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Ban on sales of liquor heading for court

Private community protection Services now also banned

Ramaphosa- from christian prayer to sangoma




 People are willingly giving up their rights and freedoms over a virus.

“Those willing to sacrifice freedom and liberty for temporary safety, deserve neither and will lose both ” – Ben Franklin


IT was on the cards already even before it started. South Africa already were doomed to be a failed state before this hoax “Corona”-thing hit the shores. With the incompetent and greedy ineptocrats running the show , village idiots such as Bheki Cele pumping out  irrational “laws”– and a whole country full of unruly vagrants caged up like monkeys- the outcome and aftermath of this fake police state under Ramaphosa’s illegal “Marshal Law” is going to be to say the least- economically and socially catastrophic.

FIRED as police chief  on criminal charges of corruption by the Zuma government-  this oaf pops up as police chief again 8 years later under the Ramaphosa government. This is typical the ANC’s “Cosa Nostra.”

Sneaky Ramaphosa and his cronies already are preparing the “sheeple” for longer “extended” house arrest scenarios

The extended five-week national lockdown has postponed South Africa’s worst-case Covid-19 scenario to September, a government projection shows. With no lockdown, South Africa was estimated to reach its peak coronavirus infections in July. A five-week lockdown, that has paralyzed the economy, is buying the government two more months to “prepare for a flooding of hospitals “ at the end of winter. This is according to a presentation made to Parliament’s portfolio committee on health this week by the acting director general of the department of health, Anban Pillay, a copy of which News24 has obtained.


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ABOUT 56000000 Yes 56 million people are on “lockdown .”  And only about 0,0000375 % (2-3000) have the alleged  “Corona Virus “ that is not even 1% of all South Africans . More Than 25% of South African’s are going to Bed Hungry every night More of 15% have lost there jobs . More than 52,8% have lost there income or most of there income . More Than 52,6% of all Business are Getting Extra Bank Loans to Pay Wages , Some are not Paying Wages at all . And you can only get a traveling permit in Heidelberg GP  for a Funeral . This means you can not get help someone with food or masks – but you can attend peoples funerals who died from starvation. .Is this “Corona” – thing really worth it?

It is the most detailed official analysis yet of the current situation that has been made public since the first infection was reported at the beginning of March.

Other key findings in Pillay’s presentation include:

  • In a worst-case scenario, Gauteng would see over 1.5 million Covid-19 infections at the end of winter, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with one million;
  • The country has less than half the number of ventilators needed to deal with peak infection. Public and private hospitals currently have a total of 3 216 ventilators, compared to the 7 000 we need, and
  • The country currently has 4 909 critical care hospital beds available, but the need for beds in intensive care units could exceed 14 700 at the highest level of infection.

Only “severe to critical Covid-19 patients” will be treated at hospitals, while “mild to moderately infected patients” will be accommodated at field hospitals where basic medical care will be provided.  The government’s “readiness for worst case scenario” plan was informed by research from UCT’s Modelling and Simulation Hub Africa. According to this scenario, if the lockdown was suspended this Thursday after three weeks, the peak would have hit the country around 18 August. Pillay told MPs during a digital meeting of the committee that the health department is seeing a different trajectory in the infection rate compared to countries such as South Korea, Britain, the United States and Spain.  According to Pillay’s presentation, based on statistics prepared by Professor Tulio de Oliveira of the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation & Sequencing Platform (KRISP), the gradient of the curve is flatter than some countries which have been seriously affected.

The presentation, which also covers the state of readiness of both the public and private sector, tracking and tracing strategy as well as detail about hotspots across the country, was given to MPs the day after Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday announced an extension to the lockdown until the end of April. Although Ramaphosa said there is “sufficient evidence” to show the lockdown is working, but that it is too early to make a “definitive analysis of the progression of the disease”, he did not expand on which datasets, epidemiological modelling, or projections the government used to base its decision on to expand the lockdown. It is known that the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS), that conducts testing on behalf of government, is not close to reaching is target of 36 000 tests per day.  The president did consult widely before he announced his decision, including with opposition leaders, provincial premiers and representatives of business and labor, but he has not made public what the exact statistics or projections which informed the decision to extend the lockdown from three to five weeks are.

Posted by Port Elizabeth Traffic Updates on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

While Ramaphosa and all his liberal twats are huddling around fake computer simulations- the rest of his “piepol” are treating the “Corona Lock-down” the SOUTH AFRICAN WAY!



‘Scary’ projections

The presidency on Friday and Saturday did not respond to questions for comment.  A detailed set of questions was sent to presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko on Friday inquiring what metrics the national command council, which is co-ordinating the government’s response to the coronavirus, used to determine that the lockdown must be extended. She did not return a call or respond to a message on Saturday. John Steenhuisen, the DA leader and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, says the lack of data on the spread of the virus is concerning. “There’s a complete absence of empirical data or detail about which metrics government will use to measure whether the lockdown is successful or not. They’re not playing open cards with the public.” A senior government official privy to the decision-making process said on Saturday afternoon Ramaphosa is informed “by the best brains in the country” before he makes decisions and that extending the lockdown was based on “ scientific evidence “  put before him.

The projections which swayed Ramaphosa are “scary”, the official said, and added that government did not want to create panic. Professor Cheryl Cohen, one of the lead epidemiologists at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) told News24 that she hopes the projections given to government will be released soon. Martin Kingston, the executive chairperson of Rothschild & Co in South Africa, who is co-ordinating the response to Covid-19 by all business formations through Business for South Africa, told News24 he is “satisfied” that the decision to extend the lockdown was based on “the best available scientific evidence at the time”.We are in constant dynamic contact with government, from the minister of health to National Treasury, the department of labour and the department of trade and industry. I am absolutely satisfied that the decision was taken with the best available scientific evidence at the time. “But we all know, and government acknowledges it, that testing is inadequate and needs to be expanded,” he said.


The presentation made to MPs gives insight into the the healthcare system’s state of readiness:

  • According to the latest available information the country has less than half the number of ventilators needed to deal with peak infection. The public healthcare system currently has 1 111 operational ventilators, with 2 105 operational in the private healthcare system for a total of 3 216 ventilators. According to projections the healthcare system would need 7 000 ventilators to deal with the virus, a shortage of 3 784.
  • There are currently only 3 318 critical care beds available, with 2 140 of those in private hospitals; there are 2 722 high care beds in the country, with only 1 082 of those in the public sector; there is a total of 119 416 hospital beds available, across South Africa.
  • During peak infection in an optimistic scenario, and with one lockdown enforced, the peak need for beds in intensive care units could exceed 14 700 beds at the highest level, and 4 100 in the lowest level.

Siviwe Gwarube, the DA’s spokesperson for health, says she is concerned that although the presentation went into more detail than anything seen before, there is still a lack of data available. “We’re trying to access data, but what we’ve got now is wholly inadequate.”


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WE already a while ago pointed out that the ANC cadavers plundered the country into a state of poverty which duly earned the country “Junk“status from three credit houses-  and now are desperately seeking money- irrespective if they have to steal, beg, borrow- or in this case- escalate the current fake “Corona”-thing to a worst case scenario basd on insufficient computer models  in order to act the “victim” again and as ever- play on the sympathy of international liberal “do-gooders” to donate millions of dollars for the poor “previously disadvantaged” leeches that now run amok in the streets, break into retail shops, plunder liqueur stores,  burn trucks, destroy buildings and deliberately ignore the pointless barrage of new “laws” Ramaphosa and his incompetent Mafia gang tries to suffocate the last remaining scattered pieces of the economy and destroy the middle class so only the “rich” remains to oppress the “poor.” We also already suspect the lion share of this millions of dollars will never end up where it was destined for- but rather in the bank accounts of the Mafia Inc.



Image may contain: possible text that says 'Tweet Wildphotos @darylbalfour Australia has announced support for small businesses who will receive R1 R15,000 every two weeks. Thats R30,000 per month. That's what countries can do when their politicians have not stolen trillions. #COVID19 D19SouthAfrica 12:29 10 Apr 20 Twitter for iPhone'


By juggling , manipulating and changing the “Corona” figures at will on a weekly basis and ensure the media propagandists accompany it – Ramaphosa and his ilk are sure to keep this hoax alive for some time to come we suspect. The power and money attached to it simply is too irresistible for even the lowest  kind of political power hungry scoundrel. What truly leaves one gobsmacked- is that not ONE political party ever questions this flagrant abuse of human rights and the rape of the freedom of the people.  Where are all the so-called “churches” and “human rights” organizations in all this now that the people needs them? Why is there not ONE single pastor, reverent, priest or pulpit pigeon that stood up and openly spoke  out or voiced his condemnation against Bill Gates  and his intended   vaccination campaign to mark the poor disillusioned masses with  a tiny 666 tracking device? This again proofs that most “human rights” organizations and church clergymen are just as fake as their ruling regime is. If the regime needs money- they steal from you. If you need money- they tell you to go and work for it yourself. If the “church” need money- they come to you-but  if YOU need money they tell you to go to G-d. There is no difference between the autocracy of the rulers and the church. Both rob you from public podiums and pulpits with lies.

Image may contain: 3 people, possible text that says '11:42 15% SAD BUT TRUE Not a single faith healers has laid hands on a cornavirus patient for healing. What's going on? this is your tim to shine... III'


This “Lock-Down” theatricals  of Ramaphosa never was approved by parliament, never was signed and never were published in the government gazette in order to substantiate or support  any law enforcement- but as we know the ANC Mafia- deception and lies forms an integral part of their tribal  power play. And this “Corona”-thing gave them the perfect alibi to expand their powers into a full dictatorship. Why else do you think would they quickly “declare” a “law” that you are not allowed to say anything controversial- or negative for that matter- against their holy “Corona” virus? Because it’s fake and they do NOT want people to start snooping around the truth- that’s what! Why millions of supposed-to-be rational people still adheres to this obvious pre-planned orchestrated global  hoax – is still a mystery. The evidence is overwhelming that this “Corona”-thing is nothing less than a premeditated elite-engineered crisis to destroy all Western economies in order to bring about a One World Order where the United Nations could take full control of the global economies and manipulate our daily lives at will.

“We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by consent or conquest. ” – James Warburg – 1950



Cyril Ramaphosa may have “inherited” millions from Jews such as Harry Oppenheimer and Johan Rupert to smooth out his business career and stuck a golden lollipop up his back-side – and who also helped him amassing billions in various blue chip shareholdings- but as a president he is one very poor example. As for being “president” all he did was handing a wooden spoon to the country and it’s naive people. But then again he was not elected by the people to be a president- but rather kennived and bribed his way at NASREC into the top chair . Ramaphosa is a shrewd con-artist and if you ever had the impression that Jacob Zuma was the “King of Thieves” – think again. Cyril Ramaphosa is one very selfish and greedy individual that will not tolerate anybody or anything to stand in his way to the next million. That includes 44 dead miners at the Marikana massacre and around 50 million incarcerated people currently under “house arrest” in South Africa. He is an individual that nurtures no patriotism, no compassion- and no pity or sympathy for anyone bar the call of the dollar. Ramaphosa hides a very dark history of diamond smuggling, drug peddling, gold smuggling, racketeering , failed Koo-De – Etats , money laundering and many other dirty deals which he does not want the public to become aware of.

Ramaphosa is as ever again on his way to the next millions that will be donated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in exchange to allow “Mr. Death” access to the country and to spread his deadly vaccines into each of the poor South African dumb and naive population. Also is Ramaphosa lining his pockets in expectation of the billions he will be cashing in  out of the deadly 5G roll-outs  from his brother in law- Patrice Motsepe’s  contract to build nearly 700 5G towers across the country. Because of the close link between the 5G radiation sickness and the fake “Corona“-thing Ramaphosa now will dance to any tune Gates or whatever dubious international liberal “university” or institution is playing about the “Coronavirus.


Ramaphosa simply is a puppet deep in the pockets of his global masters. Gates or Corona– both ways Ramaphosa will be laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of the poor South African “sheeple.” Ramaphosa per se is going to cause much more collateral damage to the country, it’s economy and social structures than Zuma ever dreamed of doing. Where-as Zuma was more interested in expanding his own empire- Ramaphosa on the contrary is sacrificing the whole country and it’s people to the world domination program- even if it means disrupting and destroying the entire  social and financial structures of the people. He is a very calculated and brutal capitalist that has no remorse for the destruction of thousands of innocent households he now will be responsible for in the aftermath of this “Corona”-thing. What this “Corona“-thing created- is to pose an alibi for the ANC to start “blame shifting” again and   wipe 25 years of utter corruption and plundering as well as the total collapse of the country which they solely are responsible for- under the “Corona” carpet. “Corona” now will replace “Apartheid” as the new “villain” in the block to blame all their mismanagement, maladministration and incompetence onto.


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SHEER LUNACY! People are forced into house arrest for weeks on end with meager food. YET An SAP officer gleefully knocks over a cooking pot of meat after  families are cruelly dispersed as they were congregating to cook their meal as Good Friday approaches.  Villagers cry in the background…they have been hungry for many days and this was going to feed eight struggling families…but now the meat lies in the dirt being eaten by the local stray dogs. THIS is what the ANC “lock-down” does to people. Meanwhile all the ANC rats behind this”  lock down”  get humongous salaries and dine on Caviar downed with  Blue chip. Please remember this during the next elections!


Image may contain: possible text that says 'It's for your own safety. Don't you know Covid-19 can kill you? POu Rreneeo Shpe'

ANOTHERLock-Down” atrocity. Police and soldiers now act “G-d” and treat people like animals- even killing them at will. This is the new “Democracy” that is supposed to be better  than “apartheid?” It starkly reminds us of the Andries Tatane incident. The ANC brutally murdered Andries Tatane, the  Marikana mine workers, Pule Thulo etc, their sin was to challenge the government and/or ask for a better and dignified life. We must always and constantly remind ourselves of the this things, so that we don’t forget and positively identify our enemy, because if we forget, history will repeat itself.


Police Detain Dozens At Baku Protest | By RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service | October 19, 2019 – 16:50 GMT | https://t.co/1O2q8Ank4M | Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty © 2020 RFE/RL, Inc | Police detained dozen of protesters in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on October 19. The leader of Azerbaijan's opposition Popular Front Party, Ali Kerimli, was among those detained. Protesters were calling for the release of political prisoners and reductions in rates for natural gas and electricity. The latest crackdown comes after several people were detained at a protest on October 8 in Baku in support of the right to free assembly organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces, an umbrella group of Azerbaijani opposition forces.Police Detain Dozens At Baku Protest | Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty | https://youtu.be/qZgzvJscqt8 | 19 oct. 2019 | Police detained dozen of protesters in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, on October 19. The leader of Azerbaijan's opposition Popular Front Party, Ali Kerimli, was among those detained. Protesters were calling for the release of political prisoners and reductions in rates for natural gas and electricity. The latest crackdown comes after several people were detained at a protest on October 8 in Baku in support of the right to free assembly organized by the National Council of Democratic Forces, an umbrella group of Azerbaijani opposition forces. Video From Azerbaijan Falsely Shared As Spanish Police Enforcing A Lockdown | C H A R C H A K A M E T I – https://youtu.be/IGBBcKJSh3g | 30 mar. 2020 | Stay home stay safe.

Posted by Alida Zavarce on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

During this “lock-downs” police brutality are the same….everywhere.

Life in South Africa will never be the same again. Thousands upon thousands of families will now face poverty and starvation due to Ramaphosa’s irresponsible and greedy decisions to force an illegal state of “Lock-Down” upon the already suffering populace. This stupid  lock-down costs the country at least R10 billion daily, or R350 billion in five weeks already. Hardly money a bankrupt country could afford to loose at this point. In the aftermath crime is due to escalate beyond control as many families now will revert to illegal means of feeding themselves. Thousands of people now will be sitting without an income as many small businesses will be forced to close down due to this forced “House arrest.”  Economic Research indicates that the loss of about R350 billion over the five weeks in this “lockdown ” will result in the death of millions of South Africans due to poverty. Free Market Foundation CEO Leon Louw said in a statement that the decision to extend the current “lockdown ” could result in far worse ramifications than those threatened by the global so-called “pandemic “ itself.




‘Poverty is a killer’.

“The government’s decision to extend the lockdown might cause more premature deaths than far-less-extreme measures, or even lifting existing measures completely,” he said in a statement.
“The economic and human rights impact is more extreme than all but a few realize. Poverty is a killer. The health and wealth loss is likely to exceed real or imagined lockdown benefits.” BUT
To Ramaphosa and his ANC Mafia this is irrelevant- as they already have looted the country empty and stashed more than 700 Billion rands in their off-shore accounts this past 25 years- and intend to make some more out of the misery they again are now dumping  onto the people of South Africa .

Posted by Kagiso Sebolai on Friday, April 3, 2020




Posted by Kagiso Sebolai on Friday, April 3, 2020



Posted by Kagiso Sebolai on Friday, April 3, 2020




Posted by Kagiso Sebolai on Friday, April 3, 2020

AND when the “majority” is starving due to “Covid-19” fun and games- they do – well- what the “majority”  do best!


A recession is already in progress with millions of people that will soon  not be able to afford the exuberant escalations of basic food commodities scrupulous money grubbers such as SPAR, Checkers, Pick & Pay and other capitalist vultures will be charging. This again will see the expansion of the Black Market- costing the country billions in lost revenue again- something it hardly could afford. SO- already the“masses” are looting liqueur stores- and soon they will also start looting food chain stores. Then the shelves will stay empty like in Zimbabwe- and food scarcity will become the norm of the day. House robberies of especially white people will take a nasty turn as the “masses” will decent on predominantly white urban areas seeking for food – and farmers will suffer terrible losses as black vigilante groups will raid their cattle and sheep for food. It happened in Kenya, Tanganjika, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It will happen in South Africa soon- factually it already happens now. . That is the “African” way. Now THAT is something Ramaphosa’s clever liberal UCT and Rothschild “advisors” do not predict with their little computer simulations.


Image may contain: possible text that says 'BKA No neighbourhood or farm watch are allowed to patrol anymore. Louis Meintjies, President of SA, says although community safety allowed beginning lockdown, changed. issued week no patrols community neighbourhood watches and farm watches should be allowed. Kobus Visser of Agri SA says farm watches forbidden is causing problem for farmers. Incidents stock of especially instruction to State, SA minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma to watches should be allowed to operate but they still waiting an answer. lan Cameron of Afriforum says that Afriforum is still waiting for answer Bheki submitting a request to safety patrols continue. nvii:Buurtwag netwerk24.com'


What is most disturbing though- is that there seems to be  a darker agenda creeping into this “Corona” business- one that is not notably visible- but when you start playing “devil’s advocate” – becomes more apparent:

1. Mostly businesses in the private sector were forced to close down  and suffers huge losses- while government institutions still are allowed to operate as normal. Now as we know- most government institutions consists out of mainly BLACK people and private businesses consist out of mainly white and other minority group people. Because of the current state of our economy (mostly due to poor government policy and state looting) the job market is tough. . Job hunting can be demotivating at the best of times, although it is even more so when applying for a job that has employment equity requirements.

“The current round of advertisements is only open to South African black candidates”

– “Only black (i.e. African, Indian, Coloured) South African citizens are eligible”

– “Employment Equity candidates are strongly advised to apply”

– “Preference will be given to PDI (previously disadvantaged individuals)/HDSA (historically disadvantaged South Africans)”

Thus- the majority black people in the government still receives their full monthly salary, do not suffer any losses- and still are able to survive the “Corona” lock-down.


2. In the private sector certain concessions were made to the BLACK taxi business and the informal traders to proceed operating as normal. As we all know – again the taxi business consists of mainly BLACK people and so does the informal traders as well.

3. When loans to assist struggling businesses was granted- only businesses which are  51% BLACK owned could  qualify for government assistance.



4. It also is the majority BLACK people that receives state grants. The number of social grants in South Africa has increased exponentially over the past twenty four  years: from an estimated 4-million in 1994 to 18.5 MILLION  by October 2018 .  Nearly 44% of South Africa’s populace receive state grants. In recent years, a growing chorus of voices has warned that the numbers are not sustainable.

5. We also took note that it is mainly struggling BLACK people that receives preference out of the government’s Solidarity Fund when it comes to handing out food parcels. Not ONE white impoverished squatter camp resident received any assistance in this matter.

Did you note that the term “black” keeps popping up in all the cases where concessions and government assistance is given?  Is this now alleged “racism” when I point this fact out? No- it is an obvious discrimination against certain groups in favor of others taking place here. Is it again another crude twist to hide the ANC’s own terrible  governance and drum up voter support again for the next elections ? AND all it would take to destroy the mainly white private sector is to keep on “extending” this “Corona” lock-down for several months.

Ramaphosa appears to be handling this game very well- not extending the financial suffering for a long period at once- but a little piece at a time. We now will have a look see what he does the end of April. If he AGAIN extend the suffering of businesses- well- then we will know there is a trend in the making and we will have to get our ducks in a row to start taking matters in our own hands in order to survive – or abide by the ANC’s slow suffocation of our small and medium businesses.. “Turn up that heat slowly so as not to alarm the white frog in the pot” – the man once said. If this trend continuous the white minority will then be totally destroyed,  impoverished and at the mercy of the state all  while the black majority will still be well looked after and Black Economic Empowerment also rule the business world. What a fine example of Ramaphosa’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution ” that will be- all hidden in plain sight under the “Corona” veil – systematically putting whites out of business one by one? And all the ANC have to do is to wash their hands in innocence- and blame the “Corona” affair!


Image may contain: food

Food parcels for blacks only- NO white squatter camp will be receiving any of this.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree and outdoor

At Venterspos the ANC distributed food parcels among the poor. Again poor whites did not receive one single parcel.


Image may contain: 1 person



Image may contain: 4 people, meme, possible text that says 'For in Isaac shall thy seed be called" Genesis 21:12 "Isaac Sons" dropped the "I" for "Saac Sons" WHITE FAMILIES ARE A BEAUTIFUL THING. LOVE YOUR RACE STOP WHITE GENOCIDE.'

Now the question to be asked is why is it so that the majority black people in government and in the private sector still are allowed to be able to earn their income while on the other hand other businesses that belongs to other groups were shut down and prevented from doing business and feeding their families as well? This includes suppliers which are not owned by black people such as the liquor and cigarette industries as well as hardware, confectionery , snacks and many other suppliers. This answers many questions as to why “non essential” goods specifically are mentioned to so-called “transfer” the virus. You may buy a loaf of bread from the shelf- but not the packet of Willards chips next to it. You may buy a bag of sugar from the shelve- but not the paintbrushes next to it. What is the difference between a loaf of bread, a packet of sugar, paintbrush and a packet of Willards chips with regard to “spreading” that “virus?Why are people locked up for buying a packet of nails but not for a packet of soap? And this madness now goes on for a whole month! The hidden agenda here appears to be the systematically choking of certain businesses  while others again receive  more favors.








Why does Ramaphosa and his cronies discriminate against non-black businesses in this subliminal way- knowing quite well that any “extensions” of this Corona-hoax will totally destroy the private sector? I mean everybody(mainly whites and businesses) pay the biggest part of  taxes.  Is it not fair to say that government employees as well as the taxi and informal business sectors (which pay NO taxes at all)- also must suffer the same consequences as the rest? Why does Ramaphosa not stop all salaries of government employees and all black businesses bar “essential” services as well- including himself and his ministers? Is this a deliberate hidden  nepotistic attempt to 1) Destroy  the middle class entirely so only the super rich and super poor would be left- and 2) Destroy all non-black businesses in order for the black majority to survive and becoming economically stronger in a hidden ” Fourth Industrial Revolution” scenario?  This way NO white business will survive, people will not  be able to honor their obligations, foreclosure of property and assets will follow- and the majority whites will join their next of kin in impoverished squatter camps  where the ANC feels “ comfortable ” with them to be. China long ago sorted out their little “Corona” problem by merely switching off their 5G towers and now are using 4 G. Why is it so that the West still are haunted by unnecessary “lock-downs” which causes terrible damage to their economies? Because the Rothschild clans and Gates clans have other deeper and more sinister agendas up their sleeves.


No photo description available.


Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says '"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul." -Mahatma Gandhi'



This is questions that now slowly came to mind if you look what is happening currently hidden under this “Corona”-lock down exercise. BUT the real suffering is not during the “Corona” lock down –NO–   the real human catastrophe and extend of the collateral damage this “Corona” abomination inflicted upon  our economies and societies will become evident in the aftermath when thousands upon thousands of people will follow the Venezuelan and Zimbabwe models by suffering impoverishment, financial hardship, bionic plagues, food shortages, social disorder, economic collapse, starvation, uncontrolled crime, ethnic wars for survival ,  oppression and a dictatorial rule by the “elite.THAT is when the real impact of this premeditated “Corona” -thing will show it’s real destructive abilities.  We hope that with the next general election (if there is still one to be) -the people of South Africa will remember this “Corona”-thing- and the devastating level of damage, suffering and financial destruction Ramaphosa and the ANC has brought to this once wonderful and promising country before they put their “X” on that ballot paper.


Image may contain: 1 person, text


There is no limit to this vaccine pusher's evil. If he already owns and controls so much of the pharmaceutical, agricultural and numerous other industries, how many politicians, political parties, governments, presidents and organisations does he also own and control.Have you ever wondered where countries, like South Africa, are suddenly getting all the money from that they now suddenly have available? Eskom is fine, SAA os fine, UIF suddenly has R40-billion available? It is like magic, isn't it.

Posted by Johan P Prinsloo on Monday, April 13, 2020

There is no limit to this vaccine pusher’s evil. If he already owns and controls so much of the pharmaceutical, agricultural and numerous other industries, how many politicians, political parties, governments, presidents and organisations does he also own and control?
Have you ever wondered where countries, like South Africa, are suddenly getting all the money from that they now suddenly have available? Eskom is fine, SAA os fine, UIF suddenly has R40-billion available? It is like magic, isn’t it?











Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d go up to a bank teller with a mask on asking for money…ANNON

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine waking up in a country where it is legal to smoke pot and illegal to go to work! – ANNON

Cele turned the whole country into a rehab with only one patient still missing...HIMSELF!“- ANNON

I’m not scared of the virus. I’m scared that they’re slowly introducing us to martial law and everyone is too blind to notice.-ANNON

” Far to many dictators telling us when to drink and smoke -this is communist control”ANNON

A country is locked-down, its economy finally destroyed ..for 27 deaths over a period of a month, a country where 57 people are brutally murdered each day.“-ANNON

Wow! Politicians are giving up 1/3 of their salaries for 3 months. How about giving up 100% like the rest of us“- ANNON