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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Potchefstroom  March 09  2020



Ethiopian shop owners in Diepsloot say police are stealing their goods and cash during raids

SA Policemen in court for raping teenagers

SAPS faces more than R290m in claims for unlawful behavior

SAA starts retrenchment process – with all 4,700 employees affected

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Bloodbath on the JSE as markets plunge around the world

Rand collapses against the dollar as coronavirus sends markets into a panic

BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead








Image result for RED LETTER Since 1994 there were a remarkable deterioration visible when it comes to most of the state organs in South Africa. Most people do not want to talk about it – and this who do- try to “sugar coat” the real situation of decay with all kinds of “politically correct” terms and explanations- but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the reality- everybody agrees that the country under the ANC kleptocratic dictatorship went for a heap of sh*t!

The international world per se would never admit South Africa is one of their most shameful failures. Avaricious Big Business money grubbers that hailed Mandela and the newly establish “Rainbow Nation” in 1994 now quietly shrunk into darkness while they dis-invest at a staggering rate. White liberal spoofters and snowflakes that applauded the dawn of the New “Democracy” suddenly fell silent and now are hiding their ugly faces and changing their tunes  in ignominy out of fear being called what they are- Fakes. They will never admit their “democracy” turned into one of the worst and catastrophic economic disasters of modern times under their totally incompetent “socialist” ANC charlatans. The Mass Media also realize they are backing a dead horse, – but for the money they are paid and being under control of the ANC miscreants – they have no other option but to tag along with the current false narrative that “All is well.” They are too dishonest to openly admit their liberal socialism exercise again failed miserably. But all is definitely  not well. From the highest chair in parliament right down to the lowest ANC card waving guzunder in the city councils the communist regime’s  execrable reign is smut with corruption, incompetence, greed  and miserable  failures. THAT also will be the epitaph of the international  world at large and the United Nations in future – who by default  enforced and instituted this macabre bunch of Robbin Island hoodlums in control of a once flourishing country.


It is then inevitable when the top level is corrupt with looting gangsters and corrupt criminals that the lower order also soon will be infested with crime and corruption too-and normally the first to succumb to bad governance id the security contingent of a country. South Africa is no different and it did nor take very long or both the Army and Police Forces also started to show deep cracks of rot with Jackie Selebi the first very notable example of this. After Selebi Riah Phiyega, Bheki Cele  and a whole string of Police commissioners came and go in a dazzling display of senior police personnel replacement exercises as the ANC ineptocrats feverishly tried to safe face and pretend “all is still well.”  EIGHT ANC police commissioners took turn in warming the top chair since 1994 as one after the other were toppled due to corruption this past 25 years.  Before the 1994 fiasco only 15 Police commissioners were appointed in 86 years  since the SAP was established in 1928.  The game of musical chairs on the deck of the sinking police Titanic was on. Now they re-appointed Bheki Cele again- one of the previous police gangsters that was toppled due to corruption. The police became  the one biggest state funded criminal  organization in Africa. While the “top brass” was busy swapping seats  at the top- the rest of the police force was busy swapping trades below.  The so-called “police force” now systematically has descended since 1994  into an abyss of corruption, gangsterism, contraband smuggling, cash heists, hi-jacking, murders , weapon smuggling,-  and the latest addition to their already tarnished image….abductions! 



A report by the City Press claims that kidnappings are increasing exponentially in South Africa – with syndicates earning over R1 billion last year. An anonymous SAPS general told the City Press that these kidnappings were overwhelming the police and were threatening South Africa’s national security. “The families of victims never report the crimes as they are threatened not to do so,” said the general. “In most cases, families of victims simply choose to pay the ransom and never involve the police.”

Police working with syndicates

National police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo also confirmed that several police officers have been arrested in connection with kidnappings. “I can confirm, without a fear of contradiction, that a number of police officers have been arrested for colluding with kidnappers,” said Naidoo. “But I cannot tell you the number, as I do not know it.” The City Press claimed that the number of police officers arrested was “at least 14”.



Targeting wealthy locals and foreign nationals

The SAPS general said that wealthy South Africans and foreign nationals were being targeted by the syndicates – particularly those from Asia, as well as those from neighboring countries. People in South Africa allegedly arrange fraudulent documents for foreigners wanting to travel to the country, and once they’ve crossed the border, these foreigners are flagged by police. “That is how they get kidnapped. The abductors contact their families in Asia, demanding a ransom for their release.” Kidnappers frequently ask for over R1 million, said the general, and almost always want the ransom to be paid in Dubai via the Hawala banking system – an international remittance system that has allegedly been used to launder money and finance terrorism. Another police officer told the City Press they believe the incidence of kidnappings will increase due to victims’ families being willing to pay the ransoms. This officer was also worried that the perpetrators could have ties to terrorist organisations.

Insufficient police support

The anonymous general said the kidnappings were not being managed efficiently in part due to there only being five members in the police’s kidnapping unit. “The capacity of the crime intelligence team is small and wholly insufficient to investigate such a big national threat,” said the general. “Kidnappings are on the rise, but we are more reactive than proactive because we are always forced to deal with kidnappings that have already taken place.”There is a lack of investigation capacity and most of the cases are not going anywhere in court.”

Irregular SAPS tenders

This is not the first time SAPS has been accused of irregular dealings this year. In January 2020, a report issued by Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane found a longstanding tender between SAPS and vehicle-tracking company Tracker to be “improper”. “The allegation that the agreements entered into between SAPS and Tracker results in Tracker improperly benefiting from state resources is substantiated,” Mkhwebane said. Tracker disputed these findings, stating that the tender process was not irregular. “The Public Protector’s findings were made against the backdrop that Tracker has been awarded the contract for the provision of vehicle tracking technology to SAPS in a series of open tender processes over the years.” Tracker said that with regards to its 2008 and 2014 tender bids, it was the only bidder which adequately met the requirements. The tracking company said its technology makes the SAPS more efficient and effective, adding that it welcomes the SAPS’s efforts to partner with more than one vehicle-tracking service provider.











Covit-19 virus (Referred to as the “corona” virus)- is not a biological virus at all- but an  economic destructive virus created by the banking elites – specifically in order  to destroy most of the free world’s independent economies by crashing stock markets – in order to gain  financially  on their demise with the agenda of  an united global control of all free-standing monetary systems  into one global currency by the centralized Federal Reserves.” – Andrew K. 




Massive kidnapping threat in South Africa – Police working with criminals





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