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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  December 19 2019





The Government is forging ahead to change the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation. Sixty of the 73 recommendations of thPresidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture was approved by Cabinet last week. In a keynote address on the Day of Reconciliation, President Cyril Ramaphosa said it was a government priority to accelerate the process of land reform to benefit communities and that the government will continue to free up state-owned land. He called on private landowners, commercial farmers and the private sector to take proactive steps to accelerate land reform. One of the communities that could finally get their land back or receive compensation are the 949 claimants of District Six after Minister Thoko Didiza submitted the plan for the redevelopment of District Six to the Land Claims Court. Didiza was ordered to submit a conception layout detailing the redevelopment of the area where the community was forcibly removed in the apartheid era after the District Six Working Committee took her department to court. Mark Oppenheimer  an independent member of the Johannesburg Bar, argues against amending the Bill of Rights to allow for land restitution and says “people have been duped into believing that expropriation without compensation only refers to rural farming land”. He says the changes could mean people are given houses in cities and suburbs. – Linda van Tilburg

Luister gerus wat hierdie MAN sê. SHARE DIT, DALK SKRIK SOMMIGES WAKKER!

Posted by Tinus Coetzee on Friday, December 13, 2019

“Cry “the beloved country. Within one week SAA has been placed in business rescue, Prasa (Passenger Rail Agency of SA – SA railways) has been placed under administration, with the possibility that business rescue will follow, and Eskom is about to bring the country to its knees with stage 6 load shedding having been implemented. In the meantime some municipalities are gearing up for the possibility of stage 8 load shedding. Not to mention debt of almost $40 billion (R591.6bn); the water situation (or rather disaster); the education system being totally dysfunctional; PetroSA corruption; the SABC being bankrupt; rampant crime; and over 20000 murders per year; the highest incidence of rape in the world; taxi violence; xenophobic attacks continuing around the country; and the absence of service delivery in most municipalities around the country. All this while the country’s president is travelling around North Africa and attending a conference in Egypt – clearly far more important than addressing what is happening in SA.As South Africa emerges from 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence – a scourge that these 16 days have had absolutely no impact on whatsoever – the rape and murder of women continues unabated, children still fall victim to violence, and the streets are beset with gang violence. Society has not taken any serious initiatives to lift the moral compass of the country out of the morass in which it finds itself. Nineteen initiates have died this last week due to botched circumcisions, something that can be so easily prevented with the use of a cheap and painless Israeli device called PrePex – thus saving people from not only agonizing pain, but unnecessary deaths resulting from these procedures. Being a water-scarce country, various sections of the country experience severe drought conditions annually, which could be so easily solved by desalination, recycling waste water and intelligent water-management programs. Only 70 years ago, a country devoid of any natural resources, devoid of adequate water supply, devoid of infrastructure and devoid of adequate medical and educational structures, was born and established by the UN in conformation with every legal and moral compliance and more.

Today that country, the only democracy in the region, boasts a strong economy, a strong military and a strong moral compass. A country that leads the world in almost all fields of humanity from cutting-edge technology in medicine, science, agriculture, to education, artificial intelligence-innovation, and more. That country being Israel, which recycles 67% of its water needs, with the next highest recycler of water being Spain, which recycles only 6% of its water. Israel, being a world leader in desalination, exports water to neighboring countries. A country responding to natural disasters around the world within days, a country that treats its enemies in its world-class hospitals, and treats those fleeing war-torn Syria without reservation. The ANC has failed dismally due to ineptitude, cadre deployment, ineffective and useless ministerial leadership, corruption and mismanagement. A country the ANC inherited with a fully functional infrastructure, that exported power to other countries on the continent, with a world-class rail network that reached as far as the DRC. Notwithstanding what the ANC inherited, it is solely responsible for the morass the country has degenerated into. Now this same ANC uselessness want to inflict the last collateral damage to the already unstable economy by stealing all the property of the people!  What more can one say, but “cry the beloved country.”


As South Africa draws closer towards a critical amendment to our constitution which allows the illegal ANC regime  unrestricted laws to expropriate ANY land and property without compensation… the world needs to know the truth behind what appears to be an agenda to dispossess all whites of their land and property. For decades the ANC, EFF and BLF etc have been propagating populist rhetoric that whites “stole the land “ from inhabitants who were here long before they arrived. Now while this may be true to a small extent in isolated instances, it is certainly not true for the majority of the 122 million hectares of total land in South Africa. And in addition, that the land whites do currently own is only 22% of the total land mass of South Africa… and as the recent 2017 land audit clearly reveals. For far too long the ANC (black racist ruling party), EFF (black ultra racist militant opposition party) and BLF (black racist extremist party) and many other entities and main stream news media have been propagating a lie that “whites own 80% of the land ” in South Africa. The truth is whites only own 22% and much of the proportion of agricultural land of that 22% is based on water engineered/irrigated land and that cannot solely depend on rainfall. What the ANC, EFF and BLF are doing is to purposely mislead and misinterpret the 2017 land implying whites own majority of ALL land and where in fact this is actually the majority of COMMERCIAL FARMS. It should also be noted the LAND REFORM has been in progress from 1994 and approx 8.3 million hectares of land has already been expropriated (with compensation) and given to legitimate people who were historically dispossessed of their land during colonization and apartheid era. The ANC government is at present in possession of a further 4027 farms which were expropriated (with compensation) but have as yet not passed these farms onto ANY land reform claimant.


By Mark Oppenheimer* 



At a time when South Africa’s economy is flatlining and Eskom is failing, Government has proposed an amendment to the Bill of Rights, which will allow it to confiscate people’s homes without compensation.

This article will address four issues. First, the State’s current powers in terms of S25 of the Constitution to expropriate land without compensation. Second, how this will change if the amendment Bill is passed. Third, the international law obligation on the State to pay appropriate compensation in cases of expropriation. Fourth, reasons not to amend the Constitution.

S25 of the Constitution

25. (1) No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.

(2) Property may be expropriated only in terms of law of general application-

(a) for a public purpose or in the public interest; and

(b) subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or approved by a court.

(3) The amount of the compensation and the time and manner of payment must be just and equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected, having regard to all relevant circumstances, including –

(a) the current use of the property;

(b) the history of the acquisition and use of the property;

(c) the market value of the property;

(d) the extent of direct state investment and subsidy in the acquisition and beneficial capital improvement of the property; and

(e) the purpose of the expropriation.

In the case of Ex parte Former Highland Residents: In re Ash and Others v Department of Land Affairs(1) the court held that:

The equitable balance required by the Constitution for the determination of just and equitable compensation will in most cases best be achieved by first determining the market value of the property and thereafter by subtracting from or adding to the amount of the market value, as other relevant circumstances may require.

In the case of Khumalo and others v Potgieter and others(2) the court set out a two-stage process to determine the amount of compensation that was fair and equitable in terms of S25 of the Constitution.

In the first stage, it was determined what the market value of the property was by examining comparable sales. In this process the court endorsed the “Pointe Gourde” principle. According to this principle in the assessment of the market value of land acquired in an expropriation, no regard shall be had to any increase or decrease in value of the land, which is attributable to the scheme underlying the acquisition.

In the second stage, the other four factors set out in S25(3) of the Constitution are utilised to adjust the market value price up or down.

The learned authors of The Bill of Rights Handbook state that:

Section 25 requires compensation for an expropriation to be fair and equitable in amount, timing and manner of payment. Compensation not meeting this requirement will be unfair and inequitable and can hardly be considered reasonable and justifiable.(3)

There will be situations where no compensation is due after expropriation. For example, if the land in question has no market value, or where the amount paid by the state to subsidise the initial acquisition of the land was equal to or greater than the market value. However, as a general rule the Constitution does require the payment of some compensation that is just and equitable and it will only be in a narrow set of situations that no compensation will be due.



The Amendment Bill

Amendment of section 25 of Constitution

1.  Section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, is hereby


(a) by the substitution in subsection (2) for paragraph (b) of the following paragraph:

‘‘(b) subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or approved by a court: Provided that in accordance with subsection (3A) a court may, where land and any improvements thereon are expropriated for the purposes of land reform, determine that the amount of compensation is nil.’’;

(b)  by the substitution in subsection (3) for the words preceding paragraph (a) of the following words:

‘‘(3) The amount of the compensation as contemplated in subsection (2)(b), and the time and manner of any payment, must be just and equitable, reflecting an equitable balance between the public interest and the interests of those affected, having regard to all relevant circumstances, including—’’; and

(c)  by the insertion after subsection (3) of the following subsection:

‘‘(3A) National legislation must, subject to subsections (2) and (3), set out specific circumstances where a court may determine that the amount of compensation is nil.’’.

The effect of the amendment is to bypass the relevant circumstances that currently determine compensation (set out in S25(3) of the Constitution) and replace them with circumstances that have yet to be determined by national legislation. This grants parliament a blank cheque to pass a law (at the lower voting threshold of 50% plus 1), setting out when nil compensation is payable. Many people have been duped into believing that expropriation without compensation only refers to rural farming land, the Bill makes it clear that all land and the homes on that land are open to confiscation. It will be easy for the State to argue that land reform (both restitution and redistribution) will be furthered if more people are given houses in cities and suburbs.


International law and expropriation

In terms of international law, a State has the power to expropriate, but this power is accompanied by a duty to pay appropriate compensation. There may be circumstances where it is appropriate to pay no compensation, but each case will have to be determined on its own merits. The Bill opens the door for the exclusion of South Africa from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). AGOA is a United States Trade Act, that significantly enhances market access to the US for qualifying Sub-Saharan African countries. South Africa is a beneficiary of AGOA and in 2018 we exported over R 100 Billion worth of goods to the United States.(4) In terms of S104 of AGOA South Africa would remain eligible to benefit from the Act provided that is has “established, or is making continual progress to establishing, a market-based economy that protects private property rights, incorporates an open rules-based trading system, and minimises government interference in the economy through measures such as price controls, subsidies, and government ownership of economic assets.”(5)

Reasons not to amend the Constitution

Land restitution claims

South Africa has a dark history of land theft. Justice requires that the wrongs of the past are addressed by awarding compensation to the victims of land dispossession. Between 1995 and 2014 over 1.8 million individuals have received compensation either in the form of land or money. This was achieved without the need to expropriate land without compensation and the strong inference is that the reminder of land claims can also be resolved without interfering with the Constitution.

When land claim cases are resolved, claimants are given the choice of receiving land or financial compensation. In 92% of cases, people choose money over land.(6) This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, because money translates into freedom. Beneficiaries can use that money to start businesses, pay off debts or invest in the market.

Lack of demand for land distribution

The Institute of Race Relations has polled South Africans to determine what they perceive to be the country’s most serious unresolved problems. Almost 40% identify unemployment, 33% raise a lack of service delivery, while less than 1% are concerned about land distribution.(7)

Farming is a technical job

Government spent over R1.4 billion buying farms in the Eastern Cape to redistribute to aspirant farmers. Of the 265 farms purchased, only 26 remain viable.(8) In 90% of those cases, once thriving farms that produced food and employment are now in ruin. Being a farmer is not easy. It’s a technical job that requires an enormous amount of time, expertise, and money as well as a lot of support and training if you have no background in farming. Providing someone with the land to farm is no guarantee that the farm will be successful.

No photo description available.

The result of “land expropriation”  and no knowledge how to farm effectively….this sadly is Namibia and South Africa’s future as well if the ANC rats are not stopped in time- the Zimbabwean road to starvation.


Damage to the economy

Life involves trade-offs, you can’t remove property rights and have a flourishing economy. Foreign investors won’t risk having their land confiscated in South Africa when they can pick any number of other nations that will protect their investments. When Zimbabwe implemented a policy of expropriation without compensation it led to the world’s worst case of hyperinflation. It wasn’t just the original landowners that were hurt, the average man on the street was left destitute after the economy was annihilated. A floundering economy would have a negative impact on the amount of tax revenue that can be collected to assist the poor. If the State wants to acquire more land for the benefit of the poor and dispossessed it can do so by utilizing funds from the annual budget. In the last financial year, R5.7 billion was been budgeted for land reform and restitution, which is only 0.3% of the total budgeted expenditure of R1.67 trillion.


Mark Oppenheimer is a practicing advocate and member of the Johannesburg Bar

The Reality:


Black Africans NEVER owned any land. Any form of formal ownership is a Western concept. The ‘black’ tribes of the mid 19th century haphazardly SETTLED in an ad hoc manner – effectively governed by tribal savagery, in other words, the most savage ruled the land (a bit like Hillbrow today). They simply ran away until they could not run anymore – not having ANY grasp of the concept of a horizon or for that matter any measure of finite land mass – eg the boundaries – that is the fundamental concept of ownership. Who “disadvantaged” the ‘black’ people of the interior in Southern Africa before the (supposed) belligerent ‘white’ settlers moved inland in the mid 19th century..? As certainly, what the ‘settlers’ found was not a hugely advanced infrastructure, deep mines, airports, vast libraries of written works, grandiose institutions of learning, etc. No, as little as 170 years ago they found masses of black people (indigenous to the Southern tip of Africa, The San) living on the fringes of the stone age. Beings in skins, wielding sticks, living primitive dwellings, dragging and carrying things around, who had not even invented the wheel yet.

Insert by Herman Griessel:

The San were the indigenous people of Southern Africa, if there needs to be any “Land Reform “  it should be with the San, the rest of the Black African tribes as well as the White are and were all immigrants to Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, and from other parts of the world and Northern Africa. The linguistic core of the Bantu family of languages, a branch of the Niger-Congo language family, was located in the region of modern Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria. From this core, expansion began about three thousand years ago, with one stream going more or less east into East Africa, and other streams going south along the African coast of Gabon, Democratic Congo and Angola, or inland along the many south to north flowing rivers of the Congo River system. The expansion eventually reached South Africa probably as recently as 300 A.D Ethiopia – a country that was NEVER colonized. Today one of the most desolate places on the planet – who “disadvantaged” the people of Ethiopia..? Put Zimbabwe and Germany next to each other and please explain the differences. In 1945 Germany was (for all intents and purposes) flattened to the ground and torn in half by the Jews in power. Fifteen years later, West Germany was described as an “Economic Wonder”. Around the same time as the end of Apartheid, Germany was re-unified. It yanked the (unified) Germany back four centuries in time. Yet, in (around) fifteen years (for the second time in a few decades) it built an ‘economic wonder‘ – today, fast becoming a global leader in almost every aspect. Reminder: a lineage very strongly associated with… WHITE AFRIKAANS SPEAKING people.





Insert by Herman Griessel:-

I am a third generation White South African semi retired Farmer, my Grandfather arrived in the Cape in 1895, having originated from Southern Bavaria Germany, and took part in the second Boer War (1899 – 1902), against the English off course. I dis-invested in Agricultural Land in South Africa in 1994, 16 farms employing ± 2, 000 Black African people, I could see what was coming, and here it now is. Google my name Herman Griessel, and read my story of farming on the borders of Southern Africa from 1975 and onwards. On the ‘flip side’ – Zimbabwe – was handed one of the wealthiest countries in the WORLD (eg a currency that was worth more than the USA Dollar, etc) – what is it today..? Competing with Ethiopia to be the most desolate hell-hole on the planet..? Please explain. Quote from Ian Johnston an ex Rhodesian, has published a book “Thru Thick ‘n’ Thin, a must read, and who happens to be my neighbour:- Remember ” We won the land from the mosquitoes and the tsetse flies’.’ And what he is implying here is that the White African Rhodesians, through the technology of the day, won back large tracts of land that was riddled with tsetse fly and Malaria, where before the Black African could not settle or graze their cattle, nothing was ever taken from them, in retrospect their very lives were enhanced and improved to the extreme in comparison. The below insert from just the other day March 2011, this is what Zimbabwe has come to, and no one lifts a finger.

By Tariro Madzongwe

HARARE, Mar 25, 2011 (IPS) – The identity of as many as a thousand decomposing bodies in an abandoned mine in Mount Darwin, 100 kilometres north of Harare, may never be known. “War veterans” associated with the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party are removing them with no regard for preserving evidence. You cannot take something from somebody WHO NEVER HAD IT..! In fact, what is it that white people, specifically white men, is supposed to “give back” to black people..? Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE explain to me what it is that white men took from blacks? Money, Capital and the pivotal mechanisms of the wealth that allows you to breathe, eat, have children, live a rather healthy productive and fulfilling life, but also allowed the cognitive development that leads to metropolitan development and infrastructure as we see it today – it is ALL of Western origins. In fact, the key advancements in modern finance and economics were made by the… ….DUTCH. Why do you think it is called ‘Wall Street’..? It was initially ‘Wal Straat’ – yes my dear, the Dutch took their cognitive substance there as well… The same Dutch that were the most direct descendants of the people that landed at the Cape in 1652 – in fact, the modern ‘WEALTH system’ was originated by the Dutch and it funded the explorations around the tip of Africa. Mmmm... I just hate the implicit assumption that ‘whites’ stole from ‘blacks’.


In his zest to amass and unite the “black tribes” behind his own selfish capitalist “Land Expropriation” agenda- Ramasquirrel continuously exploit the race agenda to demonize whites. Here again on their  “Reconciliation Day” did he lie through his neck about the Boer/Zulu war at Bloodriver. The Squirrel deliberately distorted history and advocated his own version of that fateful day- now describing  more than 15 000 Zulu warriors as so-called “Freedom Fighters” that took battle against 400 Boers, their women, children and farm laborers :


No photo description available.

THIS is what Ramaphosa’s so-called “Freedom Fighters” did to Piet Retief when he went to sign for land negotiated  and paid for with Dingaan. 





This political criminal’s poisonous tongue  against whites is legio-  his oratorios more and more resembles the  same narrative of the late despot Robert Mugabe .


Cyril Ramaphosa says white land owners are no longer in a position to resist government’s land reform policies. Ramasquirrel  was chirping away  at a government function to hand over title deeds to the Griqua and Khoi communities of Ebenhaeser on the West Coast. The Squirrel said it was time for white land owners to cooperate with his administration in changing land ownership patterns and to stop “frustrating the process. ” He said the new administration to assume office after the May 8 election would “pick up the pace of land reform”.There are those farmers who are agreeing to work with us‚ who are part of this settlement. We call on those other farmers who are still resisting‚ who are still doubtful about the future‚ we want to say to them‚ who are still asking many questions‚ we must say to them: the restitution of land to its rightful owners‚ it’s time is now. “We call on them to come forward so that this matter can be settled‚ the people of this area are hungry for land. “To those who are still resisting‚ we are saying: please come to your senses. This is a program  you cannot stop‚ that you cannot resist. Please come work with us. this is land that we must all share.” So what Ramaphosa factually were saying was that only white land owners must come forward and hand over their land and title deeds- with all the money they paid for that land and all alterations, farming equipment and crops to him and his cronies.

BUT what Ramasquirrel do NOT tell the “people” is that he himself is busy erecting a Mugabe-style mansion for himself. Ramasquirrel in typical capitalist style  is quietly building a sprawling mansion on his R30 million plot in Cape Town. Nestled under Lion’s Head, the world’s most hiked mountain, Ramasquirrel is quietly building a massive private home on two plots of prime land that he bought for R30 million in 2010 — even though he now has an official residence in Cape Town. It is nowhere near the size of former President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, but it has one of the best views in Cape Town: a 180-degree panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, including Robben Island. On a clear day, Ramasquirrel may just be able to see the very cell where Nelson Mandela was jailed for 18 years.  The two plots are a combined 1,423 square meters. Ramasquirrel snapped up one of the last undeveloped tracts of land on Head Road, one the richest streets in the city. Ramasquirrel is one of South Africa’s richest men, with a fortune estimated at $450 million by Forbes in 2015. The building is owned by Ramasquirrel’s family trust Tshivhase. Now we ask the Squirrel the question if he also will be so kind as to lead from the front and also give away this Mugabejestic land and his 25 community houses to the “poor” landless people as well? Will he also siphon some of his wealth to the poor people in squatter camps just across his rich home too? 



Were Lenin and Stalin acting rationally when they disowned the Kulak farmers of their land? Was Mugabe acting rationally when he disowned ‘whites’ from farming land?
Socialists act without rationality… and do unthinkable damage to society as a result. In their own distorted and greedy minds these ANC elites (and the ZANU PF “leadership”) are acting completely “rationally, “- albeit slyly. What is their rationale? Very, very simple and as old as time itself; follow the money or straightforward, self interested, unadulterated greed. In SA it has been relatively sly, unlike Zim (has the ANC learnt from its real father figure, Mugabe?). The Constitution is being amended first and the bench packed with Moegoeng type “judges” to avoid Zim’s blip when their courts ruled against land seizures and Mugabe had to replace the judges.

All the facts, survey and rational elements are ignored because the lure of getting free stuff for the ANC elite is too great; Cyril right at the very front; in the name of “Broad Based Black Empowerment” for all those years in poverty. Yeah right. Eskom, SAA etc etc are still pumping cash into cadre pockets but these leeches always want more. Once the elite have cleaned up, the “poor” will get the stony dregs and forever be in vote debt to the elites. Simple rinse and repeat stuff for African leaders. The definition of property is not limited to land. This means that a company’s stock also falls under the definition and permits “nationalization” without compensation. This, we suggest, is their long term goal-nationalization of the country at no cost. This us an iniquitous action on the part of the ANC. The biggest danger lies in its probable approval by the Concourt, particularly in light of the stated opinions of the “ chief justice.” 

The intended amendment to S25 will provide the tool with which the ANC  will hammer the final nail into SA’s coffin. The ANC collective is too blinded by the toxic combination of racial hatred, unquenchable greed and the pursuit of failed ideologies, to comprehend that every single problem in SA, no matter how big or small, can ultimately be traced back to an ANC act or omission. It is now way too late to blame apartheid or Jan Van Riebeeck: the ANC  has squandered almost 26 years of opportunity to make intelligent and constructive rectifications, but we can all see how badly that has turned out. we only has to watch a video of Venezuela to see where this is going. The idea of socialism sounds so good, everything for nothing. How does that work ? How can people be so stupid ? Without capitalism for socialism to parasite off, socialism can’t survive. Says a lot about how successful socialism is doesn’t it ?

White South Africans are often accused that their “sense of superiority”, their “white privilege” is the reason why the multiculturalist New South Africa and the ” Rainbow Nation ” is a failure. It is “unwillingness ”  of the white man to share property and wealth that is the cause of all the misery. Now, if we look at the recent history of South Africa, we will discover that power was not won by “struggle ” as the ANC and the rest of black South Africa claims. Political analysts and experts such as the late dr F van Zyl Slabbert are unanimous in this: The apartheid government could easily have hanged on to power for at least another 15 years. The hand-over was voluntarily done through a majority Yes” vote by white South Africans in 1992.

And with power quite a number of other things were wrapped up in the parcel. 25 years Later we need to assess what was done with that and then comes the question: Tell us why we must give even more? Tell us why we must respect what black majority government did with what was given to them? Tell us why you deserve even more trust, even more opportunities? Tell us why you think we don’t have the right to say: “Enough now. We walk away and take care of our own future. We now demand self determination?”

Tell us why:

You were given power and you corrupted government with it.

You were entrusted with education, transport and health. We sit with matriculants who pass with 30%, we have patients bleeding to death on hospital floors while nurses have a tea break, we have a public road system which was the best in Africa, now hardly suitable for any vehicle and we have trains constantly set alight.

You were entrusted with a heritage. National heritage sites such as Augusta Manor House, Bloemfontein Town Hall and numerous statues were burned and destroyed. Places and streets were renamed after people who had no link with them at all. Our language were removed as a language of tuition in higher education centres founded through the existence of that language in the first place!

You were entrusted to make our sports teams internationally competitive. Through your quota systems you turned us into the laughing stock of the world.

You were handed a civil aviation company which were one of the oldest and most reliable in the world. You bankrupted that. You were handed Denel, the Post Office, Eskom, Sars, Transnet, Iscor…all functional and profitable. You bankrupted that, sold it off to Indians and Chinese, looted it and ran it straight into the ground.

Everything you received were destroyed, corrupted, bankrupted and compromised. And the only ones you tried to set up in 25 years became a failure – such as VBS Bank.

And now you claim that “white arrogance ” is the reason why there is a lack of respect for black majority government. We don’t disrespect your government because it is black, we disrespect it because it is dysfunctional, corrupt and incompetent. So tell us again: Why do we need to keep giving you more and more opportunities when we have seen what you did with what we already gave you?

Changing the constitution to enable expropriation without compensation will here like in Zimbabwe lead to the same economic collapse. People who propose and support it will have to take responsibility for the millions more that will starve. There are already 14 million going to bed hungry (mostly children) – why destroy agriculture that is productive and spend Billions of Rand on state owned farms that clearly do not work? Short sighted move to retain votes despite obvious failure of the ANC government. A spokesperson we heard on the radio yesterday spoke of two or three bedroomed ‘up-market‘ properties provided with title deeds. Who pays for all this if the property costs say, R500, 000 each?? This theft will not stop, if anyone in the ANC thinks they will not be affected by it they are pipe dreaming. It will go from race, to politics, to tribes, to religion, to anyone they, (they being whoever is ruling at the time,) don’t like. We have an internationally lauded Constitution premised on freedom, dignity, and equality. We have never altered our Bill of Rights and the evidence shows that there is no reason to do so now.South African are still way to docile about this pending land theft and still somehow lives in the pipe dream that a Zwelintini,  Trump or De La Rey will still save the day. It is not going to happen!  You better stand up, unite and start fighting NOW. You can express your opposition to the Amendment Bill by sending a submission to visit the web site All submissions must be made before 31 January 2020.


Author: J. Theron – Brisbane Australia – July 2011

Insert from London Times: “South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favor of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others.”




The state wants your land and pay you nothing for it – Mark Oppenheimer














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