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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town  September 11 2020






AFRICA’s long and bloody history is tainted with black despots, tyrants- and black hippocrates. In 400 years of “colonization” by the white man the rulers of black Africa became renown for their brutal suppression, dictatorial rule ,their tribal wars and their genocides of smaller tribes. What made this tribal chieftains conflicts more dangerous and more power hungry was the introduction of Western capitalism by the Kazaar empire vultures that taught the black man the value of gems, taught him the value of money-told him the art of dirty politics – and the art of corruption. And ever since the Kazarian  curse hit the shores of  Africa- the liberal Kazaar plunderer  and the black African tyrant has been walking hand in hand in one of the most destructive ventures known to the dark continent.

Together this eerily strange co-operation between two of the worst evils have been turning Africa into a war zone of conflicts and a continent full desperate struggles for survival. These two abominations have been co-existing in a very macabre agreement with each other. The one exploit the other for each one’s own benefit. They cannot exist with each other- yet not without each other. The Kazaar exploits the black African tyrant to get a passage to the rich mineral deposits of the African continent which he plunders without a conscience- and the black African tyrant on the other hand again exploits the Kazaar to continuously feed and enrich  him beyond his own historical abilities .

This strange partnership has been going on for decades and is not likely to change soon. One after the other black African tyrant now was “appointed” by the Ashkinazi empire and not by the local tribes anymore. Thus the Kazarian Ashkenazi basically captured the continent of Africa through his corrupt and greedy Pan African devils. And each African tyrant became more corrupt than the previous one as technology and politics progressed through the years. The black African quickly adapted to Western politics, and soon was under the full control of these destructive invaders who lost no time in “fine-tuning” the mind of his African slave to serve the global masters in far away places. By keeping the African continent illiterate , poor and divided through continuous wars and tribal conflicts- the Kazarian evil lords ensured a permanent obedience and unchallenged subordinate service  from the forever begging continent.

Such do we have many examples of African dictators that acted as front men for the Ashkanazi empire that went on a destructive murdering spree of their own people and presented their peoples’  riches of their countries  to the altar of their evil masters abroad in exchange for lucrative financial  remuneration deals in the form of bribes. Good examples of this are Lyberia, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya , Rwanda and Burundi. The newest addition to this macabre list of notoriety will be South Africa.   You can name them- despots such as Tedodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial New- Guinea, Idi Amin of Uganda, Omar El-Bashir of Sudan, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola, Idriss Deby of Chad, Charles Taylor of Liberia, Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yomo Kenyatta of Kenia, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe,,- and yea- Jacob Zuma of South Africa and now Cyril Ramaphosa. Together with this motley mob of tyrants we can also add the “outside horses” in “waiting”  the likes of Julius Malema. African tribalism has never changed in 400 years- and so not it’s tyrants either. Even when the first settlers arrived in South Africa tribal wars was hectic and tyrants such as Tsjaka Zulu obliterated smaller tribes with genocidal maniacy.

What all of these greedy tyrants and warmongers have in common- is that they all were and still is under the direct influence, control and payroll of the international Kazarian money  Cabal. Through these appointed despots the Ashkenazi empire not only rule- but totally control the economy of the said countries. “Democracy” always is used as the red herring to bamboozle the majority electorate into putting these political crooks into power. Secondly the fact that all these once prosperous  countries ruled by these appointed Ashkanazi charlatans became failed states deeply troubled with corruption, tribal conflicts, severe oppression, Coup d’etats, genocides, starvation and poverty within 20 years. Thirdly is the fact that most of these countries under the rule of these Cabal tyrants all changed to “socialism” under the false doctrines  of “ liberation” where all the power was/is centralized around a small clique of power mongers and their obsessive control over all aspects of the country’s resources, economy , military and  social behavior. These countries nearly always ends up as police states where freedom and human rights becomes the first victims.



SOUTH AFRICA today finds itself in this environment where there is a ranging battle between the last remaining middle class white and the total diabolical  onslaught from the dark Ashkinazi lords that now also wants to obliterate the last hopes of peace, stability, prosperity, law and order and the Western system of  Magna Carta. For a long time these evil miscreants in Wall Street have been waging a war against the white minority to destroy the country’s stability and economical progress. It already started with the despicable assassination by the Oppenheimer/Carnegie/CIA cartel of the last true premier of South Africa- Hendrik French Verwoerd. Since 1966 there already was a fundamental drive by especially the British establishment and their newspapers to break down the Afrikaner dominance of the country and destroy the country’s political and economical infrastructure by introducing the Reserve Bank which was aimed to  enslave the peoples of South Africa with debt and apply economic starvation.

ONE method the Ashkenazi empire used was brutal sanctions in order to starve the economy by cutting all imports and exports. The second was prolonged war that would eventually sap the country’s resources while at the same time killing all the upcoming new generation Afrikaner Alpha males  on the battle field. The third method was to instigate internal conflicts and riots among the local black majority by means of intelligence insurgents operating as Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in mainly black rural areas which acted as catalisators to instigate subversive actions against the ruling government . The fourth method was the excessive usage of the Main Stream Media  and pony tablets such as the PFP created  “Vrye Weekblad ” championed by liberal Marxist Max Du Preez to demonize the ruling white government and the white Afrikaner while at the same time  praise and worshiping the Ashkenazi’s own appointed “ democratic”  charlatans “in waiting. ” On the fourth and most important level – the political leadership- the Kazarian demon introduced hos most powerful tactic- the infiltration and weakening of the Afrikaner leadership by establishing  his own corrupt front men such as John Voster, FW De Klerk, Pik Botha, Dawie De Villiers, Roelf Meyer, Tienie Groenewald , Leon Wessels , Neil Barnard and many National Party harlots to start forming the basis for the transition to a communist one-party state while liberal viruses such as Max Du Preez, Helen Suzman, Helen Zille, Nadine Gorimer , Piet Croucamp, Zach De Beer, Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert, Harry Schwartz Gordon Waddel and many other Big Corporate secretions were hard at work to destroy the political environment from the inside. Literally HUNDREDS of Lithuanian Ashkenazi Jews such as Joe Slovo, Albie Sacks, Nadine Morimer, Helen Suzman, Ronnie Kasrills,  et al were involved in the destruction of the old South Africa- an era which the British press quickly demonized as the “apartheid” era. Ironically was it the British themselves that instituted the first set of “apartheid” laws during their colonial invasion days already – but as we already know the vile and loathsome  British establishment and their wretched destructive media- they quickly shifted the blame onto HF Verwoerd as the “architect” of “apartheid”  and the white Afrikaner. The final decision to sacrifice the country to the Ashkenazi Cabal and a communist diktat was taken during  a secret Afrikaner Broederbond meeting in 1984.

The game of “oppressors and victims “ was played to invoke sympathy and generate funding for the “cause” from liberal (mainly white) governments from all over the world. The last method applied was by weakening and corrupting the Afrikaner’s main foundation on which he for years depended on to strengthen unity and nationalism among his people- his religion. By introducing false doctrines and misleading propaganda by false “ liberation” religious leaders  for example Johan Heyns, Desmond Tutu, Dennis Hurley, Frank Chikane and Allan Boesak in the main stream churches such as the Reformed Church and Anglican Church– the Ashkenazi systematically broke down the unity of the Afrikaner while at the same time propagate “liberation theology” that ultimately would poison the minds of the populace and divide the people from their conservative religious cultures to embrace the new “democratic” dispensation . The South African Council of Churches (SACC) was the most active instrument to destroy Afrikaner unity along religious lines. There were many, many other shadowy dealings and much “deep state” involvement, assassinations, political dirty games, corporate take overs, bribes and G-d knows what else going on behind the curtains for almost 50 years that we are not going to discuss here  that finally led to the ultimate betrayal of the country by the National Party grey horsemen at the fake “CODESA” capitulation to the communist invaders. This is a bit of historical background that eventually brought us where we are today- living in a once prosperous country that precisely followed the age-old Ashakanazi model of a troubled country now rife with corruption, tribal conflicts, severe oppression, genocides, starvation and poverty within a short time span of only 25 years.



THERE is an old saying that behind every political jester you will find his Jew. And that saying proofed to be remarkably true. Where there is money and power to be gained- you will find the jester and his Jew. This goes back a long time ago already- you can track this evil co-conspiracy  back to the days of  the French Robespierre revolution, the Russian Bolshevist revolution, the communist take over of Russia, both world wars, assassinations of conservative political leaders that did not “toe the line” such as Abraham Lincolin, JF Kennedy, HF Verwoerd, Mahatma Ghandi, Anwar Sadar, Benazir Bhutto and many others. The list is endless. Then you can track the same villains to the movie industry such as  Hollywood – Warner, Universal, Columbia, Walt Disney…you will find the Jesters and their Jews there, the news outlets such as AT&T Inc, CBS, Comcast, Time Warner, Ganner, Heartst Corporation, BBC and many others are manupilated by the jesters and their Jews, Banking corporations such as JP Morgan, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, CITI group , Federal Reserve Banks and many others controlled by te Cabal, the United Nations, European Union, African Union, World Health Organization, The food industry, biggest labor unions and about every political party in the world is controlled by the jesters and their Jews. So- as you can see- in about every sphere of our societies have the jesters and their Jews infiltrated , captured and destroyed our countries.


In all cases the Kazarian funds both sides of the spectrum. Divide an conquer is the name of the game. If they only fund one party- the people will unite behind that party and become a too strong opposition to beat. Thus by creating and funding  more than one party or creating an opposition party to the ruling party – the people will be divided, nationalism will not be formed behind a single party with a single objective –  and thus the political landscape will much more easier to conquer if the different political parties or factions wage a war against each other. They did it in WW2 where the allies were fighting on one side against Germany, Italy and Japan- all while the Ashkinazi bankers  were again  financially supporting the latter. They did in in North and South Vietnam where the American government supported South Vietnam while the Jews and the  CIA supplied weapons and ammunition to the North Vietnamese. They did it in the Middle East where NATO fought against Saddam Hussain while the Jew bankers supported Hussain. They again did it in South Africa where the Oppenheimer clan  funded both the National Party , PFP and the ANC in the South West African bush war. Today the Ashekenazis are funding the ANC, EFF , VF PLus and DA alike. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. Left wing- right wing- both belongs to the same bird!  SO– it is an age old devious ploy to keep your enemy divided and fighting each other while you yourself then have all the time in the world to exterminate your own dark agenda by capturing a country. And that is what happened to South Africa. While we all were having a nice brawl infighting each other- the Ashkinazi quietly sneaked behind our backs and plundered South Africa’s resources. Meanwhile they kept us under the false presumption that “our party” has won this or that election- where in fact both parties- ours and “theirs” belonged to the same masters. THAT is how Kazarian politics work.




The bombshell revelation about Cyril’s R 500 billion “loan” and South Africa’s brutal “lockdown.”


It emerges that what was sold as a R500bn” loan “ to South Africa from IMF for Covid Relief was actually a personal bribe to Cyril Ramaphosa to destroy the ANC and collapse the South African economy. No wonder the Covid Relief fund only benefited those who are helping him destroy the ANC in the form of monthly grants and PPE tenders. To this day, it is not clear how IMF lent South Africa so much money when the country was on junk status downgrade by Rating Agencies.

The beneficiaries involve a number of White Monopoly Capitalists, (Jews) who still mysteriously enjoy less publicity from the apartheid media compared to their Black accomplices in government, some of whom are facing disciplinary actions and suspensions after the Independent Media expose. According to the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, this money was offered to him with many strings and conditions attached to it; some of which was to crash the economy of his own country and impose a police state. In South Africa, only a nonredeemable apartheid spy would sign this diabolical deal with the devil. And the Squirrel long ago was big friends with the National Party Secret Service...old habit of his.

It is the same personal loan of R500bn that we have discovered  that it pays Ramaphosa’s agents that go around stalking his own cronies around who disagree with him. The money that benefited these PPE tenderpreneurs is the same money that pays these stalkers. The underlying agenda here is to depopulate, collapse developing economies and buy over their infrastructure at cents on the dollar. Speak of a devilishly innovative way to commit genocide through famine and strife in this day and age.    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
• force them to wear face masks
• impose very strict curfews
• impose a police state
• crash the economy

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko refused the offer and stated that he could not accept such an offer and would put his people above the needs of the IMF and World Bank. This is NOT a conspiracy. You may research this yourself. He actually said this! Now IMF and World Bank are bailing out failing airlines with billions of dollars, and in exchange, they are forcing airline CEOs to implement very strict policies such as forced face masks covers on everyone, including small children, whose health will suffer as a result of these policies. And if it is true for Belarus, then it is true for the rest of the world! The IMF and World Bank want to crash every major economy with the intent of buying over every nation’s infrastructure at cents on the dollar!

Huge foreign loans are given to sovereign nations by the World Bank, IMF and the likes. But the conditions that come attached to these loans are seldom told by governments to their citizens. A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by these agencies for loans being provided for COVID-19. The President of Belarus has exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy and even changes in the economic policies which he refused as being “unacceptable”.

Additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for Belarus, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said when speaking about external lending during a meeting to discuss support measures for the real economic sector on the part of the banking system, reported Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA. Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the participants of the meeting how things were with the provision of foreign credit assistance to Belarus. “What are our partners’ requirements? It was announced that they can provide Belarus with $940 million in so-called rapid financing. How are things here?” the head of state inquired. At the same time, he stressed that additional conditions which do not apply to the financial part are unacceptable for the country. “We hear the demands, for example, to model our coronavirus response on that of Italy. I do not want to see the Italian situation to repeat in Belarus. We have our own country and our own situation,” the President said. According to the President, the World Bank has showed interest in Belarus’ coronavirus response practices. “It is ready to fund us ten times more than it offered initially as a token of commendation for our efficient fight against this virus. The World Bank has even asked the Healthcare Ministry to share the experience. Meanwhile, the IMF continues to demand from us quarantine measures, isolation, a curfew. This is nonsense. We will not dance to anyone’s tune,” said the President. Well done Squirrel ol’ boy!! This again proofs how brutally insidious Cyril and his ANC “Corona” criminals are. Thousands of not millions of people now are without jobs. Thousands of children suffers starvation in squalid conditions all because the Squirrel and his devious cronies were destroying our country while they were stuffing their pockets during this “lockdown” theatricals- and still the vile serpents go on “extending” our agony to proceeed  their plundering.

NOW that brings us back to the South African situation presently. The old tactic by this serpent servants of Satan  is either to exploit the greedy or the idiot. This they have been doing for ages now. If their political slaves cannot be bought- then they can be bamboozled. Simple as that! In South Africa’s realm they procured both. In South Africa we have the greedy Ramaphosa on the one side and the idiot Malema on the other. Both fitting perfectly into the Ashkinazi criteria to destroy the country. They also did the same thing with Robert Mugabe. Factually was the EFF created to act as the ANC’s radical wing.

They are again playing the South African masses for the fools they are- for if you cut through all the bullsh*t noise and empty promises  both parties- and the DA as well for that matter- follow the same liberal policies. Ramaphosa recieves his intructions and pay cheque from the Ruperts and so does Julius Malema. Ramaphosa gets his instructions from the British banking establishment- and so does Malema. In a recent meeting with the Bilderbergers in November 2019 at Stellenbosch both the ANC and EFF attended.  By day bra “Juli-arse” hollers “Kill the Boer – Kill the white”– and ” Down with white money capital monopoly” – and by night he sits hand around the bladder with  those same white monopolizing capitalists  who are  paying his bribes.Talking about a real little bullsh*tter hippocrate he is indeed.

Hate the “white monopoly capitalist “ by day- drink Johnny Walker with him by night. That is the diabolical game the Ashekenazi and his Jester are playing

Thus- whatever the EFF does carry the blessings from both the ANC and their white  corporate masters. It is then no wonder bra’ “Juli-arse”  can damn well do whatever he likes and get away with it- except when he start to touch a nerve such as taking about  Ramaphosa with regard to the Marikana massacre- or threatens to privatize the Cabal’s Reserve bank. It is then only when Malema will receive a “warning “ phone call in the middle of the night.

Now we again see Malema raising all hell about the Clicks’ hair advertisement  debacle. REALLY? Millions of his own people are without jobs and on the brink of starvation because of his buddies in the ANC pushing their dreadful “lockdowns” too far – and all bra’ “Juli-arse “ and his merry gang of misfits can do is kicking up one helluva shebang about HAIR?  That all while 40% of clicks belong to Black Empowerment shareholders, the Ad created by a black woman and approved by a black man? Then bra “Juli-arse” OWN little mama also hates her ancestral  curly black African frizzles-  but prefers  long straight hair JUST like the Clicks advertisement portrayed. Don’t be fooled by this faux charade at all. It’s all a ploy. The ANC have been in the firing line from the public about the destruction their “COVID-19 ”  fiasco has caused the country. The ANC currently finds themselves in the hot seat across the world because of the escalating farm murders. SO- to “divert” attention away from this two very “sensitive” issues the ANC winded up the EFF to throw a racist  “side show” in order to draw  the attention away from their own Covid and farm murder  f*ck-ups – and take the heat off the communist trash factory.


Image may contain: text that says '10:23 facebook WEE 1 WEE- White Economic Empowerment South Africa 15 minutes ago Devon Hofmeyr 19 hours ago Herman Mashaba owns Black Like Me. TRESemmè is direct competition for Black Like Me. Herman Mashaba is also friends with Julius Malema. Now we need to ask ourselfs what the real reason is for TRESemmè being removed from the shelves. 7'





Retailer Clicks paid over 5,800 BLACK employees a share of R1.3 billion as the first 50 percent payout under its Broad-Based Black Economic empowerment (BEE) scheme. The second and final payment would was made in 2019, adding to R34 million in dividends given to employees over the past six years. The BEE scheme has enabled almost 7,839 current and former employees to become shareholders in Clicks Group, 84 percent of them black and 66 percent female. “Extending equity ownership to employees has also enabled the group to accelerate transformation and build on the progress that we have made,” group human resources director Bertina Engelbrecht said. This had been complemented by learner-ship and graduate development programs across several retail disciplines, as well as Clicks’ in-house pharmacy healthcare academy which trains pharmacy assistants, she said. “As the largest employer of pharmacy staff in the private sector in South Africa with over 2 700 pharmacy and clinic professionals, we continue to invest in capacity creation,” Engelbrecht said. Since 2012 the group had funded bursaries for 400 pharmacy students and provided internships for 266 pharmacy graduates, all black, she added. (via African News Agency)

WATCH: EFF Threatens violence at Clicks stores on Monday. Like this page for updates

Posted by SA Updates on Sunday, September 6, 2020






The latest media coverage and massive protests against farm attacks and farm murders in South Africa, both locally and internationally, has drawn a lot of attention. This has resulted in the focus of attacks over the past weekend being shifted more towards the farm workers. This coupled with the current EFF ‘smokescreen’ (False Flag)  protest against the Clicks group, which is among other things, intended to draw attention away from this coverage and create another racial issue that the liberal mainstream media will latch onto in a flash. Since the EFF started with their violent and destructive protests, farm attacks have suddenly gone quite, with not one attack occurring in the last 36 hours as at the late afternoon of 8 September 2020.This could be the ‘calm before the storm.”


During the launch of Ernst Roets’s book, ‘Kill The Boer’, in June 2018, Roets played a recording in which a member of the 28 prison gang alleges that Julius Malema, EFF leader, went to see them in jail to talk about farm murders. Roets also told of his own experience when a convicted farm murderer told him that he was a member of the ANC military wing, uMkhonto we Sizwe, and that the ANC gave him an order to murder a farmer.  In the book it is argued that the South African faux government is complicit in the crisis of farm murders. Ten reasons are supplied for this allegation. Various incidents of political incitement to farm murders, as well as farm murders where political or racial motives clearly played a role, is stated in the book.

No photo description available.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested for Deacon murders; accomplices sought

TWO innocent hard working elderly white ladies were just recently brutally murdered in the most horrendous manner by black thugs AND  on Tuesday afternoon 8 September 2020, three black thugs attacked the home of the Zeelie family in Impala Street, Wedela Carletonville. Within minutes they had overpowered the occupants tied their hands and feet and Ernest Zeelie (63) was drowned in a bath of water. – yet this despicable EFF subhuman demon excretions want to raise all hell and turn the country upside down about a hair  “advertisement?” 


The year so far:

August 2020- 52 farm attacks and 9 farm murders.
July 2020- 55 farm attacks, 9 farm murders.
June 2020- 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders.
May 2020- 15 farm attacks and 4 farm murders.
April 2020- 17 farm attacks and 1 farm murder.
March 2020- 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders.
February 2020- 31 farm attacks and 8 farm murders.
January 2020- 17 farm attacks.

No photo description available.


Farm attack statistics supplied by The Rome Research Institute of South Africa

The Economic F*ckt-up Rubble doing their usual monkey tricks  in front of a Clicks store. During the circus act, the EFF members sang the banned song “Kill the boer”. In the revision, they said, “Kiss the boer”. A woman tried to intervene. The woman was rudely pushed away by a EFF thug . This is all this “EFF”  monkey gang can do- a band of misfits on mission of destruction, race hatred and division among South Africans.


In 10 years from the Malemas, Ramaphosas, Mngxitamas,  etc will be known as inciting murder, rape and their children will be to ashamed to say they are descendants of them. The world will read about it in history books as the biggest serial killing and mass genocide of a nation. White people are not the ” racists’ liberal foreign news media skunks keep shoving down your throats on a daily basis.  The Malema’s, Ramaphosas, Zumas and their white Ashkenazi benefactors  are the racists. Only a racist can see a race issue in a simple bottle of shampoo.



WE have been hearing too much from Ramasquirrel and “Juli-arse “ both talk very loosely about “Revolutions” in the coming. Twenty Five Years down the line of utterly corrupt communist maladministration and still this two Marxist heathens are singing about “revolutions” against G-d knows who or what. WE thought this was the Pan African “democratic” utopia where the black man now rule supreme ? It appears these warmongers aren’t too happy in their “Mandelatopia” after all.  Both this very unwelcome alien serpents  from the netherworld are promoting the one or other revolutionary war they seek to “adjust” the “ inequality” between the white ” money capitol” and the ” disadvantaged” masses. The one ophidian wants to disown whites totally from their property and assets- and the other wants to destroy and invade  all white property. AND  both vipers are deeply jealous white hating reptilians which wants white South Africans to become second class gypsies in their own country.

But both these serpents are NOT from South Africa by blood lineage- but from Uganda and Zimbabwe– and both- like their mentor Robert Mugabe– are hard-line  Marxist cretins and deep in the pockets of white British “money capitalists.” So one can directly assume where they get their ideas and orders from. This also explains who is composing their “socialist” musical  lyrics. None other than the leftist corporate  rubble in the London Banking Establishment Orchestra. So now you can figure out just WHO is pulling the strings of the serpents, who is behind this “revolutions” to destabilize the country,  who is behind the destruction  of South Africa, the umpteen “laws” and “bans” against the white voice in South Africa, behind the farm murders – “Land Expropriation” agendas, “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, prolonged “lockdown”, impoverishment of white Afrikaners, BEEE discrimination against white Afrikaners– campaigns to disown white Afrikaners from their pension funds, -and who is behind the total onslaught of the country’s economy sending it into  into junk status. Look North to Bank Street London and Wall Street New York boys and Girls. This two jesters only acts as useful idiots in the hands of their insidious  BRITISH ASHKENAZI  Shaitan  creature handlers.

For example: The following instruction was intercepted:



Revolutionary Greetings

ALL EFF Branch in Johannesburg Region must mobilise all forces for Red Friday Day of action against the Racist Clicks. In all Clicks township stores, only one branch must attend the store, only the branch where the store is located must attend to it to ensure that it is closed. All other wards and branches must be deployed to suburbs or affluent areas. Transport is available and branches must communicate with their branch deployee or RSO for transport.


TIME: 08H00

No store should be open or trade. All our protest should be peaceful and incident free. All forces to the front, let’s ensure that all stores are RED.

Yours in the Revolution

Cell : +27 78 722 35333
Email :

Cell : 0826152592
Email :”

Image may contain: text that says '1. Unilever expresses its remorse to all South Africans, black women in particular, for the racist Tresemmé SA image 2. Unilever will withdraw all Tresemmé SA products from all retail stores for a period of 10 days as a demonstration of its remorse for the offensive and racist image. 3. In addition, Unilever will donate a minimum of 10 000 sanitary towels (pads) and sanitizers to informal settlements identified by the EFF.'

Image may contain: text that says 'Tweet ZIMBABWE Julius Sello Malema @Julius_S_Malema @Julius_S If they want war give it to them including any land lord of any mall who refuses you entrance No one must disrespect black people after 2013 without any consequences, if it means death so be it. We are ready for the ultimate sacrifice in defense of black people. #EFFMustRise 9:27 PM Sep 2020 Twitter for iPhone'


YEA…THAT is our “Juli-arse” – a weasel to a “T”– quick with the mouth to instigate violence ,propagate  death and sport some good ol’ war talk.  BUT rest assure- when the “war” actually  starts and  all hell brakes loose ,  bullets start flying and the “comrades” REALLY  start dying due to unexpected return fire – our esteemed Ramasquirrel and his “pikkanien” Mr. “Juli-arse” will  no-where to be found fighting with the “comrades” and “revolutionists”   shoulder to shoulder in the front lines of the “revolution” – and neither one of them will sport the guts to be willing to” die” as it may “be” either . No Siree– you will find both these spineless cowards hiding behind their high security walls protected by hundreds of “ security” clowns while they play their “revolution” games on their beloved propaganda X-Boxes- far, far away from the action- as far as possible if possible.  Maybe in a 5-Star hotel somewhere in London or Dubai , maybe in a posh suite in the New Ambassador hotel in Harare or at the Villa Kololo in Kampala in Uganda- sipping a cool Johhny Walker Blue on ice together with their “ Fine & Flat” haired Clicks ladies while they watch their “comrades” acting as target shooting ducks on a gallery. BUT  surely NOT where they left their loose tongues with their revolutionary “comrades” back in good ol’ f*cked-up South Africa- busy planning and getting ready for their own “ultimate sacrifice !”  They will appear sometime MUCH later on some obscure TV channel- most probably the  BBC, CNN or Al Jazeera after the massacre of their “comrades” – and start to sing the praises of their slaughtered ducks  who “willingly sacrificed” their lives for the “revolution”- declaring them as “martyrs” of the “struggle”…you copy that? Now THAT is more likely the Squirrel and the Weasel we know. 

And through all of this threats, attacks on public places, declarations of “war”, etc- Ramaphosa and the ANC has been eerily silence on the issue. We have not as yet see ONE warrant of arrest issued to Malema, Ndlozi, Veronica Mente, Marshall Dlamini, Floyd Shivambu or any instigator of violence been issued for” Crimes Against The State “ or attempt to overthrow the current faux regime. However the ANC was very quick to arrest 22 white “Boeremag” members in 2002 on charges for alleged “Crimes Against The State  and ”  attempts to overthrow the government” in a neatly pre-planned police entrapment operation.   In a politicized orchestrated trail and one of the most disgusting cases of how justice can be raped-  the far leftist liberal judge Eben  Jansen sentenced twenty of this white men in the North Gauteng High Court to  prison terms ranging from five years to 30 years after a human rights abuse lengthy awaiting trail period of 11 YEARS. Yet those white “Boeremag”  members did not cause nearly as much destruction or posing nearly such a danger to the “State” as what “Juli-Arse” and his illegal militarized goons are doing presently.But some of the “Boeremag” members are still in jail 18 years down the line serving lengthy sentences on alleged and trumped-up charges while Mr. “Juli-Arse” and his goons are running amok in the country- turning our cities and towns  into war zones and turning our country and law and order ungovernable on various occasions.

The question is, who is paying for this protest?

Posted by Ronel Storm on Monday, September 7, 2020

Posted by Ronel Storm on Monday, September 7, 2020

Clicks, Mall of the North

Posted by We Can Stop The Genocide on Monday, September 7, 2020


They openly declare war against the State, the country , businesses and common  people. They openly have a “war room” where they plan and plot. They openly are involved in subversive militarized operations to destroy the economy. They openly wear military uniforms and carry guns. They openly and violently invade private property with orchestrated groups of militia. They openly call upon their members to start a war. They openly fire guns in public and threatens with a “revolution”– defined as a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system or government. AS we also know does most of these “revolutionary” terror groups such as Boko Haram. PLO, Hammaz, etc  started off  through leftist funding in a political incubation-then once ” established” – develop and manifests into a fully militarized terror organization that ultimately will take over the current government. This also was how the ANC started, and how the EFF started and now manifests itself.  The EFF – funded  by the Ashkenazi Rupert, Rothschilds and Soros miscreants- is preparing itself to take over the government in 2025.  Take a look at the “strongs” or “pointers” which describes the EFF and their objectives:

  • Uniforms and berets
  • Guns
  • Para-Military planned operations in war rooms
  • Ashkenazzi “advisors”
  • Mobilization of their “troops”
  • Destabilization of businesses
  • Threats against the current regime
  • Numerous threats of “war”
  • Mass violent  mobilizations and planned offenses to invade and destroy private businesses and private farmlands
  • Disregard for the Rule of Law and discipline
  • Terrorizing of the general population
  • Threats of a coming “revolution”
  • Using petrol bombs is terror attacks
  • Threats to start killing whites in South Africa

Posted by Marlon Daniels on Friday, September 11, 2020


This all is very much a clear indication that South Africa is harboring among many other terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda, PLO, Black Panthers  and AZAPO– another “legally” permitted political terror group that operates within the parameters of a politically supported organization. What the EFF is doing now is ten times worse and much more dangerous ,  a direct  threat to the “State” and stability of the country  than those “Boeremag” members ever did or planned.  Yet  Ramaphosa and the filth in the ANC choose to apply double standards and conveniently  prefer to “look the other way”  while they are well aware of the fact that a fully-blown terror group now is busy manifesting itself in the midst of the populace and not only that- but in parliament as well with FULL FUNDING from the tax payer!! Yet in contravention of the constitution, law prohibiting  private militarized organizations and the danger it poses to the safety and security of the country- the ANC in contrary with their brutal persecution and prosecution of the Boeremag incident- quietly not only prefer to ignore this direct subversive offense against the state and the people- but also co-conspire with the EFF by nurturing this malicious virus against their boesim, condoning and allowing their destructive actions  in malicious operations against privately owned businesses, farmers and private property.

The reason for this deliberate neglect to take preventative measures or strong military/police action against the EFF terrorists  can again be traced back to the fact that both these communist rubble “political parties” such as the ANC and EFF were created and are PAID  terrorist organizations belonging to the same corporate “deep state” Ashkenazi serpents – and one of their main  objectives is to exterminate the white race down South like they currently are attempting  across Europe, the USA  and Australasia. For this reason was their a meeting held in 2019 between the Ashkenazi Bilderbergers, the ANC and the EFF in Stellenbocsh. For this reason are Ashkenazi “advisors” continuously attending EFF meetings in their “war rooms.” For this reason was all the white crosses laid at the union buildings by the masses now standing up against farm murders totally disregarded and ripped off. For this reason does Ramaphosa go into a defense mode in parliament when confronted by these facts. For this reason does the ANC and EFF parliamentary monkeys laugh and mock him when the VF-Plus Pieter Groenewald addresses the  farm murders issue.   For this reason acts the ANC in a very non-compliant manner and appear to be very reluctant to take a stance on the escalating farm murder issue. For this reason does the EFF launch more and more land invasion campaigns. For this reason is the police very reluctant to respond to land invasions, death threats and actual murders on private white farms. For this reason is there an escalation in farm murders recently. It all forms part of their ” ultimate solution” – part of their Agenda 21 white extermination plan.

Yes Mr Ramaphosa how many more must die??

Posted by Heenen Nitro on Tuesday, September 8, 2020


The ANC and EFF does not want to be exposed for what they truly are- two uncivilized terror organizations that does not care about destroying the lives of innocent hard working law obeying citizens. Themselves did the ANC and EFF achieved NOTHING. They have constructed NOTHING. They have contributed NOTHING to the country. They have given NOTHING to the poor. They have invented NOTHING. They have done NOTHING to uplift the country’s dire economical situation which they themselves are responsible for. They have done NOTHING but brain wash and exploit the jobless and the poor to do their dirty work for them and needlessly die for their  disturbed psychopathic  “socialist “ agendas. They have been using and abusing poor black people for their own sick motives.  For 25 years the ANC and later on their aide de camp the EFF has done NOTHING but create diversity among South Africans, spew hatred against whites, created multiple racist laws against whites, blamed whites for all their f*ck-ups, plundered the country’s coffers- and incited racial tensions.  They are NOTHING but alien destroyers and paid demons in the hands of alien foreign  money mongers who’s sole objective it is to destroy South Africa for personal selfish enrichment. The ANC and EFF , their communist union allies, Main Stream Media editors and all the reporters who have been supporting their destructive cause all this years needs to be banned from South Africa and their leaders arrested, their assets frozen  and jailed for life on charges of Crimes Against The State and Crimes Against Humanity. There is a war and a total onslaught aimed against the white nations of the world by the leftist Ashkenazi corporations. World War 3 against the predominantly white countries already began- the white global populace has just not realize it as yet.



Our problem of South Africa’s decent into the swamp is not because of a “Corona” virus, not because  of “apartheid”, not because of “white money monopoly “ or any other white related excuse the leftist psychopaths  wants to attribute a reason for their very deranged secret motivations for  – but our main cause of destruction of a once prosperous country lies squarely at the feet of the international corporate swamp and their ANC/EFF malignant terror  concubines.

Has anyone seen this as well?Statistics on shootings.Amazing……. And sad.

Posted by Eileen A Powers on Friday, June 26, 2020


Farm murders only is one aspect of this deliberate onslaught to drive white farmers off their land and white Christians  totally into extinction- and the ANC and EFF together with their police and “revolutionists” are spearheading this attacks against white farmers and white business owners  in South Africa while Ramaphosa keeps on denying it and only pay mediocre ” lackadaisical”   lip service instead of  addressing the problem. This is nothing less than politicized terrorism against the white farmers and business owners of South Africa the same way Yomo Kenyatta , Samora Machell, Juaquim Chissano, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and Robert Mugabe did it. And all of the above mentioned  Pan African tyrants were well paid by the same corporate villains. “Racism” appear to be the most “convenient” excuse or scape goat to launch para-military offenses against the innocent populace, businesses and white owned farms.

If you think it's not real in SA this is my own brother right now. SA Bella BellaSuzanne Knox

Posted by Yolanda Smit on Saturday, August 29, 2020



Clicks SA majority shareholder is the PIC – the PIC is government basically.The ad is secretly passed by a black CEO who has close relations with the ruling party. The EFF are tasked by government to kick up an unholy fuss about the ad resulting in Clicks ditching Tressome (a US company) in favor of a local company with certain elite politicians as the owners of said local company. The local company will have the products manufactured in China of course because the ANC and EFF are basically owned by China all the right politicians get a kickback .  Malema gets an undisclosed sum in his Swiss bank account, race relations take a beating and those in power are happy!






Normandien SAPS naby Newcastle weier om ñ saak oop te maak nadat misdadigers glo blanke boere aangeval het. Versprei so gou moontlik, FB gaan dit waarskynlik verwyder.

Posted by Hein VAn Der Lith on Saturday, November 2, 2019

ARRESTING feeble old white ladies that defended themselves against the EFF thugs and drag them to court is so much easier that arresting the leadership of this rogue black terrorists and drag them to court it appears.

Remember when Malema cut loose with a rifle on full auto at a rally some time back – he was filmed doing so? A few days ago, an elderly White lady pulled out her firearm and pointed it at an EFF protester who was bigger than her and allegedly approached her aggressively at shopping mall in PE. Malema was charged and appeared in court, what what has happened since then? The old lady was arrested and has already appeared in court. We already know that there are barely discernible differences when it comes to how the various races are treated in ” racism ” cases.
Whites accused of “racist ”  utterances or actions look forward to massive fines and/or imprisonment.  Blacks accused of racist utterances or actions, do not. Do those approaches now also extend to other areas of law enforcement, such as weapons violations?” Apparently if you sport the right skin color and political affiliation it does.



“The Slaughterhouse Is Calling. Don’t Be Late!

I wont lie. About the granny pointing that gun at the EFF: I was so proud of what she did. She did exactly what Clicks FAILED to do in their own property, on behalf of their staff (80% Black and 60% Women) and loyal customers: She defended herself against natural-born thugs who are more racist than Apartheid security forces in their prime! What else was she supposed to do when racist devils were advancing towards her with more violence than IFP Zulu warriors inside an ANC/Xhosa-dominated hostel in Soweto during the early 90s? To arrest her, place her 50 year old body inside a cold, dark cell filled to the brim with actual murderers, looters and rapists; and not the EFF devils who were seeking to harm her only validates why she pulled out that pistol. Clearly this Clicks saga has been orchestrated (just like the extended national Lockdowns) to give way to Black racists to deflect from the R500 Billion that has been devoured (in 90 days) by Black leaders and rulers in Power.

To this day, there hasn’t been an outrage over that money, not even from the EFF. Money that was meant to primarily serve the needs of the Poor (especially Black) during a crisis that has destroyed more livelihoods and lives than the Virus that it was supposedly protecting us from. Money that was supposed to assist Poor South Africans (again, especially Black) by giving them the best services money can buy (R500 Billion). But no, that doesn’t matter. For as long as Black rulers can inflict more damage and cause the loss of life for so many Black South Africans [like those who were killed by Black soldiers inside their own homes or those who died of negligence, incompetence, hunger, and of course, corruption (not the Chinese Virus) in public hospitals during the Lockdown]; it is fine. In fact, we (by we, I mean Black People) welcome and even celebrate it as Black Excellence.

Then when a group of Black executives (working for a Black-majority owned company, i.e. Clicks) release an advert that triggers insecure, tiny-brained Black Supremacists; its racism. Ooooooohhhhh…..We are in so much danger because of a racist advert that has been released on social media! Just think about this dichotomy for a second. Blacks ruler kill Blacks (via Lockdown), Black Supremacists fold their arms and move on. Yet they are quick to burn down Black People’s livelihoods (jobs) over an advert that only a few Black People care to even regard as “offensive” compared to the horror that their own Black government has caused them to suffer under the Lockdown. They got their cigarettes and booze; and so its all good! The Whites who continue to yield more resources (especially those who employ Blacks) in this country than our own Black leaders have been delighting to devour (instead of reproduce) for over 25 years, will indeed leave. They are shrinking as a demographic and so I’m sure they are aware of their fate in this long-damned country. But, what is our fate as Black South Africans? Man…! We run so fast towards the Slaughterhouse because…Because we are convinced that we will never become a Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Swaziland?!

We really believe that our own children will not illegally cross the border to Botswana, in order to braid hair or trim hedges (whilst having three university degrees) like the Zimbabweans who come to South Africa everyday?! A People who strive to better themselves (Asians, Europeans and Americans) will always be Blessed even when the possibility to Prosper seems like a textbook fantasy. Yet, those People (Africans) who remain victims, do not seek nor desire to Lift Themselves Up from the Dust, but instead delight in tearing and shutting down those who do; will forever remain Cursed. Poverty will remain their first name. There is no doubt about it. It is the Nature of All things. Look at Africa. This Continent has been “Independent” for over 50 years, but still cannot do ANYTHING without their former Colonial Masters. The only difference now is that, here we run towards the Slaughterhouse (murderous Black rulers and leaders like the ANC, ZANU-PF and the EFF). For it is rewarding to us who thrive on being lazy to Think, Build and Prosper.

Welcome To Africa!”

  • Dumisa Mbuwa


DEAR MY FELLOW BLACK PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, CAN I TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO ASK YOU TO STOP VIOLENCE TOWARDS WHITE PEOPLE. 1994 ELECTIONS WERE LONG TIME AGO AND WE GOT THE FREEDOM WE WERE LOOKING FOR, SO WHY WE KEEP ON BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE FOR EVERYTHING WHILE THEY GAVE US POWER TO LEAD SO LONG AGO. I THINK WE ARE FAILING TO RECOGNIZE THE BIGGER PROBLEM WE ARE FACED WITH OF WHICH IS A BLACK ON BLACK APARTHEID. Those who are in power they are taking everything for them self and their loved ones and us on the ground we are busy chasing white people I don’t know what for? Let’s unite and work out a way of having a government that will be able to accommodate every citizen of this country without checking the race first. White people are the major employers in our country so we can’t out run them cos we need them so badly the only people that does not need them will be the president and his few friends because the rest of the country depends on them for jobs,shelter nd food this is a wake up call please answer it you shall see the difference”

  • Nkosinathi Mathe (Khonde)

“Who wants to be the next victim of the ANC culling machine? Come over to Angus Train Station where this weekend you can see the latest evidence of disgusting ANC corruption, and poor quality workmanship and shoddy materials.This resulted in the collapse of this bridge – creating another government created death trap for us poor black South Africans. Let me ask the black man, ‘who is our real enemy when you see this?’”- Victor Moreng




ANOTHER aspect of the war against whites- especially conservative whites- is to clamp down on any distribution of news concerning the onslaught against the white population on Ashkenazim-controlled media and social media outlets such as You Tube, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and many other social sites. And especially the monkeys running the SOUTH AFRICAN Facebook  version are terrible racist, white hating liberal neocon  trash to say the least. They are the worst of the social site evils. Because of their low mental capacity they cannot even distinguish between  what is “racist, community standards- and normal postings.


THAT is the poor semi-intellegent racist Facebook goons running the South African show for you! Where Zuckerberg and his Jews got THESE bunch of incompetent retarded anti-white jesters from is anybody’s guess.

My Life Was Deleted Online – And Yours Might Be Next

MY LIFE WAS DELETED ONLINE – AND YOURS MIGHT BE NEXTYou have the rightTo speak unfiltered,Because your truth isToo meaningfulTo beFiltered.I love you,And remember,You absolutely can have it all,Regan x

Posted by Regan Hillyer on Friday, May 15, 2020

Image may contain: text that says 'How can you tell the truth is being told? Well, when Facebook blocks it, Twitter deletes it, Google hides it, Youtube bans it, The Media censor it, And your Government forbids it.'

“Laws”, bans , removal of postings, strict info control and closing down of conservative activism on these sites are in the order of the day- all neatly masqueraded under the false  veil of ” Community standards “  and  alleged “hate speech.” Their “community standards” is like their “hate speech” hoax- vaguely defined , changeable as they deem fit -and viciously applied if a posting or article does not fit their contorted narratives. This all is aimed at silencing the white conservative voice while in the same instance promoting liberal malicious propaganda against white nationalism such as BLM and ANIFA agendas. According to their narrative the Alternative Media must be silenced altogether  so only the leftist fake government controlled Main Stream Media can have the right and  rule supreme in their pro-regime brainwashing tactics to poison the minds of the people. That will not happen! Across the world we now experience how liberal governments are stepping up their attacks against conservative white activists. Banning them from social sites, persecuting them on nonsensical charges, attacking their privacy and social lives, dismiss them from their normal work environments, harass them, arrest them on mediocre assumptions , prevent them from entering certain countries, taking away their constitutional rights – and even death threats all are part of this terrible war being waged against the white conservative voice.

SOUTH AFRICA is about “gatvol”  for the useless ANC, their Corporate puppet masters, EFF bumnuggets, their corrupt police vigilantes , white liberal  sell outs – and their Main Stream Media dushbags. Their “Covid-19” oppression and deliberate gross human rights abuses against the people during their never ending “lockdowns” was the last straw. Ramaphosa and his dastardly “Corona Council” turned the brutal and prolonged “lockdown” from a humongous mistake into a crime against humanity.  And as we learned now it all was about a R 500 billion bribe. How friggen disgusting can you get?

Australia is next and of course their lockdowns are even crazier, as to be expected from their socialist regime, than what we have in South Africa under the despicable socialist ANC tyrants .
Every country where the government had accepted the IMF’s financial incentive to push this hoax, went this similar route. The question is, which country will follow after South Africa and Australia? These corrupt fools, backed by their so-called “experts” and filthy fake news mainstream media, are determined to drive this worldwide hoax until deep into 2021 at least, followed by forced vaccinations under the watchful eye of evil Bill at the Gates of hell.


We still await the private class action suits against Ramaphosa, Dlamini Zuma, Mkhize, Patel, Cele and Lomola  for the total destruction they caused to our social lives, the inhuman treatment citizens endured,false arrests, abuses, assaults,  the unnecessary “bans” and “ regulations” these vile pieces of filth enforced upon us through their low life police thugs and traffic cop scum-, the losses of jobs and businesses which now led to millions being impoverished, –  and the disruption of our  whole private lives and the psychological stress we had to endure with all this psychopathic Dhlamini-Zuma’s power hungry theatricals. Where are our lawyers that are willing to start private multiple cases for this damage   against this despicable ANC thugs in high places then?

South Africans are urged NOT to forget what irreparable damage these bastard children of perdition have caused them this past eight months. Ramaphosa and his loathsome political  ilk deem themselves as ” untouchable” because they always get away with the most horrible human rights abuses, corruption and theft. Not ONE of these ANC rubble EVER was dragged to court and sent to jail for their misdeeds against the people. But they want to pump out one “law” after the other to “control” us???  They should have been dragged before a human rights court and be shot for High Treason and Crimes Against Humanity long ago! South Africa is sick and tired of the disastrous game played between the plundering Jews and their greedy lapdog  Jesters with us a normal citizens being exploited  as their pawns at stake. South Africans are on the rise. They are not scared for fearmongering or threats anymore. They can take their fake “virus”, their “new normal”, their “social distancing,” ” New World Order”, ” lockdowns”, “bans”  and masks and shove it up their own arses! We are taking back our normal lives now! Normal law obeying citizens now are taking up arms and are ready to defend their lives, constitutional rights and property. There is a terrible backlash in the coming. People are taking note and remember the past 25 years of total oppression, discrimination and impoverishment of the land by these communist villains. Under the ANC’s watch they have stolen more than 3 TRILLION from the tax payer. The people noted that. 

Image may contain: text that says 'CORONAVIRUS DEATHS UNEMPLOYMENT HEART FAILURE Unemployme associated with 50% higher death heart failure patients SUICIDES Associated with twofold to threefold increased relativerik death suicide funemployed. million unemployed could mean 60k deaths FAMINE UN food agency chief: World could see famines Biblical proportions' within months DEATH OF CHILDREN UN warns economic downturn could hundereds of thousands of children 2020 DEATH BY DISEASE ADDICTION person who Circuitarly diseases, Respiratory diseases. &Alcohol related diseases from employ- observe increase higher odds of consuming illegal drugs VIOLENCE can sure that young people facing tough market, chances tragedies increases suicide spike, does the incidence violence'


No intelligent person will look past this and ignore the facts. There is an agenda at play, keeping the lock downs in place. Go Figure..

As more and more white farmers are murdered and black fathers are delivered into the hands of criminals in black residential areas- the mood of normal South Africans are reaching a boiling point- and NO false flag “racist” sideshow by the EFF to distract the attention away from the ANC’s grotesque f*ck-up of the country or bans on true information on the internet will stop or divert the attention of the people away from the real cause of their suffering- an incompetent corrupt and oppressive  communist swamp that needs to be drained soon. But then the criminal ANC looters are well aware their time is up- that the reason why they now plunder every available community chest as fast as they can- even relief funds destined for the poor. This is how their callous agenda they for a long time kept hidden now is exposed. Their fake  “democratic” garments now are abandoned and the ANC and EFF rats now display  their true colors- that of thieves and tyrants. They have NO patriotism, NO respect, NO honor and NO pride for the country or it’s people. They only want to destroy and plunder the country, oppress the people-  and steal as much as they can.





White Nation