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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial Cape Town March 12  2020







SAA to dismiss employees based on race

Govt must ‘take a closer look’ at South African farmers’ asylum seeker claims

Sanlam shares fall after R1.7bn B-BBEE cost

Crime in SA: ‘It is out of control and we are facing a full-scale war’

Thanks, Eskom: Load shedding has given burglars a new, devastating tactic

DA leader John Steenhuisen calls for privatization of Eskom and to allow competition



Eskom is shamelessly harassing Soweto residents for R18-billion; residents are angry — and rightly so. This R18-billion debt — if it is R18-billion — should be deemed a subsidy, an external cost that the government must bear for inadequate service delivery.In the newly democratic South Africa, the shamefully low level of electrification of black households was seen as an apartheid wrong that needed to be righted. Not only would electrification mean modernization, and stimulate local economic development and consumerism in black communities, but it would also address energy poverty, as it would be cheaper, safer and less labor intensive than coal, firewood and paraffin. Electrification was a service that could be rapidly rolled out because in the 1990s, South Africa had surplus electricity — and it was cheap”. (??????????)

No photo description available.

Andrew K wrote: 

IT is high time we as South Africans stop pussy-footing with the ANC and Eskom . “Diplomatic Correctness” has brought us nothing but suffering, impoverishment and a collapsing economy so far. South Africans appear to be the most violent nation when it comes to feeling “ offended”, the most verbal nation when it comes to “racism”– but the most tolerant nation when it comes to corruption by their oppressive and corrupt leaders. It’s time we start calling a spade a spade!!

Question is: For 15 years now we listened to this ANC communist bullsh*t propaganda why we have to swallow their indigestious vomit load-shedding excuses….how long still are we gonna tolerate their crap about this breakage and that breakage, this conveyor belt and that wet coal, this Kusile and that Medupi , this scrupulous “board of directors” that resigned , the uncountable very expensive hearings and that new Tarzans that will now save Eskom that they keep on ramming down our throats around this Eskom saga so they could proceed to  sell millions of Megawatt to neighboring countries to line their pockets while fat commi Mantashe keeps millions of sufficient alternative power resources off the table for their own greedy plundering exercises???

They have 23 electricity generating power stations- but we continuously get f*cked by either their Medupi or Kusile bullsh*t as-if the whole country solely depends on that two dysfunctional white elephants for power. And the bloody gremlins and breakages never stops in that two purgatories- every day there pops out a new gremlin to f*ck us into the dark ages for hours and sometimes days on end- it now already continued for 15 years and will continue for another 15 years if this rotten ANC bags of sh*t are not kicked out of the country soon.

This ANC degenerates in Lethuli-House are nothing but sewer rats- and according to the standard extermination protocol for pandemics – should have been poisoned and completely exterminated after their first 5 years of a total mess they made of our country. Why are these communist rodent infestations , their white liberal fleas and red T-Shirted union parasites still being allowed to gnaw their way through our economy and spread their bubonic plague through our infrastructures while they destroy our land and consume our hard earned tax money? We do not need another Corona virus to destroy our economy- we already have the ANC-virus doing a bloody good job in that department! It will only need a little nudge to send this country into the abyss. Did we run out of pesticides?



#CyrilRamaphosa…admit it!#DomesticTerrorism…#EconomicTerrorism Arsen has destroyed so many trainwagons…Was that to exploit the current South African mentality, or to create killing machines…?as if the current murder rate of 58 per day is not enough!#CryBelovedSouthAfricaCry You're cANCerous ANC Government have boiled themselves like a frog in a slowly heated up, pot of boiling water!The ANC does not even realise they have not only RAPED South Africa …they have constructed a dying country!#CryBelovedSouthAfricaCry #makeSouthAfricaGreatAgain #GovernmentOfNationalUnityNow Unkind Disregards!#RedGebed #HermanLombaard

Posted by Herman Lombaard on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

THIS is what happens when a third world mentality captures a first world economy. 


It now became a standard national culture that a faceless “Eskom (read ANC controlled ) – carry all the blame for the ANC’s own dysfunctional and chaotic maladministration – and they can keep on with their Eskom jinx and keep on screwing us with “load shedding” as long as it pleases them to rake in the billions. The ANC never will admit their own f*ck-ups- always someone or something else must be blamed- even a faceless Eskom. As long as the ANC themselves are not involved or fingered for the multiple failures they created. Blame Eskom, blame SAA, blame PRASA, blame the SABC…but do not blame the ANC. They only want to be seen as the “liberators”- the great “saviors” of mankind. They created the chaos- then blame something else – even their own creation- then comes around and want to act  the great  saviors with other peoples TAX money! They are continuously taking us for fools they do.


Mean-while the “directors” and “managers” of this Eskom overstaffed cadre employment curse are getting humongous salaries and bonuses which left the country with a staggering R419 BILLION deficit which these arrogant ANC thieves now expect the tax payer to foot again- and to top it off- here comes cadre Tito Mboweni and flamboyantly promised another R23 BILLION over the next three years to be channeled towards that Eskom junk yard and the two dysfunctional tax processing laundromats.  Who does he think will carry the cost if that? The TAX PAYER again we suspect! It is very convenient to throw around other people’s money-isn’t it? Why do this ANC rodents not sacrifice half of their own salaries as compensation for the unjust damage they have created to our country then? But lo- they are the cause that the country, Eskom and many other state controlled Entities are in chaos and on the brink of collapse. Through this ANC clowns South Africa now sits with a debt of R 4 Trillion! And Squirrel Ramamparra and his cronies cannot run to their Chinese brothers for financial help ’cause Donald Trump nipped all of the African brothers’ cronies such as China and India in the financial butt after he as well after he socked South Africa out of a R 34 Billion   financial aid purse too right after that loud mouth weasel Malema danced like a monkey in front of the American Embassy- chanting “One Bullet One American!” Trump surely did not take kind to that little racist ranting charade- and the ANC virus now are feeling  the aftershocks!   Then we have the Corona virus that factually brought China’s economy to a stand-still which also is a death knell for the Squirrel and his ever ” struggling” gangsters.

And the downwards spiral simply continuous for the ANC “stragglers”…

This comes after the same “parra” and his cronies got a “Dear Johnny” in Davos Switzerland after they went begging there for scraps there as well. In the past 25 years a total of R 8 Trillion was raked in from the tax payer- yet only R 6 Trillion were accounted for according t the AG. Thus the ANC rats have pulled a heist of R 2 Trillion that mysteriously “disappeared” into thin air into the lined pockets of the”Black Majority Capital”still unaccounted for up to this day!  Because of ALL the ANC virus f**ck-ups the South African currency nearly is worthless compared to other major currencies- which again means South Africa cannot really import any product from the West as a simple cup of tea will now cost you a cool R 400.00 in London! They are the sole reason for the collateral damage South Africa now suffers- yet they time and again expect the innocent hard working tax payer to carry the brunt of their own greed , corruption and ineptocray. Ironic indeed!!! But HEYaccording to the Communist Cookbook of anarchy “Apartheid” was much worse than this……

LIKE their counterpart the Corona virus does everything also turns into sh*t and die whatever the ANC virus comes into contact with as well…..

ESKOM used to be the crown jewel among South Africa’s state-owned enterprises. Eskom was established in 1922 and had an excellent track record up and until 1994 when a bunch of half-wits from Robbin Island took control of the country and appointed a bunch of nitwits to run the utility into a financial quagmire that we now have today. Eskom since 1994- already had 12 “Directors” this past 25 years that cost the tax payer a staggering R 514 MILLION. Most of them- like with their government- were village idiots with “impressive” portfolios- but still they were bumble heads that had no clue how to run a business- let alone a national energy supplier.

Ironically was  Eskom  named the Financial Times the Power Company of the Year at the Global Energy Awards Ceremony in New York.  It was described as “providing the world’s lowest-cost electricity, while at the same time making superior technological innovations, increasing transmission system reliability, and developing economic, efficient and safe methods for combustion of low-grade coal.” In 2005 Reuel Khoza, chairperson of the Eskom board, said one of the many factors that made the company successful was its commitment to good corporate governance – it wasn’t shackled by “a regime of crippling debt or unsustainable subsidies from government”. But that was still because the utility was running and serviced on the legacy of the “apartheid” management system and engineers.

Today its debt levels of R430bn represent about 15% of the state’s total debt, debt from municipalities are growing by R1bn per month, and its wage bill has exploded from R9.5bn annually in 2007 to R31.5bn in 2020. There has been a significant loss of critical skills especially with the racist BEEE and AA policies which saw many skilled white engineers retrenched – now replaced with ANC cadres with poor quality of maintenance track records  and poor workmanship- which  causes continuous  breakdowns- of which 40% is due to cadre deployment, bumble heads in the boardrooms, overstaffed and village idiots acting as “engineers.”   The company is suffering from systemic corruption, malfeasance, fraud and ill- educated  ANC card-waving CEO’s  that has compromised the credibility of the organisation and eroded investor confidence.  Eskom has a total installed electricity capacity of more than 45 000 MW- but now struggling to generate a capacity of 27 000 MW against a demand of 40 000 MW. Now South Africa – a once prosperous country- have to face bombardments of “load shedding”– total black-outs for up to 6 hours a day. In which other modern industrialized country in the world do you see something like that happening? 


CAN you ever believe the bullsh*t these con artists flog the public? If it is not wet coal, it’s ash in the air vents, spanner in turbines, broken conveyor belts and the latest spoof from them….yea…you saw it….JELLYFISH in water pump! ANYTHING as long as they have some kind or the other mediocre excuse to f*ck you around with “load shedding.What will be next…..Donald Duck humping Goofy in the transformer room? 

That brings us back to the two dysfunctional laundromats- Medupi and Kusile.  Eskom, in 2007 alone, approved 13 projects worth more than R200 billion that it said would” boost electricity output 56% by 2017. ” The flagships were two mammoth coal-fired power stations, Medupi and Project Bravo, that were both expected to have been finished by 2015 at a total cost of R163.2bn. Instead of resolving the energy shortfall in SA, the plants have been textbook studies on how not to execute large infrastructure projects with bumble heads and village idiots in control. Medupi’s completion date has been pushed out until 2020 or 2021 and Kusile, as Bravo is now called, is scheduled for 2023. 13 Years already does this two laundromats suck the tax payer dry- and still no end in sight. Between the greedy Lethuli-House governing half wits, corrupt Eskom board nitwits and illiterate engineering dimwits  South Africa experience  months of rolling blackouts that now left  an economy in deep trouble.

Mean-while business SA loose BILLIONS of rands each month , many even facing foreclosure- and many people now get retrenched due to disinvestment because of this monkeys that cannot or are not interested to run a country- but nobody is going to remunerate those businesses or poor people that lost their jobs because of their Kusile and Medupi theatricals.  BUT the best these ANC farts can  do- is to come up with yet more dilapidated “excuses “ , umpteen commissions of inquiry-  and hare-brained promises that never materializes.

And as Mafia mobs go will they always protect their own filthy kind these communist Teflon Johns…..never will one be jailed for their utterly corrupt  culture. 

And when caught out then all of a sudden we must feel “compassion” for their greedy nature while in the mean-time they feel bugger all for you. 

Further than that- they do absolutely F*CK-ALL to try to salvage the situation- simply because this two biggest open-air unproductive laundromats generate BILLIONS of revenue from the tax payer into the pockets of the ANC cadre looters via multiple money laundering schemes.  Now and then they will “spice up” their gourmet meal with a Koeberg, Arnot, Rooiwal  or Duvha power station “breakage”- but then it is back again to the two old “reliable”  laundromats- Medupi and Kusile again to supply the main course. What the hell has this two dysfunctional failures to do with Cape Town’s power generation- and what has Koeberg power station to do with Pretoria’s power generation? Sweet blue F*CK-ALL…bar a good excuse to irritate and frustrate the whole country again with bloody “LOAD SHEDDING!” Scarcely did Eskom win the high court case against NERSA for more tax money and BANGback is load shedding STAGE 4!!! Do they take us for stupid or what? We are heartily sick and tired of this intimidation tactics by the ANC and their cronies. 

SOME must pay through their necks to keep Eskom’s woes up and running…



No photo description available.

While “others” still get “free-bees” and not have to suffer the same frustrations as the rest of the population just because they happen to be the “right” skin color at the voting booths…

Mean-while the MF’s are  sabotaging our country DELIBERATELY and keep us at ransom while they keep on f*cking up the country and all the once lucrative and functioning state organs such as Eskom, SAA, Transnet and now SASOL – and yet -on the end of the day- not ONE of the bastards get prosecuted for the billions they already have stolen as they now AGAIN try to slip out of the Zondo commission knot by suggesting not one of this looters indicated that plundered the state coffers empty must be prosecuted. But  the new prosecuting chief- Shamila Batoyi – the ANC’s own little “fanfare” cover page appointment- was quick to retaliate and pointed out that  they do not have the organizational capacity  to prosecute all these ANC hoodlums that plundered the country for 25 years into a financial collapse. As an aftermath did she mention her department are too busy prosecuting  “apartheid” white human rights “transgressors” though and therefore have not the time nor the manpower to prosecute all the black ANC looters.


How f*ckin convenient and slick these racist ANC teflon  bastards operate again– like their TRC Bundu court- get these Nguni tsotsis off the hook again while “apartheid” and whites must be sacrificed as ever! Meanwhile all the ANC mass murderers , bomb planters, necklace murderers and killers walk out scot-free from all the murders and atrocities they committed during those same “apartheid” years- and now again will walk out scot-free from all the billions upon billions they have looted and destroyed the economy into a recession and junk status this past 25 years while the WHITES are the ones that will be prosecuted for things that happened 30 years ago. And all these MF’s can quickly react to- is “racism” and that dreaded “K”-Word. That is all their mentally handicapped and minute racist Nguni intelligence allows them to concentrate on. They now again are hell-bent in portraying the white as the villain on the block while the poor black “disadvantaged” ANC “victims” of “apartheid” are getting off the hook again – all while laughing their f*ckin heads off at the ease with which they could plunder and rob at will without being taken to the sword as they made sure they have an “inside” connection in the prosecuting department.

The ANC Fact Sheet:


No you need to get your facts straight .. If Apartheid was a Crime .. tell me what this is ?
Now let me give you the FULL picture of ANC achievement :

• 3 Trillion Rand in Corruption is lost to the People of SA (R 3 000 000 000 000.00) its gone , never coming back
• South Africa is in over 3 Trillion Rand in Debt (R 3 000 000 000 000.00) it has to be paid back
• South Africa has lost over 2 Trillion Rand through poorly Managed SOE’s (R 2 000 000 000 000.00) and they require BILLIONS more to fix, Privatization will be the only answer for many.
• South Africa’s GDP Growth has reduced to just above zero. Needs to be focused on .. BEE and others will take a Hiding as they will not fix it with BEE in place.
• Since ANC rule unemployment has gone up by over 60% !!
• South Africa is now the rape capital of the world
• South Africa’s Crime rate is near the Worlds worst
• Since ANC rule we have achieved the dubious distinction of being 140th on a world list of 144 countries for our standard of education.
• We are officially the country of the world where the most hijacks take place
• We are also on the top ten list for the most murders
• the rand/dollar has gone from R3.41 to R14.50
• During ANC rule the petrol price has gone from R1.73 to R13.83 per litre
• The SA defence force has gone from being the iron fist of Africa to a laughing stock that can’t defend Disneyland from an invasion of fluffy toys
• South Africa is on the list of most corrupt governments, they have given us a special place right at the top
• From 1994 to now we have ten times more people in squatter camps and 1000% more illegal immigrants
• 90% of Land Reforms have been unsuccessful
• Since 1994 our roads, railways, military, police, municipal services, old age homes, hospitals and orphanages have literally fallen apart and are worth nothing anymore.
• No other country on the planet has more convicted criminals in their parliament than us!!
• 25% of all South African school girls are HIV+.
• We have Dumbed down education to worse than Bantu Education and then further lowered the standard to 30%
• STUFFED monetary system, …
• STUFFED International Credibility ..

With our current Debt Level, the only solution will probably be a Bail Out and that will lead to more suffering and reversed reconcilliation … Basically recolonization ..
IT WILL BE TOUGH .. do you have the Guts? .. SA is Bankrupt and all the benefits of”apartheid”  will have to go . Yes all that you enjoy was built by” Apartheid ” . Yep it was Bad .. but the ANC has created worse atrocities .It’s t is a crime against Humanity to lead people into Poverty and suffering – and a lot will die there is no doubt .Forget the shit of “Apartheid “- rather Worry about tomorrow !

In the streets causing chaos

Protesting a full time job in this country!!

Posted by South African Living on Thursday, March 5, 2020

Eskom will never stop with their continuous “load shedding” to South Africans for the following reasons:

Eskom keeps on bamboozling you into believing that because of continuous “breakdowns”and Jellyfish in the water pumps of their reactors there never is enough power available for the demand in South Africa.


1. Eskom sells power to 7 African countries: Zimbabwe, Lesotho, eSwatini, Namibia, Botswana. Mozambique and Zambia. Total amount of electricity exported by Eskom:  16.55 billion kWh (2016 est.) Eskom is making millions through this exports.
2. The majority South Africans has a culture of non-payment. Eskom lost R20-billion during the 2018/2019 book year alone through non paying municipalities and black ANC voters such as Soweto. IF Eskom has enough power then to sell to foreign countries- why does it not have enough power to supply the local demand?

This then concludes why Eskom rather would prioritize paying customers than non-paying leeches. It makes “good business” sense. Now Eskom is” punishing “ a non-paying South African consumer with load shedding in order to have enough power available to honor it’s paying foreign customers. IOW they are stealing YOUR power in order to supply foreign customers.

Question Time: 

1. Why does this bogus regime not allow wind and solar or wind power to be added to the grid to ease the alleged shortage of power supply?

2.Why was none of the Hydro electrical plants at our main water storage facilities repaired and re-activated again?
3. Why was the United Nations offer to build a mega nuclear facility at Port Elizabeth to generate power for passing ships that also could generate thousands of Megawatt and jibs for SA not accepted?
4. Why was the French and German consortium’s offer to build 5 new Nuclear power stations at half the cost of Medupi and Kusile with absolute low cost maintenance but high electricity output not accepted?


. If Eskom and the ANC  really want to suck up to their black voters and honor their export customers at the same time – why not install solar panels at all shopping malls that could generate enough power for the whole country at low cost for the consumer?
OR install solar systems at each residence to generate power for that residence or set up wind power stations on the agreement the resident will take over future services and be liable for and damage or breakages to their own personal installed systems . Eskom will then be withdrawing from any further liability or commitment to household consumers. This way the non paying leeches in Soweto gets their electricity for free and the ANC keep their voters happy.

In the long run from a logic and business point of view it would work out less costly to install panels or wind power stations in a few years( 3) budgets – than to continue to accumulate billions and billions of lost revenue due to non-payment each year which require humongous amounts of tax payer’s money in rescue missions again. That regained tax money could be applied to other much needed services again.This way they could deliver free energy to every-one and at the same time concentrate to expand their foreign operations and generate billions through exports. The reason why this option was not considered yet I would pin on poor planning, incompetence ,GREED and plain cadre stupidity.



Meantime we as normal citizens of a suffering country have to face the Medupi and Kusile “load shedding” curses on a daily basis while they proceed to ravage our tax money by the million and more people are sitting without jobs each month- and  more and more children go hungry every day all thanx to Eskom, MedupiKusile and their ANC jinxes– the two laundromats that SPECIFICALLY was engineered to enrich only the commi trash on top while frustrating and impoverishing the rest of us. It’s time the people of South Africa take matters in their own hands and wrestle power back from the corrupt regime and their ANC-card waving cronies. . It’s time for mass action to begin!



Posted by Clinton D'Oliveira on Monday, March 2, 2020






Image may contain: possible text that says 'interesting that Ramaphosa wants to "edit" history, claiming that on this day 3 000 Zulus were "murdered" by the boers when land stolen barrel of gun". The president seems to be unaware of the facts of the case, i.e.: 10 000 Zulus attacked boers boers acted in self-defense. is Dingane signed a treaty giving land to the boers and after he had invited Retief to a function only to murder the entire group You this of history does suit ANC land-grab agenda...... Let's spread this around a bit.'




“Prosperity of a country is determined by the amount and effort of hard working citizens creating it – not by the amount and empty promises of the political fools that tries to govern it.We need someone to run & govern South Africa. We are leaderless. Any takers? “- ANNON





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