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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town January 17  2020







BHEKI “BOOM BOOM” CELE-another strange old relic  creature from yesteryear spawned by that ANC’s little house of horrors who was re-deployed – after he himself previously was sacked due to corruption of R1. 7 billion rand spent on building leases were unlawful, improper and constituted maladministration – and now is again  acting as “guardian” of law and order. He- like so many other Lethuli-House miscreants such as Phanyaza Lesufi, Jacob Zuma, Ace Magashule, David Mabuza,“Nathi” Mthethwa, Fikile Mbalula, Angie Motshekga, Baleka Mbethe, Dudu Myeni , Tina Joemat Petersen , Nkosazana Zuma, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, Blade Nzimande, Naledi Pandor, Lindiwe Sisulu, Gwede Mantashe, and G-d knows how many more les incompetents   – is  a typical example of an under performing wolf now being appointed as a shepherd. Bheki Cele- like Fikile Mbalula– is a le cretin court jester entertaining his own foolish chimaera. 

SOUTH AFRICA already sports the notorious  honor of being the crime, rape and aids capitol of the world with more than 57 murders per day, an average of 6 farm attacks per week, 110 rapes per day, 45 car hijacks each day, 139 common robberies each day and  61 households were robbed each day. And this gruesome and unacceptable statistics reflects the likes of  a civil war in the streets and rural farmlands of South Africa between dangerous and armed common criminals – and a hapless and defenseless populace which is disarmed and left at the mercy of criminal thugs by the current ponzi regime. . Yet here we have that old relic of yesteryear that slipped through a crack in the Bermuda tri-angle…ol’ Bheki “Boom Boom” Cele that recons that his biggest New Years “wish ” is to disarm ALL citizens. The ol’ dinosaur  recons that only cops and soldiers should be legally allowed to use firearms. He added that the private use of firearms impacts the country’s safety negatively.(That only will be the lawful gun owning citizens.)Where the ANC manage to scrape all this old relics of a forgotten era out of the barrel seems to be a specialty of theirs.

Now- speaking about Cele’s so-called “cops and soldiers ” that are supposed to be the only ones that “legally” must be allowed to carry fire-arms. Let us take a look-see how THEY are progressing in curbing the fire-arm issue:

The South African Police:


Ek se maar fokkol …… !!!!

Posted by Gary Patience on Wednesday, January 15, 2020


YEA bru……..“No more arrests have been arrested” and ” the fire extinguisher are still doing their job. ” – and Cele want  these illiterate half wit circus clowns to defend the defenseless population  against the crime-wave in South Africa? Can you now understand why South Africa is called the “crime capitol” of the world?  No wonder the gangsters laugh at these jokers in their faces. 

Educated South Africa speaks

Posted by Lindsay Pelser on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

AND they rule South Africa!!!

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The South African Police Service (SAPS) haslost more than 9,5 million (9 555 426) rounds of ammunition over the last six financial years. During the same period, 4 357 firearms were also lost. These shocking figures were revealed in an answer provided by the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, in response to an official parliamentary question posed by Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus. The question to the Minister was what number of firearms and how much ammunition in possession of the police were reported lost or stolen in each province respectively. The greatest quantity of ammunition that went missing in a single year was in the Eastern Cape where 3,2 million (3 231 406) rounds of ammunition went missing in 2016/2017. In the North West, 2,2 million (2 247 126) rounds of ammunition went missing during the 2014/2015 financial year according to the Minister’s answer. Last year, the North West province lost nearly half a million (433 908) rounds of ammunition, that is the greatest quantity of all the provinces. But the Cele himself were so gracious as to also reveal yet another shocker about his “ police force” : A whopping 4,174 members of the police have criminal records, for a variety of crimes such as assault, theft, kidnapping and fraud. This was revealed in a parliamentary reply by Bheki Cele himself , who also told parliament that among them were 32 senior managers who had convictions for crimes such as fraud, public violence and assault. Further-mire did Cele spill the beans that 3500 uncertified SAPS officers are still carrying firearms. Potentially even more worrying, Cele  revealed that around 11 000 officers do not have competency certificates!  Now this is the so-called “police”  that Bheki want to  be the only ones allowed to carry firearms! There are more bloody crooks and idiots running wild in the Police Force that outside it! 

Image result for police arrested for crime in SA"Image result for police arrested for crime in SA"Image result for police arrested for crime in SA"



THIS was the once proud South African Police Force in 1994 – when the police still was professional, respected , trained and untarnished by corruption and ready to sacrifice the highest offer for their country – unlike the corrupt illiterateAffirmative Action ” rubble we see today shaming that uniform they wear.


South Africa’s Finest 🤨🇿🇦

Posted by South African Living on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

AND TODAY…..imbeciles in charge  who do not even have a dinky toy clue which direction is left….and which is right! But they only reflect  the direction of their governing  political party- who’s leaders  also seems to have the same type of mental handicap when it comes to taking crucial political decisions. 



The South African”Defense Force”:

Just recently four black officers and 19 guards have been taken in for questioning after stolen military weapons were found in Hammanskraal. The SA National Defence Force (SANDF) had just on 33,000 rounds of ammunition lost or stolen in the financial years 2013/14 and 2014/15 and 18 firearms went “ missing”  in the same period. This was revealed by Defence and Military Veterans Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula in answer to a question posed by FF+ defence and security spokesman Pieter Groenewald. By far the majority of the ammunition missing – 32,400 R4 rounds – was allegedly stolen from the Lenz military base south of Johannesburg in April 2013. The Minister’s reply indicates five suspects were arrested and their trial is ongoing in the Lenasia Magistrate’s Court. Ten 9 mm pistols, a pair of .303 hunting rifles and six R4 assault rifles are included in the list of weapons either taken unlawfully or lost. Groenewald maintains this is worrying because the weapons and ammunition are “in particular” used in cash-in-transit robberies, shopping mall hold-ups and in farm attacks. “It smacks of poor management and a lack of control and discipline in the defence force and speedy action has to be taken to remedy the problem. I will be asking further questions of the Minister in an effort to assist in getting to the bottom of this problem,” he said.

Mapisa-Nqakula does not give full details of each incident but one shows a  9mm Z88 pistol was stolen from the northern region HQ of the Military Police last November. It was recovered a fortnight later by the special investigation branch of the MPs, a suspect was arrested and charged and has been sentenced to five years in jail. In another of the lost firearm incidents her reply indicates “a suspect was found guilty and fined R1 500 and 180 days detention suspended for three years”. Another suspect was declared unfit to “possess a firearm” with the docket for the theft of two .303 rifles still being investigated. Further more came another startling revelation that  an Aids project showed that an overwhelming 89 percent of soldiers who volunteered for testing were HIV-positive. So…this now the supposed-to-be only “legal” , corrupt and incompetent idiots that must be allowed to carry fire-arms- according to ol’ “Boom-Boom’s” distorted narratives. Mean-while innocent law abiding citizens are getting massacred in the streets of our cities and rural farms on a genocidal scale every day with only an incompetent bunch of crooks in blue and an AIDS-riddled dilapidated army mob   to protect them from the violence of thousands of  criminal marauders every day. But “Boom Boom” wants to disarm all citizens! Cele also appear to be a perfect  example of how the education system miserably failed the entire ANC top echelon.


Police minister Bheki Cele is fighting South African citizens instead of criminals, the Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa (CHASA) said on Wednesday, while comparing his “rhetoric” to that used by despots.  The federation of over 25 hunting, hunting related and shooting affiliates was responding to the minister saying it would be “wonderful” to add into the review of the Firearms Control Act that individuals should not have firearms.  Cele made the statement while speaking in Johannesburg on Tuesday, where police were receiving weapons and ammunition as part of the country’s gun amnesty.  “Rhetoric such as his has previously been proclaimed by such luminaries as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Kim Jung-Ill,” said CHASA.  “What is more concerning is that the minister acknowledges that they are working on new legislation, but makes no mention that this has been the case since 2011 already, and that for at least the past four years not one effort has been made by elements within his department to engage legitimate and accredited firearm stakeholder groups in this process.” 

NOW if “Grand Mufti” Cele want to “disarm” the whole of SA…does that mean he also will get rid of his security entourage as well- or does the crackpot still expect the defenseless tax payer must make sure ol’ “Mufti” is safe at least while the rest of us get slaughtered like sheep in the streets? 


The police’s legal department, central firearm registry, civilian secretariat for police and successive police ministers and commissioners had all “singularly evaded their legal and civil responsibility to engage legitimate stakeholders at all, let alone in good faith”, said the federation.  It added that it was “cautiously optimistic” but appreciative of the “limited engagement” from the the parliamentary portfolio committee on police regarding reworking of the Act.   “The reality is that SAPS itself has been infiltrated at every level by criminality and those members who are not personally involved must be totally demoralized and marginalized so as to be neutered.  “Cele leads this fiasco, and clearly has no idea where to even begin fighting crime. It is thus his deflective position to wage war against the law-abiding citizens of this land instead. Legal firearm ownership requires the most thorough scrutiny, training and compliance,” said CHASA.  It added that law abiding firearm owners were mostly those in employment or in business and creating employment. “It is time these folks point out to this minister that his theatrics and rhetoric are misguided and that he has a duty to focus on fixing crime, from the top down. Media events on hollow happenings will no longer disguise his failures as a leader, and deflecting the real issues particularly against those of us who pay his salary just won’t cut it anymore.”




How ol’ “Boom Boom” plan to “disarm” the violent gangsters such as the notorious Americans, Bad Boys, Hard Livings Gang, the Mongrels, the Terrible Josters , Sexy Boys and the Junky Funky Kids in the Cape Flats alone  is still to be seen. They will spit in his face to say the least. There are more than 1000 active criminal gangs in full operation- and that is in the in the Western Cape only! You are going to see more dead policemen carried out in coffins than gangsters being arrested for illegal weapons. Then about half the SAP force in the Western Cape also are linked or formed part of  gangster  operations as well. Then add to that the Nigerian syndicates, Chinese Mafia gangs and last but not least- “Boom Boom’sOWN buddies- the ANC who have umpteen illegal secret weapon caches from the pre-1994 “struggle wars” stashed all over the country . Speaking of the African National Corruption Inc.What about all their own private “armies” running wild and unchecked with illegal weapons and certain ANC mob bosses that themselves are deep into weapon smuggling operations as well?

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Add to that the thousands of illegal weapons smuggled on a daily basis across the South African borders that “disappear” into black settlements. Although Cele acknowledged the need for stricter border policing to prevent firearms from being smuggled into South Africa, it is no secret that most of South Africa’s borders are extremely porous and, in many places, physically non-existent. The recent theft of nineteen R4 rifles from a military base clearly proves that the other statutory body tasked with protecting the country’s borders cannot even protect and keep its own firearms safe. It is highly probable that the “lost” firearms are already in the hands of criminals.

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It seems like “Boom Boom”  chooses to overlook this fact and continues on his crusade to disarm citizens regardless of the above.There are ten times more illegal weapons floating around in black squatter camps, black settlements and Cape Flats gangland than in the whole SA Police Force and Army combined! The vast majority of firearms used in crime are either smuggled into the country or stolen from police or SA National Defence Force armouries. If one had to ask the average South African about which government institution they had the least faith in, the SA Police Service would probably be one of those most frequently cited. There is a perception – right or wrong, but it is strong – that the police cannot protect us against crime and that when we end up as victims of crime, the chances of the perpetrators ever being brought to book are vanishingly slim. And now, our cool, multi-hat wearing police minister, Bheki Cele, is determined to reduce the number of firearms in private hands- the only way we can protect ourselves in the war waged against us by criminals – seen that the police are utterly ill-trained, illiterate, incompetent and useless. We do not…



I tend to believe “Boom Boom” either has a tiger by the tail , or dreaming about little  ANC fairies dressed in pink jumpsuits  – or he has another secret agenda and only want to obey his commi masters in Britain’s instructions  to disarm all white people again. Bottom-Line it appears Cele rather want to disarm lawful gun owners rather than the criminals.  Cele is once again hiding the incompetence of his department and the SAPS by restricting the freedom of individual South Africans. Rather than focus on strengthening the SAPS to fulfill its mandate, Cele chooses the easiest way out by trying to reduce their workload – to the detriment of law-abiding South Africans facing runaway crime. Cele- like the rest of the ANC looters and criminals again is now trying to shift the blame of their own mismanagement onto the white populace again- because it will be the white law abiding “sheeple” that will be handing in their weapons- and SURELY not the criminals.


Whites unfortunately- still has a  long journey ahead of them to be educated to stop being slaves of  their pre-1994 mentality  to be submissive to every oppressive  “law” the ANC commies farts out – and move on to a higher level of wisdom and consciousness by realizing “the law” only applies to them and them alone . By still being brain-washed by the pre-1994 government to bow down and worship every f*cked-up law the National Party enforced on them- that mentality   is now effectively used against them to inflict collateral damage to their societies. They have as yet not adapted to the dangerous environmental changes around them. They still have not figured out that by handing in their guns makes them defenseless and easy targets for criminals nurtured by this same regime that confiscates their guns. Their own sheepish obedience  and lack of resistance became the biggest contributors to their own extinction. The rest of the populace cares a sh*t about “the law” The “law” thus is about as intimidating and enforceable as you allow it to be. At the moment whites are subjected to be slaves to the same laws that oppresses them whilst on the flip-side of the coin does it give the rest of the criminals the freedom to totally ignore it and do what the hell ever they want to. Ironically in a country that is now destroyed by anarchy, criminals and communist thugs the whites appears to be the only fearfull monkeys that still obeys “the law” and will again go and give Cele their private guns for free to hand out to the rest of the terrorist establishment to come and kill the whites with their own guns. Sad Indeed!!


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, possible text that says '"When the law no longer protects you from the corupt, but protects the corupt from you- you know your nation is doomed." Ayn Rand'



White Nation