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Article posted by: White Nation Editorial  Cape Town January 22  2020







Image result for beautiful red letter Y"OU know- the more I think about it the more I came to the conclusion that one of  the main problems with the white Afrikaner today that prevents him from escaping the communist chains capturing him as a slave is what I refer to as the “Pet Monkey” syndrome.

When I was in the South West African Border war doing my “duty” for South Africa against our then ruling National Party  government’s “buddy-buddy” pseudo ANC and SWAPO terrorists- we use to catch those little Bushbaby monkeys. They were so oddly cute with their one long front finger and many a day kept us companion while we were killing some time in between patrols. Life on the border sometimes could get boring in between the times of the harshness of the war- and you needed something to keep your thoughts away from the horrible reality and the insanity that could drive you over the edge. These little monkeys fitted into that notch and became much more than just pets to us. They became our personal little “companions” …our own little “mascots.”  About every soldier  had one of these. They also were a fantastic and relaxing distraction from the horrible realities of the war we encountered on a daily basis.  They were clever and adapted quickly to their new environment and learned the art of begging and stealing if they wanted something.

When I returned back to the “states”(Home) I smuggled the monkey through the airport check point by hiding the Bushbaby in one of my webbing’s ammo pouches. At home the little critter immediately started to go ballistic as he did not recognize the environment- and jumped from one chair to the other- clinging on one curtain after the other. The poor animal was totally bewildered out of his environment and became frenzied with fear. He continuously made a ruckus- chirping all the time and even became hostile towards me.  Long story short after two weeks he suddenly started to become very docile , morose and even refused to eat. I took him to a vet friend of mine who diagnosed the little critter as being depressed. The reason: I took him out of his natural habitat and introduced him to a new environment which he was not accustomed to. My friend said it was better to leave the monkey with him as he knows a sanctuary that could take the little animal- other than that the poor creature surely was going to die. You see- in his environment he was a functional member of the food chain- he catches insects by pushing that long right hand finger into holes drilled by beetles to scratch out the larvae underneath. He was perfectly fitted with a  tool for survival to catch pestilences  that destroy the natural Flora habitat. Between him and the tree there was a mutual “partnership“- he relieves the tree from parasites- and the tree in turn offers him sanctuary against the elements and protection against his natural enemies  – thus he is a very important link in the overall eco system. However- taking him out of that environment he had no use in the system anymore as I kept him captured and fed him artificial food I bought from the local retailers. He became a pet monkey- his only function was to entertain me- and as long as I kept him caged and fed – he was more of a living toy to me that anything else. He totally lost his ability to function as nature designed him to be. I did a terrible injustice to that poor animal by taking him out of his natural habitat.

Well- That brings me back to the Afrikaner. The Afrikaner’s attitude today relates very similar to that monkey the more I think about it. Pre 1994 the Afrikaner was at ease in his environment- he was a working class of person, leading in many fields, he was a designer, a builder, a technician, a free thinker and a warrior. The Afrikaner led by many examples- he became on many levels a world leader. He was in his environment where he functioned the best. Sanctions gave him the best opportunity of a life-time to develop his own independent skills that reached far beyond of what the international world ever could expect from a nation suppose to be beggars and looters after 30  years of gruesome sanctions, war, psychological warfare, violent black riots and G-d knows what else the international money grubbers could throw at him to derail,disillusion, demoralize, impoverish and mentally destroy him . He only grew stronger with each onslaught simply because he was on his home turf- his own environment where he operates the best- and utilized his local resources to the best of his own advantage to breach the sudden shortcomings brought about by grueling sanctions and containment by the international world. Sanctions prevented many evil cultures and propaganda mediums to enter the country- thus ironically securing the Afrikaner’s own cultures and brought the freedom to expand his knowledge and abilities. Sanctions taught the Afrikaner to rely on his own abilities to design and create- to build and to prosper on his own intellectual capabilities- much like Israel. Sanctions that was designed to destroy the Afrikaner ironically exploded in the faces of the orchestrators themselves that dearly wanted to see South Africa become yet another failed African State that could easily be manipulated by the international banking and corporate hoodlums. Apartheid was the best years of prosperity South Africa could ever experience. Apartheid created a jewel in Africa, it created independence, prosperity and unseen growth- a country that became a world leader in many aspects- including the most fearsome military power in Africa, best scientific advanced country in Africa, most technological progressive  country- and with all the abundance of gold , platinum, coal, diamond and other mineral  resources- was well stocked , locked , ready and able to keep on defending it’s territories until” Kingdom comes .”

It was a time for the scrupulous Jew in London and New York to re-think and re-assess his strategy on how to capture the country and it’s abundance of resources- and by carefully assessing the best way to conquer the Afrikaner– which was a nation and descendant from a long line of hard fighting Boers– the Jew arrived at the conclusion  to rather alienate the Afrikaner from his natural environment-  rather than to alienate the country from the rest of the world. To be able to do this the Jew had to recruit traitors to infiltrate the highest positions of the Afrikaner strategical level- his central commanding governing system. From the top then it would be much easier to work down through all levels of Afrikaner society- neutralizing all resistance and introduce malicious doctrines and pagan cultural methods  to poison and corrode the social structure on which the Afrikaner based his foundations such as the church, politics, tertiary levels and even private homes. The Afrikaner Broederbond was to play a crucial and  integral part in destroying the social structure of the Afrikaner-  and eventually see to it that the transitional process into the hands of the terrorist was to take place smoothly and without much resistance. One major platform the Jew used effectively was sport as an instrument to threaten the Afrikaner with as the Afrikaner, his rugby, Braaivleis (Barbeque) and Castle beer was inseparable. Sport sanctions was thus used as a tool to threaten and subdue  the Afrikaner with. The Jew then concluded on this new agenda- and much credits was pushed onto the gambling table to bet on the highest stake the Afrikaner ever was exposed to since the British invasion in 1899 – his country and his freedom. The rest of the treason, the drama of CODESA, the Afrikaner Broederbond, De Klerk, George Soros, Oppenheimer , Kissinger, the capitulation of the National Party to the incompetent terrorist Nelson Mandela and his ANC Zombies  , the conspiracies and the terrible aftermath I believe is well documented by now.

Today we find the Afrikaner out of his natural environment- alienated from the country he once called “home.” He now totally lost his ability to function as nature designed him to be.Today the Afrikaner- like my pet monkey- was introduced to an environment he could not function in anymore. Circumstances did not fit him with  that perfect tool for survival in a political environment that changed way too fast for him. He finds himself in a hostile environment where nobody cares about him anymore. He – like my pet monkey- has no natural function in the “eco system” anymore- he was pushed out and now contained away from his natural environment.And as long as  the communist rulers  kept him caged and fed – the Afrikaner  also is more of a living toy to them  that anything else. His movement and freedom is restrained and restricted – and like my pet monkey- is he kept in a (squatter camp) cage where his only purpose is to serve as a living pet to “entertain” his new black masters. The Jew thus manage to do to the Afrikaner what I did to my pet monkey-   inflicting a terrible injustice  by taking him out of his natural habitat. As long as he can be kept incarcerated and at the mercy of the Jew in Britain- he is allowed to enjoy the few royalties still available left to him by proxy– to be able to live and move around in his cage and be fed artificial food. He also became hostile to his own kind as well.  Stripped from his dignity, his ability to work and feed his family, his voice silenced in parliament in order to deny him the power to become yet another powerful political thorn on the side of his communist masters, impoverished to prevent him starting and funding any resistance organization, deprived from his own independent homeland where he could cultivate his own culture and sovereign independence- and continuously persecuted and murdered on a genocidal scale the Jew eventually succeeded in attempting to destroy the Afrikaner. Now they also want to totally alienate the Afrikaner as well by taking away his land- thus making him a nomad– a Gypsy in his own country of birth. George Soros and his “Open Society” foundations are behind this evil move against the Afrikaner.

The Afrikaner- like my pet monkey- also made a lot of ruckus in the beginning- chirping continuously in meetings and on social sites, trying to jump from one political party to the next- clinging to one white “leader” and one activist after the other…but as with my pet monkey- to no avail. Many so-called white “leaders” came and went. Many activists came and went. And still the Afrikaner is leaderless and directionless. After the deliberate assassination of Eugene Terreblance on orders of  the Afrikaner Broederbond to prevent another Afrikaner unification- the few that tried such as Dan Roodt, Sunette Bridges and Steve Hoffmeyer either  fled the country – or became silent voices in the desert. The Afrikaner now suddenly became docile- and like my pet monkey…making only  feeble chirps on social sites such as Facebook– but soon also that will eventually cease to exist as the older “rebellious” generation either are banned from telling the world the truth- or simply like Piet Rudolph– die of old age.

The new young generation whites are not interested in old school doctrines such as “patriotism”  or ” nationalism” – they are a liberal generation cultivated by the Jews in alien pagan labs of “multiculturalism” , LGBT, cell phone games, same sex marriages, interracial marriages and about every poisonous potion the Jew political scientist could inject into their veins. The older generation Afrikaner totally lost contact with the new generation. Now the Afrikaner- like my pet monkey- stopped eating , he became totally demoralized and depressed. Some also took to sanctuaries overseas such as Australia, Britain, New Zealand, America and many other destinations in order to be introduced to their new environment again so they could survive and cultivate the next generation.  But they will be lost- the next generation will not be Boers or Afrikaners anymore- they will be “crypto Afrikaners”– they will be part of the alien country they are born in. They will quickly adapt to their new environment according to what the survival of the species dictates. They will in time also drift away from their cultural roots. What about the Afrikaner that were left destitute in South Africa today…what will happen to them one may ask? Well- I dunno….like I said- the older generation eventually will become extinct and succumb to sickness and old age. Unless the next generation of young Afrikaners are not given their own natural sanctuary (independent homeland) to return to and become  what nature genetically intended them to be and get out of their “pet monkey ” mentality- they too will – like the migrating Afrikaner generations- adapt to their new liberal environment and eventually also cease to exist as an “Afrikaner” nation.