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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   October 15  2020







THE time has come that white Afrikaner  people and especially white farmers now stand together and take hard action against the corrupt ANC, state criminal Bheki Cele – and the filthy Main Stream Media goons and all their double standard  hippocracy in South Africa for the deliberate oppression, discrimination, brazen  racism and murders of white people.

THIS past month of September was highlighted by more brutal murders against white farmers and white people in cities and towns in South Africa by black vigilante groups. Murders against white people by black thugs in general are on the rise- and systematically whites are being “culled” by well organized military- style trained black terrorists while the illegal bandit regime and their skunk media correspondents are covering up one of the most horrendous genocides of modern times.

Murder most foul- SAPS involved?

One specific case that set the proverbial pot into a boiling motion was the recent brutal murder of the 22 year old white farm manager Brendin Horner by two black cattle thieves Sekwetjie Isaiah Mahlamba (32) and  Sekola Piet Matlaletsa (44) . Mahlamba and Matlaletsa were two cattle thieves that as sources indicated- were caught in the act by Horner. What happened next is still unclear but indications were that a struggle ensued with Horner fighting for his life against a gang of  brutal and merciless black thugs.  When his father found his lifeless body against the pole afterwards the  knuckles in both the boy’s hands were broken . He was so brutally tortured his body was unrecognizably desecrated he could not be buried the normal way  but had to be cremated. This is how savagely these  black hounds of hell assaulted and murdered a 22 year old white boy. There is suspicions that there were FOUR black thugs- and even more disturbing – is the allegation that the two in custody are members in service of the SAPS Paul Roux!!! Two villains are still on the run- and if suspicions are correct- they will be back on duty tonight at the SAPS station again.

Horner’s girlfriend Lenize Taljaard raised the alarm on Friday evening after the young farm manager  failed to return home.  His blood-soaked corpse was found by his father Robbie and a colleague Jaco Kleingeld at 6am the following day. He had been stabbed and slashed  multiple times and a knife was found not far from the pole to which his torturers had strung him to.    Gilly Scheepers who owns the farm where Horner was murdered told TimesLive: ‘He was so excited that day, that he was working a year for us, and on that special day he died. His family is taking his death extremely hard.’  Agricultural strategist Dr Jaco De Villiers has described the latest murder as part of a ‘war against food production’ in the country and said that his murder was ‘slaughter’. The two vile pieces of human excretion were caught and arrested afterwards for their heinous deed.

Emotion reaching breaking point



Bredin’s brutal murder led to total resentment by the farming community in an action packed retaliation against the needless bloody war led by the Ramaphosa regime and their EFF rodent pests against the farming community. It was quite notable how quick the Prosecuting Authorities and Main Stream Media condemnation and  reaction to the white farmers’ so-called “ terrorism” was compared to the  stark contrast with which the incitement to genocide, war , violence and the destructive riots committed by Julius Malema’s EFF sycophant thugs was during  the CLICKS saga. Again here we clearly see the hippocracy and double standards applied by the ANC regime and their skunk media goons on the basis of race, ethnic and cultural grounds. In their thousands farmers and supporters gathered e-masse at the first court appearance of the two murdering black reptiles. It must also be noted that these pieces of sh*t were active police members and the two that were arrested later on also belongs to the South African Police. BUT it was here at the  Senekal Magistrate’s Court in the Free State on Tuesday morning for a pre-trial hearing that emotions boiled over and the angry farmers demanded the two murdering scumbags be handed over to them for civil justice. And it was here where the police thugs and News 24 media filth showed their true detestable racist  undergarments.

Police and Media skunks trying to shift blame on farmers





The torching of a police vehicle is a clear eveidence of riots against the state” – sez Mabe. “The discarding of a loaded weapon stretches further unhappiness with law enforcement. It borders to flagrant lawlessness” – sez the critter. One wonders if Mabe realize it was a POLICE OFFICER that set the police van alight and two POLICE OFFICERS that fired the two shots in the court building’s ceiling- but as devious as the media pigs are- do they now create the false illusion it was white farmers that did it- or is Mabe trying to shift the blame on the white farmers again to make them look like “anarchists” as well? MORE lies and double standards. Mabe said that the ANC “ Draws a line in the sand when anarchists turn to anarchy …”– yet Mabe and his useless ponzi ilk do NOTHING against the EFF anarchists nor their destructive rioting communist Union  mobs. Only when white farmers  are involved does the ANC suddenly “remember” where to ” draw the line.” 


Straight out of the donkey’s arse:

We have long been warning that the ANC and their Media filth will soon create a racial incident to cover their dirty tactics they used to destroy South Africa during their “Covid-19 Lockdown” to make the majority forget about all the atrocities committed against the people , the destruction of the economy, the job losses and the human rights abuses committed  by the ANC’s “Corona Council“, their media, soldiers, police and municipal security services. The George Floyd  incident was the first incident Ramaphosa , his ANC pigs and their sick media goons  tried to start such a offensive…but it failed miserably. George Floyd just was a poor “off-shore”investment. Very little local people paid any attention to Ramaphosa’s failed propaganda tactics to invoke a racial shebang. They needed something more closer to home. The Senekal incident on the contrary  is a much better and viable option and a more local attempt to create a racial incident to “unite” the black majority behind the ANC communists again. So again the skunk media were tasked to start the wave of “allegations”, false propaganda, demonization of white farmers and instigation of racial tensions.  And soon they also will activate the Sycophantic EFF slum creepers to incite racial tensions and if possible a racial civil war between black and white as well. White Afrikaners and specifically white farmers  again must be showcased and “exposed” as the “racist” perpetrators.
TIME to get ready…October 16 2020- the final countdown for farm murders
Media 24 Newspapers immediately started to send out pro-government false reports that police say ‘they did not take action against a rampaging “mob”  of farmers who [allegedly] stormed a court and torched a police vehicle in the Free State because the situation could have led to ” innocent “ people losing their lives’. A large group of farmers [allegedly] ran riot at the Senekal magistrate’s court on Tuesday, where two men accused of killing farm manager Brendin Horner appeared.This obviously is a lot of utter bullsh*t and a deliberate attempt by the Media 24 scoundrels to cause racial hatred.  The  “mob “ ( that would now be the farmers as the dastardly  bias media NEVER refer to rioting blacks or EFF thugs as “the mob”) [allegedly] attacked state property, attempted to overturn a police Nyala and “set alight”  a police van as police stood by and watched. (Which is another media fabricated lie as the police vehicle’s petrol ignited inside the bonnet LONG after all the farmers were gone- See attached video)
Furthermore is it clear that the communist police tries to demonize the white farmers by alleging that the white farmers started the riots at the court. What the lying police and News 24 media is NOT saying is that the driver of the police Nyala vehicle revved up the engine of the vehicle and at a dangerous fast speed barged through the fence and tried to ram down the line of white farmers on the other side– nearly killing two innocent children was it not for the fast reaction of one of the farmers rescuing the mother and two children before the vehicle struck them. THIS cowardly and racist driven action by the Nyala driver conveniently is nor mentioned in the media fanfare. It was then that the white farmers lost it all and want to overturn the Nyala. What they also “neglect” to mention is that the two shots fired inside the courthouse was deliberately discharged by police officers that fired two shots into the ceiling specifically to blame the white farmers.
For Media 24: Not a single shot was fired by any farmers you lying scum! The police fired 3 shots. Those were the only shots that were fired. You, News24, with your incitement of violence against farmers are worse than the Farm Murderers themselves! That wasn’t the only reason. The SAPS provoked the farmers, throwing stun grenades & tear gas into crowds of bystanders. They (SAPS) charged into the crowd with Nyala’s almost killing two children. They then rammed through a palisade fence into a crowd of farmers standing outside the court. 2  Shots were fire at unarmed farmers inside the court, who wanted to witness proceedings of the two accused. The farmers pushed the Nyala out of the courthouse & overturned the Police vehicle to disable it, preventing the cops from using this vehicle as a battering ram. The farmers then blocked off all road access to the courthouse with harvesters etc, to prevent SAPs from entering, following which the situation returned to calm. Farmers laid hands on the courthouse building and  prayed for 2 minutes then dispersed. The Police van ignited 30 mins to an hour after the farmers had left. When the SAPs vehicle ignited, the SAPS Captain called the farmer watch to assist with extinguishing the fire, which the farmers did.  This is how utterly loathsome the police and media goons operates.
The ANC lies and threats continue against the white farmers.
And the EFF bum nuggets also had a squirt to pee…
Bheki Cele and Julius Malema…buddy buddy in court. More proof the ANC and EFF are in the same bed? 
The violence erupted after the case against Sekwatje Mahlamba, 32, and Sekola Matlaletsa, 44, ( Suspected police officers) who allegedly murdered Horner and tied him to a pole in Paul Roux, was postponed. An angry mob of farmers were captured on video storming the court and forcefully trying to get into the holding cells where the accused were held demanding that the suspects be handed over to them. Free State police spokesperson Brig Motantsi Makhele said officers who were present during the protest should be commended for applying their minds in their response. “It was a volatile situation that could have led to innocent people losing their lives. The situation ended with only damage to property and no injuries from both sides. That is commendable,” Makhele said. Makhele said intelligence was gathered that there would be a group of farmers who would attend the court hearing in solidarity with Horner’s family.
We would have deployed more officers to the court if we knew that the group would attempt to storm the court but the information we gathered did not indicate that things would happen the way they did,” he said.
Makhele said a 52-year-old farmer – Andre Pienaar– was arrested on Wednesday for his role in the torching of the police vehicle. Pienaar was arrested simply because the police wanted a culprit to shift the blame onto- and Pienaar was subsequently arrested to set an “example” again as a “warning” to white farmers NOT to dare taking any action against a regime and their 3rd force farm killers. The fact that two if the murderers were active POLICE cadres substantiated the fact that the police and their deceptive media cohorts is trying to hide the fact that the ANC and their police is directly involved in the farm murders by shifting the blame and focus onto the white farmers as the “culprits.” Pienaar was selected to be the ‘conductor” to divert the attention away from this fact. For this reason did the ANC scoundrels hired the services of a top liberal leftist Afrikaner solicitor Johan Roothman   to defend the state and charge Pienaar with as much false accusations and charges as possible including  insanely charged with “terrorism, attempted murder , instigation to violence and public violence.” It is also this same Afrikaner Roothman that opposed Pienaar’s bail application.
Andre Pienaar– again the ANC dirty politicians want to make an “example” of him by firstly appoint a white prosecutor like they did in the Boeremag trail to belittle white Boers by the use of liberal white Afriikaner sell-outs to prosecute them – then secondly hang the whole law book around his neck just to “teach” the white farmers a “lesson” not to try challenging the filthy regime in a “power play.” 
Pienaar’s bail application was subsequently denied and while his wife burst in tears by hearing this the filthy police gangsters were laughing at her in court. The Senekal Magistrate’s Court in the Free State has denied bail to 51-year-old Andre Pienaar who’s facing charges of attempted murder, malicious damage to property and public violence. The matter has been remanded until the 20th of next month for further investigations. The magistrate denied him bail citing that if released he will “jeopardize the administration of justice. ” And will also “undermine public peace and security. ” On Tuesday, the court heard that the terrorism charge had been dropped. The state told the court that it did not receive authorization from the national directorate of prosecutions to proceed with the terrorism charge.
Another lie the police is driving at to hid their own dastardly cowardice is that the police vehicle never was set alight by any white farmer- but factually were set alight by presumed  the battery that sparked and set the petrol alight. On a video it can clearly be seen that only one black person was at the scene when the vehicle caught fire LONG after the white farmers were gone already. There is roamers that this also was the individual that deliberately set the vehicle alight. This act of false propaganda by the police was a deliberate act to try to demonize the white farmers on the one side- and to later on create more fake “evidence” to lay more false charges against Pienaar as well. The Medi 24 serpents then quickly started to spread this fake narrative as the “truth” with their usual lies and propaganda campaigns. This is a clear indication to what low levels the South African police will stoop and their Media 24 criminal cohorts will venture in their war against the white farming community of South Africa.
Makhele- an ostensibly Mkhionto We Sizwe/APLA cadre– then  said police were gathering evidence and going through video footage of the protest, in which shots were also fired, to identify culprits for arrest. Makhele will NEVER tell the truth that it was the police themselves that fired two shots inside the court building- but again tries to shift the blame onto the white farmers. The Media 24 hookers then went ballistic in their fake reporting by saying that ” There has been “widespread outrage and condemnation”  of the acts of violence and intimidation, with police minister Bheki Cele labelling the events as lawlessness and calling for the arrests of those behind it. “This type of lawlessness cannot be justified nor taken lightly. There is no logic when protesters burn a police van, which is the same resource which is meant to assist them,” they reported Cele been saying.
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ET TU BHEKI CELE??? When a police van was set ablaze at a white farmer protest Cele quicly reacted to say “ The events is  lawlessness and calls for the arrests of those behind it. There is no logic when protesters burn a police van..” but eerily stays mum and NO arrests when BLACK protesters runs amok and does worst damage to state property during their rioting. Again we see the double standards and white discrimination  applied against the farmers by the ANC misfit politicians such as Lamola, Cele, Mabe ,et al.
The minister’s spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said police officers were outnumbered by the horde of farmers and acted in a manner that prevented injury or loss of life. She said after Cele’s demand for arrests, they had been inundated with unsavoury messages from farmers across the country.” So here again we see the Media 24 skunk factory trying to label the white farmers as the “villains” and whip up some negative public sentiment against the white farmers- especially from the black masses again.
AS the video above clearly shows- no white farmers were near the police vehicle when it caught fire. BUT the filthy media scoundrels spreads false propaganda to demonize the white farmers again. The biggest perpetrators and instigators of race hatred in South Africa can be found in the NASPERS and other far-leftist local media swamps.
Themba then went on and said they had reported the alleged “insults ” and” threats “  from the white farmers to crime intelligence for further handling. A police officer who was at court allegedly told Sowetan that they were [allegedly] intimidated by the “thugs” while stationed at court. The officer, who cannot (conveniently)  be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media, said a crowd of about 20 farmers approached two officers who were [allegedly] seated inside a police vehicle before it was torched. “They saw the group approaching them and they stepped out of the vehicle before they [allegedly] overturned it and set it alight,” – the officer said. (another lie as the videos clearly shows only ONE black person was at the vehicle at the time of the incident and NO white farmer- NEITHER any police officer were near the vehicle.) “They tried to access the accused in the holding cells but they could not get through to them. They became angry and targeted us who were outside the court.” Another (black) police officer told Sowetan that they called for backup before the matter was heard in court. “After the arrests [of Mahlamba and Matlaletsa] we received information that the farmers were mobilizing but we did not know the number of farmers who would be coming to the case. Senior management in Paul Roux decided for the matter to be heard in Senekal and get backup,” he said. The officer, who is stationed in Paul Roux, said tensions were generally high between farmers and police officers due to the mistrust harbored by farmers. Amiliah Matletsi, the Police and Prison Civil Rights Union’s (Popcru) provincial secretary, said the police’s response to the volatile situation was “commendable.”  “The situation could have got out of hand because of how tense the situation was. We do not agree with the unruly behavior and believe those behind it should be arrested,” she said. Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s CEO, said farm attacks needed to be considered a priority crime due to the nature of violence and brutality that victims suffered.
But why is the Senekal incident drawing so much government, police and media attention?
The Senekal incident appears to be more than just another farm murder, This specific incident covers a much more darker and deeper secret-. Between all the layers of political bullsh*t, Media hysteria and EFF roaring, threats and political crap there lies  a dirty secret both the ANC corruptibles and police misfits rather would prefer not being exposed. That secret involves very sensitive information about high ranking police involvement in stock theft syndicates. Farmers in the Senekal district are highly upset about the obvious and deliberate police negligence and corruption that led to the unnecessary murder of  Brendin Horner. Policemen were involved in his murder as well. Senekal Police cell phones have been tracked and linked to the murder of Brendin Horner.
The Hawks is in possession of a detailed report pointing directly to  the  involvement of police officers from the Paul Roux district police office with stock theft syndicates and the involvement of the barbaric and brutal murder ( assassination?) of Brendin Horner. IF the Hawks reacted timeiously Horner would have been still alive today and the whole Senekal debacle would never even have happened. Farmers in the eastern Free State pointed out that the callous murder of the 21 year old Brendin Horner would not have happened if the Hawks reacted to the detailed report which contains names of a local stock theft syndicate which was submitted to a black lieutenant colonel of the Hawks. The report contains names and of dirty senior black police officers that are involved in stock theft syndicates, pictures of vehicles and cattle thieves with registration numbers and names of individuals that have information about dirty corrupt police officers of the Paul Roux police station and their co-operation with stock theft syndicates. This report was totally ignored and “disappeared” mysteriously in the dark offices of the Hawks’ offices in Pretoria .

Mr. Herkie Viljoen, safety coordinator of the Bethlehem District Agricultural Association, openly told Rapport that Brendin was dead because people did not do their job. Brendin was found dead with stab wounds and in an upright position with a rope tied around his neck to a pole on the farm where he lived. Was it a message they sent to farmers that they might want to “reconsider” before exposing these dirty cops?Several agricultural leaders said that the police’s lack of action against the stock theft syndicate, together with the conviction that many members of the SAPS themselves were involved in the stock theft syndicate, was the cause of the emotions of protesters, which stormed the Senekal court last  Tuesday, where the two suspects appeared in connection with the murder of Brendin the previous Thursday. A group of 30 protesters entered Senekal court last Tuesday morning and went to the court cells when emotions boiled over. A police car was overturned and set on fire ( by a suspected police officer) in the ensuing chaos.


Horner’s employer-, Mr. Gilly Scheepers from Bloukruin Farm,-  described as a good and gentle hearted young man who could become a top farmer. Did Brendin by accident stumble across the SAPS’s involvement in the syndicate?  Mr. Viljoen – in an emotional  speech in court on Tuesday requested Bheki Cele, Minister of Police, to  tell the country what happened to the report and the involvement of Paul Roux police members in stock theft in the area. Mr Viljoen said that if the Hawks had responded to the information about the syndicate provided to them in January, with full evidence and details  about the stock theft syndicate that has been terrorizing farmers for two years, they would not have been able to have brutally murdered Brendin Horner. But they did not. Viljoen said on Tuesday that they are now demanding that the police appoint a task team within a week to investigate the stock theft syndicate and the direct involvement of the Paul Roux police with them. He said they first discussed the issue with local police stations, and when they received no response, they reported it to the police station, but again received no response.

 Viljoen said he then sent a full report to the Hawks’ lieutenant colonel in two parts, the first in December and the second part in January 2020, after which he followed up the case regularly, but the Hawks’ officer always had excuses. He followed up the case again two weeks ago and told the officer the situation in Paul Roux is getting worse. The officer again had apologies. Shortly afterwards, Brendin was callously murdered. Coincidence? Viljoen said it is known that two local policemen, a constable and a sergeant, boasted in the town that they did not use their police salaries because the stock theft syndicate paid them enough, while another farmer told Rapport because the police never respond, and arresting cattle thieves, the thieves begin to believe that it is their “right “ to steal sheep and other livestock. The farmers also complained that the police induct and train  the suspects when they arrest and hand over the suspects to the police, and then also seize the firearms of farmers because the thieves make false  allegations that they were “threatened “ with firearms. One farmer told Rapport that the syndicate steals whole flocks of sheep at once and chases them to where they want them, and the only hope farmers have to get their livestock back is to look for it themselves. The farmer says that white farmers must now act as farmers  as well as the local stock theft unit.


Some of the shocking allegations in the report are: Stolen livestock was found on the farm of a police general. A worker of the general was arrested, but he died in the police cells! The investigating officer in the case was transferred to another station. An SAPS station commander from an Eastern Free State town was seen several times near scenes where cattle were stolen. The station commander is linked to at least six cases of stock theft. The names of other police officers involved in stock theft are also mentioned in the report. The report also contains the names of possible witnesses. Mr Viljoen’s report reveals shocking details and numbers. Thousands of cattle have been stolen in the area since 2018, yet only one person has been arrested by police. Some farmers lost up to 200 sheep in one night. THIS is Bheki Cele’s OWN corrupt police thugs at work- but Cele has much to howl about the white farmers? 


Brendin’s employer, Mr. Gilly Scheepers, said there is no law and order in the region anymore, and that the situation can be described as lawless and chaotic. He says two of his workers were nearly killed by cattle thieves 18 months ago. Mr Scheepers says he believes Brendin’s killers became so arrogant that they believed they would get away with his murder and still believe it. The Rapport made an appointment with the station commander of the Paul Roux police station, Captain Moloi, on Friday morning, but he never showed up. The national spokesperson of the Hawks–  Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi,–  told Rapport that he had no knowledge of the report and the Hawks in the Free State said that they only received the report from Viljoen on Thursday, and they would refer it for investigation . 


Posted by Anthony David Hall on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Can Media 24 please explain why  THIS incident was not treated the same way they did the white farmer incident and why nobody was witch hunted and arrested like the police and media  filth did to the white Boers? 
The ANC communists up to their racist double standards again- apply draconian law against whites while EFF terrorism and instigation of race violence  is totally ignored
THE ANC was usurped and introduced by the Kazarian Cabal money powers to capture South Africa for the sole objective to gain access and full control of  the mineral riches of the country and important sea route around the Cape . Through vile traitors in high places such as FW DE Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, Dawie De Villiers, Tienie Groenewald, Neil Van Heerden and many others from the British-bank rolled National Party and detestable white communist lackeys and conspirators in the old PFP such as Hellen Zille, Narine Gorimer, Hellen Suzman, Zach De Beer, Harry Oppenheimer, Harry Schwartz, – and demonic infestations in News rooms and on academic level  such as Charl Niehaus, Max Du Preez, Piet Croucamp and a multitude of Jewsish conspirators and false clergymen this diabolical Babylonian agenda was fulfilled in the signing of the pact with the devil  at CODESA in 1991 that set the start of the country’s capitulation process in motion and initiated one of the most dreadful and horrendous onslaughts against the white farming community since the British Scorched Earth genocide by Kitchener  in 1901.
FARM killings in SA has everything to do with the present and past situation in Zimbabwe.The Mugabe regime’s  failed attempts to blame white for their economic misfortune under Mugabe resulted in agricultural land being confiscated and white farmers assaulted to flee the country. In their failure to lift the economy and no one else to blame they decide to overthrow the government with hope for better changes with a new government whom actually condone the brutality of the previous one. Obviously nothing significant has changed but the situations has gone worse and their people are are more aware of our racial division to use in their advantage in killing farmers and blame local blacks because the ANC government is too weak in dealing with illegal immigrants. South Africa became the most invaded country in Africa where anyone can come in n establish an illegal empire to conquer its cities with its suburbs. Illegal  Zimbabweans, Sundanese, Pakistanis, Anglolans and  Nigerians are roaming South Africa’s  cities at nights while the local population are forced to hide behind their walls-  too scared to venture out and enjoy their cities. AS quite expected did the filthy ANC serpent regime move quick to again apply double standards when it comes to enforce their own kangaroo “law.” This again shows the ANC illegal mob are trying to hide the fact that South African Farm murders- not just white but black farmers and  helpers also-  are targets. Women and  children are raped and murdered on a daily basis as well.
Chris Greenland wrote in his review the following about the Senekal saga:
” Senekal Violence By White Farmers:
It has bemused me; frustrated me; saddened me .To see and listen to reports and commentary of how the White farmers, who resorted to mob violence at Senekal, should be regarded and treated. Almost without exception they are posited as “mindless, racist thugs ”  who must now be shown no mercy whatsoever. Might I share with you a quote from Richard J Brown, who taught and mentored me and others during my school years. Richard Joseph Brown said- “Violence is often the last resort of a frustrated mind”. A lifetime spent in the Halls of Law and Justice has confirmed that he was 100% correct. These farmers were otherwise law abiding as a community. It is also the hard reality that they have been routinely targeted to be victimized. It is for years now that thousands of them have experienced being robbed, maimed and killed with monotonous regularity. Personally I know of no instance in which the perpetrators have been brought to book. To this we add that none other than our President solemnly informed the President of the USA that no White farmers had been victimized in any way. We add further that the likes of EFF leader, Julius Malema has routinely trumpeted an anti-White stance unchecked. Let us not forget “Kill the Boer”.
We add, even further, that the national reform model specifically mirrors the apartheid model, with only the color-coding reversed, targeting Whites for official discrimination. We go further and remind ourselves that, in terms of rhetoric and policy, a guilt complex is imputed to Whites and a victim complex promoted, encouraged and nurtured as regards Blacks. We conclude by observing that our ANC government has never devised a program of Nation-Building” and has been content to keep our highly diverse peoples in their respective race and ethnic silos. The South African Agricultural Union (now Agri SA) registered 677 murders and 3,065 attacks between 1991 and 1997 .-  just for a start. Social scientists and psychologists will confirm to you that, given these realities, a human being will feel ALIENATED with very negative consequences, such as feelings of hopelessness, abandonment, frustration and anger – lots of anger. Thereafter it needs only a trigger event for that human being to act out those feelings – often violently as has happened  in the USA during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations  and as regards Senekal.
So clear you mind , sit back , divest your brain of any color coding – see our brethren in the USA and South Africa just as humans . and you will get there . you will understand that humans are the same species with the same feelings  and susceptible to the same lapses of behavior when situationally provoked or victimized. The situational realities mitigate the unlawful conduct of those farmers at Senekal just as it mitigated the conduct of some of the Blacks in the USA.”
Chris Greenland
The Main Stream Media: Wicked Serpents in Service of Satan
Two cars set alight as black  land occupiers protest in Centurion on 14/10/2020- yet not a word is spoken by the police about arresting and charging these vagrants on the same charges as Andre Pienaar was charged. There were no media coverage about “terrorism” and no government objection about ” instigation to violence and public violence.” We did not hear a chirp from the EFF as well. Two similar incidents but  two sets of rules and two sets of political nepotism.

SA Media 24 – a breeding ground for bias misinformation, race hatred, inflammatory instigation and selective nepotism:

All hell is now breaking loose around the farmers and the Horner case. Leftist  Media 24 outlets are a major vector for disinformation,false  propaganda and other deceptive tactics  to try to invoke racial tensions between white and black while at the same time trying to suck up the illegal communist regime’s arse by vindicating the criminal behavior of the police at the courthouse during the first appearance of the two pieces of human waste that brutally murdered the young Horner. To make matters worse,Media 24’s own algorithmic propaganda  engines actively grow these deceptive lies nationally by promoting them to unsuspecting readers — something the vile skunk works has been doing since 1994,  when the researchers presented evidence showing that “64% of all extremist group violence, riots and farm murders are due to (Media 24’s) misleading propaganda engines.  With disinformation rampant as white farmers now are stepping up their resistance to a lame duck regime – Media 24 must take the tangible step to reduce the number of people exposed to flat-out wrong information about farm murders and what really happened during incidents such as at the courthouse at Paul Roux. We hope future Alternative Media reporters will  set a standard for leftist Media 24 reporters  to follow in upcoming future political favoritism if the Alternative platform is similarly engulfed by pro-communist misinformation.


Recently, the company acknowledged the role of Groups in spreading misinformation by discontinuing recommendations of health Groups to “prioritize connecting people with accurate health information.”3 While this is a good step, this isn’t a strategy — it’s a never-ending game of whack-a-mole, with devastating consequences. Facebook has known about this problem for years, but doubled down with an investment in Groups. Right now, Groups’ growth is giving malicious actors a big audience while a divisive election is underway in the U.S., but we should all be worried. Without mechanisms in place to rein in such bad behavior, Facebook is giving a green light to anyone interested in manipulating voters elsewhere, too.


Heldhaftige Boer moet vrou en kinders uit die pad uit duik om te keer dat polisie Njala hulle doodry!

Kyk: Heldhaftige Boer moet vrou en kinders uit die pad uit duik om te keer dat polisie Njala hulle doodry!Kyk gerus die video vir die volle storie en deel ORAL!

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☢ Die Gov delete die video oral waar hy opkom. Wel ek gaan dit dan bly post!! Die waarheid moet begin uitkom..

Posted by Armand Hofmeyr on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Nog 'n boer vermoor.

Posted by Chris van Beljon on Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Knysna riot

Rioters were looting shops and destroying infrastructure in Knysna today. Probably going to continue tomorrow… Must be nice to go to a "protest" every now and again to steal a few months worth of groceries…

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CYRIL RAMAPHOSA and his lies

Cyril Ramaphosa resembles the image of a disgusting and despicable slum lord who satisfies his appetite for power  on the flesh and blood from rotten corpses on rural white farms. 


On October 12th, 2020 South African Ponzi President Cyril Ramaphosa released a letter meant to mollify a fed-up South Africa, ostensibly to clam emotion ahead of the 16 October 2020 court date for the accused domestic terrorists who tortured, murdered, and hung 21-year-old farm manager Brendin Horner from a steel post. His day late, dollar short letter is full of blaming others for the ANC’s failures, moral equivalency, a complete lack of policy suggestions or ideas other than to tell others that they need to do better.

Cyril Ramaphosa denying Farm Murders in South Africa

In a paper called the “The Ten Stages of Genocide”, originally released as the Eight Stages of Genocide, presented to the US State Department in 1996, Dr. Gregory H. Stanton, a peer-reviewed academic on the subject of genocide, defines denial as one of the distinct stages of Genocide:Denial is the stage that lasts throughout and always follows Genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of Genocide, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes and blame what happened on the victims.” says Dr. Stanton. Why is  Cyril Ramaphosa denying the large scale killing of farmers, when even President Donald Trump is acutely aware of the atrocities in South Africa?





Cyril Ramaphosa – Pretoria 2020

Diverting from the government’s incompetence and the heinous murder of Brendin Horner by playing the race card,  Cyril the Squirrel  Ramaphosa Tweeted the following, shortly after releasing his letter.

President Cyril Ramaphosa


Apparently increasing the racial tensions in the country days before the murder trial is of no concern to the ponzi President. We take a look at the ponzi  president’s letter through the eyes of independent media and political commentator COL (Ret) William M. (Chris) Wyatt, CEO at The Indaba Africa Group, and previously Director of African Studies at the United States Army War College. Colonel Chris Wyatt is an expert on Africa having lived, studied, and worked in many countries in Africa, during which he acquired extensive knowledge of African politics.

Only this past month:


1. A white woman was brutally attacked on the N12 ion 12 October 2020 by black thugs. They pelted her car with stones, and when she stopped- they abducted her – drive her to some bushes, assaulted her and left her for dead.

2. A white farmer from Petrusburg was dosed with petrol and set alight by black thugs.

3. A white Farmer- Dave Osbourne- from the Potgietersrus region was attacked on his farm by SEVEN black terrorists.

4. Two women were shot and killed execution style inside their black Mercedes Benz at an industrial site in Polokwane. The victims, from Midrand, went to view a warehouse when they were attacked by three armed black assailants.


6.  Ludwig Uys, his wife Melanie and their 3 children were attacked last Sat 6.10.2020 on their farm outside Wellington on the Western Cape while enjoying a braai (BBQ). The 5 armed black terrorists tortured them in front of their kids 4,8 and 10- and broke Ludwig’s knees with a crowbar and stabbed Melanie repeatedly in the hands and chest. They were both seriously injured in the attack and Ludwig will undergo surgery today




9. RAW sobs tore through the body of a fragile 77-year-old mother on Thursday when she told how the attackers took her to her son’s room to show her that he was dead. Minutes later, Lucy Lottering, who had a stroke in February, ran up a  dusty road to her neighbor’s smallholding in the dark of night and shouted, “My son! My son! They shot my son dead!Roelf Lottering (52) was brutally murdered  in his bed on his small holding in Rooiwal, north of Pretoria. He was shot three times in the arm and once in the heart. However, the blood trail from his room, down the hall and out the door is that of one of the thugs who wounded Lottering when he fought back. The thugs arrived just after 1 p.m. Thursday. This is the third time in two years that the small holding has been raided. The previous times, in 2018 and then in September last year, Lottering chased them away, says Marius Pretorius, the neighbor diagonally across from whom Lucy went to seek help.

10. A farm murder took place on 30 September 2020, just before 13:00:00, on a smallholding in Sundra, near Delmas, in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Two black thugs overpowered a mom, in her late sixties and daughter (44). The daughter was attacked in the garage of the home assaulted and strangled to death. The mother was also assaulted with a blunt object. The domestic worker was tied up and locked up in the bathroom of the home. The thugs ransacked the home and then fled the scene with a laptop a phone and the family’s pick-up truck. During a pursuit the thugs rolled the truck along the R50 Delmas road and then fled into the bush. Both thugs were arrested at the accident scene. All role players responded and the mom is receiving the necessary care and assistance. There is no other information available at this stage. This is clearly another hate crime in South Africa as white people are being murdered in their homes and on their farms for hardly anything at all. In many recent cases only phones and sometimes a laptop are robbed. What else could the motive for this kind of brutal murder be ?

11. Netwerk24 reports that Police are only investigating a case of housebreaking after a horrific attack and subsequent merciless torture session on a white farming couple by a black gang of 6.
Not only is it a hate crime that took place, it is a crime of deliberate torture and also attempted murder because the farmer is now in hospital with life threatening injuries. The Bronkhorstspruit Veiligheidsinligtingsnetwerk told Netwerk24 that Waldi van Zyl (64) was in his workshop on his farm in the Spitskop in the Balmoral area on Sunday afternoon, 27 September, 2020 around 18h00 when he was attacked by the savage gang of black attackers. One of the attackers was armed.

Waldi’s wife, Cynthia (53), heard something from the farmhouse and went to the workshop where she was also attacked. The thugs  beat the couple with pipes and planks, demanding cash.
The thugs then cut deep wounds with an angle grinder into Waldi’s leg. They also placed and fastened Cynthia’s nose with a vice-grip while attempting to twist Cynthia’s nose into the angle grinder like a bunch of bloodthirsty and possessed demons. Two firearms, cash and jewelry were taken out of the safe by the thugs after which they fled in the couple’s Hilux pick-up.
The attackers then fled with Waldi’s pick-up. The couple’s son arrived after the attack and he called for help. Waldi was airlifted to a Johannesburg hospital with horrific injuries including facial and head fractures. He is in a critical condition. Cynthia is in a Witbank hospital. Her injuries are not life threatening but she was also badly injured. The couple’s vehicle has not been recovered yet. It is a white Toyota Hilux single cab registration number: YSH728GP. There have been no arrests.

12. Eleanor Wyngaard was hijacked last night in front of her house at 21:40pm in Westridge. She was shot twice and died instantly. They got away with her car a 2014 white Toyota Etios (Hatchback) CA 572384




Taken in consideration all the given factors above the only conclusion one can reach is that the ANC is using the EFF , the media and the police to wage a war against the white farmers while the ANC themselves hide their own atrocities, maladministration, human rights abuses and corruption behind instigation of race hatred.







 Farmer Rudi Van Vuuren, who is the EFFs most vociferous opponent  won a court case to have illegal squatters removed from his farm and he has removed them. They have threatened to return and to set his farm, vehicles and property on fire, and surely also to let blood flow. Yesterday, they promised to return en masse to get revenge. Recent update – they are already waiting with filled busses with EFF supporters


Okay, South African Police Service here's the evidence. We call on you to take action against EFF members and Malema calling for the killing of white South Africans and farmers. To everyone feeling threatened by this, PLEASE head to your nearest police station to lay a complaint.

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HERE we have solid proof of Malema and his disgusting EFF terrorists inciting genocide by singing “Kill the Boer”– yet Cele and the discriminatory Prosecuting Authority wants to hang the whole law book around Andre Pienaar’s neck for allegedly inciting violence, being a “terrorist” and G-d knows what else that leftist white treacherous  prosecutor can come up with. The Senekal Magistrates Court in the Free State on Tuesday morning denied bail to 51-year-old Andre Pienaar, who is facing charges of “attempted murder, malicious damage to property, and public violence” while Julius Malema who were allowed one whole hour on DSTV Channel 405 to spew naked race hatred and violence against whites – but were not charged for anything at all. 



The ANC wanted to use the Senekal incident as an example to crush the “white rebellion” and show the whites that “stepped out of line” once and for all that the “mighty” ANC never will tolerate opposition to it’s power. Therefore the mass murdering regime is using all it’s resources – even the army- to amass at Senekal for “D-Day”:


No description available.


ANC and EFF – together deeply involved in the farm murders…Eff gives manpower- ANC uses state logistics to support them. .


SENEKAL: 16/10/2020


EFF hide many illegal guns:

Franswa Jerome

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Malema Wants war:

EFF sing "Kill the Boer"

EFF begin reeds “Kill the Boer” sing in Senekal (9VM 16/10) by hulle pro-plaasmoorde optog.

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FiND iT is regstreeks in Senekal.

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Ramaphosa is directly responsible for the horrific farm murders we see today. His obstinate silence and reluctance to take hard action against black thugs that terrorize white and black farmers is solid proof that the ANC and EFF is in cahoots to drive all farmers off their land. White farmers was the target of the ANC since 1994 already. The communist wretch Peter Mokaba hollered the first time “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer ” in 1994. For 25 years the ANC and EFF now has been waging a terrorist war against the white farmer. For 25 years ANC and EFF political dirt has been advocating violence and instigating a genocide against the white farmer. The police are complicit to the farm murders. The National Intelligence, prosecuting authority and courts all are complicit in the white genocide taking place in South Africa.  Bredin Horner- as with Eugene Terreblanche– was cold bloodily assassinated by  police operatives because they became threats to the ANC dirty regime’s corrupt white culling agenda. Sekwetje Mahlamba – according to a witness- bragged openly that he murdered a white farmer on a farm. .

The state believes Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba and Sekola Piet Matlaletsa – the two men alleged to have murdered farm manager Brendin Horner – may have bragged and confessed to the killing while enjoying beers a few hours after the murder. Presenting his information at the Senekal magistrate’s court on Friday, where the bail bid of the accused was being heard, the prosecutor* told the court the state had at least two witnesses who could attest to this. “ Your clothes were wet and bloodstained. ” – Prosecutor to accused Sekwetje Mahlamba . One witness had allegedly submitted an affidavit to the police, saying he had seen Mahlamba and Matlaletsa seated together at a local tavern on the day after Horner’s murder. The witness said he overheard Matlaletsa “tell a third person how [Mahlamba] and him went to a farm and assaulted a white man who had disturbed you,” the prosecution said.
The witness said the way the assault was described led him to believe the person being referred to was Horner. “Both of you made admissions incriminating yourselves in the robbery and assault of the deceased,” the prosecution said. Free State police announced on Friday that the N5 road running through Senekal has been temporarily closed. Mahlamba refuted this, saying he had never been to the farm where Horner was killed. He denied socializing with Matlaletsa, says Matlaletsa was simply a neighbor who he saw around. Another witness has allegedly given a statement under oath claiming she saw the two suspects coming from the direction of the farm where the deceased was killed on October 2, the morning after Horner was murdered. “This witness saw you coming from the direction of the farm where the deceased was killed. Your clothes were wet and bloodstained,” the prosecutor said.
Mahlamba also disputed this witness’s testimony, maintaining he had spent the evening of October 1 in the company of his girlfriend. He denied being involved in 21-year-old Horner’s murder, adding that he did not know Horner nor the details of his murder. In his testimony earlier on Friday, Mahlamba maintained two pairs of bloodstained trousers found in his house were not stained with Horner’s blood. He claimed the blood came from a sheep he had helped slaughter at a local house. The prosecutor, however, said a local woman, named only as “Pinky, ” had denied this evidence. “The police followed that version up and possess an affidavit by Pinky. She confirms a traditional fest did take place at her house in September, but she denies you attended the feast and denies you helped to slaughter the sheep,” the prosecution put to Mahlamba. “I was there,” he retorted through an interpreter.
Mahlamba’s alibi is that on the night of Horner’s murder, he was at home in the company of his girlfriend. The prosecution however, said an affidavit given by his girlfriend under oath suggested the couple did not spend the entire night together. “No, I was with her,” Mahlamba said. He’s innocent, says girlfriend of Brendin Horner murder suspect. The 21-year-old girlfriend of murder accused Skwetja Mahlamba has proclaimed his innocence, alleging she had a solid alibi for where he was on the night of the murder.
Pensioner father will pay bail, if granted
The 32-year-old murder accused, who was out on bail at the time of the murder after being arrested for stock theft, is trying to get bail again. The prosecution team wants him to remain behind bars, saying he was a flight risk as he had no assets except a sound system, could have access to the witnesses, could meddle with the case and had nothing to lose. Mahlamba had told the court that if he was granted bail, this would be paid by his pensioner father. The bail application continues. In attendance in the court gallery are EFF leader Julius Malema and police minister Bheki Cele.


According to many witnesses many EFF goons arrived fully armed with various types of guns. Where was Bheki Cele’s police to arrest them?
White farmers are training to defend themselves- the ANC rats (SSA) are complaining about it:
I am sick and tired of social media and irresponsible, inaccurate journalism so it was to this end that I decided that we would go to Senekal 16 October 2020 to see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. Amid all of the propaganda on social media spewed from the mouth of the mad-man Julius Malema and his threats of what he and his party were going to do in Senekal, I must tell you that not once did I feel that our lives were in any way threatened or in danger. 16 October 2020 was for me much like Christmas Day. Lots of red, just like Santa Claus, much hype as the day got closer and everything over by lunchtime.
Looking at the amount of red shirts on the ground one may have been fooled by the EFF representation until you took a closer look. The EFF contingency comprised 80% women, 90% desperate for a tee shirt and a meal voucher and 10% drunken thugs without conviction, unable and unwilling to even engage any of us in eye contact. The majority of the EFF turnout had no idea what they were asked to be in Senekal for and even those who Julius Malema may have deemed to be his actual “foot soldiers”, seemed embarrassed and unwilling to support this EFF initiative, the purpose of which remains a mystery to me; if not just spoiling for a fight.
Had a real fight broken out, I dare say that the odds were heavily stacked against the EFF in a fight that would have been one way traffic in favor of the farmers who comprised mostly men who were legally armed in one or another way. Long before this morning’s proceedings the town of Senekal was already under the protection of the farmer and other patriots who had already set up Observation Posts and the like in the days preceding. We were not going to be taken by surprise, this I can assure you. My biggest disappointment was the defragment of the Boer. There were too many men wanting to have their own voice heard and too few men in actual authority. The thing that worried me the most was the fact that the Boer allowed himself to be divided up into groups from those who wanted to solve the proposed violence with prayer versus those who wanted to go to war. There was no one agenda and this is a dangerous status quo to “go to war” in.
Brendin Horner was not simply murdered. He was murdered and put up on display for us to see but what is the message? May his death not have been in vain. May justice prevail and may the good people of this country come together in a formalized way to stand up against crime and especially the murder of farmers. This is not a Black versus White thing people. This is lawful versus unlawful. There are many Black, Indian and Colored people who too are tired of the racism and lawlessness in this Country but we cannot be divided.
United we stand.
Divided we will fall.

AS for the Senekal saga- well- like we said- Ramaphosa and his disgusting ANC ilk , EFF, Naspers hoodlums and security forces waited for the white farmers to walk into the trap they neatly prepared for them at Senekal. Cele paved the way for Malema to walk the walk and he used the whole police force to do it. There they wanted to try to squash all white “resistance” to the communist dispensation, arrest many white farmers on bogus charges, belittle the white farmer in their dastardly media as the “aggressors” to their “democracy”– disarm the farmers and if possible- plant rogue white provocateurs amidst the farmers to fire shots and the EFF to mock and challenge the farmers  to instigate a  violent  retaliation from the farmers and start a small civil war in order for Ramaphosa and his demons to declare a national state of emergency. These communist scumbags play dirty- but the  white farmers was careful not to walk into this trap. If you really want to kill a snake- don’t play games by beating the tail- sneak up on it unnoticed and chop off the bloody thing’s  head!




White Nation