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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   August 06 2020




The curious case of SA’s donations worth millions to Cuba

Get vaccinated or loose your jobs.









THE ANC is bulldozing ahead with it’s destructive mandate to ruin the country as much as it can with the limited amount of time available to do it while it can- all while the country’s residents are fighting an uphill battle to survive each day without becoming yet another murder statistic . That appears to be the general motto and narrative among the political creatures in the dark gloomy passages of the Lethuli-House of Horrors these days-” let’s keep on looting while the populace are kept busy fending off rogue “Corona Council” thieves and gangs of common street and farm killers.”

While Cyril “the Squirrel” is fighting a loosing battle trying to keep an ever restless and angry rising populace at bay with multiple tales of fantasy , multiple “bans” , never ending “lockdown” ,insane “Covid laws” (  S. A. is the 5th worst in respect of dealing with this virus and we now have “experts” from WHO to help us. South Africa is the only country with a ban of alcohol and cigarettes only because the African Czars want to expand their looting to higher levels.  Obviously the rogue “government ” has screwed up in a spectacular fashion besides destroying the economy. )-  and sweet Aero bubbles of “restarting” the economy somewhere far far away in the future after “Jesus has come”– the rats in the Lethuli nest are fast using the time the Squirrel is buying for them – now scurrying around to dispose most of their assets to off-shore “safe houses” and now are plundering the “Covid” relief treasury chest with the zest of madmen on a “do or die” mission. The word in the passages of the castle of doom that their time is coming to an end soon is out – and they must now gather as much as they can

Ramaphosa and his ilk knows their time is up- not from the South African populace as such- but from MUCH bigger powers- powers such as Donald Trump,the rise of the New World Order– and the revelation of the antichrist in Britain. Trump is used as the “exterminator’– who is busy “cleaning the swamp”, uniting all the opposing forces under his command through pedophilia  blackmail tactics- and getting rid of the rest by “other” means. Trump already cleaned up the  Windsor castle gangsters, the papal Jesuits, the Bush oligarchs, the Social Media buffoons, the pedophilia Hollywood nest, Lib Democrat arsehole factory- neutralized the EU to back off opposing the Brexit agenda,  check-mated China and North Korea- and about all the “who-is-who’s” in the Arab world- including dethroning the Saudi Arabia King. POTUS  is busy cleaning the Northern hemisphere- and once he’s completed that- he will be turning South- and Ramaphosa and his “revolutionary” monkeys are prime targets for the “exterminator. “ Ramaphosa KNOWS this very well, he knows the time-line- and precisely how much time he and his zoo creatures have left before the “Great White Father” will be jetting in for a cuppa tea and to pull the plug on their communist fairy tale. Their time is up and their “job” done- there is no more need for ”  useful idiots” anymore. They now can return to the dump they call “Africa.” The “Big Boys” have no more use for them anymore. Ramaphosa and all his “macho” barfing is simply face value. The Squirrel is playing for time only. According to world standards and game plan now his “rule” is only of unimportant academical  value. He and his ilk now only concentrate on playing their “Covid” cigarette and booze ban game ’till the end. AND they never will let up their “Level 3” bullsh*t as well! They KNOW they now have all the monkeys precisely where they want them- and they will leave it at that. Factually do they want to go BACK to their “Level 5” bullshit again in September.



Why the poor disillusioned South African populace still listens to his continuous non-nonsensical garble and worse- follow the erratic “orders” that of an old decrepit corrupt she-fool with the Pampers nappy tightly wrapped around her head to keep her  last remaining brain cell  intact is beyond logic. But that explains the standard intelligence of the majority South Africans and the depth of greed and corruption of Big Business SA. Why do you still wear a mask? Again we question your level of intelligence being ordered around at will by a bunch or retarded government apes.  As long as YOU willingly will submit to the utter rubbish excuse to wear a mask you yourself are giving up your free will and became their slave. What are you going to do if the mask gets replaced with the 666 chip- re-write the Bible so that verse will be changed to “accommodate” you to take the chip as well? Looking at the sheep-ish obedience to wear a mask when a incompetent bunch of looters are telling you to wear one-  you most probably will change that verse. For those that now will respond and say “I will NEVER take that chip”- let me give you a quick wake-up poke: You WILL take that chip ’cause you already have been “conditioned ” to the “easy” life. We sent out invitations to 5000 members to join us in preparations to extract to mountain locations when the chip gets introduced and the Great Tribulation which Revelations prophesied about starts. We had not ONE single person responding. Comes to show where your priorities lies. This is why Yehasua said the road to the Kingdom of G-d is narrow and few will walk that way. And PLEASE do not differ with me….you are STILL wearing a stupid mask ’cause you cannot do without the convenience of your local supermarket. You are a “conditioned ” slave to your oppressive black communist Czar masters.



Posted by Pastor Greg Locke on Tuesday, July 28, 2020


For this reason the swamp  dwellers take full advantage of the “les miserables” naive nature -and  are running amok  to opress the masses while they plunder and steal as much as they can. They now care a hoot about the country as they know the country in any case will cease to exist as a sovereign entity but will fall under the World Order Czars in a matter of two years. And then the 666 chip will come and you get your chance to “re-write” the Bible to fit yor own narrative to take it just as you kept silent about “them” re-writing the Bible to allow homosexuality to become the “acceptable norm” and not only that- but to be introduced into the church as well!! Looking at the way this ANC wolves  are taking full advantage of the poor goats in their pen- one can sort of understand why Africa is 300 hundred years behind the rest of the developed world- but also stands surprised that Africa does not lag 800 years behind the world taking in consideration the feeble resistance they offer to scrupulous bamboozling  thieves such as Ramaphosa, Zuma, Nappyhead, Magashule and the  rest to the wolf pack. South Africa as a country became a lifeless joke full of directionless bogus African Artificial Intelligence- ruled by hungry political scavengers and infested by rogue murderers and bogeymen in the streets of the cities and farms.

AND Cyril Ramaphosa- kingpin among the political scavenging crews stands out as one of the best examples of beneficiaries from “apartheid’s” spin off enrichment schemes.  Ramaphosa’s status as one of South Africa’s wealthiest post apartheid BEEE champions  is well known, and the interests he declared shows just how a cozy life he had on the spin-offs of “apartheid.”  In the period under consideration and lavishly helped by the Openheimer clan-  he owned 100 shares in his game farming company, Ntaba Nyoni Estates, worth a whopping R120,735,000. The Squirrel also held 7,500 shares in paper packaging company, Mondi Ltd, worth R2,729,000 and 100 shares in Ntaba Nyoni Feedlet worth R6,070,450. Ramaphosa is well known as a cruel and relentless business dealer, and his estimated net worth is over R6.4 billion ($550 million) as of 2018, with 31 properties (and he wants to expropriate the properties of white farmers owing only ONE farm each)- and previously-held notable ownership in companies such as McDonald’s South Africa, chair of the board for MTN and member of the board for Lonmin.

Bridgette Radebe,-another ANC BEEE money grubber – the 4th richest woman in South Africa, net worth R1 Billion is married to Jeff Radebe,(appointed by the Squirrel as Energy minister for the Eskom deals)  and Ramaphosa’s brother in law, Patrice Motsepe, brother of Bridgette Radebe, Net worth: 2,5 billion USD, is the seventh-wealthiest South African billionaire . Ramaphosa is married to Patrice’ sister Tshepo Motsepe (Ramaphosa’s wife) and she is the older sister of South African business mogul, Patrice Motsepe and her sister, Bridgette Radebe, who is married to Minister Jeff Radebe.SO- as you can see- the whole family are involved in BIG money and is doing brisk BEEE business while the rest of the populace battles long ques every month-end  for their meager “SASSA” hand-outs. But the world at large complains about “inequality “ between whites and blacks.

What do Bilal Erdoğan, Isabel dos Santos and María Gabriela Chávez have in common? Two things. One is that they are all incredibly wealthy, and the other is that they are all children of current or former presidents (of Turkey, Angola and Venezuela, respectively). And these two things are very connected. It’s a pretty accurate rule of thumb that where the children, wives and husbands of world leaders do exceptionally well in business it generally doesn’t take much scratching to unearth a rot of corruption. Our very own Duduzane Zuma did not amass his fortune at that tender age thanks to his extraordinary business acumen. In countries where government corruption is endemic, the governing elites loot because they can. Years of deliberate dismantling of investigation and prosecution bodies — and in some cases the judiciary — make it possible for them to get away with it. But they also loot because many of them don’t actually believe it’s all that wrong.

Among this elite there is often a genuinely-held view that access to wealth through the state is one of the spoils of war. If you’ve clawed your way onto an upper rung of the ladder you’re somehow entitled to the perks of the position. These are predator governments. They prey directly on the people they’re meant to serve, because the money they hoard carries a substantial opportunity cost for communities that depend on government services and social assistance for their survival. Very often this cost is the lives of the nation’s poorest citizens. Corruption is not, as former gangster president Jacob Zuma once tried to argue, a “victimless crime”. It’s easy to spot such predator governments, because after a short while in power all shame evaporates and all pretense is abandoned. The idea of being caught out and exposed is no longer a deterrent, and the only handbrake on the looting is whatever remains of the country’s rule of law.

This is when we see politicians unashamedly living it up far beyond the means of their supposed income. It’s when we see factional battles waged for access to these riches, which often include political assassinations. And it’s when we see a relentless feeding frenzy for the “Holy Grail” : government tenders and contracts. Sound familiar? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a couple of decades, you will clearly recognize the ANC government in all of this. Across all three spheres of government it has become synonymous with corruption, tender fraud and BEE-enabled price-gouging on a massive scale. The big stories easily spring to mind: the arms deal, state capture, Eskom,  Nkandla, Bosasa and now the relief fund plundering. But it’s the thousands of little stories of procurement looting — euphemistically called “tenderpreneurship” — across every ANC-run province and municipality that has really bled our country dry. You can click on THIS link to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.  If there’s a scam out there, the ANC has either invented it or perfected it. And now, in a new low, the ANC has added pandemic looting to its corruption resume.


In recent weeks we learnt how emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) procurement became a free-for-all for the families of high-ranking ANC members. Because that’s how it’s done, with one degree of separation. It’s always a husband, wife, son or daughter who scores the windfall. And thanks to the “emergency” nature of this government spending there was no requirement for competitive pricing, which cadres duly exploited with massively inflated prices. The cost of this looting couldn’t be higher. Inflated prices means less PPE and other equipment, and so hospitals are constantly running out, forcing healthcare workers to wash and re-use disposable equipment and even fashion their own protective gear from everyday items such as rubbish bags. Sub-standard equipment supplied by get-rich-quick cadres with no history in this kind of work also poses a life-threatening danger to healthcare workers. This looting involves hundreds of people and scores of companies established only months ago to get in on the action.

Examples of the most recent ANC looting extravaganza are:



  1. Khusela Diko, Ramaphosa’s spokeswoman, and Bandile Masuku, the political head of the health department in the central Gauteng province, were both forced to vacate their positions after it emerged they stood to benefit from contracts to supply the state with equipment to protect heath-care workers against Covid-19.
  2.  Two of Ace Magashule’s sons also won contracts worth 2.7 million rand to supply goods and services to combat the coronavirus in the central Free State province, the Daily Maverick reported on July 31. Magashule, a former premier of the region, said he exerted no influence over the tenders, the news website said.
  3.  Ramaphosa has instructed nine government agencies to investigate possible impropriety regarding the Covid-19 contracts. And last week he urged the ANC to follow through on a resolution it took in 2017 — but never implemented — to suspend members who were facing investigation or disciplinary proceedings.
  4. The bizarre disposal of a truckload of sought-after personal protective equipment (PPE) at the Hennops River, which scattered through the Irene Golf Course in Centurion, could be an attempt to dispose of incriminating evidence, according to Democratic Alliance (DA) Tshwane councillor Bronwyn Engelbrecht. Engelbrecht, who serves on the metro’s health and Covid-19 committees, was commenting on the discovery of up to 30 sealed boxes containing unused PPE, found dumped in the area – now being investigated by police and acting Gauteng health MEC Jacob Mamabolo. While healthcare workers’ cries for adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) are falling on deaf ears, it has emerged that South Africa made generous donations of “medical material supplies” worth tens of millions of rands to the Cuban government.
  5. No meaningful action has yet been taken against the perpetrators of industrial scale state capture over the past decade and not a single high-profile politician has been convicted in connection with the theft of an estimated R500bn ($29 billion) from the state during Jacob Zuma’s rule.
  6. The Gauteng health department spent R13 000 for each bed in the NASREC field hospital but could easily have bought them for less than half the price from other suppliers.

    6. Tuwo Rhodesia, a company owned by former minister Nomvula Mokonyane’s daughter Katleho, was handed a R2.7m contract to supply soap to Gauteng’s health department, the website reported.

    7. Ramaphosa’s son Andile is involved in a project to provide a safety feature for taxis to limit the spread of Covid-19, through his non-profit company SDI Force. Ramaphosa jnr partnered with FNB in the R6m project. No state funds are involved in the project.

    8. A relative of deputy minister in the presidency and ANC NEC member Thembi Siweya scored more than R800,000 worth of contracts to supply PPE.

    9. Limpopo health MEC Phophi Ramathuba told the Sunday Times there were no irregularities in the awarding of R850,000 worth of contracts to Rebantle Trading & Projects. Ramathuba dismissed claims by sources in her department that she and the deputy minister are friends.

    10. Sources in the North West Department of Health have alleged foul play in the suspension of senior officials from the department, saying they suspect some were suspended for nefarious reasons.  According to the department, 26 officials – including a hospital chief executive, chief financial officers and senior managers – have been suspended.

    11. The ANC in Gauteng has asked Health MEC Bandile Masuku and his wife, City of Johannesburg shared services MMC Loyiso Masuku to “step aside”, along with  Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko, over the R125 million personal protective equipment tender awarded to King Madzikane II Diko’s Royal Bacha projects.

    12. At least 90 businesses are suspected of setting up corrupt contracts with the health department.

    13. New evidence could contradict ANC heavyweight and former Cabinet minister Nomvula Mokonyane’s testimony that she had never held a birthday party sponsored by the controversial company Bosasa at a Krugersdorp guesthouse.

    14. Crocia Events, flagged during an investigation for potentially receiving “duplicate payments” for the funerals of three ANC struggle stalwarts, has secured a contract for the funeral of Andrew Mlangeni.

    15. Nine white collar criminals, including five employees from the KwaZulu-Natal premier’s office, are expected to appear in the Durban commercial crimes court on Thursday after being arrested by the Hawks. The accused, who include senior-ranking officials from the premier’s office, will appear on charges of fraud and corruption to the tune of R24million.

    16. Ramaphosa himself are under suspicion with his connection to his brother in law- Patrice Motsepe’s-  lucrative tender to install 700 5 G towers with RAIN across South Africa.

    17. Nkosazana Dhlamini Zuma also is heavily suspected to gain lucrative kick-backs from the relentless tobacco ban imposed by her and illegal sales of contraband cigarettes by her stepson Edward Zuma. Ironically DZ is using tax payers money to fight off those same taxpayers demanding their rights  in court case after court case she opposes.

    18. ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe is implicated in a multi-million rand tender in the North West, involving his rights to an App. Investigations Editor at Mail & Guardian, Thanduxolo Jika, says the bone of contention over the R49 million tender in the North West is due to the lack of procurement processes. Jika reports that African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Pule Mabe was a member of Parliament when the the tender was awarded to Mvest trust.


But predictably it is the names of close family members of top ANC politicians that always float to the top of the cesspool, many of whom are already embroiled in earlier corruption sagas. Two of Ace Magashule’s sons, who were also central characters in the Gupta looting of the Free State, have suddenly become PPE suppliers. The daughter of Nomvula Mokonyane, who also benefited from her mother’s many Bosasa bribes, is now also a PPE supplier. Even the son of  Cyril Ramaphosa, who famously ended up on the Bosasa payroll the moment his father became president, has landed himself some business modifying Gauteng taxis to make them coronavirus-compliant. It is brazen and shameless, and evidently a large portion of the ANC think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ramaphosa faced massive push-back in the ANC national executive committee when he suggested it re-look the rules around families of politicians doing business with the state, and there was no shortage of ANC defenders for Magashule’s sons and Mokonyane’s daughter.

When then ANC spokesperson Smuts Ngonyama said back in 2004 that he “did not join the struggle to be poor,” he was speaking for the party. But while this endless looting by the ANC and their network of cronies feels like it has infected our entire country, there is, in fact, a part of SA that has been bucking this trend with remarkable results. The DA government in the Western Cape has long prided itself on achieving clean audits from the auditor-general, but it’s not always that easy to show the direct link between clean governance and better service delivery.



Connected cadres

However, the Covid-19 hoax has shone a spotlight on this. While other provinces turned emergency procurement into a feeding frenzy for connected cadres, the Western Cape government published all the recipients of its Covid-19 procurement tenders on a public portal, because it has nothing to hide. While other provinces now have to scramble to explain the actions of wealthy tenderpreneurs who occasionally moonlight as government officials, the Western Cape government conducted lifestyle audits of its cabinet members, all of whom passed the test. And while all other provinces have a dire shortage of hospital beds, a critical lack of PPE, and hospital patients fighting each other over precious oxygen supply, the Western Cape reached its peak with room to spare in its hospitals, which included four fully equipped field hospitals. The difference between the Western Cape’s Covid-19 response and the rest of the country is the cost of corruption.

There is no working around corruption if we want to save the country. It has to be cut out entirely. We need to stop justifying it. There is never a legitimate level of tenderpreneurship. There is no such thing as “earned reward for the struggle”. Public service should be its own reward, and if the salary is not enough then it probably isn’t the right line of work. We need to stop ignoring it. Just because it is relentless and exhausting doesn’t mean we can ever stop fighting it. If our country is worth fighting for, then we have to draw the line in the sand — even if it means drawing the same line every day. And we need to stop accepting that corruption is part and parcel of our country’s future. If you were to put public trust in government on a scale of one to 10, SA would probably pull a solid “hell, no” right now. That much is clear from the cynicism that greeted news of a $4.3bn Covid relief grant from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

No sooner had the announcement been made on Monday night, than the social media meme machine kicked into gear: pics of “tenderpreneurs” in a dash for those dollars; of venal functionaries rubbing their hands in anticipation; of comrades staying up through the night to divide the spoils. You can’t blame SA taxpayers for their loss of faith. After all, they’ve been stumping up tens of billions year after year for irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure by the government – not to mention the vast sums frittered away through sheer ineptitude. The numbers being bandied about are making it feel like Monopoly money. The IMF loan – equivalent to about R70bn (or two arms deals in rand terms) – is a few bob more than the R57bn in taxpayer bailouts SAA has received since 1994. Throw in the R26.7bn we’ll probably have to cough up for the “new SAA” and we’ll call it square. Of course, that IMF loan could be swallowed multiple times by the black hole of Eskom, with its R450bn debt burden. And that itself is somewhere around the R500bn that Cyril Ramaphosa says was lost to corruption during the decade of decadence under Jacob Zuma. The problem is the accountability vacuum.

If memory serves, only two players in the arms deal ever served time. Schabir Shaik, who began a 15-year jail term in late 2006, is apparently living his best life on a diet of goji berries and golf, having been paroled on “medical grounds”  in March 2009. Shaik still is struggling and clinging to his last breath on the golf courses of Kwa-Zulu Natal ( he needs as much fresh air as possible) and fighting life’s appeal board in heaven/hell – 14 years after his “death sentence” was announced.    And former ANC chief whip Tony Yengeni served four months of a four-year sentence for accepting a discount on a luxury vehicle. (Given the scale of subsequent looting, you can imagine he feels a bit acid about it all.) As for other large-scale sacking of the state, there’s been little other than impunity. There goes the Ramaphoria (again) The fact that the announcement of the IMF loan – money to fund SA’s Covid response – followed so closely on the heels of reports of Covid-related corruption further explains the cynicism. In his address last week, Ramaphosa said 36 cases of corruption related to food parcels, grants, personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical procurement, and the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) are under investigation. Among these, presumably, are the R30m which the KwaZulu-Natal social development department spent irregularly on blankets for the homeless and PPE, and a R4.8m government contract for raising Covid awareness in the Eastern Cape. One can only hope Eastern Cape health MEC Sindiswa Gomba’s shambolic R10m scooter-ambulance scheme is on the list too.

In Gauteng, 102 companies are being probed for fraud relating to the province’s R2.2bn PPE spend, Special Investigating Unit (SIU) head Andy Mothibi told Eyewitness News on Thursday. Prominent among these, as the Sunday Independent first reported, is an alleged R125m contract awarded to the company of amaBhaca chief Madzikane II Thandisizwe Diko, the husband of presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko. The couple is close to Gauteng health MEC Bandile Masuku. It makes a joke of the “new dawn” that Ramaphosa so boldly declared when he stepped into the presidential office. For all the rhetoric, corruption remains systemic; endemic. And promises of investigations – or the creation of multi-agency task teams, or commissions of inquiry even – remain empty in the absence of prosecution. The public is, quite simply, tired of waiting for accountability. We’re not alone. It’s small consolation to know that we aren’t the only ones saddled with a parasitic state. It is so bad the WHO now has to come and sort out the ANC’s miserable and criminal operations.

Swathes of Latin America seem to be in much the same boat: as rocketing Covid infections “threaten “ to overwhelm fragile health-care systems, cronyism and corruption are leeching Covid resources, as this Financial Times round-up explains. And this Brookings Institution post on corruption and cronyism in the US is worth reading for this paragraph alone: “There have been reports that 27 clients of [Donald] Trump-connected lobbyists have received up to $10.5bn of coronavirus relief funds; that beneficiaries have also included multiple entities linked to the family of Jared Kushner and other Trump cronies and political allies; and that up to $273m was awarded to more than 100 companies that are owned or operated by major donors to Trump’s election efforts.” “In addition, unnecessary blanket ethics waivers have been applied to potential administration conflicts of interest and many other transactions meriting further investigation have occurred.” One of the more absurd cases of procurement-gone-wrong in the US must be this one, covered by public interest investigative outfit ProPublica. To boost test tube supplies, federal authorities paid $7.3m to a Texas company “just six days after the company was formed by an ex-telemarketer repeatedly accused of fraudulent practices”. Only, when the test tubes arrived, they were plastic “preforms” the plastic tubes that are turned into soda bottles. They don’t fit laboratory test tube racks; they’re not sterile; and the plastic could contain contaminants that affect lab results. Before we despair totally, Tim Hanstad, writing for the World Economic Forum, offers some thoughts on combating corruption.

The answers include increased accountability, not just through vocal civil society actors and NGOs, but also institutions like the IMF including anti-corruption fail-safes in their Covid funding; businesses themselves committing to greater transparency in their dealings with government; and “catalytic philanthropy” – where philanthropic outfits boost good governance through funding initiatives. Without some kind of action, Hanstad writes, Covid-related corruption will “prolong the crisis by undermining government efficiency, significantly increasing the loss of life, wasting untold resources, and reducing society’s already fragile trust in government”. Sadly for SA, that ship has already sailed.


Why do we have rampant corruption coming from the ANC? And why are we so passive and accommodating about it.? The answer is – anomie. Anomie is a word popularized by French sociologist Émile Durkheim in his influential book Suicide (1897). In simple terms, anomie is present when there is a breakdown or absence of a common set of social norms and behavioral codes that citizens are sufficiently bound to so as to respect them. The populace interacts in a climate of “social norm confusion”. The debates on the “kill the boer” saga prove this beyond doubt.
An aspect of anomie is that, particularly in revolutionary times, people will a) re-identify their goals and b) re-identify the means of achievement. So typically the unskilled worker who would have previously been prepared to work for 25 years and retire with his gold watch to a modest pension, will now aspire to a driving a BMW, obtained with use of a 9mm Parabellum. A central aspect is that deviance and crime becomes rampant. In South Africa deviance and crime are now pandemic. It is very common to find a constant wail of lament about the crime situation in the country. This emanates from members off the middle to “upper socio ” economic bracket. Complaints about robbery, murder, rape, hijackings … etc -are understandably never ending – as the levels of these crimes are indeed now legendary. This same camp, to which most of us belong, also calls for more effective policing and harsher penalties to deal with the criminals and crime, and we lambast government for not doing enough.

The ponzi “Government ” itself, in response to this clarion call, has responded by beefing up the police, to the extent of even militarizing the police. So we now have “Generals” and “Colonels” in the police force. These bright sparks even want the law changed so that they “can shoot to kill” the criminals that are besieging society. With respect, this well meaning response by government, and the calls that triggered it are incredibly naïve. It is naïve because it simply ignores the fundamental driver of crime – which is anomie! In fact the whole situation is somewhat farcical.
In this, with respect, we are all complicit. We are complicit on any number of counts. For present purposes we need only recognize that a) we do not have shared values and behavioral codes; and b) we have done little to achieve reconciliation and racial unity and perhaps most importantly c) we ourselves indulge in deviance at all levels. Deviance is a national pandemic! Carte Blanche exposes this week in week out. It presents at all levels and across all racial groupings. At the bottom of the spectrum we have postal workers stealing. At the top we have the “elite of the elite” fixing national commodity food prices. In between you have crooked mechanics, dodgy lawyers, scummy estate agents, corrupt police officers … etc. The list is actually quite endless. The deviance encompasses everything from functional deviance (bad /appalling service) to gross criminal conduct. The deviant road use culture that is the driver of our appalling road use record demonstrates all of the above in microcosm.

The point is that this deviance permeates all levels of our society and presents as a pandemic, far bigger in scale than the hijackings, rapes and robberies that we all scream about! We are indeed a thoroughly anomic society –  and this is the fundamental driver of the very crime (and business/governmental dysfunction) that we cry so loudly about. Here is the rub: No social scientist or criminologist will disagree with any of the above. That is how simply true it is. What is very disturbing is that this is not rocket science. It is certainly not exotic academic mumbo jumbo. All legal experts, worth their salt, will know this and have known it from the time of independence, especially as apartheid undoubtedly predisposed us to the condition. Despite this there has been no evidence that government is aware of this. There has been no indication that it has been so advised. There is a total absence of appropriate strategy(s).

What is the solution?

Like any addiction we must first accept and admit that we are indeed a society that is inflicted with a widespread deviant culture – at all levels –  and stop just pointing fingers, polishing our halos and having hissy fits about “others”. When the connected elite go on a swanee to New York, on pretense that they are attending a “Human Rights conference,”-  it is fraud .-  on a massive scale. When no sanction is then imposed we are actually admitting to the criminal underworld that we are “cut from the same cloth”. The deviant mindset is once again reinforced. We have a plethora of such “passivity” examples. The systemic hypocrisy by the “advantaged” sector has to stop. For goodness sake, we have a police commissioner sentenced to 15 years. We have had a president who brazenly protected a convicted thief and kept her on as a minister. Why should the “poor” hijackers and robbers feel any incentive to desist? The fish does indeed rot from the head.

Then we need to assemble a cluster of social scientist and criminologists to devise a “national plan” to address the problem. The call by Dr Ramphele for the setting up of an independent anti corruption agency, with teeth, will then present as just one of a raft of measures that we all need to be involved in –  in our homes, schools, workplace, boardrooms … etc. There has to be a national effort, with all citizens taking ownership, encouraged by the fact that we are all saying mea culpa and not just bitching, moaning and pointing fingers. A shared acknowledgement will also be a powerful precipitant to fostering national unity, especially as it will include the admission that the poor suffer the most as a result. What If we Don’t ? If we do not address the issue of anomie, more crime, bad service and carnage on our roads is guaranteed – whatever we and our well meaning “General” Bheki Cele and his squad of official hit men may imagine.



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