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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial February 21  2020





KZ wrote: 


ONE thing that really infuriates me is the blatant lies , double standards and hippocracy accompanying it with witch the ANC and EFF now are using to force through their bogus “Land Expropriation” theft of white peoples property. Other  so-called “ minority” groups- especially non-whites- are allowed to lay false claims on land their “ancestors” now supposedly occupied “hundreds of years ” ago- but when white Boers / Afrikaners do the same- they simply are scoffed at and their claims disregarded as “you stole our land. ” One such group is the KhoiSan that now demands their “ancestral” lands back as they claim to be the “first” inhabitants of South Africa. 

Without much ado and lengthy historical references as the internet provides amble evidence already – The Khoi-San is not the homogeneous “owners” of South Africa either. Like the majority of blacks in South Africa- the Khoi and San  tribes are descendants of the Central African Pygmy race that migrated further down South searching for new hunting grounds with time. They were not a community but were merely nomads migrating and moving in small groups from place to place wherever food was in abundance. There were no borders , demarcation and no title deeds. It was a free continent to move around at will.

Now because ol’ Jan Van Riebeeck happened to  find them in 1652 down the Colony’s beaches  wandering in  circles in the sand while stealing sheep from  the Dutch  and jotted it down on his IPod to his VOC bosses – suddenly their claim that they were the first settlers in South Africa  now was “set in stone “- by nothing  other than the white man’s account! According to their distorted narrative today that they were the “first” inhabitants of South Africa and therefore the land belongs to “them” – they then should also be the “lawful owners “ of all the African countries such as Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe et al they passed through while their ancestors trekked en route Southwards in search of food resources and to escape the black tribal wars in central Africa as well. Will someone be so kind as to just inform the black leaders of that specific African countries of this “hidden truth’ too? I think they are not aware of the fact that they themselves are “settlers” in Khoi-San “ancestral”  countries as well.

On whose account could they lay such a claim? Which black or Khoi-San historian noted their historical evidence on “ancestral ”  land claims then…or do they ride on the white man’s donkey again to substantiate such a preposterous claim as the white man was the first homo sapiens in South Africa that factually documented history? Blacks never invented their own alphabet- they could not read neither write- so on which African historical or documented  foundation do they base their claim on then? So they quickly can lay claim on a white man’s account that the Khoi-San was the first non-white tribe found in the Colony- thus deeming them the “rightful owners” of the land. And so does most of the black tribes also demand the same royalties in South Africa today. But another account of the same white man who noted that the central South African interior was empty and uninhabited when the trekkers moved Northwards is wiped off the table unceremoniously. So now we have a very selective judgement here to fit only the narrator of the claim.When the Khoi-San claim to be the first inhabitants of the Colony- that automatically makes them “Owners.” But when the white trekkers claim to be the first inhabitants of the Central Interior of South Africa- that makes them “settlers” who suddenly “stole our land.” Any logic in this?

This comes to show the double standards , hippocracy and distorted lies propagated by the ANC and EFF political thugs. Up to today not ONE shred of  factual evidence or historical document from any black “previously disadvantaged” support any of this false  claims that ‘whites stole our land.” It is a total fabrication and propaganda stunt for the ANC/EFF delinquents in order substantiate their continuous lies and to steal the white man’s land to control all natural resources and become stinking rich on the basis of a fake narrative they themselves created. The majority blacks still are nomads today- still “migrating” from one shack to the other- one squatter camp to the other in search of food resources just like their ancestors did – depending where the white man erects another new town or city on “stolen land” where they can get “free bees “ again such as services, homes, state grants, electricity, jobs, etc .

The black man cannot fend for himself anymore- he forgot his roots and now are dependent on the white man to feed him. He now forever will be migrating after the white man’s cities...still claiming land wherever his black feet touches the earth. Zimbabwe is the best recent proof of this. The white “colonial” was forced out of the country because according to Mugabe and his ZANU-PF thugs- the white man also “stole” their land. ” . Zimbabwe now faces starvation of apocalyptic proportions. Why- Because the white man left Zimbabwe to fry in it’s own fat. They slaughtered the goose that was laying the golden eggs. They now have the land- why do they not rejoice and start working that land then? Why are they leaving the land in droves for which they screamed about for decades then? Instead and as ever are they “migrating” by the thousands across South Africa’s borders  towards the white man’s cities and towns on search for food  – just to eventually come and “claim” the land again- just as the local ANC/EFF aliens are doing now.

Bottom-line is NO ONE can lay claim on land- as when you are born you owed ZULCH! You are here temporarily for how long ever G-d grace you to live…1-100 years- then you pass on to the next parallel universe without taking a single grain of earth with you. SOjust on WHO’s authority are you claiming  the “land” belongs to you- and WHO  gave you the title deed to claim any piece of land for yourself? Do you intend that after death you and your ghostly trio will come back and settle on the land you “claimed” to be yours? The only “land” you then will be able to have any claim on is in the local cemeteryand that too  unfortunately will not belong to you either- but will belong to the City Council! So you still will have f*ck-all to claim! This land was here millinea before humans even walked the earth. It did not belong to mankind then- it does not belong to mankind now- and after you and your big mouth have passed on and the whole human race become extinct already – it still will not belong to any human  then. Humans only are temporarily occupants of this land of whom Y-HWE is the sole owner. So how could a lesser claim property rights of something that belongs to the lessee?

This land is available for everyone– it’s natural resources belongs to all- and no one can claim “this is our land” and no one can accuse another “you stole our land” either- for you cannot claim something that never was yours in the first place!  We are sick and tired of Ramaphosa and Malema’s continuous racist false claims and lies that ‘whites stole” their land. Obviously this two communist henchmen never spent time on Google to research South Africa’s true history- or conveniently choose to ignore it. This communist charlatans and their organizations want to destroy all white history and their heinous agenda  to exterminate white Afrikaners  are much too obvious. As two alien descendants themselves  these two critters are the last in the queue to make such prosperous and totally bizarre claims. It is high time the majority gutless Afrikaner cowards grow some balls and spines for a change- and take on this deceptive and taunting communist harlots – and start to fight for the land and rights many of their forefathers fought and died for in four brutal wars. And that also gives NO right to a bunch of communist freaks either to try “expropriate” it, nor does it gives a greedy human communist  regime any rights to plunder it’s resources for their own selfish agendas and not share it with the rest of the population . Neither does it give anyone the right to lay claim on even 1 square feet of earth....not even to  “Fiela se kinners!!”








Image may contain: possible text that says 'For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of darkness of this world..." Ephesians 6:12 N Eskom already was prophesized about in 62 AD. Amazing!!!'