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Article compiled and posted by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town   November 27  2020





THE ONGOING Brackenfell  saga only reminds us how dirty BRITISH and CIA bribed African tribal slum lords the likes of Mugabe, Ramaphosa, Malema, Ndlozi and Marshall Dhlamini – now posing under a new “smart term” as “politicians”brutally exploits the illiterate and useless deliberately relocated, jobless, impoverished and starving “hunter gatherers” who they summarily dump on the edges of cities in make-shift squatter camps – which they call their “ fighters”– to amass in pathetic bunches of scared , directionless and disillusioned mobs – forced to put their simplistic and worthless lives on the line in a show of senseless destructive riots to appease the political and urban terrorism agendas by these African tyrants against healthy societies for the paltry price of a simple KFC meal.
It also reminds us how lowly disgusting the bank-rolled criminal Media 24 in SA  propaganda mobs such as ENCA, BEELD, BURGER, DIE SON,  etc sow racial tensions and instigate mob hysteria among these majority “hunter gatherers ” with their totally bias false and selective spreading of misinformation and race hatred  to achieve their psychopathic masters’ abroad’s ultimate objective of greedy global dominance and destruction of the middle class economies and plundering of our natural resources. But the whole “Brackenfell” saga and the Bushiri hysteria is  specifically created to take the attention away from the real problem facing South Africa- The secret planning of yet another brutal “lockdown” exercise in March/April 2021 and the  dire financial crisis the ANC has dragged the country into – especially the grotesque human rights abuses, plundering and mismanagement the ANC indulged itself into during this past 10 months of their brutal and insane “lockdown.” . And still there is no end to the tender plundering. Finance Cadre Tito Mboweni on Tuesday announced a R500 million investment in the ‘vaccine consortium’ that’s looking to produce a vaccine against the illusionary “COVID-19 ” hoax. MORE tax money to be plundered by the ANC serpentry.
While Alan Windie and his very “concerned” DA Cape Town Council wants to apply MORE insane “lockdown” rules because of a “spiking” Covid” plandemic- they blissfully ignore and allow  the weasel troop to go ape without adhering to any of their insane “precautions.” Am I missing something here? 
THE Bullshit goes on and on and on….
Playing the racial card to divert attention

During an oral parliamentary question session in the National Assembly on Thursday, Ramaphosa responded to a question by DA leader John Steenhuisen. Ramaphosa was asked to remove all racial references on forms and job applications immediately because they divide South Africans. Ramaphosa said Steenhuisen’s endorsement of non-racialism in the Constitution was welcome, but he must also remember the constitutional commitment to redressing the” past’s discrimination. “ “White people are still reaping the benefits of the privilege and inequalities of apartheid. “Correcting it through, for example, black economic empowerment is not discrimination,” Ramaphosa said.

SOUTH  AFRICA just recently again has been downgraded further into “junk” status by Moodies. But as ever again this dilapidated situation does not seem to disturb the utterly corrupt ANC mob at the top. As long as empty promises, lies and blame shifting can be done to vindicate the ANC terror factory- nothing will deter the Robin island hoodlums from ending their state plundering. Ramaphosa’s dilapidated “ recovery plan ” had to respond to a very difficult situation. The country was in trouble before the hoax Covid-19 — an economy that has not grown for years, junk status, declining revenue, expanding debt, probably the world’s deepest unemployment crisis and a weak, corrupt almost broken state. All this has been worsened by the “ plandemic “ and “lockdown ” circus acts: an economy shrinking by about 8%, even higher unemployment, a revenue shortfall over R300bn, the country borrowing R2bn a day, and a growing social crisis. Three years into the faux president’s term policy paralysis and implementation failures have resulted in no significant progress on a reform agenda and no real sense of urgency, all leading to a growing ponzi government credibility gap.
A country adrift, desperate for bold leadership, direction and effective action. Is the plan good enough? Is it going to get SA on a new path to much faster growth and job creation? Does it have the necessary first steps to build momentum to dig SA out of its terrible mess? The ANC and three of it’s so-called “presidents” never could achieve pulling the country out of the financial mess they dragged it into. What does the Squirrel plan to do different this time? The state is at the heart of the regime’s  plan. It acknowledges the need to strengthen the state but then immediately assumes that the current failing state can manage a large and complicated recovery. SA needs a capable state but this will take years to develop. It’s way past time that this ponzi “president ” indicated the principles underpinning this reconstruction: merit, professionalism, service in the national interest, an appreciation of how to regulate competitive markets.
In the meantime, to assume that this almost broken state will be able to design, select and implement large, state-driven infrastructure projects involving complicated arrangements with the private sector is not credible. Nor is the idea that the current state can orchestrate yet another “buy local” campaign with localisation targets for every industry, coupled with additional empowerment requirements now including women, young people and “military veterans.”
At the same time the state needs to finally implement a long list of structural reforms essential for growth as well as a new state-created and funded employment program. The plan fails to appreciate that the only real capacity in SA today lies overwhelmingly in the private sector, in entrepreneurs, firms, large corporates and markets. In the inventive, determined people who in the midst of uncertainty and adversity can see opportunity and build new firms. The government has failed to appreciate the essential message from business: SA has to free up the private sector from an inefficient, expensive and over-regulating state if we are to grow. Presidential rhetoric about “removing regulatory barriers that increase costs” notwithstanding, this plan will increase the costs of doing business in SA through new rules about “aggressive” localisation of every industry and expanded requirements for empowering additional groups.
A global discussion on how countries might need to shorten supply chains for medical equipment to deal with future pandemics has mutated in the plan to a focus on forced localisation throughout the economy, including infrastructure.
Instead of fixing underlying causes of local manufacturing decline, the “plan “ gives most attention to local content requirements which, says Business Leadership SA, “will certainly not increase the sector’s competitiveness”. Growth and jobs require a laser-like focus on creating export orientated industries that can supply global markets. The Minerals Council CEO’s response calls for “frank conversation on structural and institutional issues impeding competitiveness and growth” and “urgent development of detailed plans on how to unlock these constraints”. Too much hope is put in infrastructure as a growth strategy. This is not a silver bullet and it is not clear how much progress has been made on creating the right conditions for large-scale private sector investment.
After all, these infrastructure projects have been talked about for years. Everything will depend on building the right infrastructure that supports growth and pays for itself; managing the risk/return relationship with private partners — tricky at the best of times, harder with a weak state — making sure user charges are affordable and actually paid; and then maintaining infrastructure over the long term.
The ponzi government’s track record on these issues is not encouraging. The “plan “ includes a long list of assumed structural reforms, many of which have been on the mob boss’ agenda for years. In 2018 the Squirrel  committed to sorting out spectrum, now promised for March 2021. In February 2019 the Squirrel said his “highest priority” that year was to establish a “world-class” e-visa regime, in October 2020 the plan says “efforts are now focused on implementing an efficient e-visa program”. There are some new items on the list. These include promises to improve the government’s procurement framework, a 50% reduction in mining licence times and private sector “access to the core rail network” and participation in ports. What’s missing? Depressingly, the vital matter of sorting out large state-owned entities — all of which will need post-Covid bailouts — gets little attention. Labor market reforms were originally on the 2019 Treasury reform list and now appear on the third last page of the plan, in a list of “additional enablers” for recovery. It’s encouraging, of course, that this appears four bullet points above another enabler: “increasing the level of investment by the private sector”! Four vital issues are not resolved in this plan.
For SA to move forward we must recognize what has got the country into this mess. It’s not just the “Covid ” lockdown but 12 years and more of misrule by the government miscreants. It’s not just Gupta state capture but bad policy decisions on almost every front. It’s an approach to markets, business and investors that has been so disastrous that before Covid-19 we were already in economic decline, with every ratings agency and international organisation warning that without fundamental reforms SA was heading for trouble. An approach to empowerment that has fostered corruption and undermined ethics. An approach to education, skills and employment that has led to a country divided more and more deeply between insiders and outsiders. And a state that is now all but crippled, riddled with patronage and corruption but expensive. Honesty is required on what has gone wrong and why. This is the essential foundation to change course and build a bridge away from disaster. Why is there never any explanation as to why reforms are not implemented?
If something was promised in 2018 and still not delivered without any explanation for the delay, how can one believe that this time is different? Where is the notion of accountability here? An attempt to write down how the plan is to be implemented leads to a labyrinthine maze of committees, structures, processes, teams and working groups. In this haze who takes accountability for what? Will anyone ever be fired for lack of delivery? The last, perhaps most important question concerns politics. For nearly three years the so-called “president ” has been locked in a tussle over reform within his own corrupt party. This plan gives no answers as to how this policy paralysis will be resolved. Has the battle been joined, never mind won, on any fundamental issues at all? What SA needed was a bold change of direction and a new government. What this plan promises is an acceleration of more of the same old “tweaked” corrupt mismanagement.
The situation in SA from a black man’s perspective:
Dear Black South Africans, as a Black man myself, I’m writing you this letter with a very sad heart.
I’m sad because of the way Black politicians of the ANC, EFF and BLF use the race card unnecessarily to divide and conquer both Blacks and Whites. And while we are busy fighting one another like fools, they are busy closing private deals with #WhiteElites for themselves and their families. We all know the fact that the majority of us Black South Africans we used to vote for the ANC in our majority since 1994. We really believed in them but unfortunately, they took advantage of our trust, support and our votes for granted by failing to provide services and a better life to millions of Black South Africans. Many of us Black South Africans have since left the ANC and others have formed their own breakaway political parties. One such political party is the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema. What we need to realise is that the EFF, just like any other political party was rightly formed out of anger because the ANC failed to improve the lives of Black South Africans. And that is a fact that we can,t take way even though we might disagree with their conduct and policies.
But what many fail to understand or realise is that the EFF is simply continuing the work of the ANC by taking advantage of the fact that many Black South Africans are poor, desperate and they will fall for any easy way out policies or fuel racism between Blacks and Whites South Africans by simply taking advantage of the fact that Blacks and Whites South Africans were once divided by the Apartheid Government. The other thing is that the EFF is indirectly defending the ANC failure by directing our anger towards #WhiteSouthAfricans and not the ANC Government that failed to deliver services and improve the lives of South Africans of all colours by the way. He does this by constantly using the false #WhiteSupremacy and #White racists narrative that it is the reason why Black South Africans remain poor since the end of Apartheid in 1994. The reality is that South Africa is going down the drain just like other failed African Countries. And we all know it is not because of White South Africans. South Africa is going to be a failed Country because we fail to use our Black majority wisely by keeping those who failed us accountable. On top of that, we continue to vote and support the same Political party that failed us over and over again. Having said that I do acknowledge the fact that we all have the right to belong to any political party of our choice. But It’s one thing to support your political party of choice and its another thing to support a false racial narrative that is used by your political party that “#TheWhites” are the reason why your lives have not improved since 1994. While it is the ANC that became Government since 1994.
What I don,t understand is why do we continue to support a lie that doesn’t,t even benefit us as Black South Africans? Yes, racial tensions that are being promoted by this good for nothing Black elites politicians benefit only them. While we are at each other’s throats, busy blaming and provoking White South Africans, the same Black politicians are busy partying and dining with the same White elites that they call #WhiteMonopolyCapital. What we need to understand as Blacks are that they are using this race card not to advance our interests as Blacks but to maintain their political power at all costs. And the reality is that South African is going down the drain just like all other failed African Countries. Going forward we need to withdraw our support to politicians who use false or fake racism accusations to divide and conquer both Blacks and Whites. Such Black politicians accuse Whites South Africans of racism for their own selfish individual agendas. And it is not in the interests of both ordinary Blacks and Whites South Africans to be divided. The results of this false racism accusations will divide South Africans of all colours. false racism accusations of racism is also an insult to many people of all colours who suffers real racism. false racism accusations are denying South Africans the opportunity to unite and keep the present-day ANC government accountable for their actions.
Eric Balebanye the #Activist writes on his own personal capacity.
The “Covid-19″ agenda unfolds…
The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo! Who, by chance, owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine!) Which, by chance, is managed by Black Rock finances.
Who, by chance, manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (SOROS FOUNDATION)! Which, by chance, serves the French AXA! Coincidentally, he owns the German company Winterthur. Who, by chance, built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan! Accidentally bought by the German Allianz. Which, incidentally, has Vanguard as a shareholder. Which is a shareholder of Black Rock. Which controls the central banks and manages about ONE THIRD of the global investment capital. Which, incidentally, is a major shareholder of MICROSOFT The property of BILL GATES, who happens to be a shareholder of PFIZER (which sells the miracle VACCINE) and is currently the first sponsor of WHO !!! If it is not clear enough why a bat came in and grabbed the SNAKE and the ENTIRE PLANET became infected, I can go on! But please DO NOT MASSIVELY DISTRIBUTE our post….. Because we’re just  “CONSPIRACY NUT JOBS” spreading fake news apparently!
Prepare yourself for what’s coming..
Message from Michael Southwood
Good evening Enders.
“I got a free flight to the UK and back last week and what I saw there was eye opening. Arriving at Heathrow, no one took my temperature, or questioned me. I scanned my passport and walked straight through. Almost no one was wearing masks on the train and when I reached my destination, I couldn’t find anyone on the streets wearing masks. A lot of people wore them in the shops, but no one questioned me or anyone else for not wearing one. No hand sanitisers anywhere. I really couldn’t tell the difference between lockdown and freedom except that a lot of stores, pubs and restaurants were closed. When I got back to SA the distinct Gestapo attitude was evident. We have been talking a lot about to mask or not to mask. Our reasoning has been to do with control and conditioning our minds to accept whatever we are told. After the information I received yesterday, I understand clearly why they have been doing this. The WHO cronies have been seen daily at Ramaphosa’s house for weeks, discussing our futures and not once have we been consulted on what they have planned for us. Well here it is:
They evidently plan to bring in another lockdown and drive the final nail into all private business and get us dependent on the state. They will initially make the vaccine optional, and enough dumb people will take it. Seemingly by the end of March, it will be mandatory and you won’t be able to travel, shop or eat out without a vaccine passport. As a result of the mask conditioning, people will fall for all of this. It is up to us that understand the deadly effects of this vaccine to warn the country against it and to resist any further lockdowns. In Berlin over a million people protested and in Trafalgar square there were well over a hundred thousand. Off course the media did not tell us because they are controlled too. The world is standing up to these liars while South Africans remain asleep and accepting. If we do not resist the next lockdown, we will never recover. Resisting has to become our unifying cry if we are going to survive.”
Michael Southwood
The World Health Organization- shifting the paradigm

The WHO has completely taken a U-turn and now says that Corona patient neither needs to be isolated, nor quarantined, nor needs social Distancing, and it cannot even transmit from one patient to another. Yet the same delusional WHO prophets such as Maria Van Kerkhove and Michael Ryan still advocates their phantom virus might spread during the coming festive season and the best option maybe would be to avoid big family gatherings. So- the paradigm is shifted continuously to fit their own narratives. First the “virus” is contagious and can be transmitted between persons. Then it cannot be transmitted between persons. Then again it ‘might” be transmittable between persons during the festive season. Does this idiots in the WHO even have the foggiest clue how to contain their own fictitious virus at all? Do you honestly believe that in 70 years of research and development we now only have a 40% effective flu shot- but lo here the “Covid masters” pops out and have in a short time span of 10 MONTHS a 90% effective “Covid” shot? So why are governments saying it is important to ‘FAST-TRACK’ a vaccine for viral infection that has a mortality Rate of less than 0.5277767632%?

Image may contain: 1 person

By 2025 the current Covid scam will have wiped out half of the world’s population by enforced draconian measures, forced vaccinations and planned shortages, by 2030 any that survive will be settled into a new order, they will be compliant citizens incapable of critical thinking and educated just enough to work the machines. The process is called “ sustainable development.” 

The question is just how long are these global despots going to keep on with their “Covid” fun and games? A phantom virus now turned into an everlasting sick globally enforced culture now referred to as the “New Normal” whereby these medical and scientific criminals together with their bank-rolled dirty politicians are keeping a whole planet at ransom with lies, deception and fear mongering for a WHOLE YEAR and still are planning to keep on going for another!  These hounds from hell are busy waging a global “plandemic” war against innocent citizens and we must stop this macabre ” Game of thrones “ NOW!

Can we ALL agree that we live among the most ridiculous generation in history?
The 10 facts of the “Covid-19” agenda:
1. The “Covid-19” virus never existed– but it is a global scam by the “elite” mafia to at first depopulate – then enslave and control the world through bio-hazardous scientific fear mongering , Human Rights abusive legislation and mass vaccination exercises by totally psychopatic money grubbers-
2. Most of the politicians in governments across the world does not function anymore- but has been captured by the Coercive Power of the International Monetary Fund and the World Economic Forum.
TAKE NOTE free citizens of the world!!! The USA is in DEEP DEEP trouble– and so is the rest of the wolrd. South Africa- TAKE NOTE your time is running out fast as well! 
3. South African politicians all are bought , bagged and forced to co-operate in a global extermination agenda to destroy the economy and reduce the population through poverty, oppression , vaccinations and brutal “lockdowns.” Ramaphosa and his greedy communist ilk are well remunerated to proceed with this false agenda and they will abuse their political power to enforce further insane “rules” and “regulations” to fit this narrative unless they are finally stopped permanently. Ramaphosa and his ilk are keeping this brutally insane hoax alive for pure personal enrichment and ultimate power. As long as “Covid” lives will the ANC and their communist vipers stay in control. Covid is exploited by the ANC and EFF communists  to impose many other devious agendas and introduce full-blown  communism. As long as we still believe this “Covid”– thing to be real, keep our silence, allow us to be fear mongered, wear those masks, keep “social distancing, ” sanitize our hands and sheepishly allow us to be “tested” like lab rats- then  Big Corp , Deep State billionaires and hundreds of ANC- affiliated tender cronies and tender fraudsters will keep on draining us from millions of dollars per month while steadily preparing us to be sacrificed on “Big Science’s “  vaccinated depopulation altar.
4. The ANC- in co-operation with the EFF and the Media- are busy with a massive “round-up” exercise to get the majority of the population into cities where they will be easily controlled and exterminated. Therefore thousands upon thousands of impoverished people are deceived and bussed into cities from rural areas on empty promises and dumped into hastily erected squalid squatter camps without basic human rights and services. Attention is diverted away from the real agenda by the Main Stream media onto deliberately orchestrated “crises” situations such as the Bushiri incident and the Brackenfell incident to hide this horrible truth as well as their planned agenda for a next “lockdown ” in 2021 and also force people to forget about the terrible atrocities and human rights abuses committed by the Communist ANC and Big Corp during this past 10 months’ brutal “lockdown.”
5. Farm murders forms part of the “round up” exercise as with every murdered farmer 10 or more black families are left jobless and forced to migrate to cities to try getting jobs. Here they also are forced into make-shift squatter camps- awaiting their final ordeal with the rest.
6. White people are exploited and targeted to act as the “common enemy” to divert attention away from the ” round up” exercise and brutally slandered by the media as “racists” and “white supremacists” such as the recent “ Brackenfell” incident to prevent impoverished black ” hunters/gatherers” or “useless eaters” from realizing they are the ones being herded into the killing/culling fields for the “ultimate solution.” On Thursday night November 26 2020 EFF maggots already visited black townships in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town to start intimidating black not to go to work on Friday November 27- but to join their mad riots to destabilize businesses in Brackenfell under the faux excuse of “anti-racism” rallies on Friday November 27 2020.
7. The “Covid-19” agenda will enter it’s “second phase” around March/April 2021 when their hastily concocted “vaccination” toxic plan will be launched under a new law and another ‘lockdown” that will force each and every citizen to accept the vaccination or be left penniless without access to their bank accounts, SASSA payments, pension , freedom to purchase and freedom of movement. Cell phone Apps such as the “Covid-19″ App ( which soon will replace the dreadful mask) and 5G technology will be activated for track and trace operations. ( Main centers such as their Mega Cities” will be the epicenters from where this control operations will be monitored.   Thus the “social distancing” exercise must at all times be kept in place for easier recognition and identification  purposes.
8. Cyril Ramaphosaa registered Illuminati agent in South Africa- and Julius Malema– a British Secret Service Agent– will lead the onslaught against the populace and the country by destroying the Middle Class businesses and food supplies through brutal “lockdowns” , destructionof logistical support ( )( )  and intensifying destruction of productive food producing farms through farm murders , farm invasions and burning of crops.
9. ESKOM will be instructed to play a pivotal role  in the destruction of the economy by continuous “black outs” which will severely affect production and lead to civil unrest by the unions.

10. A civil war will erupt and cities will turn into chaos as millions of impoverished blacks will be emotionally instigated to loot and plunder- where-upon the current “State Of Emergency” will be changed to a State of Marshall Law and new tyrannical laws will be imposed, all power centralized around the present “Corona Council”– or communist “Polatriat”– and armed security  forces be deployed into urban areas not only to suppress- but to deal , arrest and capture as many innocent citizens as possible for transportation to “quarantine” camps and the 5 secret correctional facilities already built and prepared for this purpose and  mass ’round up” exercise. The EFF will play a pivotal part and prominent role in the destruction and destabilization of urban areasto destroy local government law enforcement structures ( ) and services. to bring about a State of Martial Law.


SOUTH AFRICANS– like the rest of the population of the world- just want to go on with their normal lives. For 33  years there were peace, prosperity , discipline and law and order. The country was safe and walking in the street at night was a favorite past time after a hard day’s work. Crime was low and tranquility high. But that all changed when despicable British and American mafia cabal mobsters in high places decided to destroy a once beautiful country like they did with so many other homogeneous sovereign nations with their dirty politics and blood money. Since the introduction of arch terrorists the likes of communists  Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela into the political scene all hell broke loose and both Rhodesia and South Africa lost their once peaceful and prosperous way of life. Since 1994 the worst kind of demons from hell itself descended upon South Africa from their Luciferian domains in London and New York. After Mandela the one after the other greedy Pan Africanist tyrant ascended the throne and the plundering of the state coffers became a “free for all” bonanza while the country itself sank into a cesspool of crime, Babylonian cultures and political thuggery.

Today South Africa finds itself at the bottom of the swamp with greedy political and corporate sharks swimming in it’s once safe waters. Infested with disruptive subhuman slumlords that calls themselves “politicians’ the normal South African finds himself being terrorized on a daily basis by loathsome bank-rolled and overstuffed political miscreants and bumble heads that only hunger for power and might. Instead of doing what they are paid for such as governing the country- this political filth are more interested in plundering the country, mess around with the economy- and disrupting the private lives and rights of the normal man on the street. Because of their obstinate idiocracy and ineptocracy in running a country these political trash in South Africa’s kangaroo parliament are permanently busy stirring chaos, inciting racial tensions, destabilizing our social lives,  and satisfying their obese psychopathic “control” hunger by oppressing and impoverishing the rest of the populace with all their “ socialist” theatricals. They are so busy interfering with the lives of normal South Africans they totally abandoned their primary task they are paid for- to govern the country. But then again you cannot expect a corrupt Pan Africanist tyrant to run a country either. Tsjaka Zulu, Mobutu Seseseko, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe , Jacob Zuma to name but a few and many other African despots already formed Africa’s pathetic history or genocides and dictatorships. Ramaphosa and his little red noisy EFF puppet harlot is no different. Africa’s scourge of black tyrants continuous. The so-called “ANC” only produced miserable failures as “presidents” since they were handed the country on a platter by the crypto Jews Kissinger and Oppenheimer. And Ramaphosa is the worst clown of them all- a spineless greedy and calculated racist kleptocrat that only cares for his own enriched well-being while hiding behind his own “Covid-19″ mafia creation.


Brainwashing on top of brainwashing???


By impoverishing and oppressing the black masses this brain-washed and mind-controlled Luciferian Illuminati starlet and his little loud-mouth piss-head EFF cowardly weasel concubine are spearheading the destructive offensive to totally destroy South Africa and lead the country into an unavoidable civil war. The Brackenfell incident only is but one example of many how they push for a civil conflict to erupt. They are pushing the tolerance level of the populace to the brink with various forms of covert assaults such as the “Covid-19″ lockdowns, human rights abuses, abuses of freedom , the Clicks incident- and now again the Brackenfell incident where they hope the flint would eventually fall into the power keg if they and their dirty media whores can keep on antagonizing the populace until a point where the desired reaction can be ignited to give them a good  reason to fully declare war against the population by means of an enforced police state and the ultimate grab for power by the “Covid” Mafia. This is what their British and American masters want and this is what Ramaphosa and Malema- both aliens to the land- are pushing for. We are not dealing with any “virus” here at all- we are factually dealing with parasitical political PIMPS that deems themselves above the law!

These criminals and their co-conspiring union thugs behind them  do not represent a “government” or any “ political party ” at all- but they are nothing but dirty  ponzi con artists serving the most powerful paymasters. They already have sold their dark souls to the devil himself. They now are the personification of the demonic force which sent them to do it’s dirty work in South Africa to bring the country on it’s proverbial knees. The latest downgrading of Moodies further down into “junk” status provides solid evidence to that fact. But who the f*ck cares- at least the taxis are still doing brisk business and that is all that counts. All other businesses can fall apart , food producing farms can come to a screeching halt,  big companies can dis-invest and the whole black populace can find themselves forced into make-shift “hokis” in dirty unhygienic and bio-hazardous squatter camps strewn across the countryside – just as long as we keep that mortally wounded SAA goose patched up for flying with only black pilots and the non tax paying taxi industry rolling all will be  well. Do you really still believe these corrupt pathelogical lairs when they tell you there is a “pandemic” around? Do you really trust these villainous political and corporate  con-artists when they tell you all these insane  and laughable stupid “measures” will prevent the spread of a microbiological virus? Do you still believe the ANC- a renown terror organization that never denounced violence a a method to cling to power and  that totally f*cked up South Africa and has as yet in 25 years still have done NOTHING to save the country from being destroyed. Do you still believe the retards of the “Covid Mafia” when they keep feeding you bullsh*t about the so-called “pandemic?” If you do- then you are an even bigger fool than they are and your place in the EFF already has been booked.

With all the Squirrel’ s big talk about “rebooting  the economy” with even more and more ill-affordable loans from the IMF and “ mega cities’ that only exist as a figment of Ramaphosa’s imagination we all are quite aware of the fact that he again is bullsh*tting and pressing bum  putty from under his fat nose. In 25 years the useless corrupt ANC hoodlums could not even build a structure much  higher than a farm toilet without f*cking it up or steal the building material. And as always do they care less about the financial chaos they left behind but as always blame “apartheid” , “racism” or the whites  for their grotesque f*ck-ups.  But forcing all their starving half-wit supporters into make-shift squatter camps and into poverty while promising them  KFC streetwise hampers during senseless and destructive riots keeps them in power. It worked this past 25 years- and most probably will keep on working  until a full scale civil war erupts or both the Squirrel and the Weasel gets the “chop“and become sons of the African soil in the literal sense  from somebody that eventually grew tired of their nonsensical and dangerous “bloodsport”   fun and games as they keep on gambling with other people’s lives- whichever happens first.