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Article posted by: White Nation Editorial Cape Town  February 13  2020






Eskom will allegedly pay employees R400 million ‘to leave their jobs

SAA staff at PE Airport fear for their jobs

SAA workers told not to return to work next month

Damelin is cutting half of it’s workforce

Crime in SA: ‘It is out of control and we are facing a full-scale war’

Banks caught amid EWC disaster

Farmers will have to pay bonds for expropriated land, IRR warns

Why the State of the Nation Address no longer excites

SONA 2020: EFF gun for De Klerk’s removal from the word go

Coronavirus- WHO places 13 African countries oh “High Alert.” 

Mayor de Blasio Announces Plans to Seize Private Property







” The idea that apartheid was ‘a “crime against humanity'” was, and remains, an ‘agitprop’ project initiated by the Soviets and their ANC/SACP allies to stigmatize white South Africans by associating them with genuine crimes against humanity – which have generally included totalitarian repression and the slaughter of millions of people- nowadays promoted by EFF Socialists,”




HE past month surely   was not a good start for the communist gangsters and money grubbers in Lethuli-House at all. If the situation in the country was not so hopeless and the communist drag queens  were not so greedy- one nearly could feel a tat of sympathy for the poor buggers. From all corners if the earth – wherever they went to beg for more hand-outs – were they slapped in the face. The once “glorious” so-called “freedom fighters ” of yesteryear  walked themselves into the  granite wall of reality. The party of playing the “apartheid victim” was over. 


THE whole leftist world was just singing the praises of Cyril Ramaphosa as the new “financial hero “ on the block that would lead South Africa into the long awaited Mandelatopia. . The South African Rainbow Chicken pen media blind mice  were blowing so much smoke up his back-side that he poor lost soul nearly chocked because of Carbon Dioxide poisoning- even conducting their own fake “surveys” that were suppose to indicate that the Squirrel is South Africa’s “most favorite” politician. . Leftist academics were forecasting that Ramaphosa would save the country- push up the GDP- and elevate the rand with gob smacking wizardry. Liberal economists predicted that Harry Oppenheimer’s charlatan would devise a plan out of thin air to turn around the economy with astonishing results of a 5% growth rate.  He was even compared to surpass Hendrik Verwoerd’s growth rate. Such was the delusion created and advertised  by the fake left.  And it was because of all this false praise and worship propaganda campaigns that Cyril really started to believe he was the answer to mankind’s problems- a gift to mankind  to solve all the misery and impoverishment he and his predecessors themselves bestowed upon  South Africa this past 25 years of utter corruption and thievery.   Ramaphosa simply loved the attention. He was the man of the moment. Ramaphosa and his wife seems to be having  one thing in common…..they both became deeply in love with the same man. 

BUT like every fantasy tale there comes a time when facts are separated from fiction. And that moment arrives when the fantasy tale reaches it’s end. That end came when Ramaphosa and his fairy tale lampoon characters visited the financial universe in Davos Switzerland to go begging for more loans to waste. They were so convinced that they would succeed again taking the financial gurus for a ride with all kinds of fabricated promises and illusionary figures that the loan sharks would trip over their feet to meet their acquaintances.  That is the characteristic of a fairy tale- you could dream any old fantasy and it will become real – for you that is.  But unfortunately it was there in the cold misty streets of Davos that reality smacked the poor delusional Rainbow gang with a whole bucket full of porridge in the face and their dreams and illusions followed their national airline’s route…a crash dive right into the ground. . Even big guns like Richard Quest spelled it out that the ANC has no credibility and cannot keep their hands out of the financial cookie jar. According to him there is no hope and team Ramaphosa cannot come to Davos with lots of promises while all they do is just moving chairs around on the deck of the Titanic. The poor, poor team of miscreants were sent tails between their legs back to their land of fairy tales and empty promises to go sort out their own dump the ANC created this past two and a half decades. Ramaphosa’s illusions that by  “expropriating ” private property and businesses would turn South Africa into a garden of Eden” did not really impress the much wiser economic gurus abroad at all. They recognize a fake when they see one. 

Plato quote: If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then...


THEN came the second pile of sludge into the ANC’s faces: Donald Trump unceremoniously discarded South Africa to lose preferential access to US markets. South Africa  is set to lose preferential access to US markets after the Trump administration moved to change key exemptions to America’s trade-remedy laws last  Monday.   In 2019, US President Donald Trump issued an executive memo that asked US trade representative Robert Lighthizer to determine whether there has been “substantial progress” towards limiting the number of countries considered developing nations.  “The WTO [World Trade Organisation] is broken when the world’s richest  countries claim to be developing countries to avoid WTO rules and get special treatment. NO more!!! Today I directed the U.S. Trade Representative to take action so that countries stop CHEATING the system at the expense of the USA!” Trump said in a tweet in July.

Bloomberg reported that the US had, on Monday, narrowed its internal list of developing and least-developed countries to reduce the threshold for triggering a US investigation into whether nations are harming US industries with unfairly subsidized exports. In doing so, the US eliminated its special preferences for a list of self-declared developing countries that includes Albania; Argentina; Armenia; Brazil; Bulgaria; China; Colombia; Costa Rica; Georgia; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Kazakhstan; the Kyrgyz Republic; Malaysia; Moldova; Montenegro; North Macedonia; Romania; Singapore; South Africa ; South Korea; Thailand; Ukraine; and Vietnam. In a separate, but related matter the US is already considering whether SA can continue to be part of its preferential trade program or not. The Trump administration wants to reconsider SA’s preferential access to its markets over concerns that the Copyright Amendment Bill will threaten intellectual property (IP) rights. Should the US decide to suspend SA from the trade program, the country could lose as much as R34bn in export revenue. The bill, which is being opposed by several local and international lobby groups, has been on Cyril Ramaphosa’s desk for 10 months. No urgency from the Squirrel here.


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SOUTH AFRICA’s future under Ramaphosa and the ANC…

The Trump administration is changing a key exemption to America’s trade laws to make it easier to penalize about two dozen developing countries including China, India and South Africa. The announcement means that South Africa has effectively been removed from a list of nations that can receive preferential trade benefits and is now likely to attract higher import duties and levies to the US market. It may also see the manufacturing sector losing billions of rand in revenue. South Africa is also facing another US blow due to the draft Copyright Amendment and Performers’ Protection Bills. The proposed legislation is a point of significant controversy because it could damage South Africa’s trade relations with the US as it is seen to violate terms of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) under the US Trade Act. The Office of the United States Trade Representative is now holding public hearings in Washington D.C. on South Africa’s eligibility for the GSP program. The country’s eligibility for the GSP program has been called into question as a result of the passing of the Copyright Amendment Bill in parliament last year. If South Africa loses its GSP eligibility, the country will potentially lose up to R34 billion in export revenue, the Copyright Coalition of South Africa (CCSA) has warned. “Coupled with the threat of losing our Generalized System of Preference (GSP) over the Copyright Amendment Bill and the distinct possibility that the US Congress will not renew the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), South Africa is heading towards a perfect trade storm with the United States which will cost us billions of rands and thousands of jobs,” said the DA’s Dean Macpherson. SO what Trump basically did was to start the first round of “soft sanctions” against the communist regime.  And this only is the beginning.

BUT worse is yet to come.


CYRIL RAMAPHOSA and his bum brush Julius Malema are both hell bent to execute the wish of their  red masters in Britain to disown the whole population of South Africa with their farce communist “land expropriation” madness. Now what appears to be ironic is that blacks are rioting on a daily basis for service deliveries, labor issues, salary increases and G-d knows what else. But the one danger that would inflict them the worst collateral damage– Ramaphosa and Malema’s agenda to take away their properties and destroy farmlands that will inevitably cause a huge food shortage like Zimbabwe and Venezuela does not seem to matter to them at all. And so does the whites– for they also have been very docile in their resistance towards one of the most destructive policies ever to be imposed on South Africa.



It is as-if they are in a hypnotically induced  stupor- not fully  realizing what the terrible consequences are and what impact such an insane policy would create. The fact that everything will be taken away from them, their property, their security, their free market economy and their private rights does not seem to bother them at all. There is no marches to parliament, no riots, no petitions and no outcry in the media although all the media editors and correspondents too will lose everything as well. This is downright insane how people can just sit there dumbstruck and watch how this devious alien communists invades and destroys everything these people worked for and build for 350 years. The Squirrel and the Weasel…..this two harlots from hell are going to inflict the most severe damage to the country even ol’ Zuma would only be dreaming about.



The illegal regime steals for free while you are expected to pay

Farmers and other property owners will suffer devastating consequences if the much-anticipated land expropriation without compensation (EWC) bill is passed, as they will be forced to pay off bonds to the banks for their expropriated properties, warns the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). The IRR was reacting to the Banking Association of South Africa (Basa), which last month told Parliament that if the bill is passed, it would destroy people whose properties had been registered by banks as security for mortgage loans. The IRR, which has intensified its campaign against the amendment of Section 25, said financial institutions were owed R1.6 trillion, of which land had been used as security for mortgages. According to a report published by BusinessLive, this amount was owed on residential, commercial and agricultural mortgages by borrowers. IRR campaigns manager Hermann Pretorius said instead of amending the Constitution, various stakeholders should band together to assist black people in joining the farming business.


Never for the people- always for the greedy politicians. And so will it be for the “land expropriation” madness as well. The people loose everything– Cyril and his greedy bunch enrich themselves. 


No photo description available.

So- the ANC criminals want to steal land from the whites- then exclude them in the redistribution process? Mmmmm. 

They (banks) know that if EWC is passed, it would blow a R1.6trillion hole in their books. They know the risk, they know the stakes, but if they are not going to play the game they might hope ordinary South Africans won’t hold them accountable,” said Pretorius. In its previous submission two years ago, Basa managing director Cas Coovadia told Parliament that commercial farmers alone owed more than R160 billion on bank loans. According to Basa, if the creditor loses the property, which had been used by the bank as mortgage security, that would be considered as a default under the loan, and the consequences would be that the repayment of the loan to a bank could be accelerated. “This would place the borrower in a situation whereby he/she would need to repay the loan far quicker than anticipated, which has the potential impact of financially crippling the borrower” read the Basa submission. Basa made it clear to MPs that it was opposed to the expropriation. But Pretorius said opposing alone was not enough to make the government and Parliament feel pressure against passing the expropriation bill.

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Economist at FNB property division Siphamandla Mkhwanazi said that the bill would have a devastating effect on the economy. “It would destroy confidence in the country that you are unable to secure property rights, and that would have an impact on our ability to attract investment,” she said. Parliament’s land expropriation ad hoc committee chairperson Dr Mathole Motshekga said people should not start panicking as the committee was still receiving submissions which were yet to be considered. University of KwaZulu-Natal Professor Emeritus George Devenish said it was unlikely that the court would rule against creditors.


Is your suburban home excluded from this illegal communist take-over?

There is a growing mood of unease and confusion in South Africa, and not for the first time. Not for the first time either, this is about Expropriation without Compensation – the notion that the government intends to accord itself the power to confiscate private property. What’s different this time is that, for a great many people, this is less a generalized concern about what the policy will mean for South Africa as a whole, and more about what the policy will mean for each of them personally. This is because a particular reality has hit home: EWC is coming to town. Literally. It is going to be an issue for urban property holders.

At least part of this was driven by a tweet from SA Home Loans, which put the matter into perspective: ‘In the event of expropriation, the bond repayments would still remain owing to the mortgage lender. However, we understand that the rights of all parties will be considered in any expropriation processes and have no reason to believe that residential properties will be affected.’ The message is clear enough – if EWC hits you, you’ll still need to pay up your loans. But don’t worry, it won’t come to this. The sheer hubris of this comment brought on a furious reaction. But, as it turns out, the sentiment is not unique. Nedbank’s Bongani Sibanyoni has said that ‘until there’s further clarity on this process, it is business as usual at Nedbank. Bond repayments, which are the subject of a contractual agreement, remain due and payable.’ In other cases, when put on the spot, financial institutions have been evasive.

As to the objectives of the process, the perception that land reform is all about farming is widespread, even among those who might be expected to know better. Cilna Steyn, Managing Director of SSLR Incorporated, recently told the Roodepoort Record that suburbanites would not be affected by the proposed amendment of Section 25 of the constitution. This was all fear mongering. ‘Private homes and businesses,’ she said, ‘do not form part of the envisaged land reform. Even though the amendment does not state this, the focus still remains on economically unused farms and similar land.’ Don’t worry, it won’t come to this.

Exactly what she bases her assertions on is unclear, but they are at odds with both established policy and what is evolving. Urban land has always been a component of land reform policy. Rightly so, since some of the most visible abuses of black people’s property rights took place in urban areas – think Sophiatown or District Six. Since the EWC policy-drive began at the end of 2017, its urban component has repeatedly been emphasized. It is a major, explicit theme in the report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform (the word ‘urban’ is used around 200 times). ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule recently referred to the imperative of ‘expropriation of well-located urban land and targeting of derelict buildings’. Cyril Ramaphosa has made similar calls.

In 2018, Melanie Verwoerd – white sell out and former ANC MP, ambassador and now frequent commentator – wrote that in her reading of the party’s position, urban land would be the prime focus of the policy: ‘Although agricultural land is of course important, the ANC documents make it clear that their focus is far more on urban and peri-urban land. Given the high rate of urbanization the ability to give people title deeds and thus ownership of land in the urban areas is actually the main, albeit not the exclusive, focus.’ So, to appropriate SA Home Loans’ words, there is in fact no reason to believe that residential properties will be excluded. Some might draw comfort from the idea that, ultimately, this process will target only marginal and low-value properties – the ‘unused farms and similar land’ and ‘derelict buildings’.

That is counter intuitive. If these were indeed targeted, it begs the question why such takings had not been attempted under the existing dispensation, invoking the ‘just and equitable’ doctrine. (Indeed, numerous observers – the squirrel among them – were at one point claiming that a ‘proper’ understanding of the constitution meant that EWC was already possible.) It also sits uncomfortably with the ANC’s recent determination that EWC should be an executive function, with the courts’ role reduced and quarantined. It is also undercut by the fact that the ANC in the Northern Cape last year released a list of productive farms that it had identified for seizure – as a first step. This was never repudiated. Seen in that context, it’s hard to understand why urban residential properties would be immune. True, it is at this point unclear precisely which specific properties might be under threat. Perhaps none specifically – for now. But make no mistake, the train of policy currently underway makes every one of them vulnerable. It requires blind faith (and perhaps a fundamental misreading of the state of the country, especially in light of the past decade) not to see this threat – or to dismiss the possibility of its being turned on home- and business owners.

Sadly, there is little indication that the ordinary property owner can count on the support of those who accept his or her business. The financial sector may well not like the idea of EWC – the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) argued in its submission to parliament that it views a constitutional amendment as unnecessary, and the consequences of EWC as potentially damaging – but with very few exceptions, all indications are that most of that sector will look to its own institutional well being. As we’ve seen, this means that they still intend to collect the loans owed to them, whatever the fate of the property. In a radio discussion a few days ago, BASA’s Pierre Venter confirmed this. Banks, he said, recognized the problem that ongoing liabilities created for dispossessed homeowners.

For this reason they approached the department a few years ago: ‘Back in 2011 we engaged with the Department of Rural Development on this matter because we reckoned and they recognised that this would result in an undue burden on the property owners. And for that reason they put a policy framework in front of cabinet, which was approved by them, where the state would guarantee the difference between the compensation that a property owner received and the outstanding balance. Unfortunately that has never been carried through in any form of legislation, be it the valuer-general act [Property Valuation Act] or alternatively the various versions of the Expropriation Bill that we’ve seen. And for that reason what we’ve done is we’ve now re-approached the ad hoc committee again to ask it to reconsider on this matter.’

Very revealing. This sounds rather like the emphasis is on ensuring that the loan is paid off – something that is very much in the interests of the bank. Whether the act of compensation-free expropriation bankrupts their clients seems to be very much a secondary consideration. He then assured everyone that it was really not that much of an issue. Said Venter: ‘But I think everybody looks at it and says that not a hang of a lot is going to change. If you look at our Constitution, its Section 25 has always had a formula which espouses just and equitable compensation, which could be a below-market value, and that value could be anywhere between zero and above-market value. That’s always been in our Constitution, and this latest change is really a suggestion to make explicit what is really implicit.’ Besides, the Squirrel had given assurances about the maintenance of food security and the economy (though given our current mess, that latter doesn’t hold much water). Don’t worry, it won’t come to this. Nothing to see here.

South Africa’s urban property owners – irrespective of color or class – need to understand the nature of the threat confronting them. And that they are largely on their own. To believe that powerful interests are working on their behalf behind the scenes is fanciful. It is reminiscent of farmers in 2018 who dismissed EWC as impossible, since ‘the banks won’t let it happen’. Very few would now hold this view. There remains a very narrow window – around two weeks – to register objections to the amendment of Section 25. We urge those who recognize the danger to join us in opposing it, by visiting This is likely to be the first step of many, and not one that ordinary people would like to have to take. Yet the future of each of us and of our society may well depend on it.

THIS is  the support property owners can expect from these devious banks: Instead for having understanding and compassion with the illegal communist land grabs that will eventually financially destroy thousands of people– these criminal banking cabal will not have any mercy with property owners by writing off the debts, but like the scumbags they are- will persecute people who have been stripped of their property by the communist filth to pay up even the last penny of the property loan. We call on all people to start working cash and close their bank accounts as these banks now shows their inhuman greedy underbelly towards customers that supported them through all these years. South Africa’s currency was debased from gold when the ANC took control- thus it lost all it’s value. A good option is to take a sufficient  portion  of your money out from the local banks every month and invest in cyber / crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or KARATBARS where it cannot be traced for tax purposes and it does not loose it’s value. Once you are used to the system- you can deposit all your money into crypto currencies where you earn much better interests than what the shrewd local banks ever could offer you and this greedy regime cannot steal it. You can even save money for pension purposes where the Communist serpents cannot lay a hand on it. It’s like a stock exchange system. First test it with a small amount and get used to the system- then later on deposit larger amounts and start moving away from the local banking system. It is the future and a global banking system which offers much better dividends than the dilapidated South African rand. The banks too cannot charge you inhuman banking rates and fees. The days of flat currency banking is over- and time these banks also get hurt where they feel it. YOU DON’t NEED BANKS…THEY NEED YOU!!!!


No photo description available.



THE Squirrel now moves in full throttle to “communistilize” South Africa with a “National Executive Council”  (Polatriat) in place, Land “expropriation” (all properties owned by the state) , pensions and health care owned by the state- and now one bank owned by the state. He even told parliament about the new futuristic “city” that will be build soon (by the Chinese “masters” we suppose) He surely is fast busy preparing the illiterate masses for their new Chinese masters. 

Image may contain: 2 people, text


SONA 2020

” For me the lack of shame Cyril Ramaphosa displayed at SONA is incomprehensible. He sprouts one lie on the other or announce self enrichment schemes designed to further plunder what is left of South Africa“- L.DE La Porte

South Africa are you proud of the circus , called Parliament, are you certain the best Idiots is your chosen representative in Parliament? Cyril Ramaphosa are you certain you have appointed the best Idiot in a position of  leadership of the Republic of South Africa? We are sick and tired of your cANCerous And dysfunctional Government and Municipalities!”H. Lombaard

SOUTH AFRICA’s “democracy” took it’s final turn to the left on Thursday night’s SONA  and announced the beginning of  a typical Afrocentric dictatorship . Time to oil the barrels! 

It was a late finish in Cape Town, but that’s because we had all the fun of the fair to deal with. The EFF stormed out after a lengthy delay, Parliament was temporarily suspended, and MPs were left to reflect on a rolllercoaster evening for everyone involved.

EFF drama: Parliament  had to wait 97 minutes for the Squirrel’s  speech to start. The scenes caused by Julius Malema and his gang of hooligans  were wholly unsavory, and left a cloud of gloom over SONA 2020

Cyril’s still dreaming: As he did last June, Ramaphosa promised to build a new” smart-city” : He said it was taking shape in Lanseria, which “350 000 to 500 000 people will call home within the next decade”. It went down like a lead balloon last year, and again, critics have told him to focus on fixing existing cities instead.

The sacrifices needed for our youth: Around 1% of all national expenditure, across all departments, will need to be slashed to help find more jobs for our young workers. Great news on paper, but cuts across the board generally lead to misery elsewhere. Damned if you do…

Too many municipalities failing: According to Cyril Ramaphosa, there are Section 139 interventions in 40 South African municipalities. These are imposed when major local governments cannot sustain themselves, and this number is dreadfully high.

State capture: Ramaphosa said that he and his government have “acted decisively against state capture and fought back against corruption” a pill that’s hard to swallow, considering no-one implicated at the Zondo Commission has been put behind bars at the time of SONA 2020, despite mounting piles of evidence.

The budget speech will be tough: We can expect low levels of growth this year, which means that we are not generating enough revenue to meet our expenses. Debt is heading towards “unsustainable levels”, and Cyril told SONA 2020 that this would be addressed by Tito Mboweni’s budget speech. Gulp…

Uh-oh, another state bank is coming: The ANC are also proceeding with the establishment of a state bank as part of their efforts to extend access to financial services to all South Africans. This is controversial and unpopular even with their own party members.

Youth Employment figures: Of the 1.2 million young people who enter the labor market each year, approximately two-thirds remain outside of employment, education or training before SONA 2020.

Land expropriation: This was very light on detail. All we learned was that the government have released 44 000 hectares of state land for the settlement of land restitution claims, and will this year release round 700 000 hectares of state land for agricultural production. We’re still on the dark regarding some major issues.

One-sided NHI view: Cyril said there was “enthusiastic support from South Africans” during public hearings
on the National Health Insurance, and claimed he is putting in place mechanisms for its implementation following conclusion of the Parliamentary process. However, NHI is highly divisive amongst SA citizens.





YOU CAN READ ABOUT THE SONA 2020 HERE– But as expected created the EFF a circus out of the whole affair. 


AS Ramaphosa foolhardy continue to impose more and more uneconomical taxes against businesses and pursuing his lunatic “land expropriation without compensation”  grand theft ideologies more Western countries and stricter sanctions will follow soon.  As long as the communist regime stay betrothed to the destructive union mobs with their daily violent riots and uneconomical wage demands and as long as the clowns in parliament proceed to impose racist , discriminatory and polarization legislation such as AA and BEEE against other races and companies- South Africa will find itself more and more destitute as investors who believes in a Free Market Economy will summarily continue to dis-invest, close their doors- and look for more friendlier and safer business  opportunities elsewhere.  Ramaphosa and his kleptocracy in Lethuli-House now received very unmistakable warnings from the international business community:” You are killing your economy. You have no more credibility. You are living in a fool’s paradise with outdated communist policies. Clean up your act or suffer the consequences. ” 



The direct future of SA is discussed in levels that is so far beyond of political understanding of this country majority people. Due to “expropriation “ that’s now at hand it is the ANC ploy to draw more power of their decision of mal-administration as well as legalize theft hiding behind the law which can be adapted to any situation. Between the devil and the deep blue sea we will find ourselves with a huge number of unemployed people this country had ever seen. We already standing at a 48% ,excluding the white population of 6%. Most liberal whites are employed at present With this expropriation bill we going to see a lot of properties being forcefully taken and with the banking sector’s narrative as it is we still have to pay those loans. Article 25 as it stands has been written so that in paper it looks very legal but to the person reading it, it is giving him a thumbs up “You may take land”, so when land-grabs do start the Government can just stand back and say we didn’t order anybody to take land. The government is the main perpetrator in all and any of these cases that follow through.

Some solid proof here that crime DOES in fact pay! 

This is BAD news for the investor abroad due to the fact that the companies going to start closing it’s doors, it is expected that they would rather closing their companies than to be taken over. Unemployment are going to explode and we will sit with business cut backs such as ficus- tax and VAT which the state will not receive and it will explode into a growing informal sector and it will lead to an extremely powerful economy. Currently the Investors is going through a perching process to get rid of the ANC- corruption, state capture etc. Not all people are corrupt or racist A call for war by one of the black leaders in SA within the next two months WILL be called out. This call for war will go simultaneously with the call for land for all. “WAR or LAND” or “LAND or WAR” The white man will get the blame for it once again What if then an assassination attempt take place as we have seen in the Eastern block, because that target is playing with billions of investors money? Will this trigger an important political kingpin’s death?  Can we blame the foreigners for just protecting what is theirs, can we take for granted that all that what has been taken forcefully from us will be returned? Hopefully the rest of SA political sphere and political arena are going to run scared Who knows what the outcome will be? South Africa is on a knife’s edge.

Ramaphosa per se cares a hoot about the direction South Africa is going. As a stinking rich part of the small “ black elite” and concubine of the Oppenheimers  he made sure his own assets are safe in off-shore “safe havens” such as Mauritius. Ramaphosa have no clue how to run a country- but merely opted and kennived himself into the presidential position purely for the perks and power attached to the portfolio. As with his three predecessors from a pre-Adamic era- he still believes in out-dated prehistoric policies  of Tribalism, Marxism and Lenninism. Ramaphosa on the one side of the coin is not qualified or fit to be called a president of a country.

RAMAPHOSA exposed his unpatriotic underbelly   clearly when he had a choice between saving the country – or saving his communist party.As an Ugandan alien decent that never gave or did something positive for  South Africa  it then comes to no surprise that  he chose the latter!






Gaan lekker ne

Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Friday, February 14, 2020

His “revolutionary” ideas smack of totalitarianism and dictatorial enslavement where only a small clique (polatriat) are free to rule supreme and the rest of the population are enslaved. Ramaphosa seem to be hell-bent to prepare South Africa for the coming Chinese invasion.  So also is the ANC not competent to  even be  in a governing position as they are still caught up in socialist  ” liberation” ancient ideologies. Ramaphosa- like Jacob Zuma- is fast becoming yet another shameless ANC disappointment to the country. And to what degree South Africans soon will find out this coming year.


Image may contain: 1 person, suit, possible text that says 'Cyril Ramaphosa sê in sy staatsrede die regering staan gereed om voort te gaan met onteiening van landbougrond wanneer die wetsontwerp daaroor gereed is. Staatsgrond van 44 O0Oha is reeds hiervoor beskikbaar gestel. News24'

The Squirrel further want to alienate investors , endanger food security, – and invite sanctions with this communist hare-brained scheme!

THIS is the socialist nightmare Ramaphosa and his ilk are driving South Africa towards. Are you going to allow them to do that?

If Ramaphosa is so “concerned” about the country and he really wants to impose” radical” reconstructing- he should- except for growing balls for a change and find his back bone:

  1. Lead by example, accept responsibility for the ANC’s total mismanagement of the country this past two and a half decades- and  excuse himself and the rest of the incompetent old decrepit Robbin Island old Boys convicts such as Mantashe, Radebe, Blade Nzimande, Pandor, Nkosazana Zuma, Motsekga, Cele, Mabusa, Sisulu et al  from government,
  2. Get rid of the EFF Weasel and his merry band of pathetic “revolutionary” circus misfits,
  3. Ban the destructive labor unions,
  4. Impose harsh sentences on already identified  corrupt state officials as well as the previous National Party and ANC corrupt officials, (including his own son and Jacob Zuma) 
  5. Prosecute those already responsible for the destruction of the country this past 25 years,
  6. Abolish racist, discriminatory and polarization ideologies such as Affirmative Action and BEEE,
  7. Relax tax legislation on personal and businesses and stimulate the economy by giving tax relief and subsidies to small businesses and the agricultural sectors,
  8. Abandon his outdated ” revolution” policies,
  9. Stop cadre deployment , cronyism , party politics and appoint credible economists , strategists and academics with REAL diplomas and credentials (not from Wits university)  from ALL races in managerial positions on parliamentary, judicial, Defense Force, provincial and SOE levels,
  10. Ban all private armies , youth brigades and identified terrorist movements,
  11. Cut state expenditure by cutting the exuberant salaries and perks of state officials and minimize the recipients of state grants to homogeneous citizens that fits the correct criteria ,
  12. Privatize failing SOE’s such as Eskom, SAA, PRASA, SABC, Post Office, Telcom, etc to NON racist and NON governmental affiliated companies,
  13. Introduce  more open market competitors to compete against Eskom, PRASA, SAA, Telcom, etc for the consumer to choose from,
  14. Cut the Judiciary loose from state influence and let the Bench operate independently from the state
  15. Cut SARS loose from state influence and let the Revenue Service also  operate independently from the state
  16. Minimize the Chinese and British  influence in South Africa,
  17. Open more natural resources accessibility  to the public,
  18. Stop all government meddling in private business,
  19. Order a full audit into the Federal Reserve Bank for irregularities and regulate banks and their illegal loan sharking and racketeering  policies,
  20. Regulate Health Care contributions and private hospital fees – but keep it in private hands
  21. Introduce a free market system, protect private property rights  and abandon destructive ideas such as “Land Expropriation” NDR, Pension Fund theft and NHI.
  22. Link the South African currency back to gold again,
  23. Protect the rights of South Africans above other entities,
  24. Introduce training facilities to stimulate the production market,
  25. Tackle crime with a series of hard-line no-nonsense attitudes and impose harsh sentences upon criminals- even re-in-statement of capitol punishment,
  26. Re-shape the police force and re-introduce respectful police officers that have the correct credentials and passion for their work,
  27. Abandon all unnecessary racist laws that create division among the people of South Africa,
  28. Abandon socialism, socio-communism, communism and liberal ideologies,
  29. Stop turning South Africa into his own little “China-Town,
  30. Abandon the Republican system and introduce a Confederate system and
  31. Close South Africa’s borders and prevent the mass flooding of alien insurgents that drains our economy.

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Other than that Ramaphosa and his ilk only again paid lip service at the SONA and again sent the poor naive Rainbow Chickens away with a belly full of empty promises.Years and years of state coffer plundering, tax robbery, mismanagement, naked racism, arrogance, money laundering, incompetent cadre deployment, self enrichment, tender fraud, scandals, cronyism, flagrant splurging and playing the “victim” now eventually caught up with the ANC mafia mob. The chickens eventually came home to roost…but at what cost! They now themselves became the victims of their own greed and ravenous covetousness. The international world at last woke up from their Mandela euphoria and realized they have been bamboozled long enough by the ANC’s  false image of “democracy.” The world moved on- the world has no place no more for out-dated policies such as “socialism” and “communism.” That died with Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe already.  Unless all the old crackpots and crooks  from yesteryear are booted out of their Lethuli-House hive and new young faces appear in parliament with new more sophisticated and modern Western capitalistic economic adapted policies- South Africa will finally sing her swan song with disastrous results for the country and it’s people  if the ANC again wins the next election.




Video: The Real Cyril Ramaphosa: The WORST White-hating Communist – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock







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White Nation





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