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Article posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  February 09  2020




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HAPPENED AGAIN…like so many times before. And like so many times before- the South African fake media chooses to be silent about it. Black racist Metro police officers abusing their new-found power to victimize white road users.  Another incident has come to light where black Tshwane Metro Police officers haphazardly and without valid reason pulled off whites in the Pretoria area, then illegally arrested them, assaulted them, swore at them and acted with a clear racial motive.


The previous incident which was widely reported was when primary school teacher Kymie du Toit (28) was driving home one night in December, returning from a house where she looked after children and was then followed by Tshwane Metro Police who wanted to pull her off. She drove slowly to the nearest garage because she did not want to stop in the dark after a previous incident with fake cops. The one female Metro Police cop slammed Kymie’s head in the ground several times whilst they were cuffing her. They then drove around with her for an hour before detaining her at the Sunnyside Police station.

They opened false charges against her which was later dropped by the NPA. On Tuesday night Tshwane Metro Police struck again, apparently just because it was white people traveling in the car because they certainly did nothing else wrong. In the car, a Pajero, was Proffessor  Andre Thomashausen, a retired law professor from Unisa, his wife and 2 German friends. After an evening out the with 2 German visitors, Professor  Thomashausen’s wife was driving. With them in the car was Alexandra Von Dehn-Buchwaldt and Arist Von Dehn. Von Dehn is a retired member of the Mercedes Benz board in Germany and according to information obtained by Rapport newspaper, Von Dehn-Buchwaldt is a personal friend of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Thomashausen told Rapport that they were already close to their home when an old rusted pock-up met the words “Tshwane Metro “ came speeding towards them on their left hand side. The driver made aggressive hand movements towards them in an apparent attempt to pull them off. The professor said his wife immediately pulled off next to the road. When approached by a Metro Police member, the Professor opened his window and asked what the problem was. The Metro member shouted that Professor Thomashausen must get out of his vehicle. The Metro member did not like it one bit when the Prof asked the Metro member to identify himself and got even more agitated.

Whilst one Metro member talked to the Prof on one side ,another talked to his wife on the other side. The Professor  agreed with the one Metro guy to go to the Lyttleton SAPS whilst the Prof’s wife got permission from a Metro member on her side to pull into the entrance of a nearby security village. The confusion led to the Prof’s wife pulling away after which the rusted Metro pock-up  violently cut in front of the Pajero. All hell then broke loose as Metro members violently pulled both the Professor  and his wife from the car. In a verbal exchange, one Metro member told the Professor : ” I will teach you what I can do, you white racist”. Clearly the Metro member was on a power trip, although acting completely illegally.

The one black Metro constable, who the Proffessor later found out is Cst FN Pahlane, and his colleague-  loaded the Prof in the back of the pick-up like a criminal. Just before slamming the door shut, Cst Pahlane told the Prof : “ When we get to Sunnyside, we will teach you a lesson that you will never forget, you white shit“. The Metro member drove like a maniac to Sunnyside SAPS, with blue lights on. The Professor  tried to stabilize himself by kicking in his feet on the side, but still injured himself when he hit his nose against a metal edge. At Sunnyside, there was an argument with SAPS members and the Metro members then took the Professor to Littleton SAPS.

Scoundrel FN Pahlane,- yet another Affirmative Action misfit representing the security forces of a failed communist state. Yesterday these criminals were throwing stones and torched buildings- today they walk around as “law enforcement”officers- throwing their weight about and abusing their new found powers to discriminate against the white public. But then again- taking on account that since the 1994 capture of South Africa by communist hoodlums that turned the country into a cesspool of corruption and crime – one could  expect that bad attitude goes with the territory and environment these days. 



I was arrested 2days in jail for shoot and kill 2 criminals trying to steal my car in my house. One of them was a police officer. At the police station they said I should have called them 😕😕
Tell me guys what you should have done?” 

Hlabirwa Tlou

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At their arrival at the Lyttleton SAPS, Cst Pahlane asked the Prof :” So, you senior citizen, how did you like that”? The Professor was released at 05:30 after many arguments between SAPS and Metro members and the intervention of senior SAPS officers. On Thursday, the Professor was to  attended a function which Chancellor Merkel, a thoroughly liberal politician,- but he  could not attend the function  which the top 180 German businessmen in South Africa attended. One of them told the Professor that he should have learned to carry R5000 cash around with him, like they do, meaning bribe money with which to bribe black cops as it became necessity these days in corrupt South Africa.

Of course this comment signal an acceptance and compliance with the corrupt African Way of doing things. The newspaper Rapport tried in vain to obtain a comment from the spokesperson from Tshwane Metro Police, Isaac Mahamba, on the illegal arrest, assault and racist behavior towards Kymie du Toit and Prof Thomashausen but he did not answer an emailed and telephonic request for comment. Kymie du Toit, through her lawyer, is pursuing a civil suit for damages of at least R 750 000 against the Tshwane Metro Police and will also pursue criminal charges. If the NPA refuse to prosecute, she will go the route of private prosecution through Afriforum.

Kymie du Toit told Rapport she had a recent dream where somebody is trying to push her off the road with a deep abyss awaiting. She said she is still afraid to drive, even in daytime. Everyone should believe her. Her experience was real and brutal. As was Prof Thomashausen, his wife and guest’s experience. All false charges against Prof Thomashausen were in the meantime dropped by the National Prosecution Authority.

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