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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Potchefstroom March 26  2020







So far 0.001% has died in Africa due to the China virus. In South Africa the entire army has been called to fight the Corona virus. 4% Of whites have already been killed, either in farm attacks or village murders. 160 000  So far in total. Yet- NO  attempt has yet been made to admit it or to do anything less about it. 20 Years of inability to support any form of minority group.”- Annon


IT has finally happened !!! Die “Controllers” of the New World Order has finally succeed in putting a whole nation and WHOLE COUNTRIES across the world under enforced “House Arrests” through their puppet governments and Main Stream Media propaganda machines by creating a false flag pre-planned health related “lock-down” global crisis scenario . In South Africa Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramamparra just announced a total national 3-week “Lock-Down” like the UK and Italy tonight . The “Lock-Down “ will take effect on Thursday-Night 24h00 March 26 2020 until 24h00 on April 16 2020.


1. All shops and businesses will be closed, except for pharmacies, laboratories, banks, essential financial and payment services, including the JSE, supermarkets, petrol stations, and health care providers.

2. People exempted from lock-down: essential personnel including health workers, security services and other persons necessary for the response to the pandemic and those involved in the production, distribution, and supply of food and basic goods, essential banking services, the maintenance of power, water and telecommunications services, laboratory services, and the provision of medical and hygiene products. A full list of essential personnel will be published.

3. Individuals will not be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances such as to seek medical care, buy food, medicine, and other supplies or collect a social grant.

4. Temporary shelters that meet the necessary hygiene standards will be identified for homeless people. Sites are also being identified for quarantine and self-isolation for people who cannot self-isolate at home.

5. Provision will be made for essential transport services to continue, including transport for essential staff and for patients who need to be managed elsewhere.

6. South African citizens and residents arriving from high-risk countries will automatically be placed under quarantine for 14 days.

7. Non-South Africans arriving on flights from high-risk countries identified a week ago will be turned back.

8. International flights to Lanseria Airport will be temporarily suspended. 9. International travelers who arrived in South Africa after 9 March 2020 from high-risk countries will be confined to their hotels until they have completed a 14-day period of quarantine.


The Police-State rules are:

You will be sentenced to six months in prison, or a fine will be imposed, or both jail time and a fine will be imposed if you break the regulations. Two people have already been arrested and charged with attempted murder for failing to comply with the stringent regulations. The government printers are currently pushing regulations in Government Gazette. The regulations will be valid between Thursday, March 26 at 00:00 and April 16 at 00:00. The state of restriction may be extended if the state deems it necessary.


  For the next 21 days you may not:

  1. Do not leave your home or yard, provided you have to perform or obtain an essential service, obtain a social grant, or end up in a medical emergency (an accident patient) or receive chronic medical treatment.
  2. 2. Rallies are prohibited.
  3. Funerals are provided for a maximum of 50 visitors.
  4. Night watches are forbidden.
  5. No one is allowed to move between provinces.
  6. No one is allowed to move between cities or municipal areas.
  7. All businesses will close their doors unless they are included in the list of essential services.
  8. The following places will be closed, according to Bheki Cele, Minister of Police: Any place or place where church, cultural, sports, entertainment, recreation or similar activities take place. Anywhere non-essential goods can be obtained, as well as parks, beaches, flea markets, bazaars, casinos, hotels, guesthouses. Private and public game parks, resorts, beverages such as taverns, shebeens and shishanyamas. Liquor stores and parts of supermarkets selling liquor Movie theaters, shopping malls, taxi stands, bus and train stations. Restaurante Stores selling essential goods are prohibited from selling any other goods. Spaza shops will be allowed to do business. You may not walk with your dog, even though previous rumors say. The purchase and use of alcohol is prohibited.

Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: one or more people and people standing

AS we can see the “Defense Force” are thoroughly “preparing”  to be “tanked-up” for this “lock-down” thing- especially in the ” shebeens and shishanyamas” department!


Image may contain: one or more people, beard and text

The Mob boss even donned his army suit- saying the country is at “war.Against a VIRUS “pandemic??” Or an exercise when the “real thing” starts?Things just simply do not add up…do they? 

The “lock-down” prohibits more than 2 people in a car- one in the front- and one in the back- both must be wearing their “Quaker” masks” to “prevent” the deadly virus from spreading they say. HOWEVER– The local taxi industry said it would be business as usual for the taxi operation on Friday despite the national lock-down announced by Ramaphosa. Boy Zondi, the South African Taxi Council (Santaco) provincial chairperson, said they had not been consulted by government, except hearing in the media about the lock-down. Zondi said until Transport cadre Fikile Mbalula consulted with them, taxis would be running as normal.  “The president met with the business community but not us. We were not part of any consultation meetings. We were not told anything. What we hear in the media is that certain people will be going to work and others will be sitting at home. We have not taken any decision on the matter, except that we will continue operating as normal.” SO– any logic in this: Normal people may only travel 2 in a car with their Donald Duck masks on- yet the TAXI hooligans  can blissfully proceed to load 14 passengers in their taxis without the fear of spreading the ” contamination “ because the regime puppets did not “consulted” them- but the rest of the country must but fall in with the “law” without being ‘consulted” as well?? Who the f*ck does this bozo think he is?  Who the hell is fooling who? 

What is happening here…. Only in Durban 🤔

Posted by Erich Cloete on Friday, March 27, 2020

A member of the South African Police Service(SAPS) wearing a face mask, disembark passengers from an over-loaded taxi in Willies Farm near Ennerdale

WATCH: A member of the South African Police Service(SAPS) wearing a face mask, disembark passengers from an over-loaded taxi in Willies Farm near Ennerdale, in an attempt to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. #SALockDownVideo:Itumeleng English/ African News Agency(ANA)

Posted by IOL News on Friday, March 27, 2020

But they can still operate as normal.


Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

And THEY care a sh*t about “lock-downs” and that kinda crap. Alexandra black township mall on Friday- first day of the so-called “lock down. “WHERE is Ramaphosa , his army and his Stassi police now? 


Image may contain: outdoor

So, skynews did a story with regards to Covid in a township.In all honesty, our 21 day lock down, is not going to stay at 21 days if this in consideration and disrespect continues…

Posted by Russell Venter on Saturday, March 28, 2020




No photo description available.

ARE you prepared for this??

The controllers said that you may NOT:

1. Leave your house except for short periods to obtain essential goods such as food or medical supplies. Essential Services such as Fire Stations, Police, Municipalities, Hospitals, etc and Shops will still be open during this time. The SANDF and police services will be deployed to enforce and ensure the lock down will be adhered to. BUT beware- a much darker and sinister agenda is peeking at you over the horizon: This only is a test run for MUCH worse things to come such as:


1. A total lock-down for lengthy periods at a time –

2.Mass vaccination programs to inject the masses with malicious  viruses and the installation of 5G towers across your cities to cull (reduce) the population growth to more “acceptable” and “controllable” levels.

3. Turning your country into a police state with the security forces working directly under command of the various global “polatriats” and having unlimited ” snatch and grab” powers to suppress, arrest and detain anyone they suspect of “Crimes Against The State.”

4. Force all free nations into deliberate submissive slavery with persecution and prosecution of all “free thinkers.” 5. Monitoring and tracking you through electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, TV’s and automobiles.

5. Conquering of whole countries by United Nations Forces.

6. Mass media propaganda and psi-ops campaigns to break down and neutralize the resistance of singular objective minds.

7. Erection of FEMA-type “refugee”( read Concentration/Detainment ) camps across the country for those that do not” toe the NWO-line. “

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'IS NO ONE ELSE SEEING THIS? CREATE VIRUS LOCKDOWN " CASHLESS GO CASHLESS INSTALL 5G CREATE RFID INJECT AS VAX They create a virus. They lockdown the world. They go cashless. They install 5g. They make ID2020 RFID RFID universal vaccine implants to work with 5g networks. They mandate the convid vaccine.'

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses, possible text that says '"Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it's game over! They will accept anything-forcibl blood or organ donation-for the "greater good." We genetically modify children and sterilize them-for the "greater good." Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and of in this room today are investors. a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination services. Now, what's for lunch, huh?" Dr. Henry Kissinger'



Creation of  a One World Government or Order


Look- we do not deny the fact that the Covid-19 virus exist. That would be stupid and irresponsible. And we do not deny that people are dying from it. What we question is the media and global hysteria around this specific “epidemic.” Why was the Corona virus selected to enjoy prime time in the governments and media across the world then? That “conspiring” devil’s advocate keep on whispering in my royal ear the “Corona” virus was created by the Chinese to a) Hide the fact that Wuhan is one of the epicenters  where 5G towers and equipment  are manufactured and the people were dying due to the deadly Gamma radiation rays from the towers. Corona was used as a cover-up by the Chinese not to tell the world that 5G radiation is such a deadly contraption because their sales would have dropped remarkably. The deadly effect takes about 3 months to break down vital organs in your body- and the Chinks were busy dying in their hundreds because of radiation sickness and not a “Corona” virus. This is why they so quickly disposed of the bodies by means of cremation so all traces of the deadly radiation was destroyed.

Then the conspiring Devil’s advocate also whispered that 2)  The Gates gangsters quickly seized the opportunity to also use the “Corona” virus to piggy-back their own little macabre side-show to promote and enforce their deadly vaccines onto people- injecting them with a toxin that would break down their resistance to viruses so people would get viruses easily and no immune system to fight against even the most weakest of viruses. This “ test run” we experience today the conspiring advocate tells me- is just a trail run for the REAL final countdown when they tell us this “Corona” virus had a back-lash and ALL of us have to exchange our little bottles of hand sanitizers and Quaker masks for a deadly shot of Gates potion – or face jail terms! For this reason the “police state” (lock-down) exercise to keep you entrapped in your own home so their hoodlums from their “ Health Department”  can personally  visit you at home and inject you with a shot of skull and bones potion!


Either ol’ Squirrel is blissfully unaware of this deadly menace- or he is not telling  the “piepol”  everything- the Devil’s advocate suggested. He causally mentioned that we now are entering the great tribulation times where we as free people will be persecuted and prosecuted by the state if we do not “toe the line” of the New World Order powers. That BLOODY conspiring Devil’s advocate – how come he keeps on telling me such preposterous lies eh?  Don’t blame me for being a “conspiracy”  theorist- blame the Devil!

What does the statistics show us?

Tuberculoses (also transferable by air through coughs and sneezes:  322,000 cases were reported in SA since January 2017 with a mortality rate of   22,000 so far. This gives us 7000.00 people dying of TB every year. Yet we have no hysteria or “lock-down” due to TB.

AIDS: South Africa has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world, with 7.7 million people living with HIV. The mortality rate if AIDS in SA already is 770 000. AIDS also is highly transferable- yet no “lock-downs” occurred and no global frenzy by governments or the media.

Corona: 115 cases since the state of emergency was declared. A total of  927 cases so far was reported as positive with the first two deaths this week. Being tested positive does not mean a mortality will follow or that the Corona virus detected is related to the ’19 virus. Corona viruses has been with us for years already as it is a common cold virus as well. So that many people may be tested positive is not impossible.  It is what is BEHIND this global hysteria that bothers us- this typical  “police state” type of actions taken by the government because of this virus. Why was there never such a clamp down on high criminal areas, or farm murders, or prevention against AIDS or TB? . Why all of a sudden does a common cold virus with some fatalities suddenly enjoy so much prominence in the world governments and media? Why does businesses all of a sudden have to be closed – leaving millions of people wondering whether they still will have jobs when this chaos one day is over? How many millions of rands are getting lost die to this? How many small businesses will have to close down because of this? Army patrols, police arrests and G-d knows what else because of this “unknown” virus.?

Nobody ever cares how many people die of drugs, gang wars and so on. Why does the SA government not clamp down on all the farm murders? Why does the SA government not clamp down on all the mortal crimes in SA that kills double the amount people than the Corona kills with the same hard core attitude and measures? So to us it’s not the Corona virus per se- as it does exist and people do die of it- but the hidden agenda behind us that worries us- the agenda of exploiting this epidemic for other more sinister reasons than just the contamination or spreading of the virus itself. We very much suspect this virus is used as a vehicle  for some other much darker agenda/s. We have learned that when the media gets onto something with all their boots, takkies and H-Frames there is something very wrong with the picture. And precisely that plus the strange “prevention” measures, rules and regulations such as a national lock-down, only two persons may travel in a car, cigarette and liquor sales bans , military presence, etc  suddenly imposed and taken by the government that really worries us. Call us ” conspiracy theorists” if you wish- but there truly is something much deeper lurking below this Corona virus hysteria  than meets the eye.

This “Corona-Virus” resembles a false flag operation and clearly was deliberately created by the sinister powers as an exercise to test the viability of a global seizure of whole countries into a  one world order. The preliminary phases such as cutting the world into “manageable blocks” such as BRICS and the institution of various controlling mechanisms such as the European Union, African Union and Asian Union  which is working in co-ordination with  one supreme controlling organization  in the United Nations for  supra-national rule over the continents , similar to the example of the ancient Roman Empire– already was finalized. The unification of all religions into one world religion was already promoted by the Roman Catholic Church and supported by the World Council of Churches  in 2014 when pope Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio)  has laid much groundwork for the prophesied one-world religion.  Pope Francis signed a document with Muslim leaders about there being one world religion. Pope Francis and Sheik Ahmad El-Tayeb, Grand Imam Of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Mosque And University, Signed Documents in 2019 during an ”  Interreligious Meeting . Meetings and agreements between pope Francis (the white pope) and  Arturo Sosa Abasca (the black pope) – Superior General of the Jesuits already took place to create a One World Order. The “white pope” will control the masses through  religious aspects- and the “black pope” will control  the financial power base which includes banks, stock markets and businesses which in turn controls your media,  governments and politicians.

No photo description available.

YES folks- next move….you will not be allowed to grow your own food!!



The merging powers of this behemoth forces of evil and what they are capable of achieving is simply unimaginable. To get a better understanding we already advised in previous articles to watch the movie ” Megiddo- the Omega code.” This is about as a true reflection what is to come as you can get it.     A one world monetary system already is in the process through a Special Drawing Right (SDR)-  an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves. The value of the SDR is based on a basket of five currencies—the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi, the Japanese yen, and the British pound sterling.  The SDR is a fiat currency based on other fiat currencies – a floating abstraction based on other floating abstractions. For decades, the IMF has been using crises such as the current “Corona virus” crisis to build the SDR into a global currency… Today, there are about 204 billion SDRs in existence to support a one world order international monetary system. An international monetary system is a set of internationally agreed rules, conventions and supporting institutions that facilitate international trade, cross border investment and generally the reallocation of capital between nation states. Already the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) is in place to control all financial aspects and currencies across the world through their respective Federal Reserve Banks  into a unified one world monetary system. New World Order fanciers such as the Warburgs, Lehmans, Rockefellers, De Rothschilds, Soros et al are driving this force for world domination of all the oil reserves in the Middle East, Mineral resources in South Africa and grain resources in America. To effectively control the world they need to control all the food, water and energy resources. 



While the free nations of this world are still fast asleep and docile in their awakening this omen of world domination already was spreading it’s dark World financed blanket undetected  across the world in multiple  organizations which long ago infiltrated all levels of governance, religious  and social structures. Liberal and socialist education became the order of the day and all structures of discipline in schools and at home were systematically broken down to open the doors for the infiltration of a New World Order doctrine to poison the minds of the next generation of leaders in schools and higher educational institutions. The free nations of this world must start preparing themselves  for worst “lock-down”scenarios to follow very soon in the near future. New World Order tycoon David Rockefeller once mentioned that “ To reach our ultimate objective for total world control we need to create a global crisis to substantiate such a motive.” David Rockefeller may now be dead- but his vision just became very much ALIVE through a neat pre-planned “Corona” global crisis. Even this “temporarily” lock-downs will soon show their devastating effects on the economies of the world as stock markets plunge, millions of people are being sent home, millions of destructive financial losses mount and millions of people again will loose their jobs. And that only is during a temporarily stage of this global “house arrest ” exercise. Imagine what a devastating affect a full lock down say for three months will have on the economies of the world? The first main objective is financial enslavement of all nations and willing submissive obedience to the New World Order.

No photo description available.

Cyril Ramaphosa and his ANC clan leading South Africa into the New World Order


What leaves one gobsmacked to say the least is the lame-duck approach with which South Africans are taking this serious threat. It appears most South Africans either are not aware of the grave danger their own freedom faces- or most does not care anyhow. Think about it: A normal flu virus put the whole world into a lock down , destroy global markets and regimes enforce their power with typical police state actions taken by the government to basically incarcerate millions of people in their own homes and arrest them when they dare venture on the streets, Cellphone companies have agreed to provide data to help the department of health track contact between infected individuals and other people, SA’s communications minister says, military forces may be deployed to patrol the streets in a bid to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is according to a report in the Sunday Times- bans on businesses working hours, bans on businesses operating –  and bans on people walking in the streets . With 60 thousand illegal  Zimbabweans crossing South Africa’s open borders in a 24 hour period- just   how does  the ANC misfits plan to stop them from spreading not only their beloved “Corona”virus- but other multiple  REAL deadlier diseases in the infested black squatter camps that at this moment- are ticking bio-hazardous time-bombs? When you enter retail shops your hands get sprayed with disinfectant by funny looking Donald Duck impersonators in their strange Hazmat suits as a “precaution “ that you “might”  spread the “virus” by touching something – but they refuse to spray your money or debit card your “unclean” hands  also just touched as well.


COVID-19: Situation in South Africa

23 March: 19 people could be facing jail time after cases were opened for committing violations against the National State of Disaster.Current cases of COVID-19 in South Africa – 709Video: @Glen_Bakos

Posted by South Africa Live on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Just HOW does Cyril and his band of commi misfits plan to “control” their own unruly sheep in order to “force down” this state-orchestrated clamp-down again? 


EVERYTHING the ANC gets involved with turns into sh*t- even a crisis!

And when you ask them why are they not “disinfecting “the money or card you just touched as well- they look at you with blank expressions like dogs  taking a crap on the lawn. Talking about taking idiocracy to the next level! Cadre of Police Bheki Cele has stated that South Africans will NOT be allowed to take their dogs out for a walk during the 21-day nationwide lock-down, which will be implemented to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. ” There shall be no food at restaurants. There is no need to be on the road. There is no need to move around. There was a little bit of a story earlier on that you can walk your dogs. There shall be NO dogs that will be walked,” said Cele. And this mega government  hyper exercise to lock down everybody and everything that lives and breathes all because of an alleged and unknown  “virus” that started thousands of kilometers away in a small town called “Wuhan in the far, far east of COMMUNIST China?  Doesn’t this sound a bit uncanny to you? Name ONE incident in the history of man where this type of global dictatorship and police state actions  was enforced in free people  bar the Roman times?


Image may contain: 2 people, text

South Africa busy with a drill to place the country under a police state soon in needed to?

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Say no more…..


WTF is this?

Posted by Johan Ehlert on Wednesday, March 25, 2020


THEN as usual in South Africa- you get the clowns…..


Ontmoet vir skop en donner.

Posted by Burgerlike Beskerming on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Army skop en donner

VIDEO: DIE army het hardhandig geraak met ouens wat hulle tydens lockdown op die straat gevind het. Dit nadat pres. Cyril Ramaphosa gesê het dit is nie nou die tyd vir skop, skiet en donner nie.Sonlanders, wat's julle mening hieroor.

Posted by Son Koerant on Friday, March 27, 2020


Ramaphosa said: “Go and save lives.” These bozos say: We are going to “Skiet, skop and donner!” O…and BTW….THIS is the South African “army” (or what’s left of it) that will be helping to “enforce” the so-called “lock-down”  at a cool titch over R641 million tab for the tax payer.




Any good observer can see there  is much more hidden agendas hiding  than just a virus- something much more sinister. This is a drill for something much more deadlier than a common cold virus. Yet whites walk around as-if they are in a stupor- oblivious about what really is coming down- especially the white people and of the whites- the Afrikaner that already on numerous occasions had a nasty run-in with Britain , the USA and the sinister controllers behind the total onslaughts of the 2 Boer wars, SWA Border war- and the sell-out of their country to the red devils in London and Washington.  Yet somehow they still have paid NO attention in history class- and today again are repeating the same mistakes their ancestors commit- participating in corrupt and distorted politics of which their knowledge are very limited as well as  lending their ears again  to malicious misinformation sowed by the leftist politicians and mind-destructive leftist media. Scrutinizing various social networks and reading comments from white Afrikaners concerning this global crisis one only can shake your head in disbelief how naive this white Afrikaner really has become. They act like mindless sheep that allows themselves to be bamboozled into the slaughterhouse by Ramaphosa and his glutenous New World Order side-kicks. Here is a few examples how these same white Afrikaners not only give their approval of this demonic “ house arrest” exercise- but even go on singing the praises of their New World Order clan chief for preparing their skins for the final slaughter if their own freedom:   Looking at this replies from the poor misdirected white liberal children of the lesser god one can only pity their total lack of knowledge and total  ignorance of the horrible truth that is about to be ushered into their social lives by this same man they now worship as doing “an amazing job” of shutting down a whole country, forcing companies to close their doors for 3 weeks and loose millions of rands in revenue wiole their worker force sits at home playing with their thumbs – which again will cause thousands of workers to be retrenched due to companies that will struggle to pay their commitments again after this criminal “orchestrators” have been finished with their little global “ crisis” exercise. But that is unfortunately the curse among the white Afrikaner for ages already- their nation is polluted with white  hazardous liberal  toxins. We can only name but a few such as De Klerk and his whole National Party, Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp,  Melanie Verwoerd, Jan Jan Joubert, Adriaan Basson, Jeremy Maggs,Trevor Stevens , Rob Davis,  Johan Rupert, The DAKAR gang such as Breyten Breytenbach, Lawrence Schlemmer,  Hermann Giliomee and many many other “enlightened” ones that feverishly are supporting and promoting the New World Order ideas. Then you also have the social rubble such as the Frikkie Potgieters,  Hannes Lotterings, Jan Breytenbachs et al that also add their little penny to destroy their people and support their own demise. South Africa since 1994 truly has cultivated many many more new idiots in the white society.

Firstly: As expected will the “controllers” also start to capitalize on the suffering of other people by loan sharking- impoverishing the already impoverished even more with high interests. SO– two white “racists” – Nicky Oppenheimer and Anton Rupert- are donating R2 Billion each for mainly black owned businesses- am I right?  According to the ANC vindictive racist narrative NO other company, white owned farm or welfare organization is liable for relief funding unless it is 51% BLACK owned.  Secondly I wonder why only white business people must donate- WHERE is Cyril Ramaphosa and his “bro” Patrice Motsepe and other rich black “tenderpreneurs” now with THEIR R 2 Billion each donation to their own people then?             Image may contain: possible text that says 'Funding to aid SA business and the poor: Oppenheimer R1bn Rupert R1bn Motsepe R? Ramaphosa R? Duduzane Zuma R? Tokyo Sexwale R? Sipho Nkosi R? Phuthuma Nhleko. R? Vincent Mnthambo R? Leonard Sowazi R? Mike Teke. R? Saki Macozoma R? To name but a long list..'   Ramaphosa is anything but a honest leader. In Fact he is a Free Mason deeply connected into the New World Order. Being a Rupert/Rothschild padawan you can expect him to dance to the tune of which-ever zoo-master plays the dollar fiddle the loudest. Ramaphosa- like De Klerk and Mandela before him- also is a puppet on the George Soros Open Society Foundation string. Soros has much influence over South African politics through his Open Society Foundation – and Ramaphosa is yet another Soros New World Order protege.

Image result for cyril ramaphosa and george sorosImage result for cyril ramaphosa and george sorosImage result for cyril ramaphosa and george soros

This fact was again substantiated during the 2015 Asian-African Conference in Indonesia that was based on the need for “a new economic world order”. Also was he one of the attendants in Beijing in a New World Order Conference. There  Zimbabwe’s newly elected president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, hit out at critics of China in an interview on state TV. “There is now a transition to a new world order and those who don’t see it are blind,” he said.



Need we say more? The wave of “Corona virus” hysteria is mainly driven by the global media– which in turn belongs to the New World Order gangsters. While the leftist Western media pundits are going berserk chasing the poor “sheeple” from one hand glove to the next face mask to yet another hand sanitizer -China quietly withdrew from the ruckus- laughing their heads off at the raw  and blatant  naive stupidity of the Western monkeys! And as always does the vultures and the Hyenas- the corporate and political scavengers descend on the poor sick and disillusioned “Corona” infected  carcasses to start stripping their bones bare from their remaining financial flesh with all kinds of schemes , new rules,  laws and any old capitalist  trick to suck the last drops of hard earned savings out of them.Even the sneaky pulpit pigeons are joining the fry- calling the Higher Power to save the poor flocks from the eternal damnation of the Corona demon.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Lesley Du Toit Today am joining my Church 100 food parcels to camp in Inanda Township.. We Martin's have been donated thee comunity.i know churches this to help the communities. One in South my neighbour never go hungry My make don't hungry. 11m Like Reply Lesley Du Toit you take to the white squater camps Government doesnt care about them, churches neither 2m Like Reply Lesley Chimone' Taylor white squatter camps nothing like that. Let's be honest. My church if am hungry they give me food. You a white person is proud go and ask for 1m Reply'

In their thousands the poor lost flock converge onto their churches for a last stand against the Corona devils with their preachers and G-d at their side. And the pulpit pigeons  are very happy- the tithes are reaching ” top deck” as the “sheeple” are paying for divine protection  and the collection plates are overflowing at the doors. Strange fellows these pulpit pigeons they are: When they need money they come to you- but when you need money they tell you to go to G-d! But ironically we so far did not see ONE of these pulpit pigeons and their “miraculous healing hands ” visiting any hospital to pray or “revive”  the sick Corona patients as yet? Where ARE they when their flock needs their help in this time of crisis? Corona surely are becoming a BIG  money spinner and rather a blessing for some while starting to become   a curse for others.

CAN ol’ Bill now be more brutally honest than this? Not even ashamed of telling us where this “Corona”-thing is heading for. 


AND the big “Corona” spin-offs begins among the shrewd opportunists! 30 Companies now are investigated for spiking their prices due to the Covid-19 situation. Among them are :

Silver Oaks SuperSpar — Silverlakes, Pretoria east (Gauteng);
Spar in Platterkloof — Platterkoof (Western Cape);
North Safety — Paarden Eiland (Western Cape);
Checkers Hyper ——Kempton Park (Gauteng);
National Overalls- Villeria Pretoria (Gauteng);
Makro — Springfield, Durban (KZN);
Clicks — Westgate Mall (Gauteng);
Free State Pharmacy- Bloemfontein (Free State);
Mopane Pharmacy — Nelspruit (Mpumalanga);
Sea Side Pharmacy — Table View (Western Cape); and
Pick n Pay in Milnerton — Milnerton (Western Cape).

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The friggen gold digging corporate vultures are on the rol taking every opportunity to plunder your wallets!!


Ramaphosa himself also are cashing in- not as the great “savior” or a concerned president- but rather as an opportunist to turn the Corona virus into his own blessing and a election savior for the fragmented and fast declining ANC rat hole at Lethuli-House. He thoroughly exploits the “crisis” to work for him rather than against him. If he can act the “good shepherd”(knowing bloody well that this fake global crisis will only last up to six weeks)- he can “miraculously” pull the poor “sheeple” through this crisis unscathed. Then the crowd will cheer “Cyril, Cyril, Cyril”  on the sound of the local media trumpets – and the ANC will be saved by the skin of their dirty pants to survive another damming election. Cyril will be showered in fame by the leftist media pundits again (the fortunes surely will follow a bit later.) But we trust the ol’ Squirrel– we have full confidence in his abilities as a supreme con-artist.We also know he is a political stage-actor “pour excellence“- and right  now “Corona” is the name and playing the “strong president” is right up his  game. This “virus”-thing could be a political game-changer if exploited correctly.


AS for the poor “sheeple“- well- it is quite amusing to see them running like scared rabbits run from one retail store to the other to stock piles and piles of sh*t paper, emptying shelves to stock food and dry rations for a life time full of  Corona disasters and to meet the end of the world healthy and die graciously with full bellies. This whole “Corona” virus is one fat hoax. It does not exist. Corona viruses has been with mankind since the beginning of time. In every cold and flu strands it is present. This is why the “ orchestrators ” specifically chose it- for it is a virus that could be transferred through the air, – and flu and colds are a common sicknesses that everyone gets some time or other. So it is convenient that a flu/cold virus be chosen as the “bad” guy to create a global hysteria.

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Now every poor rabbit runs around wearing their little Donald Duck masks- fearing a sneeze or two. In the old days you coughed to hide your fart. These days you fart to hide your cough! Meanwhile the rabbits are too lazy to Google and come to the realization that when  common cold or flu symptoms begin to manifest- the incubation period of the viruses already has passed.In other words you already have been infected by the carrier without either you or him/her being aware of it for about three days before you cough or sneeze the first time the virus infection probability is at it’s highest. The last remnants of the army can only be deployed 150 members in each major city to “control” the unruly black masses.  How Cyril and his band of misfits in Lethuli-House are going to curb this “virus” from spreading in the thousands of dirty unhygienic squatter camps around all the towns and cities in the country with all the illegal aliens they themselves created and invited with their “open border African Renaissance” madness – is yet another open question. per se predict utter chaos and a total melt-down of the country.




Mean-while the Chinese has made a quick and  silent exit through the back-door out of  this whole hysteria. Not even a single  ONE “good communist” reported dead anymore. China somehow “miraculously” discovered an antidote against the “dreadful”   virus-and now while the West and their rampaging media  is still going bananas with their own little dark and devious propaganda agendas around the “Corona” madness- the Chinese are snickering their heads off! PT Barnum once mentioned that there is a sucker born every day- but the “Corona” pandemic just proofed that in South Africa that birth rate just accelerated!  But please do not tell this little secret  to the Main Stream Media news editors and reporters. They too must make a living- even if it means spreading false propaganda snippets. And at the moment the word”Corona” is like we say- a BIG money spinner and make the figures on the media boards tick over. With hind-sight I suppose we must be thankful for the little “  breather” the poor “white supremacists” and “white racists” gets from the constant badgering media ghouls  thanks to Corona. Even Eskom forgot their “load shedding” bullsh*t for a while while everybody is hard busy “Corona-ing.” . Maybe it is because there is no-one in Megawatt Park to sit all day and scheme more bullsh*t excuses like Jelly-fish hoaxes out on how to screw the poor paying public again. Like I said- the whole“corona” thing is one big bag of bullsh*t- BUT the destructive repercussions AFTERWARDS for the poor “sheeple” are real . Already the corporate thugs informed the public that no matter whether the scumbags in the government sent them home and put them under “house arrest” for 21 days without an income- they still will have to pay their dues.No compassion, no leniency- no sympathy. The Jew wants his MONEY! Between the illegal communist regime and the Jews they will pull your finances  apart and leave you impoverished and on the streets!. They care monkey-shit about you. 


This “pandemic” – hoax or not- can cause some major chaos among the lesser intelligent especially when hunger seeps in- and turn the country into a possibly total melt-down extinction scenario . Someone will again be raking in the billions. Someone will fully exploit this man-made fake disaster to bend you over and screw the daylights out of your wallet again. Some nutcase will capitalize on this created madness again and like the “earth warming” hoax- create a global culture to force you to become another financial slave for the sinister tax “controllers” again. Someone in the dark alleys of Luxemburg, London or Washington  is  preparing for the final count-down when all of you will be forced to be vaccinated with a REAL deadly virus and your stock markets will crash and countries will really be invaded by the United Nations serpent. Someone already is starting to microchip the mark of the beast on hands and foreheads.  The next “Corona” virus scare will be the real McCoy to shut down the whole world and force you to either submit and take the mark of the Beast...or perish! This present “Corona” only is a stage act– a test run to pave the way for the real “baddie ”  to arrive sooner or later. It’s all part of their global Agenda 21 plan. It will happen. The prophecies foretold it. All the pieces of the end-times are falling on place…one world government, one world monetary system, one world religion…and one world master “Matrya”the Antichrist.  Rebellion and the fight to retain your freedom now is not an option any more- it just has become a must. The birth pains of the NWO Agenda 21 has just begun!





SOURCE:   White Nation