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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation editorial  Cape Town   August 16 2020



Serious concern over South Africa’s Internet censorship bill

Unemployed white South Africans blocked from registering on government jobs website

South Africa Nears the Point of No Return

Cyril Speech DISSECTED. New Digital contact Tracing APP announced.

Alarm, anger over state instruction to test bodies for Covid-19





I think the reality is that apartheid government treated blacks better than the ANC government.We never thought that one day we would compare it with our ANC government. During apartheid government,we had water, streets were cleaned, there was too many jobs and laws of the country were in order. During our government it seems everyone elected wants to chow the money and take a corner. Apartheid treated us with respect than this government of the ANC.”

HISTORY will probably remember Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa only as the most spineless and questionable appointed PanAfricanist ponzi leader of South Africa- and NOT as a leader that cared for the interests of the country or it’s people first. Factually did Ramaphosa openly admit that he’d rather be remembered as a weak president than an individual that sacrificed the policies of his corrupt terrorist party in order to save the country. The question now is why did he then assume the highest  government  position that calls for the ultimate commitment to the country and it’s people if he is not willing to adhere to that call?

The answer to this question can be found within the deep state– the corporate Rothschild, Rupert and Oppenheimer mafioso mobs- the Kazarian empire of Gog, and their henchmen  the Afrikaner Broederbond– or commonly referred to as the “Stellenbosch Mafia” who is Cyril’s benefactors and handlers. They are the ones controlling Cyril- and thus the country. They already groomed Ramaphosa a long time ago for this moment when Harry Oppenheimer took Ramaphosa as a young communist under his wing and taught him all the dirty tricks of power politics . Pre the Oppenheimer era Ramaphosa was nothing but a communist petty thief, smuggler, small time crook  and his history tainted with lawless crimes which saw him on a collusion course with the state security and police enforcement agencies many a time. How his and the Kazarian mogul’s paths crossed is still bit of a mystery- but Ramaphosa’s name featured already  a very long time ago in the annals of crimes against the state.  And it was through his terrorist activities that he first was noted by the security branch and later on the ANC terror campaigners.  Ramaphosa then was pushed into the political limelight as president by these same Edomite powers when they bribed the ANC delegates at the NASREC conference with R 2 million during the CR7 campaign to vote the Squirrel in power instead of the relic tribalist Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma.

Ramaphosa long ago already was groomed by the corporate Illuminati- groomed as their willing and devoted slave to fulfill their deep state agenda for South Africa. He ( of Ugandian ascendancy) again was instructed what to do and the introduction of a devastating lockdown that was to be executed in 2020 which would totally destroy the middle class economy . He and the alien Zimbabwean Malema received their respective  final instructions during a secret meeting in November  2019 on Koos Bekkers wine farm Babylon Storen in Stellenbosch between the Bilderbergers and the ANC/EFF delegation. There Ramaphosa already received precise instructions about “Covid-19″, the rules of engagement of the “lockdown”– with starting and ending dates. Ramaphosa is totally under control of the Bilderbergers. As a hired political gunslinger , a small time smuggler, police informant, crook and opportunist Ramaphosa is a loose hand that has no emotional connection or patriotism to any faction, organization  or political aspirations- but would prefer to  ride shotgun to any Wills Fargo coach that could afford his price and elevate his own hunger for a powerful dynasty. As a greedy opportunist he was the perfect fool for the Deep State to introduce their sinister agenda for South Africa.


Ramaphosa long ago was inducted that the ANC eventually would become the ruling party in South Africa. Oppenheimer funded and controlled both the National Party and ANC alike in the pre-1994 years- and he of all people- was totally on par what the future holds for the country- the conspiracies behind the politics , the secret meeting of the Broederbonders in 1984 and cahooting between the NP and ANC conspirators in Dar Es Salaam and in the posh hotels in London-  dined and wined with lots of Johnny Walker Blue and white British harlots paid by secret slush funds from the British Intelligence to hand over the country to the ANC- and the CODESA treason that would eventually follow. After all was Oppenheimer the connection between the CIA, Kissinger,  Chester Crocker , the National Party , Broederbonders and the British establishment to hand South Africa over to the Deep State. This information he conveyed to Ramaphosa during Ramaphosa’s many  training sessions at Randjiesfontein.

OPINION: That thing with Thabo...and the one with Harry

The master and the apprentice…

Anglo American through the ages | The Writer's Room

…a culture and bond that still goes on to this day.

Presidency | South Africa 🇿🇦 on Twitter: "President Cyril ...South African Government on Twitter: "President Cyril Ramaphosa ...

Cyril stays in bed with some of the most evil Kazarian critters. This again is solid proof that Ramaphosa only has his own interests at heart and the key to open the door for all abominations to enter South Africa.

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

AND this is your communist nanny that tells you when to smoke and when to drink- another  Congolese alien that has no patriotism for your country.So now whe have  Ugandanese, Zimbabwean and a Cogolese aliens running your country! 



Ramaphosa immediately saw this as an excellent opportunity to expand his own best interests and committed himself to stick with the ANC for the duration- not that he had any personal allegiance with the ANC or their policies- but because that was the future nest where the goose would lay the next batch of golden eggs. During the NASREC meeting he then was bribed into the position which the Deep State reserved for him specifically to execute their coming “Covd-19” agenda. Covoid -19 was designed to be a global master plan to collapse all small and medium economies world-wide under the fake excuse of a “pandemic” – leaving only the most powerful corporate tycoons to rake up all the collapsing small and medium businesses under their wing at garage sale prices and place the deep state   in full control of all food supplies, energy, mineral and water supplies.



Ramaphosa was to execute that order in South Africa for the country’s mineral deposits and that is why he was brought on board during the NASREC conference to do just that. This all was to happen under a rigorous extended “lockdown” of  economically devastating proportions under the hoax of a “Corona “ virus. Wearing masks was just a red herring to make the populace believe there truly is a killer virus on the loose. The media was to give the full back up propaganda support to this whole media -driven “Covid” conspiracy. After all the biggest media chunk belongs to media mogul Koos Bekker any case. So it comes as no surprise that most of the local Merdia 24 outlets and their editors are deep into the pockets of Bekker and his Broerderbond cronies and South Africans- as with their counterparts across the world- was bombarded on basically an hourly basis this past 5 months with loads of “Covid” mind destructive poison.  Even the VF-Pus, Afriforum and al their affiliates are AB creations. This became the one single most biggest psi-ops onslaught against the free people  in human history.

RAMAPHOSA is playing nicely along with his NWO masters’ orders and agendas. The new ban on information what you are allowed to post on the internet also comes from this Deep State’s ” Internet Governance” manual- as with the “Fourth Industrial revolution ” and “Covid 19″ agendas. Whatever he says or does , whatever “law” Ramaphosa pushes through parliament- comes straight from the Deep State’s handbook. Ramaphosa is busy throwing the country and it’s “fellow citizens”  to the wolves for much more than just 30 pieces of silver.

AND here are some billionaires that made a killing on you as their naive mask wearing “sacrificing ” Covid lab rat…

Image may contain: text that says 'Jeff Bezos Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg Warren Buffett Larry Ellison Steve Ballmer Elon Musk U.S. WEALTHIEST BILLIONAIRES DURING PANDEMIC MARCH 18, 2020 NOW 113 Billion 189 Billion 98 Billion 114 Billion 55 Billion 97 Billion 68 Billion 80 Billion 59 Billion 71 Billion 53 Billion 71 Billion 25 Billion 68 Billion SOURCE: FORBES INCREASE +76 Billion +16 Billion +42 Billion +12 Billion +12 Billion +18 Billion +43 Billion'

Still think Ramaphosa and his ilk are keeping you prisoner ’cause they “care” for you? Think again- they are sapping your situation dry while you are impoverished.




Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders. Millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty, starvation, stupidity, war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obediently filling our jails full of petty thieves while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. ~Howard Zinn'

It all was a mass pre-engineered deception this “Corona”-thing. After he fulfilled his mission- Ramaphosa will totally disappear from the political limelight again to go and enjoy his spoils for the grand treason. Ramaphosa never was presidential material- but only was introduced to do a job,  do a bit of “New World Order “ promotions, introduce the “New Normal” and “Fourth Revolution”  policies, grab a few farms,change the Section 25 of the Constitution whereby everybody will loose their rights to property and freedom to the Deep State,  make a few good bucks along the way between Illuminati payments, Bill Gates and relief fund donations, astronomical loans, –  lucrative 5G tenders- then get the hell out. For this reason then does the Squirrel care less who the hell runs the country during and after this mass economical collapse- and handed the  reigns and all power to a very disillusioned  old decrepit fool who still are hung up to tribal nonsensical ideologies and personal enrichment schemes. “My fellow South Africans” then for all practical reasons took the backstage. He became a mere rubber chap for the Zuma clan’s erratic policies, bans and decisions.


This “lockdown” is illegal since the High Court Order on July 12 2020- but these criminals and political whores simply ignores the order and blissfully- together with their skunk media- proceed to fear monger the people and impose their filthy “bans” and “curfews.” You have been dehumanized as much as you can take this past 5 months by these corrupt kleptomaniacs. It is time to tell them straight to f*ck-off! Take off that silly mask get your act together- destroy their 5G control towers, – and take  back the power and your rights from them. Show them this is our country- NOT Ramaphosa or the Deep State’s “socialist” whorehouse down South. They only are abusing this fake “ virus “situation  for their own selfish interests and to enslave us. They must be removed- either politically- or by force  if necessary. They have done more than enough damage to our country, our social lives  and the future of our children.

If this is not clear to you, nothing else will be.South Africans, you're on your own! With this declaration, I fear that Ramaphosa has crossed a line of no return. Even I had a part of me, hidden deep inside of me, that was ready to believe he would be the person so many believed he would be. There were days when I doubted myself, my cynicism, wondering why I seemed to be the only one blind to the goodness of this man who had a plan and was playing the long hand. Some even described him as "the last hope for South Africa". I almost lost a friend for ridiculing him for believing the nonsensical view that all of our country's fortunes could be placed and depend on the wellbeing and the goodwill of one mortal. I probably have lost that friend; I haven't heard from him in a while now…sigh.It turns out the long hand he's been playing is in favour of – not against – all those men and women in the occupier ANC who aided, abetted, and handsomely benefitted from the Zupta-led state capture and other continuing forms of corruption. From now onwards, nobody should have any reasons to continue making excuses for this man, believing – and emotionally blackmailing everyone around them to also believe – that CR is just 'n arme skepsel who is really trying hard but is being prevented from doing what he must by the bad people in the party he leads. The declaration in this videoclip should stop all that wishful dreaming. This is ground breaking. A line has been crossed.CR is irrevocably with them; not with us.

Posted by Solly Moeng on Monday, August 10, 2020

Ramaphosa got his lion share of the deal from the corporate illuminati– he nearly did everything  as expected from him- and therefore whatever he now do or say only is for pure academical value. According to the game plan his mission is nearly completed and he must now get out of the game soon. He brought about the introduction of the ” New World Order” and “Fourth Revolution” to South Africa when everyone will loose everything they own to the (Deep) State and be subjected to total dictatorial control under the rules and regulations of the “New Normal” dispensation of the corporate (Deep) State. After that he will “retire.” Mission accomplished!



What does Ramaphosa’s “New World Order” ghouls think they could plan for us?

Hier is 'n video wat in 1969 opgeneem is oor kommunisme en sosialisme. En as mens kyk wat nou veral in Amerika, maar ook in ander lande gebeur, word wat toe gesê is nou hard aan gewerk om te slaag.

Posted by Hermanus van der Schyff on Tuesday, August 18, 2020



They have a “plan, “- its been handed down from generation to generation, its almost a religion, maybe it is. Its active phase has been ongoing since the start of the 20th century, some argue as far back as the end of the 18th century, it went warp speed with the start of the 21st century. Its approaching terminal velocity. The conclusion of this 4th IR will be the End of History. Mans evolution will have ended. A new species Homo S. Deux already has evolved. That is “they”. With AI and Tech , and genetic enhancements, they think they will be Gods. The rest of us are like Neanderthals were to the early homo sapiens. We are supposed to be only used for pleasure, sport or slaves and our children abducted, raped murdered , sexually abused to extract Adrenochrome from them they believe will give them eternal youth until we are no more. Out of place in this technocratic era except a few who will be enhanced to serve their masters until robots make them redundant.

Watch before it gets deleted again

Posted by Tanya Martinez on Sunday, May 3, 2020


So yes, the goal is trans-humanism and a most crucial first step along this path is Bill Gate’s pesticides (“vaccines”) that will genetically alter human DNA, apparently also including the germ line (eggs, sperm). Mainstream media obedient fools are already anxious for “protection” from a single mythical germ. They are unaware of the Copernican revolution in biology of the past 5 years, that demonstrates following 20 million years of co-evolution, that there are 3.8 trillion “germs” (bacteria, fungi, archea, exosomes/viruses) keeping each of us alive, acting on the immune system, hormonal system and metabolic homeostasis systems. See “The mammalian virome in genetic analysis of health and disease pathogenesis” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRVxTBuvChU They are crucial to our health. We cannot live without them. Yet the” Tribe “ who control the media have caused billions to be afraid of their own shadow through fearful lies. Gates’ job is to make trans-humanism “cool”. After his pesticide is delivered, humanity will become “Microsoft Humans ” version 2.0, most definitely with an accompanying MS Windows Blue Screen OF Death. That is what Ramaphosa , Macron, Fochi, Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson and the rest of the so-called “ruling class” are exposing and have in store for  us as normal people .


CYRIL and the Corona terrorism

Image may contain: text that says 'Derek Utley @realDerekUtley Breaking: After nearly 600,000 shares and over 16 million views... Facebook DELETED @BreitbartNews live stream video of LICENCED MEDICAL DOCTORS who have treated HUNDREDS of Covid 19 patients. It is outrageous that a tech platform can delete opposing view points like this!!!'

Brave New World: The Left's March Toward Global Fascism (Preview)

We are living in a science fiction nightmare where elites want to engineer their version of a progressive utopia, and the coronavirus was just the catastrophe they needed to set the plot in motion. Tonight, I connect the dots on the stories I've been sounding the alarm on over the last decade: Event 201, Agenda 21, a planned, forced recession, and waves of civil unrest. Everything is connected, and the political and financial elites of the world are conspiring at this minute to bring forth their "Brave New World." They say "there is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis." They're calling it "The Great Reset," but it's it's actually a worldwide plot to destroy capitalism and reshape the world as you know it: how you raise your family, your job, the property you own. This "reset" will affect every aspect of your life.

Posted by Glenn Beck on Wednesday, August 12, 2020




Image may contain: text that says 'How big is 1%? 1918 Spanish Flu 50 million dead 1918 World Pop. 950 million(est) 1918 5.26% worlds pop died! Experts: TRAGIC EVENT! 2018 Seasonal Flu 650,000 dead 2018 7.5 billion(est) 2018 009% worlds pop died! Experts: TYPICAL YEAR 2020 dead and counting 2020 World Pop. 7.7 billion(est) 2020 006% worlds pop died Experts: THE WORLD IS COMING END, SHUT DOWN ALL BUSINESS, CLOSE CHURCHES, RUIN THE WORLDS ECONOMY!!! 1% of HELL Worlds Pop right now would be 77 million dead. is TRAGIC and 009 is NO BIG DEAL, what the we doing!'

CYRIL the “Squirrel” is a perfect tool for the Deep State to introduce the most damaging “Covid” policies to South Africa- even worse collateral damage than Jacob Zuma ever cold have dream of doing. But because Zuma was more like a personal enrichment clanster opportunist than a globalist puppet and played with money grubbers outside the Deep State’s jurisdiction such as the Guptas- they immediately saw him as a threat to their “master” plan unfolding in South Africa and started to attack him in their controlled  media- demonizing him to such an extend that he was forced by the ANC’s NEC to relinquish power. Immediately after his abdication”  they”( Oppenheimer & Rupert clans)  moved in quickly to introduce Ramaphosa- a Deep State apprentice trained by one of their own  that could be bought and exploited because of his greedy nature and subliminal way to impose tyrannical rule still with a sweet smile on his face.



Posted by Paul Santo on Saturday, August 15, 2020



For Cyril to enforce one of the most lengthy, grueling and brutal “lockdowns” in world history upon innocent citizens that did nothing wrong did not take much effort or burden on his conscience at all. Factually this action only exposed what Cyril is been hiding about himself from the outside world. Behind his nonchalant smile and fake friendly nature there is a brutal tyrant hiding deep inside him that only can be released at the smell of power and money. To put South Africans under one of the most stressful and draconian exercises, destroy the economy, destroy hundreds of life supporting businesses, fear monger millions of people into a state of hysteria through his witch doctor Mkhize and the media, leaving millions jobless and take away all their G-d given rights under a faux presumption of a “killer virus”  did not bother Ramaphosa at all. He became a power hungry psychopath that enforce his iron rule by diktat- unleashing the mad hatter Bheki Cele and his monster police monkeys upon the hapless citizens   Leaving the population at the mercy of a complete insane decrepit old she- fool to toss around bans and limitations which  her distorted mind concocts on a permanent basis  also did not bother the Squirrel much.  To him it was just another “Marikana” exercise with the people playing the “expendable” part so the “ruling class” could triumph in the bigger agenda. That is precisely according to the prescriptions of the Davos model. Again Ramaphosa exposed his careless apathy towards the country and his people.

For the people of South Africa to still tolerate such an inhuman treatment and political terrorism  for such a lengthy period from an ostensibly corrupt and vindictive “ruling class” either is a sign of pathetic weakness , extraordinary fear – or a total breakdown of moral resistance. Whatever the reason for their total lack of resistance to an obvious ferocious attack on their freedom by a very unsavory and corrupt regime with much questionable hidden  motives  for no scientifically proven reason at all- only lends more demonic power to the descendants of Gog to impose even harsher methods of “punishment” to ensure total obedience in a “New World” of Kings and Concubines in their “action vs reaction” game of thrones. This methods will again possibly manifest from September 2020 in an expected  “second wave” after the “rulers” handed them a brief “relief” period of “level 2” treatment to regain a bit of “normal” life before the proverbial next teardrop falls.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'TRUTH HITS! "Check it out. If Ifwe call it a quarantine, then nobody will know it's martial law." DR. ANTHONY FAUCI Director of National Institutes of Health'

Based on the fake  evidence coming from this criminal and ponzi-schemed up “numbers” from the witch doctor Mkhize Ramaphosa is deliberately deceiving South Africans and  using this Fauci’s  false assumptions to usher in more sinister and damming agendas into South Africa. Ramaphosa is getting quite an expert in the “hit  – and – run” business- dropping bombshells on national TV- then leave the rest of the oppressive maneuvers to his fat old senile she-dinosaur to start dishing out “bans”, oppose court orders and gaggle a lot of bullsh*t why she banned” this and that again “ while the Squirrel make himself scarce – and quietly “disappear” from the scene until the next “My fellow South Africans” staged act. 

Mandates plus Lies and the Media = Mass Delusion! They are lying to us!!! Listen to the Conservative Circus M-F. 6-10 am on KFYI.com

Posted by James T Harris on Sunday, August 16, 2020




This link below is how they also drive the “Covid” agenda- subliminal messaging by social platforms and the press…



That is a great cause of concern and probably a driving force behind the Covid-19 Scamdemic too. Mark Zuckerberg is also using forms of suppression and intimidation with his “fact checkers” and “facebook jail”. For instance- if you dare question or deny the Covid 19 virus- you IMMEDIATELY get blocked for 30 days due to post something that goes against Facebook’s “Community Styandards.”

Vytjie Mentor- ex ANC member wrote:

“The relaxation of lockdown will be temporary. *They are going to make it more harder and stringent again under the guise of “second-phase” of the plandemic. *We must never be complacent. *We need to continue with planned actions of taking our lives and our freedom back. *They will keep the restriction of 50 people gathering at a time in place in order to continue the shutting down of people worshipping together. *Did you pick up the big emphasis and excitement of Cyril when he mentioned their ” VERY POWERFUL Digital Tracing” project? This country is bankrupt, where do they get the money for that project from as budgeting for it was not tabled in the budget and its mid-term review as announced by Minister of finance in February 2020 and October 2019???

*What are the real reasons for W.H.O ‘s presence in our country? Who is footing their travel, hotel stay, up-keep and blue-lights when they are here? *Why have they not opened international travel for all of us and for tourism purposes, but they alloow W.H.O official a free pass in and out of our country? *Why is W.H.O swamping this country and this country ONLY?? *Why is everyone quarantined after traveling from abroad but W.H.O. agents are not? *Is our Constitution still in force? *Why are we censored on social media? *Why are aircrafts flying at low altitudes and below radar above our living areas?

Meanwhile the“ruling class” are quite busy themselves as well- not sharing the suffering and/or “sacrificing” with the rest of the population as “they” expect us to do – but rather with an orgy of looting and racketeering. While “they”expect the populace to “sacrifice” their jobs, their income and their freedom- these children from a lesser god receive their full monthly salaries of at least R 100 k, perks and royalties and also do not submit themselves to the same “bans”, rules and regulations as the rest of the “cattle“- bar appearing now and then on national TV and in public wearing masks to bamboozle the populace that they also are “serious” about this “ virus. ” Meanwhile they- for the greater part of their daily lives- enjoy themselves between the gulps of Johnny Walker Blue and expensive tobacco products.Time to abandon that stupid dehumanizing bloody mask you got wrapped around your idiot box and start living a normal life again. You are not their bloody slave anymore and must stop acting like one.

This is Cyril’s VERY POWERFUL Digital Tracing”  he was talking about which will be a feature in your area as soon as mid 2021. Take a GOOD look..let it simmer in…..add a few 5 G towers and Elon Musk’s satellites…and there you have your new “mask”- then think of Revelations 13….



Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting, text that says '21:02 facebook Dave Verster 51m·� This was today! There's not single person who has mask on! No MASKS! If they don't..We Don't! NEWS AL STATE OF DISASTER ED το 15 SEPTEMBER 中 Like Comment 0 C>Share'

Image may contain: one or more people

AND apparently this idiot is back with his “fun and games” with a new set of “bans” such as 

Open Toed Shoes banned

• Rotisserie Chickens & Garage Pies banned

• Short Sleeve Tee Shirts worn as under garments only

• Cropped Bottoms and Knee Leggings banned- And now for his latest Level 2 lock-down gem:Restaurants, bars & taverns allowed to remain open until 22h00, but the night-time curfew continues as from 22h00 to 04h00. It is time to ignore this bunch of village idiots and go on with your normal life. And if their STASSI police harass you- grab them and donn*r the shits out of them ’cause that is all this useless criminals in blue are doing these days- harassing people to steal their cigarettes and liquor to resell it again at astronomical prices and add some bonanza to their monthly salaries. F*ck other crimes- they just live and breath to hunt down “illegal” cigarettes and booze.  It is time the public retaliates and teach these dirty cops a good lesson. Time to start fighting back this “Corona” criminals on their own turf. The longer you listen to their erratic “bans”- the more the psychotic  bastards will go on f*cking up our economy and our social lives.

Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’

Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’

Posted by Ron Paul on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

DECEPTION forms  one of the main pillars of Ramaphosa’s foundation upon which he builds his prolonged “lockdown” theatricals. Together with blatant lies, fake cooked “Corona” numbers, media psi-ops attacks, hidden truths, false testing and fear mongering, “social distancing” and 5G radio wave technology – he slowly is busy building  the foundations and paving the way for the criminal “New World Order “ empire to be introduced in South Africa. Pushing for the elimination of free speech, elimination of property rights, elimination of food producers and middle class businesses , elimination of jobs,  the right to own, plundering of pension savings , enforcing a law that would impose censorship of freedom of speech across all platforms including the internet, plundering of  Health contributions and eventually enforced  vaccinations and Covid micro chips – Ramaphosa will usher in their “New Normal” agenda of total Communist dictatorship and   control and oppressive slavery to the Prince of Darkness’ “One World Government.” 




For anyone doubting what's at stake. Trump is all that stands between any ounce of freedom you might have remaining and the New World Order taking away more than you could imagine. A Global agenda unfolding before your eyes. Virus/Riots/Murder, they will stop at nothing. Everyone needs to Wake up to this and Quickly. SHARE FAR & WIDE!!

Posted by Out Of Shadows IRL on Monday, August 10, 2020

David Icke – I Will Go Out and I Will Not Wear a Mask

Posted by Borna Jakelić on Monday, August 10, 2020

Taking away your basic rights and give it back as “privileges”

How easy it is to buy South Africans. First take away and then give them back their rights as “privileges.”  Now everyone- after Ramaphosa’s yellow carrot speech- received back their  normal basic rights and everyone celebrates and thanks the ponzi regime for being “generous.”  Here we have the “Stockholm syndrome” on it’s finest tweak played against the South Africans.  Really? Is that all it takes? What is to celebrate? You can drink? Smoke? See family? Go to gym? It is time for the South Africans to take a reality check. Those aren’t special earned “privileges.”  They are our basic rights as tax paying citizens. And they’ve taken them away for 5 MONTHS. And now you are supposed to be ” grateful ” and ” thankful ” for that? And in your euphoria have you forgotten the crime, corruption, unemployment, poverty. GBV, theft and all the other crimes? There are starving people all over- double the amount that was before Cyril’s “Covid” games.  But the “ruling elite” with all their fat salaries, perks, royalties and Johnny Walker Blue do not offer any help to them. Factually did they steal most of the relief funding destined for these people as well. No help for them. People are eating from dustbins while at night they are sleeping in filth with the sounds of hungry babies crying next door because of Cyril and his ANC mobsters. But we must be “thankful ” for the “privileges” the ANC allowed us now? And to top it off did they come around and the mad old women again extended the suffering of the lockdown with yet another month. What appears to be the most disturbing of all is the fact that there is not a single sound of opposition or distancing from this evil that is about to take place in South Africa, not from opposition political parties, not from the so-called “Human Rights” organizations, not from the Red Cross- and not a chirp  from a single church against this gross human rights abuses by the ANC ponzi schemers.


The lockdown, along with the State of Disaster that was again extended for 30 days on Saturday, only serves to place power and control in a few hands and bypasses government’s legislative arm entirely

Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎STAATSKOERANT AUGUSTUS GOVERNMENT NOTICES GOEWERMENTSKENNISGEWINGS NO. 889 No. 43616 DEPARTMENT OF CO-OPERATIVE GOVERNANCE DISASTER EXTENSION OF ACT, 2002 AUGUST 2020 NATIONAL STATE OF DISASTER (COVID-19) 1, the Minister Cooperative Govermance and Traditional Affairs, as designated under section the Disaster Management 2002 (Act 2002) ("the Act") in terms section 27(5)(c) the Act, hereby further the national state disaster that published Govemment Gazette 43524, September 2020, taking into account need continue augmenting existing legislation arrangements undertaken by organs state the impact the disaster. address Ne ima NKOSAZANA DLAMINI ZUMA, MP MINISTER OF COOPERATIVE GOVERNANCE AND TRADITIONAL AFFAIRS DATE:15 08 סגטג‎'‎


Lifting the ban to level 2…you really think Ramaphosa and his ilk will abolish the nanny state? Think again!

If you think President Cyril Ramaphosa’s decision to lift the ban on cigarettes and alcohol from Tuesday means an abrupt end of the nanny state, you’re likely to be sorely disappointed. This, at least, is the impression you get by reading the legal papers filed by government honchos, notably the co-operative governance & traditional affairs malice Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, in various court actions across the country. (As the prohibition is lifted, some of these lawsuits will fall away, but not all.) It is Dlamini Zuma’s casual admission in the case involving the wine farms — “I did not invite public comments prior to the [prohibition, but] I am advised and submit that there is no general obligation to consult in respect of executive action” — that is revealing.

In other words, “We’re deciding what’s best for you, and it’s not up for discussion”. It’s a sentiment captured by News24’s Pieter du Toit, whose on-the-spot analysis of Ramaphosa’s speech on Saturday night is fantastic. “SA’s five months of democratic centralism on steroids will largely come to an end on Monday morning,” he writes. Du Toit recounts how the lockdown gradually lost legitimacy, in inverse proportion to the number of petty regulations implemented. For example, Ramaphosa and Dlamini Zuma didn’t take questions from journalists, but rather “decreed changes to South Africans’ lives without explaining what the scientific advice and empirical evidence were behind the regulations”. It is a real decline . Partly due to the regime’s abysmal communication, South Africans are widely skeptical of anything it says at this point. Some don’t even believe that SA’s Covid-19 experience is actually improving, and instead think Ramaphosa was leant on by business to ease the lockdown.

But, as Ferial Haffajee writes in an excellent analysis in the Daily Maverick, there is reason to believe we’re over the peak. She quotes Dr Ridhwaan Suliman, of the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), who argues that the seven-day rolling averages of infections, down from 12,000 cases to 5,000 per day, shows “it is a real decline”. Suliman says that though SA is conducting fewer tests, the positivity rate (new cases as a percentage of new tests) is dropping, while it’s now taking 64 days for infections to double, rather than the 14 days it was taking in June. And while it’s true that SA’s 587,345 infections puts it fifth in the world (behind the US, Brazil, India and Russia), we are 13th when it comes to total deaths (11,839). How much of these two figures is due to design, and how much to other factors — like luck or geography — is of course being widely debated.

But if SA is finally getting to grips with the ” virus, “- does this not suggest the virulent criticism directed at Ramaphosa is not just ungenerous, but entirely misplaced? The buck stops here Not really, argues former FM editor Barney Mthombothi in a blistering column in this week’s Sunday Times, which details how the lockdown unraveled largely thanks to the government’s own mishandling of it. In SA, the particular bitterness stems from the fact that even though the entire country was shut down to thwart Covid-19, this didn’t even slow down the hyenas in the governing party from corruptly seizing Covid-19 tender money. Mthombothi writes that the virus has shown that Ramaphosa isn’t so much a putative knight in shining armor as he is the head of a bunch of scavengers.He made the promises, his feet should be held to the fire. After more than two years in office, Ramaphosa has not only abjectly failed to deliver on his promises, but people have been shocked to discover that the corruption is continuing almost unabated,” he says.  Du Toit again says, it will be: “Government’s failure to communicate clearly, its lack of nuance and planning, its constricting and immovable policy directives, and its regulatory intransigence.

AND below is the idiot that Ramaphosa is listening to and on his orders and “recommendations” the Squirrel is killing your country…

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HOWEVER– do NOT forget what these ANC criminals have done to us this past 5 months. With the next elections make SURE these bastards and their cronies do NOT get back onto power again. And when we have elected a new government it is time to undo ALL their insane “laws” AA, BEEE and all 119 racist laws they enforced, – reel in ALL of this ANC criminals on ALL levels, charge them with crimes against humanity, corruption, embezzlement, grand theft, plundering, racism, murder, Crimes against the State, treason and malicious destruction of social lives– and send them back for LIFE to where they belong- ROBBIN ISLAND!







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Posted by Elize Doherty on Tuesday, February 18, 2020