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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent  Adelaide AUS  January 07 2020




Australians Believe Fires Are A False Flag To Clear Land

Heavy rain, damaging wind and large hail forecast to hit drought and fire-ravaged parts of NSW and QLD

24 charged with intentionally setting Australia bushfires

The Truth about the Australian bush fires






G-D CREATED earth in perfect harmony in five days and then he rested. Then G-d created MAN on the sixth day- and ever since  NOTHING  rested again for man became a destructive wrecking machine powered by greed. Across the world man has been destroying earth in his quest to become more powerful, more richer and more glutenous. And behind this bloody trail of  greed and corruption lies an earth that is terribly destroyed and now turning into a global wasteland full of emptiness.

Our oceans are destroyed, our rain forests are destroyed, our natural resources are plundered- and our wildlife exterminated to the brink of extinction. That is the epitaph of man. .His hunger for power and might knows no boundaries and as always does the innocent creature have to be the one that suffers the ultimate sacrifice – all in the name of  “progress.”  Man became so deranged he even invented his own scapegoat to blame for his drunken stupor of greed.  He now blames nature for his own pathetic fallacy which he calls “ Global Warming.”

As if Australia did not produce enough misery, human suffering, destruction and over  5 million dead animals by raging fires- man again seeks to proceed the slaughter and cunningly shift the blame of his own misconceptions onto something else- the animal. In his psychopathic delusion  he now blames a poor innocent camel for the terrible f*ck-up he made of nature. Now the camel is placed onto the sacrificial altar as a blood offer for the demi-gods of wealth and prosperity to bless Auistralia again. Feral camels in South Australia now will be brutally slaughtered to stop the animals drinking water in the drought-ravaged region.  More than 10,000 camels will be culled by professional assassins  in helicopters from Wednesday after an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands .  The culling, which is expected to take five days, comes as communities complain of the feral creatures invading properties in search of water.

NOW READ THIS: There is also concern the animals are ” contributing to global warming “ as they emit methane equivalent to one tonne of carbon ­dioxide a year. If you ever heard about bullsh*t and a free ticket to shamelessly murder innocent animals- this is it! Animals sometimes must be culled to keep their population down- Fact check– especially when their numbers exceeds the feeding capacity of the natural environment- but for G-d sake….bring out a better excuse than THIS bullsh*t of “Global Warming” please! If the damn wallabies long time ago already was nature conservative minded they would have started depopulating the camels ages ago– but by much smaller numbers- not this mass slaughtering exercise!. And if their corrupt liberal government twerps stopped selling precious water to foreign vultures way back then maybe there would have been enough water to go around and no need to ice so many  poor camels’ arses on such a genocidal scale. Sometimes when we listen  cockamamie excuses like this we really arrive at  the conclusion that either the Education system “down under“has  let the poor wallabies down terribly- or the flocks of sheep in the OZ rural farmlands are not the only sheep around there. It appears there and lots of stray  sheep wandering in the streets of Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane , Sydney and in many other cities as well as in the corridors of  government institutions as well – strewth! 

Farmers across South Australia have been facing horrific drought conditions (pictured: A farmer checking his crop)


AN Australian farmer checking his dry crops

A massive cull of feral camels in South Australia has been ordered to stop the “pests ” from “wreaking havoc “ as they search for water in the drought-ravaged region.  Farmers across South Australia have been facing horrific drought conditions. (That is now the camels’ ‘ fault- NOT the humans that screwed-up nature with their chem-trailing, HAARP experiments , weather manipulation experiments and fracking.).We have been stuck in stinking hot and uncomfortable conditions, feeling unwell, because the camels are coming in and knocking down fences, getting in around the houses and trying to get to water through air conditioners,’‘ APY executive board member Marita Baker told The Australian. The feral camel population would double every nine years if a pest control plan is not undertaken,-  National Feral Camel Management Plan claimed. COOL– We hope the Australian government also apply the same technique to the ever exploding human population too that explodes at a rate of 80% every 5 years and emits MILLIONS of tons of carbon ­dioxide a year  . They can start the culling process in Chinaor do the world a BIG favor and start culling the useless LIBERALS!  ( We gladly will even send you some more sharp-shooters!!!) That would give the poor animals a breather at least. 

Now the camels will pay the ultimate price for the big “Global Warming” hoax:

A massive cull of feral camels in South Australia has been ordered to stop the pests from wreaking havoc as they search for water in the drought-ravaged region (pictured: camels grazing at Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory)

A massive cull of feral camels in South Australia has been ordered to stop the pests from wreaking havoc as they search for water in the drought-ravaged region (pictured: camels grazing at Kings Creek Station in the Northern Territory) QUESTION: What are the friggen wallabies gonna do with 10 000 dead camels anyway- start a meat export company to Saudi Arabia? BUT You can bet your furry arse on it that “someone ” is about to get stinking rich again selling camel meat….just follow the money-line. 

And as camels emit methane equivalent to one tonne of carbon ­dioxide a year, APY has called for the culling to result in award carbon credits being awarded. (OH MY  dear G-D...can you ever believe such horrible callousness? We all know “Earth Warming” is a bag of bullsh*t started by Bill Clinton and his liberal aide de camp Al Gore to benefit their buddies manufacturing ” Greenhouse” products! One wonders just HOW did they measure the camels’ farts…pushed a “fartmeter” up their arses or strap a paper bag around the camel’s arse and go weigh it after each fart in order to calculate how much each camel farts per day multiplied per month multiplied per year to get to this stupid conclusion to substantiate their unnecessary butchering of the camels?  This narrative sounds just as bizarre as their “carbon tax” hoax  sounds. ) Tim Moore, chief executive of carbon farming specialists RegenCo, said one million feral camels emitting the effect of a tonne of CO2 per year was the equivalent of an additional 400,000 cars on the road. Camels have been causing problems for locals as they go in search of water in the drought-ravaged region. ( Instead of starting to kill the poor camels- rather start killing the greedy oil barons that are polluting our atmosphere by exterminating environment friendly inventors and forcefully keep only oil driven cars on the road to line their ever bulging pockets. Furthermore  try to introduce natural energy such as Biofeul or Hydrofeul and environment friendly cars . But NO– this idiots rather would exterminate the poor camel population! And lastly- get rid of little pre-programmed android idiots such as Greta Thurnberg  )

  Executive board member Marita Baker says camels have been damaging homes trying to get water from air-conditioners. However, the Department of Energy and Environment said emissions from feral animals should not be considered in a country’s emissions estimate as they are not under domestic management. ‘Australia does not report on emissions from feral animals. Therefore, activities that change the emissions from feral animals cannot be subject to an Emissions Reduction Fund method, as they are unable to result in eligible carbon abatement and cannot contribute to Australia’s emissions reduction targets.’ Ever heard such mediocre bullsh*t? Flatulence creates global warming ? What a load of crap indeed! So now it’s the camels fault for so-called global warming because they fart  too much.  Not enough animals died so far- more must die to pease the ever bulging wallet of man. It seems the fires in Australia are having a damaging effect on it’s government- bringing back the legacy of their criminal ancestors. How are those water permits going for China for all the fracking operations across Australia?

Water restrictions for you, an endless supply for them: How a foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia’s H20 as the country suffers its worst drought ever. A  Singaporean company is selling Australian water for $490m to Canadian fund.  It comes as the tightest ever water restrictions are imposed on worried citizens. Olam is selling 89,085 megalitres of its permanent water rights in Australia. A multi-billion dollar Singaporean food company is selling 89,000 megalitres of Australian water to a Canadian pension fund.  The mega sale of Australian permanent water rights comes as the country is crippled by one of the worst droughts in its history- but now the poor camels have to pay the price for a foreign racketeering scam.  On Tuesday, NSW brought in a complete ban on hoses as part of the toughest water restrictions implemented for more than a decade.   We hope that miniature  Soros handybitch Greta Thurnberg  and her idiot worshipers are happy now! 









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