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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Cape Town March 05  2020









THERE  is a tiny community trying to survive on literally nothing in the dust just outside Mamre near Cape Town in the Western Cape South Africa consisting of mainly white elderly frail people abandoned by the world. Here these people find what their families, the Government and we as a community have failed to give them, a roof over their heads, three meals a day, medical care, water, electricity , care love and a sense of belonging and daily Church services.

For years now they have been voting DA. For at least two years they have been begging the DA local government for basic services such as water, sanitation , electricity, social services, nothing more than what is being provided to other non whites in squatter camps. For years their needs have been ignored by the very DA they voted for. However–  Last Friday they were under imminent threat of violence and arson attack by an aggressive crowd of non-whites who has attacked them before. Many hours before this incident the Mayor of Cape Town and all the security services were informed by Adv. Carlo Viljoen  of this possible violence against these elderly defenseless people, as expected the warning and call for policing were ignored by the DA Mayor Dan Plato. Then on the morning of February 05 2020 morning Councillor Nora Grose, arrived with the cavalry, hordes of policemen with dogs, safety and health inspectors, you name it they all come in their shiny vehicles. Huge was the surprise when the old people realized that the DA Councillor that they voted for did not show up to rescue them, but that her sole purpose was to come and prosecute them even further.

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NORA GROSE-Did her political status made her forgot the roots of humanity? 

She then illegally sent in the sniffer dogs without a warrant and without consent to burst open these old peoples homes to find drugs, but she found nothing. Then they searched high and low for rotten food apparently being fed to the people, she found only good food. Then they searched for people being locked in cells, no prisoners were found. Then she illegally allowed private citizens (all ANC voters ,)– the apparent complainants who approached her this morning to search their houses. When she was asked why she is allowing private people the very same people who attacked them on Friday night to enter their homes they were told to “shut up and that they have no rights….”

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WHITE SQUATTERS in Cape Town- like most white squatters across South Africa – are abandoned and forgotten by the ANC regime, major political parties , the Main Stream Media and general populace alike. Because of their insignificant influence at the voting polls  they have become an embarrassment for politicians and City Councillors such as Nora Grose alike and their situation are downplayed by Main Stream Media outlets such as the liberal stereo-type  Cape Argus.  These poor banished people became a  lost society of modern Gypsies and mere shadow figures of South Africa’s population with no rights or free services like their non-white counterparts in non-white squatter camps such as Crossroads are entitled to. To be a white squatter in South Africa is to be an outcast with lesser human rights than criminals in Victor Verster or Pollsmoor prisons enjoys. This because of the brutal hate campaigns and deceptive lies launched in 1994 by the ANC and later on EFF against white Afrikaners.  

Councillor Nora Grose were told that these very people whose ridiculous complainants she is entertaining is the very people who is trying to force them off the ground, but instead of informing these ANC voters that it is a criminal offence to remove people from the ground without a Court order, she decides to allow these private citizens to search her voter’s private homes??? Moral of the story if you want Councillor Nora Grose to respond to your complaint tell her you are an ANC voter and that your neighbor is locking people up in his house, she will be there in no time. Is this how the DA treats its voters? Whites across South Africa are being discriminated against by all major political parties- and because of this false racist anti-white propaganda smear campaigns , linked with the dehumanization and alienation tactics by this political parties- division between races are whipped up and advocated- which leads to non-whites now believing that whites are settlers and racists indeed. What Nora Grose- a hard bitten white liberal has done- fits the usual bias narrative of most DA representatives against white Afrikaans people across the board.

A snippet from Nora Grose’s Facebook page where she boasts how the City of Cape Town boosted the colored community of Atlantis with new ventures and jobs. But we cannot find ONE piece of evidence where the same City Council Of Cape Town did the same for a white community. Race discrimination against whites is rife under the DA council of Cape Town as it is with all the City Councils controlled by the  leftist ANC, DA – or EFF across South Africa. To even mention supporting a white community will immediately bring down the wrath of the communist warlords from Lethuli-House , Malema’s red nose-picking bar brawling goons in parliament- and then of course their respective controlled ultra- left racist  media charlatans .  For any leftist political party to support a white community – even mentioning it- would therefore mean definite political suicide. According to the deceptive leftist narrative anything not fitting their definition of “politically correctness” is either “racist” or “white supremacist.” Liberalism simply hates competition and does not tolerate opposition to their dark reign. 

Ironically Grose have this posting on her Facebook page: ” Just a thought I want to leave with all critics in life. A lesson I learned from a very dear friend and mentor who lived in Ohio USA. He was the most giving man ever, the more he gave away the more he received. I ones questioned him why do you keep giving you already done so much for people. His response became my motto till today: “kid when I give I never ask what they did with it, that is between them and God”. For this reason I do and give unconditionally! Make this YOUR new years resolution, stand back and enjoy the blessings in giving.”  This is so ironic it leaves one totally gobsmacked  what she states – and what she does in reality which is totally the opposite of each other and contradicts each other to say the least- especially where she declared: ” For this reason I do and give unconditionally! But reality dictates that Nora Grose also has a dark side concerning  the “unconditionally” part when she has to decide between either pleasing whites or non-whites. It is about at that point where G-d and her “unconditional” sentiment comes to a grinding halt. Me. Grose- this in one critic that will need much more than just empty words to convince me that you are serious with your motto– for  both your words and your actions contradicts each other.

Athol Trollip and Helen Zille also was quoted a few years back for their  anti-white Afrikaner sentiments.  Shall we ask the DA- who came to power also because of white Afrikaans voters as well – the question of “Quid Agis DA?” Maybe it’s time these heartless politicians are stripped of all their earthly belongings, status and salaries- and dumped into squalid conditions in squatter camps as well so they too can learn where humanity has it’s roots- because for politicians the world of poverty is worlds away from their self induced political realms of abundance and power.  It is high time Both the ANC and DA gets their corrupt racist arses kicked out of the Western Cape and a much more capable INDEPENDENT and more humane government takes over the reigns.


Perfect example of a black man's racist behaviour

Posted by Roy Sage on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

THIS is the direct result of the false propaganda smear campaigns and division advocated by all the major black political parties in South Africa. Their “democratic” system is nothing less than a system filled with race hatred, deception and race division. 





White Nation







” Artificial intelligence never was a substitute for natural stupidity. That is why most of the world  is still voting sheepishly for  greedy corporations and politicians to enslave them. “