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SOUTH AFRICA was rocked yet again by another brutal and senseless triple farm murder this past week. This heinous deed- like so many others- is the direct result of a very sick country ruled by very sick and careless psychopaths who has no compassion for anything or anyone else bar their own bastard mob and bastard mafia organization. We call them the “Covid Kings” for all they care about is to mercilessly extract as much as possible benefits from their own created “Covid” lockown  fantasia on the backs of a broken country and a nation in financial and social turmoil. This C19 has become nothing but a  a racial lockdown for the minority. Spearheading this very disgusting mob of miscreants and state looters  are none other than Cyril “The Squirrel”  Ramaphosa and “Nappyhead “ Dhlamini Zuma. 

Ramkat ek nou fkn Andwoorde ….

Posted by Gerhardus Goosen on Tuesday, July 28, 2020


WHILE this loathsome ANC terrorist conglomeration is busy stuffing their pockets with millions of dollars from ill-affordable loans and donations which they procure through fake make believe propaganda shows of “Covid” despair ( Please Mr. Squirrel– tell me where Patrice Motsephe got the R 1 Bn from, that was paid to your solidarity fund? You obviously realize that we are still not out of the bankruptcy, that the ANC are whole heartedly responsible for, Nê? And you obviously know, South Africa does not have the ability to repay these debts?)– another more real and more deadly omen is busy ravaging the countryside which now threatens not only the very existence of agricultural sector in South Africa- but also  the already fragile and stretched tolerance of the people who is directly affected and involved  by this  as well- the white farming community.  Violence is a daily occurrence- or let me rather say “national culture” in South Africa since the useless robbers from Robber Island were given clemency and let out on parole by the Ashkenazi Oppenheimer/Kissinger Jews and National Party traitors in 1994 to supposedly “govern” the country- and violence never has been so  evident in all it’s brutality and  barbaric blood letting in modern times than on the rural farmlands of South Africa since the release of this common criminals from Robber Island.


ARE YOU READY FOR A TOTAL TAKEOVER ??? 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴We are being PLAYED! LIFE IS GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT MORE SERIOUS REAL SOON!!! WHO is prepared to stand up for their HUMAN RIGHTS before those rights are removed for life?

Posted by Gabriel Phoenix on Saturday, July 4, 2020

WE have been saying RIGHT from the start this “Covid”-thing is one mega scam to make money. And here we have the proof. The ANC saw this opportunity to pocket millions of dollars at our expense– and have been taking the South African people for monkeys this past 5 months. It’s time to take action, hunt down  and arrest ALL the “Corona  Councilbastards and lock them up!! The ANC has been destroying our lives all because THEY are making money out of it while we have to suffer. DOWN with Ramaphosa, his nappy nanny and all this bastard children of the devil who have destroyed our lives!!!

FARM MURDERS in South Africa are as common as ordering a pizza or buying a pack of smokes in South Africa. Like I said – murdering white farmers is a national past time for blacks in South Africa. It is government and police  supported – and political motivated.  If a black from a squatter camp needs cash- he goes and murder a farmer. If he needs a cellphone- he goes and murder a farmer. If he needs a TV, Microwave, guns or whatever his fancy drives him to- he goes and murder a white farmer. Because the ponzi regime cares less for white farmers, instigate and support farm murders , the EFF promote farm murders and the majority black political parties either yawn or kick up a commotion when white farm murders are mentioned in parliament- the majority blacks on the ground also see dead white farmers as a political trophy or less a crime than killing  stray dogs. Nowadays farm attacks are orchestrated military operations by both political thugs, police thugs and illegal alien border crossing thugs. Even young black thugs now part-take in the killings. “Kill the Farmer- Kill the Boer” left a permanent mark and ghoulish lucrative opportunity on the feeble retarded minds of the lesser intelligent wild predators  down South.

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Volksblad 'DIEP BEKOMMERD' Plaasmoorde kwel regering, sê Cyril Praat met SA'ners op aanlyn imbizo Wats? Motsh of sko diep gemaak to:PRESIDENSIE aad vra ná inperking groter beheer'

One day he deny farm murders in the face of the world…the next day he is “very concerned” about farm murders he just yesterday denied. This criminal is a pathological lair at best.



Their leaders on the political wolf pack is out for white blood – and they simply join the hunt. And with a brutal narcissist “Covid King” such as Ramaphosa leading the pack and denying farm murders in the eyes of the international world – nothing is easier than go murder a white farmer (and his family if possible)  and rob the dead family  from all their possessions. About all the farm workers and their families that also are without jobs and food from there-on- this bloody werewolves cares less. The Main Stream Media would not even mention the incident. It was a black – on- white crime and not a white -on-black “racist” incident. So it does not matter. It was just a white farmer and his family. After all- the whole world – and even South Africa’s national cricket team, the South African Netball Team,  big sports names  such as Francois Pienaar, John Smit, Faf Du Plessis, Aswell Prince,  AB De Villiers, Hershell Gibbs, Makaya Ntini , the president himself, politicians such as Malema and Lesufi, even the church  and lots of liberal dignitaries agrees that black lives is all that matter.

Image may contain: text that says 'Lobo Blanco Suid-Afrikaners Teen Linkse Rassehaat Unite Against Left Racism Francois Pienaar, Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers, Greame Smith, Rassie van der Dussen, Aiden Markram, Heinrich Klaasen. Wanneer TERRORISTE PLAASAANVALLE OP ONS kinders die strykyster die seuntjie ouers hulle beurt om wreed te Wanneer spul libtard drek bekke oopgemaak die rasgedrewe haatmisdade geskiedenis. MENSE ondersteuning lae lak krimineel oorsee ingooi wat gevrek het van dwelm hegtenis geneem moroon nie hoe om werk doen (As enige persoon bewyse kan uitwys dat daai gedoen het hy gedoen het omdat hy Wit en die krimineel is, wys dit ons)'

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and beard


White liberal reporters such as Gert van der Westhuizen of Network  24  are the core of the cancer killing the white farmer. As a staunch BLM supporter- he criticizes those that are against the BLM hysteria. And below are the BLM “victims” that VD Westhuizen supports. 

Posted by Mykola Oleksyn on Monday, June 1, 2020


White lives and especially white farmers’ lives does not matter…they are “expendable.” They are the human sacrifices for the “bigger picture.” They are not part of “my fellow South Africans” or “my people.” They are more than a racist “plague” to be exterminated as they stand in the way of black development and “ Land Expropriation” plans  than being  useful contributors to BEEE and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Any case do they occupy wealthy coal rich lands that already was promised to the new Chinese masters in exchange for astronomical loans and bribes  that made the black Pan Africans in control stinking rich. They just are a nuisance the majority of upcoming black tenderpreneurs, looters and opportunists can do without. THAT is the general macabre mind-set among all non-white South Africans. The white farmer became their enemy for reasons still very vague and unexplained bar in the minds of those greedy conventicles with cruel intentions. That is the destructive  propaganda drilled into the thick skulls of the “majority”  for 25 years. “Kill the farmer – Kill the Boer.”

Police woman accused of murder with two other suspects in Port Elizabeth on Thursday. They all are in the killing game.

Image may contain: 5 people

Alien killers walk freely across the borders of South Africa- come and kill a white- and causally stroll back across a defenseless border to go and enjoy their lives again.


Last night, on the 6th anniversary (30 July 2014) of the brutal farm murder and rape of British national, Christine Robinson (then 59) close to Thabazimbi, Limpopo, we arrested the Zimbabwean national (30) that has been wanted for her rape and murder for the last 6yrs. He was now living in Johannesburg.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Cameron Please share this horrific farm murder world!!!! world the raped murdered Christine Robinson on farm in Northam, Limpopo, Thabazimbi 6 years ago today. (30 July 2014) Christine found by workers in a pool of blood the following day. Andrew Ndlovu fled to Zimbabwe after the attack but has since then returned to South Africa several times. want be ask people to share this post in order for him spoke with Lehanne Sergison, Christine's niece this morning in London, she others feel is atrocious to the of by the government'


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, sky and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

The 5 accused of the triple murder of the Brand family in the Northern Cape a few days ago. They appeared in court today. The five face 3 counts of murder, 3 kidnapping and charges of aggravated robbery. Ramaphosa remains silent. None of the murdered victims had the name George Floyd. So their lives does not matter.The court later the morning ruled that the hearing was postponed to the 13th of August 2020

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, outdoor, water and nature

IT is against this backdrop that three innocent elderly people were brutally massacred by a group of deranged and mentally defunct black villains.Dan (83) and Breggie Brand (79) and their daughter Elzabie (50) were violently attacked and abducted from their smallholding at the Vaalharts irrigation scheme at Hartswater in the Northern Cape on Sunday 26 July 2020. The couple’s other daughter Heidie Taljaard who lives in Branckenfell phoned her parents on Monday like she do everyday. They did not answer the phone. Friends of the family went to investigate and discovered the Brand home empty. The house was ransacked and blood splatter everywhere.   A search operation was then started.  Shortly after the search was started, the elderly couple’s vehicle, a Nissan Micra, was found abandoned in Takaneng Village near Taung in North West.  Elzabie’s vehicle was stopped by the Police on Monday at around 2300 on the N18 at Pudimoe. The road runs between Hartswater and Vryburg.  Police arrested the 42 year old black woman driver and 2 other black thugs  who is 18 and 19.

Murderers behind bars for Northern Cape robbery

In follow up operations, Police arrested a 4th black suspect, a 20 year old male on Tuesday morning and a fifth black thug, who is a 36 year old male, on Tuesday afternoon. The first 3 black thugs pointed out the place to the Police where the body of Elzabie was found. That was around 0100 Tuesday morning. Elzabie was found with stab wounds and facial and head injuries. The thugs also said the Brand couple’s bodies were not far from there but their bodies could not be found in the pitch dark. Their bodies were eventually found around 1700 not far from where Elzabie’s body was found. It is about 15 km from the Brand couple’s smallholding. It has been revealed that after the family was attacked in there home, they were very violently assaulted and stabbed. They were then loaded into their two vehicles. They were then driven around and cash were drawn from their accounts whilst the assaults and savagery continued. The daughter Elzabie (54) was also stabbed numerous times and forced to walk into the open field, in Takaneng Village, in Taung, where her body was found. After her agonizing walk, with continued brutalization, her head was bashed in with rocks. The elderly parents, Danie Brand (83) and his wife Breggie (73) were similarly brutalized and  assaulted. The father Danie was stabbed together with his wife and then left to die. Elzabie went to stay with her parents in Hartswater after her divorce. Dan and Breggie leaves their daughter Heidie from Branckenfell and another daughter Trudie de Beer from Potchefstroom.



We must ask the question why? Because black politicians from the ANC and EFF have unashamedly been fighting a slow racial war against the white minority of South Africa. Undeniably it is the truth. They did this as part of Ramaphosa’s ” cook the frog slowly in the pot” strategy which is a bigger strategy to progressively take everything that whites have worked for and encouraging hate against the white minority was part of the plan to drive whites from land and take over businesses established by them. The ANC/EFF painted a target on the back of a minority group and now we can see the results. Senseless hate crimes like this. Whole whites families have been wiped out by black attackers before, scores of white children have been killed by black attackers before, countless white women raped by black attackers before. But many chose to ignore and forget. We asked so many times that people must not forget and ignore, yet they did, because it was not their family. Well Dan and Breggie Brand and their daughter Elzabie is our family because if you look into their faces, you will recognize your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather or a sister or brother. They are us. So let us tell the world about how they were brutally murdered. For once, let us not ignore and forget. Are we nothing that this constant bleeding of our people can continue on a daily basis and yet it is constantly ignored and forgotten? Do we not exist that the world don’t even take notice? We will keep on asking because it seems our lives are worthless.

This, Dear World, is how we respond to "… a crime that does not happen, did not take place and is nothing more than a lie… There are no farm murders."Now honestly, tell us: Are we all stark raving mad, or is Cyril Ramaphosa a liar who denies the brutal massacre of his own countrymen…

Posted by Daniel Lötter on Thursday, July 30, 2020

In a token of support as thousands of protesters went to the court proceedings to protest against the brutal murders of the Brand family. Members of the community gathered from Jan Kempdorp, Magogong, and Hartswater in their farm bakkies, cars, trucks, and even on their tractors at the Hartswater Magistrate’s Court. The community handed over a memorandum to the public prosecutor in court demanding that farm attacks and murders end and that bail not be granted to the five suspects.


BUT Dan, Breggie and Elzabie was not the only victims of black barbarism in South Africa. Another white farmer also paid a terrible price by the hands of black Neanderthals.  Chrisjan van Niekerk also was brutally  murdered on his farm Alexandria in the Eastern Cape this past week. One of the two  black killers- ages 16 and 23-  was caught on a neighboring farm sleeping in his bed as if nothing happened. On Saturday evening at around 6pm on July 27, the body of Chrisjan van Niekerk(76), was discovered at Alexandria near Port Elizabeth. A family man and devout Christian, the farmer was killed with an ax or machete in the shop on his farm – Nooitgedacht. He was almost completely blind. A local customer came across Chrisjan’s bloodied body on Saturday afternoon when he wanted to go and buy necessities. The store’s door was open when the customer arrived, but the security door was locked. When no one responded, he peeked into the store and saw a bloody hand protruding from under the counter. Christine van Niekerk, Chrisjan’s sister-in-law, says he had been assaulted in his shop many times, but went there because he considered it his space.

Murdered Chrisjan van Niekerk (76)


Image may contain: 1 person, hatImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 person, outdoor

The Black thug that hacked the half blind Chrisjan Van Niekerk to death with an axe.

THEN we also have the brutal murder of a long distance white trucker- Jan Stickling– this past week. Stickling was brutally murdered in Ermelo by FOUR black thugs yesterday after his truck had a puncture.The  4 thugs who stabbed him numerous times and stole all his belongings even took their barbaric ritual a level further and also stole  the clothes he had on.

Image may contain: 1 person

Murdered trucker Jan Stickling

BUT Ramaphosa and his dastardly ilk also are to blame for this. In another incident one of the criminals that were “pardoned” by Ramaphosa  from the Grootvlei prison facility on Bloemfontein went back to his old ways and was caught in yer another farm attack. This criminal and another waste of human life attacked a farm in Zastron and threatened to murder the aged woman – Daleen van der Hoven (80)– because according to their sick mentality- dis she not give them enough money during the robbery.

Daleen van der Hoven (80)- Luckily escaped with her life.

In  yet another incident a very gruesome scene met responders on 23 June 2020, on a smallholding in Sundra, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, where a white man (63) was found in his room with his hands and knees bound with electrical cables. The horrific scene of this farm attack was not robbery as cash and the man’s cell phone were found on the kitchen table. The nature of the crime scene indicates that there was a massive struggle and that the man was tortured to death by an unknown number of attackers. Access to the home was gained through a kitchen window. There have been no arrests. The police are investigating. There is no other information available at this stage.

Image may contain: text that says 'NLDOW Guerrilla Media @Paratus2014 Farm attacks aren't going to stop because people beg government to do something. Farm attacks will only stop when farmers begin defending themselves, and communities take collective and serious responsibility for their safety and security. Government doesn't care about you.'

28 Farm attacks and 9 murders since the start of July 2020 alone. When will this end?


Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'Vodacom 18:20 facebook 50% 23 July at 09:46 Die wereld neem kennis Ramaposa en Malemmer se is name is genoemd in die Federale Parlement van België, share asb sodat meer drukt op de anc anc geplaatste kan worden i YOUTUBE.COM YOUTUBE.CO Pas over de 'Plaasmoorde' op en de massale onteigening van blank... 1 Like Comment A Share Alida Holtzhuizen Resepte 34 mins Boererate en'SOUTH AFRICA finds itself is deep, deep trouble- not only economically, socially and politically- but also military, agriculturally, scientifically, industrially and technologically. The killing of farmers only forms a part of the broader ANC sickness that spread across the land since 1994- and it has been poisoning the very soul of the country and systematically destroyed the vital state organs one by one- until the whole infrastructure started to implode. Throughout the years there were ample warnings, enough time to correct mistakes- and enough resources to rely upon to repair the damage inflicted by an incompetent bunch of greedy ruling coyotes- but for the past 25 years the corruption, maladministration, looting , cadre deployments and dis-functionality of a bogus regime was hidden, blame shifted, carelessly ignored and covered by the Main Stream Media, political opponents , complacent businesses and a racist majority alike.

What happened ANC

What happened ANC

Posted by This is South Africa on Thursday, July 30, 2020



South Africa for the past 25 years operated on a lie, a virtual reality where every kind of con artist and thief took a swipe at it’s resources – a directionless country aimlessly drifting from one ANC disaster to the next cadre scandal until it found itself with an empty hull in an ocean of  debt and infested  with criminal sharks and state looters. At some point this humongous lie , the fictitious economy based on fairy tale projections and multiple unrealistic  empty promises had to come to an end. The “rainbow” dream ended what it started as- only a dream for the people and a convenient fabrication for the political hyenas to ravage the carcass. For  25 years the deceiving communist politicians , liberals and Main Stream Media alike have been bamboozling a very naive populace with illusions, fairy tale dreams and fictitious mirages of a rainbow utopia that never existed.

Image may contain: text that says 'Ace Magashule's sons clinch Covid-19 contracts The Free State Provincial has awarded contracts two companies owned by the sons former Free State Premier and current ANC secretary- general Ace Magashule. The contracts' have combined worth ofR2.7 million. Their companies' names are included on a tender bulletin listing 70 companies which have received contracts for Covid-19 related goods and services. Pieter-Louis Myburgh writes, comes after the provincial treasury centralised its procurement for these goods and services. The treasury's MEC is alleged to be close to Magashule.'


Image may contain: outdoor, text that says 'ANC MENTALITY POOR AS F%$K VW TOUAREG R850 000 AUDI Tㅠ RS R600 000 AUDI A5 V8 R900 000'

One after the next incompetent “president” took the throne with much media fanfare and instead of applying new healthy policies to recover and save the country- they simply took the corruption sickness to the next pandemic level.  But the masses did not want to hear the truth. People don’t want the truth, they want drama and destruction, because they believe in corrupt politicians, corrupt media reports and corrupt scientists. And that is also why they still believe in “Covid-19.” If anyone thinks that SA will ever move out of “Level 3, “– think again. – The communist Covid rulers  have all sheeple exactly where they want them.


South Africans can only blame themselves for the predicament they now finds themselves in. Their arrogant and racist approach towards the white farmer for instance and all the years blaming the whites, “apartheid”, Jan Van Riebeeck and “white supremacists” -the callous murders of our food suppliers and looting of transport trucks and murders of  drivers will return  them their investment in the form of terrible dividends very soon when the shelves start to become empty.  “Covid-19” and Ramaphosa’s ill timed grueling “lockdown” games with all that old decrepit she-fool’s “bans” was the last proverbial straw to break the camel’s back- it surely will change the country and the way people used to live  forever- but NOT the way Ramaphosa hope for it to be- but for the worst.

It soon will become a terrible wasteland country full of struggling survivalists. The Venezuelan spring will be upon the land. And during such a time the worst of criminals will come into their own. The year 2021 will see the beginning of the South African final apocalypseinto the abyss and the last of the ANC destroyers. But Ramaphosa- the”  Covid King”- , the Robbin Island “Old Boy Club”, the Stellenbosch mafia- the VBS looters and all these political and corporate loud mouth thieves and robbers will make sure they jump ship ahead of the storm and go and enjoy their spoils in foreign countries while the normal South African will have to fight to the death to protect that last  remaining tomato in his freezer. After all that is why the “Covid King” and his cronies already have moved all their assets off-shore to safe havens as they expect the “rainbow dream” to change into a tempest of nightmares soon. They no longer then want to be your “fellow South Africans” anymore.

Image may contain: text that says 'LAND OWNED BY INDIVIDUALS WHITE COLOURED 72% INDIAN 14% 5% AFRICAN SOURCE: LANDREFOR .com THE TOIL AND THE SOIL 1,8K 507 Comments Shares Comment Share Tiisetso Phago The Farm killings should continue until the is returned where it belongs View eplies... Thobani Thobani Saint First Bro Theo yes it's history plays very important life but killing someone else not the way go better than those who our people, yes land people but what's the use you avnort for aronomir arowth'

Liberty and freedom will be decided over the barrel of the gun in the streets and suburbs of cities and towns. Towns and cities will become war zones.  Riots, looting , arson,  killing and years of cropped-up frustration and hatred will explode into a full Arabian Spring with the whole ponzi government fleeing and in hiding. Food, water and energy will be tightly controlled by the most powerful and non existent to the general populace. Years of careless ignorance and blind trust in a hostile faux government  will eventually be manifested in poverty, epidemics, shortages , starvation , massive bloodletting , chaos and a total collapse of social structures and economical structures. AND when they are finished destroying everything around them and there is nothing more to destroy and no more white man to kill, blame and steal from- – then dog will start eating dog. Africa’s tribal conflicts runs much longer – even long before the white man set foot on the continent. Another wave of Mfekane will follow and end in a black genocide. That is the way of Africa. Then “Black Lives” will matter no more.  It happened in Zaire, Eritrea, Liberia, Ethiopia, Nigeria,  Kenya, Chad, Tanganyika, Ivory Coast, Sudan, DRC, Uganda, Burundi, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe…you name any African country- and you will find the same pattern- and soon it will happen in South Africa. Africa is littered with dead Africans being mass murdered by each other. The white man always was the only conductor keeping the black tribes apart from each other’s throats. Take the white man out of the equation – and immediately a dictatorship and  a  black genocide follows. Dog starts eating dog. That is the natural gene of the black man- his deep rooted hatred and jealousy- whether aimed against  the Indian, the white man..Chinese- or his own kind. Take the white man’s discipline away from the black man- and the  brutal animal inside is unleashed.

A terrible omen awaits the South African populace- and it’s bringing sheer hell with it. Ironically one might reason apart from the horrible deaths some of these farmers endured- they might have been  the “lucky” ones as the ordeal that will come towards these careless South Africans will be much worse than any of those farm killings. But their blood will be calling for justice from their graves- and the real culprits responsible for their brutal murders- the Robbin Island boys, the Stellenbosch boys, the VBS boys , the media boys and BIG Corp boys must be reeled in to answer for those souls crying from the cold graveyards for revenge.The depths of Tartarus awaits their scheduled arrival.

Image may contain: text that says '2003: SARS outbreak 2003: 3g introduced 2009: Swine Flu outbreak 2009: 4g introduced 2020: COVID-19 2020: 5g introduced DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN?'

No photo description available.


Yugoslavian Issues Warning To All Americans

This Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning She Wants All Americans To Hear.

Posted by The Hodgetwins on Friday, July 24, 2020




Investigation: C0VlD Positive Results for People Who Were Never Given Tests?

Hundreds of people across the United States have been complaining that they are receiving calls from clinics and medical offices claiming that they have confirmed positive for C0VlD but those people say they were never tested. Is this just an internet rumor or is it really happening? We're investigating. Check out our new free speech platform https://ISE.Media

Posted by Ben Swann on Monday, July 27, 2020

Image may contain: text that says 'The day is coming soon to where Good Men are gonna have to do bad things to very bad people..'



#CyrilRamaphosa you're "Spirits" seem high…Now Please tell me where Patrice Motsephe got the R 1 Bn from, that was paid to your solidarity fund?You obviously realise that we are still not out of the bankruptcy, that the ANC are whole heartedly responsible for, Nê?And you obviously know, South Africa does not have the abbility to repay these debts?Unkind Regards#RedGebed#HermanLombaard.

Posted by Herman Lombaard on Wednesday, July 29, 2020




White Nation













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