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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  December 17 2019





nother case of racist police brutality- as with so many others- against whites has manifested itself in South Africa again. A black police officer from the Sinoville Police Station in Pretoria has brutally assaulted a white woman in public again. 

The woman wrote:


This is the constable from Sinoville Police station who brutally assaulted me yesterday because she is so racist and swearing at me as she and the officer in the other picture tried to force me to hand my cellphone over to them as they treated us, the ones who actually contacted them to come and remove 2 Zimbabwe guys from our premises who was threatening me and my husband.

Upon their arrival they did not even get out of their bakkie and requested us to get the 2 guys out of the yard to speak to them. My word were they not suppose to get out and do their job? They had the worst attitudes and were all very racist. I started taking pictures and made a video and the one male came to me and wanted to threatened to assault me to give him my cellphone. As I refused and told him this is my property and my phone the lady constable got out of the bakkie and assaulted me.

I have a serious back problem with rods in and have epilepsy. My seizures starts immediately when I get anxious. She made so many racist remarks and was swearing and hit me and grabbed me and threw me on the ground trying to get my cellphone. At that time I had hidden my cellphone in my bra. When my stepson warned her to get off me and leave the yard she left shouting and insulting white people. I am not leaving this and will proceed to make use of all forums and legal remedies available to me. How can people like this be in a police uniform to serve and protect the public? I want answers and justice.” 


This is not the first time these buffoons in blue abused the badge and the power that goes with it. Just last week there was a huge outcry in the Kymie du Toit incident where Metro cops also brutally assaulted the young white woman because they recon- she had a “white” attitude.” Many a time we read about these rubble in blue brutally assaulting white accused in jail cells or put them in cells with other much more dangerous hoodlums to rape and assault. .Police criminals deem themselves above the law- and where white victims are concerned- they become brutal and very anti-white racists. But it is because of the racist political ANC and EFF thugs, the leftist media trolls and white liberal farts that the whites in South Africa now are targeted as “fair game” for every non-white Tom, Dick and Harry…or shall we say Sipiwe, Vulani and Mapisha to verbally abuse, assault and neglect at will.

This is Rassism , discrimmination, assault and a thread "on the white boer that he thread to fuck up " in front of lots of people in pick and pay at the tillpoint .This strong and drunk colloured man,forced himself into the shop ,from the wrong side , not using the entrance ,and started with this accusation and arguent.

Posted by Martin Compion on Saturday, November 23, 2019

For instance:  A Black Mining specialist from Rustenburg South Africa  openly applauded the white genocide happening in South-Africa. Thombeni Tladi commented on a social media post discussing the murders of white South Africans Post Apartheid. He wrote “7 000 is too little kill more and let us take it from there” This type of comments go unseen as many believe that only whites are prohibited from making racial comments. When  contacted Tladi he refused to comment and also refused to delete his comments.




It is brutal attacks on whites by blacks such as this that are instigated by the ANC and EFF-  deliberately  suppressed by the Main Stream and Social media  vags so the world do not see the real face of South Africa

But when the likes of Penny Sparrow, Vicky Momberg and Adam Katzavelos  dare call a black some derogatory names- the law quickly jump into action and the backlash from the media and the law is unequaled. But when a black does the same- a silent wind of laryngitis and amnesia pilfers through the same media offices and judiciary buildings.  Racism against white people goes largely ignored in South Africa, and that political parties like the African National Congress (ANC) and the Economic Freedom Fighters foment discontent and racial animosity for political purposes- instigating hatred against whites. To abuse and assault a white became a national culture that is not punishable by law. It happens in the Police Force, The Media, Judiciary system, tertiary institutions, State Hospitals and the political arena. In a lawless South Africa whites per se are targeted to be the scapegoat for all the black incompetence, maladministration, corruption and ineptocracy of the current terrorist rulers.


Democratic Alliance MP Gwen Ngwenya has accused South Africans of “hypocrisy and dishonesty of treating black South Africans as the victims”, noting that racism aimed at white people elicits little reaction from the populace. A comparative study by trade union Solidarity confirmed that South African media give more attention to white-on-black racism; it also found that the South African Human Rights Commission is much more likely to self-initiate investigations into white-on-black racism,bias against whites-  and is more lenient in cases of black-on-white racism.Even the far leftist   F.W. de Klerk Foundation in 2016 claimed “black South Africans are far more violent and racist towards their white compatriots than vice versa”


The Foundation appealed to the South African Human Rights Commission to intervene on the issue of racism and hate speech against white South Africans. Its complaint to the commission detailed 45 social media postings that incite extreme violence against white South Africans.The foundation also said “an analysis of Facebook and Twitter messages shows that by far the most virulent and dangerous racism – expressed in the most extreme and violent language – has come from disaffected black South Africans. The messages are replete with threats to kill all whites – including children; to rape white women or to expel all whites from South Africa.”


But this is not where the anti-white rhetoric stops- even the social media are waging a silent war against whites. This specific posting of the police officers in Sinoville assaulting the white woman  was quickly removed by the Facebook Admin “ trash in Johannesburg ( as you can see in the screenshot below)–  from the social network in case someone do share this atrocity. It does not fit their narrative- so it quickly must be removed. Only whites can be seen as “racists.” Fortunately a few people did share this message and someone sent it to White Nation too.


The problem whites in South Africa face is that through 40 years of malicious propaganda from mainly leftist news media in Britain and America they now are branded as the skunks of the world- deemed “ expendable and not worthy protecting by the international world. Add to this the money powers hungry for South African mineral deposits that funds the ANC dictatorship and the leftist controlled Main Stream Media- and you can understand that white South Africans face an impossible battle against impossible odds. About the horrendous farm murders we do not even want to report here- as we have hundreds of cases in our archives and the internet is filled to the brim with incidents where black thugs assaulted, raped and murdered many white farmers and their families- a human catastrophe neither the world or the South African regime seem to care about- because of the pre-planned British and American media psi-ops war they already waged against the white South African since the early sixties. What these fake media trash did was to cultivate a careless brain-washed new generation of LGBT fools that care less how many white people are murdered on a daily basis.

 SOUTH AFRICA as a whole is slipping into an uncontrollable mess- financially, socially, economically and politically. It became a non-functional state controlled by very dangerous political criminals and corporate assassins who’s only objective is to plunder the remaining resources destined by  their own  greed to their personal  bank accounts. With a clan robber like Ramaphosa in the driving seat and 90 greedy bumble-heads in parliament jumping to his every distorted whim- the future for the whites ( and other minority groups for that matter) looks bleak indeed. The communist sugar daddies in Lethuli-House made sure each and every black bitch in South Africa’s hands are filled with guns, their pockets lined with empty  promises- and their vacant heads filled with deadly anti- white  racist poison. South Africa resembles a country preparing for war- with every black harlot screaming for a “revolution” and every Sipiwe, Vulani and Mapisha running around with illegal guns, camouflaged uniforms and military berets.



The Cape Flats already is a war zone with the colored renegades fighting bitter drug wars- killing each other on a scale that would make a Vietnam veteran feel like a rookie. In the streets of towns and cities gangs of black thugs are waging another war against the citizenry- with murders, hi-jackings, robberies, burglaries, pick pocketing, rapes, child trafficking  and cash in transit attacks becoming a national  community recreational culture. Chaos became an epidemic in South Africa. The current black Czars long ago lost control over their empire. With about each and every state department- province, city council, Security Force  and every SOE disintegrating rapidly with 52 murders every day – we find people like the woman that was brutally assaulted in Sinoville by racist police thugs  counting as only one small insignificant little fish in a very big ocean full  of very dangerous and bloodthirsty sharks. Asking the government, police or local authorities for help will proof futile and a waste of time for her- for they are not the solution anymore- they became a very hostile part of the problem themselves . 




White Nation