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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria January 02 2020






ANOTHER INCIDENT of black racism has hit the social media en went viral for a short while scarcely in the  beginning of the new year already.


Two uncivilized black racists entered a Steers outlet at the Port Elizabeth  Hobie Beach Caltex Filling Station- and started an argument with the manager after which they brutally started to slander and called the white manager a “white motherf*cker” and that “ Bloody white immigrants” does not belong in South Africa. One dared the manager to meet them outside and they (black racists) will “bring in the whole black township.”  They also used very racist derogative  terms such as “f*ck you,” repeatedly  – calling whites “fucking bastard children of Jan Van Riebeeck”, and call the South African Police “racists”- after which one black racist hurled an object at the white manager behind the service counter. The two black racists further more created a scene when told to leave the premises- saying that “this is no “Orania.” One black supremacist then told the white manager that ” I will kill you your motherf*cker.” You don’t belong in this country. “I will bring the whole township like your forefather subjected us to”” 







Black racism in South Africa is rife. The Main Stream Media choose to hide this fact and never reports black on white violence or racism because it became such an ordinary culture to slander, verbally abuse, attack and murder whites in South Africa that it draws not much attention from either the local or international population anymore. The leftist MSM also do not get very much “like” responses from the general racist black population in South Africa when reporting a black- on -white atrocity- where-as on the contrary like for instance the Penny Sparrow and  Vicky Momberg cases  does a white-on-black incident send the “like” responses “ off the charts.” But looking at this specific incident from “out of the box” it became evident that these black supremacists’ minds were thoroughly poisoned and direct by-products of  anti-white sentiment and false propaganda reutorics from black political tyrants such as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and Andile Mngxitama’s “you stole our land” propaganda. Further false claims and racist actions by the ANC, EFF and Cyril Ramaphosa’s “land expropriation” and racist narratives by Ramaphosa himself that described white Voortrekkers as “invaders” fuels black resentment and hatred such as these to occur more commonly these days.

Incidents like the black woman who repeatedly called white traffic officers  “white bastards” and scold at them “ F*ck You” repeatedly in Johannesburg  were never reported at the Human Rights C omission and never was advertised on the front pages of the far-leftist MSM outlets. The same happened to the Montana Spur and  Sinoville KFC incidents where blacks were the instigators of the racist incidents but the MSM neatly distorted the facts and  turned the incidents  around and made the white victims the “villains” for more “scoops” and “like” responses. Black racism in South Africa must never be reported-(factually the communist regime put a ban on it) –  and wherever it shows it’s ugly head on a social site- the social site administrators quickly remove the “evidence”- like in this specific Port Elizaberth Caltex incident where Facebook administrators quickly removed the posting of 3 videos uploaded by a Facebook user Anton Kleynhans before it was shared too much to do some collateral damage to the big “Democratic” lie and  “innocent” black “victims of apartheid.” We bet for sure Kleynhans also was banned from posting for 30 days for alleged “violations of community standards” too as Facebook’s double standards in hippocracy were applied as usual  White Nation quickly managed to cap screenshots of the two black racists in action – though before it could be downloaded it was removed . It appeared for only about 30 minutes on Facebook before it was quickly removed by the anti-white Facebook Zombies.

We now sincerely await the chief editors of  Beeld, New Nation, Sowetan, City Press, Africa Check, Die Burger, Al Jazeera, Politics Web, The Citizen, Cape Argus and Sunday Times to give their media lap dog reporters and column writers the “go ahead” to ” do the right thing” and act in true “democratic” manner and  blast the Port Elizabeth incident of this two black racists wide open like they so zestfully did with the Penny Sparrow, Chris Heart, Steve Hoffmeyer  , Vicky Momberg and Eben Etsebeth  incidents. We also call on Pajama” Lesufi and a few black racists from both the EFF , BLF and black social mafia hive to add a comment or two as well.  Will this black racists be apprehended? No. Will they be dragged to court for their racist utterances like Vicky Momberg and Penny Sparrow was? No. Will the HRC make a single squeak about this incident like they did with the Etsebeth incident? No. Will the black social mafia go “viral” like they always do when a white appears to be the perpetrator? No. Will any black politician go ballistic about this black racism? No.Will any black political party become vocal about this like they did with the Sweitzer-Reynecke incident? No.  Will the leftists MSM carry this incident on their front pages like they do with white “racism ” such as the Sinoville KFC  and Montana SPUR incidents? No. Will this two perps ever be sentenced to jail or slapped with a R 50 000.00 fine each or 2 year  jail sentence a piece like Sparrow and Momberg? No! Will the MSM correspondents and media outlets also refer to  these blacks as  “racists” or “black supremacists” like they dehumanize and  refer to whites in their articles? No. Is there any justice for whites in South Africa? Definitely NO!  Thus- conclusion: South Africa’s “democracy” is nothing less than another term for a white genocide. But this could be expected from a “rainbow” nation that became the most repugnant and most violent wretches on earth that today are shy-ed by most other countries and hated by the rest of the African continent for they not only  maim and murder whites- they also do the same to their African brothers. THAT is the legacy the fake Mandela brought with him and THAT is the legacy the illegal ANC tsotsis wants their communist empire to be built upon…murder and violence.

Posted by Wandile Kasibe on Friday, December 28, 2018

THIS again is the racist manner blacks speaks to whites- with NO media or political reprisals against these blacks. But then again we presume this female black imbecile’s surname was not Sparrow or Momberg either eh? Why whites still tolerate this racist sh*t simply leaves one gobsmacked to say the least! 

And as you can see- that fruity “We are Afrikaans” media outlet also leaves much to ponder about…quick to hit the “we also need likes” button.


White South Africans. You are now the hunted. You are now the game. Every time you get in your car you are being stalked. Every time you go to a mall you are being hunted. Maybe you’ve not seen it. Is that because it didn’t happen? No, it’s because you’ve been lucky. You don’t know how many times you were almost a victim. You don’t know how close you’ve been do you? But they’re there. Watching, waiting and looking for the right opportunity to strike. Because it’s a game. Kill a molungu. Hatred for whites is now endemic and pervasive. Not among the middle and upper classes, but among the masses. You can see it in their eyes. You  can hear it in the tone of their voices. The middle class black people deny it, because they don’t live in the townships anymore. They don’t know what’s going on there. The shebeens are filled with white hating people and it’s all they talk about every evening. They are teaching their children that white people are the root of all their ills. We are the reason why they have no work, no electricity or no running water. We are the reason why they are earning minimum wage. The hatred is palpable and pervasive. If this was a virus, it just broke through the quarantine. It’s out and in the open, infecting every child and every person. It’s a virus that only infects black people. The politicians will deny it. Your black friends will deny it. But they’re not there where the hatred is consumed like cheap Umqombothi. And those that desire this division are cheering. Their campaigns of hatred are working. They are winning. Moderate, clear thinking South Africans are losing. They don’t want moderates here. They want anger. They want to go to war. It fits their political agenda. They don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. It’s their civic duty they think. Their duty toward society. Ridding South Africa of a few  more molungu’s. This has now gone beyond crime. It used to be crime. Now it’s just sport.

This situation is much worse than we think. The hatred for white people is very very pervasive. It’s growing. We’re at the early stages of the Rwanda Genocide. The persecution stage. This is not going to end well because it is already a cultural phenomenon. The government will not be able to stop this snowball. Malema and Zuma started the ball rolling and now it’s out of control.This hatred has now gained critical mass. We’re nearing terminal velocity. This two racist idiots only is a by-product of that violent legacy that the ANC terrorists always have been. We will await the response of the ultra leftist MSM on our request…..BUT you can guess what the ultra-leftist response to our request will be….ostensibly…..










White Nation