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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation editorial  Cape Town   August 13 2020






” The current ANC regime is  a parasite hit squad party in the true sense of the word. They hit you with one crisis after another. Then they sit back and watch you either adapting to it or solving it. Once you either adapted or solved the crisis- they hit back again with another crisis while starting to financially parasitize on the results of first one. Good examples of such parasitism are Covid and Eskom. ”  – Andrew K



SOUTH AFRICA is moving fast from being a country loaded to the brim with superstitious mask-wearing “Corona” fools who’s intelligence and logic nowadays borders to sheer madness-  to a completely messed-up country now  ruled by totally insane greedy tribal clan demons masquerading themselves  as “politicians.” This week I visited the local grocery shop when the Eastern owner told me that it will not be long now and we could abandon the mask and get a “vaccine” that will cure the Corona and we all will be “OK!” I just stood there and gaped at him with a blank expression on my face resembling that of a  a dog taking a shit on a lawn. I then realized how many stooges are going to be taken in by this grand “Covid” mass  vaccination genocide agenda. It’s going to be a global massacre to say the least.

For anyone doubting what's at stake. Trump is all that stands between any ounce of freedom you might have remaining and the New World Order taking away more than you could imagine. A Global agenda unfolding before your eyes. Virus/Riots/Murder, they will stop at nothing. Everyone needs to Wake up to this and Quickly. SHARE FAR & WIDE!!

Posted by Out Of Shadows IRL on Monday, August 10, 2020

In this video you can see what the “Covid 19″ is heading to and where Cyril Ramaphosa is getting his crazy “Fourth Industrial Revolution” ideas from. Ramaphosa dearly also want to be a “who-is-who” in the New World Order.

Watch before it gets deleted again

Posted by Tanya Martinez on Sunday, May 3, 2020




This week I read that Cooperative Governance and Traditional schlemiel  Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has accused the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) of being motivated by its own financial interests and little more, in its fight to have tobacco sales allowed. This in papers filed in the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) on Friday, in response to another bid by the association to overturn a previous judgment dismissing its challenge to the tobacco sales ban. A full bench of the North Gauteng High Court in June dismissed FITA’s urgent application to have sales declared lawful.Speaking of which- the old hag again lied to the public that cigarettes will be unbanned in their money racketeering “Covid” game level 2- which is supposed to be due in a week or so. Again she made a U-Turn ( as she always does) and decided to keep the cigarette ban intact – with naturally- all her mediocre “excuses” why the ban must stay. What she does not tell the public- is that she is making millions out of the cigarette ban through illegal tobacco sales. AND that is not all. This political criminals are thinking of extending the devastating “lockdown” even more!! This comes a day before the expiry of the one-month extension of the Declaration, which expires at midnight on 15 August 2020. And so the bastard children of Satan will go on and on forever as long as they have the opportunity to plunder more and more. South Africa must get rid of this cursed ANC devils and all it’s old criminal fools like her fast if it is to survive. However- it appears if the British are grooming Julias Malema and the ANC this old fool Dhlamini Zuma to become the next “president” as the Squirrel has done his destructive work to totally f*ck up the country’s economy as ordered by the Bilderberger Illuminati in November 2019 and is on his way out the back door to go and gorge the spoils he has organized during his reign. Which ever one of this two evils win the race ( and I personally predict this old bag of s***t as she is ANC and they choose their own evil and corrupt  dictators  ) – this country is in for a helluva ride. Already the criminals re planning to silence your free speech. We should start praying either for God- or  for the reincarnation of Guy Fawkes.



Image may contain: one or more people, text that says '4G4G 100% 22:52 BUSINESSTECH South Africa's ban on alcohol and cigarettes has not yet served its purpose: Mkhize Staff Writer August 2020 Together move South Africa orward Tepether meve Atrics NDP'

Police threaten shop that has no cigarettes and demand moneyJOIN SOUTH AFRICA HAS FALLEN:

Posted by This is South Africa on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


POLICE criminals also are in on the takings- more on the hunt for cigarettes and booze they again can sell to stiffen their income than actually chasing down rapists, murderers, robbers and violent criminals. This “Covid”-thing turns out to be a real money spinner for all the government zoo inhabitants.

It comes to show what type of swamp dweller idiots now are playing ” politics” in South Africa. Can you believe the utter stupidity and below standard mentality of this dinosaur in what she is saying? How come a country with people of whom some are classified as “intelligent” let itself being dictated by a 70 year old  individual who cannot even run a chicken coop is simply mind boggling to say the least! But then again must we acknowledge the fact that since the illegal Coup De Etat by the Jews in 1994 and the introduction of a band of jailbirds to run the country- the level of intelligence in general in South Africa has deteriorated to the level of obedient 30% pass-rate  sheep.

Dhlamini-Zuma- an old and decrepit relic of yesteryear who long ago went past her expiry date- herself is a directionless  and greedy  old dunderhead clan stooge who imagine herself to be very “important“- especially in the companionship of a bunch of hoodlums where  one eye is the leader of the blind. None of the ANC numskulls had an easy time on tertiary level education-and most appear to have enjoyed the bigger part of their  best years in school trying to pass Grade 5. “Liberation before education”– they use to call it. Now Dhlamini Zuma sports various degrees-such as a

  • BSc degree in Zoology and Botany from University of Zululand 1971;
  • MB ChB from University of Bristol 1978
  • Diploma in Tropical Child Health from School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool 1986.
  • Matriculated at Amanzimtoti Training College in 1967.
  • (The we will not forget her training at the ” Nkandla” school for mobsters as well- where she appear to have graduated with a cum laude.)

We will not apply too much credit to al the “distinctions” she obtained as we well are aware of just how blacks received their “distinction” marks and “honors” during the “heydays” of the “struggle.” Just ask the British liberal “tutors” in those institutions – especially WITS University – how many blacks failed their subjects miserably  – but was still passed with “flying colors. “ because they were deemed “previously disadvantaged.” Yet her logic it appears- also was dearly destroyed by too much “zol” and ANC cadre greed. For someone that was reportedly valued at R1.6 billion in 2020-and according to reports  has a deep finger  in Mining and Agriculture as most commi “brothers and sisters” has – she is the last one to blame FITA of being “motivated “ by its own” financial interests. “ Then you can also add the hidden millions she is busy pocketing  on the sideline through her hell-bent “cigarette ban” as well. This is an old and well fermented crook we are talking about.  You can even detect the Jacob Zuma aura around her. She is a marinated mobster. She opposes each and every court order against her demonic “bans”- with tax payer money that is. In other words is she using the tax payer’s money to impose inhuman policies on the tax payer himself- using his own money to make him pay for his own aggravation. That is how devious this old decrepit criminal is.

But Nkosazana Zuma is not the only monstrous crook  from hell that is busy bleeding the tax payer dry and impose suffering to innocent people. It is a common culture among the devil’s own in Lethuli-House since 1994. We must also mention others that -like the political  parasites they are- enrich themselves at the cost of millions of hungry children in squatter camps and elsewhere- the likes of Thabo Mbeki ( est. 10 Million) Cyril the Squirrel himself (est.  700 Million) , Tokyo  Sexwale (est. 200 Million), Jacob “Teflon Don” Zuma ( est. 20 Million) , Frederik Willem ( est. 46 Million), Saki Mokozoma ( est 53 Million), Mike Teke ( est. 64 Million), Vincent Mntambo ( est. 142 Million), Phuthuma Nhleko ( est. 142 Million) and Sipho Nkosi– ( est. 163 Million.) Then we can look at those “Corona” criminals that currently are playing havoc with the economy with all their “bans” that saw literally millions of people now sitting without a job. Well-it appears that the ANC commi platoons are doing quite well for themselves and the “Big Six “ crooks of the “Corona Council” also made sure their own little “nest egg” was well polished while they are chucking around bans and lockdowns to impoverish the rest of the population.Let us start with that ex-nursing bozo Zweli Mkhize–  the one bozo chasing that “Covid” numbers so much to enforce yet another “lockdown’ onto the nation. Mr. “ Florence Nightingale” himself is a powerful whopping 595 million net worth strong. Not bad for an ex- nurse one can say. Secondly we look at Mr. “Slick” Ibrahim Patel-the “Curfew” master himself- net worth at 17 Million. Let us see what the “Bang Bang” Cele achieved so far. Well- it appears the old crook also like a bit of “Bling-Bling.” Bheki Cele recently bought a house approximated to be R3.4 million. The location of Cele’s home is at the suburb of Pretoria. Sources indicate that several cheaper official residences were available in Silverton, but he did go for them. The only apartment that meets his description is in Waterkloof Ridge. Its cost is R2.9 million. He sports a net worth of 85 Million. Not bad for a mobster- not bad at all.

BUT let us have a look at a few other ANC and communist “strugglers” that had the cake with the cream and the cherry on top shoved up their “previously disadvantaged”  backsides since the Jews hand them a well functioning country  on a platter in 1994 :

David Mabuza- 782 Million

Gwede Mantashe: 1.7 Billion

Lindiwe Sisulu- 17 Million

Naledi Pandor- 17 Million

Jackson Mtembu- 17 Million

Angie Motshekga- 85 Million

Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams- 170 Million

Tito Mboweni- 17 Million

Aaron Motsoaledi- 85 Million

Pravin Gordhan- 1.7 Billion

Patricia De Lille-  1.7 Billion

Nathi Mthethwa- 544 Million

Fikile Mbalula- 17 Million

NOW these are the cadres that on a continuous basis are blaming whites for being “rich” while they are the “poor” suffering “disadvantaged” people of Africa. But wait– there is some more. Let us peek into the “ elite” of the money grubbers:

Mandela family – est 2.2 Billion

Zuma family- 74.2 Billion

Ramaphosa family- more than 450 Million


Then there is more evidence of the pigs at the trough. Three witnesses have told of high-ranking officials visiting the Gupta home in Saxonwold, Johannesburg – and leaving with bags of cash. Malusi Gigaba, Siyabonga Gama, Garry Pita, Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh all, at various times, came out of the Gupta family’s Saxonwold residence carrying bags of cash, three witnesses testified at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture on Thursday.  The witnesses say their lives are in danger, with one being SMSed that he should stop giving evidence or “your family won’t find a piece of you”.  They testified in camera with their names redacted from any affidavits given. They were also given extensive protection while they were testifying, said the chairperson of the commission, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Image may contain: text


As you can see- this ANC money grubbers have been very active this past 25 years in plundering and corruption ventures and self enrichment schemes. I am not even going into the corruption scandals- that is legio already and not ONE ANC crook ever was jailed for it. From Mbeki and Pneul Maduna’s oil scandal, the weapons scandal, Zuma and the Guptas, the Kebbles, Watsons, Agliottis, Zuma and Tina Joemat Petersen’s oils scandal, Eskom, South African Airways, PRASA, SASSA , Transnet and hundreds more scandals rocketed the country’s coffers as these ANC crooks just went on and on plundering without shame. There is just no end to the greed. Now they again are onto the Covid relief funds , schemes and loans- and again it is a grabbing frenzy among  the glutenous pigs at the trough.   South Africa do not have a government- but rather a bunch of stealing crooks posing as the best government money can buy. There is so much potential young and more sophisticated leaders from all races South Africa can offer that could put the country back on track in a jiffy. How we ended up with this old rotten  trash scraped from the bottom of a Robbin Island dumpster is still a mystery.


Below is another example how these pigs are taking down information they do not want you to see.

SHOCKING CLAIM : Tinashe Jonas Says Julius Malema's father was born in Zimbabwe

Posted by Gambakwe Media on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


BUT here is the video they do not want you to see….(If they are not going to take it down again.)

Skok Openbaring!SHARE die Rook uit hierdie een asb-Ramkat-

Posted by Johan Ramkat Boer on Friday, August 14, 2020




Malema– Zimbabwean origin. Ramaphosa– Uganda origin. Nkosazana Zuma– Congo origin. South Africa is being run into the ground by alien infiltrators.



Ramaphosa and his whole ilk are hook-line and sinker into the pockets of the global loan sharks. Directionless as they are- they see themselves as the enriched “ruling class” and you as their poor starving obedient slaves. Since 1994 these communist con artists have been destroying the economy, plundering the state coffers- and pushed the country over the  astronomical debt R 3 Trillion mark through sheer incompetence, mismanagement, loans and guarantees they never will be able to honor. Ramaphosa already was very clear that he’s interests is not with the country- for him that is his arse wipe- but his priorities rather lies with his corrupt party:


If this is not clear to you, nothing else will be.South Africans, you're on your own! With this declaration, I fear that Ramaphosa has crossed a line of no return. Even I had a part of me, hidden deep inside of me, that was ready to believe he would be the person so many believed he would be. There were days when I doubted myself, my cynicism, wondering why I seemed to be the only one blind to the goodness of this man who had a plan and was playing the long hand. Some even described him as "the last hope for South Africa". I almost lost a friend for ridiculing him for believing the nonsensical view that all of our country's fortunes could be placed and depend on the wellbeing and the goodwill of one mortal. I probably have lost that friend; I haven't heard from him in a while now…sigh.It turns out the long hand he's been playing is in favour of – not against – all those men and women in the occupier ANC who aided, abetted, and handsomely benefitted from the Zupta-led state capture and other continuing forms of corruption. From now onwards, nobody should have any reasons to continue making excuses for this man, believing – and emotionally blackmailing everyone around them to also believe – that CR is just 'n arme skepsel who is really trying hard but is being prevented from doing what he must by the bad people in the party he leads. The declaration in this videoclip should stop all that wishful dreaming. This is ground breaking. A line has been crossed.CR is irrevocably with them; not with us.

Posted by Solly Moeng on Monday, August 10, 2020

Many of you may call him “my President” – but I call him the “Beast” for tonight there are more than 50 million potential souls in South Africa to be won for the Kingdom of heaven. However-  After Ramaphosa introduced the Covid chip and vaccination in 2021 ( which he already has been paid handsomely for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) -and 5G technology- and make it mandatory for all- big and small- rich and poor- to take the chip without which you cannot buy and sell (Revelation 13:17) – he – because of his greed- will be solely responsible for millions of souls that will be lost forever who will find their way  straight to hell- never again having a chance to repent and inherit the Kingdom of G-d. For G-d said that whoever takes that 666 chip- will NOT inherent the Kingdom of G-d- but on the contrary will inherent His wrath. There will be NO turning back from that. And sadly – millions of ignorant souls will take that chip because the political  demons will deceive them- telling them it’s “only a chip.” ( And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,  The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.Revelation 14 :8-11) The Bible warns us very specifically that ”  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. (Hebrews 10:31). Once you take that chip/mark- your soul will be lost forever.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

Luister mooi na hierdie een

Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Monday, August 10, 2020

While this political beasts are stuffing themselves at the trough- nearly 55.5% of South Africans are now living in poverty. Estimations from an Oxfam report point out that nearly 30.4 million people in South Africa are without a sustainable income and living on the poverty line . Ramaphosa and his heinous “Corona” mob then further escalated the misery with a brutal “lockdown” – further causing approximately three million people to loose  their jobs , representing an 18% decline in employment from 17 million people employed in February, to 14 million people employed in April 2020.Nearly 18 million people already are on government SASSA hand-outs- and the number is rising with each business going bankrupt due to Cyril and his mob’s erratic “lockdown” fun and games. A survey conducted by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) has revealed that 42.2% of the country’s businesses have indicated that they have run out of financial resources to continue operating during Ramaphosa’s “lockdown” omen. Between 100,000 and 200,000 South African businesses could be shut down permanently due to this “lockdown.” – and the South African Reserve Bank predicted that South Africa could see around 370,000 job losses and 1,600 more businesses being declared insolvent in the country soon.

Image may contain: text


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Tom Eaton @TomEatonSA I'm sure Ramaphosa is shocked by the collapse of SA's GDP, but I have faith he's going to announce a task team to organize a crisis committee to implement a process of consultation to estab- lish a commission to appoint a panel to announce a task team to organize a crisis committee'

Between Ramaphosa and his conspiring dirty demons they are effectively hard at work to destroy the middle class totally with their murky “governance” and “lockdowns”  on orders of their British masters so only the “Big Boys” can run the monopoly in supplying energy, food and water. Added to the “lockdown” fiasco we also have Eskom adding a further decline in businesses with their deliberate pre-planned continuous “load shedding” nonsensical dribble to ensure the middle class businesses do not survive the financial terror attacks. Between Ramaphosa , his cronies and the Stellenbosch mob (aka Afrikaner Broederbond)- they are making sure South Africa will never be able to survive this “Covid” onslaught. They already are “warning” us of a “possible” second wave. Now if THAT is not psi-ops- then I dunno what is! This is now the filthy political  individuals that calls you “our fellow South Africans”- political demons masquerading themselves  as the angels of the light. Politicians are the personification of Satan’s demons on earth. They all are serpents of the highest order. But hold on to your seats- worse is still to come under the Squirrel’s farce ponzi dictatorship in 2021…MUCH worse:


Ruling Class Incompetence & Russia 3.0

See what’s going on here? Of course you do. Our democratic system is definitely under attack. That much is true. But it’s not the Russians, or even the Chinese. It’s our own ruling class.

Posted by Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday, February 21, 2020

THIS is also precisely what is happening in South Africa.

The “Covid” enigma- how Ramaphosa very systematically is leading you into a mass genocide exercise by the “elite.”

Brave New World: The Left's March Toward Global Fascism (Preview)

We are living in a science fiction nightmare where elites want to engineer their version of a progressive utopia, and the coronavirus was just the catastrophe they needed to set the plot in motion. Tonight, I connect the dots on the stories I've been sounding the alarm on over the last decade: Event 201, Agenda 21, a planned, forced recession, and waves of civil unrest. Everything is connected, and the political and financial elites of the world are conspiring at this minute to bring forth their "Brave New World." They say "there is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis." They're calling it "The Great Reset," but it's it's actually a worldwide plot to destroy capitalism and reshape the world as you know it: how you raise your family, your job, the property you own. This "reset" will affect every aspect of your life.

Posted by Glenn Beck on Wednesday, August 12, 2020



SINCE it started in March with a couple of mad Chinese monkeys running rampant in the streets of Wuhan- we have been saying over and over people have to get real and see this “Corona“-thing as one big false flag operation to hide much more sinister agendas. At the very start of the “Coronavirus Outbreak” in Wuhan, China we saw that the mainstream media flooded our TV sets and radio stations with news of people just dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan. There was no warning or signs of illness whatsoever they just “DROPPED DEAD” and that was the original tactic used to scare the living daylights out of people all over the world. Isn’t it strange that we didn’t see people “drop dead” on the streets anywhere else in the world following the outbreak? It’s so obvious now that China used Crisis Actors for the start of the worlds biggest Psychological False Flag Operation in the name of “Covid-19 “ and created a worldwide pandemic that would eventually shutdown and lockdown the whole world!


Image may contain: one or more people, text that says '鼠年大吉 新春'

Now we already have been lied to by Ramaphosa and his ANC crooks that the “lockdown” will only last three weeks. THEN already the people should have been taking notice what this devious criminals are up to when the Squirrel started with his damn “extensions” the first time. Ramaphosa and his filthy band of “Corona” criminals have already  been playing you for the fool for SIX months now- and still they are going forward for MORE damned “lockdown”theatricals. There IS no such thing as a “Covid” virus- that is utterly bullsh*t– but naive as you are- albeit multiple clear evidence that Ramaphosa is a criminal that is busy throwing you to the wolves- you in your stupid naive nature- believes his tales of fictitious “corona” cases “spiking” to “thousands” of poor (healthy) people suddenly being  “affected.” Still you follow the con artist like sheep, still you are wearing a mask like a circus Dodo, still you tag along with his “levels” and you as a business owner put the gun to your own head by locking up your business because this devious crook “enforce” his illegal “lockdown” on you- irrespective of court orders declaring this “lockdown” illegal and against the constitution. Who are to blame for the pathetic situation this country finds itself in….a dictatoror the class idiots supporting his every whim? Well- you are fast tracking your own destruction- it only is a matter of time.

Ive been asking myself from the start, why would 196 countries sign up with the WHO to follow their script to lock us down? What would the incentive be?? My thoughts were, well, the IMF promised those countries huge bail outs and cancel their international debts. Thats the bait. Whats been happening during these lock-downs is that countries are slowly being demolished. The businesses have been shut down and not only are the citizens feeling the pinch, but so are the economies of every country that signed up to this lock-down. As each country becomes desperate, the IMF is stepping in and offering the respective governments funding. It looks very noble of the IMF and attractive, but in fact, these little stipend relief payouts being offered to the citizens are from loans taken out from the IMF that governments will have to pay back – somehow?? Its not rocket science to figure out that its practically impossible for a country who’s citizens are locked down, or under curfew are unable to work, and therefore wont be able to even meet their bill repayments , let alone increased taxes. What happens next is that countries will default on their repayments, and that’s when the IMF (NWO) steps in and takes control of your country. These loans that are being taken by various countries come with some hard conditions- for one (South Africa) has just received their bail out ( $4.3 Billion) and they have 40 month grace, thereafter, they have 20 months to repay in full – OR ELSE !!

If anyone is following the current situation in South Africa (which i doubt), Its on the brink…no no its toppling into collapse. ANC politicians are awarding themselves and families huge government tenders, corruption is rife. One minister just spent 3 million on luxury sports cars- I think it was 5 cars. And guess what else?? The ANC ponzi government has just requested the WHO to send experts into South Africa to come and help them get their China virus shit under control. Thats right, WHO is now in South Africa to dictate to the ANC how to better collapse the country. Our experts are apparently not capable. Keep in mind that the IMF knows South Africa is led by an extremely corrupt bunch of buffoons, and they know that whatever money they sign over- WILL BE LOOTED, hence by 2025 South Africa will be under the full control of the NWO. (like taking candy from kids)


Really scary- Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This – What Is Going on…

Really scary- Scientists Aren't Going to Tell You This – What Is Going on…

Posted by UFO Sightings on Thursday, February 6, 2020



Just another piece of info:

Did you know that UK was owing the IMF Billions for their loan they took to fund WWII?? And UK only paid it off in full in 2006. Took UK 61 years to pay that off- and who paid it off ?? You guessed it- the tax payers – who’s going to have to pay back Covidian loans and stipends your kind government is handing out to you – again, you the tax payer. And how will you pay it back, when you have no job and you’re in a lock-down?? You wont be paying it back !!! Next is your country gets owned by IMF and all the partners like Soros, Rothchild, UNNWO !! The collapse has been pre- planned, no country is expected to pay back anything. All countries must submit to the World Economic Forum people who are the NWO and the mandate is to collapse the world economic system and replace it with a new one world crypto currency and everything will adjust to a socialist new world order. The South African ponzi government is spending nearly R50 billion a month more than what it collects in taxes, and the situation is getting worse.Big wages will disappear overnight. Its called the “Great Reset. ” All major banking systems already are preparing for a “cashless society. ” It may happen early next year or mid next year.

Ramaphosa is following the orders of his “New World Order” handlers like a dog would follow it’s masters. While you have been kicked out of a job, being impoverished, “donnored ” , arrested and harassed in the streets by Cele’s police and traffic hoodlums, locked up like a caged monkey for three months, prevented from all social gatherings, forced to wear a stupid dehumanizing mask, separated from your loved ones,  lost your income , your business being closed because of  a fictitious “virus” that never existed , social “distancing” like a gaggle of geese,  tested by a system that is ineffective and not even designed to test for Corona viruses, – and have a global fatality rate of only 1%– Ramaphosa and his crooks have been pocketing billions of dollars at your expense through “relief” aid. They have become stinking rich out of YOUR misery.  And still there you are- sitting like a mute cabbage- digesting each and every word, each and every “ban”- and each and every “punishment” this ponzi criminals force unto you. How daft CAN one be?

Did you know…

Why is South Africa registered as a private corporation? Nelson Mandela signed off the land to the whites in 1998, basically the Republic Of South Africa is registered as a corporation with the Securities Exchange Commission in the USA. There is an opportunity for widespread corruption and fraud if their representatives are not legitimate. Well there is corruption and fraud all over. South Africa is owned by the US, it was turned into a corporation not a sovereign state. SARS is privately owned by whites which means our taxes go to individuals. We were made slaves, properties of various corporations by Nelson Mandela and the ANC, signed by Trevor Manuel and Pravin Gordhan on an annual basis.

This means the ANC sold the country. Yes Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and the new ANC honcho Cyril Ramaphosa know about it. All the so called ANC “heroes / leaders ” know about it, even the opposition party leaders, NP / DA / EFF PLUS and don’t think for a second Julius Malema doesn’t know about it, they all know. Their job is to control us, manage us and keep us asleep, weak and occupied at all cost. They kept quite and got rich in the process to keep the masses / the people occupied on other issues, not to find out the truth. That’s why the laws they created do not give any community time to breathe, to be a real community because they control you so you cannot find real unity – they sometimes divide communities if they have to just to have the power of authority over them.

Yes drugs, guns, gang violence and gangsterism is being used to keep the communities dysfunctional, weak and divided. The constitution of the country is not a constitution for the people but a corporate constitution. The US decides on how much funds should this country be run with, the rest of the our tax contribution goes straight to the US Federal Reserve. Free education for all was supposed to be implemented long time ago but because of them it did not take place. The country’s registration number is CIK#:0000932419. Google REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA CIK#: 0000932419 and see for yourself. We are registered twice, also under the Queen of England (Commonwealth). 0000932419 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA DC (Registered as a corporation in Washington DC). REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA. CIK#:0000932419 (see all company filings). SIC: 8888 Ever wonder why we pay exorbitant prices for cheap low quality goods? It is because the Commonwealth and US Federal Reserve also want their cut. So the ANC led Government with corporations in the country will raise the prices sky high in order that they can make a huge profit too. And the people, the citizens are their “ livestock, “- their properties and their collateral. Whether you vote for the ANC or for DA or don’t vote, whether you are indigenous, non indigenous, immigrant, you are no different to them just human goods, property and collateral to them from birth until you die.

Ramaphosa and his whole criminal motley crew should have been arrested long ago- and strung up their necks for gross human rights abuses , crimes against the state- and violations against mankind. But there you are- doing nothing but suck in ’bout every piece of rubbish ” My fellow South Africans” zonk to you. Have you lost your friggen mind? Can you not see what the hell is really happening here? Are you that naive? The world at large is moving into sheer madness, lead by demonic apparitions that calls themselves “politicians”– and your own docile response to what they are doing to you and the collateral damage they inflict upon you , your family ,  your children and your social life  is sheer lunacy at best! And they are not finished yet- not by far. Your “second (5G vaccination ) wave “ is still coming to a theater close to you soon.  Your shit truly have been booked because of your own careless ignorance and failure to act decisively and remove this bedeviled politicians once and for all. Between this “Covid”-thing and a brewing civil war– you truly will be caught between the hammer and the anvil because you have already wasted too much valuable time doing sweet blue f*ck-all to ensure your and your family’s survival. These politicians  are nothing but greedy genocidal scum- and you allowed them to continue their evil path of destruction. Yet you tollerate and allow them to do some more harm to you and your family with their “New Normal” bullsh*t? What is WRONG with you people? All your self-destruction buttons switched in the “on” position? And you still want to tell me “apartheid”was much worse than this??????

Do you think running away to another country is going to save your arse? Think again. This is a GLOBAL extermination exercise and a genocidal disaster for mankind. As you can clearly see Canada and the US already are in the twilight zone with ANTIFA properly screwing up Donald’s dreams, Australia  is busy seeing it’s “Covid” arse, I hear new there is some “things” happening in New  Zealand , Europe is totally “Corona” f*cked and the Far East already is over the edge being dumped into a poverty slum. So where are you going to run to brother and sister without being confronted by the Covid “lappiesbek” brigades? And then there is still the “cashless society” on it’s way in 2021 where poor you will have to take that dreadful “Covid chip” the Bible warns you against or you will not be able to buy or sell, the 5G killing towers waiting to start their mass genocidal operations, – and a One World Government that will start culling you like animals. Nice future awaiting you isn’t it? This is now the“New Normal” and the  beginning of the apocalypse- and irrespective WHERE you want to run to- your furry arse is booked for extermination because of your own complacent attitude- PERIOD! Instead of starting preparations and start selling your city house and flee to the mountains like the Word instructed you to do- you are still sitting there- bitching and complaining on Facebook and Twitter. How that is going to help your sordid future  only you will be able to explain. But hey- don’t fret- you still are wearing their slave mask to show your unsolicited alliance with their plan.


Taken from Facebook- a letter sent to Ramaphosa and Nappyhead Dhlamini Zuma:


“Dear Citizens of South Africa,

Today is a sad day, we have reached an apocalyptic moment in what should have been a new dawn for South Africa, today is the day the Organisation for Civil Liberties took the harrowing and extremely difficult decision to pursue charges against President Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma for Crimes Against Humanity with regard to their specific involvement in the humanitarian crisis that is currently being inflicted upon our country by the ANC led government.

We have finally had to face the fact that our enemy is not an overseas foreign power intent on taking control of our country, it’s not even the virus that is sweeping through the world – it is in fact our very own government who have wilfully and with malice stolen all the money intended to provide desperately needed relief for the people of our country. Stealing from your own people is a crime; stealing during a pandemic is a crime against humanity…

The decisions made by Nkosasana Dlamini-Zuma have resulted in the destruction of our economy leading to rampant unemployment which has forced 40% of our citizens to the brink of starvation.

Oxfam have clearly stated that South Africa will be the next epicentre of famine and hunger in Africa and the fault for this lies squarely at the door of the ANC led government and NOT the pandemic.

According to the United Nations : “The contextual element determines that crimes against humanity involve either large-scale violence in relation to the number of victims or its extension over a broad geographic area (widespread), or a methodical type of violence (systematic). This excludes random, accidental or isolated acts of violence. In addition, Article 7(2)(a) of the Rome Statute determines that crimes against humanity must be committed in furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit an attack. The plan or policy does not need to be explicitly stipulated or formally adopted and can, therefore, be inferred from the totality of the circumstances”. According to Article 7 (1) of the Rome Statute, crimes against humanity do not need to be linked to an armed conflict and can also occur in peacetime, similar to the crime of genocide.

We will show that the actions of the ANC led government in fact constitutes an attack on the people of South Africa with the sole intent of inflicting as much harm as possible. We will show that ALL the regulations promulgated by the government have done very little or nothing to combat the virus but have in fact brought suffering of such biblical proportions on the citizens that we face a humanitarian crisis unlike any other of our time.

We can no longer sit back and watch evil flourish as it does within the ANC government, we have to save the precious people of this country. It remains our contention that the ANC government who are losing grip on power have grasped the pandemic as an opportunity to usher in a totalitarian regime.

We shall deliver our submission to the United Nations and the Human Rights Court at The Hague within two weeks.

We will NOT be oppressed
We will NOT be abused
We will NOT be terrorised….

Kind regards,


O.C.L – The Organisation for Civil Liberties”


Meanwhile just hang in there with your mask and your “social distancing”– they are either going to stuck a needle up your revered alley soon- or ice your arse in some “quarantine camp” somewhere far, far away  because you are too much of a coward to stand up and fight for your rights. You prefer just to “go with the flow.” Well- you keep on doing that and soon you will find yourself in Cyril’s boiling pot with the rest of the “flow” trust me on THAT one! September is just around the corner- then it is time to bend over, drop the pants- and show some white chimpanzee crack boys and girls- Bill Gates is coming after the sweet smell of your rapture with his stinger! And your Mr. ” My dear fellow South Africans” is going to lead him straight to the well- how shall I put it the chimpanzee’s hole! Still think I am joking? Well- in that case how shall I say…sit tight and watch! The main attraction is about to begin with your next “lockdown” show. To say it will be terrifying will be an understatement- it is going to be horrendous! If you still are headstrong and want to continue your ostrich view on the facts before you- well- do NOT say you have not been warned!



White Nation