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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Johannesburg March 18  2020




VBS-linked official earns R100K a month on suspension. Wants R3m more to quit

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ANC thieves again are eyeing your pensions to save a struggling SASOL






ONE of my  close confidantes  once told me that socialism was a beautiful dream that was originally created to prevent sole dictatorships and to assure the equal spreading of a country’s wealth among all it’s citizens. That was the initial dream and if applied correctly and honestly- could work for the benefit of everyone he said.

But that beautiful idea and dream quickly was captured  by the communist Jew masters in Britain  and turned around into a deadly economical trap which was engineered by the red mass murderers such as Stalin, Marx, Pol Pot, Mau, etc to only benefit a small clique at the top while impoverishing the rest of the population- he added. And in the hands of this current scrupulous ANC mafia mobsters now running South Africa into the abyss without moral constrains that dream soon became the normal South African’s worst nightmare. Their “One man-one vote, one time” propaganda campaign was effectively applied to destroy a once healthy economy to only benefit that “few” looters at the top – and  today South Africa finds itself under a very destructive and plundering bunch of sub-intelligent and utterly greedy African tribal looters – controlled this past 25 years by an even more corrupt and greedy corporate wolf pack from their  Stellenbosch and London-based  lairs.


Plundering the public and Private investments  

With announcements now made public that South Africa is on the brink of “Junk” status, the fact that it has a failing economy, the horrible truth that these shrimshrankers in Lethuli-House has managed the country so bad and looted the treasury chest empty that nobody abroad want to extend loans to them anymore.The acknowledgement that no state entity is functioning properly anymore because of incompetent , greedy and corrupt ANC card wavers – the thieves of Lehuli-House now are desperately  looking  for other means and ways to generate money to try to save the country from a sudden financial  crash, a possible civil war-  and also to ensure their own stay at the top. And the little Chinese “Corona” false flag  stunt did not help them much either. They say desperate times need desperate solutions- and one of the “solutions” this looters are looking at- is YOU! They now want the socialist nightmare to complete it’s evil full circle- stealing other people’s money to support their own devious agendas to retain the ultimate  power. The communists in South Africa already has transformed the country, it’s assets , tax money- and all it’s mineral riches into their own private ATM machines. And that they will keep on doing  with the support of their  illiterate , impoverished and starving black masses. As long as their illiterate and hungry masses shout “One man-one vote-one time!!”  there is no hope that South Africa ever will regain it’s formal economic glory and respect in the world again. Mob Rule- iow the black majority mob–  is in the order of the day- and it is specifically that “mob” and their filthy union bosses that is the main cause of the destruction of South Africa.

Announcements were made recently  by the minister of finance – cadre Tito Mboweni – in the annual budget speech in parliament (26/02/2020).  The South African incompetent regime has taken a decision to do away with financial emigration  and financial emigration ends on 28/02/2021. The minister of finance did not give any reasons in his budget speech but any knowledgeable professional in SA who is competent in financial emigration matters, expat tax, and the state of the SA economy is and should be able to “join the dots.”  The destructive communist union COSATU – South Africa’s biggest trade union is part of the tri partide Alliance – which constitutes the ruling African National Congress (ANC), COSATU, and the SACP – the SA Communist Party. This three organizations rule and destroy  SA together. Without COSATU and the SACP the ANC will lose power. Six months ago COSATU came up with a radical proposal to save and salvage Eskom. As you may be aware Eskom is on the brink of collapse due to ANC plundering, mismanagement, incompetence  and corruption. Eskom supplies SA and sub sahara Africa with electricity. Eskom is insolvent and saddled with R500 billion debt – of which the SA government is the sole guarantor (100% suretyship).

Eskom is commercially and financially insolvent, electricity prices have escalated 385% in the last decade, as the economy has crashed and there is no economic growth, demand for electricity has dropped, the majority of municipalities do not pay Eskom for electricity supplied, Eskom has 46 000 too many staff, and therefore Eskom has insufficient revenue to cover its expenses and service its debts. If anything happens to Eskom SA as a country is finished. Forever. COSATU proposed that the government use the surplus in the government employees pension fund (the retirement savings of all civil servants) to settle Eskom’s debt. There was a public outcry and an uproar from all the communist  trade unions nationwide and they threatened to burn SA and bring the country to a halt. This is typically the death cries of a country under socialist dictatorships– socialism never worked and when eventually the country has been looted onto the edge of a financial abyss- then they start stealing the people’s money to salvage their own stay in power.

But the corruption and looting will never stop. Factually it only escalates. After they plundered your pensions they will move towards your private bank accounts– instructing your banks to deduct a certain percentage of your salary as well for their ever failing ventures too. It’s coming. This heartless beasts from the netherworld has no compassion for other people’s suffering at all- in fact – they capitalize on it! The poorer the nation gets- the richer they themselves get. When a regime starts digging into the pensions of it’s people- that sounds the bell of a country in deep trouble and a desperate attempt to still cling to power. I always wondered how low this ANC narcissists  can stoop. Well- it seems they will even stoop as low as to robbing old people who worked hard throughout their life from their pensions as well. Now that is how disgusting and dangerous this ANC cancer really is YET– You have not heard a single word from themselves  that they too will sacrifice their own pensions or their multiple assets they have stolen to “salvage”  Eskom as well. When Pravin Gordhan was asked to declare how much of his ill-gotten pension assets he will contribute to help salvage Eskom the poor bumble head  suddenly had an attack of laryngitis and up to today- have not said a word about how much pension he will contribute for Eskom. And it goes for ALL of these ANC rats as well.  It will never happen. Greed has no place for compassion. Wasting other people’s hard-earned money is so much more convenient. Touching their own is a BIG  “No-No.” The question is how the hell can they still be governing South Africa? How come were they not banished ages ago? Why is there not ONE of these con-artists in jail yet? How long will this farce “democracy”  go on? And they cleverly use that dysfunctional idiots of theirs in parliament to bulldozer and approve all their dirty schemes.


It has now been leaked that the malfunctioning regime  has decided to use BOTH the public and private  retirement investments and savings of ALL South Africans to pay off ALL of Eskom’s debt. Before they announce this publicly and to ensure the majority of South Africans do not flee the country with their assets and retirement savings the regime  has announced the phasing out of FINANCIAL EMIGRATION. Currently with the “status quo” as is – if anyone leaves SA one can only liquidate pension provident fund preservation and retirement annuities and have the cash proceeds thereof transferred offshore by undergoing the financial emigration process. By repealing and doing away with financial emigration no South African – living in SA or abroad – whether you have relinquished SA citizenship or not – will be allowed to access their private retirement savings until the age of 65.

This means the retirement and investment savings of all South Africans – those living abroad and those at home, even those who have been gone for ten twenty and thirty years, even those who have relinquished SA citizenship – will be trapped  in SA and in the claws of the ANC mafioso. Basically the SA government is going to “expropriate”  the private retirement and investment portfolios of SA citizens. The law they are proposing to pass through parliament to do this is called “The Prescription of Private Assets”- another “smart term” with which they again- as with their “land expropriation” will hide their true motives.  A white paper was posted on national treasury’s website three months ago in this regard. Besides not being able to liquidate retirement savings and investments it means South Africans will battle and struggle as they are still tied to SA for tax purposes – and if you are abroad and not submitting your SA tax returns if you still own SA investments stock or share portfolios properties or a business – the incompetent regime  will simply attach your assets. Please note that financial emigration  will only be phased out by 28 February 2021. This might explain why SARS deliberately slowed down the issuing of tax clearance certificates for emigration purposes towards the end of last year. It was done for a certain hidden purpose.

The great PRASA heist


But robbing you of your pension funds and private assets and rolling other people’s money around is nothing new to this utterly corrupt Old Boys Club from Robbin Island. We all are by now quite aware that the ANC les incompetents cannot govern honestly without being corrupt or being involved in one or the other scandal. Such was another yet “little Nyani skeleton” also well hidden from the public eye again. The ANC- in all their deviousness- again went on an illegal plundering spree and stole a breath taking R 9 BILLION from PRASA’s little treasure chest to fund their illegal SANRAL f*ck-up which was decided between all the greedy money grubbers in dark rooms  behind closed doors without involving  public opinion on the matter- and on the end of the day a scheme which  the public rightfully rejected- but now has the ANC rat-pack in deep trouble with their creditors. AND as always must the public suffer- not the looters that initiated this criminal hare-brained scheme that back-fired in their ugly faces.

While Vodacom canceled its contract with PRASA for the provision of cell phones, which train drivers use to communicate with control rooms, it was also revealed that the ANC took R9 Billion from PRASA to pay for SANRAL e-Tol, according to Steve Harris of UNTU, a union within Prasa. Train drivers use these phones to obtain the verbal authorization to use routes to prevent accidents because they cannot use the radio system because it does not work! Drivers now have to use their own cell phones, which are against PRASA rules (and probably also against their insurance). Harris says that the lives of train drivers are in danger if they cannot get the authorization in time to use routes and wait at intersections, because commuters who are angry with late trains have attacked train drivers in the past. He says criminals also prey on commuters while waiting for late trains. Violence is typical a South African culture and the solution to everything in South Africa!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'ANC corruption & incompetence have destroyed the SAPS Crime Laboratories so completely that not a single DNA test has been WIR Local Empowering WEDNESDAY Daily MAROH182020 Dispatch Laboratory meltdown: no Na DNA evidence for past year Fe 2020.16: done for a year leaving tens of thousands of murderers and criminals free on the street to terrorise us all unhindered!'

THIS is how your beloved “democratic” ANC runs their state organs. Just imagine how they are going to run your PENSION funds?

Harris also had a shocking revelation   that the ANC regime has taken R9 Billion out of PRASA’s budget for the past two years and has given it to SANRAL to run their e-toll system because motorists do not want to pay for this devious scam. Now that’s quite a revelation. Harris also says there are no signs of PRASA security guards supposed to protect PRASA facilities and commuters after PRASA canceled its tenders at security companies at the end of October last year. The Supreme Court then made a decision to extend the contracts until PRASA could institute new contracts, but PRASA appealed the ruling, which means that Prasa’s original decision stands. The infrastructure and facilities of PRASA are currently being stolen train by train and brick by brick. Cables are being dug up and it is not difficult to see how empty tracts of grass growing will now become new squatter camps in the future, where PRASA now has depots, railway lines and stations. The African Way, the systematic consumption and destruction of all things once built by white people and given to the black majority on a silver tray, is relentless. What boggles the mind is just for how long the standard South African will tolerate this arrogant ANC cancerous  criminals and their blatant looting whatever, whenever- and however they want to. They are no “government” at all- but a Nguni  tribe of thieving thugs that take advantage of the illiterate black masses as a vehicle to enrich themselves. 

We now know why politicians  do and say erratic  things. They’re born with small brains with limited capacity to behave normally and rationally. At last, research has found why most politicians are aggressive, lie and steal. The reason is biological. Their brains are small. Evidently, scans done on these folk show “thinner cortex and smaller surface area in other regions of the organ linked to behavior. The reduced size has been seen in adults who maintain adverse traits beyond youth”. What a revelation, eh? Dr Christina Carlisi of University College London says there are “differences in their brain structure that make it difficult for them to develop social skills that end up with them engaging in antisocial behavior”. The South African parliament must be one of the best examples of this finding. 

Harris also said there are no signs of the SAPS rail unit, although such a unit does exist. Harris says he really doesn’t know where this SAPS unit is. But we can imagine them eating buckets with KFC chicken somewhere in an office and earning big salaries, right? Harris also said he could not understand why there is an independent body called the” Railway Regulator, “ which is supposed to look after train safety.According to the communist standards today this is undoubtedly just another statutory body being set up, allowing more black ANC supporters to have high paying positions- we daresay! BUT meanwhile this ungodly   curse that is been referred to as the “African National Congress” proceeds to destroy and plunder South Africa and it’s people unchallenged on a pandemic level. They must be stopped one way or the other. For too long this arrogant  humanoid sharks of society have been ripping our economy apart and ruining the country. For too long we have watched them oppress and impoverish us with all kinds of “laws” just to protect their own best interests.  For too long we have seen them robbing us from our own freedom, free energy, sovereignty  and free choices. And they will keep on doing it as long as we allow them to do it, give them power to do it by our reluctant silence-  and  allow them to reign supreme by only pussyfooting around them with very docile and feeble resistance. 

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'on Blessings Ramoba Twitter "Leave whites alone they are... Leave whites alone they are hard workers, give whiteman a 5 million tender he will create employment for black families to raise thier kids, give a blackman tender he will buy himself luxury car, hire few people to exploit without even safety clothes while working for him. https// /status/12399457506221506562s= 150656?s='


White Nation



“The end of  your country’s freedom and prosperity  for it’s people came to pass the moment you allowed a politician and the media to take control of it. Politicians never were engineered to build in the first instance – but to destroy. History has not one incident where a politician sacrificed himself or herself  for the benefit of the people.  As long as we keep on voting them into power we will be sacrificing our own freedom in exchange for slavery. Get rid of them. “Annon