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Communist ANC allows first Chinese Police Chief to be appointed in South Africa

South Africa’s bundu justice: High court approves of ANC’s racist BEEE relief policy for businesses

Nkosazana Zuma bans cigarettes again all while her buddy and son  is in the smuggling business

Vodacom launches 5G in Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town

Farmers may loose their water rights due to debt

ANC members accused of selling food parcels, giving them to friends

Charities refuse to hand over food parcels to corrupt ANC government

Tobacco association heads to court to challenge ban on cigarette sales

Ramaphosa back-paddles on smoking ban





Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  May 05   2020





What an absolute Shame and a total Embarrassment to the ANC if these words come true.

Posted by Jayson Govender on Wednesday, March 27, 2019



“The ANC  government has lost its focus. They’re not fighting the virus. They’re fighting us.“- ANNON

“I don’t want mass Chinese immigration to my country , I don’t want them involved in policing in my country , I don’t want them building secret cities in my country , I don’t want them training thousands of hateful terrorists in my country , I was not consulted to bring them to Africa , there was no consultation done with the South African public about this you are on your own ANC you will mourn the day that Ramaphosa did this in your name. ” – Black socialite


” Unlike in other countries, the reason relaxing the lockdown is a good idea is not because it was a success, but precisely because it was doomed to be a failure from the start. So procrustean were the regulations, and so brutal the implementation, that our lockdown did lethal, predictable and gratuitous damage to the economy, lives and liberties, while drastically compromising the nation’s food security.’Gabriel Crouse

“If you don’t realize the government is using a virus with a 98% survival rate to control SA, you are not paying attention. Something bigger is happening. SA is controlled by incompetent NWO super capitalistic racist nepotistic African female communists with draconic and idiotic semi-military dictatorial regulations. Their dictatorial lockdown and complete control of SA’s people is a bigger disaster than the Corona virus. They are a group of greedy African female psychopaths who care more about maintaining their own power than helping mankind” Tewie Botha


SOUTH AFRICA is a country in deep  peril. South Africa is a country destined for destruction. South Africa is a country now riding the pale horse of the apocalypse to her final destination as a failed state. Since 1984 when the Afrikaner Broederbond – aka the “Stellenbosch Mafia” – in a secret  Free Mason meeting in Pretoria decided that South Africa must become a failed 3rd world country- the country’s fate was sealed and the first chapter of the  road to a communist purgatory for South Africa began with the pre-planned  capitulation of the treacherous National Party at the false flagged  CODESA operation in 1992

Today- 35 years after that historical gathering of the Free Mason Doomsday Druids in 1984 – South Africa is busy writing her final chapter and last paragraph  of a country that was discovered in the wilderness , became a world success in civilization, a remarkable achievement in Africa, had a rich in history of economic successes and devastating wars for independence, – but since the discovery of gold and diamonds was plagued by subversive  treason and  British reptilian  plundering. The first chapter of the history of South Africa was indexed  as the 1652 Arrival of the Dutch settlers in the Cape Colony  and birth of a nation. The last chapter will be indexed as the 2020 Arrival of the Covid-19 destroyer in the Cape Colony   and the death of a nation. But between the history of the arrival of the Dutch and the Covid-19 a new nation-the Boer– or Afrikaner was born- a nation engineered and cursed  to carry the blame and brunt of all the failures and human rights abuses by both the Anglo-British and African communist  invaders.

Both events was a pre-planned agenda from the same abomination chess masters and both events was engineered for the same reasons too – GREED and the ultimate control of the country’s abundance of mineral resources. The final destruction of South Africa started with a false flag operation in 1992 referred to as “CODESA” – and it’s final chapter will close with yet another false flag operation in 2020 being referred to as “COVID.CODESA lasted 2 years- COVID will last 2 years. History is repeating itself. In 2022 South Africa will see  a new dynasty emerge under the mixed   ruled oppression and persecution of the nation by the Red Chinese and liberal usurpers  and traitors in parliament-  after which a bloody revolt and  civil war will erupt that will last 3 years between black and black, black and white- and Boer and Brit. Then only will the cleansing process start to see the dawn of the  free Boer Republics and the Boer/ Afrikaner eventually released from the British chains of captivity in 2025. This is according to the prophecies.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'When there is smoke there is a fire! #RAMAPOSE why is the CHINESE training 80 thousand blacks in the POTCH AREA, arming them with new AK47's, the ISIS training camps in KZN? Is this OPERATION IRON EAGLE? Whites in lockdown without an income and food... You really think that all of us are blind and stupid?'


And in my 1994 vision I saw 2 others excluding myself on the beach. There I saw 3 tornadoes on  the surface of the ocean- one had one funnel- the other two each two funnels. Thunder and lightning engulfed the sky- and with each thunder flash I saw three Mosquito bombers flying astern with British insignia up above.

I turned to the one next to me and asked what is the meaning of this vision – and how long will the rule of communist over our country be then. He turned to me and said :” Count the numbers you see and multiply by three. The numbers was 3 people on the beach, three tornadoes on the ocean- and three airplanes in the sky. Thus I count 9 and times three equals 27. Thus the rule will be 27 years from this day I asked?  ” That is correct “- he said. What is the meaning of the tornadoes and the planes then I asked again? He turned to me and said to look at the signs of the times. ” The tornadoes you see is times of turmoil , chaos and destruction for your land and your people. There will be three rulers to come- one will complete his time in office- that is the first tornado with one funnel. Two will not complete their times in office but their rule will be divided and shared by another. Therefore you see two funnels on each of the other two tornadoes. The tempest you see signifies lightning flashes of civil unrest and the clouds of a looming war. The planes you see indicates that the British empire will be paramount in the destruction of your land and the force behind the final collapse of your country. For 22 years your country and it’s people will suffer under the yoke of the alien Pharaohs and their alien invaders- then your people will be thrown onto  a bloody war in order  to regain their independence and freedom  – and will face brutal  persecution and lamentation for another 3 years . That is the prophecy and so shall it be. “

Image may contain: 36 people, text

TODAY we see that prophecy- as well as Seer Van Rensburg’s predictions come to pass- and soon the predictions spoken of in   Revelation 18 also will be executed as well.  The Boer/Afrikaner today finds itself in a terrible ordeal- with brutal discrimination and oppression in the order of the day. Even with an alleged “ crisis”  at hand- the pharaohs deny them financial assistance or food aid  . And this torment will continue for a long time to come still.

With the fake “Covid-19” at hand- the ANC terrorist regime received an unexpected  new life so-to-speak. The ANC- a useless terrorist organization that is quite used to stay in power by means of parasitism, exuberant taxes, international loans and donations from sympathizers- plundered the state coffers empty. They could not even pay their own people and contractors anymore and across the board doors slammed shut for Ramaphosa and his forged “New World Order” and Gordhan with respect to bail out loans. So they needed money and they needed it fast.  Thus- when this fake “Covis-19” hysteria hit the world- the terrorist regime of Ramaphosa saw an unique opportunity to play the “victim” again as they did so many a time while they exploited “apartheid” to generate sympathy from liberal governments abroad that donated billions to their “cause“- which on the end of the day landed in the pockets of the ANC hoodlum gangsters again.



The ANC’s own hidden agendas



BUT this “Covid-19” hoax not only offered the criminal ANC  a perfect opportunity to plunder the coffers of the international ” do-gooders” only- it also created an opportunity to push through  a whole set of their own devious agendas without the lengthy process of approval through parliament. Some of these down-right human rights  abusive agendas includes total control of movement, control over the economy and business who may have a business and who not, the control over consumable goods what may be purchased and what not, the control over suppliers, control over who may eat and who not, control over the Pension Funds and Health Care- and control over social behavior. In other words- the ANC and their communist concubines want to run the country on the basis of a full communist dictatorship. They now control the government, courts, army, financial institutions, businesses, food supplies, agriculture – iow  everything. But the worst part is they are ruining  the whole South African society and destroying the country through a bunch of illiterate and incompetent village idiots and bumble heads the likes of Nkosazana Zuma and Bheki Cele.  

NOW this two misfits with their aide de camps Ibrahim Patel-and that clever “presidential spokesmanJackson Mtembu that want to supply alleged Covid 19 patients with vibrators instead of ventilators–   forms part of the Squirrel’s “confidante” inner circle  to impose all kinds of illogical and insane rules, regulations and “bans” as they “see fit” to “punish” the populace like little kindergarten children for all kinds of ” misbehavior” during the hoax “lock-down” bullsh*t . And boy – DO these poor misdirected and clueless oafs really exploit their master’s “lock-down” illusion to the extremes.  What the communist ANC destroyers basically are doing- is to break down the whole social and economic structures in South Africa. Every day malicious propaganda is drummed into the skulls of the poor directionless populace about how “changed” South Africa will look like after this draconian “lock-down” hoax. What we read between the lines is what is happening now is that  we now see first the “Lock Down”-  which basically means the whole economy and social structures are  “shut down“- and next will follow the ” clamp down” – in other words the persecution of all those that oppose Ramaphosa’s dictatorship or dare break these Lethuli-House polatriat”  rules . Ramaphosa thus are exploiting this “Covid-19″  hoax to enforce a full communist state onto South Africa.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'At this point I would feel safer if the Coronavirus held a press conference to tell us how it's going to save us from the government'



Garden boys and kitchen girls now  running the ANC show

#Nkosazana Zuma is attacking RUPERT FAMILY..!!

Posted by Cde Conty Lebepe,The Voice on Saturday, May 2, 2020



Posted by Willie De Lange on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kan n mens dit oor vertel?? Minister van onderwys??? 😠😠😠😠

Posted by Jackie Myburgh on Thursday, April 30, 2020

We are being ruled by a bunch of fools…and she is the “Minister”of EDUCATION!


AS this farce “ lockdown”  progressed- it became evidently clear that Ramaphosa is not presidential material by far  and most of the times- non existent but continuously overruled by his lesser kitchen staff and garden personnel in the forms of Nkosazana Dhlamini- Zuma and Bheki Cele.For instance: 

On February 4, Photios posted another photo on Instagram with Dlamini-Zuma and stated: “Whatever the president said will not happen: Every time Pres Ramaphosa has a speech, he makes a lot of promises, then, the next day, Dlamini-Zuma informs us that whatever the president said will not happen. When Ramaphosa said: There is no BEE-based relief- What is actually happening: There is BEE-based relief. When Ramaphosa said: Schools will open- What is actually happening: Schools will not open. When Ramaphosa said: Cigarettes will be sold. What is actually happening: Cigarettes will not be sold. When Ramaphosa said: You will be allowed to exercise. What is actually  happening: You may only exercise within 5km from your house between 6am and 9am. When Ramaphosa said: You will be able to buy clothes. What is actually happening is you may only buy “essential” clothing. When Ramaphosa said :” Food relief will be available for all-what actually is happening is food relief is only for the “majority.” South Africa must be the only country in the world where everything the president says gets overrode by the ex-president’s ex-wife.”


Image may contain: 2 people, hat and text

The next time Cyril Ramaphosa stands up to speak, don’t believe a word until Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, his erstwhile rival for the party leadership, has publicly vouched for it.
Without her approval the Induna’s pronouncements apparently mean diddly-squat.  She’s not the metaphorical power behind the throne – she wields the levers of power in plain sight, and with some relish. Announcing the easing of the lock-down last week, Ramaphosa said the ban on the sale of tobacco products would be lifted.  This week Dlamini-Zuma put her foot down. That wasn’t gonna happen, she said. Her decision was as audacious as it was unprecedented. Never before has a president been so publicly humiliated by one of his ministers.

Ramaphosa on his way out?


There are roamers floating around that moles in the ANC hive   reported that the NEC met via video link last week –  and got rid of Cyril unanimously. There are reports that he will act as VP until the Phase 3 lockdown takes place and may openly travel to Cape Town where the final arrangements and state of affairs will be clarified. Apparently the Squirrel couldn’t muster the necessary support to stand against the kitchen girl and her faction..he only had Gordhan and Mboweni, while she had the entire Ace Magashule group behind her fat backside. In a way, Maroela Media today endorses this opinion by reporting that there is growing concern about the Squirrel’s  so-called “Command Council,”–  which actually means that virtually all the Communists and Socialists, ie COSATU and SACP members in the council  are behind  the kitchen girl and so we are looking at a future Communist order in South Africa. Apparently roamers would have it that Ace Magashule has now taken over the ANC. Ramaphosa was ruled out. 

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

The Cigarette saga

NOW- speaking of the ex-president’s wife running the show: What we did not mention is that the kitchen girl is running the show to benefit her own family as well. Let s take for example her 90 degree turn-about on the cigarette issue:

Dlamini-Zuma said they had “received a lot of opposition (from more than 2,000 people) to reopening the sale of cigarettes.”  Government (that will be Dhlamini-Zuma herself as she deems herself to be the “government” lately) – had therefore changed its mind since the weekend and decided to keep the ban on cigarette and all tobacco product sales in place because smoking was not just unhealthy but also a social activity and people sometimes shared cigarettes.(Sic)  She said she was worried about “the sharing of zol” as saliva could be moved from person to person. Dlamini-Zuma defended the alcohol ban again by pointing out that the lack of inebriated people was limiting people gathering, and was keeping them out of emergency rooms with the usual stabbings, beatings and shootings, especially on weekends. “Let me say again, briefly, that level 4 does not mean the lockdown is ended. Stay in your home. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance from other people.”

BUT as always ANC cadres never come clean with their real motives. And this is the case of Dhlamini-Zuma as well. Banning cigarettes has nothing to do with health or “social distancing ” for that matter- but all about madam Zuma and her own family’s enrichment. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma met self-confessed tobacco smuggler Adriano Mazzotti and his business associates more than the one time he claims he met her – and here’s the proof. Instagram photographs prove at least two meetings, while a third shows an associate of the dodgy tycoon embracing Dlamini-Zuma, apparently taken in Greece. The others show Mazzotti and Dlamini-Zuma in London and in Sandton. Under one of the photographs, gambling tycoon Philip Anastassopoulos exclaims: “Another nice day with mama Zuma.” Last week Mazzotti claimed he had only met the presidential hopeful once. The photographs and the new information suggest a much closer relationship between Dlamini-Zuma and Mazzotti. Mazzotti and gambling tycoons Philip and Photios Anastassopoulos – who own Supabets – are said to have taken Dlamini-Zuma to the UK and Greece earlier this year to try to raise funds for her presidential campaign.


Dlamini-Zuma, through her spokesman, Vukani Mthintso,  denied knowledge of Mazzotti and the Anastassopoulos brothers’ contributing to her campaign, although she conceded she had met with Mazzotti while on a trip in London. “There are millions of supporters and well-wishers to the campaign, which is led by the ANC Women’s League and supported by other structures. Many make contributions, either by volunteering their time or in kind to the structures,” he said. Dlamini-Zuma also denied that she had “any direct or substantive relationship” with the self-confessed cigarette smuggler. “She has never approached him for any assistance, nor has he approached her and offered assistance with her campaign. The two occasions she met him were chance meetings, where there were other persons at the same event,” Mthintso lied further.

However sources told the Sunday Times this week that Mazzotti and the Anastassopoulos brothers have been funding Dlamini-Zuma’s presidential campaign. “Dlamini-Zuma has been having secret meetings with these guys twice per month behind her campaign team’s back because she knows they won’t be comfortable working with these controversial figures,” a source said. “Mazzotti and Photios have been sharing their private photos from these meetings with Dlamini-Zuma with their business associates while lobbying them to chip in some money for her campaign,” another source said. The Sunday Times has seen some of the photos. One of them is believed to have been taken at one of Mazzotti’s apartments in Sandton about a month ago. The Sunday Times reported last week that Mazzotti showered Dlamini-Zuma with an array of election paraphernalia for her ANC presidential campaign. This week the newspaper was shown photos of NDZ campaign paraphernalia believed to have been taken at one of Mazzotti’s properties.

Sources told the Sunday Times that Philip Anastassopoulos has been funding Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s presidential campaign.  “If Mazzotti claims he isn’t funding the NDZ campaign then he is very economical with the truth, “ another source said. Mazzotti last week denied that he was sponsoring Dlamini-Zuma’s election campaign and said neither he nor Carnilinx were involved “in any political activities or political campaigns”. However, in his 2014 affidavit, Mazzotti says under the headline “political funding” that “Carnilinx has made a R200,000 donation towards a political party”. He said he had met Dlamini-Zuma only once, and that was in London where he posed for a photograph with her. He said he did not support her. Investigative reporter Jacques Pauw’s explosive new book The President’s Keepers claims Mazzotti admitted in an affidavit in 2014 that Carnilinx was complicit in fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Dlamini-Zuma  couldn’t categorically deny that Mazzotti or his cigarette company had contributed to her campaign. Mthintso said Dlamini-Zuma met Mazzotti and Anastassopoulos in London but try to cover up and said  she was “invited to a business lunch with Invest Africa” which took place in the UK. “Dr Dlamini-Zuma met the two gentlemen during the visit to London. Her ticket and accommodation were covered by Invest Africa, as the organiser of the lunch,” Mthintso said.

In April 1995 Dlamini-Zuma, then serving as health minister, awarded a R14.27m contract to her friend, Mbongeni Ngema, without after the required tender procedures. In terms of the contract Ngema undertook to produce a sequel to the popular musical Sarafina. Sarafina II, as it was to be known, was intended to tour SA carrying a strong anti-Aids message aimed at the youth. The musical never hit the stage and the money was squandered. Dlamini-Zuma lied to parliament and refused to account for her profligacy. Unfortunately for taxpayers, and fortunately for her, then president Nelson Mandela protected her and she remained unjustifiably exculpate. In today’s money I estimate that Dlamini-Zuma blew at least R50m of our money. Gareth van Onselen who wrote an excellent analysis of the scandal for Business Day in April 2016, labelled Dlamini-Zuma’s Sarafina II the original Nkandla.

Dhlamini Zuma’s family and the cigarette saga

MEET Edward Zuma– seedling of Jacob Zuma and Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma. Edward Zuma currently is running his own illicit tobacco show down in the Kwa-Zulu Natal kingdom under protection of his silicon daddy Jacob’s political  influence. Zuima Jr. is the director of a tobacco company called Isthebe Amalgamated Tobacco– which is manufacturing and supplying the illegal cigarette market.

SO– now you can add two and two together- and come to the real reason why madame Zuma suddenly had that 90 degree turn-around on  the cigarette ban issue. Madame simply  puts her family interest before the country’s interests. : By lifting the ban would mean more legal as well as illegal competition would enter the market again which in turn would be a direct threat to Mr. Zuma Jr’s illegal cigarette supplies. At the moment while mommy-dear is keeping the lid on other suppliers young Zuma and Mr. Mazzotti has the sole monopoly in supplying illegal cigarettes to the black market- at THEIR price naturally- that is. So much for madame Zuma’s “health” and “ social distancing” bullsh*t. Meanwhile this kitchen nanny is totally abusing her powers and  taking away YOUR rights with her little absurd tantrums . In what will undoubtedly be a precedent-setting case testing, not only the ban on cigarettes, but the illegal regime’s  seemingly unfettered powers during the Covid-19 ” lockdown,”–  the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) confirmed it would head to court immediately. Shortly after Dlamini-Zuma’s announcement, FITA chairperson Sinenhlanhla Mnguni, said: “We will be consulting with counsel at 08:30 on Thursday morning.” FITA, which represents numerous independent tobacco manufacturers, previously threatened to head to court but relented when Ramaphosa announced that cigarettes could be sold from 1 May.


Cigarettes that were considered illicit before the lockdown, were selling for upwards of R400 a carton of 10 packets, as opposed to R200 before the lockdown. And none of the revenue is flowing back to the tax man. Former head of enforcement at the South African Revenue Service, Johann van Loggerenberg, who was a key figure in fighting illicit cigarette trade during his time at SARS, said the ban was forcing normally law-abiding spaza shop owners to resort to crime. “Existing drug and other crime syndicates have expanded and diversified their products to include cigarettes…while existing tobacco and cigarette syndicates are now in overdrive,” he said. Evidence of this could be found in looking at the brands so far seized by police in busts – some of which were illicit brands not seen in South Africa for 15 years or more. Smuggled cigarettes could fetch up to R30 million a container now, cash, Van Loggerenberg explained. The illicit tobacco trade remains big business in South Africa. In 201,8 research body Ipsos released a study that showed one brand that was considered illicit, RG, was the biggest selling brand in the country.
RG is manufactured by Gold Leaf Tobacco, mainly in Zimbabwe.

Evidence before the Nugent Commission into governance at SARS showed that revenues from the tobacco industry had declined, especially during the era of former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane, as reported by Scorpio. Van Loggerenberg said that post 2014, during the state capture period, the increase in illicit trade – which is supposed to be monitored by SARS – increased by 30 to 40%. “Government lost complete control on this. So now [they] are moving off from a low base in respect of knowledge, capacity and capability [to police the illicit trade],” he said.
Recent research suggested the government was just starting to get a handle on the problem with huge benefits to the fiscus. But the University of Cape Town’s Research Unit on the Economics of Excisable Products, reported in March this year that the government appeared to have made significant progress in clamping down on the illicit tobacco trade. And here we have madame Zuma defying all that while her own son is deep into the illicit cigarette trade himself. Ironically does the last epitaph on this saga  come from the regime matelots  themselves: ” The ill-thought prohibition of cigarettes is impoverishing the nation, enriching criminals and destroying the public’s faith in the lockdown,” said TJSA founder Yusuf Abramjee. What he then meant is that Mr. Edward Zuma also is a criminal. Already public violence begin to erupt around this saga as police officers were pelted with stones in Fraserburg in the Northern Cape over the weekend when disgruntled community members demanded the sale of alcohol and cigarettes.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Image may contain: people standing, car and outdoor

Tensions begin to mount country-wide against the communist ANC and their “lockdown” fun and games.



No photo description available.


AND still these criminals are pushing to take away more rights of the people.


SO– now we have Mr. Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa that also looks after his own family interests by allowing his brother in law- Patrice Motsepe– to rig up hundreds of 5G towers across the country during this fake “lockdown”– and here we have madame Zuma also playing the same game. These corrupt twits are playing the public for the fool all while they are exploiting the current situation to line their own pockets. Time to ponder- don’t you think?


No photo description available.

The same narrative fits the garden boy Bheki Cele– who took it upon himself to walk around like a rooster- running his own private show full of bravado, threats and “warnings.”Cele- who only sports a Diploma in Teaching – who never had any degree in law nor any official police training and who already was fired once by the Zuma regime for corruption- forms  the other half of the terrible twins together with Dhlamini-Zuma. This two evils  who are  abusing their powers to agitate and frustrate the populace with their insane circus theatrical “bans” and intimidation tactics against the people of the country- are fast busy igniting a civil revolt. Cele’s utterly incompetence and arrogance becomes clear in his foolish verbal threats and treatment of the populace as-if he is addressing a bunch of naughty school children.


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Idon't fear the coronavirus. fear that we are slowly being introduced to the disappearance of our rights while everyone is too blind to notice!! 1776WTP Sassy'


Bheki Cele recently barfed a lot of hot air again when he alleged  some South Africans are not obeying lockdown regulations and “warned”  level 4 regulations could be reversed as Covid-19 has the potential of “wiping off humankind”. Cele was speaking during a joint law enforcement operation in which cars were stopped to check for compliance in Krugersdorp on Friday. As the country entered its first day of a level 4 lockdown, physical distancing was not observed in some areas. “I saw this thing of running, I think we will be making some form of recommendation to the National Command Council about it. “Not just that, I saw … people running in clubs, walking with their dogs and they were even swimming – something that is [criminalised] in the regulations,” Cele said. He added the police were calling on South Africans to refrain from breaking lockdown regulations and only conduct essential business. SO Mr. ” Bang-Bang” Cele now is threatening the public with a possible “reversal” of their “Level 4” communist oppression rules if the public do not “behave.”

AND already the Broederbond Mafia Media is hard at work to send out false propaganda to substantiate their Bullsh*t “lockdown” and all the insane “bans” with it . We know for sure 80% of the populace want to BLIKSEM the ANC rats for destroying our economy, work and social lives- let alone “support” their k*k! Please do NOT believe this type of fake propaganda. They are deliberately trying to mind f*ck you. They are good at it!

Cele’s insane “bans” also becomes more and more erratic by the day. Some of his idiocracy is exposed when he “ ensured”  that he would be “rigidly sticking to his guns.”  Not only will alcohol and cigarettes remain off the shelves, but SA’s top village idiot  cop has revealed that he won’t give permission for neighborhood watch groups to operate. So also will farm watch groups and patrols be banned as well. Now one wonders what type of neurotic mental disability would nurture such  meaningless and foolish decisions? Does Cele in his delusional   state of power hungry madness  really believe that criminals and farm attackers also would adhere to this imaginary “virus”  lockdown measures?



Meanwhile- while the ANC Polatriat goons and buffoons such as Cele and Dhlamini-Zuma are busy enjoying their little “Covid” fun and games the white farming community are still under siege from black terrorists tormenting them day and night. What Cele in his state of madness did- was to take away the only early warning systems the public had in both the urban and rural communities. This again proofs the point that the ANC do not have the interests of the public at heart.  Cases of brutal attacks and murders against  white people  that occurred under this sham “Covid” lockdown are:

1. A white boy- JP Van Schalkwyk  was strangled and stabbed last  Tuesday morning in his room in front of his wife and children. He was takento hospital where he was declared brain dead and succumbed to his injuries.

2. A violent farm attack took place on 27 April 2020, at 19:00, on a farm near Greylingstad, a small farming town west of Standerton, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. A woman, who farms alone, Sandra Greyling, was overpowered and severely assaulted at her electric gate by four black terrorists  who then dragged her into the home, tied her up and continued with the violent assault whilst demanding firearms

3. A horrific and brutal farm attack took place on 26 March 2020, at 20:00 in Groenvlei, in Belfast, Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Three black terrorists , two of which were armed, forced the farm workers into the home of a seventy seven year old farmer, assaulted and tied them up. They then attacked the farmers wife. The farmers wife was brutally tortured with a blowtorch whilst the terrorists  demanded money and was then also violently raped with an object. The terrorists  then ransacked the home and fled in the farmers pick-up leaving everyone tied up.

4. Another elderly white man-  Mr Peet van Wyk (74).– was brutally murdered  on a smallholding at Kameeldrift, Roodeplaat, near Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa early on Tuesday morning 25 February 2020, whilst trying to protect his 72 year old wife against black terrorists . The couple heard a noise in the house around 04:00 and Mr van Wyk got up and confronted the two black male thugs and tried to keep them away from the bedroom to protect his wife. The thugs  blinded him with cellphone lights and then stabbed him several times and struck him with a brick  over the head. Mr Van Wyk’s neck artery was cut and he collapsed in the passage. When his wife came out, she was stabbed in the arm.

5. Another elderly white man has been murdered. this time in Villiersdorp in the Western Cape. This brings to seven the number of elderly white people murdered in just over a week. Mr Casper Steenkamp (87), a retired teacher who obtained a doctor’s degree in education, was found murdered on Saturday evening 21 March 2020, on the back porch of his neighbor’s home.
The suspicion is that he heard a noise in his neighbor’s house in the evening and was murdered by black thugs.  He was found by two care givers who look after Mr Steenkamp’s wife Bessie (86) who has dementia. Mr Steenkamp gave the care givers off for the afternoon but they had to be back for the night shift. When they arrived home they could not find Mr Steenkamp and looked for him. They eventually found his body on the neighbor’s back porch and called the Police. Mr Steenkamp’s neighbor also confirmed his house was broken into and some items stolen.

6. On 25 April 2020   another farm attack took place at Sunrella near Lanseria in the  early hours this morning . An armed gang of black thugs broke into a farm in Sunrella. People were tied up with wire and the farm owner  shot 3 times. Security were very quickly on scene when help was called – Drift Reaction Officers were reportedly outstanding . The victim  was rushed to hospital and is currently in ICU.

7. Another farm attack took place on 23 April 2020 at Bokfontein near Semperflora . A gang of black thugs attacked an elderly white woman and stole some items. She was taken to hospital after the ordeal.

8. In another farm attack three police officers accused for the attack was arrested.

9. A 65-year-old white man was stabbed to death during a house robbery in the early hours of Tuesday morning at Magalies in the Cullinan area.Cullinan police spokesperson Constable Connie Moganedi said the deceased man and his wife were sleeping in their house when three suspects, armed with a knife and a firearm, broke in and attacked them. A beloved grandpa –Jack De Vries–  was murdered on 21 April 2020  in the morning by black terrorists in Magalies (Cullinan area)! After Jack was shot and fell, the attackers hit him with a heavy object – a pick-axe or something. Over and over. His wife  Desiree de Vries says she could hear the bones shattered with every blow to his body.

10. A 38 year old man has died after he was seriously injured while fighting off two black thugs  who broke into his Watsonia, Tongaat home during the early hours of Wednesday morning 22 April 2020. Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) responded to the residence on Knoll Place at approximately 04:29 and on arrival found the victim’s lifeless body in a pool of blood on the upstairs balcony. His wife sustained a stab wound to her arm. She was treated by Medics for her injury but declined further medical attention. It was established that two black thugs  had gained entry into the home. At some point during the break-in the thugs  confronted the victims. The female victim was stabbed in the right arm. She managed to lock herself in one of the bedrooms with her 20 month old baby while her husband attempted to fight off their attackers. During the scuffle the male victim was seriously injured. The thugs  made off with two cellphones and a laptop.

11. Police are investigating rape cases, after three members of a family were allegedly raped – in front of a 71-year-old woman, who died after witnessing the terrible ordeal, at Impendle, at the weekend. Provincial police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said Impendle police are investigating charges of rape and have opened an inquest. “It is alleged that on Saturday night an unknown suspect, wearing a balaclava, forced the door open and, at gunpoint, raped three family members aged between 19 and 25. “A 71-year-old woman, who witnessed the incident, collapsed and was declared dead at the scene,” said Gwala.

12. Another white man- Peter Bosch– was attacked by 2 black thugs in 22 April 2020  at the back of his  property. Said Bosch: “ I have never done any blacks any harm in South Africa but this is what they are doing to me. In fact I am paying my temporary houseworker a full salary already for 2 months without her doing any work due to the lockdown. This is the reality in what remains of what we call the “rainbow nation”.


13. Two more white people were attacked on a farm on 19 April 2020 in Louis Trichard South Africa. The brutality of this morning’s attack was worse than last time. They were really badly mauled” These were the words of Mr. Dippie Nortjé, whose 82-year-old mother and 62-year-old brother was attacked on their farm outside Louis Trichardt for the second time in less than a year. Elderly aunt Joekie Nortjé and her son Johan (Kiewiet) were attacked by four black thugs  just after 07:00 this morning on the family’s farm Nooitgedacht, next to the old commando shooting range, a stone’s throw from the Tshikota residential area. The two were taken aback after Aunt Joekie went out to feed the farm animals. “My mother and brother sustained cuts and head injuries. They asked for money all the time. Every time my mother said she didn’t have money, they cut her hands more, “Dippie said. Robbery appears to be the motive for the attack. A safe has been removed from the farmhouse, as well as an unknown amount of money. “The safe has been ripped out of the wall. My dad put in the safe years ago and we still carried the safe. You don’t just carry that safe, ”Dippie said

14.The 85 year old Rienie Verster has been found murdered in her home in Hoop street, Riviersonderend on Wednesday at 2130. Police made the discovery. Mrs Verster has been described by those who knew her as a very friendly person. She stayed on her own. Police suspect the motive for the murder is robbery because her belongings were stolen. The Police is questioning a 38 year old suspect. Mrs Verster leaves a daughter behind who is a teacher at the Hoerskool Riviersonderend.

15. The 79 year old Mrs Polla du Plessis was seriously injured in a home invasion attack which took place on a smallholding outside Vanderbijlpark in the early hours of Tuesday morning 14 April 2020. She stays in her own house on the property with her two sons who have their own houses. Three attackers broke down the safety gate of the front door as well as the front door around 04:00, went down the passage, kicked open the sleeping room door and viciously attacked the woman, assaulting her until she lay motionless. The attackers fled with just a cellphone. Mrs Du Plessis was taken to hospital by her children with serious injuries to her face and arms. Her nose was also broken.

16. Another 79 year old elderly white lady was brutally attacked in her  Ardenworld home in Vanderbijlpatk on the 14th of April 2020 by black thugs.

16. Another white farmer- Mr. Alwyn Van Zyl was brutally murdered on his farm near Bad Se Loop between  Mookgopong and  Modimolle on March 18 2020. His wife Renee also was injured when four black terrorists attacked the farm.

17. Anne Oberholzer (68) , her friend and her daughter was attacked on their farm Kleinfontein near  Brits by three black terrorists   on 04 May 2020 .

NOW all these brutal attacks and murders against whites were committed during this farce “lockdown” period initiated by the ANC as buffoons such as Cele are strutting around cities and townships like cockerels displaying their “Covid-19” feathers and crowing ” Locdown “ this and “Ban” that. Ramaphosa, Cele , Patel and Dhlamini-Zuma is living in a Cuckoo-Land where their ego and their  arrogance seems to matter more than their  duty to serve and protect the public. This is how the ANC, their cronies and local government officials enjoy their euphoria while they are totally destroying the country with their “Lockdown” theatricals. And they get fully paid for doing so.  Thousands of people lose their jobs or are told to claim UIF, companies are closing down and thousands of people sits at home in starvation while oafs such as Cele and Dhlamini-Zuma enjoys the spoils of the  limelight with their insane “bans” and idiotic narratives . Still we  have to pay revenues and property taxes so that these idiots can get their full salaries every month. We need to realize now more than ever that the incompetent ANC lacks basic comprehension skills to start up this country they fu*ked up. 

SA Police run amok- applying “strong arm” tactics to intimidate the people

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Many cases were reported where police and army soldiers were abusing their own powers to intimidate, harm – and even kill citizens. Thispoor lost and untrained bozos are ignoring all other crimes just to concentrate on this fake “Covid” hoax- because the police themselves now are joining the fry in selling illegal cigarettes they happily “confiscated” from so-called “ trespassers.” 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'I asked our complex guard where does he get his sigarettes from (he was smoking). He said from the Police in the township!'

No photo description available.

So a guy gets a fine for cutting a lawn of R10K! But there are people wondering the streets, no masks, no social distancing and this poor guy gets a fine for cutting a lawn! Instant bad mood for me – this is just unbelievable

While the entire country is looking forward to the relaxation of the lock-down  regulations that came into effect on  May 1, it appears that the police in turn are stepping up their own vile  actions. Two stores in Louis Trichardt were closed by members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) on Tuesday morning, according to police, who did not “comply “ with the lock-in’s regulations. Police arrived at the well-known Louis Trichardt SuperSpar and Check U, both located in Songozwi Street, at about the same time (around 10am). In Check U’s case, management was ordered to close the store’s doors, as there were apparently no hand sanitizers at every checkpoint. However, hand sanitizers were available at the entrance doors. Check You could happily reopen after about half an hour, after management had to scramble around to buy extra hand sanitizer. However, Louis Trichardt SuperSpar was less fortunate. They had to remain closed all day, while both the two drivers on duty were arrested during the police ‘raid’. SuperSpar owner Mr. Luke Enslin was still furious about Wednesday’s events by Wednesday morning. He said police arrived there just after 10am and closed the doors of his shop, with all the customers and staff still inside. “They said something about no more than 50 people in the store. We pointed out to them that no such thing is written in the law. However, they did not want to listen for any reason and just wanted to arrest, ”Enslin said. Enslin said that after his two drivers were arrested and taken to the police station, allegations were made that the two were arrested because they could not apply the social distance between customers in the store. “We have everything in place to promote social distance in the store. We even have stickers on the floor… my drivers aren’t cops who can run around all day to make sure everyone can keep their distance from each other, ”Enslin said.

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, sky and outdoor, possible text that says 'CAPE TOWN: 4 COPS ARREST SURFER MEANWHILE...'

A whole gang of 16 armed police thugs burst into the home of a white Bloemfontein woman – Sonette Maas– while she and her family were enjoying a barbecue. Maas and her mother was rudely sprayed with pepper spray and she was dragged out of her home on a total false charge. She now must fork out R 5000.00 for medical treatment.

Image may contain: text


Posted by Roxanne Gee on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Stefan Christiaan De Wet 3 hrs Guy just arrested for holding a 'let us surf' sign while on his walk in Muizenberg. "It is illegal to protest" says the cop. Say what you will, it's crazy times we are living in. 4 12 Comments 6 Shares'



AND WHILE these criminals in blue arrests whites for being on beaches inside their f*cked-up “lockdown”…..

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

BLACKS generally are enjoying the day our in the city streets….



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Hitting out discriminating against the white race



Vandag se tuis onderig – let op in die klas hmmm ?

Posted by Leon Peaock on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

PLEASE pay attention in class white people. This racist bozo is telling you that his future “Radical Economic Transformation” scheme does NOT include any white skin. “Apartheid” will be resurrected in it’s full capacity  plus some extra “dividends” will be added.


THE true colors of the communist ANC terrorists which they kept hidden under the false masquerade of “democracy” now also were revealed during this “Covid” hoax as well. The first obvious signs of their racist discriminatory intentions was when they specifically stated that NO financial aid will be given to any white-owned business unless that business was 51 %  black owned. The second slammer came when the Bundu High Court with ANC hardliner Jody Kollapen in the driving seat  ruled in favor of the department of tourism using race as a criterion when providing Covid-19 relief to tourism enterprises under distress. Judge Jody Kollapen delivered his ruling on Thursday by emails sent to the applicants, AfriForum and Solidarity, and the defendant, the tourism department. Tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane’s department stipulated that for businesses to qualify for funding, they should be BEE compliant and have a tax clearance certificate. Kubayi-Ngubane said the R200 million relief fund was made available for the tourism industry since being hard hit by the “pandemic.”



Corruption and total control over food supplies

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd and outdoor, possible text that says '် 9UUR. Rapport Niemand mag hongeres voed sonder 'n permit'

As South Africa progresses into the fifth week of the fake  lockdown, fundamental flaws in the corrupt regime’s  thinking regarding policy and its role in relation to society have been exposed. The African National Congress has always swung to the left of politics in its belief in big government and the need for the state to be heavily involved in all aspects of the South African economy- oiw they want to control all aspects of life.  In fact not just involved, but often as a way to directly control particular aspects of South African life and dictate the terms of engagement with the populace. As the economic reality of lockdown destroys the country in pre-planned “levels“- the food parcel has once again emerged as one of the key tools of ANC policy that is deployed to alleviate the suffering of poor communities. The food parcel is a particularly strategic political tool because it speaks of the utter corruption and double standards applied by the ANC communists.  First, a tender for food parcels is issued, a specification is drafted and sent out and companies bid to provide the government with food parcels. Already at this level some value due for the citizens is shaved off because the company in question will have costs associated with creating the food parcels. Perhaps the company in question is also politically connected or has captured officials within the state and so a food parcel that should cost R500 comes in at R1,000. Alas, more value is lost to citizens. This can become especially rampant in times of crisis when regime procurement systems are relaxed to ease the purchase of goods and services to speed up their delivery — this is generally when rampant abuse takes place.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


In Mangaung, allegations emerged that the food parcels were worth R1,200 and contained a 1kg packet of sugar, a tin of sardines, a loaf of bread, a pack of maize meal and head of cabbage. Second, once created, the food parcels are then duly dropped off at the relevant department which must take charge of distribution and storage. In the case of the Gauteng Department of Social Development, no sooner did this happen when ANC officials involved with the process were accused of giving the food parcels to their own families. Of course, another example of how the value of this process is gradually eroded. Third, examining the distribution network, one of the best ways to secure value at this level is through the use of NGOs which often have databases and can at least ensure that the parcels go to the right people. BUT then again the ANC regime demanded a permit to deliver food to the needy- and state that that nobody else distribute food bar they themselves! Of course, the other way is through the use of Councillors who immediately politicize and hijack the whole process. Over the weekend, News24 reported that in every province in the country excluding the Western Cape there were reported instances of food parcel corruption. Instances were reported of trucks delivering food parcels to the houses of ANC politicians which were then distributed to ANC members, other cases where non-ANC wards ,  poor white people and colored people were deliberately omitted from receiving food parcels and multiple reports of ANC councillors or members stockpiling food parcels in the run-up to their own branch meetings.

Playing G-d over food distribution:


A deranged ANC on a power trip is going to drive many families, both black and white, into starvation. Bureaucratic red tape created by a permit happy and regulation spewing ANC regime  trapped in a toxic mix of paranoia, racial hatred of minorities and tin pot power craving is exacerbating the already existing hunger and nearing famine of a massive amount of people in South Africa because they now insist to control the distribution of food centrally and in practice has stopped the food moved by many non governmental organizations (NGO’s) throughout the country amidst the current COVID-19 lockdown which must be the hardest and most regulated lockdown bullsh*t in the world.

Welfare organizations the country over say they are being stopped in their tracks by officials who regard permits as more important than famine. It also looks like the permit system is being implemented so the ANC can control the flow of food, to make sure food don’t go to people who are not supporting them ( like the white community) Laurel Oettle, director of the Association for Rural Development in Pietermaritzburg told Rapport newpaper she wants to scream about it. She says her association has food and there is a big need in the KZN midlands area, but they are prevented from doing food deliveries because they cant get the permits from officials. Oettle says the COGTA department of Nkosazana-Dlamini Zuma does not issue more than 3 permits per organization and a permit may only be used to give food to 5 people each, so they may only feed 15 people. Despite that her association has received 7500 food parcels from the government’s Solidarity Fund (not the trade union).


No photo description available.

The ridiculousness of the ANC makes one’s head spin. Oettle says the food parcels are supposed to go to three areas in the midlands region with food shortages but they cant take it because they cant get permits. Oettle says it is just crazy that bureaucrats (with fat salaries) are standing between people and food. Oettle says they fought for 3 straight days from Tuesday to get a permit but still do not have one. In Gauteng, the acting MEC for Social Development, Panyaza Lesufi (the same one who also wants to abolish Afrikaans schools) , has issued an edict that that all food donations in Gauteng must be centralized and delivered to a government warehouse in Booysens (Johannesburg) – where it will no doubt be looted by government workers. If an organization wants to take food directly to people in need – whoever they want to give it to (like for instance white squatter camps deliberately ignored by ANC officials) – they must first comply to several strict regulations and they must get a permit. The circular by Panyaza Lesufi creates a bureaucratic nightmare which will make it basically impossible to get food to people or a community who an individual or organization decides to give food to.

Image may contain: text


An organization planning to deliver food to a particular community must apply to the Department 48 hours before the time. Once a permit is received – very difficult to get it – a person or organization must also first inform the Police and then still do the delivery of food in co-operation and conjunction with the Department (whatever that means) states Lesufi’s edict. In Witbank – one of the most filthy and looted of all the ANC controlled municipalities – the major, Linah Malatjie, has even threatened to arrest anyone who distribute food without the municipality’s written permission. Anyone who wants to give food to others must first get the municipality’s written permission. This by the way is a totally illegal thing and has no justification in law because a municipality cant decide about such things . The municipality’s directive states that the permit issued by the municipality should indicate what sort of food is distributed and when and where it will be distributed. The municipal health inspector – if they even have one – must also first inspect the food. This past week a good samaritan who wanted to give food to homeless people in Seapoint, Cape Town had to learn the hard way that no good deed will go unpunished in the time of COVID-19. In a video taken of the incident it can be seen how Police is threatening the man with arrest and chasing him away. The Police spokesman told an enquiring Rapport that everyone who wants to give food to others needs a permit. He did not say how people will eat if his government don’t issue permits. It was quite apparently also not his concern.

Rapport asked the spokesperson of the Department of Social Development in KZN, Mashu Cele, why the organization Association for Rural Development in Pietermaritzburg is not allowed to distribute food in the KZN midlands. She however only accused the Rapport journalist of” rudeness “ for asking such a question and hanged up the phone. Rapport approached the KZN department after the national COGTA department said it is the KZN department’s responsibility to answer the question. Many many South Africans are running out of food whilst the government has developed into control freaks who seem to have a nefarious agenda to ensure they, and they alone, will control the delivery of food, to make sure that only their supporters get food. It was also widely reported in the media that local ANC Councillors entrusted with distributing food have been stealing some of it and selling it. In research that was conducted 3 weeks ago by Victory Research for Rapport it was found that 53% of all South Africans and 57% of black people simply don’t have money to survive a continued lockdown of 3 more weeks.

Image may contain: possible text that says '"When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw."- Nelson R. Mandela'


Its now been 2 weeks since the research was done and the ANC rats  wants to make it more difficult for those who don’t have food than ever. The extent of people’s needs were illustrated yesterday when thousands of people went to stand in queues at a school in Olievenhoutsbosch, Centurion, after receiving a false report that food would be handed out there. There were no signs of “social distancing ” by the way. On Thursday about 8000 people formed in a queue of 3 km long when local NGO’s handed out food at the Mooiplaas and Spruit informal settlements near Centurion. Some of them had to leave empty handed because the food parcels ran out. Marius Ooshuizen, from the University of Pretoria, who was involved in the effort there told Rapport that they were also asked by the Gauteng Department of Social Development to deliver the food to the government but they decided not to comply.

The ANC has lost all legitimacy. A dictatorship, a racist kleptoctatic and anti-white one at that, can only thrive if we are going to be weak and obey their inhuman and illegitimate edicts. The ANC has lost all sympathy for normal people, slowly drowning in its self created paranoia. How many are there of us law abiding and freedom loving citizens and how many regulation-serving simpleton officials are there who are willing to serve an illegitimate hardcore dictatorship and willing to enforce rules that are unjust and in many cases racist? We owe it to those who are not getting anything to eat because of circumstances out of their control to give them something with which to fill their stomachs and the stomachs of their children. We cant be forced to give donations away and we dont know where it is going whilst our own kind, our own fellow whites and Afrikaners sit in squatter camps and don’t get so much as a breadcrumb from an ANC regime that hates anything white with a passion. The ANC have overstayed their welcome and should be pushed out of power now. They have become power crazy  and their actions erratic to that of mad men. And this is the same misfits that screamed their heads off about “injustices” of “apartheid.”


Time to start defying their laws

The Law- that set of rules and regulations instituted by a country’s ruling government to upheld it’s constitution and ensure discipline, safety, fairness, order, good governance and equality among all it’s people.

Laws are written by people in the highest legislature who were elected on a fair and honest  system by the majority of a country’s inhabitants…people that are supposed to be academically impartial, patriotic to the  progress of the country- and of the highest integrity- people that is trustworthy to carry the interests of the citizens at heart he law Is supposed to protect the citizens of a country- the law is supposed to enforce discipline and order among it’s citizens- the law is supposed to be fair and impartial. The law is supposed to be sound guidelines onto which every country’s principles and moral values are based. The law is supposed to protect it’s citizens from malicious elements within it’s society- and punish those that offend against those principles and values as being adhered to by the majority of the citizens. That is the Dutch-Roman laws we as Westerners grew up with- and were taught to obey in order to ensure a healthy functional and safe environment for all. That is why we have these laws. They form the essence- the nucleus of every society in order to maintain a healthy  and prosperous society. Because of the diversity of cultures in a country- these laws must therefore be planned and written very carefully as not to offend or infringe any damage to any segment of that society. Should the law then be corrupted or influenced as such- it could spell the danger of an implosion or even the extinction of that society. To ensure the continuation of any society- that laws must at all times be adhered to, obeyed and respected by all levels of that society- including it’s ruling society. That is the earmark of a perfect controlled society.

BUT what happens if that same laws are turned against us as we currently  experience from the ANC rat pack- used as a rod to unfairly punish and control us? What happens if that same laws are used to inflict damage against those it was designed to supposedly protect? What happens if those same laws are utilized to specifically inflict harm on it’s citizens – or a part of it? What if the chosen rulers themselves are not adhering the law- but have different sets of laws and values for different classes of society? What if the rulers themselves are constantly breaking that laws and never were brought to justice? What if those same rulers change those laws to suit their own selfish ventures while oppressing the populace or part of it? What happens if those laws were written specifically to oppress, dehumanize, impoverish or exclude certain segments of the country’s homogeneous citizens from their basic human rights- while only certain “chosen ones “ can benefit from those laws? What happens if that laws were written by alien infiltrators posing as a country’s citizens- or when laws were written by individuals that do not even believe in Dutch-Roman Western morals, values and discipline? What happens if those laws are turned against a certain part of the population with the intend to put them in grave danger, disown- or even exterminate their existence as a homogeneous group? What if those laws are changed on a regular basis only to benefit a certain few? Is the law then still applicable? Is the law then still deemed fair and impartial? Is it still a law at all? What if the judiciary system- the very system that is supposed to enforce that law- is corrupted or influenced by outside factors? Must it still be obeyed- or should it be discarded as a possible threat to society and the “Law of Society “ not rather then be adopted as the guideline with which the society must control and navigate their own environment and destiny? This is the question every citizen- irrespective color or creed- MUST ask himself. Freedom is the essence of any society- the core of society- freedom of speech, movement, trade and ownership-and laws are created around the preservation of that freedom.    Once that freedom is threatened- it becomes obligatory for the citizen to stand up and start asking questions as to why? If obstinate silence will prevail- then the inevitable omen  of loosing that freedom becomes a reality. We are people- not sheep- we have a free will- we have free spirits that God gave us- and God never said we must be ruled by means of dictatorships or oppression.


Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders. Millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient over world in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war and cruelty. Our problem that people are obediently filling our jails full of petty thieves while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. ~Howard Zinn'

UNFORTUNATELY we do not live in a perfect world. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect country. Unfortunately we do not even live in a perfect society. There are many countries that do not even come close to a “perfect society. “ Our countries ‘ rulers are not even the choice of it’s people anymore. Most countries’ rulers were instated by means of corruption and deception. Devious outside forces have infiltrated our ruling societies , corrupted them- and exploit them in order to impoverish us for their own greedy nature.  Most countries do not even have rulers no more- but factually political con-artists who’s best interests are their own selfish gain. Most countries have rulers that are being influenced by mentally deranged corporate demons that only hunger for power and might. Most countries have rulers that are corrupt and wicked. Most elections are not even “free and fair” anymore- but factually pre-arranged like we have seen in South Africa , USA- and  in Scotland – where votes were rigged, voters ballot papers destroyed, tampered with- and in some cases- the electoral commissions- the supposedly guard dogs – THEMSELVES being part of the corruption. Thus- if the elected “leaders “ then assume portfolios  in the highest positions of public office due to corruption- what type of laws can we expect then when they are the ones that eventually will be writing and enforcing them? Will it still be deemed as “fair” and “impartial?”

When we look at the type of governing office bearers we have today across the globe- we will find that most of them are being controlled by financial moguls…most are connected or involved in secret societies– most are being bribed by corporate wolves- and most of them do not even belong in that position or office they occupy. Our societies thus then have been infiltrated and our true leaders usurped by wolves and vultures of the worst kind. This then brings us back to the laws we have to obey. The question is- WHO’s “laws”…our society’s …or theirs? They mere fact that these corporate predators  have wormed themselves into our countries’ highest legislatures through deception does by no means give them a blanco cheque to start writing “laws” that on the end of the day- will do more collateral damage to our societies than good- as this “Covid-19” hoax now proofs. Once such a law was identified that have the potential to harm any segment of the society- it should then therefore be scrapped and declared nil and void immediately- NOT kept on the books as long as only a certain element of society benefit from it. The country belongs to the people- rulers are public employees paid by the taxes of the people– and they should adhere and obey the wishes of the people. Ironically in most countries the ruling office bearers these days have this contorted idea that they are the” owners of the country”  – thus “untouchable” by the law and therefore have a free hand to do whatever they wish. By building a “ring of steel” around them through exploitation of the security forces and implementation of sets of “laws” to oppress and impoverish the very people that voted some of them in power- they keep the populace at a distance while they plunder and rob the resources on instructions  of their corporate controllers. History has uncountable examples of such devious socio-corporate dictatorships such as Caligula, Ivan the Terrible, Nero, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot,  George Bush, Tony Blair Obama,  Mbeki, Jacob Zuma David Cameron , Magashule and Ramaphosa. Normally it only is a small clique that abuse the power given to them by the people that cause whole countries to implode if they are not stopped in time. Why then can a small band of dictatorial thugs get the cream of the crop while the majority have to live-off the indigestion?


Image may contain: possible text that says 'WAIT A MINUTE... SOMETHING FEELS WRONGI Shut up. you moroni Do as you ve been told It's for your own goodi"'

This then brings us back again to the question of the law. Many scrupulous politicians will hide behind the fact that it is difficult to govern a country- which in fact- it is. The question is then if you do not want to run a country- or feel incompetent to do so- why then choose to become a president, prime minister- or politician? To blame a previous dispensation or dynasty for the current problems only expose one’s inability to act as a leader. Why then proceed with a Republican or “Democratic” system instead of a confederate system where the country is divided in various states each with it’s own legislature? This SURELY would ease the burden of trying to run a country which seem to be an impossibility due to diverse ethnically differences. In the olden days gone by- each CITY and TOWN had their own a KINGS -and taxes from that city or town went to the city or town alone. One city’s downfall or ill-governing did not affect any other city. So – why must a whole country suffer due to a small band of despots taking the wrong decisions?  And taxes from that city or town went to the city or town alone. Ironically do these politicians find it hard to govern a country and please each citizen effectively- but very well have the ability to  TAX each and every citizen  effectively!  What are we missing here? It was with the Assyrian Empire and their conquests that things start to change and all taxes came to one supreme power- and the Romans officially brought in the Pax Romana. Today we have a very evil system of taxation that borders to impoverishment of the people. The taxes do not even go for the benefit of the people anymore- but rather does the lion-share go straight to the pockets of devious politicians, corporate oligarchs and alien banksters. Out of every $10.00 you earn- around $ 6.00  goes to these verminous scavengers who preys on the hard working general populace. This high-way white collar robberies are executed by LAWS iow THEIR laws.


Mayor in Chicago plans to make American citizens criminals for not following Un-Constitutional laws…Freedom doesnt end where fear begins, and we are AMERICANS! This isn’t CHINA! The people have the power NOT Tyranical Leadership!STAND UP!!! OPEN AMERICA NOW!!!

Posted by Graham Allen on Monday, May 4, 2020

This is the type of tyranny politicians want to enforce upon you through a “pandemic” they themselves created specifically in order to create a system to fully enslave you. This is where we also find the ANC and their brutal tyranny they now enforce on the South African people as well. The biggest threat to our freedom and our democracy are the reptilian POLITICIANS who now wants to control us according to their reptilian  “hive” system . They are PUBLIC ENEMY #1!


Again we are faced with the question: When is it legal to take the law in your own hands? The answer is straight forward quite simple: The day YOU were forced to stop ruling your government- and your government started to rule YOU…i.o.w you as the people were conned/forced/propagated/cheated into relinquishing the power to political infiltrators posing as your rulers! Whenever the nature between the power of the people and the power of the rulers are disturbed- the perfect equilibrium gets unbalanced- leading to sometimes catastrophic social inequities such as we have seen in France, Russia , Vietnam, Britain- and currently in  South Africa. The USA and Europe is to follow soon IF the people do not wrestle the power they once had as sovereign nations back from the hands of their current fake Zionist rulers and black African despots. Once in power- they will NEVER relinquish it again- but by means of deception, taxation, secret societies, alien influx, unions, oppression, diversion, propaganda, impoverishment and corruption they will rule until- IF  one may use the words of Jacob Zuma: “ ‘Till Jesus come.” Whenever a nation is forced to submit to it’s unchosen rulers by means of “laws” – it changes the game from a free country into a despotic dictatorship– and it becomes time that the nation ITSELF take the law into their own hands- abide by The Law of Society– and oppose the dictatorships that oppress them….even if it means a revolution or a rebellion.  This  action might be the last ditch effort to stop unnecessary genocides like Rwanda and this we now have in South Africa against white Afrikaners – and the survival of that nation into the 22d century. Other than that the country- like South Africa- will be riding the pale  horse of the Apocalypse soon if this “Covid” madness and the systematical  stripping of your lawful rights and abuse of your freedom is not stopped immediately.



Posted by Frank Mendonez on Sunday, May 3, 2020


This is the tyranny this “Covid-19″ brings about to normal citizens- turning our countries into police states.



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White Nation

❗Slegs vir Mans❗❗Om aantesluit gaan na skakel❗

Posted by Johan Pentz on Monday, March 30, 2020










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