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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg January 04 2020




SOUTH AFRICANS have been screwed thoroughly  and robbed blind at the pump by the illegal ANC kleptocracy this past 25 years of their state capture . As with many other daily economic support systems have they long ago targeted fuel as one of their main plundering attractions to get rich quick. 

The petrol price nearly doubled in South Africa over the past decade, despite a decline in global oil prices.   The increase can be attributed to the weakening of the  rand due to continuous corruption, maladministration and increasing taxes on fuel by the incompetent and greedy ANC mobsters.  Taxes on fuel now make up 35% of the overall fuel price, up from 28% in 2010.  The South African petrol price nearly doubled the past decade: from R8.45 per litre at the coast in December 2010, to R16.30 in December 2019.  This despite the international price of Brent crude oil declining from $90.40 a barrel in December 2010 to $69.26 a barrel in December 2019. The increase in the petrol price can be attributed to the ever weakening  rand, which declined from around R8 to the US dollar in 2010, to R14 today due to investor distrust in the current incompetent and corrupt rulers , fluctuating oil prices, – as well as ever increasing  and unnecessary  taxes such as the bogus “carbon tax” now suddenly slapped onto the fuel price A big factor also was the debasement of the rand from gold (which was stolen by the National Party and ANC from the Reserve Bank and sent to New York in 1994 ) and  linking the rand to oil- a very unstable backing commodity.

SPEAKING of “Carbon Tax”: This is the biggest hoax ever schemed up  by the scrupulous money grabbers to sock you a blind one. The usual narrative for the enforcement of this hoax onto the poor consumer is that this is a tax on fossil fuels, especially those used by motor vehicles, intended to “reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.”

Now we have a problem with this scam- and yea- we call it a bloody government scam for that is precisely what it is. Question time for Gordhan & Co about this so called “Carbon Tax “ Enrichment scheme they now also have slapped South Africans with:

  1. If carbon dioxide emissions  was such a problem to you that you now specifically had to enforce a TAX onto it- then why did South Africa not long ago changed to environment friendly alternatives such as hydrogen or Biofeul powered cars already? Why do the governments of the world and BIG Corp keep on manufacturing oil-driven cars when Biofeul and Hydro powered cars already was invented in the 50’s but the inventors either forced out of business or assassinated by Big Corp’s assassins? Now they manufacture and sell you only a carbon dioxide producing vehicle – and then comes around and tax you because the vehicle they manufactured and sold you is producing carbon dioxide? Any logic bar GREED in that? 
  2. Same question: If carbon dioxide emissions  was such a problem to you that you now specifically had to enforce a TAX onto it then why are all your ESKOM power stations bar Koeberg still running on COAL (which releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year) and not being changed years ago to nuclear /Hydro or wind power already? Does the government then also pay “Carbon Tax ”  like the rest of us too? Some fat cat ANC rats making too much money out of coal business we suppose?
  3. Same question: If carbon dioxide emissions  was such a problem to you that you now specifically had to enforce a TAX onto it – then we expect you soon will be taxing each and every citizen that happen to have a tree or plants on their property – for at night plants across the country produce millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air – correct?
  4. Same question: If carbon dioxide emissions  was such a problem to you that you now specifically had to enforce a TAX onto it then please explain to the tax paying public just WHO will be pocketing all this so-called “carbon tax” money…and jackpot question- HOW are you Gordhan & Co…gonna “correct” the alleged carbon emission problem with OUR tax money bar slipping all that tax dollars into your own foreign  private bank accounts?
  5. Furthermore is the biggest lie ever told that Carbon Dioxide MAYone day” damage the ozone layer- thus allowing deadly UV rays to enter earth’s atmosphere. And that was where all this bullsh*t started in the first place- when Margaret Thatcher years ago hypothesized that “what if” that is a possibility? Some damn shrewd Jew picked up the line and Al Gore and Bill Clinton started this bullsh*t just to give lucrative contracts to political affiliated companies to start manufacturing “Ozone Friendly” fridges, cars , aerosol , and G-d knows what else. It was a bloody money making scam.  And as expected – was it not long after when the Jew boy started his “carbon tax” scam too to further rob the poor naive public blind of their hard earned money.
  6. But the Jew never quite explained to the “sheeple” precisely HOW could Carbon Dioxide- one of the  heaviest gasses on earth- manage to get wayyyyyy up there in the stratosphere  to  “damage” the ozone layer? They will quickly tell you by airplane. Sure- but we here on the ground do not fly airplanes-so why must we pay then for something the airplanes do?  So start charging the government and private airline operators this stupid tax and NOT us or the passengers as they are FORCED to board carbon tax generating transports subsidized and provided by the governments themselves. And by the way- airplanes fly MUCH too low at max 5-7000 meters to even create the slightest “dent ” in the Ozone layer that is 10 to 16000 meters high. Carbon dioxide generated by this planes immediately will disperse and will start dropping earthwards- posing no thread to humans or nature. . But CHEMTRAILS – yea THAT is a different story- these poisonous chemicals produced and sprayed in the air by the GOVERNMENTS is something much more deadlier than carbon dioxide ever could be. So…if we have to pay Carbon Tax emission taxes then – does the government also pay Chemtax for chemical emissions too?  Then also did the jew boy miserably- as with Comrade Gordhan & Co- failed to explain just HOW are they going to remedy the alleged “holes” in the Ozone layer with YOUR tax money and who is raking in all the billions derived from this hoax ? That should be quite interesting to hear.  What a pack of bullsh*t indeed! And they now FORCE you to pay for this bullsh*t and you are swallowing it? Our education system surely have let us down terribly …strewth! 
  7. Another question Pravin G  & Co- : If carbon dioxide emissions  was such a problem to you that you now specifically had to enforce a TAX onto it then we take it your Jew pals must  tax all the countries that happen to have active volcanoes as well as volcanoes are the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide- not so? So again….your government scumbags and their media rodents are mindf*cking you out of your tax money again! 

SOUTH AFRICANS…. you are thoroughly being “mind f*cked” into paying excessive  taxes to this shrewd Lethuli-House kleptocrats without anybody even questioning as to why do they screw you this way. It’s all about bloody GREED! This regime you some much hail as “democratically elected” government is f*cking you around every bend and corner. They are nothing less than a bunch of crooks! They are really NOT “user friendly.”  Their main objective is to only fatten themselves at your expense, financially enslave you below the bread-line and tax you to death...and you are A-OK with that? You are A-OK that they gonna take your property away?You are A-OK that they are going to plunder your pensions? You are A-OK that they are going to plunder your Health Care contributions? You just stand there and stare at this political criminals while they are robbing you blind with blank expressions on your faces like a bunch of dogs taking a crap on a lawn. Jeez….what a lot of whoozies you South Africans are. No wonder every sleazy con artist is trying to screw you because you are such “easy meat!” 



Let us see how these mangy ANC crackpots have been systematically bamboozled you in paying more and more for fuel: 

The inland petrol, coastal petrol, and diesel pric

The inland petrol, coastal petrol, and diesel prices the past ten years compared to the total tax added.

The department of energy’s own documentation shows that the taxes on fuel increased from R2.43 in 2010 to R5.63 in 2019, or a 131.6% increase. Taxes on fuel now represent 35% of the overall fuel price, compared to 28% in 2010.

The inland petrol, coastal petrol, and diesel pric

The inland petrol, coastal petrol, and diesel prices the past ten years compared to the total tax added.

However, when levies and other “handling fees ” (and this is where the ANC Robber Inc. has a deep finger in your pocket) are included, roughly 60% of the South African petrol price is not related to the price of the fuel itself. If the fuel price was pegged to inflation, the coastal petrol price would’ve been R12.48 today, and the diesel price R11.34.

The actual petrol and diesel price compared to wha

The actual petrol and diesel price compared to what it would’ve been if it was adjusted for inflation.


Fuel to governments all over the world- and especially in countries where mob rule is evident like in South Africa- is a lucrative way of filling their very, very deep (personal)  pockets. Governments ran rampant with taxes when fuel is on the bargaining table. For instance in South Africa you pay taxes such as:

  1. Fuel Duty: Fuel Duty is included in the price you pay for petrol, diesel and other fuels used in vehicles or for heating. You also pay standard rate VAT at 20% on most fuel.
  2. Exercise duty: A percentage levied on manufacture, sale, or use of locally produced goods .
  3. Fuel levy:  Fuel Levy is a tax charged on every litre of petrol sold.
  4. RAF  Levy: Road Accident Fund (RAFlevy
  5. Carbon Tax: Carbon Tax is a unnecessary fee imposed on the burning of carbon-based fuels (coal, oil, gas)


According to Tito Mboweni’s speech, the total cost of the general fuel levy, the RAF levy and customs and excise taxes, plus the new carbon tax, would amount to R5.63 per litre for petrol and R5.49 per liter for diesel.Ironically is the Road Accident Fund also near bankruptcy. As thousands of road accident victims are anxiously waiting to be compensated by the cash-strapped Road Accident Fund (RAF) following court orders in their favor, the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, is expected to soon deal with the fund’s inability to pay up. Hundreds of claimants recently turned to the court where they had obtained an urgent order to attach eight of the RAF’s Absa bank accounts. The bank was ordered to use the proceeds from the accounts to pay the 346 injured victims. The RAF in turn headed to court last month, in which it wanted this order lifted, as it said it simply couldn’t afford to pay these claimants, as its outstanding debt was more than R17billion. The fund said it couldn’t operate without its bank accounts as it is was struggling to stay afloat. . …but you are still taxed in every liter petrol  for it!

Fuel is one of the most violently taxed commodities. But paying exuberant taxes at the pump is not where the poor consumer’s nightmares end. When suppliers are forced to pay more for fuel- the floor price of all commodities , food and services escalate as well. Most of the items you see in stores are transported by road of freight. The manufacturer adds the increased fuel price onto his mark-up- and the distributor or retailer again does the same. So when a manufacturer delivers an item of R10.00 to the retailer- the retailer pays R1.15 VAT. That brings the price to R 11.15.  Now he adds his mark up of say 35% (very moderately speaking) which brings the price to R 15.17. The consumer pay now R 15.17 PLUS again VAT of 15% which is then R 17.43. Now the retailer adds his building fees plus maintenance and the salaries of his workers (and his own profit) to it- and you end up paying R 50.00 or more as some retailers add up to 300% onto the cost price for an item worth  a mere R 10.00 . Now THAT is “business” sucker-punching  both from government and Big Corp for you! And it all revolves around the price at the petrol pump.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


In some cases the retailer gets his stock from a wholesaler- then an extra additional mark up  and extra VAT is added. Now add to that the toll road taxes and VAT as well. Now you still get this scrupulous retailers that immediately escalate their commodity floor prices of items as soon as the price of fuel rise- but when there is a drop in fuel prices- their commodity floor price index stays the same-and does not reflect the drop in fuel prices-  and when fuel prices goes up again- again they spike their commodity prices on top of the previous fuel escalation  again. So they keep on spiking their prices. Most big retailers are working closely together to monopolize the industry as well. Now if you say earns R 10.000 salary- and you purchase goods- a whopping R 1500.00 are lost to TAX (VAT) alone! That is like friggen SCARY! 

Now add to this already volatile tax onslaught against the working (and not working) class already – more taxes such as rates and taxes of property (of which you get no return dividends or services from), personal taxation, taxation by banks, service taxation eg ESCOM and councils for electricity and water and company taxation for services and you have a country that really is financially hostile towards it’s populace.  In fact so hostile that out of every R 10.00 you earn a total of R 6.00 is stolen by the government in some or the other form of taxation. In other words- no matter what direction the consumer goes- he/she gets screwed one way or the other by some greedy and ravenous government or corporate wolf.





The South African regime has increasingly being targeting personal income tax as a source of revenue and a recent report on the latest national tax data from Stats SA shows that SA locals are among the world’s highest taxpayers. From 2017 to 2018, personal income tax accounted for R1.22-trillion in taxes collected by the national government and ranks as the country’s number-one source of tax, accounting for 38% of all tax revenue. Just behind this is value added tax or VAT accounting for 24%, followed by company income tax, which accounts for 20%.

Just ten years ago, the amounts were much lower and personal income tax only accounted for 31%, while company income tax accounted for more at 30%. Because of these excessive figures, South Africa finds itself among the world’s top-ten-highest-taxed countries in the world according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Out of 115 countries with substantial tax data, South Africa ranks as the 8th-most-taxed country in the world, just behind New Zealand and Sweden. Namibia and Lesotho are even more highly taxed, however, featuring in second and third place just behind Denmark which took the top spot as the world’s most taxed country. The world average for tax according to the IMF was 15.4% in 2017 and South African residents pay more taxes than the United Kingdom (25.7%), Australia (22.2%), Brazil (12.7%) and the United States (11.9%). But then these countries in the tip tax bracket offers SUPERB first world services for their tax paying residents- something the poor ANC regime does not have a dang clue about. This surely comes as no surprise to South Africans, who feel the burden of taxes each month and feel nothing is really being done with all the money that is being taken from them. Countries mentioned on the list with particularly high GDP-to-tax ratios are not as badly off, as although the taxes are high, these countries also offer some of the highest living standards in the world as well as various free services such as health care and schooling, but South Africa cannot say the same. At the same time a low tax-to-GDP ratio demonstrates an inefficient tax system and can have negative effects on a country and cause problems with service delivery or public space and building maintenance.

Still more badass tax news 2020

Economists have painted a bleak picture for 2020 and have warned South Africans to tighten their belts and to brace themselves for an increase in taxes. While people have started the new year by expressing their hopes and aspirations for the new decade, a number of economists believe that 2020 is going to be another tough financial year, as the economy continues to underperform. Speaking to The Mercury yesterday, three top economists Dawie Roodt, Azar Jammine and Mike Schüssler were almost certain that South Africans could expect an increase in taxes. While they were still uncertain whether Finance Minister Tito Mboweni would announce another increase in VAT, the economists agreed that fuel levies, sin taxes and possibly personal income tax would be increased. Roodt, the chief economist at the Efficient Group, predicted that another “painful” year was in store for the country, adding that he was disappointed in Cyril Ramaphosa who “seems to be a follower and not a leader”.

“He seems to be waiting for everyone else to tell him what to do. For us to see a positive change in our economy, there needs to be stronger political leadership. “The state needs to become more efficient with its spending and decision-making,” he said. Roodt said an increase in VAT would result in an uproar from trade unions and ordinary citizens, while an increase in personal income tax would see the wealthy acting out by emigrating.And it will be unwise to increase company tax, because that will be unproductive in attracting investment to the country.” Roodt said the silver lining could come from the South African Reserve Bank if it could cut interest rates. Jammine, the chief economist for Econometrix, said he believed the government would be forced to hike taxes because of the rise in the country’s budget deficit.


And whenever the populace gets angry because of this inhuman taxation racketeering by the ruling class- quickly “experts” appear  and assemble  from no-where in the media to sooth the anger of the naive “sheeple  “ pen with all kinds of “technical data”  and misinformation as just why they have to be fleeced. Excuses such as the “weakening rand”, and “oil prices that are unstable”, stock market shares that “plummet,” war in Iran,  disinvestment and G-d knows how many other pseudo imaginary reasons they produce to support the government’s  tax ponzi schemes.  But the real facts and reasons for this plundering and high taxation by political bureaucrats  like the theft of more than R 400 Trillion worth of gold from the Federal Reserve by the ANC and National Party in 1994, the debasement of the rand from gold,The foreclosing of the Reserve Bank in 2013,  the illegal theft of all South Africa’s oil reserves by racketeers such as Thabo Mbeki, Pneul Maduna, Jacob Zuma and Tina Joemat Petersen, the billions of rands stolen from the national treasury by ANC-affiliated looters and incompetent cadres running state organs such as Eskom, SAA, SABC, Transnet , SARS,  the Post Office and whole city councils like Bloemfontein to the edge of bankruptcy, – never were given by this pseudo ” academics” as the true reasons why we as normal citizens are being persecuted by this illegal and hostile regime to carry the burden of this callous and sadistic tax assault against our wallets.

Image may contain: train, fire and outdoorNo photo description available.


FOR the “Blue Chip” amount of taxes you pay – this government of yours truly is disappointingly and carelessly neglecting it’s responsibilities in providing you with “Blue Chip “ services. You are being taken to the cleaners by your white collar criminal politicians.

Now the two questions no-one seems to quite know the answers to is (1) Precisely what have you personally John and Jane Doe- received back in return  from all these taxes you are squeezed to pay every month? What can you show us has this government returned to you for all the taxes you personally have paid? Do you get free high standard education, first world class Health Care, Free transport…are your streets and suburbs clean and up to human living standards, your parks neat and clean, your area safe to walk around at night, your police service world class- your army specialized and well trained experts, your government institutions rated among the best in Africa –  because THAT is what you are being forced to pay for- blue chip taxation. So it is then nothing less than to expect blue chip services...not so?


Image result for indide new zealand state hospitalRelated image

A state hospital in New York…now THAT is what their taxpayers are paying for.

Image result for south african bad state hospitalsImage result for south african bad state hospitals

A State hospital on South Africa…now THAT is what YOU are paying for! 


If not…you are getting screwed horizontally and vertically by your ponzi-regime! But looking at the stats below it appears that you are NOT getting any “Blue Chip” services from your very hostile taxing government at all….but in the contrary are you being taken for a bunch of monkeys by this “democratically elected” regime of yours:


And please when you want to answer do not even think of starting  with ” Free education “ and “Free Health Care” in South Africa– for firstly ten million illegal Zimbabweans, Chinese, Sudanese, Angolans, Mozambicans, Malawians and G-d again knows how many illegal leeches ALSO suck freely onto  the same cow YOU are paying taxes for, – and secondly both the education and government Health Care  systems are in chaos and near financial  implosion- thus why they now want to plunder private pension funds and Health Care contributions. . So…John and Jane Doe….I ask again- what have YOU  personally to show for all these taxes this criminal politicians have been squeezing out of you so far?  (2) What has YOUR so-called “elected” government done with all this taxes already paid this past 25 years bar wasting 60% of it on exuberant  salaries for all the AA and BEE cadres – and what can THEY show us as proof where they have build, supplied, created , invented or returned our taxes in a way that benefited the majority of South Africa’s tax paying public and not only a selected group of non-paying leeches in return for some votes at the election booths? 

SEE…here are some of that ten million illegal Zimbabweans crossing your non-existent borders(which YOU are generously fleeced to  pay taxes for) crossing into your country to come and leech on all the “free bees” YOUR tax money offers.And they think about pushing the petrol price up AGAIN very soon…they just are looking for the next feasible” excuse” – like the war in the Middle East with Iran for example sounds like a good one to push the price of petrol up to R 20.00 per liter. Their usual town criers- the Automobile Association (AA) – will announce it soon we expect.

If you cannot answer any of this two questions with certainty- again…I’m afraid you are getting screwed horizontally and vertically by your ponzi-regime and you should start a tax revolution very soon. Taxes – and especially fuel taxes- are illegal, evil and the single most oppressive method exploited  by government criminal elites  to enrich themselves  whilst  at the same time impoverishing  the people.






“Change never comes from any government- change comes from the people who is against the principles of that government. People who controls their  government is a democracy. A government who in turn controls it’s people is a dictatorship. It’s up to the people to decide themselves when it is time for a change. If they do not bring change against a corrupt and dirty  government – then they themselves are co-conspirators to that dictatorship. “- Andrew K.



SA ranked world’s 8th-highest-taxed country