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Article posted by: White Nation Editorial Cape Town January 14  2020






Medupi and Kusile tenders was corrupt from day one







ESKOM was forced to implement stage 6 load shedding in December – its worst-ever blackout – sending the country into a panic as not many people were aware of what that stage actually meant for them. Municipalities too were caught off-guard, with Johannesburg electricity distributor City Power saying at the time that it had no load-shedding schedule for Stage 6.

The year is 2020, and generation and maintenance challenges continue to mount at the state company which generates 96% of South Africa’s electricity. As a result, all municipalities have been advised to adjust their load shedding schedule up to stage 8, the Buffalo City Municipality said in a statement on Saturday (11 January). With each stage representing a curtailment of 5% of the national load, stage 8 will equate to 40% of the load being shed, the municipality said. Stage 4 will typically result in consumers being without power for a total of 24 hours spread out over four days, or a total of 48 hours over eight days. However, Eskom has since revised its schedule to include up to eight different stages, and as much as 8,000 MW shed from the national grid.

During stage 8 load shedding, consumers could be without power for 48 hours over four days, or 96 hours in eight days.As municipalities prepare for the logistics of stage 8 load shedding, an energy expert warned that South Africans should prepare for the worst – regular stage 6 load-shedding, and 10-hour  daily blackouts. EE Business Intelligence MD Chris Yelland said Eskom’s declining energy availability factor (EAF) is a cause for serious concern. Eskom is deliberately holding the country at ransom until they get their R 1.8 billion for “ performance bonuses.” Why their management was not jailed for Crime Against The State or summarily shot for High Treason a long time ago during the Dudu Myeni /Gupta disaster  is still an open question.   BUT Still Gwede Mantashe refuse to sign applications lying on his desk for several weeks now for an abundance of wind power and solar power to be introduced to the grid- more than enough to avert load shedding. Meanwhile more than 50 million people suffer due to the ANC’s incompetence to even run one single power station! Remember this at the next elections!

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Do you still remember 12 July 2018 when Cyril Ramaphosa, Jeff Rhadebe and Patrice Motsepe ( all family members) went to Saudi Arabia and Saudis invested $10 billion at Eskom? Do you recall that the same month on the 24th of July 2018 Eskom signed a R33 billion loan with China development bank? Where were you when Eskom on the 29th of November 2018, announced that it needs R5 billion bailout? Where did the money invested and loaned from foreign governments disappear to? How can we RECONCILE with that money because load-shedding might get worse? Now again suddenly after a few consecutive days without load shedding, Eskom is now warning that the power system is “under pressure ” this morning following heavy storms and rain in Mpumalanga. Do you see the intimidation tactics at play again? This evil bastards at ESKOM are holding the country captive and the ransom is the consumer’s wallet. ESKOM is the single most lucrative and biggest money-laundering  system for the ANC. Now you know why they will NEVER privatize or modernize them. Why do you recon the two ultra modern  Medupi and Kusile power stations still struggles after 10 years and BILLIONS of rands later?  The ANC WANTS them to struggle by DESIGN!  

SHALL we start asking questions as to why we still stumble into the 22nd century with old vintage coal power stations? Go Figure!


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