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Article posted by: White Nation Editorial Cape Town   December 30 2019


IN the video below we introduce the documentary about the farm murders in South Africa made by Kate Hopkins– who went to great lengths to produce this documentary under very difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances. We respect this lady for what she’s done as not even half the white populace in South Africa have the guts to stand up for their own kinsmen the way this foreign women did. Please click on the links below to view the horrible truth which even you do not want to talk about. 

Also we added two other links- one from Lauren Southern about the farm murders in South Africa-called ” Farmlands”–  and a special film called “ Africa Addio” – made in Kenya and Tanganyika in the early sixties to draw a parallel for you to see that what happened then again re-manifested itself in all it’s horrors and barbarism today in South Africa as it did in Mozambique and Rhodesia as well. The brutality and murderous culture of the black man of Africa  and especially against the white population- never changed in 400 years and never will in another 400 years. And so did the treacherous actions by Britain too never changed- against even their own people- as well as against foreign nations. Their church missionaries  sold out the Boers to the Zulus that led to many brutal murders such as Piet Retief and Blaauwkranz, Their pounds bribed  black tribe chieftains  to help fight the Boers in the Boer wars and helped to pay traitors such as Jan Smuts. Louis Botha, et al to turn against their own people much like they did with the National Party in 1992.

Then they  again sold out their own colonial farmers to Yomo Kenyatta’s Mau-Mau terrorists  in Kenya – and again it was their Anglican Church that  did so with the white Afrikaners before 1994. It was mainly their media that demonized the white Afrikaner in false propaganda campaigns in the face of the international world. The British assisted Robert Mugabe ‘s ZANUPF party to come to power and for more than 30 years afterwards funded the black dictator- keeping him in power. They still are cavorting with the black African to exterminate the white Afrikaner today.The British Establishment’s money  again created the radical EFF and up to today still funds Malema’s bastard organization as well as millions of pounds in donations from British vaults (which they stole from South Africa’s gold and diamond deposits) finds their way back  to the murderous ANC terrorists. While the British establishment keep the conflict between white and black hot and running  they in the meantime are blissfully busy plundering South Africa’s resources . The British are the main perpetrators and instigators of the white genocide of the Afrikaner in South Africa like they always have been. That much their lapdog front gremlin   Rob Davies at least showed us.


A picture of a group of white British  men at the conference of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has been making its rounds on social media. Many have been asking, who are these white Englishmen, and what are they doing at a conference of a party that claims to be Marxist-Leninist and wanting to expropriate white capital? Many theories in relation to these questions have also been circulating.One such theory which has gained traction is that these white men are the true owners of the EFF. They had attended the conference to make sure that their investments are secured. The EFF, according to this theory, is guided and sponsored by both London, via Lord Robin Renwick, and Stellenbosch, through mainly Johann Rupert. Then there is the ever present Adriano Mazzotti, who is the main direct benefactor of Julius Malema.

Rumour has it that the different handlers have consolidated their management process so as to avoid the confusion that often happens where conflicting instructions are given to the Reds of London. The EFF has kept mum about the identities of these white men and what they want. This is not the first time that the party has concealed from its members dealings with imperialists forces. The minutes and footage of the meeting held in London in 2015 by the representatives of British imperialism with the leaders of the EFF, were promised to the public but never released. The EFF keeps talking black, but acting white. Has the identity of the white hand been unwittingly revealed?

For nearly 400 years the white man still grapples to try to understand the black mind. But he never will. The British quickly  learned how to control the black African- the only way he understands. And that is not by “negotiations”  about “peaceful settlements” – but by fear , oppression and bribes. Fear of political banishment, oppression and impoverishment of the masses- and bribes to a small elite black tyrants. That is how the British kept a stronghold on Africa for as long as history recorded the white man’s appearance in Africa. The white Afrikaner on the contrary simply was much too kind to the black man- feeding him, giving him work, tend to his children, build them schools, clinics, universities, hospitals ,homes and tried to elevate the African to a first world status. The Afrikaner even brought the African into his own home and treated him as an equal. It was a failed exercise. And for that mistake the white Afrikaner is paying dearly today. That never worked and never will.  It did not work in ONE African country and surely will not work in South Africa as well. The term “Generosity” never appeared in the African guide for survival. In fact in Africa’s survival guide that is a sign of weakness.  And specifically that was the white Afrikaner’s  own undoing. He never paid attention to Africa’s history.  He misjudged the African mind.  The clash of the cultures prevailed once again.

They did not return the favor since they took control of South Africa. They did just the opposite of what the Afrikaner expected from them now they are in control. They are not kind- they turned into this Africa cultivated them for eons to be and this they knows best- demanding, killing and plundering. They know no such words as “generosity.” To them property, land and territory means ultimate power. A king who rules a vast territory is much respected. And if it means killing- even a genocide– to reach that objective – then so be it. Now you still wonder why the African want to ‘expropriate you property? If you are going to lay down and be fleeced by this “expropriation” attempt the African is going to pulverize you. If you stand up and fight for your land he will eventually back off and  leave you and even  respect you for it. After the small band of Boers defeated the Zulu warriors at Bloodriver the Zulu never again antagonized the Boers. They learned to respect the Boers as equal warriors and left them in peace. THAT is the African way. During the South West Border war the same respect was shown when the South African soldiers fought a bitter war but not retreat in the face of humongous odds.It took treason to abdicate the white government.

Up to today the black African still fears the white Boer- thus the reason why they disarmed them first before sending in their killer mobs to the white farms.  In contrast did the African spit in discontempt  on the white liberal De Klerk and his bunch of whooz National Party traitors. They had no respect for that bunch of traitors and even Ramaphosa mentioned that he was surprised at the way Roelf Meyer danced joyfully after he sold out his own people. If there is one thing an African despises then it is a “sell-out.” That to the African is the lowest form of debaucherous treachery. Such an individual usually were/are killed immediately  without remorse. Ramaphosa  lost all respect for the National Party then. This fact manifested itself multiple times during Winnie Mandela’s reign of necklace murders of alleged “sell outs” and still today we see the multiple political  assassinations in Kwa-Zulu Natal of sell-outs . Whites on the other hand feel sorry for such vile white liberal traitors and compassionately tolerate their existence and presence in their midst  and even allow them to continue to destroy the white race totally because whites see themselves as “civilized.”

This is why we find most European countries and especially the German “civilization” under siege from Muslim Sand fleas. Treason from within. ONE single treacherous pseudo German bitchery nearly destroyed a whole white civilization already …yet  still they left her to continue her destructive agenda up to today. So in essence is  her miserable life  worth far more than the lives of thousands of honorable Germans. The same goes for Britain and France and most European white enclaves as well. White liberals in governments  are engineering white genocides in predominantly white countries  under the command of the European Union miscreants. The same argument applies for South Africa too . The lives of a few white traitors was deemed far more valuable than the lives of more than 4000 honorable white farmers , their families and nearly 70 000 urban whites that has been brutally attacked and many murdered since 1994 – not even to speak of the more thyan 400 000  whites forced into poverty in squatter camps. And the onslaught against the whites in South Africa continuous unchallenged today- simply because they allowed that white traitors to continue their quest of immorality and destruction for 30 pieces of silver from the British gold  grabbers. .  Harsh words maybe- but before you castrate me first proof me wrong. That is why most whites in South Africa also soon are to become the latest addition  nomads to join the age old Gypsy cultural movements in squatter camps. Treason from within. Their own misconceptious  tolerance to allow even well known white liberal traitors to still operate freely in their societies will on the end of the day be their Achilles Heel that will totally destroy the last remnants of their once prestigious  white empire. That also was one of the reasons among others for the destruction of the Roman empire too. Treason from within. That also was the reason for the destruction of Tsjaka Zulu’s mighty empire. Treason from within by the hand of his own brother Dingane. Later on this same traitor Dingane also met the same  fate at the hand of the other brother Panda. 

In Africa there are two rules applicable for survival- the strongest survive and the weakest must perish in order to make space for another selection. The weaker genes are “expendable. ” On other words kill or be killed. That is a lesson the white man still must learn. Today white countries are ruled by leftist weaklings and sub-standard liberal human rejects. That is why most white countries now are facing total annihilation. And that was the white man’s mistake all along with the African mind as well- weaklings tried  talking the African around “negotiating tables” to death. It never showed any positive results so far in 400 years  and it never will. Try to adapt to the African way– meet force with force. Show no fear as the African will treat you as a weakling with absolute disrespect. Show him brute power and he will respect you. And still the wrenched white  liberal mind tries to understand the African mind– even at the cost of their own race. Africans never sat around “negotiating tables” in their historical past. They know only one rule– “negations ” were done historically  over the blade of the spear. Whole weaker  tribes have been exterminated for hundreds of years in tribal wars in order for the powerful tribes  to rule supreme. Tsjaka Zulu’s Mfekane is one such an example.  That way they ensure the weak links are destroyed and the continuation of good strong genes that could produce strong and brave  warriors to defend their territories. That is the rule of Africa- a rule honored by the Lion, the Leopard, the Jackal, the Hyena , the antelope and the black African. Now the white man comes along and want to “bleeding heart” the black man into abdicating his proud ancestral African cultures and submit to a foreign rule he in any case  does not understand.

Jacob Zuma has been telling the white man this rule over and over again– he told the white man umpteen times on many occasions that this “laws” and cultures are “Western things”- things Africans do not understand. Still the white man keep on fumbling to understand what Zuma was trying to tell them. Maybe they should stop their ignorant behavior and start listening for a change. They will not change the African ancestral mind and “westernize” him with all kinds of “smart terms” and western ideology. That simply will never happen. The black man simply adapted this  new culture and technology to merge with his old African culture- thus he now created a deadly cocktail of sophisticated power, technology  and murdering techniques which he now effectively use against the poor white imbecile himself to exterminate the white man from Africa. But the white man still do not pay attention in class. He still hallucinate “peaceful settlements” with the black African. What he factually is doing is engineering his own demise. That golden rule the white man in turn does not seem understand as yet. He wants to impose an European culture onto an African environment. That was and still is a recipe for a cultural disaster in the making. And today the white farmer is paying the ultimate price for that cultural disaster the white liberal created, The black man today simply is retaliating against the white dispensation in the only way Africa has taught him for ages and the only way he knows best to deal with problems and cultural issues – murder and plunder. And it is precisely because of this culture and against this background that tyrants such as Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema are exploiting the African naive mind for their own selfish political agendas and mobilization of the black masses to please their British masters in return for fame and fortune. 

The blatant ignorance of the international world , the glutenous money digging and sensation hunting media networks  – and careless attitude from the white population itself towards this horrendous murders and human rights abuses against  their brothers and sisters simply leaves one gobsmacked. But one day there will be no more white farmers- for they will be gone and they will be replaced by the empty shelves in retail food stores and dying hungry babies in squatter camps like now is the case in Zimbabwe and many African countries. Only then will this racist and vindictive South African fools and their bumble head media reporters realize what they have done to themselves. But as we know a black killing a white farmer does not hit that “like” buttons in the media offices anymore- but on the contrary reporting the killing of a a black by a white hits a bulls- eye  amount “like” buttons and media sales soar off the charts. Thanx to the British press and now the local Media 24 les miserables the white Afrikaner was made the scourge of the country- a second class citizen that is not supposed to have no rights no more. The life of an Afrikaner or white farmer was reduced by the British and local media and black political tyrants to be less valuable than that of a goat.  But by the time these media pigs realize what they have done to themselves and the country’s food supplies  as a whole  it will be too late. We just hope all these media and political participants will be jobless when that happens and the f*ckers themselves and their families also starve to death for the collateral damage  their malicious propaganda  have inflicted on our food producers and millions of other suffering people. May G-d so give that this will not happen to your own loved ones some day- for then only will you be able to abandon your own incautious frame of mind and only then begin to realize the true nature of this human suffering. As for the general South African populace that chooses to ignore this dastardly atrocities committed by their governing kleptocracy , white conspirators and black political tyrants in parliament simply leaves one sick with revulsion and we deeply sometimes wish this curse they created against their country in 1994 will also be their own epitaph one day.

The Killing Fields- Kate Hopkins


Farmlands- Lauren Southern




Africa Addio






NOW try to compare South Africa to New Zealand…shocking to say the least! Their yearly homicides nearly equals South Africa’s DAILY homicides. Chew on that and swallow slowly please!


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