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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent  Pretoria  January 11  2020

Ramaphosa wants to plunder Northern Cape mineral deposits on empty promises






“If you cannot effect deep structural economic reforms, then game over! Stay as you are and you are down graded to Junck (sic) Status!! The consequences are dire. Your choice,” – Tito Mboweni- Twitter 09 January 2020

” Chew this bit – we can talk about it one day. The big news on the TV news channels in Australia is that the cost of catastrophic forest fires is already $ 700 million. 1 800 houses, cars, installations, buildings, villages, etc. was destroyed. That figure was set by the Insurers Council, which is now negotiating with the Federal Government. $ 700 million = R7 000 million = R7 billion ZA. The cost of Medupi power station was R200 billion. It is currently operating at 60% of its capacity 7 years after its intended completion date. This means that the huge damage done by forest fires in Australia is still only 3.5% of Medupione power plant in S.A. – cost is !!! I don’t think South Africans really realize how our money is stolen!”- ANNON

WHILE Mr. ” The Great Savior” of Azanian “mankind“- Cyril Ramaphosa is running around  like an Easter Bunny to investors and his unhappy and mostly starving “people” alike – feeding them bags full of Ambrosia mixed with soothing promises and  filled with colorful  rainbows ending in pots  of gold on the road to El Dorado which will be waiting for them at the end of his rainbow fantasies  the ominous clouds of a financial perdition meanwhile  is approaching over the mountain tops towards  the ANC’s little “Rainbow” dreamworld itself.It now has become a rolling thunder with “junk status” written all over it. 



Facts and fantasies



The message from the outlook downgrades by Moody’s and S&P is that SA’s public finances are in an increasingly intractable crisis, given the dim prospect that the government will implement the economic and fiscal reforms to halt their slide. When Moody’s cut SA’s ratings outlook to “negative” early in November, leaving SA on the cusp of junk, it signaled its “rising concern” that the government would not find the political capital to press ahead with intended reforms, and that its plans would be largely ineffective in lifting growth. S&P made much the same point at the weekend, noting that factions within the ANC have blocked key reforms to the labor market and state enterprises. It’s a crushing verdict. Essentially, the main ratings agencies think it’s increasingly unlikely that Cyril Ramaphosa will halt SA’s slide. Ever valiant, the National Treasury’s goal is still to stabilize the debt ratio. It has warned of dire consequences should SA fail to do so: mounting debt service costs and escalating interest rates would raise the cost of borrowing and squeeze out government’s ability to provide services. SA is possibly already at a point where the deterioration in its public finances has become irreversible. The ratings agencies understand this — even if SA’s politicians and trade unionists do not.

All the plans devised to reignite the economy of the country will be stillborn so long as the ANC continues to pursue its socialist/communist program. Even as Tito Mboweni proclaims his plans for the recovery, the ANC persists with its plans for expropriation of property without compensation, compulsory equity transfers, control of the “commanding heights” and the dogged pursuit of the communist-inspired national democratic revolution. The ANC is surely the only governing party in a constitutional democracy, under the rule of law, that remains wedded to the rhetoric of revolution. The melancholic truth is that, over a period of 25 years of ANC rule, the country has been systematically legislated for failure. A country with the natural resources, natural skills, enterprise and sound infrastructure of SA does not fall into poverty through misadventure. It happens by design.

At the beginning of the democratic era 25 years ago, SA was one of the most admired countries worldwide. Coupled with the existing benefits, the wellspring of international goodwill was sufficient to have sustained a rate of economic growth that would have quickly overcome all the residual social and economic problems, endemic inequality included. The country might also have had one of the best, instead of one of the worst, education systems in the world. Instead of capitalizing on the existing benefits, the ANC set about a systematic process of destruction. Motivated by its communist and trade union allies, as well as its own ideological inclinations, it began a program not to undo the bad laws of the past, but to install a raft of new bad laws, each with an underlying hostility towards individual liberty, private enterprise and the resultant creation of employment opportunities.

Existing labor legislation was broadened and intensified in a way that cast the employer as the villain and the process of employment of labor as a manifestation of exploitation. In the process, the perceived victim-hood of the employee became the actual subordination of the employer. The result was plainly predictable: the relationship between employer and employee became increasingly adversarial, with the diminishing spoils of the economy the prize of contestation. The attempt to clean out the Augean stables of state corruption over a period of 10 years has been systematically thwarted by the acknowledged fact that known criminals in state employ enjoy statutory protection of a sort that makes it practically impossible to effect the removal of their toxic presence from state and quasi-state enterprises.

What is seen instead is the “redeployment” of “cadres” to other high-paying positions, frequently at a higher salary and with more status than that for which they are at present disqualified. This is particularly evident in political and related activities. The disincentive of productive enterprise also goes to the source of economic activity. In mining, it has long been the practice that in order to obtain or retain licences, which, under the revised mining dispensation, are awarded at the government’s pleasure, several onerous (and financially ruinous) preconditions are imposed in exchange for the privilege conferred. These include a list of social obligations — more properly the terrain of governmental responsibility — and the requirement of equity transfer for the purposes of BEE, the proportion of which has grown over the years.The result of these disincentives to the risk of mining production is that the industry has shrunk to a fraction of its former size, with many companies having exited the industry for more profitable and less onerous opportunities abroad. Foreign funding of this capital-intensive industry has disappeared.

Then there is the government’s obdurate insistence on maintaining its hold on insolvent state-owned enterprises (SOEs). These have been eviscerated by years of gross mismanagement and theft, which has put enormous strain on state finances as a result of the persistent demand for working capital. Eskom and SAA are two prime examples, but there are many more besides. Partial or complete privatization is the only viable alternative, but a socialist/communist agenda stands in the way. The government’s insistence on proceeding with the potentially ruinous National Health Insurance (NHI) plan, notwithstanding the complete absence of a comprehensive costing exercise, is a further example of how ideology prevails over common sense. Those who have done the exercise have produced figures that would be unaffordable, even for an economy not already burdened by the incurred costs of Eskom, SAA and others.

In addition, knowledgeable individuals have expressed the view that the implementation of the plan would lead to an exodus of health-care professionals and the resultant collapse of this critical service. The one trial run of the program, undertaken on government initiative and at the cost of billions, produced no discernible positive results. Dedicated taxation is not used in a dedicated way. The fuel tax, which comprises about 40% of the pump price, is nominally used by the government to build and maintain the roads system. In practice, new roads and some existing ones attract an additional tax in the form of toll fees and the much-despised e-toll system in Gauteng. What then happens to the 40%? It goes, one may surmise, on to a general account from which Eskom, SAA and others are maintained on life-support. SA taxpayers are burdened by one of the most onerous tax regimes in the world. This would be bad enough if there were commensurate benefits to be derived from the taxation, but this is not so. In addition to the inordinately high levels of personal tax, the individual must provide, at own expense, health care, schooling, security, pension and other related benefits normally associated with high rates of taxation. Tax is paid twice over. This is yet another reason for the high rate of emigration from the country. An eminent politician once said of this phenomenon, “good riddance”. Sadly, it is the best and most productive individuals who have chosen to go this route. It has now been statistically demonstrated that the majority of those leaving are black.

Ramaphosa’s time for his little “ Mr. Nice Guy” charades is running out fast and he now slowly is revealing himself to the world. The ANC for 25 years created a fake world of fantasy where only communist kings with slippery tongues rule supreme and cadre knights with sticky fingers in shining German manufactured armor ride the tide of self induced prosperity. Like a prince John out of a Nottingham fable Ramaphosa usurped the throne in the absence of  the true King and as the folklore goes did he also want revenge against the white Robin Hood who simply does not want to bow to his rule. And as with Prince John did Ramaphosa also impose the burden of exuberant taxes on the nation through his sheriff Pravin Gordhan to rob the poor in order to feed the rich “polatriat” in their little  ivory Lethuli-House tower. But now the ANC and Prince Ramaphosa’s fairy tale is about to come to an end. The ANC knights are getting desperate as their reign of terror and corruption is about to crumble and their house of cards is about to come tumbling down soon.

Ramaphosa is not only a con-artist- but also a fake. He knows he is a fake- we know he is a fake- and unfortunately the investors also knows he and his little party of Robber Island purloins are all nothing but a scandalous wily bunch of lusus naturae (freaks of nature)  – busy bamboozling a poor nation of credulous dunderheads to feed their own  unquenchable thirst  for power and riches. PT Barnum once mentioned that “ there is a   sucker born every minute.” And Ramaphosa-like his predecessors and the ANC gangland- quickly realized that  with the “majority” in South Africa  there is a sucker born  in fact every second. And ironically most of them que in front of the ANC voting booths during election times. BUT as the saying goes:” Birds of the same feather flocks together” we suppose.

The ANC’s deception and corruption is catching up with them fast as reality now dominates fantasy. In their drunken stuporious  hunt for  power , their brutal arrogance and naked kleptocracy they either neglect to pay attention to the ominous signs or deliberately  ignored the multiple warnings of much wiser advisory in the realm of economics. Whatever the reason be- the ANC now is stumbling  into one trap after the other- traps they themselves prepared  for others to fall into. They got entrapped in the maze of economical turmoil and civil disobedience. The ANC should NEVER have been a government at all in the first instance. They have been terrorist criminals throughout their existence and it does not matter whether you dress a criminal in a uniform or a Gucci suit and give him a Rolex  wristwatch instead of a AK 47- he still stays a criminal. And here is where specifically white liberals totally lost touch with reality. They still are under the delusional misconception you can rehabilitate a dirty ANC communist criminal to suddenly become a blessed “democrat.” It simply will not happen. A snake is a snake- whether you treat him as a wild snake or a pet snake- he still stays a snake irrespective how many times he shed his skin. And that is where we find the communist ANC today- still shedding their skin occasionally depending on how the political climate changes around them. But they still are snakes honoring the red serpent gods of power in Britain. Their ideology never changed, their jealous warmongering character never changed- their natural adaptation to corruption and thievery never changed , their deep rooted hatred against the white never changed, their brutal massacre against the whites and even  their own kind never changed, Their lies and deception never changed, their greed never changed, their incompetence to run a country never changed and their ultimate objective to murder all whites and turn South Africa into a 3rd world socialist slum never changed as well.


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While the rest of the country is suffering in poverty the new affiliated black “elite” washes their hands in Blue chip. 


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The ANC is rumoured to have splashed R50 million on its birthday celebrations this year – Despite this, some supporters staged an impromptu protest over the lack of food and dignity afforded to them . Elderly supporters and children were allegedly left in the lurch without sustenance and accommodation . In the words of Marie Antoinette:  “Let them eat cake…” said to the peasants and bourgeois. When the kleptocracy is on a splurging spree they do it with STYLE– like the memorial services  they held for the queen of murders Winnie Madikizela -Mandela and two other ANC veteran terrorists that  cost taxpayers a whopping R76 millionIt sure is convenient to waste other people’s money- now is it not? 



The road to destruction


Since this bastard children of the lesser god was given the ultimate prize of a fully and healthy functioning country on a platter by the wretched National Party caputelators and the “Deep State’s” Big Corp in 1994- they have done nothing but totally ruined the country physically, economically as well as  financially – and created deep divisions between racial lines- transforming the country into a  state of a minority mob of super rich corrupt political and corporate  affiliated criminal activists –  and a majority of impoverished state paupers who is living in a virtual reality between  fake illusions of state granted prosperity and  the horrible empty  reality of filthy squatter camps. So the question still lingers as to why are they still the “ruling party” of South Africa then? The last election was rigged and rotten with corruption and should have been declared a miserable failure. Both Zuma and Ramaphosa was not elected as presidents- but as sneaky and corrupt as they are did they both bamboozled and bribed their way into the top seat and substantiated their reign by proxy…..dirty corporate proxy that is.  Yet here we have the same bunch of corrupt dirty political thieves still in control? What are we  missing here- is it our own logic to differentiate between good and evil , right and wrong to act accordingly and kick these political and corporate mobs out that is letting us down terribly? 


Image may contain: nature, possible text that says 'Experts say that vast deserts and the absence of life may indicate that Mars was once run by the ANC.'


Ramaphosa and his ANC miscreants  in Lethuli-House has totally ruined the country. For 25 years they have been looting the state coffers, destroying the socio-economic structure and waged a vindictive pseudo war against the citizens of South Africa. Their ponzi-regime never had any intention of putting the country’s best interests at heart. The main objective was to capture the state as soon as their fake Mandela went to the Hadean ANC office. When their demi-god departed at last these political degenerates who now referred to themselves as the “democratically elected” gang-bangers immediately went on a destructive looting campaign in order to enrich themselves as fast as the taxpayer could produce the means. For 25 years the public became mere helpless spectators of how a country should NOT be ” governed“- IF we might use that term loosely now and then. The banality of this  “socialist”  filles de joies  robbing the country’s resources, how they carelessly were squandering tax money, how they plundered the state coffers, earning themselves ebullient salaries , carelessly let all state institutions and provincial infrastructures grind to a screeching halt and how they arrogantly and nonchalantly dodge prosecution simply left us gobsmacked to say the least.




Joining the trough

There is about not a SINGLE financial perversity in the cookbook of reprobation that they have not tried or committed- money laundering, dirty deals, scandals, state capture, tax evasion, tender fraud,  market abuse and insider dealing, sharing of information security,  blackmail, social engineering scams, smuggling, assassinations, embezzlement, forgery, financing of private  terrorist armies and bribery – you name it- is is all there.   These “socialist”   criminals in Lethuli-House are always developing innovative tactics in order to stay ahead of the prosecution and  increasingly perpetrating large-scale tactics  to fund their murky operations and activities to  dishonestly generate wealth  for the “elite” at the  top.  Each and every so-called “president “ after 1994 abused  their positions and powers to loot the coffers . And as the country sank deeper into a financial catastrophe  did  external corporate  fraudsters collided  with the mob in Lethuli-House to achieve bigger and better tender fraud results more easily. The Guptas, Watsons, Kebbles, Oppenheimers, Ruperts, Agliottis, Ackermans, Soros, Rothschilds, Renwicks – you name them- there is a whole list of notorious corporate gangsters that played  habitué exponents or patrons to the Mob bosses in order for lucrative tender deals or mining shares. The possibilities for making money illicitly by these “socialist” hoodlums are seemingly endless. To the ANC  white collar criminals, the risks appear low in a country with about no security left  and the returns are  high. The poor South African rainbow sheep were left speechless by the amount of  financial crimes committed by the ANC white collar “tsotsi’s “  which has taken on a whole new dimension .

A Fairy tale coming to an end



25 Years of plundering, pillaging, stealing, cronyism, corruption and embezzlement has taken it’s toll on the country- taken it’s toll to such a bad extend that even the Crime Syndicate Inc. on top now suddenly realized South Africa has reached a point of no return . Their fairy tale of infinite riches and power “ ’till Jesus comes”  began to fall apart.  With about each and every state department, each and every province, each and every SOE and municipality now reflecting the same sordid image something drastically has to be done to stop the runaway train from smashing itself to smithereens against the concrete barrier waiting for it at the end of the line. While all state departments stare a financial abyss in the eye-another omen is looming as well.  A downgrade by Moody’s Investors Service could see the rand fall to a record low- which means South Africa will run into a full recession. The rand, which defied a stagnant domestic economy to post an annual gain in 2019, could drop by almost a third in 2020 if SA loses its last investment-grade rating as is widely expected, according to one of the country’s largest wealth managers. A downgrade would send shock waves through bond markets, Citadel’s chief economist, Maarten Ackerman, said in a research note  a week or two ago.. SA’s fiscal picture is bleak and deteriorating, and the ponzi-regime hasn’t yet been able to get any real traction in dealing with the structural issues strangling the economy, he said. The ANC and their “socialist” fairy tale  was fast running out of other people’s money.

Even the “Stellenbosch Mafia” is jittery about the country’s future. Johann Rupert, the chair of Remgro and Richemont who has always been vocal about his loyalty to SA (his private plane bears the national springbok symbol), has started to doubt the country’s future. His children live in England — he thinks it’s better that way. “When they are here [in SA] we don’t sleep. When they were here, they couldn’t go out in public without being insulted. It affected my family,” he says. It’s a surprising and depressing sentiment from a man who heads two companies in the JSE top 40, with luxury goods group Richemont sixth, and industrial operator Remgro, which has stakes in Mediclinic and FirstRand among others, at 25th. The self-styled Afro-optimist doesn’t believe he’ll stay in the country if things don’t change drastically. “I’ve told some in government and the ANC in private as much: if Sars ever again tries to sabotage me … I have been by far the highest individual taxpayer in this country for the past 20 years. Our family companies are the biggest payers of dividends from outside into the country, more than what the rest of the JSE does combined,” he says.


South Africa – Email Campaign Update 13 Jan 2020

Posted by Mark Williamson on Monday, January 13, 2020


Everyone should please email the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, House Committee on Foreign Affairs: Send one email just to this address (copy me in if you want:


Trying to repair the blunders by taking all the wrong decisions the communist way

But things are turning for the worst for South Africa under a ponzi scheme type of government. Racism and political affiliation played a mayor role- as well as the   25-year  old “We will buy your support with state grants” agenda driven by the ANC socialist  les miserables in charge now showed it’s ugly reality. The masses they have been bribing with state grants in exchange for votes meanwhile spawned like rabbits and nearly doubled their population with millions of freeloaders filling the seats of the gravy-train’s rear guard – demanding more and more from their ANC “feeders” every day. They are getting restless because the state coffers are now empty.  Ramaphosa and his psycho ilk are now wedged between the devil and the deep blue sea- their own monster they kindled for years came back to bite them. And bite them they will.  South Africa experienced more than 1000 violent “service delivery”  riots during the 2019 year. And there is no more taxes to suck dry in order to keep on feeding their exploding rioting leeches. Most middle-class white taxpayers have been bulldozered out of the labor market and who now also became part of the jobless statistic,-  the rest fled out of the country- and businesses close their doors faster than a nun could close her legs  during her first date out with the parish gardener. Investors fled and potential investors rather “diplomatically” shy the South African communist abortion.

The  tax base of South Africa is shrinking ever so fast while the liability list on the other hand  is growing out of proportion. . One of the first paragraphs in the annual tax report published by National Treasury and the South African Revenue Service (Sars) gives one of the main reasons why public infrastructure is deteriorating and living standards for a large section of the population are falling. “In the last few years, SA’s economy has significantly underperformed. Economic growth has lagged behind global and emerging markets, real GDP has grown slower than population growth for five consecutive years and our current GDP performance on a per capita basis is the weakest since the 1960s,” according to the authors of Tax Statistics 2019. The figures supplied by the authorities show the stark truth: a handful of taxpayers cannot afford to fund the hospitals, schools, roads, libraries, water networks, postal services, police protection and a range of social grants for a population of 56 million (and increasing). Although only 75% of returns had been assessed at the date the report was published, available data shows that 97% of total personal income tax paid was collected from fewer than three million individuals in the past tax year. That is three million people who the rest of the citizens in SA are leaning on to support them with infrastructure and, in millions of cases, help with food, free education and healthcare. Just more than two million people, earning between R200 000 and R750 000 per annum, paid 44% of all the personal income tax collected in SA in 2018/2019.

We need money-and fast….

And it is amidst this mosaic of disasters that Cyril Ramaphosa decided that if the “cradle of mankind “ ever needed a “savior” such as himself – then this is it. His ego (and money) got the better of his judgement  and subsequently he bribed the court jesters and usurped the throne of the real King without pondering about  the consequences too long.  But Ramaphosa- in all his flamboyant “greatness “ was in for a shocking surprise.  He just became “king” of a country now resembling a financial and socio-economical wasteland- plundered and ravaged by his own pack of Hyenas in Lethuli-House.  He realized he stepped into a fish tin from which he will not so easily escape and the situation is much worse than he could have contemplated in his wildest nightmare.  The Criminal Inc. also came to the same conclusion- but where normal logic dictates that it is now the time either to abdicate their throne and hand over the reign to a government that actually have the ability and competency to govern a country- or sack 90% of the useless cadre deployment echelon in parliament and on provincial level – and replace them with genuine administrators and people that have some degree of patriotism for the country and it’s people- Cyril and his Criminal Inc. realized  the goose laying the golden eggs was busy dying. Their socialist dream  is fast running out of other people’s money. They need a cash injection and they need it fast. The masses were  becoming more restless as one after the other service provider cease to function and violent riots and protests became the order of the day. Blaming whites for all the corruption  and chasing white “racists” in newspapers to divert the attention away from the utter mismanagement of the country became lesser and lesser an option anymore. The ANC hive was getting desperate. Thus they decide to play the last “Ace” they had up their sleeve- Steal the white man’s property and give it to the black masses to chew on so long  while Ramaphosa and his ilk regroup and plan their next move out of this predicament they themselves created through their own greed.  Cyril then was sent on an international “road show” to drum up some financial bail out for the terrible mess his little terrorist party created . And it was then that Cyril & Co decided to do what they do best to salvage what they had f*cked up- – cling to power and revert to STEALING.


Stealing from the poor to feed the rich..


First Cyril announced his “master-plan” during an event which  he called ” -“Advancing the African Agenda on the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Digital Transformation.” :”  There is a greater sense of optimism among our people. Our people are hopeful about the future. Business confidence among South African companies has improved and foreign investors are looking anew at opportunities in our country,” he said. “Our task, as South Africans, is to”seize this moment ” of hope and renewal, and to work together to ensure that it makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our people,” the Squirrel  announced. “ It requires tough decisions to be made to close the fiscal gap, stabilize debt and restore the health of state-owned enterprises.” the man announced. Cyril then revealed his “master-plan” how he plans  to tackle the mountain of  uncountable challenges they themselves created. Now to the standard dunderhead this plan sounds like then perfect solution for a quick remedy. But for more watchful and more skeptic analysts this sounds too much like something they have heard so many times before- just rephrased to make it sound “new. “ They also are quite aware that under the ANC pharaohs  it failed then- and it surely will fail now. Lots of talk, lots of promises- and lots of hot air. Cyril even mentioned that he believes there are “trillions of rand waiting for SA to “grab” if it can keep pace with the digital revolution and create its own version of “Silicon Valley, “– the San Francisco home to the world’s largest high-tech firms, including Apple and Facebook, as well as thousands of start-up companies. The digital revolution called on the state to be a risk taker and be entrepreneurial, he said during his keynote address at the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) digital economy summit in Johannesburg. Ramasquirrel  said the digital economy was valued at about R5-trillion, which he described as money that is “waiting for us to go out and grab in industries such as agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, and financial services”. The crowd like it- they went mad and cheered this new master and his wonderful economic revolutionary ideas. The man is a champion!!


It was then that the Squirrel dropped the first bombshell as how he and his cronies plan to fund this “industrial revolution.” ” South Africa should discuss using (stealing) worker pension funds to finance development and infrastructure projects- a proposal that has the backing of the country’s largest labor federation” ( obviously Cyril has buddies in COSATU- we know) – the man announced. “We need to discuss this matter of “prescribed assets”  and we need to discuss it with a view to actually saying what is it we can do to utilize the various “resources” (your pension funds and investments ) in our country to generate growth in a purposeful manner”- the Squirrel announced. The crowd suddenly fell silent…..the man is a lunatic!  Then Cyril dropped the next bombshell: ”  The National Health Insurance is here to stay.(We are going to steal your Health Insurance contributions too.) Government would not change its mind on rolling out the National Health Insurance (NHI). – the man said. ( The previous week billions of rands was wiped from the Johannesburg stock exchange when the NHI bill was introduced in Parliament for processing. The Democratic Alliance and other parties are threatening legal action to test the constitutionality of the bill. ) “I feel sorry for those who have lost money but losses on the stock exchange happen from time to time…we cannot say because of that we should now abandon the 84 percent of our people who need to gain and benefit from national healthcare.” the Squirrel rambled on.(Ramaphosa is quite happy that other people looses money and not himself)  ” Some people opposed to the National Health Insurance (NHI) are “opposed to transformation ” against the backdrop of massive” inequality ” in the health sector. “In South Africa, we are confronting severe” inequality,”  where around R250 billion is spent on the 16% of the population who have access to private health care, while only R220 billion goes towards health care for the rest of the population,” (What Cyril did not explain is that the 16% are paying expensively out of their own pockets for their private health care at decent institutions while the “rest” gets health care for free in filthy under equipped and sub-standard  state slaughter houses Ramaphosa and his ilk created and were responsible for themselves due to their own corruption and mismanagement by ANC card wavers. ) The crowd now start looking towards the exists before this is getting real messy  and they get robbed from their “assets” there and then. 

Then the Squirrel dropped the third decisive blow to the stunned audience: ” “I agree with honorable Malema that we will not solve the social ills confronting South Africa without addressing the question of land,” he said. “  I am committed to making good on delivering changes to the constitution which would explicitly allow for expropriation without compensation. (We are going to steal your property without paying a single dime for it too!) “Parliament will have to deal with the Land Expropriation Without Compensation Bill to achieve agrarian reform and “spatial justice. ” We want to make all rights visible,” the champion said. “Given the chance, our people are able to rise to the top and that is what we are seeking to do,” he continued. The crowd quietly start sneaking  out of the audience  to go and hide their property deeds. Thanks to Ramaphosa’s arrogant flamboyance  we all now know what is going  happen when the ANC starts to take “risks”- it will be  done solely for their own selfish enrichment and   at someone else’ s expense. But making other people suffer is a small sacrifice Cyril and his “socialist” gangsters are willing to risk. That is socialism for you. 

Cyril’s quest to disown local white farmers in order to please his new Chinese loan-sharks



Image may contain: text

The South African civil rights organisation AfriForum has released a damning report indicating that land expropriation without compensation is a government plot aimed at handing over the country’s natural resources to China. The ruling African National Corruption (ANC), along with the Economic Freedom F*ck-ups (EFF), is determined to amend section 25 of the Constitution, allowing for the expropriation of land without compensation as a means to fast-track land reform. The ANC have previously described this as ‘land affirmative action’, aimed at “redressing the effects of oppressive property laws which dispossessed the majority of South Africans under white-minority rule. ” The issue of land distribution is arguably the fiercest flashpoint in South Africa – with many landowners fearing that the populist rhetoric will ultimately result in the destruction of private property laws. AfriForum has fought vehemently against the proposed motion of expropriation – embarking on international tours aimed at exposing the plight of the white farmer and gaining support in the face of minority dispossession and displacement. The rights group now says it has solid proof of collusion between the governments of South Africa and China which aims to add another dimension to the already convoluted land expropriation debate.

This trial phase focuses on 139 farms which are due to be expropriated without compensation. While the government has refused to release information relating to the targeted properties, AfriForum dropped a bombshell by releasing a list, which they say, lists farms on the government’s expropriation radar. Upon releasing the document, which was said to have originated from the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, AfriForum stated: “We expect that many a land owner will be shocked to learn that their property has been identified for this purpose. This is exactly why it is so important that the list be shared and for people to contact us.” 



Stroking  the communist fiddle

Though the term “communism” can refer to specific political parties, at its core, communism is an ideology of economic equality through the elimination of private property. The beliefs of communism, most famously expressed by Karl Marx, center on the idea that” inequality “and” suffering “ result from capitalism. Ramaphosa , Malema , Mngxitama , Big Corp and the British Reds establishment behind them have this uncanny illusion that they simply can ejaculate and bulldozer  another demonic set of laws through their corrupt “parliament” – and whites and other minority groups will simply “ lie down and die”  when the uncivilized black hordes descend on private property to “expropriate” it illegally. That is part of their communist manifesto- to mobilize the masses to obliterate any form of private ownership. Ramaphosa not only is living in his own very distorted socialist dreamworld- but he also is arrogant by stating that once he and his cronies wanked the “land expropriation” agenda through their dominated parliament- there is “nothing” especially white farmers and white  urban property owners can do. He bargains on the back-up of “his people” (see how cleverly he is using trickery and the spinning words to create the impression he is doing it for the “people?” )  Meanwhile Ramaphosa cares a sh*t about “his people.” It is all about his “masters’”  commands and himself.  Ramaphosa and his bastard concubine Malema is the main instigators seeking to ignite a civil war.  They bargain on their security forces and city councils to intimidate and enforce their  socialist horrors onto the victims of their ill-fabricated nightmare. This has nothing to do with his “our people” – and everything to do with their own communist  agenda to steal and control everything. This is nothing less than what Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung , Kenyatta, General Sani Abacha, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Fidel Castro,Nicolae Ceauşescu,Che Guevara,Erich Honecker,Vladimir Lenin,Omar Al-Bashir, Mugabe and many other deranged communist despots did in the past. And in every instance did their reign end with a brutal civil war. That is the legacy of  Ramaphosa’s so-called “socialism” and communism. It never worked.

Socialism Fails Every Time

Socialism is becoming cool again in America, under the nice name "democratic socialism". But Gloria Alvarez ‏says to Americans: watch out! She saw socialism destroy countries in Latin America.

Posted by John Stossel on Friday, July 12, 2019


Preparing for a civil war


For years the reptiles in the ANC hive prepared for this day when a civil war will be imminent- they have been funding and training illegal private militia on the mainly white tax payer’s cost. African dictators have a history of becoming  some of the richest people in the world and leading a country filled with the poorest. They can kill and starve their people with impunity while lining their own pockets. They treat the land and lives of millions as their own personal playgrounds, making people work to increase the fortune of their evil leaders while they face brutal reprisals if they don’t adhere to the self manufactured laws to enrich only the small  “elite” at the top.  Ramaphosa is trying to turn on the heat under that white frogs now. A Civil war is brewing – and Ramaphosa is bargaining on his private armies, the British and Big Corp funded EFF and  “security forces” to adequately squash any white up-rise or retaliation against this blatant property  theft while they ( ANC and EFF gang bangers) themselves will  be hiding behind their security walls and private security guards like the  cowards they are- giggling like premature school girls at all the action and chaos they have created.  Once all hell brake loose these political criminals will be the first to jump ship and high-tail for safer havens they already established in countries such as Dubai.


This is the typical modus operandi  of dictators throughout history. They change the laws to suit their own evil agendas at first- then create chaos and mayhem in their countries by taking erratic decisions which only suit their own selfish narratives . By exploitation of  the illiterate and impoverished masses through malicious propaganda, lies and deception – they use the “majority” as a vehicle to drive their Machiavellian agendas.These tyrannizers usually enrich themselves and their cronies at the cost of their impoverished supporters .  When a civil up-rise or Tunisian Spring eventually occur against their Orwellian wretchedness – they are quickly to flee and go hide in other countries. Dictators such as Al Bashir, Pappa Doc Duvalier , Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Robert Mugabe were fine examples of this perfidious agenda.


Ramaphosa and Malema are no new additives to this notorious list of dictators and despots. Ramaphosa is following not only the communist handbook- but he is closely repeating what so many communist tyrants have been doing in the past. Ramaphosa is busy selling South Africa and it’s resources out to the Chinese in order to line his own pockets with lucrative “back-handers. ” Eskom already is partially sold out to the Chinks through excessive loans– and South Africa’s mining rights also is fast getting a “Made in China” label too. Ramaphopsa and his ANC dregs have NO right to sell South African assets to foreign vultures- but the ANC in all their arrogance treats the country as their own personal property to do what they want- hiding behind the “masses”– or “our people” while they do their dastardly and treacherous deeds against the country and it’s people. Bottom-line is if Ramaphosa and Malema are not stopped in time with their socialist madness , treason against the people – and their reckless “expropriation”  insanity- they will do much worse and inflict more irreparable damage to the country  than Jacob Zuma ever could imagine to inflict. 



SO – HERE we have Ramaphosa and all his “sweet talk” to plunder the Pension Funds, Health Care contributions AND to top it off- ALL the property of the citizenry in one single swipe!  And eerily the populace are quite happy with that? Whites must not be misled by the apparent “patriotism” and “compassion” Ramaphosa want them to believe he has for the country and “his people.” Ramaphosa is a fake. He has a long history of extortion, smuggling , murder, shady deals and already expressed his hatred for whites on many occasions in no uncertain terms.( For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.  It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.- Corinthians 11:14)  It is only liberal bumble heads such as Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp, Sloet De Villiers, FW De Klerk , Roelf Meyer and the bunch of white liberal traitors in the ANC and EFF that will still succumb to the obvious lies and deception of Ramaphosa and his commi ilk. Lest us not forget the psychopaths behind the Main Stream Media propaganda machines as well. But then again money sometimes blurs or deliberately obstruct logic reasoning. The Communist Manifesto reflects an attempt to explain the goals of Communism, as well as the theory underlying this movement. It argues that class struggles, or the exploitation of one class by another, are the motivating force behind all historical developments.What Ramaphosa is doing then  is a classic example of an extraction from their own  communist cookbook :




JUNE 1993

The Success Story: Our Struggle For Liberation

  1. The armed and constant threat of violence forced the white, spineless regime to negotiate for so called peace.

  2. The psychological warfare through the churches to create a guilt complex with whites was a victory over Christians.

  3. The MASS ACTION was a successful method to rip the nation economy to pieces and create panic in the rich settlers.

  4. The constant uproar in Black Education is the fourth try for liberation through education because the white regime simply cannot meet all our demands.

  5. All four tactical attacks leaves the regime powerless and gradually giving in to our demands.

  6. All these help to create a feeling of helplessness and dispair and to loose confidence in their government.

Be careful not to upset the farmers too much before we gain control over the SAP and SADF.

  1. The constant pressure of violence and economic uncertainty force De Klerkto surrender power to the suppressed people like in Namibia.


The greatest fear of the white settler is to loose his job, his farm or his house and all the luxuries! This will enable the new DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT to tax them to the utmost while our comrades in MK and APLA continue with their part of the struggle.

  1. Surplus land will be redistributed among our people.

  2. All positions in public service will be replaced by comrades.

  3. The security forces will be reconstructed with our comrades to protect our people. Whites were protected for 350 years. Get them experience to be second class citizens!

  4. No ammunition will be available to white settlers.

  5. Health institutions will be africanised and whites will pay according to their income to enable thus to contribute to their liberated brothers.

  6. Some white schools will be allowed because most settlers will pay their last cent for white education and this will provide some money for our people.

  7. Pension funds and insurance companies collected billions over the years, will be to our disposal for education of our comrades in years to cost.



It resembles the goals and objectives of the communist manifesto of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The red color of most trade unions as well as the EFF-  linked with the direction Ramaphosa , Malema and their  cronies now are heading for signals a full  communist take over of South Africa if not stopped in time. The disarmament of whites, the white genocide , farm attacks ,  land expropriation, nationalization of privately owned assets, onslaught against the Pension Funds and Health Care all are part of this take over. Ramaphosa totally changed his direction from a Western ideology to a fully communist foundation. This is why he dumped the USA as a trading partner in exchange for China as well.

Hierdie sogenaamde regering van Suid-Afrika het so 'n vriendskap met Sjina dat hulle nie besef wat Sjina se planne eintlik is nie. As hulle hul oë uitvee wil Sjina sy lenings betaal hê of hy vat net bates in Suid-Afrika oor.Hier is 'n video wat meer agtergrond gee.

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BUT when was it that South Africa was facing  her final chapter? 



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When TREASON steps in- honesty steps out- it is the law of society. ( Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?2 Corinthians 6:14)

The Afrikaner Broederbond– a small treacherous clique of greedy psychopathic mass murderers that decided the fate and destroyed a whole proud nation and their once prosperous country. 


IT has been many years now that the warning went out that South Africa is starting to face troublesome times ahead, – many years that warnings were sent out that the communist ANC will drag South Africa into the bottomless pit. But for too long was this red omen tolerated- for too long did academic and businessman alike pussyfoot around with all kinds of excuses, smart terms and very mediocre resistance. Even when the worst kind of mobster- Jacob Zuma– ascended the throne and torn South Africa’s economy apart- was there nothing more than a feeble voice of damnation. It was specifically this kind of lame-duck behavior that empowered  the rest of the demons in Britain and Lethuli-House to expand their evil reign to new levels of corruption and oppression – and out of this Pandora’s Box were spawned arrogance and the direct onslaught on the last remains of freedom to speak and freedom to own in the form of Ramaphosa and Malema.


“Expose the extremists. Those morons from South Africa. Those Economic Freedom Fighters. THEY ARE WORSE THAN ISIS, 90% of will not argue your statement as they are pushing a once peace-loving nation closer to a civil war.”


This two prophets of doom were the direct result that manifested  out of the ignorance of the South African nation to deal with the deadly monster when it still was  in it’s infant stage. For too long too much kindling, too much liberal  talks, too much tolerance and too much careless behavior was at the order of the day. Now it became a direct threat to the national security and the very existence of the nation itself. South Africa now is at the crossroads. It now reached the stage that the nation as a whole- white,black,Indian and colored- face this deadly threat with their backs against the wall. The fate of the country and it’s peoples now rest on the shoulders of those left that have no other choice but either to fight the red dragon and all it’s foreign plundering  swarms as activists and patriots of the country to save the nation and the next generation from total inhalation- or to succumb as traitors and cowardly sell-outs  in the process. Life is all about choices- You decide which one you choose…the blue pill…or the red one. 





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White Nation