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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg  January 15  2020








WHILE ANC conspirators such as  Shaun Mpisane – a “ dear ” friend to Zuma family and her EMPD cop husband are driving  matching Rolls Royce’s. a Lambo. a Porsche and a  Ferrari– the mess the ANC ineptocrats created in South Africa is  deepening. With the treasury robbed emptyand about each and every state department non-functional- still the  ANC robbers keep on mismanaging and screwing-up whatever they touch . Just last week one of the ANC’s incompetent  stalwarts- Jabu Mabuza resigned from ESKOM. This after SAA bosses   Vuyani Jarana  and Peter Davies resigned as well. Now the next batch of “exitees” from the ANC failed state also took their bags and buggered off. This is a standard narrative among the ANC degenerates: They f*ck up something and then simply resign (“disappear.” ) No prosecution, no liability and no accountability. Later on they will appear out of nowhere in yet another gravy train seat again to proceed with their trip to uncountable tax payer riches


THE board of the state-owned Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA (Necsa) has resigned en masse, citing a dire lack of support from mineral resources and energy minister Gwede Mantashe. The minister hit back on Wednesday, tweeting: “We must reinstate Necsa into a functional state. We can’t allow dysfunctional governance. We must appreciate that correcting governance is painful.” In a letter sent to Mantashe’s office on Tuesday, the board laid bare a raft of problems facing the company. The resignations at the start of a new year add to an air of instability in state-owned firms, and follow closely the resignation of Eskom chair Jabu Mabuza last week. The letter, seen by newspapers revealed that Necsa has been “technically insolvent” since 2016. “Upon assuming our positions as directors [late in 2018] it became apparent that Necsa has been making losses from as far back as 2014,” it reads. The company, tasked with research in nuclear energy and the processing and storage of nuclear material, struggled to pay salaries to staff in December last year. To mitigate years of losses, amounting to as much as R554 million , said the former board members, Necsa had extended debt through loans, overdraft facilities and by dipping into emergency funding.

In the midst of the political confusion that has gripped our country many people are wondering if we have come to the end of South Africa. The answer is simple: the thing called an “end” does not exist, not in relation to a country. SA will be there long after Jacob Zuma and Ramaphosa  is gone. What Zuma has done and Ramaphosa  busy doing now   is to make us come to the realization that ours is just another African country, not some exceptional country on the southern tip of the African continent. During the presidency of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, some among us used to believe that the black people of SA are better than those of other African countries. We must all thank Zuma and now Ramaphosa for revealing our true African character; that the idea of rule of law is not part of who we are, and that constitutionalism is a concept far ahead of us as a people. How else are we to explain the thousands of people who flock to stadiums to clap hands for one president who has violated their country’s constitution and the other about to change the constitution in order to steal other people’s property? Such people have no idea of constitutionalism.

Now that we have reclaimed our place as another African country, we must reflect on and come to terms with our real character, and imagine what our future portends. In a typical African country, ordinary people don’t expect much of especially black politicians, because people get tired of repeated empty promises. In a typical African country, people have no illusions about the unity of morality and governance. People know that those who have power have it for themselves and their friends and families. The idea that the state is an instrument for people’s development is a Western concept, and has been copied by pockets of Asian countries. Africans and their leaders don’t like to copy from the West. They are happy to remain African, and do things “the African way”. The African way is rule by kings, chiefs and Indunas in a setting of unwritten rules. Is there anyone out there who has seen a book of African customary laws? The idea that a commoner can raise questions about public money wasted  on the residence of a king or how can you simply take the property of others is not African. The ANC MPs who have been defending Zuma and now Ramaphosa are true Africans.

Asking a ruler to be accountable is a foreign – Western – idea. In a situation where there is conflict between a ruler and laws, Africans simply change the laws to protect the ruler. This is why Africans are supporting Ramaphosa although he also will take their land away from them. This is why no single white person has called for King Dalindyebo to be released from jail. The problem with “clever blacks ” is that they think they live in Europe,where ideas of democracy have been refined over centuries. Somehow black politicians reason that by jumping a plane and fly across the Atlantic will make them experts in democracies when they arrive back home. It simply does not work that way. What we need to do is to come back to reality, and accept that ours is a typical African country. Such a return to reality will give us a fairly good idea of what SA’s future might look like. This country will not look like Denmark. It might look like Nigeria, where anti-corruption crusaders are an oddity. Being an African country, ours will not look like Germany. SA might look like Kenya, where tribalism drives politics. People must not entertain the illusion that a day is coming when SA will look like the US. Our future is more on the side of Zimbabwe, where one ruler is more powerful than the rest of the population. Even if Julius Malema were to become president, it would still be the same.

African leaders don’t like the idea of an educated populace, for clever people are difficult to govern. Mandela and Mbeki were themselves corrupted by Western education. (Admission: this columnist is also corrupted by such education.) Zuma remains African. His mentality is in line with Boko Haram. He is suspicious of educated people; what he calls “clever blacks”. Remember
that Boko Haram means “Against Western Education”. Ramaphosa do not need to be corrupted by Western education- his Jew mentor Oppenheimer taught him well how to corrupt himself without any outside help! The people who think we have come to the end of SA don’t realize that we have actually come to the beginning of a real African country, away from the Western illusions of exceptionalism. Those who are unsettled by this true African character need help. The best we can do for them is to ask them to look north of the Limpopo River, to learn more about governance in Africa. What makes most people restless about the future of SA is that they have Western models in mind, forgetting that ours is an African country. The idea that a president can resign simply because a court of law has delivered an adverse judgment is Western. Only the Prime Minister of Iceland does that; African rulers will never do that. Analysed carefully, the notion of SA coming to an “end” is an expression of a Western value system – of accountability, political morality, reason, and so on. All these are lofty ideas of Socrates,Kant, Hegel, and so on. They are not African. All of us must thank Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa for introducing us to the real African Republic of South Africa, not some outpost of European values.