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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  September 04 2020






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Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Monday, August 31, 2020




1 st of September 2020

THEY always said South Africa was 30 years behind the rest of the world, but we in South Africa always knew we were 30 years ahead. We were the canary in the coal mine and when I witness the Second American Civil War today, I must admit, we were right.

The riots, burning and looting in American cities…where did we see this film before?  The period from 1990 to 1994 was an extremely turbulent time in South Africa. We had our own civil war, just…people don’t call it that, but that is exactly what it was. Today in America, we see the same thing happening, but we live in a time where wars are not declared anymore. We euphemistically speak only of “conflicts”.  However, let me take you back to the early 1990’s in South Africa.  30 Years ago, on the 2nd of February 1990, then President and arch traitor of South Africa, F.W. de Klerk -gave his speech to end Apartheid at the opening of Parliament, but it was not only parliament that opened that day, De Klerk opened the gates of Hell on South Africa.

Black people are seeing apology from De Klerk where there is none

Eight days later on the 10th of February, De Klerk announced the un-banning of the Marxist Terrorists organizations of the ANC, the PAC and the SACP or South African Communist Party. Along with their un-banning, De Klerk announced the unconditional freeing of mass murdering terrorist, Nelson Mandela and other Marxist terrorist masquerading as “Political Prisoners”, although Amnesty International NEVER acknowledged Mandela as a “political prisoner”.  You can read De Klerk’s full 2nd of February speech here: F. W. de Klerk’s speech at the opening of Parliament 2 February 1990


In it you can see how De Klerk told the people of South Africa that in order to have lasting peace in South Africa we need to negotiate with representative leaders of the entire population, because “The alternative is growing violence, tension and conflict”. Not a bad idea actually. South Africa had representatives of all the different nations of South Africa at the time who all wanted peace. Dr. Mangosuthu Buthelezi and the Zulu King, represented the Zulus, Lucas Mangope represented the Tswanas, Bantu Holomisa and Oupa Gqozo represented the Xhosas, etc.The ANC represented NOBODY. There was no reason to even bring the ANC to the negotiating table. Besides they proved themselves over the years as violent Marxist terrorists and their Charter stated clearly that they were only interested in a violent Communist Revolution known as the NDR or “National Democratic Revolution” which btw is still going on today.



So why did De Klerk unban these organizations? In his speech he prematurely ejaculated from his brain with the following: “The year of 1989 will go down in history as the year in which Stalinist Communism expired.” See? The naive fool thought that our military victories in Angola and the fall of the Berlin wall signaled the end of Communism and that the ANC/PAC/SACP would acknowledge their defeat like good sportsmen. De Klerk even thought that the NP could win the election, that enough reasonable blacks and colored would vote for them. At worse he thought that the Zulu Prime Minister and leader of Inkatha Dr. Buthelezi would become the next president. However, when De Klerk un-banned the ANC, etc, 9,000 trained Marxist terrorists along with their former East German Stasi, Cuban and Russian KGB instructors, entered South Africa. The ANC’s chief strategist was the SACP General Secretary and chief negotiator at Codesa Joe Slovo a Lithuanian Jew who held the rank of Colonel in the KGB. What followed went down as the most violent period in the entire history of South Africa.

Mandela and the South African Communist Party | South African History Online


The ANC knew that they represented nobody, but wanted to be in charge. So, they embarked on a “People’s War” that they learned from the Communist Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen Giap, against the BLACKS of South Africa, not the whites. Yes, this is what black people today tend to forget. The ANC went to war with all the other rival black tribes and their leaders in South Africa. They terrorized black people with horrific necklace murders, throwing people off moving trains, making black people eat and drink everything from their shopping bags including cooking oil, washing powder and bleach…and much more. One who does not understand the psychology of terror would think that this kind of strategy would make people shun the ANC, even take vengeance on them, but that is not how it works. Normal reasonable people simply want peace and go about their daily business. People just want to wake up, go to work, have a beer, watch a bit of football and chill. People just want to have a normal life.

Death By Tire Fire: A History Of "Necklacing" In Apartheid South Africa

However, when you create extremely abnormal conditions such as the horrific daily violence in the townships in the early 1990’s, people will do anything to stop it. They will negotiate with terrorists and hand their entire country over unconditionally, only to get the violence to stop. The killing of the Communist leader Chris Hani evoked more threats of violence and genocide…all along people just wanted peace. Yet the ANC stepped up their war of terror against their biggest rivals, the IFP of Mangosuthu Buthelezi and robbed him of all support by buying the King of the Zulu’s over to their side. All along the ANC was playing the” innocent party.”  Their violence was always “reactionary “ and therefore” justified.”  They even accused the National Party of De Klerk of waging a “clandestine war “ with a mythical “Third Force”. In fact, there WAS a Third Force, but they were not from the NP. They were the Communist strategists behind the ANC.

No photo description available.


Nevertheless, no matter how De Klerk tried to normalize the country, no matter what he said…his “regime” (an illegal government) was always to blame for the violence, NEVER the ANC. NEVER the Communists. Their leaders were “angels of peace “ by day, but demons commanding the most gruesome, horrific violence imaginable, at night. The whole idea was to make the country “ungovernable” to prove to the people that the NP government lost control of the situation and only the ANC can bring peace…if everybody votes for them. And then suddenly, after the ANC won the election in April 1994, the violence stopped as quickly as it begun. Amazing hey? If they had lost, that violence would have carried on. The ANC always preach “reconciliation “ and living together “ peacefully, “- but every time it is election time, out comes the race card and they start playing on the racial fears of the blacks that whites control the economy, whites will bring Apartheid back, etc. And so the ANC has managed to stay in power for 26 years, by being the most racist party in South Africa.

Today I see these same parallels with the violence in the USA. I have never in my life seen a legitimately elected president so hated, despised and attacked as Donald Trump. From the moment he took office, the blades were out on the Left. They tried impeachments, scandals, accusations, fake news…you name it…but frustratingly for them, Trump is still there. Solid as a rock and not budging. Nothing the Left could throw at him worked and in fact, most of the time it backfired on them. What we are seeing in America at the moment is a pathetic, last ditch attempt by the Left to grab power, because as we know…the Left is only interested in “democracy” when THEY can win.


The Left is stirring violence, and racial hatred among normal suburban people, terrorizing entire neighborhoods and cities…creating the chaos deliberately so that people would yearn for normality and long-lasting peace. The strategy is clear; make America ungovernable and blame it on Trump. Play on Racial fears. The message from their Satanic leader and pedophile, “Creepy” Joe Biden, is that the violence is happening on Trump’s watch (in Democratic Party controlled cities, go figure) and that the Trump Administration has ” lost control of the country. ” All people have to do to get peace and normality back, is vote for the Democrats. Vote for Biden.

The Joe Biden Allegations: Here's Everything We Know So Far

What is playing off in the USA at the moment is nothing but a Marxist terrorist extortion racket from the Democrats. You will see that if they win in November the violence will abruptly stop, just like with the ANC in South Africa in 1994. Problem is, they are not going to win, so how does the future look for the USA? If Trump wins, there will be accusations of “voter fraud “ and meddling and it will probably kick off a second (long overdue) Civil War in the US. So, what is President Trump to do? Declare Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations as quickly as possible. Get the FBI to arrest all their leaders, backers and funders like George Soros. Put them on trial for high treason and execute the bastards. Take another lesson from the history of South Africa. Thirty years ago, we defeated terrorism. Our history has shown that the only way to beat terrorists is to beat them at their own game. You have to terrorize the terrorists into submission. Our problem was we did not follow through and kill all of them. We allowed them to stand back up again and thought we could reason and negotiate with them. My advice to the USA is: Never make that same mistake.


  • Mike Smith


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OH…I forgot to mention: The devious libtard DA in Cape Town now wants to clamp down on smokers by prohibiting them in public places and also do not want any elderly person over 55 to wander in the streets or venture  outside their homes. So they want to ban all senior citizens from Cape Town. To the DA and City Council of Cape Town- one word: F*CK YOU!! Then you should also stop charging rates and taxes for people over 55 as well. The bloody nerve! If older people and smokers are not welcome in OUR city ( You are only temporary custodians of our city until the next election when we will vote you OUT) – then so their money as well.  AND BTW the WC dams are all almost 100% fullso why the F*CK are you still robbing the people with “Water Levies” you dumb greedy political imbeciles? The DA became the ANC’s bum nugget just as the EFF also is. Time to get rid of all this political leeches  in the WC and start governing ourselves. VIVA INDEPENDENT WC!!



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