the Nail into the Heart of South Africa”,- KW Miller, Chairman CRO Advisors

The ANC’s other gremlins



If we take only TWO of the ANC dictatorship’s failed ventures- Eskom and South African Airways– top economists believe the state-owned electricity entity and the national airline’s crisis is only the tip of South Africa’s ANC created problems. The airline had argued this past week that it could not even meet the demands of the unions, and might not have been able to maintain the status quo if the strike continued. “We may not have enough cash to pay salaries at the end of the month,” SAA board member Martin Kingston told the Reuters news agency. Many economists believe that the airline, which hasn’t produced financial statements for the past two years, is practically insolvent.    Economic analyst Daniel Silke believes the strike was just a precursor of the state’s general economic woes created by an incompetent regime. “It occurs within the context of the necessity to restructure many of South Africa’s state owned enterprises that have been inefficiently run and of course have now racked up huge amounts of debt,” Silke argued. The airline has literally been going to the government cap in hand, he explained, to receive the financial boost it needs to stay afloat.

Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s minister of public enterprises, who met with union officials earlier in the week, said that he was still committed to saving the state-owned airline. Yet in a statement published by the ministry he also said that the government was not in a position to provide more financial support. “Over the past three years, the government has provided more than R20.5 billion ($1.3 billion, €1.26 billion) of fiscal support to SAA,” the statement read. And as for Eskom- Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has already cracked down on Eskom, saying that the government would no longer give it additional cash injections, unless the company proves that it is committed to solving its problems. The South African Airways (SAA) has debt of about 12.7 billion rand, consisting of 9.2 billion rand of legacy debt and a 3.5 billion rand working capital facility provided by banks.

The  South African state is bankrupt.  Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed it three weeks ago when he responded to questions in parliament. Ramaphosa’s exact words were: “Our resources are now depleted.” In simple terms, this means the government has run out of money. In a normal country, such a statement by the head of state would have, at best, made national headlines. That it went unnoticed reveals a great deal about the continuous grand scale looting that goes on on a daily basis to such an extend that it became the norm and even a culture in the ANC run empire. If you want to understand what it means for a state to run out of money, look at South African Express. It has grounded its planes. A few weeks ago it  told MPs it is struggling to pay salaries.

SA Express is not unique. Employees at Denel are not sure for how long their salaries will be paid. Eskom pays salaries from debt. It needs about R70bn for operations and debts. But its revenue is about R30bn. Those who work for government departments must not think that their salaries are safe either. After state-owned companies have been bankrupted, the rot is coming their way. When Zimbabwe collapsed, the financial mess eventually reached nurses and teachers. A collapsing banana republic protects its security forces from salary shortages because politicians know that if they are not paid, the police and the army can use their guns to extract rent from citizens. There was a time in the last days of Robert Mugabe’s regime when there were roadblocks across the country, where citizens were expected to pay bribes to the police for every nonsensical small thing. Even today, the police in Zimbabwe are still bribe collectors.


The City of Pretoria was placed under adminmistration- and now Fikile Mbalula has announced that the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa(Prasa) has been placed under administration.Even the South Africa’s Defence Force has become unsustainable and will gradually come to a grinding stop.The ANC cadre  Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, has warned that the South African Air Force (SAAF) is facing a cash shortage which may have an “impact on its future capabilities. ” In a recent parliamentary Q&A session, Mapisa-Nqakula said that engagements between the Department of Defense and National Treasury are taking place to address the general funding challenges facing the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). “Capabilities will gradually come to a grinding stop if both state-owned entities like Denel and the Department of Defence are not adequately resourced to fulfil on their various mandates,” she said. In other words- yet another once proud state parastatal that the ANC has f*cked-up! 


In the year 2018/19 not a single state-owned entity received a clean audit. Chew on that and digest it slowly.



Minister Gugile Nkwinti’s water and sanitation department has no money to even pay for rent because it has allegedly poured R500 million of its budget this year into former president Jacob Zuma’s failed war on leaks project. The department’s overall administration budget of R861 million, which is used to pay for leases, cleaning services, security services, bursaries and office buildings, has been depleted while more funds still required to pay for the war on leaks project

Image may contain: 1 person, text

THIS is the standard level of  intelligence running South Africa into the ground. 

THAT is how the ANC are running (ruining) the whole damn country into the ground based on the Zimbabwean model.But irrespective how these ANC cadre incompetents f*cked up everything their touch-  Cyril urged  private businesses to do more to end the” legacy of apartheid (Here we go again…..) and give black people a “ meaningful role”  in the economy and urged South Africa Inc to appoint more black managers. So now after all his “black managers” already looted the state coffers empty this past 25 years…amassing huge debts and render most of the state owned departments dysfunctional he now wants private corporations also to allow their businesses  to follow the path of the  state departments and  SOE’s – to also  be “managed” to the brink of certain financial disaster! He was just joking…right? 

The ANC legacy of failures


IT is time this criminal and incompetent ANC hoodlums are taken to the sword for the total destruction of South Africa’s economy under their mismanagement. For too long have they been allowed to plunder the state coffers, wage a financial war against the tax payer and enriching themselves on the blood and sweat of others. While most of their voting supporters are living in squalid conditions in filthy squatter camps– the ruling regime pigs are feasting on Sushi gulped down with Blue Chip.  Not ONE state department, not ONE province, not ONE SOE or city council exists under this communist kleptocracy rule without facing the one or the other  financial disaster. Now Cyril and his conglomerate of communist psychopaths want to steal the private property of others, productive farms, peoples’ pension funds and their Health Care contributions too in order to pump more hard-earned assets into this dysfunctional state owned disasters. The South African economy under the ANC’s “socialist” fantasy already shrank by a surprising 0.6% in the third quarter of 2019. Agriculture contracted by 3.6%, mining by more than 6% while manufacturing was down almost 4%. The only silver lining is fixed investment by private businesses, which grew by 7.4%, following on growth of 10.5% in the second quarter. And it is specifically this private businesses that the incompetent ANC kleptocracy have in their cross-hairs to plunder and destroy as well. It would require about 4.1% growth in the fourth quarter to reach 0.5% [growth for the year], which is very unlikely… For the next 18 to 24 months, growth is going to remain sub-0.5%… we’re likely to see more retrenchments as Ramaphosas and his greedy ilk forces through their devious “expropriation” scam. It’s absolutely all about communist hazardous politics… SAA is a classic example if that.

Investors object by using their feet

Investors flee the country in droves as credit houses keeps on downgrading the country into junk status. The extent to which South Africa has fallen off the agenda is shocking. Not a single firm or investor appear to be  bullish about investment opportunities in South Africa anymore. At best they ware  neutral – more often bearish. At worst, totally negative. A number still held small interests in South Africa, but the majority do not and have no intention to invest in the foreseeable future.



The maniacal issue of Cyril and his “socialist” gangsters with regard to expropriation without compensation  has cast further doubt in the minds of these investors in terms of future security of assets.As one investor put it: “Your own guys have no confidence in your unstable government, so why should I?” A lack of skills, visa restrictions, land expropriation, labor union demands , race-based Affirmative Action policies, political unrest, an unstable political environment and  uncertainty are some of the reasons why foreign investors are not investing in SA.


Foreign investors are also asking viral questions about South Africa’s economic policy direction. These questions have led to investors losing their appetite to invest locally. They want political stability before investing in the country again. They also want that stability maintained- something the incompetent ANC never was able to do- and with the state coffers plundered into extinction- will not be able to do in the foreseeable future. South African investors are in a precarious position. The JSE is underperforming its emerging market counterparts, real house prices are falling and rolling blackouts is making the threat of a ratings downgrade more imminent. Political and economic uncertainty and instability is adding to that discomfort. The future looks bleak for those trying to grow or even just preserve their wealth in local markets. Even more and more  local money managers are advising South Africans to rather invest with their heads and not their hearts – and consider taking a greater portion of their savings offshore.

The regime are killing Business Inc. 

SA businesses are shutting down at an alarming rate.  Stats SA’s April Statistics of Liquidations and Insolvencies paint a very grim picture. The number of business liquidations increased by 53.1% between April 2018 and April 2019. The number of insolvencies increased by 30.1% between March 2018 and March 2019. Given that the economy has been growing at a pedestrian 1%-2% for a few years now, it is highly unlikely that this increase is due to more businesses being opened. I believe it is safe to take these numbers at face value. South Africa is becoming an increasingly hard place to do business because of the regulatory and tax burden. The alarming state of the South African economy is taking a heavy toll on companies, and many have announced retrenchments.

South Africa is in a financial turmoil. The country as a whole is becoming one big dysfunctional disaster under the ANC kleptocracy-yet despite all this very obvious warning sirens blaring- Ramaphosa still have this fairy-tale dreams of space-age trains and futuristic castles in the air. While the Squirrel is busy living in his own little fantasy world the rest of the populace living in the real world is having one nightmare after the other. The latest ANC miserable failure is that the Gauteng government is planning to place the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality under administration.  In 25 years of utter corruption, plundering and maladministration the ANC could not even invent anything, build anything or  maintain anything bar taking looting into a new level. Under their watch South Africa became the crime capitol with 52 murders a day, the rape  capitol, Child abuse capitol, woman abuse capitol,ranked  most corrupt country in the world, insolvent and dithering on the brink of becoming junk status. The ANC solely provided South Africa with the notorious opportunity to become  yet another failed African state in a short 25 years.  What becomes an irony this week is when the “Hawks” arrested the Crusader boss Harry Knoesen and a few of his followers for allegedly committing  a ” Crime Against The State.


No photo description available.


This is now the alleged  “arms cache” the Hawks recovered from the 5th Crusader arrested! Now the gun looks like one of those pepper firing guns that are sold over the counter in SA, and don’t require a licence (as yet)! The others are smoke grenades, which one can also buy over the counter. The large green one appears to be a “thunderflash. ” With this the poor misdirected and uninformed police recon these old men wanted to overthrow the very “precautious” ANC looters.  Pathetic and desperate attempt from a “state” that supplies hundreds of guns to gangsters , farm attackers and having a police force that looses  4 000 police service guns in six years- 20 429 weapons since April 2004- which we presume will now be in the hands of criminals and farm murderers.

This all while the Squirrel regularly is singing songs about “ the need for stricter control of firearms.”  He must just clarify which firearms he is singing songs of “stricter control” about…the guns of the criminals…law abiding citizens….or  his own police? So…who commits the biggest and most devastating Crimes Against The State then ..Eskom…Zuma…the SAA, Transnet..Post Office…the Guptas…..the ANC looters…..the VBS Looters, the BOSASA looters..the Steinhoff looters…..the South African Police….or poor Harrry and the Crusaders because at this  moment only Harry and his merry gang of 4  crusading activists  are the only ones standing in the dock? Meanwhile the REAL Criminals Against The State- such as the Eskom , PRASA, SABC ,  SAA CEO’s and ANC looters of the Treasury- also are left to proceed to inflict MORE collateral damage to the country at will! You go figure.  Now we dearly and sincerely  want to know from the Lethuli-House Gangsta bosses against WHICH “state” did Knoesen and the Crusaders  commit the crime….the communist” state, ” the pseudo “state,”  the non-existent dysfunctional “state, ” the ANC gangster“state”  – or the corrupt penniless “ state? “ And still the ANC dictators and their EFF bitches proceed with their fantasy tale of “expropriation without compensation” against the properties of about 57 million people, their Pension Funds and Heath Care contributions to fund that futuristic trains, planes and space-age cities Ramaphosa is dreaming about after downing a bit too much Johnny Walker Blue label.

Where did the destruction of South Africa post 1994  start then? 


Everything commercial are valued in and/or is  linked to  gold. Once you take away the gold back-up- immediately the value if such an article or currency drops. Such was it then the case with South Africa as well. The Rand currency pre 1994 was backed by gold.  As soon as the National Party and ANC conspirators stole all the gold in the Reserve Bank and sent it to the Jews in New York via City Bank – the value of the Rand plummet. Then Zuma and his gangsters linked the Rand to oil! Furthermore did they come around and de-valuate the Rand by printing new coins with a lesser Nickle and Copper value. They could now produce more coins- but the value was much lesser. The question is now what value does the Rand have in relation to say a French loaf if you cannot back the Rand with an ounce of gold? The Rand will be worth nothing at all. 

Maybe the “clever” Johnnies then should have studied history and contemplated what the ultimate outcome would have been of this treacherous act by the NP and ANC conspirators. . They- if they were aware of monetary history-  could have determent what happened to the Roman Empire that also ventured into  the same direction. What happened was that this stupid action by the National Party and the ANC did have a damaging effect of the economy and the citizen felt that effect of inflation more acutely. What this ANC incompetents did was to debase the Rand- making it about worthless without the powerful backing of gold. So what happened was that the Federal Reserve Bank coined worthless currencies out of thin air . The Rand spin out of control. The Roman Emperor Julius Paules once said that “ This device being promulgated circulates and maintains it’s purchasing power not so much from it’s substance as from it’s quantity.”  The South African government – both pre and post 1994 never could control the quantity of their currency. Remember- the present government never could create prosperity no matter how many times they lie and made empty promises during election times- they only  consumed it. If the ANC  was genuine honest in helping the economy- they should long ago already looked at small business and entrepreneurs which is the life blood of the economy- but they didn’t. On the contrary- through corruption and race-based vindictive legislation they are instead  killing it. By the deliberate meddling and exuberant taxation these small businesses suffer immensely just to keep afloat.

History of collapse repeating itself in South Africa

History is repeating itself because of lessons not learnt by black African dictatorships. They want the Darkest Africa to become the biggest graveyard ever- and so will it be. The whole Southern Africa is going down the drain- including Namibia.  If black owned farms were by any means  productive at all and a recipe for successful economy,- then  why is the rest of Africa dependent on foreign aid? Whatever a black African leadership touches turns into an economic collapse.


The biggest problem with the of the Roman Empire that caused their economic collapse was precisely this rigid “control” they imposed on businesses- dictating to them through the edict of prices how much they are allowed to charge for certain items . The current ANC plutocrats made so many rules that it is nearly impossible for any business person to survive- least expanding his/her business. It appears that the communist dispensation acts very hostile towards small business. All these small businesses want is for the regime to get out of the way and let them do their business. But being bankrupt the regime now are desperate and do unnecessary witch hunts on all businesses- taxing them out of business. . What happens next is that most businesses move their operations out of the country to a more safe and stable country that is more user friendly to business entrepreneurs.

The ANC regime created two scenarios with this brutal approach: 1) They have created a lazy  populace that rather would go steal from someone else and live on State Grants and “Freebees” than face the government and all it’s red tape, taxation and oppression in the labor or business market. 2) They have created a negative impact on the economy by forcing creative minds to leave the country and start their businesses somewhere else- the same as what they now are doing with their productive white farmers. Instead of protecting them they are waging an economic war against them- forcing them to take their expertise and skills to other countries that at least appreciate their abilities and contributions. What the ANC ineptocrats is supposed to do is to create an environment for prosperity by:

a) Set down a solid rule of law-

b) Allow the sound of money-

c) Impose sensible taxation

d) Lessen the burdens for legitimate businesses.


Bank-Rolling the Buffoons


Unfortunately the current incompetent regime is doing precisely the opposite. They propagate they are there to help businesses- but only a certain(Black) segment of the population. The rest of the population endures much harm by unnecessary regime meddling. The only ones benefiting from business in South Africa is the regime.  If you have more money flowing into the government in the form of taxes – and then multiply that by more bureaucrats- which unpreventable leads to the corruption of the political process as South Africa now experience. In ancient Rome the fastest way to personal wealth was to hold office and bestow favors to  individuals and businesses in return for gifts. …iow BRIBERY. In South Africa this evil system became the norm of the day. Cronyism now is the rule of law in South Africa. Big Business buys dirty politicians in exchange for lucrative tenders of favors. Outsiders like the Guptas, Soros  or the Renwicks are writing the laws and their bank-rolled cronies in the highest legislation of the ANC introduce it to parliament like Jacob Zuma did and now recently the EFF Julius Malema did  with the current “land expropriation” act.

We already long ago predicted when these criminals are getting a bit too much flak they will jump ship. Here the one-man wrecking ball Zuma already is planning his  ” Great Escape” – and not long- or Ramaphosa, Mantashe, Mthetwa, Pandor, Nzimande,  Mapisa-Nqakula, Gigaba , Mabuza, Lesufi and the rest of the filthy communist plundering rat pack will follow suit. 

Another way of this system that South African politicians are guilty of – is the “revolving door” system – where dirty politicians do not accept direct compensation for certain favors- but as soon as they fulfilled their purpose in politics- they walk out of the door and right into a lucrative position in a private company. The other big problem is that the current communist regime appoints bureaucrats and academics  in charge of   legislation that does not know anything about monetary history – and most not even completed Gr.12 tertiary level- also have no clue about   the fundamental principles of economics  that a normal private business person normally are well aware of. This leads to disastrous consequences for business as a whole. Then another main problem in any economy is Central Banks– the free economy must be left alone to decide themselves what the value of money is- and not the government or a small clique of bank tycoons.The bottom-line is that governments throughout history tried to cheat gold either through manipulating currencies or through debasement- but in the end gold always wins.  During the Roman times the government went through many cycles of manipulating currencies when they ran out of money because of their  continues wars, then they debased the currency which led to inflation for the public,- and again the Roman government manipulated the currency , then  debasing it again for deficit spending- and again even more inflation was inevitable. They repeated the cycle over and over.  Those who manage to hold gold outside the official system maintained their purchasing power. Those who did not- suffered greatly.

In 270 AD Emperor Aurelian  took power and had the now worthless coinage recalled and re-coined to have a small amount of silver added- just 5%. This act brought a new vitality to Rome. But unfortunately it was short-lved as government after government gave in to the temptation of spending beyond their means just as the current ANC rulers are doing today in South Africa. Eventually their wars was funded by levying huge taxes on businesses and the rich. This only had the effect of closing down many businesses. The more meddling the government did with the economy- the worse things became. The government started by confiscating private property by force to fill their empty state coffers….Rome was sliding into ruin. Emperor Diocletianus then took office (284- 305 AD) – and his actions was the first recorded example  of the following hidden secret of money: Waging price control do not work. He came to power as inflation was surging- but his decisive actions only added fuel to the fire. Diocletianus created a whole array of works projects, hiring jobless people from the streets and made them soldiers and government employees. But what Diocletianus did not take in account is that through this action deficit spending just went out of control- and inflation rates went into the first documented hyper inflation.


To stem this inflation Diocletianus issued his infamous “Edict of Prices “– a whole list of wages and prices the populace could charge for goods and services- and it was all enforced under the penalty of DEATH. So what happened is that instead of risking their lives to sell something at a profit to stay in business- people simply just closed up shop. Instead of daring to risk their lives doing something that was listed  in the book- people rather were looking to do something else  that wasn’t in the book. Because of this Diocletianus issued another law that stated that every son must go into his father’s business- again under the penalty of death. This again shows us that when governments start to meddle into business- the results always are the same: Prices becomes distorted. This is a huge problem because prices act as a signal for an economy. They indicate to producers and buyers where true value lies. The outcome of government meddling is always economic turmoil, shortages and black markets. Prices is a way of conveyance of information to devote your efforts to something people want and not what some bureaucrat dictates. So when governments crashes prices or the economy- greedy suppliers or black markets can charge whatever they want – and inflation keeps on rising. The idea that a government can substitute for people interacting  among themselves is simply preposterous! 



Bringing Rome to South Africa




WHEN we look at the timeline leading to  the destruction of the Romans- and we compare that of the timeline of the destruction by the ANC in South Africa- we see the similarities like a blue-print.

  1. The Romans debased their currency from gold- the National Party and ANC sold all South Africa’s reserve gold that backed their currency to the New York Jews in 1994- thus factually also debasing their currency from gold.
  2. The Romans had an immediate recession following that debasing process- South Africa also went into a recession after their gold was stolen and sold to the New York Jews. A change in the currency followed.
  3. The Romans devaluated their currency by taking out the precious metals such as gold and copper from their Denari and Sesstertithe South African illegal regime also took out the precious metals such as nickle and silver from their currency- replacing it with brass and replaced their paper money with worthless Mandela paper mace.
  4. The Romans continuously ran out of money- replacing it with worthless metal to produce more money for their exuberant spending sprees. The South African regime  also continuously ran out of money through maladministration and corruption- printing more worthless money every month to keep the country afloat on fictitious “credit.
  5. The Roman bureaucrats keep on meddling with the economy and the currency- the ANC regime bureaucrats also keeps on meddling with the economy and the currency.
  6. The Roman empire moved from one recession to hyper inflation to an economic crash. – The ANC empire also started with a recession- moved into hyper inflation and dither on junk status- with an economic crash at hand.

7. The Roman empire introduced exuberant taxation to feed their never ending wars- The ANC empire also introduced exuberant taxes to feed their never ending corruption sprees.

8. The Roman empire attack small business by forcing the Edict of Prices down the throats of small business owners- The ANC empire also attack small business by introducing and forcing BEEE and AA laws- and introduced high taxes on small business owners.

9. The Roman empire eventually ran out of other people’s money.- The ANC just announced last month they too just ran out of other people’s money.

10. Diocletianus created a whole array of works projects, hiring jobless people from the streets and made them soldiers and government employees. But what Diocletianus did not take in account is that through this action deficit spending just went out of control- and inflation rates went into the first documented hyper inflation.– The ANC brought in thousands of alien “cadres” from across the border to fill in thousands upon thousands of government jobs- which- like the Roman empire- deficit spending just went out of control- and inflation rates went into the first documented hyper inflation.

11. The Roman bureaucrats finally stole the property of  owners to sell to support their dwindling cash flow- The ANC bureaucrats also now plans to steal and sell private properties from private owners to sell to fund their empty state coffers.

12. The immediate result of stealing private property from it’s owners led to an economic disaster for Rome- and finally it’s implosion. South Africa will follow the same path to destruction in 2022 if the ANC Czars follow through their disastrous fairy tale of “land expropriation without compensation.” 

Keep in mind that South Africa- registered as a ” PRIVATE CORPORATION” of BRITAIN–  for 25 years already is operating in a Faux bubble– with a non-existent privately-owned  Reserve Bank corporation registered in NEW YORK–  that already was foreclosed on 25  December 2013 – now controlling the monetary systems and dictating  the economy and inflation as well as the  interest rate on a fairy tale and fictitious money system  that does not exist and have no gold base to back it.  So now we have a non existent Reserve Bank dishing out non existent money backed by non existent gold. Add to this the total destruction the ANC communist regime and all their failed ventures such as Eskom and the SAA as well as the destructive communist labor  unions destroying the country and continuously demand higher salaries which are inflicting onto an already very unstable economy- and you can figure out yourself where the road is leading the country to. To give you an idea where South Africa is heading to:Venezuela currently is in a state of emergency and and businesses have been expropriated and standing dormant. Petrol price is up  up 6000%. 700% hyperinflation. The bubble is going to pop for South Africa very soon as well– with an unavoidable  civil war in the making. 


” Any organism infested with parasites slowly succumbs to their voracious presence, and eventually they become so sick that they die a miserable, lingering death. The collapse of Eskom is imminent for all the reasons noted above. It’s deeply infested with parasites extracting money without creating value. It’s unsustainable for the same reasons that SAA has collapsed. It too had the game being played about the supply of fuel at inflated cost. But it also had the other games of supplying toothpicks, serviettes, cookies, butter and buns – all at inflated cost. It too has separated the right of remuneration from the responsibility of productivity. South Africa no longer produces anything of value to the world. The mining industry has collapsed leaving a toxic landscape of hazardous waste that will poison society for the next century. Denel, that once played at global level in the field of sophisticated weapons systems, is collapsing after the theft of the intellectual property that used to fuel it’s engine. We have become a society that creates, rewards and protects thieves. Parasitic thieves. Ambitious thieves. Greedy thieves, with an insatiable lust for money, and an aversion to honest work and creativity.

South Africa is that animal infested by parasites that extract money without creating value. That poor animal is now emaciated and sick, not yet dead, but feeble and suffering. It will die, for that is inevitable, but before that a predictable series of things will happen. Those things are inevitable, logical and therefore predictable. I have seen them before first hand when other parasite infested countries died. I saw it in the Romanian revolution that overthrew the tyranny of Nicolae Ceacesu. I saw it in the Leipzig Option that created rolling mass action to depose Eric Honnecher in East Germany. I saw it in the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia. In all cases revolution deposed the parasitic class that had been extracting money, earned by the sweat of the people, without creating value for the nation. I also saw it in the lingering demise of Robert Mugabe, who destroyed a proud nation because of his ruthless control over the extraction of money without the the creation of value.

This is what I believe the inevitable implosion of Eskom, SAA, PRASA and every other SOE is all about. We are witnessing the death of a destructive system called BEE, that has sucked the life blood from a once vibrant economy, and replaced it with a new breed of oppressor, that preys on the poor and vulnerable portion of society that they once claimed to have liberated.The oppressed has become the oppressor, and technological advancement is no longer possible as we enter the New Sanitation Dark Age, where raw sewage flows freely in many towns and cities of South Africa, and where pumps have ground to a halt because electricity production has been compromised by a class of parasite that is encouraged to supply diesel at inflated value, but is protected because of patronage.”– Anthony Turton (  prof at UOFS)


TO save South Africa from certain disaster such as Venezuela- you must get rid of the core of the festering cancer- the ANC. Get rid of that malignant destruction force as fast as possible. The time for all kinds of sugar-coated words and empty promises are something of the past. This conglomerate of economical disasters in Lethuli-House are about to bring South Africa on it’s knees the same way as Venezuela. They and their international masters have no compassion, no guilt and no sympathy for you. Do not listen or believe whatever Ramaphosa, his commi ilk or the Main Stream Media rats try to ram down your ears. It all will be based on lies and deception.The communist ANC  Czars are taking you down the same road the  Roman Czars took their naive populace… fast and furiously.  GET RID OF THE ANC as fast as possible!


Corruption and those guilty parties have to be exposed and brought to justice. It seems that they get away with everything while the normal Jack and Jane in the street have to abide by the multiple laws enforced by the ANC and are punished severely if not adhering to those laws. However the ANC regime is supposed to be acting in the good interest of the country and all of it’s citizenry – but the ANC kleptocracy seem to be more concerned to abuse the power and mandate entrusted to them  as can clearly be seen by the multiple corruption cases and scandals by various state SOE’s and departments under the ANC watch.Someone  has to stand up now and protect the people of South Africa against those (communist ANC) who are plundering the state coffers (tax money) and then proceeds to arrogantly lines up the people through new so-called “legislation” to rob them even further from their private Pension Funds and Health Care contributions. How is it then possible that the regime can even contemplate it their “right” to plunder other people’s benefits for their own selfish and corrupt failures and agendas? Have we as the people of South Africa even give them the mandate to do so? The answer is a resounding “NO!” Do they even care or have the best interests of the people of South Africa at heart? The answer again is a resounding ” NO!’ They are exploiting half truths and the ignorance of the bigger part of the illiterate population to their own selfish benefit to enforce their own corrupt agendas to the determent of the naive population.


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The ONLY advice there is for the general populace is to DETACH themselves from the malignant government as fast as possible– start private business among themselves without regime interference, start creating micro economies and ventures such as independent small businesses and projects like Orania, Eureka and others- and start to cultivate food. Start trading  among each other on a cash basis. Start inventing alternative systems like free energy to break away from malicious regime-controlled SOE’s like Eskom, start water reticulation systems to break away from regime supplied water. Start innovative self sustaining projects like independent Kibbutz societies and greenhouse projects. Even start green house projects at your home for food supplies. Start wind power generation for power. Create storage facilities or borehole for water. You are going to be very dependent on this three factors – Food, water and energy– very soon.Become lesser independent from the regime by pooling your resources and create an alternative economy and exchange system outside of the regime controlled economy which at this point is  heading for an financial apocalypse within the next two years. The Financial Gurus and economists now already have sent out multiple warnings of such a crash and the coming war- the “watchers” have been warning you for a long time of the coming disaster in 2022….the “Guardians” have been warning you of the multiple negative changes in the economy on Facebook and other social sites. You are fully aware of it by now. You either must pay attention and prepare yourself to survive the coming apocalypse….- or like the Romans, Venezuelans, Sudanese and Zimbabweans- suffer the consequences of your own arrogant carelessness. Life is all about choices- and this one must be thought through thoroughly – mediated about deeply – and decided upon very carefully…..for  REALITY is about to catch up with you real soon. 


The black  nation’s greed, the urge to destroy, total inability to maintain anything, and its boundless hatred for the white, which has led to it since the days of the Belgian Congo, despite the billions of rands in many decades they have been pumped, all established and all existing infrastructures have already been destroyed. Violent attacks on white people and their property on an alarming increase in South Africa. The media is censored. These attacks go unnoticed because of the government censorship on the media to avoid panic. It is a fact that the government does not condone or attempt to prevent these attacks and violence. SA white citizens are murdered and brutally assaulted and no one say a word. Its time to say Enough is Enough people. Its time to stand up against the corrupt in SA.

This is where we find what  the ANC  has done in 25 short years as well.   With the disappearance of apartheid, the last reason why the West has always had to extend a helping hand to Africa has also disappeared. His conscience is now quiet, and without being able to feel his guilt, he can draw his attention to other important places.   “Africa, a land of tribulation, misery and sorrow,” has now been pushed aside like contempt for AIDS. All that apartheid has left behind is a bare, dark and savage South Africa which now prepares itself to revert back to the days of tribal warfare, Mfekane and yet another fragmentation of more fleeing nomadic black tribes that will form the next generation of ” you stole our and” misinformed greedy advocates.