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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg   October 21  2020









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SENEKAL-A Small town way up there in the no-mans land in the eastern part of the  Free State on the banks of the Sand River in South Africa. The nearest city is Bethelehem about 72 kilometers further East. Senekal to most of us was up to now just another small outer hebrides settlement with no significance to any broader national importance. Frankly was most of the outside world not even aware of the fact that such a minute village town even exist.

That was until Friday October 16 2020 when a very prominent show-down between Boer and Bugger took place around a very important court appearance of two very repugnant cold blooded black murderers  Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba and Sekola Piet Matlaletsa (Both allegedly police officers at a nearby station in Paul Roux)–  of a young farmer manager- one Brendin Horner. FOUR black assailants attacked Horner on the farm he managed- and after a life and death struggle- overpowered him and murdered him in the most foul way possible- after which the filth of the earth hanged his bloody and broken body  on a pole as a “warning” to other farmers not to mess with the “powers to be.”  Horner was brutally murdered because he was aware of a big cattle rustling syndicate operation in which high ranking ANC police officers were involved. For this Horner was brutally murdered to “silence” him and send a “message” to other farmers in the area not to “mess” with the “wrong” company.



Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba and Sekola Piet Matlaletsa– murderous killers of Bredin Horner in court. The reaction on their faces show no remorse and that they don’t feel anything. They will definitely kill a white farmer again. Mob justice is the only most fitting punishment for these mad animals.

Why? Why didn’t they come and fetch me? I’m an old man.” These are the words of Robert Horner, father of slain Senekal farm manager Brendin Horner. Robert spoke to eNCA on Sunday and expressed his disgust at the murder of his son. He said he had been with Brendin on the night of his murder, after he had helped him with his car. He became concerned when he didn’t return home hours later and feared that something bad had happened. He described Brendin as a hard-working young man. “He was a poor guy, he was working for Gilly Scheepers. He didn’t have money. He wanted to live a normal life.” Horner’s body was found beaten, strangled and tied to a pole, 100m from his home.
Police later nabbed two murdering  perps after bloodied clothes were found which have since been taken for forensic testing. Police minister Bheki Cele visited Horner’s family last week to offer his condolences and hear safety concerns of farmers in the area. He was accompanied by state security minister Ayanda Dlodlo and admitted that more efforts were needed to ensure crime prevention. Scheepers, the former employer of Horner as well as the family spokesperson, said he hoped the minister’s visit would bring a much-needed turnaround for the community. “We really hope this will be the turning point in the tension in this area,” said Scheepers at the time. Both suspects, Sekwetje Isaiah Mahlamba and Sekola Piet Matlaletsa, appeared before the Senekal magistrate’s court for the first time on October 6 and again on Friday last week for a bail application.
The state prosecutor said the men may have made incriminating remarks about their alleged involvement in Horner’s murder. He said the state had two witnesses who could attest to this.
One of the witnesses allegedly submitted an affidavit to the police saying he had seen the pair at a tavern the day after Horner’s murder. The witness said he overheard Matlaletsa tell a third person that he and Mahlamba “went to a farm and assaulted a white man who had disturbed you”, the prosecution said. The witness said the account made them believe the victim was Horner.
Mahlamba denied this and said he was with his girlfriend on the night of the murder. He told the court that the bloodstains found on his clothes and shoes were from a sheep he had slaughtered at a feast in September. However, a second witness, identified by the state as “Pinky, ” disputed that he was there.
A Chance to enlighten the world of the truth down South
A Police van set alight by black protesters– or shall we use Cele’s own words- by black “terrorists” in the black Gomorrah settlement near Hercules Pretoria when the council attempted to close all the illegal Shebeens- or “speak-easies.” Also black “terrorists” start burning tires at a government building as well. Now we await Bheki Cele to act in the same vindictive manner and demand the ringleaders be brought to justice the same way he demanded during the white farmer protests in Senekal which led to the trumped-up arrests of Andre Pienaar  and another white- SJ Fourie – who was being labelled the “ringleaders” and landed Pienaar and Fourie both  in jail for alleged “ attempted murder, assault, public violence and arson.NAARPERS….where art thou????

Farmers from across the country decedent on the small village town of Senekal on Friday October the 16th 2020 to attend the court appearance of the two wretched ghouls to show their disappointment and anger  in the ANC regime’s deliberate lack and failure to address the escalating farm murders that has been troubling the country’s rural farming community since the day the ANC stole the land with the help of the Ashkenazi Jew, their lapdog National Party- and the day the terrorist Peter Mokaba hollered that first phrase “Kill the Boer- Kill the Farmer” from a podium in Pietersburg in 1994. The farmers – black and white- also amassed at the courthouse to show their support and solidarity with the family of the slain Horner.  This was a day that was  supposed to be the moment  a line was to be drawn  in the sand against a terrorist regime’s deliberate negligence to protect it’s food producing community against horrendous farm attacks and a day to expose the atrocities and human rights abuses the Lethuli-House  communist establishment ,  their British bank-rolled EFF left wing extremist rogue terror movement – and South African Police accomplices  inflicts on the farming sector. This was a day that about every media representative from all over the world attended the court proceedings on live stream. This was the day the white farmer could have triumphed and the ANC be left bleeding in it’s corner because of the vindictive regime’s scandalous lies,  discrimination against whites – and it’s direct involvement in the horrendous farm murders through 3rd force activities  from the South African Police, the EFF- and Zimbabwean operatives.


Clowns and Clans

But this was not to be. On the end of the day the farmers themselves and their campaign to draw the attention of the international community to the gruesome reality on farms in South Africa was totally obliterated by a spectacle of political despots hungry for power on the one side –  and a private militarized bunch of pseudo “Boer” provocateurs on the other. What in reality happened at Senekal was not a revelation of a farming community under siege from a reckless and oppressive government- but rather a showcase of power plays and “stand-offs”  between a leftist yelling and dancing  mocking red capped zoo inhabitants on the one side  – and on the other a scattered right-wing  testosterone induced  fake bunch of Wyatt Earp gunslingers. Both these groups of  imbeciles exploited a tragic event to promote their own misplaced version of the “OK Corral” on Friday the 16th- using Senekal as their own private version of “Tombstone” for their “final” stand-off. Meanwhile the whole agenda of exposing the ANC terrorists and their involvement in the farm murders to the world was lost – the main focus deliberately deviated  away to a macabre circus of hooligans and clowns that stole the show while police honkies were parading among the two sides e masse to keep possible outbreaks of violence between the two sides of clowns at bay.  A more damaging display of idiocracy could not have been sent to the world in front of many rolling live-stream cameras and  international correspondents – PERIOD! What started as a golden opportunity to focus the attention of the world on a serious genocide of white farmers in South Africa turned out to be a chaotic display of screaming and dancing halfwits challenging Public Adressing barfing nitwits- all while some very opportunistic fools were using this important day as a chance to set up barbecues and start selling  beef sausages and beverages next to the road as-if they were attending a vanity fair instead of a day of recognition to the many murdered farmers and their families. WTF? The whole spectacle ended up in a total militarized and  politicized mess.



A secret agenda behind the circus acts

EFF Party Members Shutdown and Destroyed Clicks Shop (video) - Opera NewsNo description available.

TWO white farmers were subsequently arrested with lots of media fanfare by the ponzi communist Prosecuting Authority on trumped-up charges for “public violence” at the first Horner court case. However not ONE EFF member- neither Julius Malema– has ever been arrested on the same charges for their participation in public violence, destruction of property ,carrying of illegal firearms, or incitement to murder during the CLICKS saga for the destruction caused by Malema’s hooligans- nor for  the arson of buildings,three arsoned barns in Oudshoorn over the weekend, burnt down more than R2M worth of stock feed. In the Free State some farms have been totally scorched by black vigilantes- or their participation in public violence that caused damaged to municipal property and  for again inciting murder of farmers by singing “Kill the Boer” songs during the Senekal second appearance.

Hartsvallei. 19.10.2020.

Posted by Namib Kaalvoetkind on Monday, October 19, 2020




The Goose🦢🏆 on Twitter: "Bheki Cele sitting next to Julius Malema in Senekal court.… "

But here we have Bheki Cele and Julius Malema having a nice friendly “chit-chat”  in court.This AGAIN underlines the fat that the ANC and the EFF are in cahoots against the white farmers and the blatant discrimination , double standards and vindictive different sets of laws applied by the communist regime of Ramaphosa accompanying  the silent war waged against minorities in South Africa by Ramaphosa’s ilk and their dirty bias media skunk factories to keep the whites “in check” not to try to “oppose”  the dictatorship of the human rights abusing black communist Pharaos in charge.

Die boere hoef nie vir een oomblik te dink hulle is aleen in die geveg nie……. Luister wat sê die man.

Posted by Pg Maree on Friday, October 9, 2020

Driving white farmers off their farms


Posted by Wessel Scheepers on Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Posted by Leon Peaock on Tuesday, October 20, 2020


THIS is what’s happening in South Africa. Black terrorists- instigated by politicians such as Ramaphosa ‘s “Land Expropriation” and Malem’s Land Invasions” rhetoric  place lit candles in grassy areas on white farms Huge fires now destroys millions of hectares of farmland and wild animals.Farms are being deliberately set alight  in South Africa since the Horner case started. More than 10 000 hectares of white farmland has been torched. .  A truck also was torched at Herztogville, before it could drop supplies at a white farm. This way the EFF- in co-operation with the ANC- are driving off white farmers from their land. This action starkly reminds us of Kenia and Tanganyika in the 50/60’s where Yomo Kenyatta’s Mau Mau did exactly the same and Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF repeated this tactics in Zimbabwe against white farmers as well. A well orchestrated government-backed military offense is now in progress against white farmers in South Africa to shift the focus from a country in peril  as the ANC and EFF again is at work to whip up racial tensions in order to unite the black masses behind them in order to hide the terrible destruction the ANC’s “Corona Council” inflicted on the country.






Image may contain: 1 person, selfie, closeup and indoor

” Just put Race aside for a minute, and think about this: The Exclusively For Fools (EFF) are gathered in Senekel because they vehemently support the Murderers (two Black men) who savageously took the life of 22 year old Brandin Horner (young White man) and not the Victim or his family? One of the “accused”, Sekola Matlaletsa (44) has 16 prior arrests, is a well-known stock thief, and his family is still standing by him as though he is a lamb who is unjustly heading for the cross! I mean damn! What is this world coming to?! Obviously Malema is our own Black Hitler (in designer shoes, before becoming Chancellor); and the desire to “K*** The Boer” is indeed the best way he could personally cement his name into the annals of ALL Genocidal Devils who led their blind followers into the pits of Hades. What I do know is this: What he has started, he will not finish. Before he knows it, it will without a doubt finish him and ALL who stand with him. This is not new. Ask Dingane and the Zulu Nation after Shaka! Nothing was the same! Ever! © DM.” 

At 16HO0 today I laid Criminal Charges of Incitement to commit Violence, Intimidation of Death Threats on my life and Harrasment Against Malema the EFF and two others and handed all the facts to the SAPS.. Lets see justice…. #AllSouthAfricanLivesMatter #Constitution #CyrilRamaphosa #BBC #SKYNEWS #ENCA #DonaldTrump #BenjaminNetanyahu #UnitedNation's #usarmy…. Message from SAPS. Case registered on 2020-10-19 at WORCESTER ref nr CAS 524/10/2020. Station contact detail: 023-3488612. Do NOT reply to this SMS.

Posted by Anthony David Hall on Monday, October 19, 2020



TO the more wary observer it was all too clear what was happening at Senekal. To the more watchful tactician it was clear that Julius Malema received his direct instructions from Lethuli-House to send in his noisy monkeys to Senekal  to divert the attention away from the court case and the proceedings. The ANC and their goons knew very well the Senekal court case would draw much international attention and that would be bad publicity to the ANC’s agenda if any of the camera anchors were to  interview a white farmer. So a diversion and disruption  had to be implemented. And Malema- the ANC’s pseudo military wing- was just the right option to execute such a diversion.  It was obvious that Malema and his rowdy goons was sent to Senekal on purpose to totally disrupt the focus point , antagonize the white farmers and turn the attention of the international camera crews away from the court, prevent them from interviewing white farmers- and focus their attention on the dancing , screaming clowns.



Posted by Schalk van der Merwe on Sunday, October 18, 2020

And in buses supplied by the ANC (state) they arrived in their hundreds. This way by creating as much noise as possible and apply diversion tactics they would occupy the attention of the white farmers as well and prevent the farmers to tell the world on live-stream  what is happening in South Africa while at the same time keep the international camera operators and media correspondents too busy focusing on  non-nonsensical “stand-offs” and EFF monkey-tricks than doing their job to interview any white farmer or focus on the court case in progress and the two murderous criminals inside. BOTH the international reporters and white Boers outside fell into this neatly prepared trap while Bheki Cele and Julius Malema had a good ol’ “buddy-buddy” time inside the court- having a casual chat with each other while at the same time white farmers were prevented from entering the court. The white farmers lost a golden opportunity on that day to expose the ANC’s devious culling agenda against them while the ANC and Malema walked out victorious after stealing their show. Who-ever devised this diversion plan did it on purpose- and it worked well. Meanwhile the local trash media again were  rigging up racial tensions and sincerely wants to portray the Senekal incident as a white against black incident to divert the attention away from the real reason Malema and his goons arrived at the court  in government supplied buses.



Across Africa the black communists are driving a white genocide agenda. Whites in South Africa must take note of this and begin to prepare themselves for a final showdown. . 


The pot is cooking…..the showdown is close.


Peter Lavelle from Russia Today on the ANC's dirty secretvisit

Posted by We Can Stop The Genocide on Thursday, October 22, 2020



What lessons white “Boers” must learn  from the Senekal incident

South Africa is in a 25 year massacre-  hidden from the western world by its liberal media. The fact is more people die in ten weeks under Mandela’s SA than died in detention over 40 years of white rule. The farm murders are only a tip of a blood spattered iceberg. Each year hundreds of urban whites are also murdered and many more are the victims of horrific violence motivated by racial hatred and deliberate genocide. Since 1994, an estimated 68,798 white South Africans have been murdered of which 4,041 were commercial farmers. The farm genocide is merely scratching the surface of South Africa’s blood stained reality. The frightening truth is that the farm killings are only a part of what is actually going on. What is happening in South Africa against the White population is a crime against humanity. And no one will speak of it.

Senekal “could” have been a turning point- but the opportunity was destroyed by both Radical political thugs in high places on the left and planted Afrikaner provocateurs on the ground on the right. A black pseudo “Commander” on the left – and a white self appointed “General.”  on the right. Side-side they worked for the same company against those white farmers in Senekal to disrupt the initial agenda about farm murders , divide the whites- and keep white farmers away from the international media.  Personally I believe the Senekal incident turned out to be a shameful display of a white nation in disarray in many ways. The whites in South Africa- and especially many of the “Afrikaners” that attended the venue must hang their heads in shame today of what they “achieved ” in Senekal. Now this does not include ALL the white people that attended the venue- understand me correctly- but mostly those decrepit old fools that still clings to a by-gone era of “militarized”  war talks. Many people went to Senekal with good intentions and to support the cause of farm murders- but sadly they were outnumbered by a group of reckless imbeciles on both sides that wanted to use the opportunity to show off some hard-core  slum mentality.
The Afrikaner contingent especially was in disarray with small “cliques” and groups holding their own separate little circus acts all around the place. There were NO unification, NO leader- NO fixed agenda- and NO discipline at all among the “Boer” groups. You had different groups doing different things- bikers in one group, farmers on the other, barfing old “has been ” Generals” and “Colonels”  on pick-up trucks sporting cheap military regalia whipping up emotions and leading their packs – in another, beef sausage selling  idiots in the other, Afriforum in another , AGRISA holding their own little puppet show- and  in yet another miniature drama some mask-less warriors and red bandits facing each other “toe to toe”- like a bunch of cockerels challenging each other for supremacy over the pen ( no “social distancing” there I’m afraid) – and so on and so on.  It all in all was total chaos among the Afrikaner ranks. They could not even stand together as a unified nation. Still wondering why the Boer/Afrikaner is  oppressed…discriminated against…hounded like animals by the children of the lesser god?

All I can say is I rest my case!

Maybe the so-called “Boer/Afrikaner” must start looking deeper into himself. Maybe the problem lies within himself. Maybe his own incompetence , arrogance , carelessness and inability to unite is his biggest problem! Maybe he became confused…directionless and a loose cannon with lots of bang but without balls. Maybe he became his own worst enemy. Needless to mention the “who-flung-dung” contest that erupted between the Afrikaner ranks on social media after the Senekal disaster- with bum putty nuggets  now flying in all directions around the question as to  who is the true “leaders”– and who factually is now “agent provocateurs” in their midst – with buckets full of accusations and denials from both the Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday war heroes about just who won the Senekal OK Coral “standoff ” between bandit and Boer  in the order of the day. THAT is the poor Afrikaner for you- they’d rather fly into each other’s hair than unite against a common foe. I really sometimes believe all Afrikaners are direct descendants from the Irish. Only they could be that stupid! 
What he showcased in Senekal to the world and his allies is not a comforting least convincing thought that one day the “Boer ” will rise again. NO nation can unite when it is in conflict with itself. What we saw in Senekal was lots of barf but very little brains. What we observed today was lots of very confused and leaderless people seeking direction and not knowing what to do or where to go.
The fall of the Roman Empire did not begin with the successes of Marcus Aurelius, Augustus, Constantine or the battle victories of Julius Ceasar, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa,Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus– nor by the brutality of Caligula, Tiberius and Nero– but Rome’s decay started with greed, treason, arrogance, subversion,corruption and division among it’s leading ranks in the Senate. The Roman leaders became complacent, greedy and arrogant. White South Africa’s decay also followed the same route with treason, arrogance, subversion, corruption and division from the white Political parties and especially the leading National Party leaders and the Afrikaner since 1966.
THAT destructive culture still runs deep in the Boer/ Afrikaner nation today- and that is why they never can progress beyond the limitations and bans of Facebook and a few delusional old cockerels from a forgotten era – dressed in all kinds of military regalia- that deem themselves as so-called “leaders” of the people. Times has changed- and the only way to defeat a much larger foe is to adapt to modern strategies of psychological and social warfare methods. What we saw today was many self appointed idiotic roosters crowing on their own dung heaps- rather becoming more part of the problem than part of the solution. The opposition totally overshadowed the psychological warfare. By G-ds mercy nothing happened. Lots of innocent people could have been hurt or even massacred. Even a civil war.
The “Boer/Afrikaner” must first convince himself that power lies in unity before he tries to convince outsiders to invest in his ability to become a powerful nation again. And that unfortunately calls for much younger and vibrant leaders that are in pace with the times and changes- not an old decrepit has been fossil that manage to escape through a crack in the Bermuda Tri-Angle with all his “skiet, skop and donner” tactics. Sadly the Afrikaner still clings to by-gone era ” De La Rey” mentality and has as yet not come to the realization of this ostensibly obvious fact. De La Rey is dead- his era is forgotten. His strategies worked for his time. Worshiping him alone is not going to help win the war against the oppressors-especially if the Boer/Afrikaner still allows the foe to dictate the terms and conditions- but following his footsteps and adjusting to the challenges of modern times and force the foe to play the game on rules dictated by the Boer might just do it.
A long road out of Afrikaner adolescence
If there is ONE thing Senekal has taught us this day is that the Boer/Afrikaner still has a long way to go , have much to learn and be willing to change his perception completely about offensive strategy, counter intelligence, unity, obedience , organization, planning , discipline and co-operation before he will be ready and able to lead as a tactician his nation to victory and the freedom of his people. Other than that Senekal – bar the media coverage and the actions of a few more intelligent individuals- has produced in many ways to be more counter productive to the cause of farm murders than good. The lack of strong leadership, Pro-Active planning and secondary back up actions from the Boer/Afrikaner contingent were all too evident. All in all it was a total chaotic mess. If the Boer/Afrikaner proceeds with this kind of mentality he will still be a non-persona grata to the international community , not taken seriously- and stay to be the “Apartheid” skunk of the world.

Boere verleentheid of nie?

Posted by Coenraad Buitendag on Friday, October 16, 2020


MEANWHILE as one international showdown about a young white farmer being murdered played itself out in Senekal- yet ANOTHER innocent white farmer was brutally attacked and murdered just 2 days after the Senekal court incident. Gerrit Stander – a local attorney- died Tuesday morning October 19 2020 in the Kiaat hospital  after a horrific farm attack in Plaston, near White River. Gerrit fought like a machine. He smashed dining room chairs on the black attackers to protect his wife and daughter and save their lives. They shot him 5 times.- in his liver, lungs and arm. Doctors could not believe he was still fighting. It happened about 3 hours ago and he fought to survive until 7:20 on Tuesday  morning when finally he succumbed to his wounds.

Another white farmer- Gerrit Stander– was brutally attacked and shot 5 times by black terrorists on Tuesday October 19 2020. 

AND the attacks on farms relentlessly goes on. A businesswoman from Tzaneen and her domestic worker were attacked on a farm situated along the gravel road leading to Alon. The attack occurred around 00:30 Tuesday morning the 20th of October 2020. According to information received, three black terrorists  entered the property by breaking open the back gate. Theterrorists then tripped the power to the home, broke open the front security gate and door and entered the house. The owner of the house was not home at the time as he was on an international business trip. His wife and domestic worker were alone. The thugs tied up the domestic worker and attempted to tie up the wife, but she fought back. They assaulted her with what appears to have been steel rods. The thugs stole four cell phones, a laptop and a television set and fled on foot to the dirt road where indications are that they were picked up by a vehicle. The women were both rushed to hospital. Detectives and the emergency services arrived at the scene and a search is underway for the thugs. The husband was alerted and will be on the first flight back to South Africa.


Posted by Jason Bartlett on Monday, October 19, 2020


Cyril hell bent on communist land grab agenda

IT appears that the plight of white farmers fall on deaf ears when it comes to South Africa’s own version of Robert Mugabe– one Cyril “The Squirrel” Ramaphosa- who still is hell bent in antagonizing white farmers even more on top of the brutal onslaughts against their lives-  by pushing ahead his communist “Land Expropriation” agenda to steal white farm lands by fiddling with Section 25 of the land ownership part of the constitution  for the benefit of his corrupt dwindling party, his Big Corp benefactors the likes of Soros, Rupert, et al–  and his  Chinese buddies to conquer farm lands for their own evil selfish enrichment agendas. Expropriation without compensation IS in full swing. Applications are open for farmers who want to lease state farms for agricultural purposes.

Available farms:
North West 397
Eastern Cape 122
Limpopo 79
Mpumalanga 33
Northern Cape 12
Kwazulu-Natal 7
Free State 5
– 30 year leasehold with an option to buy.
– Applicants must from previously disadvantage South Africans.
– The successful applicant must be willing to stay full time on the farm.
*Closing date 16 November 2020




Since the “Corona”-thing started in April this year our lives drastically were changed for the worst by New World Order freaks and dirty politicians in high places. We are now entering trying times indeed. Gone are the days of care-free laughter and freedom. Our sovereignty, personal lives, rights and freedom are under severe attack from the dark powers in control of this old world. The whole world went totally insane and godless. We are now caught up in a vortex of deception and lies- a whirlpool of “Covid-19″ animations, “Corona” lies , “pandemic” illusions and political deception. Looking back at history and we find that never in the existence of our race such a demonic onslaught was experienced on such a grand global proportion as we now experience. Something changed- something drastically changed the course of our social environment.

That “something” only comes from places in the netherworld. If we still dream that everything will soon be “normal” we are living in a fantasy world. We must stop our ostrich mentality and come to the realization the powers to be are not going to stop this avalanche of human rights abuses their pre-panned “Covid” agenda brought to our doorsteps. Things will never be the same again. Global enslavement, oppression , persecution and brutal dictatorships are at hand. The ANC and EFF only will escalate their demonic agenda of killing farmers and oppressing whites. The farm murders will not stop. Ramaphosa’s blatant lies , denials and discrimination against minorities will not stop. Malema’s instigation and incitements  to a genocide will not stop. They all are paid charlatans of the murdering British establishment to destroy South Africa and well…”Kill the Boers.” If we do not stop them ourselves no-one will. The world at large is moving for it’s final apocalypse and the human race for it’s final destination with the Fallen Ones. The game now centralizes around self preservation and survival of the fittest. It’s no ordinary conflict we find ourselves in- it is an out and out spiritual war we now encounter. For those that still are caught up between fiction and “conspiracy “ theories the time is running out fast. We have become complacent and careless.  Time has caught up with us.


Much atrocities and bloodletting is on their way. The next inquest of especially Christians  is here. The watchers are pulling back and the prophets are making their final appearance. For the wise it is imperative to get out of the cities- for the biggest slaughter and persecution will take place within the boundaries of  the concrete jungles. We are now entering the final chapter of the human race as we know it. Trump-if re-elected- will give us a little breather of 4 years to get our ducks in a row. After that- well- think of your worst nightmare- the outcome of this “pandemic” will be worse than that. Christian…Boer…AfrikanerDo not take this warning lightly- do not hesitate- the night is closing in- and dusk is falling fast.With it comes the “Corona” creatures of the night with their control programs, Artificial Intelligence, vaccinations, enslavement and concentration camps – prowling for the unwary and the careless.



White Nation